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This is a mom/son story with big tits and big dicks -- if that's not what you're into then don't bother reading it and complaining about it in the comments.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

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"These what you want, baby?" my mother said, cupping her huge tits that were almost spilling out of the red basque she wore. A tiny silk G-string and a pair of black thigh high stockings were the only other things she was wearing as she knelt on her bed. "You've been staring at them all night," she said. She tossed her mane of thick black hair over her shoulder, tilting her head sideways as her hands groped at her massive mounds. "Want to cum all over them? I'll let you -- I really like feeling cum on my tits -- on my face."

I think with those words my cock got even harder.

"Well? Want to fuck me and cum all over me?" my mother asked. "John? John?"

The only reply she got from her asshole of a boyfriend was a long drawn out snore as he slipped into unconsciousness on the bed beside her.

I stood outside her bedroom door, peering through the gap where it had been left open an inch or two, and couldn't believe that once again, John and my mom had gone out and he'd come home after too many beers and passed out when the sexiest, horniest, biggest titted woman I knew was dressed up in lingerie and ready to fuck him.

"Oh you fucking asshole," she said, sitting back on her heels and looking down at him. She slapped his chest angrily but he didn't move, just kept on sleeping, an occasional snore rattling out of him. She stood up and grabbed her dressing gown, pulling it on. As she did that, I quickly moved away and into my own bedroom, hurriedly climbing into bed, grabbing my tablet and opening up my Kindle app, pretending to read.

A couple of seconds later, there was a gentle tap at my door.

"Zak? You still awake?" my mom asked.

"Yeah, come on in, mom," I said.

My door opened and she stepped in, her dressing gown covering up her basque and G-string but as it fell to mid-thigh, I could still see her stockings. And no matter what she did, it seemed like she could never cover up that magnificent cleavage of hers.

"Mind if I sit with you for a while?" she asked.

"Never a problem, you know that, mom." I said, all too aware of my hard on beneath my bed sheets as she climbed on to the bed and cuddled in next to me, my arm around her, her head on my shoulder, one arm draped over my bare stomach, her huge tits pressing up against me. "Let me guess -- John did something to piss you off again?" I asked, reaching up and stroking her hair.

"You have no idea," she said sadly, her hand lazily tracing circles on my stomach. Obviously I did but I wasn't going to admit to her that I'd just been spying on her again. With a mom as hot as mine, obviously I'd watched her before.

"What happened?" I asked, glancing down. Her enormous tits rested against each other as she was laying almost side on, and bulged out of the gap in her dressing gown. My cock throbbed just inches from her hand as I imagined sliding my big dick between those marvellous jugs.

"Oh, I'd planned something -- special -- and he went and fell asleep on me. Again." she said.

"He doesn't seem to be making you happy, mom," I said, stroking her hair. "So why stick with him?"

"I don't know," she said. "I guess I just don't want to be alone anymore."

"You're not alone, mom. You've got me," I said.

She looked up at me and smiled. Damn she was beautiful. "Thank you, baby, but your old mom needs some things her son can't give to her."

"Sounds like John's not doing so well in that area, though," I said.

"No, guess not," she said, looking down and snuggling closer to me, her tits pressing up against my side. "I know I shouldn't compare but he's nothing like your dad was in that department."

My dad had died eighteen months before of a heart attack. It had been a rough period of adjustment for both of us but we'd managed okay. Finally feeling lonely, mom had started dating John about a month ago.

"I know," I said without thinking.

Mom looked up at me again. "How could you know that?" she asked with a smile.

Before I could answer, a long, loud, drawn out snore came from her bedroom, clear as day. She looked at my bedroom door which was closed and then -- as another snore was heard -- looked under the desk where my laptop and books sat. The house we lived in was quite old and originally had been warmed by the air rising from the fire in the main living room, channelled through ducts running in the walls and let into the rooms by way of vents. There was a grill beneath my desk that faced another grill in the wall of my mom's room, both being fed by the same duct. Due to that, I could hear everything that went on in my mom's bedroom.

"Oh my God," my mom said, laying back against me. "You must have heard me and your dad just about every night."

"Pretty much," I laughed. Mom and dad used to have sex most nights and mom had always been very vocal.

"Jesus, I'm so embarrassed," she said.

"What's to be embarrassed about, mom?" I asked. "You and dad enjoyed having sex. Big deal."

"Yes, but I didn't realise you could hear everything." She buried her head in my chest. "God, the things you would have heard me say."

"Mom, there's nothing to worry about, seriously. You enjoy sex and you like being talkative during it. Honestly, I wish I could find a girl like that."

There was a pause for a while as mom laid next to me, thinking. Eventually she asked "So you're not freaked out by anything you've heard me say?"

"Mom, I love you. Nothing you could do or say could change that."

There was another pause before she looked up at me again, smiling this time. "Why didn't you mention it before? That you could hear me and your dad? I thought kids hated the idea of their old folks having sex."

I shrugged. "Honestly, I -- I kinda enjoyed it," I said.

We looked at each other, a slow smile spreading across her face. "Did you ever -- you know -- " she nodded down at my crotch. " -- while you were listening, I mean?"

"Mom, you can't ask me that," I said with a fake shocked expression.

"Sorry, sorry, you're right, shouldn't have asked," she said, putting her head on my chest again. "But did you?"

I laughed. "Yeah, I did," I admitted. "All the time."

"So -- have you missed hearing me -- since your dad died, I mean?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah, I have," I said. "It hasn't -- you know -- hasn't really been the same since."

"I'll have to see what I can do about that," she said. She sat up abruptly and leaned in close, her huge tits pressing against me. "I love you, Zak," she said and kissed me on the lips. Just a peck, but it was something she'd never done before.

She got up and went back to her bedroom.


I went to work the next day in the store where I'd worked for the last few months, just helping out on a Saturday, but it was nice to have my own money coming in. When I got home, my mom was already there; she made some food a little later and we chilled, watching a movie and eating some popcorn. John, she said, wouldn't be coming over that night.

As the movie finished, she said "I'm going to bed. You should too."

"I think I might see what's on next," I said, flicking through the channels.

"No, I think you should go to bed," she said pointedly, staring at me.

"Okay," I said, "I'm going to bed." I kissed her on the top of the head and went off to my room after visiting the bathroom. Ten minutes later, I heard her enter her room and then everything went quiet.

Sometimes -- and I admit this -- I can be really dumb. I honestly didn't think about why my mom had effectively sent me to my room. Instead, I grabbed some my laptop and lazily browsed the net, checking my Facebook page and posting a couple of comments on friends' posts, that sort of thing.

Just as I switched it off and put it back on the desk, planning to go to sleep, I heard a moan drift through the grate from my mom's room.

"Uuuhhhhhhhnnnn -- fuck -- mmmmmmm -- that's good."

Instantly our conversation of the night before came back to me and I realised my mom was masturbating and being vocal -- with the deliberate intention that I heard her.

"Aaaahhhnnnnn -- fuck -- yes -- hhuuuhhnnnn," she sighed. Sure she was quieter than when her and dad used to have sex but the fact that she had sent me to my room before she started -- that she was doing this for my benefit -- was just as big a turn on.

I listened intently, taking a hold of my dick through my pajamas, stroking it to full hardness in seconds.

"Fuck -- fucking hell -- aaahhhnnnnn -- oh fuck," she groaned.

I had to see what she was doing so as quietly as I could, my dick leading the way, I snuck out of my room and positioned myself at her door, once again peering through. My mom was naked on the bed, her shoulders and head propped up by a pillow, her legs spread wide. One hand was groping at her huge tits, occasionally lifting one of them up so she could suck on her own nipples, while her other hand slid a large dildo in and out of her shaved pussy.

"Aaaahhhhh yes -- mmmmnnn -- fuck -- feels so good," she moaned, working the rubber cock in and out of her pussy. "Fuck me -- fuck me," she sighed.

I grabbed hold of my dick and stroked it in time with her movements of the dildo, imagining that it was my dick sliding in and out of her pussy and not some fake rubber cock. My hand slid up and down my big shaft faster and faster as I watched my mom fuck herself with that dildo faster and faster, clenching the base and cramming it into her twat, her other hand grabbing at her huge tits.

"Uuuuhhnnnn fuck -- me -- mmmnnnnn -- gonna cum -- ahhhhhahhhhhh -- cumming -- fucking -- cumming!" she cried as she came, bucking her hips up towards the ceiling as she shoved the fake dick as far into her pussy as she could.

I let out a gasp of my own as my dick lurched in my hand and sent out the first of many streams of thick jism, splattering them against her bedroom door as I came a lot sooner than normal, turned on by watching my mom fuck herself with that dildo while making as much noise as she did just for me. Some part of my brain was still working rationally as I put my hand in front of my dick to try and catch as much of my load as I could but I've always delivered a huge amount of spunk and there was no way I could catch everything from this load after watching my mom fuck herself for me.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, my mom puled the fake dick from her twat and brought it to her mouth, sucking the whole length down her throat in one move, before pulling it out and licking it clean. My dick pulsed again and spurted out yet more jizz, the thick fluid falling to the floor. My mom put her dildo on the bedside cabinet and then looked over at the wall that separated my bedroom from her -- and blew me a kiss.

I watched her pull her bedsheets over herself and slide down the bed, reaching to turn her light out. I stood there, a load of cum in one hand, my cock in the other and a fuck load of jizz splashed over the door and the floor. I tried to wait, to give it a few minutes before heading off to the bathroom and cleaning my hands and then -- on the way back -- used a towel I'd brought from the bathroom to try as quietly as I could to clean up my mess. Hoping I'd got everything, I headed back to my room and crawled into bed.


"Good morning, Zak," my mom said as I walked into the kitchen. "What do you want for breakfast?"

Looking at her as she stood wearing skin tight yoga pants that hugged her perfect, round ass and a spaghetti strap top that was stretched tight over her huge braless tits, my first thought was You, mom but I managed to croak out a request for some cereal as I sat at the breakfast table.

Mom moved around the kitchen, humming along to the song on the radio, a big, beaming smile on her face. I can honestly say she hadn't looked this happy since dad had died.

Once she fixed me some cereal and a glass of OJ, she sat down at the table opposite me and watched as I ate. She put one elbow on the table and her chin in her palm, leaning forward, the low neckline of her top giving me a perfect view of her deep, deep cleavage which -- of course -- I couldn't stare at, despite what had happened last night. Mom didn't know I'd watched her the night before so I couldn't just start ogling her.

Again, I repeat -- sometimes I am so dumb.

"Did you sleep well last night, honey?" she asked me.

"Uhh, yeah," I said.

"Was it -- you know -- like old times? Listening in?"

I blushed. "Yeah. Yeah, it was," I said.

"Was I loud enough? Did you hear everything?" she asked.

"Well -- no, I mean yeah, you were."

Mom reached over and took hold of my hand. "You hesitated there. Come on, Zak, be honest."

I blushed even more, my face feeling really hot. "It's just -- you were louder before," I said.

Mom laughed. "Before I had your dad to help me," she said. "There's only so much an old lady can do on her own."

"Mom, you're not old," I said, and meant it.

"For that you get a hug," she said, standing up and pulling my head into her chest, her warm, soft but firm tit flesh almost enveloping me. "I'm going to do some yoga," she said, heading out of the kitchen. "Clean up when you're done if you make a mess," she said with a smile.

It took me a moment to wonder if she was referring to anything other than the cereal.

A few minutes later, I walked quietly to the living room door. Mom's yoga DVD was playing on the TV and she was in front of it, watching the screen as she stretched and bent and balanced through her workout. I watched her perfect ass -- a text book definition of a round peach that was still high and firm but which jiggled just enough as she walked -- and thought back to all the times I'd heard her beg dad to fuck her in it. Mom was into anal in a big way and dad had been happy to oblige.

She spread her legs, bent at the waist, her torso upside down, looking at me from between her own legs, smiling as she saw me stood in the doorway watching her. Straightening up, I watched from behind as she grabbed hold of her big tits -- not something the instructor was doing on the screen, I noticed -- before reaching around and taking hold of her ass cheeks. She leaned forward and arched her back at the same time, her fingers digging into her butt cheeks, spreading them, stretching the material tighter. She pumped her hips back and fore a few times -- again, not a move that was happening on screen -- and moaned low in her throat.

She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled -- then winked! Mom straightened up again and began following the instructions on screen. I headed upstairs, my hard cock tenting my pajamas once more.

The rest of the day went by as most Sundays did -- I visited a couple of friends and hung out with them, while mom did the same. She usually hung around with her sister, my aunt Laura, but that weekend my aunt was away with work. Aunt Laura was great -- a few years younger than my mom but just as hot, she'd never married though she'd had a couple of long term relationships.

In the evening, mom and I watched another movie, curled up together on the sofa, her snuggled up to my side, my arm around her. She'd changed into a pair of jeans and a shirt which had enough buttons undone to give me a great view of her cleavage once again. And this time, as my head was above hers, I took full advantage, barely watching the movie, just staring at the slopes of her round, smooth tits.

As the movie finished, she affectionately patted my thigh. "Time to go to bed," she said.

"Yes, ma'am," I said, saluting her order, making her chuckle. I headed off to my room and stripped off, waiting expectantly on my bed. A few minutes later I heard mom head to the bathroom then to her bedroom. Unlike the night before, it took no time at all for her moans to come sliding through the grill.

"Uuuhhnnnnn fuck -- fuck yeah -- aahahhhhh," she sighed, definitely louder than the night before. "Ahhhhhh -- fuck me -- fuck me," she moaned.

Hard-on already in my hand, I quietly sneaked out of my room and headed to the door of my mom's bedroom. I hesitated as I approached, noticing that the door was opened a few inches more than it had been last time -- and then stopped dead in my tracks. A fresh, clean towel was hanging off the door handle.

It didn't take Sherlock Holmes to work out that mom had realised I'd shot my load everywhere the night before while I was outside her room and had hung the towel there specifically for me. She was giving me permission to jerk off while watching her!

"Aaahhhhhh fuck -- fucking hell," my mom sighed. I stepped over to the door and looked through the much wider gap. Mom was in much the same position as last night -- this time though she was sat up a bit more, most of her back against the wooden headboard, her knees drawn up and spread wide. Her huge, naked tits looked fantastic in the light from her bedside lamp as she groped at them, pushing them up in turn to suck and nibble at the stiff, hard buds of her nipples. All the while she used her other hand to slide her fake cock in and out of her pussy which I had a much better view of -- at some point during the day, she'd turned the bed so that she was now facing the door directly!

"Fuuuuuuuck -- uuuhhhhhnnnn -- do it -- uuuhhnnnnn -- do it." she groaned, looking over at the doorway where I stood. I couldn't work out if she could see me because of the shadows and the darkness of the hall where I stood but even if she didn't know I was there for definite, she was plainly assuming I would be.

"Mmmmnnnnn fuck -- uuuhhhhhh so good," my mom moaned as she fucked herself with her dildo. At the same time, matching her movements and rhythm, I stroked my big dick, sliding my hand up and down the shaft, smearing pre-cum along the length. "Yeah -- yeah, that's it," my mom said, still looking my way, lifting one of her tits up and licking around her nipple. "Mmmmmm -- fucking hell -- hhhunnnnnn -- do it -- do it."

I stroked my dick as she slid the dildo in and out of her pussy, her free hand pinching her nipples and grabbing handfuls of her huge jugs.

"Uuhhhhnnnn fucking hell -- ahhhhh -- gonna cum," she groaned. "Hhuuuhhhnnn -- cum -- cum for me -- mmmmmmm -- cum for me -- cum for mommy!"

And that was all it took. I grabbed the towel she'd left for me and wrapped it around the head of my cock as I unleashed a torrent of jizz, spurting another massive load out as, on the bed, mom bucked and writhed, throwing her head back as she came at the same time. Spurt after spurt of cum poured into the towel, my dick jumping with each shot, the towel becoming soaking wet in seconds. I watched as mom groaned and sighed, pulling the dildo from her pussy and sucking it clean again, staring out at me the whole time.

Eventually she put the dildo on the side, blew a kiss towards me, slid down the bed and turned the light out.

I grinned, dumping the cum-soaked towel into the nearby washing hamper and headed back to my room.


By the time I woke up on Monday morning, mom was already out at work. Dad's death had left us fairly well off but mom still worked part time in an office as a financial officer. Sure she had big tits, a great ass, good looks and was kinky as fuck but that didn't stop her being smart. My aunt Laura had helped fix her up with the job in the same firm that she worked at, though she was full time and was in a different department. Still, it meant that they could spend a bit more time together which they both enjoyed.

The only drawback to her job was that her current boyfriend, John, worked there, too. They'd met a couple of months ago and, a few weeks later, started dating though it didn't sound like it was going very well.
Apart from the Saturday job I had, I was out of work so spent the day hanging around doing next to nothing. Okay, not strictly true as I spent most of the day watching MILF porn on my laptop, checking out pornstars like Julia Ann, Ava Addams and probably the queen of the MILFs, Lisa Ann. To my eyes, my mom put all of them in the shade -- she had much bigger tits, was better looking and had a firmer, rounder ass.

Midway through watching Lisa Ann getting DP'd by two black guys, my phone pinged. I opened it up and saw a new message from my mom.

>>Hope you enjoyed the "movie" last night. I certainly did!<<

Sometimes I'm dumb like I said before, but even I got that reference.

>>Loved it!<< I typed. >>Will there be one tonight?<<

>>Definitely!! Will try and make it extra special tonight if you're UP for it?<<

>>Can't wait<<

>>Great. Love you. See you later. By the way, empty the hamper and do the washing!! LOL!!<<

I had to laugh at that.

Mom got home later that evening and as she came through the door, I let out a long whistle. Her short skirt was skin tight and I could just see the tops of her stockings beneath the hem. Her grey silk blouse was stretched tight across her huge tits and there were enough buttons undone to show not only her deep cleavage but also the edges of her bra. To top it all off, she wore a long, knotted pearl necklace that disappeared between the pale slopes of her enormous mounds.

"Wow, mom," I said. "I'm guessing none of the guys in your office got any work done today with you looking that hot."

"Thank you, honey," she said, giving me a hug and pecking me on the lips as if it were nothing. She pottered around the kitchen, putting a couple of groceries away that she'd picked up while I fixed her a drink. "I didn't actually go to work quite dressed like this -- I changed my skirt in the garage just now and have only just undone these buttons," she said, trailing her fingers across her boobs as she took the drink I offered her in her other hand. "I thought I'd dress up for my big, handsome son, is all," she said, winking at me as she sipped her cola. "Do you like this sort of outfit?"

"Hell yeah, mom," I said and really meant it. We stared at each other for a little while. Despite what we'd been doing the last couple of nights, we hadn't really talked about it. It was almost as though we were pretending to be normal right up until we went to bed. At least it had been, until my mom admitted she'd dressed up for me.

"I saw John today," mom said, breaking into my train of thought.

"Oh?" I said, trying to sound noncommittal and not really succeeding.

"I told him I didn't think it was working out and that we shouldn't date any longer," mom said, smiling as she watched a huge grin spread over my face. "Surely you should be sad your mom's not dating anymore?" she said.

I shrugged. "I never really liked him," I said, "and from what you said the other night, he didn't really set your world on fire, either."

"You're right. I need a man who can deliver a lot more than he could," she said, sipping at her drink. "Which reminds me -- did you do the washing?" she asked, trying hard to keep a straight face.

"I did," I said, smiling at her. "Everything's washed and dried and put away."

"Mmmm, you're so good for mommy," she said, pecking me on the lips again. "Now I need to fix us some food. You go select a film for us to watch tonight."

I did as she asked, heading into the living room and setting up the TV, searching for something on Netflix or Amazon, settling for one of the cheap action B-movies both mom and I liked. They were corny and mostly terribly acted but they made us laugh together.

Mom came in with some bowls of dips and chips and made a big show of bending over in front of me as she put them on the table, her huge tits almost falling out of her blouse as I stared blatantly at them, mom smiling at me the whole time. She went back to the kitchen and returned with a couple of beers, this time facing away from me as she bent over, her tiny skirt rising up over her hold-up stockings, giving me a good look at the tops of her thighs and the start of her ass. She looked over her shoulder as I stared at her ass and rocked back and fore a little, as she had the day before when doing her yoga.

Eventually she sat down and curled up beside me in her now traditional position, my arm around her, her head on my shoulder, my gaze fixed firmly on her big tits.

Halfway through my first beer, mom surprised me during a quiet moment in the movie.

"Zak -- we haven't talked about the last few nights," she said without looking up.

"I was thinking that earlier on," I said.

"Before this goes any further, I need to know if you're okay with this."

I kissed the top of her head. "Mom, I love you," I said honestly, "and as long as you're okay with whatever this is, know that I'm really fucking okay with it."

She playfully slapped my belly. "Mind your language in front of your mother," she said before hugging me. "But I'm really fucking okay with this, too," she said with a laugh.

We carried on watching the movie for a while before something she said filtered through.

"Mom? You said before this goes any further. How much further is it going to go?" I asked.

Mom looked up at me. "Let's wait and see, shall we. Take it day by day, okay?" she said, leaning in and kissing me gently on the lips. We looked at each other for a second before kissing again, softly, our lips just touching before I felt the tip of her tongue slip between my lips. With a soft moan, we both opened our mouths and kissed deeply, our breathing getting heavier as we made out on the sofa, the movie forgotten.

My hand dropped from her shoulder to her hip, gently squeezing it and pulling her closer. My other hand came up slowly and was about to cup one of her big tits -- but she stopped it and pushed it down to her waist.

"Not yet," she murmured into my mouth as she continued kissing me. I was disappointed, sure, but I wasn't complaining -- I was happy to just keep making out with her. My cock was rock hard and a little uncomfortable in my pants but there was no way I was going to stop this.

We carried on making out until the movie finished -- as the credits rolled, mom moved away slightly, smiling up at me.

"So you're really okay with this?" she asked.

"Not sure I could make it any clearer," I said.

"Good," mom said. "Now I'm going to bed. Make sure you don't wait too long before you follow me, okay?" she added pointedly.

"I'll be right behind you," I said.

She kissed me again then slid off the sofa and headed upstairs slowly. I grabbed the remote and killed the TV then, like I told her, I hurried to get right behind her, watching her ass in that tight, short skirt as she moved it side to side. We got to the landing and I saw there was already a towel on the door handle of her bedroom. Mom picked it up and opened the door wide, taking the towel inside. She took a few steps in -- maybe halfway between the door and her bed -- turned, and smiled as she deliberately dropped it to the floor.

"Go get into your pajamas," she said. "I need to get undressed for bed and I don't want to wait."

I ran into my room and I swear I had never gotten changed as quickly as I did right then -- I pulled my T-shirt off followed by my socks, jeans and boxers, my still hard cock slapping against my belly as I freed it -- and pulled my pajamas on. I darted back to my mom's bedroom door and then slowly stepped in until I reached the towel she'd dropped.

Mom stood beside her bed a couple of feet from me, her eyes widening as she looked at the big tent my cock made in my pajamas. She chewed her bottom lip for a second as if trying to decide something, then pointed at my dick.

"Make sure that stays inside your PJ's. Clear?" I nodded. "Good boy," she said with a wink.

She stretched and yawned in an exaggerated fashion, spreading her arms out to both sides, her blouse going skin tight across her enormous mounds, the buttons struggling to stay done up, her tits parting slightly, her pearl necklace laying between them.

"Such a hard day in work," she said, as if to herself. "I should get undressed and in to bed."

She reached for her blouse and began tugging it slowly out of the waist of her skirt, leaning forward a little as she pulled it from the back, thrusting her boobs at me. Looking at me, she started unbuttoning her blouse from the bottom up, taking her time, popping one button free then oh so slowly moving to the next. Once they were all undone, she brought her hands in front of her to undo the ones on her wrists, at the same time using her upper arms to squash her tits together. With the final buttons undone, she took hold of her blouse and slowly pulled it off, again thrusting her huge tits out at me as she tugged the blouse behind her, letting it drop to the floor.

I swear if it were possible her mounds looked even bigger encased in the black lacy bra she wore, her pearl necklace trapped between the two globes.

Mom turned around and reached behind her, unbuttoning the waistband of her skirt with one hand then reaching for the zipper with the other. As she held on to the waistband, she pushed the zip down and arched her back, pushing her butt out towards me at the same time. She then took hold of the waist and, rocking her hips up and down, slowly rolled the skin tight skirt off her ass and down her legs, looking over her shoulder at me the whole time.

Her black hold-ups reached mid-thigh and her perfect, round ass was bare except for the tiniest of G-strings, the back of which disappeared between her ass cheeks. She kicked the skirt aside then bent at the waist, reaching down to undo the straps of her heels, giving me a fantastic view of her ass.

She slipped her shoes off and turned, standing in front of me in stockings, G-string and bra.

My dick lurched as I looked at her and she smiled at the movement in my pajamas.

"I should probably take all this off," she said, again as if she were talking to herself. "But I need something to relax me and I just can't wait." She stepped over to her bedside table, opened the drawer and took out the large dildo I'd seen her use the last couple of nights. Mom sat on her bed, one foot on the floor, one on the bed, her knee bent, her legs spread wide. She looked at me as she gently rubbed at her pussy through her panties.

"God, my pussy's so hot," she said as I stared at her rubbing herself. She slowly pulled the black lace to one side, revealing her shaved pussy lips, a small, neatly trimmed patch of hair above them. She slid two fingers between her slick lips, parting them before easing her fingers inside. "Uuuhhhnnn -- fuck, I'm so wet," she sighed, sliding her fingers in and out. "I've been -- mmmnnnn -- so horny all day -- aahhhhhh -- so horny -- mmmmmmm -- thinking about my son."

My dick pulsed again as I watched her bring the dildo over to her twat and gently slide it inside, her fingers stroking at her clit as she fucked herself with it, staring at me all the while.

"Aahhhhh -- I know I shouldn't -- mmmmfff fuck -- shouldn't think about him -- like this," she sighed, working her dildo in deeper and a little faster, "but I can't help it -- uuhhnnnn -- I love him -- uuhhhhhh -- and he loves me -- mmnnnnnnn -- and I think about us -- aahhhhhh -- fucking -- and I wonder if -- uuhhhhnnnn -- if he would -- show me -- his cock," she moaned, sliding her fake dick in and out of her twat a lot faster now.

I took the hint and pushed my pajamas down, my big cock leaping up and pointing at her, the head dribbling pre-cum.

"Jesus -- Jesus that's -- aahhhhh -- a big fucking cock," she gasped, licking her lips. "Stroke it, baby -- mmmmm -- jerk that big dick for me," she said, never taking her eyes off it.

I quickly grabbed the towel -- knowing I wasn't going to last long with this sort of stimulation -- and started stroking my cock which had never been harder, smearing pre-cum over the head and shaft.

"Ahhh yeah -- jerk it -- uuunnn -- jerk that big fucking cock," mom groaned as she fucked herself with her dildo, staring at my prick.

I did as she said, the pair of us watching each other masturbate just a few feet from each other, working at the same tempo, speeding up together as our orgasms approached.

"Oh fuck -- fucking hell," mom moaned. "Aaaahhhhnnnn -- cumming -- uuhnngg -- gonna cum -- uhh uh uh -- cum for me baby -- uhhh uh -- make that big fucking cock -- cum for mommy," she cried as she came.

I grunted at the same time as I unloaded yet another monstrous load of jizz into the towel, my dick emptying into the soft cotton as I watched my mom cum. Time and again my dick jumped and lurched, spurting out the biggest load I'd ever delivered, the thick cream soaking the towel in seconds.

Eventually we both came down from our highs, my mom sliding her dildo out of her pussy and licking it clean as she watched me pull my still mostly hard cock from the cum filled towel.

"You like that, baby?" she asked, gasping a little.

"Best yet, mom," I said, gently stroking my cock in front of her as she watched. I wanted nothing more than to fuck her there and then -- but we were taking this at her pace. "What about you?"

"Best yet," she agreed. "But now it's time for bed. Your own bed," she finished with a smile.

I pulled my pajamas up, blew her a kiss and headed back to my room, dumping the towel in the wash hamper as I passed.

Looked like I'd be doing the washing again tomorrow.


Once again, by the time I woke up the next day, mom was already out of the house and in work.

I laid in bed for a while, thinking back to the night before, idly stroking my dick -- there was no way I was going to jerk off, though, not with the expectation of another "movie night" later on. Instead, eventually, I got my ass out of bed and kicked around the house doing the usual sort of shit -- snacking, checking Facebook and Twitter, playing my PS4 and, of course, sorting out the washing hamper!

Around lunch time, my phone rang, the caller ID showing my mom's name and photo.

"Hey mom," I said answering it.

"Hey Zak, you okay, baby?" she asked.

"Fine," I said. "Missing you," I said before even thinking it.

"I miss you too, baby," my mom said. "Listen, I hope you don't mind but your aunt Laura's back from her business trip and wonders if I can go out with her tonight and catch up."

"Sure, no problem," I said. "You don't need to ask permission, mom."

"I'm not, you cheeky boy. What I'm doing is letting you know I'm going out with Laura tonight and won't be home until later than normal so we might have to skip our 'movie' night tonight. Hope that's okay?"

"Well, I'm disappointed, obviously," I said honestly. "But you go ahead, enjoy yourself."

"Are you sure?" mom asked.

"Positive, mom, don't worry about it. Go have fun with aunt Laura, say hi and give her a big kiss from me, okay?"

"Will do, baby, and I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow night," mom said before dropping her voice to a whisper. "I really enjoyed watching you stroke that big cock of yours," she said. "Maybe tomorrow night -- maybe I could stroke it for you?"

"Fuck, mom," I gasped. "I'd love that," I said quietly.

"Good," she whispered. "And don't swear in front of your mom," she added with a laugh before telling me she loved me and hanging up.

That left me with an afternoon and evening to kill but, at least, the following night to look forward to. I called up a couple of friends and headed out to meet them, spending the afternoon heading into the city and checking out the girls in the mall. More and more, though, I found myself looking at the moms -- the MILFs rather than the teenage girls that my friends were interested in. My tastes had definitely changed over the last week or so!

I headed home later that evening and fixed myself something to eat, figuring I'd settle down on the sofa and watch a movie for real this time. About half an hour in to the film, my phone pinged -- a message from my mom.

>>Missing you baby!<< she typed. >>Aunt Laura sends her love<<

>>Missing you too<< I replied. >>Love to you both.<<

I turned back to the film and, ten minutes later, my phone pinged again, this time with a picture from her.

My mom had taken a selfie of her and her sister sat at a table in a bar somewhere in the city, smiling up at the phone camera. She wore a white, low necked T-shirt that was stretched tight across her big tits and which showed just the start of her impressive cleavage, her black hair piled up neatly on top of her head. My aunt Laura could have passed for her twin -- just as good looking with the same long black hair though hers was currently loose and down her back -- but wearing a blue blouse and her usual black rimmed glasses. Due to her leaning in to get in the picture and the angle mom had taken it at, I had a better view down my aunt's blouse than my mom's T-shirt -- I think I've mentioned my aunt's got a great rack, just like my mom.

>>My two favourite girls<< I replied.

A few minutes later and my phone pinged again -- another email, this one showing my mom and aunt Laura holding some very large cocktails -- there were already a couple of empty glasses on the table in front of them.

>>This might be a long night!<< my mom had typed.

>>Have fun and be careful!<< I replied.

A few minutes later I had a text from my mom saying >>Your aunt thinks you're too sensible for your own good and should have more fun! I could tell her about the fun you've been having lately if you like?<<

I honestly hadn't thought that mom might share what we'd been doing with my aunt -- I just assumed that would be our secret. How would aunt Laura react if mom did tell her? She and mom had always been close and Laura was definitely a cool, relaxed aunt -- but how cool would she be with her sister and nephew indulging in a heavy make out session and some mutual masturbation? Legal definition aside, we were basically all but committing incest.

>>Up to you.<< I replied, leaving the option with her.

I turned back to the crappy movie I was watching but not really concentrating on it. Instead, I was wondering what -- if anything -- my mom would tell her sister.

Eventually, about twenty minutes later, my phone pinged once more and I opened another email with another picture. They were still sat at the table but it looked like they'd turned around and now had their backs to the bar and the people stood there. My aunt Laura had hooked one finger into the neck of mom's T-shirt and had pulled it down, showing off the tops of her big tits. She had her face turned to the camera but was resting her cheek on mom's tits, her tongue out, licking the swells of her sister's mounds as my mom smiled at the camera.

>>Aunt Laura says she bets you wish you were her right now! LOL!!<< mom had written.

It looked like mom had told her after all -- and it looked like my aunt was as cool as I'd hoped.

>>Damn right!<< I quickly replied.

I looked at the photo, all sorts of thoughts running through my head, most of them centred around my aunt's tongue licking all over my mom's tits.

Another photo arrived a couple of minutes later showing the pair of them in what I guessed was the ladies' bathroom of the bar, judging from the wash basins and mirrors in the background. They were stood shoulder to shoulder, mom taking the photo, her free hand around aunt Laura's shoulders, her hand having slid inside her blouse to cup one of her sister's big tits. At the same time, Laura was reaching up beneath mom's T-shirt, exposing her trim belly, the outline of her hand clearly visible beneath the cotton as she grabbed hold of one of my mom's tits.

>>Which one do you want to be now?<< mom had typed.
>>Both of you!<< I replied.

I held my phone, eagerly waiting for the next picture, wondering just how far they'd go with each other but nothing happened -- my phone remained silent. I stared at that last picture, concentrating on where my mom had a hold of my aunt's tit, or where my aunt was doing the same to my mom, but nothing new arrived.

With a resigned sigh, I put my phone down and turned back to the film which was fast approaching its predictable, terribly scripted end. Explosions appeared on screen, the bad guy died, the good guy got the girl and the credits rolled.

And then my phone pinged with a new email.

I opened it up and read the one line from my mom:

>>We're out of here to go dancing. Love you lots!! Don't wait up and DON'T jerk off!!<< she'd written.

Attached was a video.

I hit the play icon and saw my mom and my aunt in one of the stalls in the bathroom, mom holding the camera out and at head height, both of them waving and blowing me kisses, but then holding their fingers to their lips. Dimly, in the background, I could hear the sounds of other women in the bathroom. They turned to each other and kissed lightly, smiling back at the phone before kissing again and again, each time with more and more passion, mouths open, tongues sliding back and fore. As the phone dipped down slightly, I caught a glimpse of my aunt's hands rubbing at my mom's tits through her T-shirt, pinching her obviously hard nipples as they made out. The phone steadied again, concentrating on them kissing, mom's free hand sliding round the back of her sister's head, fingers entwined in her thick, black hair. They separated briefly, tongues out, a thin line of spit connecting them before they kissed once more, tongues darting into each other's mouths.

They parted, giving each other tiny little kisses before smiling back at the camera and blowing me a kiss each as the video ended.

I instantly watched it again and a third time. My mom and my aunt were making out for me -- actually, it looked like they were doing it for themselves as well, but they videoed it for me. Despite all the hardcore porn I'd seen, that was quite possibly the hottest fucking thing I had ever watched.

So I watched it again.

Eventually, I headed upstairs to my room. Before crashing out, I uploaded the video from my phone to my PC and watched it over again. Mom had told me not to jerk off, but watching the two bustiest and sexiest women I knew get hot and heavy with each other -- man, I had a tough time not grabbing hold of my dick, I can tell you.

I woke up a couple of hours later -- I'd left a couple of lights on downstairs for mom to be able to see when she got home, and I could hear her moving about and fixing herself a drink of water. I wondered if aunt Laura was with her but realised it was just her. She switched lights off, came upstairs and headed into her bedroom, firmly shutting the door behind her -- I guessed we weren't going to be getting a show tonight.

A minute or two later, though, her door opened and there was a tap at mine.

"Zak, baby? You awake?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah, mom," I said. "Come on in."

The door opened and she stepped inside, holding a glass of water. She'd changed into a long, baggy T-shirt that came down to her thighs but which still did nothing to hide the size of her huge jugs. She dropped down on to the side of the bed and leaned forward, kissing me gently.

"Did you like the video?" she asked.

"God, yeah," I said.

"And you don't mind me making out with your aunt Laura?"

"It was honestly one of the horniest things I've ever seen," I said.

"Mmmmm, good answer," she said, kissing me again, this time slipping her tongue between my lips, letting me do the same with her. "I really missed our movie night tonight," she said, sitting back up, trailing her hand down my chest.

"Me too," I said, watching her hand move further and further down until it reached the sheets that were bunched up at my waist.

"Did you follow my instructions?" she asked. When I looked unsure about what she was referring to, she said "I told you not to jerk off. Did you?" I shook my head. "Good boy," she said.

My mom slowly pulled back the sheets, exposing my already half hard dick which was laying across my hip.

"God, I can't get over how big you are," she said, staring at it as it started to thicken even more. She smiled at me as she slowly and ever so gently ran her finger tips from the base of my dick along its length to the big, bulging head. I sighed as she went back down, her fingers pressing a little more firmly against the hardening flesh. When she reached the base again, she took hold of it, struggling to get her fingers to meet around the girth as she hefted it upright, feeling it pulse in her hand as it reached full hardness. Slowly she pulled her hand up to the top, swirling her fingers around the head before moving back down again.

"Fuck, mom," I gasped. "That feels good."

She smiled at me. "You shouldn't swear in front of your mom," she laughed. She took a big gulp of water, swilling it around her cheeks before swallowing most of it. She then held my cock upright and leaned over it -- for a second I thought she was actually going to blow me -- then slowly let out a thick line of saliva that landed on my knob and was quickly moved around by her hand.

I sighed as I felt her now lubed hand glide up and down my cock, the wet, slick sounds of her hand job filling the room.

"You like that, baby?" she asked.

"God yeah," I said, watching all the while. "Do you, mom?"

"Fuck yes," she said, staring at my prick. "I've been thinking about this big -- fucking -- cock all night," she sighed. "I know it's wrong -- but I spent all day -- fantasising about you -- about us."

"You know it doesn't have to be a fantasy, mom," I said hopefully.

"I know, baby," she said, still stroking my cock. She leaned over and drooled over the head of my prick again, replenishing her spit lube. "But I like taking it slow for now. Is that okay?"

"We go as fast or as slow as you want, mom," I said, gently bucking my hips up, fucking her hand as she held my prick.

"Such a good boy," she said, speeding up her movements, her hand now moving faster up and down my slick cock.

"Mom -- feels good -- not gonna last much longer," I gasped out.

My mom made a pretence of looking around. "I forgot the towel," she said. She let go of my dick and grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt, slowly pulling it up and over her head, exposing her huge tits that, despite their size, still rode firm and high on her chest, the nipples small and rock hard. Mom spread her T-shirt over my chest then took hold of my cock once more as I stared at her tits.

"You like these?" she asked, using her free arm to lift her tits up.

"Fuck yeah," I groaned as she lifted one up, bending her head and sucking at her own nipple. "Uuhnnnnn!" was my reply as my cock lurched in her hand and spewed out a huge stream of jizz that went high before falling on to her T-shirt.

"Do it, baby," mom cried, still holding on to her tit with her free hand. "Cum for mommy!"

And I did. Time and again my prick jumped as she still pumped it, sending thick ropes of cum splattering over her T-shirt which lay over me, covering it in seconds, mom watching wide-eyed as she coaxed out more and more of the creamy fluid.

"God -- you cum so much," she sighed, staring at the mess we'd made, the last of my load running down my cock to slide over her fingers.

"I guess -- I guess that's what you do for me, mom," I gasped.

She let go of my cock and used a dry patch of the T-shirt to wipe my half-hard dick clean before bending over and kissing me gently on the lips.

"Go to sleep now, baby," she said, balling up her T-shirt. "I'll do the washing tomorrow."


Mom slept in late the next day -- she didn't work on a Wednesday or Thursday so could relax at home and recover from the night out with her sister. I was up nice and early though and despite her offer last night, I sorted out the washing -- after all, it was my mess!

About ten, I took her a coffee and she smiled as she woke up to find me sat on her bed, the rich aroma of the coffee filling the room.

"Morning, mom," I said.

"Morning, Zak," she replied. She sipped her coffee a couple of times. "Thanks, I need this."

"Yeah, I figured you might. Why don't you go shower when you're ready and I'll make you breakfast when you come down?"

She reached out and stroked my arm. "You're too good to me," she said.

I kissed the top of her head and left her to get up and use the bathroom while I went to the kitchen to make a start on some food. A little later she came down, her hair still wet, wearing some baggy sweatpants and a matching top that zipped up the front, undone just enough for me to get a look at the start of her cleavage. I made her some fresh coffee and served up her breakfast, sitting at the table as she ate.

"Thank you, baby," she said, pushing her empty plate aside. "That was just what I needed."

We said nothing for a while, just looked at each other.

"So, that was something of a step we took last night," she said. "You know -- actually touching each other."

I laughed. "Actually, it was you touching me," I said.

"Okay, don't be a smartass," she laughed back. "I need to know, though, are you okay with what happened?"

"Seriously, mom?" I asked. "I think the mess I made of your T-shirt was a pretty good indication that I was really okay with it."

She actually blushed at that! "You do cum one hell of a lot," she said with a giggle.

"Yeah, I know," I said, feeling myself blush. "Every girl I've had has complained about that."

"Well you won't be adding me to that list," mom said. "I love a big load and you've got plenty to share," she said with a wink. "Talking of which, I'm going to ask you something now and I want you to be completely honest, okay? Don't say what you think I want to hear, tell me the truth. Promise?"

"Sure, mom."

"Your aunt Laura -- would you fuck her?"

I paused for the merest second. "Only if you're a hundred percent okay with it," I said honestly. "I don't really know what this is we've got going or where it's going to end up but there is no way on Earth I would hurt you by screwing someone else without you being completely okay with it."

Mom reached up and wiped her eye as she teared up a little, waving me back as I got up to hug her.

"No, I'm okay," she said. "It's just your dad said something similar to me years ago and you've obviously got the same sense of decency as he had." She sniffed a little and laughed. "Thankfully you've also got the same cock he had, too."

"Mom, can I ask you something?" She nodded. "You and aunt Laura -- you made out in the video you sent me -- which was awesome, by the way -- but have you and her ever done -- you know? Anything more than that?"

"You mean have I ever fucked my sister?" I nodded. "Lots of times," she said, laughing at my shocked expression. "We've been lovers since we were teenagers, and after I started dating your dad, the three of us became lovers, too. But -- and this is what I mean when I said you reminded me of him -- your dad only agreed to have sex with Laura if I was totally okay with it. After you were born, we carried on but, as you got older we mostly fooled around at Laura's place so you wouldn't get messed up in the head."

"Bit late for that now," I said.

She laughed at that. "Then, after your dad died, we kinda cooled down a bit," she said, a little sad. "So last night was the first time for quite a while -- and it felt real good knowing you'd be watching a little bit of it."

"And I enjoyed watching it," I said. I paused for a second before asking something that was on my mind. "You asked if I'd fuck aunt Laura -- will I get to fuck you, too?"

Mom's eyes went wide and her smile grew. "I've thought about it a lot over the last few days," she said. "It's a hell of a step, though, Zak," she said.

I shrugged. "I'm enjoying what's been happening lately," I said, "so there's no way I want to screw that up. But just so you know where I am, I want to state clearly that I really, really want to have sex with you, mom."

We stared at each other for a while after I admitted that, before the silence was broken by mom's cell phone ringing in the pocket of her sweatpants top.

"Speak of the devil," she said, answering her phone. "Hey Laura, how you doing?" she said.

While mom chatted with her sister, I cleared up the breakfast things before sitting back down, listening to her half of the conversation.

" -- no, he was awake when I got home," she said, obviously referring to me. "Oh, he really enjoyed the video we sent him -- nuh-uh, I told him not to when I sent it -- no, I wanted him to save it for me," she said, staring at me. "I sat on the side of his bed, got him hard -- and then jerked him off -- mm-hmm, had that big, fat cock of his in my hand and jerked him till he came -- and he cums such a lot -- every night for the last few nights and it's always the same huge load -- no, he's sitting right here, listening to me and from the state of his pajamas, getting hard, too -- no, I'm not lying -- want to speak to him?"

Mom handed me the phone.

"Hey, aunt Laura," I said.

"Oh my God, you are there!" my aunt said. "Is your mom telling the truth? Did she jerk you off last night?"

"Sure did," I said with a laugh. "And I loved it."

"Oh that lucky bitch," my aunt said. "You think she'd mind sharing with me?"

"We were talking about that only a few minutes ago," I said. "It might happen."

"Ohhh, I really hope it does," she said. "Anyway, I was actually ringing to speak to you rather than your mom, but about something else," she said, changing tack. "There's a position opened up at the firm. It's only a junior role to start with, admin clerk, some spreadsheet work, that sort of thing, but it's a foot in the door if you're interested? Plus you'd be working with your sexy mom and hot aunt."

"Wow, yeah, that sounds great," I said.

"Okay, I can get you in for an interview tomorrow at noon. Okay with that?"

"Sure -- I mean, wow, thanks, aunt Laura."

"Just come along, look smart, be yourself and you'll be fine. Now, hand me back to your mom, baby, and I'll see you tomorrow. Enjoy whatever your mom has planned for tonight's movie night."

I said goodbye and handed the phone back, Laura obviously telling mom about the interview. When they finished up their conversation, mom smiled at me.

"Go get dressed -- we need to buy you a suit for the interview." She winked at me. "And maybe a little something for me, too."

A couple of hours later we were in the city, mom treating me to a brand new suit, shirt and tie for tomorrow's interview, fussing over me and making sure everything looked good. The guy in the store couldn't take his eyes off mom who looked great in a pair of skin tight jeans and an off the shoulder top that clung to her curves while at the same time making it obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. She flirted with him a little and managed to get a twenty five percent discount on the clothes!

Before heading back to the car mom and I wandered around the mall, picking up a few other bits and pieces before she took us out to a district where smaller, independent shops were set up. I was kinda surprised when she headed to a store called Jay's Sweet Things which, with the window display showing mannequins dressed in stockings, suspenders, basques and bras, was clearly a lingerie shop.

"Are we going in here, mom?" I asked.

"I did say I needed to get a little something for myself," mom replied. We paused outside for a second as mom stood real close and looked up at me with a smile. "It might be worth you not calling me mom while we're inside," she said, pecking me on the cheek. "Just to avoid any awkward questions, okay?"

"Okay -- Denise," I said, calling my mom by her first name for quite possibly the very first time.

Mom frowned, though. "Hmmm. I prefer you calling me mom, if I'm honest, so don't get used to this."

"You got it -- mom," I said before we headed inside.

The shop was cool and low-lit with racks of lingerie of all sorts dotted around -- bras, stockings, suspender belts, corsets, basques, the works -- and I couldn't help myself staring, instantly imagining mom in some of this stuff.

"Hi there, I'm Jay, welcome to my store," the shop owner said as she walked over to us. She had long black hair like mom, deep green eyes and full, sexy lips. She wore a short, tight black dress which did nothing to hide her perfect figure which was topped off by a pair of obviously enhanced breasts that almost spilled from the low-cut neckline, two full orbs with a deep cleavage between them. "What can I help you lovely couple with?"

"I'm looking for a corset," mom said, before indicating her own huge breasts. "I need something that'll keep the girls under control," she said a little quieter.

"Oh, I know exactly what you mean," Jay said, blatantly grabbing her own jugs and giving them a squeeze, her dress almost giving way. "I love these but it can be so difficult to find lingerie that fits." She took mom by the arm and guided her over to one of the displays. "Let's see what we can find for you and your man," she said, indicating that I should follow.

I stood back a bit and watched mom and Jay pick out various things, hold them up to mom's chest and then umm and ahh over whether they were any good for her. They settled on a pink, strapless corset that had hook fasteners running up the front which Jay said would be the right size for mom.

"You could always try it on here," she said. "There are some very spacious fitting rooms in the back if you and your friend want to see how it looks."

Mom looked at me. "No, I think I'll save the viewing till tonight, if that's okay with you Zak?"

"Fine by me, mom -- I mean, Denise," I said without thinking. Our eyes went wide in shock and we turned to Jay who simply smiled.

"Relax," she said. "You'd be surprised how many of my customers have very -- very -- attentive sons. And when I buy something for myself? I always make sure my brother gives me his -- full approval."

"Really?" mom sighed in relief.

"Oh yes," Jay said. "You wouldn't believe some of the things that go on in the those changing rooms. Most of the lingerie the mothers buy needs to be cleaned before it leaves the shop because their sons have -- showered them -- with compliments, if you see what I mean."

Mom looked at me, almost a little embarrassed. "Well, we're not quite at that stage," she said.

"Well maybe you will be after tonight's viewing?" Jay said.

Mom bought the pink corset after that and we headed home, knocking about for the rest of the afternoon until we curled up on the sofa and watched another dreadful film, munching on popcorn as we shouted comments and abuse at the screen. That didn't last long, though, as we were soon making out as hot and heavy as we had on Monday night. I tried to get my hands on her tits but again, mom held me back, though she was more than happy to run her hand over the huge hard-on I was sporting in my jeans.

Once the film finished, she moved back a little and said "I'm going to bed now. Give me ten minutes then maybe you could come in to say goodnight?"

I did as she asked, following her upstairs and going to my room, changing into my pajamas before waiting ten minutes then heading to her bedroom. The door was closed for once so I tapped it and mom called for me to come in.

She sat on the edge of the bed, her long black hair piled up into a bun on top of her head, pink stockings on her legs, a pink G-string covering her pussy and her new pink corset wrapped around her waist. It was a good fit -- Jay in the shop had been right about that -- but it still left the tops of her huge tits exposed, the creamy mounds ballooning out the top.
"Wow, mom," I said. "You look fantastic."

"Thank you, baby," mom said. "Come stand here," she said, pointing in front of her. I walked in, looking around for the towel and finally asking where it was. "You're not going to need that tonight," she said with a devilish smile. She cupped her huge tits and jiggled them slightly. "You like my new corset?" she asked.

"You look great in it, mom," I said.

"And did you like me jerking you off last night?"

"Hell, yeah!"

She looked at the front of my pajamas where my big dick was already pushing the cotton outwards. She beckoned me forward a couple of steps and then pushed down my PJs, my heavy cock swinging free in front of her. She smiled up at me as she took hold of it once more, gently stroking it, feeling it harden in her hand, blood pumping into it so that in moments it was as hard as it had ever been, pointing up at her face.

"Mmmm, you're really big," she said, staring at my cock as she stroked it. She let go of it for a moment and reached over to her night stand, grabbing a bottle of lube. Mom smiled as she poured the cool, clear gel over my big dick, liberally coating it, before using both hands to spread it over my shaft and knob.

"Such a big cock for mommy," she whispered, making my cock lurch at her words. "You like that, Zak? You like me referring to myself as mommy?"

"Yeah," I replied, a little embarrassed. "Sorry if that's weird."

"We're well past weird," she said, still using both hands to stroke my hard-on. "Mommy's jerking you off, after all," she said. She stared at my cock as her lube slickened hands slid up and down it, pre-cum dribbling from the end only to be smeared over it by her fingers. "Plus, I kinda get a kick out of it, too."

"Fuck, mom, that feels so good," I muttered, watching her.

"Mmmmm, I know something that will feel better," she said. "Why don't you reach down and undo the first four hooks on mommy's corset?"

I swear I almost came at the thought of it but somehow managed to reach past her hands -- which never stopped stroking my cock -- and unhooked the top buttons on her new corset. Her huge tits pushed the sides apart but were still trapped by the tight material, forming a deep cleavage.

Mom nudged my hands aside and moved forward, at the same time pulling me towards her, bending my cock a little before the lubed, slippery head slid between her huge, soft tits. Inch after inch slipped between her rack until it hit her chest and moved upwards, the head and first few inches of my cock sticking up out of her cleavage, the rest hidden by her tits.

"Oh my God," I breathed, staring down at my cock as it emerged from between my mom's massive tits. "Oh my fucking God."

"You like that?" mom asked. "You like having your big cock between mommy's titties?"

"Oh God yes," I gasped.

"You know what would feel better?"


"If you fucked mommy's tits -- if you moved that huge fucking cock of yours -- back and fore -- between mommy's -- big -- fucking -- tits," she whispered, looking down as I started to move while she spoke.

The tight corset held her mounds in place, allowing me to slide my dick in and out of her cleavage in long, slow strokes, the lube easing the movement, the head of my cock nudging into her throat on the upward strokes.

"Yeah -- that's it, baby -- mmmmm -- fuck mommy's tits," she said, glancing across to the side. I followed her gaze and noticed she'd positioned her mirror on the nightstand, giving both of us a side-on view of the action -- her in her corset and lingerie, me naked, my big cock slipping in and out of her huge tits. "Watch us, baby," mom said, staring at my reflection. "Watch your big cock -- fuck mommy's -- big fucking tits!"

I did -- I alternated between watching the mirror and looking down to see her huge tits moving as my cock slid in and out of her cleavage. I'd seen her fuck herself with a dildo -- seen it close up and had her jerk me off -- but this was the best so far!

"Mom -- can I --?" I gasped.

"What, baby?"

"Can I -- hold your tits?" I asked. Despite everything, she hadn't really let me lay a hand on her but I had to ask.

She smiled, reached up to her corset and quickly unhooked the remaining buttons. With nothing to support them, her big tits fell to the side slightly, releasing my cock.

"Hold mommy's big tits," she said. "Hold them -- and fuck them!" she said.

I took hold of her mounds, loving the weight and heft of them, how they could be so firm and soft at the same time, the small, hard nipples poking into my palms as I pushed them together again, sandwiching my cock between them, rocking my hips as I fucked her tits.

"Do it, baby," mom said, tilting her head back a little, letting me slide my cock in and out of her cleavage. "Fuck mommy's tits -- ahhhhh yeah -- that's what you wanted, isn't it? To have your big cock -- hhunnnnn -- between mommy's tits?"

"God yeah," I gasped, my hands full of her gorgeous mounds, her tit flesh spilling out the sides as they were too big for my hands to contain as I wrapped them around my thick shaft. I fucked her tits, sliding my cock in and out, loving the feel of her soft, warm jugs around my cock.

"Fuck mommy's titties," she moaned, watching in the mirror. "Give mommy that big cock -- mmmmm, yeah -- big cock -- for mommy's -- uuhhnnnn -- big tits."

I could feel my balls tightening as my orgasm neared and I guess mom could judge the signs as well as she looked up at me.

"Are you gonna cum for mommy?" she asked, grinning as I nodded. "Do it, then -- cum all over mommy's huge fucking titties," she sighed.

She reached up and took over holding her tits, letting me grab my cock and jerk it for all I was worth, the big head bulging as it erupted. Rope after rope of thick, white jizz splattered over her round jugs, laying in heavy lines from her neck, over her huge tits and pooling in her cleavage. I groaned, watching as easily the biggest load I'd ever produced -- and God knows I produce a lot! -- showered over my mom's mounds, leaving her glazed in jism.

"Yes! Give it to mommy! Cum all over mommy!" she cried, watching as my dick lurched time and again, coating her in my spunk. "So much fucking cum!" she moaned in delight, pushing her tits together, spreading my jizz all over them.

Finally my cock stopped spurting, the last of my jizz dribbling out from my cock head on to my mom's tits, joining the thick mess I'd left there.

"Jesus," I gasped, shaking my dick to send the last drops away. "Mom -- that was -- that was fucking awesome," I said.

"Thank you, baby," she said. "I don't think I've ever had so much cum on my tits before," she laughed.

"You need me to grab a towel?" I asked her.

She paused for the briefest of moments. "No, I'm good," she said then slowly, staring at me the whole time, lifted her tits higher, bent down and started licking them clean, sucking up my spunk, licking her lips as she swallowed it. When she had everything she could reach, she used her fingers to scrape up my jizz and sucked them clean as I watched.

In no time at all, my dick was rock hard again.

"Mmmmm, you taste good, baby," she said. She pointed at my new hard-on. "Go put that away -- save it for tomorrow night," she said and winked at me.

"Night, mom. I love you," I said, grabbing my PJs and heading back to my room.

"Love you too," she said, still scooping up my jizz with her fingers.


I slept in a little later the next morning but when I finally got myself down to the kitchen, mom was still there and cooking me a light breakfast of eggs, toast and slices of salmon. I sidled up behind her as she stood at the stove and put my hands gently on her hips, leaning in and kissing her shoulder.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," she said with a smile, though whether she referred to my kiss or my cock I wasn't quite sure -- as I stepped up behind her, she arched her back pushing that perfect, round ass of hers back against my groin. I was only wearing my pajamas while mom wore a pair of lycra short shorts and a matching vest-cum-bra top.

"Thanks for last night, mom," I said. "I really enjoyed it."

"I could tell," she said, turning her head and kissing me lightly on the lips. "I think you really out did yourself on the amount you came."

"I had the best inspiration so far," I said, nodding down towards her big tits -- the top she wore was low cut enough for me to see the start of her cleavage.

"So far?" mom said. "What makes you think you're going to get anything more?" I hesitated for a second, my mouth open, a look of surprise on my face. "Relax," mom said, laughing. She pushed her butt harder into my crotch and my dick swelled. "I'm not done with you yet, young man."

We made out slowly, mom grinding her ass against my rapidly hardening cock. I've mentioned before that over the years I'd heard mom beg dad to fuck her ass countless times -- she was really into anal and now I couldn't help but wonder if at some point I'd be lucky enough to get inside it. The closest I'd come was having one girlfriend agree to try it but chicken out as soon as my big knob touched her rosebud.

"Mmmmm, we should stop," mom said. "You need some breakfast. You've got a big day ahead of you."

I kissed her again then headed over to the table, mom serving up my breakfast once it was cooked. I had my job interview at lunchtime with mom's company so needed to make sure I was ready in plenty of time.

"I'll drop you off," mom said, "then head to the gym. You can get home afterwards okay, can't you?"

"Sure," I said, watching her as she moved around the kitchen, my cock not calming down any. She noticed me watching and started putting on something of a show, bending at the waist to put things away, or stretching up, her lycra top revealing a little bit of underboob.

Once we were both done, I headed upstairs to get ready for the interview and, a while later, mom drove me into the city, parking up outside her firm's building.

"Head into reception and ask for Laura," she said, leaning over and giving me a motherly peck on the cheek -- at the same giving my cock a not at all motherly squeeze. "Relax and be yourself. Good luck, Zak."

When I got inside, the receptionist paged my aunt Laura who came down to greet me with a hug and a peck on the cheek, making the young woman behind the desk laugh.

"You get all the good ones, Laura," she said.

"Relax, he's my nephew," Laura replied. "So hands off."

She took me to the elevator and, once the doors were closed, turned to face me.

"My nephew," she whispered even though it was just us in the lift. "My sexy nephew with the really big cock who likes to shower his mom in cum." She stepped closer. "I really hope your mom will share you with me," she said, her big tits pressing into my arm as she moved even closer. "I'd love to eat your cum off her tits."

My eyes went wide and I could feel my dick growing in my pants.

"Aunt Laura -- " I said just as the elevator pinged and the doors slid open, Laura effortlessly slipping out and beckoning me to follow.

I trailed after her, surreptitiously watching her tight little ass move beneath the skirt she wore, remembering the feel of those big, round tits of her as they'd pressed against my arm. I shook my head -- this wasn't going to help me with the interview.

"Rob?" Laura said as she walked up to a desk where a middle-aged man sat. "This is Zak, Denise's son. He's here for the interview."

"Oh hi," Rob said, standing and shaking my hand.

"I'll leave you to it," Laura said pecking me on the cheek again. "Best of luck. Once you've finished, Rob will give me a ring and I'll come collect you."

As Laura left, Rob indicated the chair in front of his desk and asked me to sit down.

The next hour or so went by in a rush -- Rob was a nice guy who showed me around the office, giving me a run-down of the sort of work he wanted me to do, taking me through the systems and software. As my aunt Laura had said on the phone the day before, it was nothing complicated, just some standard admin stuff but I showed some enthusiasm and asked some questions, making it clear that I was happy to do this stuff and hopefully more.

By the end of the interview, Rob was impressed enough to ask me to start on the following Monday.

"Wow, that's great, thanks, Rob," I said as we shook hands.

"Hey, no problem. You seem like the sort of kid we want here and -- if I'm honest -- just about everyone here likes your mom -- she's a smart, nice woman. If we can help you and her after everything that's happened, even if it's a little, we'd like to." He smiled. "Don't take that as pity -- if you didn't know a spreadsheet from a database, I wouldn't give you the job -- but it's nice to be able to help you guys."

"Thanks," I said. "That means a lot."

"Let me just message your aunt," he said, tapping on his keyboard, then obviously getting a message back. "Yep, she'll meet you in reception -- huh, looks like she's buying you lunch, too," he said, standing up and walking me back through the office. "Laura's great, too -- she's one of our best client managers, you know. We would be lost without her."

As we walked past the desks, I heard someone call my name and turned to see John -- my mom's ex -- half-heartedly waving at me.

"Hey," I said in a friendly enough way, but didn't slow down to talk -- and neither did Rob.

When we got in the elevator and the doors closed, Rob said "John, though -- he's a pain in the ass. Smartest thing your mother did was dumping him." He looked at me. "Hope I'm not speaking out of turn?"

"No, that's cool," I said. "I happen to agree with you."

"Well, whoever your mom's seeing now has really put a smile on her face," Rob said. "This last week, she's been really upbeat."

"Really?" I asked, trying to play it cool.

"Yes sir," Rob said. "Again, don't want to speak out of turn about your mom, but her new guy's clearly making her happy."

I smiled. "Good to know," I said.

The elevator doors opened and Rob walked me out to where my aunt Laura was waiting for me.

"How'd he do?" Laura asked him.

"Unless he changes his mind, we'll see him 9 AM sharp on Monday."

Laura clapped her hands and gave me a quick hug.

"Oh wait," Rob said to me. "I almost forgot. We've got our annual charity ball tomorrow night. It's low key, fancy dress, just a way of letting the staff relax while raising some cash for charity. Why don't you come along? Your mom's got the details."


"Sure, it'll be a nice way for you to meet some of your co-workers. We're all friendly enough but nothing breaks the ice like a fancy dress party and a couple of drinks. Laura? You and Denise are coming, aren't you?"

"I definitely am," my aunt said. "I know Denise has had her hands full most nights this week -- " she said, somehow keeping a straight face " -- but I'm sure she'll come along. What about you, Zak? Want to come tomorrow night with your mom and me?"

Damn, my aunt could be such a tease.

"Sure," I said. "I'd love to come with you pair," I said, trying not to smirk.

"Great, then, we'll see you tomorrow evening, Zak, and then next Monday."

Rob shook my hand again, my aunt Laura took me by the arm and we headed out to lunch.

My aunt took me to a sandwich shop and bought us some food then walked across the street to the park. The day was warm but a little overcast so there weren't a huge number of people in there and we were able to find a secluded spot away from the main pathways. Aunt Laura sat us down and moved as close as she could, her big tits pressing up against my side, just as they had in the elevator.

"Your mom sent me a picture last night," she said, getting her phone from her purse. She found the one she wanted and showed it to me. It was a selfie from my mom, topless, her tits still streaked with lines of my cum, her free hand at her mouth, her tongue licking a long trail of cum from her fingers.

>>Guess what I had for supper?!! LOL!!<< the caption read.

I grinned at aunt Laura.

"I bet you're enjoying fooling around with your mom, aren't you?" she asked me quietly, putting the phone away. "Think you'd enjoy fooling around with your sexy aunt, too?"

"God yes," I said, desperately wanting to kiss her. "But until mom says that's okay," I shrugged. "I'm afraid I'm off limits."

Aunt Laura sighed and moved away slightly. She leaned back, her hands on the grass, her huge tits pointing up at the sky. I expected her blouse to simply explode open at any moment under the strain but it somehow remained closed though the openings between the buttons stretched wide giving me the barest glimpse of her bra-covered tits.

"Yeah, I know the deal," aunt Laura said. "And that's a crying shame." She turned her head to face me. "Because I'd like nothing more than for you to whip out that big cock your mom says you have and let me go to town on it."

We stared at each other, my cock throbbing in my trousers. Despite everything me and my mom had done, she obviously wanted to take things at her own pace -- my aunt Laura, though, was obviously a lot more direct. I had no doubt that if I did just unzip my trousers and get my dick out -- public space or not -- she'd have it down her throat or up her pussy in seconds.

"Sorry aunt Laura," I said. "But there's no way I would risk hurting mom."

My aunt smiled at me. "You are so like your dad," she said proudly. She straightened up and changed tack, asking me about the interview and how things had gone. By the time we finished our lunch, it was almost like our first conversation hadn't happened. We walked back to her office -- soon to be ours -- and she gave me cab fare home, kissing me on the cheek and saying she'd see me the following evening at the fancy dress party.

When I got home, mom was already there -- she'd changed out of her gym clothes and was walking round in a pair of old shorts and a baggy T-shirt. She shouldn't have looked sexy in that get up but somehow she managed it.

She squealed and jumped for joy when I told her I had got the job and started on Monday, giving me a big and very unmotherly kiss, letting me run my hands over her back and her ass for a minute or so. When she asked, I told her about the interview and how it had gone, and also about Rob inviting me to the fancy dress party the following night.

"Hmmm, yeah, I'd kinda forgotten about that," mom said as she led me to the kitchen to fix me a drink -- just a coffee, nothing alcoholic. "Do you want to go?"

"Honestly, I'd rather stay home with you, but as I'm starting the job next week and Rob's kinda expecting me -- I guess I should go."

"Yeah, I guess so," mom said, not really sounding that happy about it. When I asked her what was wrong she said "Well, John's going to be there. It's been awkward enough in the office these last few days -- if we're out drinking, I don't know what he'll say."

"Forget him, mom," I said. "I'll be with you and if he gives you any shit, I'll sort him out."

Mom looked at me and smiled. "My hero," she said without it sounding like a joke. She kissed me on the lips then changed the subject, talking about what we'd eat that evening.

The next couple of hours wandered past -- we ate some food, hung out and just chilled for a while before we ended up on the sofa wondering what to watch for our movie night. Once we'd chosen our film -- a teenagers being menaced by a monster slasher type of thing -- mom paused it at the credits.

"We're going to do something different this evening," she said, standing up. "Up to your room and get changed into your pajamas. Meet me back here in ten minutes."

No sooner said than done, we headed to our bedrooms, I got changed into my PJs and a T-shirt and went back to the sofa. A few minutes later, mom walked into the room and stood in front of me, hands on her hips, a big smile on her face.
"Well?" she asked.

"Holy shit," I whispered.

She wore heels, black fishnet stockings, suspenders, a tiny g-string and a silky camisole that was obviously fitted -- it was stretched tight across her huge tits, the thin spaghetti straps really straining to keep the neckline from slipping down over her mounds, but cinched in tight around her trim waist before flaring out over her hips.

"I take it you like this?" mom asked. I nodded, unable to take my eyes off her. "I went to that lingerie shop again today," she said. "Picked this up, thinking you might like it." She climbed up on to the couch next to me, bringing her feet up on to the seat as she leaned into me, curling up into my side, letting me put my arm around her, feeling the silk beneath my fingers.

"Mom, you look fantastic," I said.

"Good," she said, grabbing the remote and starting the movie. "Now, shall we watch this?"

The film started but, honestly, those first twenty minutes or so went by without me paying much attention. I was sat staring down at my mom's huge tits and the deep cleavage between them. I could feel my cock thicken and lengthen down the leg of my pajamas as mom wriggled in closer to me, her hand on my thigh, her big boobs pressing against my chest.

"That's it, baby -- ooh yeah," some girl said on screen. I glanced up to see a busty blonde making out with some guy in the woods at night, his hands pawing at her well-filled sweater. The scene was intercut with point of view shots of the monster or whatever watching them as they got hot and heavy, the girl losing her top.

"That's quite a rack on her," mom said.

"Nothing compared to you, mom," I said.

Mom looked up and leaned closer. "Thank you, Zak," she said, and kissed me, a gentle peck that turned into another and another, each one longer than the last until we were making out once more, the film forgotten. I wrapped my arms around her, my hands sliding over her silken cami, slowly moving higher. Instead of stopping me as she had before, mom moaned as we kissed as my hand cupped her huge tits, feeling her stiff nipples through the smooth fabric.

"I love your tits, mom," I murmured as I cupped and felt them, gently pinching her nipples. I slid my hand up to her neckline, running my fingertips over the tops of her jugs, slipping them into her cleavage.

"Did you like fucking them last night?" she asked. She reached across to my other leg and ran her hand along the hard length of my cock which was trapped by my pajamas. "Like getting this big cock between mommy's big tits?"

"God yeah," I grinned. "Couldn't you tell by the amount I came over them?"

"Yeah, but it's still nice to hear," she said. "Want to do it again?"

Mom sat up and grabbed the bottom of her cami, pulling it up and over her head, releasing her huge tits while I quickly stripped off my T-shirt then raised my ass and pushed my pajamas down to my ankles. My hard-on sprang free and slapped against my belly just as mom returned to her position, curling up next to me. She reached out and took hold of my cock, stroking it up and down, smearing the pre-cum that dribbled from my knob over the shaft.

"Such a big cock for mommy," she sighed. My dick lurched as she referred to herself as "mommy", something we'd established was a turn on for both of us. She held it upright as she moved down a little, her huge mounds enveloping it, my cock disappearing into her cleavage once more, only for the head to appear beneath her chin. "Hold mommy's tits, baby," she said. "Hold them and fuck them."

I did as well as I could, only really able to get one hand on them due to our positions, while I slowly pumped my hips up and down, sliding my cock between her jugs.

"Yeah, fuck mommy's tits," she sighed, "Fuck mommy's big titties," she moaned, covering my hand and pushing her boobs together with me. "Mommy wants your big cock -- mmmmm, yeah," she said, looking up at me. "Mommy wants your big cock, baby."

"It's all yours, mom," I said, loving the feel of my dick sliding up and down in her cleavage.

"Thank you, baby," she said -- and slowly moved away, my dick slipping free from her tits. I looked at her, confused for a second -- before she lowered her head and, still holding my cock in one hand, slid her lips down and over my cock head.

I swear I almost came and blacked out at the same time as I felt my mom take my cock into her mouth for the very first time. She lashed her tongue around the knob, sucking down the pre-cum that was now pouring almost freely from my cock, and then went lower and lower. I felt the crown of my cock nudge against the back of her throat -- which was further than any girlfriend had taken it -- but mom kept going. She swallowed and my knob slid into her throat followed by the next few inches and the next until her nose touched my trimmed pubes. She swallowed a few times, the muscles of her throat massaging my length before she slowly pulled up, finally letting my cock pop free as she gasped and took a breath, smiling up at me.

"Jesus, mom," I gasped, staring at the line of spit that connected my prick to her lips.

"First time being deep-throated?" she asked. I nodded. Mom laughed and swallowed my dick again -- not completely this time, but bobbing her mouth up and down my shaft, letting her tongue play around the head for a few minutes before taking a deep breath through her nose and sliding my cock into her throat again.

I groaned, loving the feel of my dick being clenched and grabbed by her throat as mom moved up and down on it this time, fucking my cock deep into her throat for a few seconds before lifting up to catch her breath. A second or two later, and her face was in my pubes again, my cock jammed down her gullet.

"Oh fuck," I groaned, watching my mom's head bob up and down on my dick as she alternated between deep-throating and just working the head, her hand stroking my shaft when she could. "Fuck, mom -- that feel so good," I gasped. Mom kept going for another ten minutes or so before I started to feel my stomach muscles clenching, a familiar tingling in my balls signalling an orgasm.

Mom obviously felt it too as she lifted off me for a moment, her hand -- slick with spit and pre-cum -- sliding up and down my rock hard cock.

"You gonna cum, baby?" she asked. It was all I could do to just nod. "Do it, then," she said, her hand speeding up. "Cum, Zak -- cum for mommy -- give me that big fucking load -- cum for mommy."

With a final groan, my cock pulsed and launched the first stream of jizz into my mom's waiting, open mouth. She quickly clamped her lips around my knob as the second and third shots poured in, making her swallow as fast as she could as more and more thick cum spurted out of my knob. She took the first five or six shots but -- as my dick kept shooting -- she had to pull back so she could get her breath. Instead of moving away like every other girl in my life had, mom kept jacking on my prick and pointing it at her face, taking load after load over her face.

Lines of jizz spurted up and over her features, laying in solid, gel-like cords from her forehead, over her eyes and nose, down to her jaw and chin, criss-crossing each other, coating my mom's face in my seed.

"Oh fuck -- oh fuck," I gasped as my dick lurched over and over, jizz dripping from her face to fall on to her tits and my thigh.

Finally, my mom moved back and sat back against the sofa, smiling at me through my cum.

"Was that good, baby?" she asked.

"God mom, that was intense," I said. "Definitely the best yet."

"Glad you liked it," she said. "Grab my phone, take a picture," she said, pointing to her cell on the table. I did as she asked, getting a shot of her scooping up my cum from her face and licking it off her fingers. "Send it to your aunt Laura," she said.

"What should I put as the caption?" I asked.

"That this was the best so far," mom said, "and you can't wait for the weekend."

As I typed the message and sent the picture, I asked "What's happening on the weekend?"

Mom laughed. "You'll have to wait." Mom stood, still wiping spunk from her face and licking her fingers clean, and headed out. She stood by the door and looked back. "Thank you, Zak," she said. "That was the best for me too. Get cleaned up and off to bed."

She waved and headed upstairs.


By the time I woke up, mom had left for work. There was a note on the kitchen table saying "Really enjoyed last night! Money on the side to get a costume for tonight. Will ring later to confirm details. Love, mom." followed by a lipstick kiss.

Sure enough there was a bunch of notes next to it along with the address of a costume shop. I made myself some breakfast and got dressed before heading out into the town to get a costume. The shop had a good selection and it didn't take me long to hire something for the party tonight -- I had no idea what mom would be wearing so couldn't plan to match or anything so instead picked something that hoped she'd be happy with and which wouldn't make me look like a dick in front of my new work colleagues.

Back home, I rang the store where I worked on a Saturday and told them I'd be quitting -- they were good about it, knowing it was only a fill in until I could find something else, and it helped that I gave them a friend's details who would be happy to take over from me.

With all that done, I had little else to do but wait around the house for my mom to call.

She rang in the afternoon as I sat in my room, idly scanning through some MILF porn -- it was like Monday all over again.

"Hey sweetie," she said when I answered. "How are you this morning?"

"I'm good, especially after last night," I said quietly in case anyone near her could over hear.

"I bet you are," she said with a laugh. "You obviously enjoyed it, then?" she asked quietly.

"Come on, mom, you keep asking me this. You should know the answer by now."

"I do, but maybe I like hearing it."

"I enjoyed last night like nothing else -- it was the best ever," I said honestly.

"Mmmm, good -- me too," she said. "Did you get a costume?" I told her that I had. "Okay, get a cab and be here for six. You can meet up with me and your aunt Laura and the others and then we can head to the party. Love you and see you later."

"Love you too, mom," I said, and hung up.

Hanging around for the rest of the day, waiting for the time to get ready and head out to the party was a drag but the hands on the clock slowly crept round. I got changed into my costume and rang for a cab, getting in when it arrived.

"Don't tell me, the batmobile's broken down?" the cab driver said with a laugh as he looked me over.

I laughed and agreed, looking down at my grey and black Batman costume which -- I hoped -- would be okay for the party. The driver took me to the firm where mom and aunt Laura worked and after paying him, I headed inside to the reception where several of the workers, all in different costumes, were gathering.

"Come to save me from the bad guy?" Jessica Rabbit asked me as I approached the desk. I did a double take -- the long red wig caught me off guard -- but there was my aunt Laura, huge tits almost falling out of the skin tight, sparkly red dress she wore, purple gloves up to her elbows.

"Hey, aunt Laura," I said, getting a hug from her. "You look fantastic," I said, trying desperately not to stare at the enormous amount of cleavage she had on display.

"Thank you, Zak," she said before whispering directly into my ear so no-one else could hear. "You like my dress?" I nodded. "Really? Or do you like how much of my tits you can see?"

"Both," I whispered back before letting her go so our hug didn't seem odd. "Mom around?"

Before she could answer, Iron Man wandered over calling my name -- it was Rob, my new boss. We shook hands and he dragged me away from aunt Laura -- glancing at her tits while trying not to be obvious -- and started to introduce me to some people I'd be working with. It was only ten minutes later when the coach arrived to take us to the party venue that I was able to get away and head back to aunt Laura who, by now, was stood with my mom.

Mom wore a full length, sleeveless white dress with bandages wrapped from her hands up to her shoulders. Her black hair was piled up into a column and a white streak ran up either side of it while her face had been painted white apart from jet black lipstick and thick eyeliner which had also been used to draw on stitch scars. The neckline was a little more demure than that of aunt Laura's but there was no hiding the swelling bosom underneath that was constrained by the buttons that ran from hem to neck up the front of her dress.

She was the sexiest Bride of Frankenstein I'd ever seen.

"You look fantastic, mom," I said, giving her a hug, being careful not to smudge her make-up.

"Thank you," she said, looking me up and down. "You don't look so bad yourself."

We all headed out to the coach and piled on, mom, aunt Laura and I somehow squeezing into the same double seats together, me sandwiched between them. The journey was long and raucous -- it seemed some of the staff had started drinking before they left the office -- but I enjoyed myself as the motion of the coach sent both mom and aunt Laura sliding into me time and again, their big tits "accidentally" pushing against my sides.

The venue was a large country club that the owner of the firm owned and the staff had bought tickets and donated prizes that would be raffled off with all the money going to charity. It started slow with a sit down meal but -- once the bottles of wine on the tables were opened -- things started to get a little more fun. I took the advice of both my mom and my aunt however and steered clear of the alcohol -- the last thing I wanted was to get drunk right before starting my new job. It seemed like most everyone wasn't bothered though, and very soon most of them were more than half way to being drunk, aunt Laura among them.

After the meal, the raffle came and went -- I didn't win anything -- and everyone headed to the bar to continue getting loaded. Rob -- holding a bottle of wine -- found me and showed me round to some more people -- some of whom were so drunk they weren't going to remember -- before he quietly confided in me that he thought my aunt Laura was "fucking hot." I just laughed and passed it off.

I headed to the bathroom and once I'd finished in there, went back out to try and find either my mom or aunt Laura. As I walked through the bar, I heard a man's voice raised in anger shouting out that something "wasn't fucking fair!" Walking over, I saw a small group of people stood in shock as my mom was held against the wall by a man dressed as the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz who was busy yelling at her.

I didn't stop to think but barged through the group as more people arrived, just as the Scarecrow raised his hand to either slap or punch her -- I didn't care which one he intended to do as I reached out and grabbed his hand. He turned to look at me as I swung my own fist and punched him in the nose. I'm no fighter and it was probably the booze he'd had more than anything but it felt good watching his eyes roll up behind his rubber mask as he passed out and sunk to the floor.

"Mom, you okay?" I asked, giving her a hug as she threw herself at me, starting to cry.

"What the hell's going on?" Rob cried as he arrived, still a bit drunk, looking down at the Scarecrow.

"Rob, I'm sorry," I said, before the others joined in, telling him what had happened. Rob reached down and pulled the Scarecrow's mask off -- I wasn't surprised to find it was John, mom's ex, beneath the mask. He groaned as he started to come round. "If you don't want me to turn up on Monday, I understand," I said, still holding mom who had stopped crying and was still in my arms.

"No, no, you show up," Rob said. "You, on the other hand," he said, kicking John to get his attention. "You are fired, you no good sack of shit."

Several of the crowd cheered at that as John blearily looked around at them.

Aunt Laura arrived, took one look at the scene, and rushed over to us, hugging us both, asking mom if she was okay.

"I'm fine, Batman saved me," she said looking up at me. She turned to Rob. "I'm really sorry -- " she began but he waved her apology aside.

"Denise, you've nothing to apologise for," he said. "You want to press charges against this sorry excuse?" he said pointing down at John.

"No," she said. "I just -- I just want to go home."

"Okay," Rob said. "Zak, can you take your mom home?" I said I could. "Order a cab at the reception, the firm will pay for it. Go home and chill over the weekend, okay?"

"Sure," mom said.

"Want me to come with you?" aunt Laura asked.

"No, we'll be okay," mom said.

"Call me tomorrow, okay?" Aunt Laura hugged us again and let us head out to reception and get the cab. As we waited for it, mom assured me that she was okay -- but she didn't let me go, holding tightly on to me, her arms around me, her body pressed close to mine. We got into the cab after it arrived and again she curled up close to me.

"Thank you," she whispered in my ear as we headed home. "You're my hero."

"I'm just glad you're not hurt," I said quietly.

"I'm fine, don't worry," mom whispered. She pulled my costume's cape around so that it covered my lap and thighs -- and her hand which rested on my crotch, gently squeezing my hardening cock. She smiled at me as she slowly and quietly undid the zipper and slipped her hand inside the costume and then my boxers, wrapping her fingers around my thick length. "God, I love how big you are," she whispered.

"Right back at you," I said, obviously looking down at her huge tits that stretched the front of her dress almost to bursting. I reached up and undid the first three buttons on her dress, the sides peeling apart, giving me a perfect view down her cleavage.

We stayed like that for the rest of the journey -- mom pressed up against me, her hand slowly stroking my big dick while I stared down at her tits -- until the cab driver announced that we were home. Mom thanked him and we hurried out, unlocking and opening the front door even before he'd pulled away. With the front door closed, mom kissed me deeply, both hands working at the front of my costume and as soon as she'd pulled my dick free, dropped to her knees.

She stared up at me as she ran her tongue from the base of my cock all the way up to the bloated knob before wrapping her lips around it and sucking gently on the head. She moved forward, bobbing her head up and down my length, taking a little more each time, working the shaft with her hand as she altered the angle of her approach, my cock nudging at the back of her throat. She took a deep breath through her nose, winked and me, and pushed her head down, swallowing my cock down to the balls.

"Oh Jesus -- fucking hell, mom," I gasped.

She lifted off me and smiled up. "You like mommy sucking your big cock, don't you?" She didn't bother waiting for me to answer, just swallowed my dick once more. I bent over and, as best I could, grabbed hold of her huge tits, filling my hands with their heavy, firm roundness. Mom grabbed the sides of her dress and pulled them apart, buttons flying off and bouncing on the floor. She knelt up, my dick falling from her mouth, and pulled the cups of her bra down, wrapping her huge tits around my cock.

"Fuck mommy's titties, baby," she said as I moved my dick up and down in her cleavage. "Fuck mommy's big fucking tits!"

I did just that, the spit from her blow job allowing my prick to slide in and out of the hot, tight sheath formed by her massive mounds as I watched.

"Fuck, mom," I groaned. "Love your tits."

"Their yours, baby," mom said, smiling up at me, holding her tits around my cock. "Any time you want them -- whatever you want to do to them -- their yours -- just like the rest of me, baby."
I paused my movements. "The rest of you, mom?"

"Mm-hmm," she said, releasing my cock and standing up. She took me by the hand and we headed upstairs. "No more teasing, Zak," she said as we walked into her bedroom. She shrugged out of her dress leaving her in her dishevelled bra, a pair of white hold up stockings and a tiny white G-string. "Lose the costume," she said, climbing up on the bed and peeling off her G-string, "and come and fuck me," she finished, spreading her legs wide.

I was out of my Batman suit in seconds flat and practically leapt on to the bed, mom wrapping her legs around me as I lay on top of her, kissing her, not caring about the white make-up that we were smearing over both our faces. Her huge tits felt great beneath my bare chest, my hands roaming everywhere they could across her body, one of them slipping between us and sliding lower.

Mom groaned and spread her legs as wide as she could again, letting me slip two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. She was hot, tight and so fucking wet, my fingers easily slipped in and out of her twat as we made out.

"Nnggggg -- fuck yes!" she cried as I fingered her. "Aaaahhhhh that feels good, baby," she moaned, reaching down between us herself and wrapping her own fingers around the head of my cock. "But I think -- mmmmm -- think your cock would feel even better, don't you?"

I moved my hips forward, mom directing the head of my cock to her pussy as I removed my fingers. We both gasped at the contact, the big head of my knob slotting between her lips as I inched forward, the pair of us moaning as it slipped inside.

"Yes!" she cried as another couple of inches slipped in. "Do it, baby," she said looking up at me. "Fuck mommy -- fuck mommy's horny pussy!"

It seemed this whole week had led to this and I wasn't going to disappoint her now. We looked into each other's eyes as with a final thrust of my hips, the full length of my cock slid into her pussy, the hot, wet walls of her insides clasping at me.

"Oh fuck," mom whispered. "Fuck that feels good."

I laughed and kissed her as I started moving slowly, rocking my hips, sliding my big dick in and out of her pussy, angling upwards, trying to grind my pubes against her clit.

"Oh fuck -- fucking hell," mom gasped, her legs now wrapped around my waist as if to stop me leaving -- though that wasn't going to happen any time soon. "Fuck me, Zak," she moaned, looking up at me. "Fuck me, baby."

"You got it, mom," I said, pushing my dick forwards, going balls deep before pulling almost the whole way out then sliding back in, long, slow strokes, kissing her all the while. I was finally fucking my gorgeous, hot, big titted, insanely sexy mom -- and I couldn't have been happier.

"Yeah -- that's it, baby -- uuhhnnnnn -- fuck me -- fuck mommy," she groaned, pushing her hips up as I pushed down, taking every inch of me inside her, something no other girl had ever been able to do. "Oh fuck -- so fucking big -- aaahhnnnnn -- such a big cock for mommy."

"You like that, mom?" I asked, figuring it was something she was always asking me so turnabout was fair play. She laughed.

"Fuck yes!" she cried. "I fucking love it!"

"What do you love, mom?" I asked, starting to move a little faster.

"Uuh yeah -- love my son -- uuhhnnnnn -- my big dicked son -- mmmmmmm -- fucking me -- his big fucking cock -- aahhhaaannnn in my pussy!" she moaned as I fucked her faster and a little harder. I slipped my hands under her back so that I could bring them up and hold on to the tops of her shoulders so that I could pull her towards me as I thrust into her, going even deeper. "Uuhhnnnnn God yes!" she cried. "Fuck me -- fuck me -- gonna make me -- cummmmmm!"

Mom grabbed me, her nails digging into my back as she came with my cock crammed inside her, her body shaking as her pussy grabbed my dick. She shook and groaned as she came, gasping as I kept fucking her, stuffing my dick in and out of her twat.

"Fuck mommy!" she cried when she had her breath back. "Fuck mommy -- fuck mommy hard!"

I laughed -- this was the sort of stuff I'd heard when dad was alive as I lay in my bed, listening to them fuck. True, mom had never referred to herself as "mommy" when dad was fucking her but that was something we had, something we both enjoyed.

"Fuck mommy -- uuhunnnnnn -- big fucking cock -- aaahhhhhh -- fuck mommy, Zak -- uuhnnnnn -- fuck mommy's horny pussy!"

I pounded my cock in and out of her pussy as hard and fast as I could, trying to hold on as long as I could but the fact that it was finally happening, that I was actually fucking my mom meant it was all too soon that I groaned.

"I'm -- gonna cum -- mom," I said through gritted teeth.

"Do it, baby," mom said without hesitation. "Cum in mommy's pussy -- aahhhnnn -- do it!"

I grunted, my cock swelling, my balls tightening as I unleashed what felt like the biggest load of my life deep inside my mom's pussy. We looked at each other as I came over and over, my dick spurting out my cum until we both felt it pour back out of her.

"Fuck -- so much cum," mom gasped as I kept twitching, sending streams of the stuff into her twat. She smiled up at me. "God, baby, I think that might be your biggest load yet."

We both laughed as my cock finally stopped shooting and, as we kissed and hugged, it slowly slipped out, followed by a torrent of jizz.

"That's going to be one hell of a wet patch," mom laughed. "We're sleeping in your bed tonight."

"Fine by me," I said.


I woke up on Saturday morning alone in my bed and -- for the shortest of moments -- wondered if the night before had been a dream. Then I heard my mom singing in the shower down the hall and saw the dent in the pillow next to mine and happily realised that we had spent the night together. We'd gone to the bathroom to tidy up -- mom washing her Bride of Frankenstein make up off, me doing the same after it had smeared over my face as we'd made out -- and then headed back to my bed where we'd curled up together and fallen asleep.

I jumped out of bed sporting a morning wood that bobbed as I walked to the shower as if eager to get there -- which wasn't far from the truth, I suppose. Entering the bathroom, I tapped on the glass door of the walk-in shower, mom turning to smile at me.

"Room for a small one?" I asked. She reached out and curled her fingers around my cock.

"You are definitely not a small one, Zak," she said, gently pulling me in and under the stream of hot water. My hands slid over her smooth, soapy body, cupping her huge tits and round ass as we made out, her hand spreading the lather from her shower gel up and down my cock.

"No regrets about last night, then?" I asked her.

"None at all," she said before slowly dropping down, moving us both out of the stream of water, crouching in front of me and wrapping her massive, slippery globes around my prick. She smiled up at me as she moved her huge jugs up and down my cock, the big head bumping into the bottom of her jaw as I started moving it in time with her hands. "Feel good, baby?" she asked me. "Like fucking mommy's titties again?"

"God yeah," I said. "I'm never going to get tired of this," I said, staring down, watching my cock slide up and down between her tits.

"Mmmm, good -- because I'm going to want this a lot from now on." Mom dipped her head and sucked at my cock head for a moment before releasing me and letting me tit fuck her again. "Mommy's going to want your cock time and again," she said. "You okay with that?"

"Whenever you want it, mom, however you want it," I said.

She let go of her tits and grabbed my cock, jerking on it quickly. "Good, because right now mommy wants a big mouthful of cum -- can you do that, Zak -- can you give mommy a big load in her mouth?"

I knocked her hands away and took over jerking my dick, mom watching intently all the while as I stroked my shaft fast, concentrating on the head. I groaned a minute or so later as I felt my cum rising -- mom looked up at me, her mouth wide open, tongue out, a finger pointing at her mouth, telling me where to cum.

That was pretty much all it took and I grunted as my cock unleashed another huge strand of spunk, flying past my mom's mouth to land in a thick line over her face and into her hair. She whined in disappointment, making me improve my aim just in time for the next shot to spurt right between her lips. She purred as more and more of my jizz erupted into her mouth, making her swallow after the first three or four to prevent it overflowing. As my cock kept cumming, she kept swallowing until, eventually, she wrapped her lips around my knob head and took the last of my load straight from my cock.

"Fuck, mom," I gasped as she nursed on my prick, making sure she had everything. "Thanks, that was -- fuck,"

"Happy to oblige, baby," she said, using her finger to scoop the cum from the side of her face into her mouth. "And that was just what I needed to start the day."

After that we showered properly then dressed and headed to the kitchen for breakfast where we had some toast and cereal. When we'd finished and mom had cleared the breakfast dishes away, she sat back at the table, the pair of us on adjoining chairs. She reached out and stroked my thigh through my pajamas as she spoke.

"I think we need to establish some ground rules, Zak,"

"Like what, mom?" I asked, my gaze dropping to her magnificent tits that were currently encased in a tight T-shirt that showed no cleavage at all but was perfectly molded around the heavy globes which more than made up for the lack of skin.

"Obviously we both want this to continue, right?" I nodded. "Then we need to be careful when we're outside, particularly now that we're going to be working in the same building from Monday."

"Yeah, that's going to be hard," I said, mom smiling at my pun.

"That's why we need some rules," she said. "Outside the house and especially in work, I'm your mom, okay? You treat me as you always have done, with love and respect and we carry on as normal."

"Fine by me, mom," I said. "What about inside the house?"

Mom smiled and moved closer, her hand sliding up to my crotch, taking hold of my thick, half-hard cock.

"In here, I'm going to want you and this huge fucking cock of yours ready and willing to fuck me just about any time of the day and night." She moved out of her chair and straddled my lap, her hand slipping inside my PJs and grabbing my dick as she kissed me. "And in return, I will be willing and able for you to fuck me however you want to, whenever you want to. Deal?"

"Mm-hmm," I said as we kissed, my hands cupping her huge tits, pulling the tight T-shirt up over her massive jugs and up to her neck so I could dip my head and suck on her hard nipples, moving from one to the other as she moaned and stroked my cock. After a moment, she stood up and stepped back, dropping to her knees between my legs, freeing my dick as she did and swooping down on it, sucking the first few inches into her mouth. "Ooohhhhh, fuck," I sighed as she took it as deep as she could, covering it in spit.

She moved up and wrapped my cock in her big tits, the meaty shaft trapped in her cleavage as she moved her jugs up and down, tit fucking me.

"Look at that," she said, watching my cock appear and disappear between her tits. "Look at mommy's big titties while you fuck them." She dipped her head and sucked on the knob as it appeared, slobbering more spit over it, helping it glide between her tits.

"Fuck, mom," I gasped, watching all the while. The one or two girls I'd had in the past who'd let me tit fuck them had never been big enough to hide my entire length like my mom could.

She looked up at me. "That's an excellent idea," she said. "You should fuck me."

She stood up, pushing down her pajama bottoms before peeling off her T-shirt, standing naked in front of me, one hand cupping her tits, the other rubbing at her neatly trimmed pussy.

"How do you want mommy, baby?" she asked.

I quickly stood up and stripped off before holding her hips and spinning her around, bending her over the breakfast table, her huge tits squashing out beneath her, her perfect, pert ass pointing at me.

Mom groaned as she felt the head of my cock slip between her soaking wet pussy lips and ease inside as I held her around the waist.

"Ohhhhh fuck -- fucking hell," she gasped as more of my cock worked inside her. "Ahhh yeah -- that's what mommy wants," she smiled.

Who was I to deny her? I started rocking back and fore, pushing more and more of my dick inside her as she got used to my size once again. Soon I was all the way in, up to my balls in my mom's pussy, my hands around her waist, fucking her faster and harder as she egged me on.

"Yes! Fuck mommy -- uuhhnnnnn -- fuck mommy's pussy -- aahhhaah -- big fucking cock for mommy!" she cried as I stuffed my whole length in and out of her. I looked down, watching my dick slide in and out of her pussy, still not really believing this was happening. "Fuck mommy -- fuck mommy's horny pussy -- uuuhhhhhhh -- yes! Fuck mommy!" she moaned.

We both stopped as her cell phone rang, aunt Laura's ring tone playing. Mom looked back over her shoulder at me.

"Answer it," I said with a smile. As she swiped the screen and held it to her ear, I slowly started fucking her again.

"Hey Laura," she said, looking back at me as I fucked her. "No, no I'm good -- no, really, I'm -- uuhhh -- really good, honest. Did you get home okay?"

I could tell she wasn't really paying attention to aunt Laura's reply as her eyes were half closed and she was biting her bottom lip as my cock slid deep inside her pussy.

"Yeah," she said looking at me, "he was my hero last night -- uhh -- yeah -- yeah I gave him a big reward for being -- ahh -- being so good -- uh-huh -- uuhhnnnnn -- in fact -- he's having his reward again -- right now." She listened to her sister for a second of two then held the phone out to me. "Tell your aunt Laura -- uuhhnnnnn -- what you're doing," she gasped.

"Hey aunt Laura," I said as I took the phone.

"Zak? What's going on there?" my sexy aunt asked.

"Oh, I'm just fucking my mom over the breakfast table," I said with a laugh. "Wanna see?" I held the phone away, pressed the icon on the screen and went to video call. Aunt Laura's face appeared on screen, her eyes as wide as her smile.

"Show me, you naughty boy," she said.

I angled the phone, showing aunt Laura the back of mom's head, her long black hair spread out over her shoulders and on to the table, before moving the phone down, over her back, past her tiny waist and on to her perfect round ass. I admit I made a bit of a production of slowly drawing my cock almost all the way out of mom's pussy as I brought the phone over it, giving aunt Laura a good look at what I had before pushing it back into mom's twat. I flipped the phone to face me again and smiled at her shocked and horny expression.

"That looks so fucking hot," she said. "I'm so fucking jealous." She paused for just a second. "Hand me back to your mom."

I did as she said, giving mom the phone while I concentrated on fucking my gorgeous mother over the breakfast table. There was lots of "uh-huh" and "yes" from my mom but I didn't know if that was part of her conversation or the result of me fucking her.

Mom dropped the phone soon after, anyway, as she gripped the edge of the table, moaning and shaking. I continued pounding my cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy, holding on to her perfect ass cheeks as I did so. I could see her puckered little asshole and -- remembering all the times I'd heard her beg dad to fucked her butt -- moved my hand round and pressed my thumb against her asshole.

"Uunnggghhhaaaaaa yessss!" she cried as my thumb slipped inside her butt. "Put your finger in mommy's ass!" she cried, pushing back at me to get more of my cock in her pussy and my thumb up her ass.

"Like that, mom?" I laughed.

"Love it!" she gasped. "Mommy loves it -- uuuhnnnn -- in her ass -- aahhahhhhh -- fuck -- fucking -- cumming!" she groaned as she came, her pussy clamping down on my cock, her ass gripping my thumb.

"Fuck -- gonna cum!" I grunted, thrusting my hips hard, pushing every inch of me inside her as I unleashed shot after shot of jizz into her pussy. Again and again my cock pulsed as it poured out its seed, quickly filling her tight slot up once more. I staggered back, my cock popping free of her pussy, releasing a thick mixture of pussy juice and jizz from her twat to run down her thighs.

Mom reached back behind her and scooped up a wad of the stuff, licking her fingers clean of it as she watched me.

"Fuck, mom," I gasped, trying to catch my breath as I watched her eat my cum from her pussy. "You're incredible."

"You're damn good yourself," she said, standing up. She eyed my still hard cock. "Ready for more?" she asked.

"With you around, I'm always ready," I said.

"Good. Think you can handle me and your aunt Laura?" she asked with a big smile.

I admit, I wasn't too surprised. "She coming over to join in?" I asked, my dick pulsing at the thought.

"Uh-huh," my mom nodded as she knelt down in front of me, took hold of my cock and licked it from base to tip, staring at me the whole time. "Ever had a threesome before?" I shook my head. "Well you're going to have one in just a little while," she said, sucking my cock again for a minute or two. "She's on her way over," she said, eventually lifting her head from my dick. "I'm going to head to my room and get comfortable -- I want you to greet her like this," she said, stroking my cock. "Naked and hard."

"You sure, mom?" I said. "You know I'm only going to fuck her if you're a hundred percent okay with it."

Mom smiled at me. "I am a thousand percent okay with this," she said, standing back up. "Now stay here, keep that hard, and let your auntie do whatever she wants when she arrives, okay?"

I nodded and watched her walk out, my cum still running down her legs, and waited for my aunt Laura to arrive. She only lived a couple of blocks away so it was only a few minutes before I heard the front door unlock -- she had a spare key for my mom's house -- and let herself in.

"Hello?" she called out.

"In the kitchen, aunt Laura," I said. She stopped dead in her tracks in the doorway as she came in, her jaw dropping open as she took in the sight of me sat naked on one of the chairs, my hard cock in my hand. "Mom said I'm to let you do whatever you want," I said.

She grinned and walked over, her high heels clicking on the floor. Even though the weather outside was good, aunt Laura wore a long raincoat that was buttoned up and belted at the waist so I couldn't see what else she was wearing -- although there was the hint of cleavage that her huge tits made that even the biggest coat couldn't hide entirely.

Aunt Laura bent over, putting her hands on my thighs, and kissed me slowly, her tongue slipping into my mouth as mine did hers. "Well don't you look good enough to eat?" she said when she broke the kiss.

"Feel free," I said, not missing such an obvious line. She lowered her head and as I held my cock upright for her, swallowed the first few inches, her lips spreading wide, her tongue lashing around my cock head before she went deeper and deeper. Eventually, she pulled her head up and let my dick free.

"Mmmmm, I can still taste your mom's pussy on you," she said, jacking on my prick. "Speaking of her, where is your mom?"

"She's upstairs waiting for us," I said.

Aunt Laura dipped down and sucked on my cock for a second or two again before looking up at me.

"Then we should go join her, don't you think?"

She straightened up and, aunt Laura holding my cock, we walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to my mom's bedroom. Mom was laid on her bed, head propped up on one arm, dressed in stockings, a garter belt, a tiny G-string and a bra that was valiantly trying to hold her huge tits in, the whole outfit in black.
"Wow, mom," I said. "You look fantastic."

Aunt Laura let go of my dick and stepped over to the bed, facing me as she slowly undid the buttons on her coat before peeling it open and letting it fall to the floor.

"Wow," I said again, as aunt Laura stood wearing the same sort of outfit but in white, her huge tits almost spilling out the top of her bra.

"When your mom invited me over earlier -- you know, when you were fucking her -- I told her to wear some black lingerie," aunt Laura said, stepping over to the bed and climbing on to it. She pointed to the end of the bed. "You come sit there and watch for a while."

I climbed on to the bed and knelt there, cock in hand, as I watched aunt Laura lean in close to my mom. They both smiled at me before turning to each other and kissing, softly at first before opening their mouths, their tongues sliding over each other. Together, they moved their free hands, bringing them up to their huge tits, mom groping Laura's while her sister caressed hers. Laura peeled down one of the lacy cups of mom's bra before breaking the kiss, leaning down and sucking mom's hard nipple into her mouth, making her moan in pleasure. It took only a few seconds of that before mom pushed her back and returned the favour, sucking on aunt Laura's hard tit bud.

"Mmmmmmm -- that's nice," aunt Laura sighed.

Mom eventually left her sister's tits alone and moved her head down, over her smooth belly, resting her cheek just above her white G-string. Grinning at me, she slid her hand into aunt Laura's panties, two fingers slipping easily into her pussy which -- from the sounds of it -- was as hot and wet as mom's had been last night. I could see mom's fingers moving beneath the fabric of my aunt's panties as she fingered her sister.

"Oh fuck -- aahhhaaannnn yeahhh -- oooh that's good," aunt Laura moaned.

Mom smiled at me. "Want to come over here and stick that big cock of yours into your auntie's pussy?" she asked as she pulled aside aunt Laura's G-string to reveal the shaved lips of her sister's twat.

I waddled across the short space on my knees, my dick leading the way, watching as mom took hold of it and -- after a quick suck on the head -- aimed it at aunt Laura's pussy. Me and my aunt groaned as the knob slipped between the slick, hot lips of her cunt before inching inside, my big dick easing into my aunt while my mom watched.

"Uuuhhnnnn -- fucking hell -- ahhhh -- Jesus, he's big," aunt Laura groaned as more and more of my thick cock slipped into her. I started rocking my hips as she spread her legs wide, fucking her with long and slow strokes, more of my dick entering her with each forward stroke, watching as her huge tits moved back and forth gently on her chest.

Mom moved her hand down, her fingers sometimes encircling my cock as I pulled out, sometimes stroking at aunt Laura's clit, while she stretched back up and clamped her lips around her sister's nipple.

"Uuuhnnn God -- fuck me -- fuck me -- both of you -- aahahnnnnn," aunt Laura sighed as me and mom did just that, me sliding my big dick in and out of her, mom stroking and fingering her. I started to speed up and her moans got louder, encouraging me to fuck her harder and faster. "Yes! Do it! Aaahhhhhh -- give me that big cock!" she yelled as I slammed into her over and over, stuffing my cock deep inside her pussy until, with a long drawn out yell, aunt Laura came, her body shaking and convulsing, mom losing her grip on her tits as she bounced around the bed.

"Is -- is she okay?" I gasped, watching her writhe, my dick still hard in her pussy.

"Yeah," mom said with a laugh. "She always cums hard." Mom glanced down at my cock. "Did you cum?" I shook my head -- having cum twice that morning already, I was in no rush. "Good," she said, turning around on to her knees and dropping her shoulders right down. She reached behind her and pulled her G-string aside, wiggling her tight little buns. "Time to fuck mommy in the ass," she said.

I swear I almost came at those words!

I pulled my dick free of aunt Laura -- who groaned in disappointment even as she lay gasping on the bed -- and stood behind my mom's perfect, toned ass. Her pussy was sopping wet but it was her tiny, beautiful asshole that I was concentrating on -- the tiny hole she wanted me to stuff my big cock inside.

"Are you sure, mom?" I asked.

"God, yes," mom said. "Just take it slow at first, okay? It's been a while since I've had a real cock up there."

I took over holding mom's G-string as she used both hands to spread her ass cheeks, then slowly pushed my knob against her butthole, the flared head squashing flat, convincing me that there was no way that hole was going to accept my thick shaft -- until it did, the head popping inside, mom's tight ring slipping over the knob.

Mom's head lifted up and I saw her fingers grasp her ass cheeks even tighter as she gasped "Fuuuuuuuuuuck!"

"You okay, mom?" I asked, holding still.

She didn't say anything for a few seconds before turning to face me, a big smile on her lips.

"Perfect, baby," she said. "Give me more -- nice and slow, okay?"

I pushed forward a little, more of my dick sliding into her incredibly tight and hot asshole as she moaned, putting her head on the bed, muffling her sighs. Slowly, more and more of my cock inched into her ass before I started drawing it out and then back in, fucking my mom in her ass.

"Uugggnnnnn -- yesssss," she moaned, lifting her head up again. "Yeahhhhhhh -- that's it -- uummmmm -- that's what mommy wants."

"Tell me, mom," I said, stopping for a second, just the head of my cock in her ass. "Tell me what you want."

She looked back over her should at me. "Mommy wants you to fuck her ass, baby," she growled. "Mommy wants that big, fat, motherfucking cock of yours up her aaaaahhhhhhhh!" she cried as I pushed my dick deep into her butt. "Aaahhh -- fuck yes! Uuuuhhhhh -- fuck mommy -- fuck mommy's ass!"

I did as she demanded, thrusting my dick deep into her asshole over and over, fucking her with long strokes that got faster and faster as her ass became used to my size, mom pushing back to take more of it in her perfect little butt.

"Oh my God, Denise," aunt Laura said as she knelt up beside us, having recovered from her orgasm. She leaned over mom and watched my huge cock sliding in and out of her butt. "You've got his cock in your ass."

"Aaahhhhhhh -- yeah -- yeah, I have," mom gasped. "Jealous?" she asked with a laugh, my dick still fucking her butt.

Aunt Laura looked at me. "You like anal sex, Zak?" she asked.

"This is -- my first time," I gasped. "But yeah, I love it."

"First time? So you've never seen a girl go ass to mouth?"

"Only in porn films," I said. "Why?" I asked, having one of my dumb as a sack of bricks moments.

Aunt Laura simply placed her head on top of mom's ass cheeks and pushed me back, forcing my cock to slide out of mom's ass and bob in front of her. She grabbed the base of my dick, pulled me forward and took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, purring and moaning as she licked and sucked it, stuffing it deep into her throat.

"Fuuuuuck," I whispered, watching my aunt suck my cock straight from my mom's ass.

She let it go and looked up at me, a big smile on my face. "Want to fuck my ass, too?"

"Fuck yeah," I said. "Mom? Do you mind?"

Mom laughed. "You're so polite," she said. "Go on, fuck your aunt in the ass."

I waited for aunt Laura to arrange herself, expecting her to go on her hands and knees but instead she pulled me around and laid me on my back before pulling her G-string off and straddling me but facing in the opposite direction so her back was to me.

"You get my ass," she said, looking back over her shoulder at me, "but your mom gets my pussy." She turned to my mom who had moved between our legs. "Wanna put him in for me, Denise?"

Mom took hold of my cock and -- before she did anything else -- sucked on it, getting it wet and sloppy with spit. She let go and aimed it at my aunt's asshole as she lowered herself down. There was a moment of resistance before my dick slipped into my aunt's butt, her tight ass muscles clamping down on my shaft as I pushed up and in.

"Uuuuhhnnnnn fucking hell -- aaahhhhhh -- fuck that's so big in my ass!" aunt Laura cried.

"No need to be gentle, Zak," mom said. "Your aunt Laura's as big an ass fucking slut as your mom!" she laughed.

"That true, auntie?" I asked. "You like it up the ass?"

"Yes! Fuck yes!" she cried as I held her still and thrust up and down into her butt. "Love it -- love it in the ass!" she moaned, mom leaning in and clamping her lips on to her pussy, the pair of us fucking her together.

I fucked my aunt's asshole hard and fast for a few moments, cramming my whole thick length deep into her butt, before I felt my mom grab hold of my dick, stopping me.

"Mmmm, wanna taste," was all I heard before I felt her pull my dick free of her sister's butt and stuff it in her mouth.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" I gasped again.

"Uhhh, yeah," aunt Laura gasped. "Your mom likes ass to mouth, too."

Mom let my dick go and repositioned it at aunt Laura's asshole, letting me slip back inside the tight, hot confines of her ass. I gave her maybe another dozen strokes or so before mom stopped me, pulled it free, and sucked on it again.

This time when she let it go, she gently pushed her sister aside, making her slide off me, so that mom could climb up and take her place, straddling me but facing me, her huge tits in my face. I fell to sucking on them as aunt Laura quickly moved behind her and -- after giving my cock a quick suck -- aimed it back at my mom's asshole.

"Aaahhhhh -- fuck yeah -- uuhhnnnn -- fuck mommy's ass!" mom cried as I stuffed my prick into her hot asshole over and over, not bothering to go slow any more, sucking on her tits as I buttfucked her hard and fast. "Fuck mommy -- aahhnnnnn -- fuck mommy in the ass!" she cried. "Fuck mommy -- make -- uuhnnnnn -- make mommy -- cummmmmm!" she yelled as she came from the ass fucking, her ass clamping around my prick as she shook and moaned. I kept fucking her, feeling my own cum building but holding on to it as mom recovered.

She reached down and slowed my movements, catching her breath, giving aunt Laura the opportunity to take hold of my cock, pull it free and suck and slurp on it.

"Fuck," I gasped, "I'm gonna cum -- any second."

Mom quickly rolled off me and grabbed her sister, the pair of them sitting up against the head board of the bed.

"Get up here and cum on our faces," mom said. "Laura deserves to take her first load of yours up close."

I moved quickly, grabbing my cock and straddling both of them, my mom and my aunt, both wearing lingerie, cupping their huge tits, both of whom had just take my cock in their asses -- no surprise that it took me just seconds to cum. My dick lurched in my hands and delivered a huge thick rope of jizz over my mom's face, laying in an unbroken line from her hair, over her cheek to her jaw. Another joined it, and another before I turned to my aunt Laura and unleashed more of the same over her, the thick white strands criss-crossing her gorgeous features. I switched back and forth, my seemingly unending streams of jism glazing my mom's and aunt's faces as they moaned and licked it up, facing each other and kissing, swapping my cum between them as my shots finally dwindled.

I collapsed back on the bed and watched them take turns licking my thick load from each other's faces, licking them clean before turning to the pools of cum that had fallen and formed on their huge tits, sucking and slurping the mess up.

Eventually, mom looked over at me.

"So how was your first threesome, baby?" she asked.

"Awesome," I gasped.

"My God," aunt Laura said. "He's still hard."

We all looked at my still hard dick.

"Mmmm, so he is," mom said. "Ready for another round, Zak?"

"With you two? Definitely," I said.

I smiled at them both as they leaned forward, both of them crawling down the bed towards me, their huge tits swinging gently, their perfect asses in the air.

"I think this might be the best day so far," mom said.

"I think you might be right," I said.

"And don't forget," aunt Laura said as she and my mom reached for my cock. "We've got all weekend."

I grinned as they leaned forward, mouths open. This was going to be a great couple of days.


† † † † †

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