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Darling Nikki

"My butt's too big," complained Nikki, looking at herself in the mirror.

"Shut up, it is not." Lila was sick of having this same complaint thrown at her by her best friend.

"I did whatever he wanted," Nikki said, spinning to face the thin brunette lying on Nikki's bed. "Why else would he break up with me?"

"Because he's an asshole." She pushed herself up and sat on the edge of the bed. "Tim doesn't deserve you; it's as simple as that." She stood and turned sideways toward her friend, stroking her own ass. "Besides, I wish I had an ass like that. Look at this," she said, pointing to her own backside. "I have NO butt at all. I look like a graham cracker."

Nikki laughed, making Lila laugh as well. "Derek likes it," Nikki reminded.

"No," she said, "Derek likes ME. He's said a little more meat would be nice."

"What?! That's terrible!"

"Not really," she shrugged. "I think it's sweet that even though I'm not perfect, he loves me. Even though I don't have tits or an ass, he loves me just the way I am." She smiled as she thought of the way Derek looked at her and touched her. He had never volunteered that he wished she was a little fuller, but he just answered honestly when she had asked.

"I can't believe you let him say that!"

"I didn't. I asked, and he answered honestly. Then he said he still thought I was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Hence, the proposal," she smiled, wagging her hand with the modest diamond ring.

"I can't believe you guys are getting married," Nikki pouted, plopping down on her bed. Lila dropped next to her, causing her to bounce a little.

"We're not moving away or anything. And because he works rotating shifts, there will still be plenty of time for me to hang out with my besty!"

"Aww, you're sweet." Nikki rested her head on Lila's shoulder. Lila wrapped her arm around her blonde friend's shoulder and kissed the top of her head.

"Thank you for not making fun of the bride's maid dresses," said Lila.

"Thank you for not choosing horrible ones," replied her best friend. They both smiled.

After a pause, Lila muttered, "Tim's a dickhead." Nikki smiled and wrapped her arms around her friend.


Mark Gregory pulled his dripping dick from the tiny, shaved Korean pussy, with a sigh. "Damn, Beck, you're always amazing." He looked down at her with a smile. A thin sheen of sweat coated her small body: tan and lean with tiny breasts and medium brown nipples. She giggled at him as she lay on her bed.

"That's because you're the best," Becky said, sitting up. "You always make me come so good." Mark took her hand and helped her up off the bed before kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he picked her up with his arms around her waist. She squealed and laughed, wrapping her legs around him. They kissed happily before he set her down again. "Let me get something to clean up."

Mark nodded and fell back onto the bed. His girlfriend walked to the bathroom as he watched her tight little ass clench with every step. At no taller than five feet tall, she was less than eighty pounds and always the top of the cheerleader pyramid, the one they threw in the air to be caught by others. Mark was in love with her.

At 22 years old, Mark was finishing up college this semester and had plans to propose to Becky. He had an interview with the cyber-security company his cousin worked at, next week. If he got the job, he would propose and look for a place to start his life together with Becky. He smiled at her as he watched her walk back in from the bathroom with a washcloth. Her face was smooth and clear, her eyes small, like the rest of her features. Becky's breasts were tiny cones, capped with small, dark nipples and her body was completely hairless except for the hair on her head and her thin eyebrows. Her smile was contagious and her laugh always cheered him up, no matter what.

She put her foot up on the bed and cleaned herself up before leaning over him and gently cleaning his cock and balls.

"I love you, babe," he said quietly, stroking her cheek.

"I love you, too."

"We still on for tomorrow?"

She sighed. "That's. . . what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Uh oh."

"No, it's okay. It's just that. . . my parents are coming into town and they want to meet you."

"Okay. When?"


"Yeah," he laughed lightly. "Really! I love you!"

"Oh, okay," she smiled. "Um. . . tomorrow?"

"Do they have a ride from the airport?"

"I don't know."

"Find out. We can pick them up at the airport."


"Hot date?" asked Nikki as she collapsed onto her brother's bed.

"I'm meeting Becky's parents today," he said, turning from the mirror as he worked the pomade through his hair. He smiled with his eyebrows raised.

"Wow! The parents!"

"Yeah," he sighed. "I'm pretty nervous about it." He paused and shook his head. "But I love her. I'm going to marry her, Nikki."

"I've never heard you talk like that about anyone before."

"I know," he said. "I kind of can't believe it myself," he laughed.

"Well, good for you, then!"

He turned back to the mirror and worked at his hair with his fingers. "Big plans for tonight?" He asked.

"No. Since Tim. . . " She shook her head. "No. No plans."

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry. What happened?"

"I don't know. He just broke it off."

"That sucks, Nik."

"Yeah. You know what, though? Fuck him! If I'm not what he wants, I'll find someone better, someone who appreciates me for who I am."

"Damn right!" Mark nodded. "Tim's a dipshit for dropping you like that."

"Yeah, right," she said, rolling her eyes and falling back onto the bed. "I'm not that special."

"Yes, you are." He sat down at his sister's hip. "Nikki, there are lots of guys who are looking for a woman like you."

"Shut up."

"I'm serious. You're beautiful, fun, funny, outgoing. . ."

"Okay, that's enough," she laughed. She sat up and hugged her brother. "Thanks for trying to make me feel better." She kissed him on the cheek and bounced off the bed. "You need to finish getting ready. You don't want to be late. It's already going to be hard enough for you to make a good first impression." She squealed when a pillow flew at her, hitting the doorframe as she ducked away.


"Remember my Korean name?" asked Becky as she waited with Mark by the baggage claim.


"Kind of," she laughed. She corrected his pronunciation and he repeated it until he got it right.

"Remember to call me that around my parents, at least for tonight. My father is still old school and even though I was born in the US, he thinks denying my Korean name means I'm disrespecting our culture. And when you shake his hand, don't forget to bow a little, like I showed you."

"Right. Got it."

"Don't worry. You'll be fine. They'll love you."

"Yun!" her mother cried. Becky and Mark turned to see an attractive, young-looking Asian woman quickly approaching, her arms outstretched.

"Umma!" Becky cried, speaking rapid Korean to her mother as they embraced and talked while Mark looked on. "Appa!" she greeted her father. He smiled as he hugged her back before turning to look at the young man standing next to his only daughter. His face was serious. Mark extended his hand and bowed slightly as Becky's father gripped it firmly.

"Anyoung hashimnikka."

"My daughter has taught you well," he said.

"Yun is a very special young woman," Mark said, standing tall again and releasing his grip as soon as her father loosed his own grip.

"She is," he said.

"Umma, Appa, this is Mark. Mark, these are my parents, Yung and Itta Hom."

"Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Hom. It is an honor to meet you."

"Come, Mark," said Mr. Hom. "We will get the bags while the women talk."

"Yes, sir." Mark smiled at Becky who nodded at him quickly before he turned and followed his future father-in-law to the carousel. He heard her mother and smiled to himself when she spoke.

"He's so handsome. And respectful," she beamed.

"He's a good man," answered Becky. "I love him."


As the Hom's ate dinner with Mark, the conversation moved toward their future.

"Well," Mark said, looking over at Becky before wiping his mouth and placing his napkin back in his lap, "I love Bec. . . Yun. I'm graduating this semester and I'm interviewing with a technology company, designing cyber-security systems. It's not an internship, but a full-time job opportunity in the career I studied for. I think I have a good chance. If I'm offered the job," he looked over at Becky, "I'm going to ask your daughter to marry me." He smiled at her and her eyes grew big, accompanied by a huge smile.

"I see," said Mr. Hom. "And if you don't get the job?"

"Then I'll keep looking until I do get one. I want to marry Yun and to make sure she is well provided for. I can't see my life without her."

"Let me ask you a question, Mark."

"Yes, sir."

"Can you bring this job to New York?"

"What? Why?" Mark asked, confused.

"If you want to be with my daughter, that's where you will need to be, at least for a while."

"Appa," Yun interrupted. Her father cut her off with some quick, stern Korean. She sat quietly and nodded. "Yes, Appa," she mumbled, looking at the table. Her mother patted her hand sympathetically.

Mr. Hom turned back to Mark. "As I was saying, when Yun graduates, she will come to New York to work with me. If you want to marry her, you will need to come to work for me and prove yourself. After that, if I feel you can care for her, you can marry her and go to work wherever you like."

Mark was stunned. He had not expected this. He looked over at Becky, who looked up at him humbly and hung her head again.

"No offense, Mr. Hom, but I've spent a lot of time preparing for a career in this field. If I don't stay in the field and grow with it, I'll be behind in six months and I'll never get a job in it. And with all due respect, sir, your daughter is a grown woman and she should be able to decide if she wants to marry me."

"Mark," Becky said quickly, but she was cut off again.

"Mr. Gregory," said her father, "You may be your own man and I know it is hard for you to understand my way, but if you want to marry my daughter and be a part of my family, this is what that looks like."

Mark looked at Becky, then to her father.

"Can I think about it? Talk to Yun?"

"Fine. I will expect your answer tomorrow morning." He stood and extended his hand. Mark stood and shook his hand. Mrs. Hom and Becky stood as well. Becky's mother kissed her cheek and Becky and Mark turned to leave as Mr. Hom paid the check.

Back in the car, Becky spoke first. "I didn't know you were going to do that," she said quietly.

"I know, and I'm sorry."

"I'm not sorry you said it," she smiled. "I just wasn't prepared. I was hoping by the time we talked about getting married, that I could have told you what my father expected."

"You knew he was going to make me work for him to marry you?"

She nodded. "I'm sorry."

"Why didn't you say anything, Becky?" Mark was clearly perturbed.

"I just said I didn't know we were talking about marriage yet!"

They drove quietly for a couple of minutes. "I know. I'm sorry."

"Me, too," replied Becky. After a brief pause, "So, what do you think? Do you want to work for my dad so we can get married?"

"I want to marry you more than anything, Becky, but if I get out of the field, it's going to look like a giant black hole on my resume. I can't take a year or two off and hope to swing back in ready to go. If a company has a choice between me, someone with two years of experience while I sat out, and/or someone fresh out of school, I won't stand a chance."

"I understand."

"Can I convince him to let you marry me while I still work at another job? Hell, I was just asking out of courtesy! We don't need anyone's permission to get married!"

"I do!" She began to cry. "You don't get it, Mark! I can't get married without my parents' approval! I wouldn't feel right, and it could create a problem with them for the rest of their lives! They won't just get over it in a couple of years, seeing that we really love each other. I will always be the disrespectful daughter and you will always be the irresponsible man who caused it. Even having children wouldn't change their mind, Mark."

"I thought that was all old school and they didn't do that anymore."

"They won't arrange a marriage for me or anything, but respect and honor are still a huge part of Korean culture, even in America."

"So now what?" He asked.

Becky looked at her lap and shook her head, trying to think.

They drove in silence for a few minutes and Mark had an idea. He had Becky call her father on the phone and spoke with him through the car's connection.

"Mr. Hom?"


"It's Mark, sir. I'm here with Yun and I would like to make an offer to consider. May we come see you at the hotel?"

"That's fine."

"Thank you. We'll be right there."

He hung up and Becky asked what was going on. Mark explained his idea and they parked outside a bookstore with wireless internet. He pulled his laptop from his bag and connected to the net. Becky watched quietly as he worked, asking him a couple of times what he was doing. He worked for about ten minutes and then closed the laptop.

"Let's go," he said.

"I hope this works."

"Me, too."


Jeff Gregory and his wife, Marilyn looked at each other in shared confusion as their daughter, Nikki, stormed into the kitchen and slammed her purse on the table before opening the refrigerator.

"Nikki? Honey?" her mother began

"I don't want to talk about it," Nikki replied through gritted teeth before ripping a soda from the plastic ring connecting six together. She slammed the refrigerator door and made a comment about Tim before bolting upstairs and yelling "good night!" to her parents.

"What's a douche nozzle?" asked Jeff.

"Apparently it's the best description of our daughter's ex-boyfriend," Marilyn shrugged before turning her attention back to her puzzle. Jeff shrugged as well and returned to watching the soccer game.

"He did not tell them that!" blurted Lila, in disbelief at what her best friend was telling her over the phone.

"The fuck he didn't!" Nikki answered. "He's making me out to look like a whore!"

"That's messed up," Lila sighed. After a pause. "Just between you and me, do you?"

"Ass to mouth? Hell no! That's disgusting!"

"Okay, I'm sorry," she laughed. Nikki snickered with her.

"Besides, we only tried anal that one time and he didn't know what he was doing. He spit on my crack and smeared it into me, thinking that was going to be enough lube. Then he couldn't get it in. As soon as he got the head in, which burned like hell, by the way, he came." She laughed at the absurd memory. He was so pitiful after that. She didn't mind that he told his friends that they had done anal and she didn't feel it necessary to demean him. But now that he had broken up with her, and since he had apparently built a whole new story around their attempt, it just made him look like a stud and made her look like a slut. There's no way she would ever suck a dick that had come straight out of an ass, anyone's ass, including her own. Ick! "I guess that's what I get for dating a guy who uses porn as sex ed. It was bad enough he tried to force his dick into my throat, then he goes and does something like this? No, thanks!"

"Yeah, that's kind of a dick move," Lila agreed.

"Is Derek coming over?"

"Yep. We're going out and then he's going in," she giggled.

"Nice, Lila," Nikki said sarcastically.


"You broke into my system?" Mr. Hom asked angrily.

"No, Appa, he didn't do anything! Just listen!"

"Mr. Hom, I was just showing you that your system is vulnerable. It didn't take me any time at all to access your system from the outside." Mark pointed to the screen on his laptop and said, "I can help with this! If you want me to come work for you, let me do your cyber-security. I can set it up to protect you and can stay on top of it for you."

"You're a crook! You disrespect me by demanding something like this from me? And you break into my business?" His face was red and trembling as he spoke.

"Appa!" Becky was again cut off by her father as he drove her back with harsh Korean.


Nikki was startled when she heard Mark's tires squeal on the street as he skidded to a stop before slamming the front door behind him. She was home alone and was on the couch watching a movie. She would normally be out with Tim or Lila, but neither was an option right now. The last thing she wanted was to deal with any of her friends, except Lila, who was probably busy getting drilled by her fiancé at this very minute.

"Hey!" she sat up when the door slammed and looked at Mark. "What the hell happened?"

"It's over!" he said angrily.

"What's over? Becky?"

"Yep! Her father won't let her marry me. He wanted me to come work for him in New York, but that would put me out of the career I had prepared for. Becky and I tried to convince him to let me do cyber-security for his company, but he called me a crook! Becky won't marry me without their approval, and her father put a nail in that coffin tonight, so we're through! Finished!"

"Oh, my god," she said, rising from the sofa. She quickly came to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "I'm sorry."

He hugged her back. "I can't believe it," he said quietly.

"That sucks."

"So, I guess this is us, huh? Alone at home on a Saturday night?"

"We're not alone," Nikki smiled. "We have each other. Besides," she shrugged, "When is the last time we got to do something together?"

"Yeah, I guess it's been forever."

"You know what we need? We need to get blasted. Come on, let's go to Baron's and forget about tonight."

"I could definitely use a drink," said Mark.

"At least one," she answered, lightly punching him in the arm. "Let me go change and we'll go."


An hour later they were at the far end of the bar, laughing and talking. Neither of them was too concerned about their lost loves now. They had both had enough to drink that all that misery was forgotten, at least for the time being. It wasn't long before a young man approached Nikki, offering to buy her a drink. He was a pretty good-looking guy, she thought, but she turned him down politely. He acknowledged her rebuff and told her that the offer still stood if she changed her mind.

Within the hour, she had been approached and/or propositioned by two more guys. The first was kind, though bold, but the second was kind of a jerk. Nikki put her arm on her brother's, gripping it tightly when the guy said, "Sorry. I didn't know you were a dyke." She wasn't doing it because she was pissed; that guy didn't matter to her. She did it because she knew her brother would jump to fight the guy and she was letting him know not to. She felt the hard muscles tense in her grasp, but a few seconds after the guy walked away, Mark relaxed again.

"Thank you for wanting to defend me," Nikki said quietly.

"Any time. You don't need some jackass hitting on you. You deserve a good man."

Nikki leaned into him and wrapped her hands around his arm. "You're so good to me." He kissed her on the top of her head and finished off his drink. "Hey," she said, "Let's get out of here. I want to go dancing."

"Dancing?" he asked with a look of disdain. "Where are we going to go dancing?"

"I don't know. I kind of want to do some slow dancing. What do you say? Want to dance with me?"

"I don't know, Nik."

"Come on," she whined. "You've been good all night, don't let me down now."

"Fine," he sighed. "Let's go." He stood and she clapped giddily before taking his hand and leading him out the front door of the bar. She hailed a cab and they were off to a smaller jazz club where they could dance a little to some live jazz. It was the only way they were guaranteed not to have any bass-thumping house music interrupting them. They were both in the mood to be held and Mark was reminded of his first homecoming dance. Not the music so much, but the feeling of dancing with a girl for the first time. He rarely went dancing, but he knew Nikki loved it. Becky did, too, only privately. They danced at home on occasion, but never in a club or at a ball.
He thought of the tiny waist of his little Korean girlfriend, her small breasts, the look she gave him as she blew him, and the feel and look of her beautiful pussy while they fucked. His eyes were closed as he listened to her whimpering as his heavy dick moved inside her.

"What is it?" Nikki interrupted.

"What?" he asked, confused.

Nikki quietly said, so that only he could hear, "I feel you pressing against me. Is it Becky?"

"Oh, shit, Nik, I'm sorry," Mark blurted, pulling away.

"It's fine," she laughed. "I get it." She pulled him back in. "Besides, it's not the first boner I've felt when dancing with a guy."

"Yeah, but I'm your brother."

"I know." She pulled back and looked him in the eye. "I know you love her. It's okay to dance with me and to still be thinking of her. I mean, it's still very fresh on your mind, just like Tim is on mine. I mean, I know it's different," she shrugged, "But, still. . ."

I really love her, Nikki," he sighed, "But I can't compete with her family. You know what, though? She'll find someone who can do what her father wants and won't demand that she choose between her parents and her relationship. And I know that in time I'll find someone, too."

"I know you will! And I will, too!" She smiled and kissed him on the cheek before settling against him to continue dancing. "Becky was a lucky girl. And the next girl will be lucky, too."

"Any man would be lucky to have you, Nik." They hugged each other more tightly and continued to dance quietly as the jazz band played.

After a few minutes, Nikki quietly spoke, "As nice as this has been, Mark, I can't take much more jazz. Let's go home."

"Sounds good to me," he said. As they walked outside, Mark noticed a liquor store two doors down. "I want to get something to take home. We'll order a pizza and we can eat and drink to our hearts' content."

"Let's go," she agreed with a smile. She ordered a pizza online through her phone while they picked up a few bottles before hailing another cab to take them back to the house.

Mark had just set the bottles down on the counter and Nikki had gone upstairs to change when the pizza arrived. When Mark came down from changing into his lounge pants and t-shirt, his sister was already flipping open a pizza box. He couldn't help but notice her round ass in her own lounge pants, jiggling a little as she moved. She was obviously not wearing a bra under her tight, thin tank top. There was no strap visible in the back. He was hoping she didn't catch him looking when she turned to look over her shoulder as she sucked a little sauce off her thumb with a smile. "Pizza's ready," she said, her turquoise eyes piercing his own.

I must be really horny, he thought. This is your sister.

"Yeah, uh. . . thanks." He walked into the kitchen. "I'll fix the drinks. What do you want?"

"Jack and Coke?"

"The hard stuff, huh?"

"Where am I going to go that I need to lay off?" she asked with a laugh.

"Point taken. Two Jack and Cokes, coming up."

Nikki laughed as she opened the wing box. She prepped a couple of plates and carried them into the living room while her brother finished the drinks.


A half an hour later, they were laughing as they told stories about their relationships, which led into other stories of love and sex.

"Let me get this straight," said Mark, laughing and trying to compose himself. "After it's been in your ass?" Nikki nodded. "So, how did you taste?"

"Shut up!" she laughed, throwing a pillow at him. Mark wasn't quick enough to dodge it, but he apologized repeatedly as she began hitting him with a second pillow. She pounced on him and stuffed the pillow over his face. His laugh was muffled, but his hands were free and he grabbed at her ribs, tickling her hard as she rolled away to protect herself.

Mark sat up and pushed her back while he attacked her. She couldn't stop laughing and he wasn't about to stop tickling her. He was practically lying on top of her as she squirmed under his weight and assault. They were both laughing, her at the attack and him at the fact that she was so responsive. She had always been very ticklish and he had spent their whole life learning her tickle spots.

As she squirmed, she inadvertently kneed him right in the groin. Hard. He grunted and fell away to the floor, clutching himself and trying not to laugh. Nikki couldn't help but laugh even harder. "Serves you right!" she accused, pointing at him as she continued to laugh while also trying to catch her breath.

Soon enough they both settled down to the occasional huff of laughter. Nikki swung her legs over the front of the couch and Mark sat up to lean against the couch so they were sitting almost side by side. "I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you, Mark."

He looked up to say something right as she leaned down to kiss his head and she ended up kissing the corner of his mouth instead. She pulled away in shock and he had a look in his eyes that she was sure mirrored her own. He was a handsome man; she knew that. She didn't know why she felt what she did tonight. He had always been handsome, and kind. Tonight, however, she saw something more. She felt something different. Maybe it was the booze or the sex talk, or the tangible horniness that for whatever reason filled her tonight, but tonight he was not just kind and handsome; he was sexy. She had felt his erection as he thought of Becky, or at least said he did, while he danced with his sister, and she would be lying if she said her own panties had not become a little damp at the feeling of it.

He didn't say a word, and neither did she. He lifted his chin and she instinctively lowered her head in response, gently touching her lips to his. They kissed briefly and she pulled back, touching her lips with her fingertips. Was that tingle real? Were her lips really numb from the electricity that flowed through them? He smiled gently and reached for her cheek with his hand. She leaned forward again and this time his tongue traced her upper lip before her own tongue found his. Their kiss slowly grew in intensity and she found herself settled on the floor next to Mark as they leaned into each other.

She felt his hand glide up her thigh to her hip and her own hands gripped his shoulders. They each tasted the Jack Daniels on each other, but there was a sweetness to the taste. Mark's erection began to form, sliding up the underside of Nikki's thigh and she moved to straddle him so they were not kissing in such an awkward twist as when they were side by side. Nikki's panties were damp, her belly warm as they kissed and she appreciated the grip her brother had on her hair when he worked his fingers into it, gripping her loosely. He squeezed her hip with his other hand and rolled his hips involuntarily.

Nikki settled lower into him, spreading her knees further apart on the carpet. She felt her groin rest on the hard shaft of his cock and inhaled sharply. She pulled back. "Damn, you're hard!" she breathed.

Mark looked at her chest and noted, "So are you." Nikki knew he was right. She looked down at her breasts and saw her pebble-like nipples pushing through the thin cotton tank top. Mark quickly bent his head down and nipped one with his teeth.

"OH!" she yelped, but not from pain, rather from surprise and the jolt of pleasure that fired from her nipple to her clit. Mark pulled gently with his teeth, drawing the nipple away from her and causing her breath to escape in ragged puffs. She leaned forward as he pulled and breathed in his ear.

Her hot breath was exciting him even more. His hands cupped her ass without hesitation and pulled her forward against his erection even more. She ground herself against him and they both moaned, again engaging in a deep kiss.

"I can feel how hot you are on my hands and dick," he whispered into her mouth.

"Oh, yeah?"


They never broke the kiss, but talked into it. She gripped his chest and squeezed his pecs, and he brought his hands quickly to the center under her ass, feeling the humidity through her pants. "Oh, fuck," she breathed. He slid his fingers back and forth over her lips, feeling the relief of her slit and lips through the panties and flannel pants. "Your hands feel so good." She pulled back from kissing him and pushed her hand into the fly of his lounge pants, only mildly surprised to find his bare cock. She smiled and gripped it before pulling it through the fly so that it pulsed while pointing up between them. "That's a nice-looking dick, Mark," she smiled, looking half-drunk and fully excited.

"No use pretending now," he said, gripping the hem of her shirt and yanking upwards. Nikki didn't hesitate to extend her arms up so he could quickly remove it. Her bare breasts were full and round and pale. The areolae were a nice size, pale pink and the nipple was small and only a little darker, but still pale. As she pulled the shirt off her arm, he dove in and captured a good portion of her left breast in his mouth and sucked.

As soon as he latched on, she yelped and then gripped his head. "Fuck, Mark! Suck my tits!" She tossed her shirt to the side and resumed stroking his cock, pre-cum now flowing down the shaft. Her hand glided easily while she watched him enjoy her nipple. He quickly switched over and did something similar with the other one, working back and forth between them, making sure they received equal time and treatment. Meanwhile, his fingers still continued to manipulate her through her pants.

His sister quickly pushed him away and stood, shoving her pants down and kicking them off before literally dropping to straddle him again. She kissed him aggressively, stroking him firmly, before he could respond. "Let me taste you," he said as soon as she landed on him.

"Later," she said, rising up just a little and pointing his dick down a little. She quickly slid onto him, shocking him with her wet heat and tight grip. She grunted as she dropped, throwing her head back. "Suck my tits again!" He didn't hesitate, gripping them both, enjoying their weight, and latching on with his mouth.

His sister's juices were flowing freely now, down over his balls and soaking his pants. "You're fucking, tight, Nik!"

"You like that?"

"You have no idea!"

She lifted up a little and lowered herself again, picking up the pace. She smelled amazing, musky and warm, mixed with the sweet scent of her fruity shampoo and powder-scent deodorant. Her blonde hair bounced in rhythm with her tits as she rode her brother's steel rod. Nikki whined and gasped as she worked and Mark gripped her ass, lifting her as she pushed up. His sister leaned forward and kissed him again. They kissed as she rode him and rolled her hips in pursuit of her orgasm.

"Touch my ass," she muttered into his mouth as they kissed. No need to wait for a second invitation, thought Mark, so he reached around further and pressed the pad of his middle finger against her knot, sending shivers and whines through her. "I'm coming," she warned with a sexy whimper before slamming all the way onto him and flinching on his lap. Her head was rested on his shoulder as she shook. She released another flood of juices onto him and her breath was pushed out in puffs.

Mark wasn't too far behind her, so he rolled them over quickly and stayed between her knees. He looked down at their union, his brownish-pink shaft, glossy with her release, wedged into her pink lips. Her skin was pale white all over except in the pink areas of pussy, nipples and cherry red lips. Her knees were a little pink from kneeling on the carpet, but otherwise her skin was almost milky white. Her pubic hair was almost unnoticeable being so light in color and trimmed into a narrow triangle pointed at her clit. He had forgotten that her navel was pierced and she currently had a dangling pearl pendant in it, in a silver setting. He pressed deeper into her, looking her in the eyes. She had a look of unbridled lust there, matched with one of total surrender. Her breasts were piled on her chest like hills on a prairie and every time his groin would bump hers, they would shift up and back, up and back.

He felt his pending orgasm and his sister's whimpers and moans weren't helping to delay it. Mark increased his pace as he fucked his sister and her hand began working her clit. That was it! Watching her pleasure herself as she was getting pounded by her brother, that was the final straw.

"Nikki," he groaned.

"Fill me up!" she cried. "FUUUUUU—" her voice caught in her throat as her brother unloaded into her. Her own climax was pulling his seed from his pulsing balls and their mixed release trickled onto the carpet. Mark collapsed onto her, catching himself on his elbows. She wrapped her arms and legs snugly around him and kissed him on the cheek as he recovered.

"Holy shit, Mark! You're a good fuck!"

He laughed at that, making her laugh a little with him before kissing his cheek again. "Damn, I needed that," he said with a sigh as he rolled off of her. They lay silently for a few minutes.

"Any regrets?" she asked him quietly.

"Not yet," he smiled.


He sighed before answering. "I have no idea."

"Promise me we won't regret this," she asked, propping up on one elbow as she looked down at him.

He looked over at her. "I love you, Nik. I didn't mean for this to happen tonight."

"Me, neither."

"But I enjoyed it, and I still love you." He smiled. "Thank you."

"I enjoyed it, too," she smiled. She looked down at herself and said, "I need to clean up." She stood and noticed her brother looking at her.

"Nice ass," he said.

"Shut up," she laughed, covering it with her hands and turning around to face him.

"No, I'm serious," he said, sitting up.

"It's too big," she laughed.

"It gives a man something to hold onto."

"Tim hardly ever touched it."

"Tim's a shithead."

"He's a breast man," she said, helping her brother off the floor.

"Me, too, but that doesn't mean I don't notice and enjoy other parts."

"Like what?"

"On you?"

"Sure," she smiled.

"Eyes, nose, lips, hair, neck, arms and legs, tits, pussy, toes, hands. . ."

"That's kind of everything," she laughed.

"You're beautiful all over. I would notice your eyes before your tits or ass if we were just meeting."

"Really?" she asked, her head tilted a little.

"Yeah. Is that so hard to believe?"

She shrugged. "I guess. Maybe not. . . I don't know," she giggled.

"Oh, I see! You think guys just see girls as tits or ass attached to a pussy, and can't see the full beauty. You believe what women say about men and not what men say."

She looked at him silently for a moment. "Maybe you're right. I'm sorry."

"No apology necessary," he said with a smile. "There are some jerks out there. A lot, actually, but just because we notice your body, doesn't mean that's ALL we notice. I also know you are smart, funny, sensitive, compassionate, sarcastic, sharp-witted. . . See? You're a REAL person."

"Nice," she laughed, smacking him in the arm. "But thank you."

"Any time. You need to clean up, you said?"

"Yep." She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the stairs. "So do you."

"What? That's YOU on me. I like to sleep in a woman's scent."

"Oh, really?" she asked, backing down the hallway as she pulled him along. "Maybe you'll get that chance?"

"Oh, yeah?"

"You never know."

She pulled him into the bathroom and turned on the shower. They brushed their teeth as they waited for the water to heat up and as the mirror began to steam, they stepped into the shower. How did Nikki know that her brother appreciated showering with a woman? How could they look so sensual doing normal, everyday things like washing their hair and soaping up? Was she showing off for him? He doubted it because he watched Becky shower a few times without her knowing, and it was exactly the same with her. Her solo ritual was just as sexy as when she showered with him.

"Do my back," she said, interrupting his thought as he watched her wash her hair.

"Yeah, okay," he mumbled, pouring some of her body wash on a washcloth. He gently washed her back in circles, his eyes roaming her body as he lathered her up.

"You have a nice touch," she said over her shoulder. "We should do this more often."

"Fine with me." He worked his hands down further and cleaned her ass. She giggled as he caressed and squeezed it.

"Make sure you're thorough."

He dropped the washcloth onto the shelf and groped her ass freely. Mark ran his fingers through her crack, causing her to moan and push her hips back into his hands. He felt the indentation of her backdoor and pressed gently. Nikki groaned as his fingertip slipped in.

"How's that?" he whispered into her ear. She simply nodded, her eyes closed in pleasure as he moved his fingertip in and out slowly. His other soapy hand came around and cupped her breast, feeling her stiff nipple in his palm. He squeezed her breast before pulling on her nipple. She yelped and shuddered at the jolt it caused. His sister reached behind her and gripped his erection in her tiny hand, tugging it frantically before stepping away from his grasp and his probing finger.

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. He again cupped her ass as they made out under the shower stream. She rinsed her hair out quickly and breathed, "I think that's good enough." She turned off the shower and pressed a towel to his chest as she grabbed another one for herself. She was in a big hurry. Mark wasn't about to argue.

She stepped out of the shower before he did, continuing to dry her hair as she walked down the hall to her room. Mark followed her bouncing butt and tossed his towel onto hers when she threw it on the floor. She dropped onto her bed and spread her legs as she pinched a nipple. "Come and get it," she breathed. Her voice and eyes were practically overflowing with lust. He could see her cunt slick with arousal. Sure, it could be water from the shower, but it wasn't. He knew that.

He didn't dive in like she wanted. She followed him with her eyes as he walked around the side of the bed. The disappointment and/or confusion were evident in her eyes as she watched him. About halfway up the bed, he knelt on it and she caught on. She smiled and licked her lips, lying back fully. He straddled her head and leaned forward. She pulled him into her mouth, prompting a pleasurable groan from him. Soon enough, however, her own groan vibrated on his head and shaft when his tongue met her labia. He had always loved the 69, but it had been a long time. The dramatic height difference between him and Becky had prevented it. They had tried early on in their relationship, but not for long. They had resigned themselves to the fact that this would be one of the things they would not be able to do together, but there was plenty they could, and they would focus on and enjoy those things.

Here he was, however, face buried in a delicious pussy while his dick was being sucked into the wet heat of her mouth. He had never even wondered if his sister was a good fuck or a good cocksucker. He assumed she was sexually active, but never wondered what she did specifically; it just never came up. Tonight, however, he was learning all kinds of things that he had never even wondered about. He learned that she was very sexually responsive. He learned that she could deep throat pretty well, and he learned that she tasted amazing.

Nikki blasted his balls with hot air as it escaped her nostrils in puffs. Her orgasm was near. She could imagine the sound of a defribulator charging, the pitch rising higher until all the energy in it was released at once. She jumped at the release, the jarring bolts of fire shooting through her, causing her to practically lose control of her muscles. Her entire body shook and she screamed around the invading penis. She was fortunately rescued when Mark lifted his hips, even as he ate her through the rest of her climax.
She collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion. She sighed contentedly and felt Mark kiss her on the lips lightly. She smiled against his kiss and opened her eyes. It was hard to focus for a second, but Mark hovered over her far enough away for her to be able to focus on his smiling face. "You good?" he asked.

"More than."

"You need to rest?"

"Not for long. Help yourself." She pulled him back down for a kiss and he joyfully responded. After a minute of kissing, with his hand traveling over her body, she relaxed into his touch. He nibbled her neck and collarbone, kissed down to her breasts and licked, kissed, and nibbled all around them. Finally his hand cupped her mound again and he applied firm pressure, but no movement, as he sucked on her nipples. Nikki instinctively pressed her hips against his hand, doing the work of seeking her own pleasure against his palm. Her clit was again sending shots to her heart and brain and she couldn't believe how much time her brother spent on her pleasure. Holy shit, he's good at this, she thought.

Again the battery was charged and it released again. She cried out in release, but before she could come back down, Mark grabbed her hips and flipped her over. She squealed in response, but didn't fight him. She knew what he wanted, and she was right. He pulled her hips up and she rose up to rest on her hands and knees. "You gonna fuck me?" she asked through gritted teeth, turning her head to face him. "You gonna fuck your sister and watch her ass as you pound into her?"

"Harder than you've ever been fucked," he warned. Her breath was forced out when he slammed into her with a grunt.

"SHIT!" cried Nikki when her brother impaled her. "Oh, my god, you're deep!"

He withdrew halfway and re-buried himself quickly. He was not frantic, but was quick and steady in his assault. He watched her pussy grip him as he withdrew, her entrance stretched around his shaft. Her backdoor was pink and faded to the pale flesh color of the rest of her, except for the bright pink of her engorged labia. She continued to whimper and wail as he drilled her, her ass making a steady slapping sound against the front of his thighs.

His juices had run down over her crack when he had played with her until she came on his hand, and now that she was bent over in front of him, he could see the glossy sheen of her excitement. He ran the pad of his thumb over her ass and she whimpered at his touch, her back arching when she flinched. He slowed down his thrusting as he pressed gently into her with his thumb. She cooed and looked back as he buried the digit until the thumbnail disappeared. He could feel her grip on his thumb and she felt just a little stretched, but favorably so.

"You're not making plans, are you?" she asked with a sexy smile and one eyebrow raised.

"No." He caressed her along her back and moved slowly in and out of her. "Especially after your little story about it hurting so badly with Tim."

"Like you said, Tim's a shithead. If I was prepped right, who knows? I might like it."

"God, Nik. Don't tease me like that."

She laughed a little, her brother feeling it in her pussy as it gripped his shaft. "You've got your cock buried in my pussy and your thumb in my ass. I don't think 'tease' is an accurate description."

"Point taken," he said, pressing his thumb and cock in deeper. Nikki gasped and cooed at the intrusion. "Tell me, then, do you want me to fuck you in the ass?" Mark picked up the pace, leaving his thumb completely buried while he plowed his full length into her. His sister dropped to her shoulders, her ass still in the air. Her hips began to convulse as she came around her brother's dick and finger.

"Fuck, Nik!" cried Mark. "I'm coming!" He forced himself into her as far as possible and cried out as his seed burst forth into her, splashing against her cervix and walls. Nikki collapsed forward and the rest of Mark's cum exploded out onto her back and ass, the weaker shots landing on the bedspread between her spread legs.

He was surprised when she spun around and took him into her mouth, sucking him clean. She was still excited, he could tell by her fervor as she sucked, licked and stroked him. "What do you say, Mark? Can you go again?"

"If you keep that up, I can!"

"Goody," she snickered before taking him back into her mouth. She turned around so that her hips were pointed back toward his head, sitting on her knees by his side. She continued to work him over and wiggled her hips. "Get me ready," she said before taking him back into her mouth again.

Mark stuck two fingers into her pussy and fucked her a few strokes before pulling them out and smearing their combined juices on her backdoor. He repeated the process a few times, to her delight, before pressing his index finger steadily into her. She cooed around his head and shaft as his finger sank into her back passage. He moved it in and out slowly, making her sigh and whine while she got used to his finger.

"Add another one."

Her brother slid his middle finger into her pussy before withdrawing it and pressing it alongside his index finger, stretching her out as she groaned with a mix of discomfort and pleasure.

"MMMMmmmm. . ." She took a few deep breaths and tried to relax. She finally let out one long, slow breath. "Wow," she groaned. "I don't know about this, Mark."

"Whatever you want, Nikki." He tried to soothe her with his tone and with the permission not to do this. She was languidly sucking him now, bringing him relaxed pleasure, but not frantic or passionately like she had been doing before. She focused on trying to enjoy the feelings of his fingers in her ass. She definitely noted the difference in the way her brother was treating her from the way Tim had done it. Mark was obviously concerned with making sure Nikki enjoyed it. In fact, she noted, he had not even suggested it, but waited for her to bring it up. They were in silent agreement that if they did anal tonight, it would be on her terms, not his.

"If we do this, can we stop if it hurts too bad?" she asked.

"Of course." Mark couldn't contain his excitement, even though he was going to be compliant to her needs. "Your ass is so perfect," he whispered. "I want to be inside so badly, but I don't want it enough to hurt you for it."

"You're the reason I want to try it again, Mark. If there's a cock in my ass, I want it to be yours."

Mark groaned at her words, the way she sighed as she said it. She kept sucking and licking him except for when she would let go to speak. Her head and mouth never stopped working and her body relaxed around his fingers. He began to thrust and twist his fingers in his sister's backdoor, trying to get her used to being stretched out. "You got any lube?" he asked. She pointed back to the nightstand and he withdrew his hand so he could open the drawer. She had some toys and lubricant in the top drawer. "I'm going to use a dildo next, okay?"

"Mmhmm," she nodded without letting go of his dick. He poured some of the lube directly on her anal opening, bringing a squeal and giggle. "That's cold," she laughed, and he watched her asshole twitch closed.

"Sorry," he laughed. He reinserted his fingers and she sighed at how much better it felt. He gently pressed the purple dildo into her ass; it was bigger than his fingers, but not as big as his penis. He considered it a good step to getting her ready. She whimpered at first, but quickly sighed as she got used to it. He slid it in and out of her passage, watching the head of the toy expand her entrance every time he withdrew it.

"You keep me lubed up good, and I don't think I'll have any trouble taking you back there," she smiled over her shoulder. She wiggled her ass a little. "In fact," she said, pulling off his fingers, "I'm ready!" She lay down on her stomach.

Mark scrambled to his knees and looked down at his beautiful sister. His cock was dripping with his own excitement and with his sister's spit. "Let me put this under your hips," he said as he grabbed one of her pillows. She lifted her hips and he slid the pillow under her hips so her ass stuck up into the air a little more. He warned her that he was going to add some more lube. She reached back and spread her own cheeks apart so that he could drizzle more lubricant on her wrinkled hole.

Her brother was enamored with her at that moment. Her butt was sticking up a little due to the pillow and her hands held her fleshy globes apart, making her pussy and butthole open a little in response. The pale pink ring dipped in at the center where a small opening awaited the entrance of his turgid member. He straddled her thighs and used the head of his penis to smear the lubricant around her opening. Nikki sighed and shuddered at the smooth, slick touch when it glided over her sensitive areas.

Unable to resist, Mark pressed downward and pushed back into her pussy. "Oh!" she grunted, "That's not my ass!" She was enjoying his unexpected invasion, which was obvious, given her response.

"Just getting a little more lube," he offered, tempted to remain and fuck her through his own release, but he also knew he may never get an offer like this again.

She snickered a little as he glided through her slick passage. "More lube, huh?"

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it." He pulled out and smeared her own lubrication on her asshole. "You ready?"

"So ready," she sighed.

"Okay, try to relax." She nodded as he pressed forward and down into her. She gasped before pushing out against him like she was trying to poop, as one of her friends had described to her after they had begun having anal sex. She was surprised to feel, without much pain, her brother's head expand her opening and sink into her.

"Oh, god," she whimpered. "Wait." He stopped. "Wow," she sighed.

"We don't—"

"I want to!" she argued, cutting him off. "I want this. Just takes some getting used to." Just then she felt some more lube drizzle into her crack and her brother gently massage it around her stretched opening. She liked it. It felt good: relaxing and arousing at once. Gradually, he slid in a little deeper and she groaned, only mildly uncomfortable. "Keep going," she said quietly. "Slowly."

Before long, Mark felt his balls settle against his sister's dripping pussy. "Holy fuck, Nik. That's all of it. You okay?"

"Yeah," she groaned. "Stretched full, burns a little, but it's kind of good."

He leaned down to almost lie on her back, and he kissed her cheek. "Your ass is so tight. I can't believe my dick is buried in you."

That sent a jolt through her. "You feel good," she sighed. "I like having you in me." She rolled her hips a little, her soft cheeks gliding across his skin and his dick stirring her insides.

Mark tingled at her effort. "Damn, Nik, you're so hot!" He withdrew a little and pressed back in smoothly. His sister gasped.

"Whoa. . ."

"That hurt?"

"No," she said with a smile. "It felt good actually." He did it again and her brow furrowed. "Fuck, that's good. It's like I can feel it in my pussy." She began to respond favorably and he took longer and longer strokes, still smooth. Her body began to respond on its own, and his dick was as hard as he could remember it being. "I feel every. . . ridge and vein and. . . [gasp] everything. Shit!" She could feel her orgasm building, surprising her. Mark was moving a little more quickly now, but still nowhere near aggressive.

"I'm getting close, Nik," Mark whispered. He continued to look down at his own shaft, slick and glossy, embraced by his sister's sphincter. He watched as his dick pulled it back and pushed it in while Nikki's painted fingernails dug into her own fleshy cheeks, exposing herself fully to his invading prick.

"Fill my ass up, Mark! Fuck, I can't believe Tim almost robbed me of this! FUCK!" she cried, releasing the pent up electricity in a burst. She cried out into the mattress, her ass clenching around a cock for the first anal orgasm of her life. She felt her pussy and ass spasm together, clenching and releasing, clenching, releasing.

At the same time, Mark's already girthy dick swelled and pulsed, his seed exploding in a flood of heat to rinse her bowels. His sister cried out again, her cries of passion blending with his own growls, a mix of staccato and legato vocalizations melding into a sweet symphony of passion.

Nikki quickly succumbed to the elated exhaustion following her climax and began to snicker in unbridled joy. "Wow," she breathed. She felt her brother's wilting cock slide from her backdoor and felt a thick rivulet of his still-hot semen pour over her pussy lips. Mark practically collapsed beside her, breathing heavily. He turned to look at her with a smile on his face.

"You are one sexy bitch," he laughed, "And a hell of a fuck."

His sister reached over and stroked his cheek with a smile, asking quietly, "Who are you calling a bitch?"


As Nikki peeled another waffle out of the waffle iron, Mark smiled at her and poured himself a cup of coffee. He had just ambled in, still looking like he had slept hard. Nikki was having trouble with the waffle because her other hand was holding her phone to her ear.

"It sounds like you had a good time," she said. After a pause, she laughed. "Eew! TMI! I mean, I know you're getting married and I everything, but I don't need to know EVERYthing you do!" She finally pulled the waffle free and set it on a plate. She poured some more batter into the waffle iron and closed it before setting the fresh waffle in front of her brother at the counter. She winked at him and mouthed "Thank you" with a smile.

"Actually, Mark and I went out last night," she told Lila. She mad a sad face at her brother. "Well, you know about me and Tim, but Becky and Mark broke up yesterday, too." Another pause. "I know! Me, too, but it's really complicated. Anyway, since we were both upset, we just went out drinking together and talked it out. . . Well, I didn't have to buy all my own drinks. . . Yes," she said, looking at Mark with a smile. "He was very cute. . . Don't worry, Mark got caught up talking with someone before I left, so he gave me the all-clear."

Mark stopped pouring syrup on his waffle and looked up at his sister, who was eyeing him intently as she spoke with her best friend.

"Oh, yeah, he was a great fuck. Big, passionate. . . I came a LOT. And by the way, that trick Sara told us about? It totally works." Mark could hear Lila laughing and calling his sister a whore. "I'm not a whore! Hey! If Tim had taken his time and worked with me, HE could be the one fucking my ass!" Mark tried to stifle a laugh, but didn't do very well. His sister was laughing quietly at Lila while putting her finger to her lips to shush her brother.

"I don't know. I got home late and haven't had a chance to talk to him about it. Judging by the look on his face this morning, I'd say he got lucky. In his defense, the way she was throwing herself at him, I don't see how he could resist. She was pretty hot."

Mark nodded and Nikki turned her back to him and stuck her ass out, wiggling it. She laughed as she turned back around to look her brother in the eye. "I don't know if I'll see him again. He has my number, but you know how that goes. But if he called and asked, I wouldn't tell him no."

She winked at Mark and he smiled, his groin tingling at the thought.

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