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Dance with the Devil Redux

"You sure you want me to do this?"

Gabby Becket stood apprehensively in front of the full-length mirror mounted on her bedroom door. Her husband Dan laid a red cloak out on the bed and ran his palms across the surface so it was nice and smooth.

"Of course I'm sure," Dan said. "Yours will be the best Halloween costume ever."

Dan grinned. Gabby grinned as well. The truth was, this was her idea. She just couldn't believe Dan was so willing to go along with it.

"Well, as long as you're okay with it."

"Trust me, I am," Dan said. He watched as Gabby lifted her turtleneck sweater up over her head and tossed it aside. She wore a lacy white 38DD bra underneath around her round, natural breasts. Dan admired her sexy flat belly and full cleavage as she began to unzip her pants.

"Have you decided what shoes you want to wear?" Dan asked.

"Flats," Gabby said, sliding down her jeans and placing them onto the bed next to her sweater. "I'll be doing a lot of walking. I don't think my feet will hold out in those heels."

"Flats it is," Dan said, removing a pair of dark red flat shoes from the closet and setting them out at the base of the bed. He turned to see Gabby facing her reflection in the mirror, examining her appearance in only her panties and bra.

"Ugh, I've gained weight since last year," Gabby moaned. Dan stood up and walked towards his wife.

"Baby, you look FINE," Dan said, wrapping his strong arms around her. "I promise those extra curves will make you look even more stunning. He planted a kiss on Gabby's cheek and lightly slapped her butt.

Gabby batted her eyelashes.

"Okay, if you think so."

"I know so," Dan said.

Gabby giggled. She could always count on Dan to give her the pep talk she needed. Gabby unclasped her bra and set that aside as well. She turned towards Dan and gave him a view that never tired him. Her large breasts were so round and beautiful, with light pink perky nipples on each one.

"Still think I look sexy?" Gabby asked, teasingly.

"More than ever," Dan said with a smile.

Gabby slipped her panties down, revealing her smooth bare pussy to her husband. She turned to the mirror, and admired her beautiful naked body. She had to admit, she looked good. She was widely considered to be one of the hottest babes back in high school, and in the decades since she graduated, she'd given birth to two children and still turned heads wherever she went.

She turned to face her husband.

"Well, ready," she said.

Dan took another moment to enjoy his wife's naked body before handing her the red cloak. The plan was simple. It started with a prank Gabby had pulled a year earlier. Dan was handing out candy to trick-or-treaters while Gabby took a bath. Upon exiting, Gabby got the idea to put on one of Dan's trench coats and a Halloween mask. She slipped out the back door and sneaked around the house, without a stitch of clothing on under the coat.

When the coast was clear, Gabby rang the front doorbell. When Dan answered, Gabby threw open the coat and shouted "Trick or Treat!" Dan enjoyed the trick so much, he turned the porch light off early so he and Gabby could retire to the upstairs bedroom so he could enjoy his treat.

This was the inspiration for Dan and Gabby's plan this year. She would go door-to-door, around the neighborhood, wearing a cloak and mask and nothing else, and expose her naked body to every man who answered his door. Dan made the suggestion and Gabby was shocked that Dan would be comfortable with her doing this. As it turned out, Dan loved his wife's body so much he felt compelled to share it with the rest of the world- all with the anonymity that a Halloween costume would provide.

Gabby fastened the cloak around her figure and slipped her feet into the red shoes. Dan handed her a plastic devil mask, and she placed it over face.

"Can you tell it's me?" Gabby asked.

"I'd never guess Mrs. Gabby Becket would ever wear something like that!" Dan said.

"Well, Gabby Becket has a few secrets then," Gabby said, turning to the left and right, modeling the silky cloak. In spite of being covered, Gabby's curvy figure showed through the red costume rather nicely.

"All right, rehearsal time," Dan said. "Show me what you're going to do."

Gabby did a sultry walk towards Dan.

"I'm going to do this," Gabby said. "Trick or Treat!"

Upon shouting the three words, Gabby quickly opened the cloak and revealed her naked body to Dan. She let him stare for just a second and then just as quickly, she closed the robe again.

"Beautiful," Dan said. Gabby giggled.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Gabby shouted.

Dan loved having such an open-minded and adventurous wife. Eager to begin their devious game, Dan wrapped his left arm around Gabby's waist.

"Care to dance?" Dan asked.

"I would love to!" Gabby said.

Dan took Gabby's left hand with his right and the two of them swayed across the bedroom in unison. He could feel her hip bump him gently in his groin as they moved; exacerbating his excitement. Dan twirled her in a circle and dipped her. Gabby lifted her mask so Dan could see her face.

"It's almost dark now," Gabby said. "We should get started."

Dan and Gabby quickly descended the stairway. Their children were both at friends' houses for the evening, so they knew they would have the house to themselves once they returned.

Dan got behind the wheel of his light blue Taurus while Gabby walked to the driver's side window.

"I'll stay in the car and keep at a distance," Dan said. "You can get in the car if there's any trouble."

"I'll be fine," Gabby said. "All right, give me a kiss."

Dan pressed his lips against Gabby's and kissed her for several seconds. As Gabby pulled away, she put the mask back over her face.

"Have fun," Dan said.

He backed the car to the end of the driveway. Dusk had set in over the quiet suburban neighborhood, and trick-or-treaters could be seen trekking up and down the street.

Gabby scampered down the driveway and Dan closed the garage door behind her. Their night of mischief had begun.

She decided to begin with their next door neighbors, the Willisons. From the street it looked as though the husband, Mike Willison, was the one handing out the candy.


Step by step, Gabby crept up the Willisons' driveway. She could feel her heart pounding as she made her way up the concrete driveway and towards the front door. Nervously, she shot a glance behind her. Dan had his car parked a few houses down; just far enough away that he wouldn't arouse suspicion. She could see Dan shoot a smile at her.

Empowered with a sense of confidence, Gabby made her way up the narrow walkway connecting the Willisons' driveway to their front porch. Gabby stepped onto the concrete stoop, ducking underneath several rubber bats dangling from the roof outcropping. She stared at the front door, which had a paper skeleton with googly eyes grinning at her. Gabby could feel her body trembling with excitement. She took a breath, and rang the doorbell.

She waited.

She could see the light was on inside. Gabby's pulse picked up again and she was almost contemplating leaving. Then she heard movement inside. Someone was walking towards the door. Gabby froze.

The front door opened, and Gabby's neighbor of nineteen years, Mike Willison stood before him, holding a plastic mixing bowl full of chocolate candy bars. Gabby made her move.

"Trick or Treat!" Gabby shouted, opening her cloak. Mike Willison's eyes went wide at the sight of the naked female body before him. His jaw dropped, and he found himself at a loss of what to say. Gabby giggled, and shut her cloak. "Happy Halloween!" Gabby shouted, and ran off down the driveway back to the street.

What a rush! Gabby felt a surge of adrenaline coursing through her body, making her feel more alive than ever before. She could see Mike Willison peeking out his front door, watching her run down the street.

"What was that honey?" she heard Mike's wife, Barbara ask.

"Nothing dear," Mike said, still staring out into the darkness in Gabby's general direction. Gabby circled around and quickly entered her husband's car.

"Well?" Dan asked. Gabby stared back at him.

"That was incredible!" Gabby exclaimed. "I just- I just had to take a breath. I'm too excited right now!"

"Did he recognize you?" Dan asked. Gabby shook her head.

"No. He'd never suspect me," Gabby said. Gabby let her breathing slow before turning to Dan again.

"Okay, ready for the next house," Gabby said. She paused, as though she were waiting for Dan's permission.

"Go on," Dan said.

Gabby hopped out of the car and hurried up the driveway of the house on the other side of the Willisons. A younger couple lived there, Gabby thought they might have been named the Burkes. Gabby crept up the steps and rang the doorbell once again.

The husband, Wayne Burke, opened the door. Gabby threw open the cloak.

"Trick or Treat!" Gabby shouted.

"Daaamn!" Wayne Burke exclaimed. Gabby teasingly swayed her hips back and forth for a second before shutting the cloak.

"Happy Halloween!" Gabby shouted as she ran away. She didn't hesitate before running up the driveway of the next home, the Castillos. It looked as though the wife was handing out the candy at the Castillo residence, so Gabby elected to pass them by. She was more interested in titillating her audience, not offending them. The following house appeared to have a man doing the handout duties, so Gabby eagerly waited for the children to leave before making her appearance.

"Trick or Treat!" Gabby shouted as the door opened. She threw the cloak open in one swift motion, leaving the man at this house dumfounded at how to respond.

"Uhh, chocolate or peanut butter?" the man said, dazed.

"Chocolate!" Gabby exclaimed. The man handed her a chocolate candy bar and Gabby grabbed it and ran off into the night.

"Happy Halloween!" she shouted as she ran off with her newly acquired treat. Gabby took a short break to eat her prize and continued down the street. Dan slowly followed her along the street, trying to seem inconspicuous. Although Gabby did not realize it, he was as aroused as she was by her flashing shenanigans. He loved seeing Gabby's nude body, and he loved the idea that other men were seeing it as well. In all truthfulness, he would not have minded if they did more than simply look.

Dan often imagined having another man put his hands on Gabby. Squeezing her large breasts. Feeling her firm thighs. Spanking her round bottom. Kissing her soft lips. Dan never quite understood men who would go into a rage when finding out their wives had strayed on them. Dan personally would have loved to come home from work one day to find Gabby in bed with another man's penis in her mouth.

Dan felt if that ever happened, he would simply nod and smile, and close the door to give the two some privacy. This is secretly what Dan hoped would happen tonight. Sooner or later one of these randy gentlemen would invite Gabby inside for a drink. Dan wondered if Gabby would accept. He doubted it. It seemed Gabby garnered enough excitement from just letting them look. Still, it was exciting simply knowing the men around his neighborhood were seeing Gabby naked, so Dan decided to simply enjoy the experience.

Gabby continued going from house to house, flashing the occupants in each one. She collected the occasional piece of candy, but mostly she was met with wide-eyed stares and open mouths.

Within an hour and a half, Gabby had made her rounds to almost every home in the neighborhood. She sauntered towards Dan's car, carrying a bag full of her collected sweets, which had been given to her by one of her admiring gawkers.

"How'd you make out?" Dan asked. Gabby lifted her mask and rummaged through her bag.

"Well, I got five suckers, three chocolate bars, a bag of chips, two packs of gum, a roll of condoms, a religious pamphlet, and eleven phone numbers," Gabby said.

"You gonna call any of them?" Dan asked, winking.

"Of course not!" Gabby said. Then she stopped. "Still, it's nice that I got them."

Dan bit his lip. Gabby was flattered to have gotten the numbers, so Dan was happy about that.

"So where now?" Dan asked.

"Looks like I got every house," Gabby said.

"Not that one," Dan said. He motioned towards the end of the street.

"The Balko house?" Gabby asked. "You think he'd answer?"

"His porch light's on," Dan said.

Lukas Balko was a reclusive old man who lived in an old but well-kept house at the end of the street. He'd lived in the neighborhood longer than anyone, but people rarely caught glimpses of him. Gabby looked at the old-fashioned three-story residence. It was surrounded by a wrought iron fence, though the front gate was open.

"Looks kind of creepy," Gabby said. Dan shrugged.

"Well, maybe you'd rather head back, it is getting late," Dan said. Gabby cocked her head.

"Well, maybe I have time for one more house," Gabby said. "I bet old man Balko would appreciate a little eye-candy, don't you?"

"I'm sure he would," Dan said.

"All right, I'll do it," Gabby said, putting her mask back in place. She stepped through the iron gateway and crept up the long gravel driveway towards the old house. There were no Halloween decorations up that she could see, but the house seemed appropriately Halloween-ish anyway. Since the gate was open and the front light was on, Gabby took it as an invitation to proceed.

Creeping towards the old wooden porch, she clutched her trick-or-treat bag tightly. A gust of wind rustled her cloak, sending a wave of goosebumps up her body. Shivering nervously, Gabby pulled the silky material close to her body, and stepped onto the porch. The boards creaked as she set her weight upon them. Gabby could not see a doorbell, but the door instead had a fancy brass knocker. Gabby grabbed the cold brass and rapped three times.

She did not hear a sound. She waited for a second and knocked again.


Gabby looked back at her husband; still waiting in the car. Perhaps it was time to call it a night. She knew he was likely very aroused and looking forward to getting between her legs. Gabby was about to turn around when the front door opened.

Gabby turned. The door opened only an inch, but it opened. Gabby peered through the open crack. The interior of the house looked well furnished, but she couldn't see who opened the door. Gabby pushed onto the door.

No one was there.

Gabby was perplexed how the door could have opened with no one there. The door seemed securely shut when she knocked. Curious, Gabby took a step inside the house.

"Hello?" Gabby asked.

She looked around the room. There was an elegant rug sprawled across the floor, running through the foyer past a cozy den with a roaring fireplace. Gabby peeked into the den and the nearby dining room, but saw no one.

"Anybody here?" Gabby asked. "Trick or treat!"

Gabby opened her cloak non-nonchalantly, but it didn't appear anyone was present to enjoy the view. Gabby lifted her mask and looked down the hallway.

Seeing no one, Gabby shut her robe and turned to the doorway. Perhaps the door was simply loose. As she turned to the doorway, she heard a voice.

"Almost there," a frail voice from up the stairway said.

An old man, at least ninety, was descending the long, elegant staircase. He clutched a walking crutch in his hand and steadily made his way down the stairs until he was face-to-face with Gabby.

"Well hello, young lady," the man said. He looked at her with his dark eyes and narrow brows. He let out a smile, pleased to have such a lovely woman as a visitor. Gabby grinned.

"Trick or Treat!" Gabby shouted. She threw open her cloak and flashed her naked body to the old man.

"Well, well," the man said. "Very nice." Gabby giggled. "Are all the young ladies today wearing such lovely costumes?"

"Nope, this was my idea," Gabby said. She realized at this moment that she had not lowered her mask. This man had now seen both her face and body. "Well, Happy Halloween!"

Gabby turned to leave.

"Now, wait just a moment," the man said. "Don't you want a treat?"

Gabby paused. The old man reached into a bowl of candy resting by the stairway.

"No, thank you. I've had enough. Just looking to have some fun," Gabby said.

"I know just what you mean," he said with a grin. "Say, I was going to take a dip in the hot tub. Since you're dressed for the occasion, would you care to join me?"

Gabby blushed.

"No, thank you," Gabby said.

"You sure?" the man asked. "It's all warmed up."

"Thanks, but I need to get back to my husband," Gabby said, closing her robe. The old man raised an eyebrow.

"Husband, eh?" he asked. Gabby nodded.

"He was okay with this. He's just waiting for me."

"Well, you'd better go on then," the man said. "Happy Halloween."

"Happy Halloween," Gabby replied.

"By the way-" the man began. Gabby stopped. "Nice melons."

He grinned. Gabby blushed.

She turned and walked out the front door, shutting it behind her. That was perhaps the nicest invitation she got all night. Gabby stepped off the porch and made her way back to Dan's car.

"Well, someone had a good time," Dan said, seeing the smile on Gabby's face.

"He said I had nice melons."

"I'd have to agree with him," Dan said.

"He also invited me to sit in his hot tub with him," Gabby said. Dan chuckled.

"Well, why didn't you?" Dan asked. This took Gabby off guard.

"It's late. I thought you might be worried," Gabby said.

"I'll be fine," Dan said. "You should go back. Sit in the tub with him."

"Really?" Gabby asked.

"Really," Dan said. "I'll be fine. Take as long as you want." Gabby shot a glance back at the house, and then at her husband.

"Well...okay," Gabby said, sheepishly. She set her Halloween bag in the car and made her way back to the old house. Dan watched; pleased at how this was progressing. He knew that old man Balko would not be able to keep his hands off Gabby once she was stark naked in his hot tub with him. He just hoped Gabby would not refute his advances.

He wanted to tell Gabby; to let her know that absolutely nothing was off-limits as far as he was concerned. He even considered insisting that Gabby take the condoms with her when she went back to the house, but Dan realized he didn't even mind if they had unprotected sex. Dan would have been perfectly happy to have Gabby become pregnant as a result of her tryst with old man Balko, and he would raise the child as he would his own.

Gabby arrived at the doorstep and rapped the knocker again. She didn't have to wait long before the door opened.

"Hello?" Gabby was surprised to see a much younger man standing before her. He had the same dark eyes and narrow brows as the older man, and he was dressed in swim trunks with a towel draped over his bare shoulder.

"Oh, hello," Gabby said. "I was just here and- I don't know, your grandfather, I assume? He invited me to sit in the hot tub." The young man opened the door. Gabby stepped inside and the man closed the door behind her.

"Hi, I'm Luke," the young man said, offering his hand. Gabby took his hand and shook it.

"I'm Marcy," Gabby said.

"Nice to meet you, Marcy," Luke said. Gabby looked around, but the old man was nowhere in sight.

"That man- is he your grandfather?" Gabby asked.

"Something like that," Luke said. "Come. I'll show you the hot tub."

Luke led Gabby through the kitchen and into an alcove near the back of the house. Inside the alcove, underneath a ceiling of tiled glass, was a rumbling hot tub.
"Looks nice," Gabby said.

"So do you," Luke said. Gabby blushed.

"Thank you," she said.

Luke removed the towel from his shoulders and hung it across the handrail leading into the tub. His arms were strong and muscular and his body was sharply toned.

"I- didn't bring a swimsuit," Gabby said. Luke smiled.

"Not required here," Luke said.

Gabby opened her cloak and let it fall to the floor. She removed her plastic mask and dropped in onto her discarded cloak. She could feel Luke's gaze on her naked body. He smiled at her.

"Ladies first," Luke said, extending his hand towards the hot tub. Gabby stepped towards the tub and dipped her foot into the water. It was pleasantly warm. Gabby grabbed the handrail and descended the steps into the hot tub. The warm water enveloped her body as she entered it. Feeling its relaxing effects, Gabby rested her buttocks upon the tub seat. Now fully in the tub, the water level came to right above her breasts. She looked up at Luke, who stood by the tub, smiling at her.

"Is the temperature comfortable?" he asked. Gabby nodded.

"Good," Luke smiled. "Would you care for some wine?"

"Yes, please," Gabby smiled.

Luke opened a nearby cabinet and removed a bottle of dark red wine and two glasses. He filled each of them and handed one to Gabby.

"Thank you," Gabby said, taking a sip. Luke placed his glass on the tub's edge and descended into the water as well. He sat across from her and took a sip from his glass.

"So, Marcy, what do you do for a living?" Luke asked.

"I'm a hairdresser for men," Gabby said. That was the truth. Luke seemed like a nice fellow but she wanted to protect her identity- at least for now.

Luke nodded, impressed.

"Is it good work?" Luke asked. Gabby nodded.

"Yes, I like it a lot," Gabby said. "I've wanted to style hair since I was a teenager. It's all I've done since. What about you?"

"I own several businesses," Luke said. "Mostly involving property. I buy homes and help people new to the country find ways to afford them."

Gabby was even more impressed.

"That's very noble of you," Gabby said. Luke slid around the edge of the tub closer to Gabby.

"So tell me, Marcy," Luke said. "What does your husband think of you being here tonight?"

Gabby blushed. He must have seen the ring on her finger. That, or the old man had told him she was married.

"Actually, it was his idea," Gabby said. Luke's eyes perked up, surprised.

"Your husband wishes for you to bathe nude with another man?" Luke asked.

Gabby nodded.

"Dan is an unusual man," Gabby said. "He loves sharing me with- I mean, he likes letting other men see me."

Luke nodded.

"You husband wishes for you to take a lover," Luke said.

"No!" Gabby declared. "I mean, he just likes me showing off. That's why I came here tonight actually, because, well, I like showing off too."

"With a body as beautiful as yours; I can understand that," Luke said.

"Well, thank you," Gabby smiled, lowering hear head.

"What about you?" Gabby asked. "Do you have a wife- or girlfriend?"

Luke paused.

"I had a wife, once," Luke said. "She was beautiful, like you. She passed away some time ago."

"I'm so sorry," Gabby said.

"You remind me of her quite a bit," Luke said. "Your eyes, your lips. Your body."

"I- hope I'm not making her loss harder on you," Gabby said.

"No," Luke said. "I greatly appreciate your company. That's why I invited you here. My wife and I used to share this tub quite often. We'd bathe here in the nude, drink wine and afterward I would make love to her by the fireplace."

Gabby smiled.

"That sounds romantic," she said.

"Your perfume," Luke said. "Is it autumn passion?" Gabby nodded and smiled.

"Yes," she said. "You recognize it?"

"My wife," Luke said again. "Would you mind if I smelled your neck? I find the aroma very pleasant."

Gabby stirred in the water.

"Well, okay," Gabby said.

Luke waded towards Gabby, and leaned up next to her. She could feel his breath on her neck and it sent a tingle up her spine.

"Simply....lovely....." Luke whispered in her ear. Gabby closed her eyes and felt her body go completely limp. Luke rested his hand on her thigh.

"Come," he said. Luke rose to his feet and helped Gabby out of the hot tub. He handed her the towel lying on the handrail and retrieved another from the cabinet for himself. As they dried off their dripping wet bodies, Luke took a step closer to Gabby.

Gabby looked up, to see Luke standing just inches away from her. He placed one hand on her hip and the other on her arm, and pulled her body against his. The feel of his toned muscles sent a wave of excitement throughout her body.

Gabby looked into Luke's eyes, and it seemed as though outside forces drew their faces together. It was as if someone else was making Gabby press her lips against his. Luke kissed her softly and passionately for several seconds.

Luke rubbed his hands across her body, and used his fingers to explore her curves. He squeezed her breasts, and let his hands wander down her sides, over her hips, and finally he placed both of his palms upon her bottom and squeezed her buttocks. As he did this, Gabby felt her nipples stiffen and her clitoris swell and expand.

"Fireplace," Gabby whispered.

Luke led Gabby out from the alcove and over to the den, where the fireplace still burned brightly. Luke tended to the fire as Gabby stood behind him and pulled on his swim trunks. He turned towards her and smiled. Very slowly, Gabby worked his shorts all the way down to his ankles. As she removed the trunks, she noticed his penis was very large and full, and much bigger than her husband's. Her eyes went wide in awe. His penis appeared to be in the process of becoming erect, growing large and rising higher with each passing second.

Gabby dropped to her knees and grabbed Luke's large throbbing member, and felt it expand and harden in her grasp.

"So big," Gabby giggled. She was feeling absolutely giddy.

Gabby leaned forward and placed his penis into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head, before pulling in inwards and sucking the shaft. Luke sighed in pleasure. She softly tickled his testicles with her fingertips while running her tongue up and down the shaft. Luke smiled.

Holding the base with one hand, Gabby took the cock in her mouth faster and harder, giving the head and shaft long, loving licks. It had been years since she'd given a blow job to anyone other than her husband. She had been well known in her college days for her talent, so Gabby made an extra effort to make her fellatio as satisfying for Luke as possible. Luke sighed happily, pleased with her effort.

She sucked his penis for several minutes, while he rested his hand on the back of her head to guide it along. She hoped she was doing well, but judging by the salty taste of precum on her tongue she could tell she was getting somewhere. Gabby hoped he would ejaculate soon because her jaw was becoming sore. Gabby was relieved when Luke finally stopped her.

"Lie down, please," Luke said.

Gabby removed his penis from her mouth, taking a breath as she did so. She wiped the puddle of saliva and semen dripping from her lips with the back of her hand, feeling slightly embarrassed. Gabby lay down on her back on the soft bearskin rug, and Luke knelt over her.

"Open your mouth," Luke commanded. Gabby obeyed.

Luke then descended his testicles into Gabby's open mouth. He bounced them up and down, rubbing them against her lips and dipping them low enough to touch her tongue. Gabby licked his testicles softly before letting her tongue creep upwards to tease his taint.

"That's wonderful," Luke said.

He removed his testicles from her mouth, and shifted a few feet back. Straddling her pelvis, he placed his hands on Gabby's breasts. He marveled at how warm and full they felt. He rubbed his hands all around her mounds, squeezing them, wiggling them, and running his thumbs around her very stiff nipples. Gabby giggled.

"You can fuck them if you want," Gabby said.

Luke smiled. He placed his penis between Gabby's fun bags and squeezed them together. He rubbed his penis back and forth, feeling the softness of her breasts against his member. His arousal increased with each stroke, and soon Gabby could feel the moist precum seeping from the tip of his penis against her cleavage.

"Ooooh," Gabby sighed.

As with her blow jobs, titty-fucking was also one of Gabby's college day specialties. Many times she was not willing to go all out with one of her dates, but she found letting boys rub their dicks between her breasts was an acceptable alternative. As such, she found her tits on the business end of a penis many times throughout her dating life. After a few experiences, Gabby found she greatly enjoyed it, and was quick to offer it to boys once she became intimate with them.

As wonderful as Gabby's breasts felt against his throbbing cock, Luke decided he needed to feel inside her. He lay down, resting his body on top of her, and touched the head of his penis against her labia. He could feel the wetness of her lips against his glans. Gabby giggled. It was like a friendly visitor was knocking on her front door. Gabby spread her legs apart invitingly, and let the visitor inside.

Her vagina was soft and wet. Gabby sighed as Luke's member filled her so fully and thoroughly. She had never been unfaithful to Dan before, but something felt so natural about the way Luke slipped his penis inside her.

"Ooh, Luke," Gabby moaned. Luke began slowly; rubbing inside her smoothly and sensually while he ran his tongue lightly across her neck. Gabby turned her mouth to Luke's and pressed her lips against his. Luke slipped his tongue inside and the two of them shared a warm and passionate open-mouth kiss.

Luke increased his pace, rubbing faster and harder. Gabby's eyes rolled back and she clutched the leg of the nearby sofa.

"Ooooh yes! Harder! Give it to me!" Gabby shouted. Luke went faster, while Gabby thrusted her hips against his as well to increase the friction.

Luke pounded her like a railroad spike, grunting and panting as he worked his tool in and out of her. Wet juices gushed from her pussy with every thrust.

"Oh Luke! Ooooooooooooo!" Gabby clenched her eyes shut. Her husband had never made her moan like this.

"You are...a sensuous woman," Luke said, panting. Gabby was going out of her mind with pleasure. It would not be long before her climax.

"More baby! Give it to me! Faster! Harder!" Gabby shouted.

Luke pounded her faster just as she asked. Gabby's body writhed about in ecstasy. Her left leg twitched involuntarily. Gabby could sense she was about to have the most intense cum of her life.

Gabby lifted her legs in the air. She spread her thighs apart as wide as she could, and arched her back so Luke could penetrate her as deeply as possible. Gabby had never been penetrated so deeply or so fully in all her life, by either her husband or any of her past lovers. She moaned loudly, and her pussy juices gushed from her cunt, soaking her thighs and Luke's scrotum.

Luke's penis slid effortlessly up and down her vagina; Gabby's natural lube made for perfectly smooth motion. Gabby put every ounce of her energy into thrusting herself onto Luke's throbbing member.

Luke looked down to see Gabby's bouncing breasts jiggle about in a circular motion. Her stiff nipples looked to be so swollen they were on the verge of bursting. He smiled and thrusted faster.

As Luke increased his speed, his glans rubbed against Gabby's g-spot. Upon feeling the sensation of Luke's rock hard member touching her most sensitive of spots, Gabby's resolve broke. A wave of pleasure shot from Gabby's vagina throughout her entire body. Her arms and legs thrashed about, and Gabby let out a loud howl.

"Ooooooohhhhhh!" Gabby screamed. "Oh God, oh God! Oh God!"

Luke flinched at the mentions of God, but continued thrusting nonetheless. Gabby's labia clutched Luke's shaft like a vice as her orgasm took hold of her body.

Gabby squeezed her eyes closed, and with her mouth open just a slit, she exhaled deeply. She released her grip on her ankles, and let her legs go limp. Her breasts were still, and her nipples gradually softened.

Gabby lay still, waiting for Luke's penis to go limp, but instead it remained erect. Luke removed his penis from within her, and looked her in the eyes.

"That was wonderful, dear," Gabby said, giving a tired smile. "Just wonderful."

Luke brushed his finger across her cheek.

"But I am not finished," Luke said. "Now, turn around."

Gabby stopped cold. She had never, ever done what she thought Luke was about to ask of her. And yet, she felt compelled. With no desire to resist, Gabby turned over and lay on her belly, resting her chin on her hands.

Luke placed his palms on Gabby's back, and sensually ran his fingers from her shoulders down her spine. Gabby giggled at the soft touch of his fingertips, and felt goosebumps form across her skin. Luke continued, and slid his fingers even lower, gliding them across her buttocks and onto her thighs.

With his index fingers, he gently spread apart Gabby's buttocks, so he could see her anus.

"Pretty," Luke mused.

"Really?" Gabby asked, flustered.

Luke stuck his index finger into Gabby's anus, and twisted it around. Gabby grunted in discomfort.

"Yes," Luke said with a smile. "Very tight. You have never been penetrated here before."

"I haven't," Gabby said.

"Good," Luke replied. "This will be very enjoyable for me."

Luke removed his finger and pressed the head of his penis against Gabby's anus. His glans was still wet and slippery from her pussy juices, so he would have little trouble getting inside.

"Spread your legs, love," Luke said.

Gabby opened her thighs, and as she did, Luke grabbed her hips, and squeezed his penis inside her. Despite his large size, and tightness of Gabby's anus, the wetness and Luke's strength ensured an easy entry. Gabby could feel her butt cheeks separate as she felt Luke's penis slide completely inside her rectum.

Gabby moaned at the strange sensation. It was oddly pleasant, in spite of the mild discomfort.

"Ah yes," Luke said, as he began thrusting. "This is the way to make love to a woman."

He rocked his penis back and forth inside her. Gabby grunted, and fidgeted about; trying to make Luke's penetration more comfortable. She scrambled onto her hands and knees, and lifted her buttocks as high as she could to give Luke easier access.

Luke adjusted his stance so he was on his knees and continued rubbing against her. He paused briefly to move her thighs farther apart and then resumed his work.

Gabby sighed, feeling surprised at how much she was enjoying being penetrated this way. She rocked her pelvis back and forth in sync with his movements, and her breasts jiggled with her movements.

Luke held his eyes closed and let himself absorb the immense pleasurable feel of Gabby's ass. It made for a much snugger fit than her vagina. The sounds of Gabby's breathing aroused him as well, and he felt his penis grow larger and stiffer inside her.

Gabby pushed harder; as the expanding girth of Luke's penis made it harder to thrust. As she did, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the shiny brass plating on the grandfather clock across the hall from the den.

Gabby could see herself in the mirror; she could see her large bouncing breasts easily, and just above them she could see her tilted back head. Yet oddly, she could not see Luke. She knew he was right above her, she could feel him. And yet, Luke's image was absent from the clock's reflective surface. Gabby began to tremble, and not from her arousal.

"Luke, are you going to cum?" Gabby asked nervously.

"Soon, Gabby, soon," Luke said, between thrusts. Gabby froze. She had not told him her real name.

"Luke. Stop," Gabby said.

"Almost there, dear," Luke said. He grunted, and sighed, and Gabby could feel his cool cream filling her anus.

Gabby squirmed, but Luke held her in place until he was finished ejaculating inside her. As he withdrew his penis, semen dribbled out of her anus and down her thighs. Gabby scrambled to face Luke. Her eyes were wide with fear.

"How did you know my name?" Gabby asked.

"Because you told me, Marcy," Luke said.

"No," Gabby said, climbing to her feet. "You called me Gabby."

Luke shrugged.

"You must have misheard me," Luke said.

"No, I didn't," Gabby said. "I need to leave."

Gabby turned and quickly ran from the den. She could have sworn Luke was a good ten feet behind her, and yet, he wrapped his hand around her mouth and pulled her backward, and she felt her body press against his.

"Let me go!" Gabby was shaking now.

"Never," Luke said, his voice suddenly deeper. "You are mine now."

"No! Please! Let me go!" Gabby screamed. Luke whispered into her ear.

"Gabby Becket, tonight you will die."

Gabby felt her heart sink into her stomach. Desperately, she rammed her elbow into Luke's side and pulled herself free from his grasp. Quickly, she scrambled down the hallway back towards the alcove where the hot tub was located. Gabby grabbed her red cloak from the floor, forgoing the mask, when suddenly, she felt the robe being ripped from her hands, as if it were taken from her by an invisible force. The robe flew towards Luke, who entered the room and snatched the robe out of the air. He smiled and tied the material around his waist.

"As I said, Gabby, tonight you will die. And when you do, you will die nude."

Gabby's mouth fell open, but she was to petrified to scream. With one arm, Luke lifted Gabby off the ground and hoisted her over his shoulder.

Gabby flailed her arms and legs, but found she was powerless against Luke's inhuman strength. He effortlessly carried her out of the room, down a flight of stairs, and into a dark and dank basement.

When her eyes adjusted to the dark, she found herself surrounded by coffins.

"What is this place?" Gabby gasped.

Luke chuckled and placed Gabby inside a glass coffin resting on a table.

"No, don't lock me in here! No!" Gabby screamed.

Luke shut the coffin lid and locked it closed. He gave a demonic grin; his face looked twisted and distorted through the thick glass.

"Let me out! Please, don't let me die here!" Gabby sobbed. She pounded her palms against the glass, but the lid did not budge. She kicked her feet against the coffin base, but that too, proved ineffective.

Gabby had strong legs from her days as a swimmer. She was on the school swim team every year in middle and high school, which was how she'd gotten such firm thighs. While she was the fastest in her class in middle school, she'd lost that title around eighth grade when her breasts started to grow bigger every year. In spite of her strength, the coffin glass barely quivered against her mighty kicks.

Luke took a step back and admired Gabby's naked body through the clear glass. Her skin was so soft and vulnerable. Her breasts bounced and jiggled about as she flailed her arms and legs against the coffin lid. Luke smiled and walked up the stairs, leaving Gabby alone.

Gabby stopped struggling when she realized Luke was no longer in the room. She broke into tears, and wondered if Dan might be wondering what was taking so long, and if he might have contacted the police yet. She hoped so.

She'd been crying for several minutes, when she noticed a strange tickle on her right foot. She brushed her left foot against it, but noticed a tickle on that foot as well. Gabby looked down and gasped. A large hairy spider crawled across her left foot.

Gabby screamed. She smacked her feet together in an attempt to squish the bug, but it seemed to jump from one of her feet to the other. As she smashed the spider into goo, she soon realized that there was more than one spider in the coffin with her. A lot more than one.
She couldn't tell where they were coming from, but dozens of spiders appeared beneath her feet, and they were crawling onto her legs. Gabby let out a blood-curdling scream. To say that she was afraid of spiders would have been a vast understatement. Gabby would refuse to be in the same room as a spider.

Dan was responsible for killing all spiders in the Becket home, and when he was not around, her children or any other person present took on that duty. Gabby was often teased by her relatives regarding an incident that occurred shortly after she and Dan were married. They were staying at Dan's brother Dennis' cottage for a weekend when Gabby had stepped out of the shower only to see a spider on the bathroom counter.

Gabby screamed and refused to step out of the shower, or even grab a towel to cover herself. Dennis was the only one home at the time, and he had to unlock the bathroom door with a pin to answer Gabby's cries. He saw Gabby cowering in the corner of the shower, covering her breasts and private area with her arms, refusing to budge. Dennis disposed of the spider before Gabby finally emerged from the shower.

Later that same night, Gabby and Dan had been making love when Dan noticed a spider descending from the ceiling. Not wanting to interrupt their intimate moment, Dan kept quiet while Gabby, lying on top of him, continued riding him and rubbing her breasts against his chest the way he liked.

Just as Dan was reaching his climax, the spider made its landing directly on Gabby's bare ass. She didn't notice at first, but when the spider began scurrying around on Gabby's naked buttocks, she squealed and tried to scramble off of him. Dan actually had to restrain Gabby so that she didn't pull away before he could finish ejaculating inside her.

As it happened, Gabby's panic-induced flailing actually made Dan's release that much more enjoyable. When Dan was finished, he finally released Gabby so she could brush the spider off of her. Within ten minutes, she was packed up and ready to leave, and the weekend at Dennis' was cut short. They never went back, although Gabby was occasionally subject to pranks such as having plastic spiders planted in her panty drawer.

For this reason, when Gabby found dozens of large, hairy tarantulas crawling up her legs, she had more than a simple panic attack. Her entire body was frozen in sheer terror. Gabby slapped at the spiders, desperately trying to squash them into oblivion. She couldn't tell where they were coming from, but more and more poured through. They crawled up her back, across her belly, and between her breasts. She could feel them crawling through her hair, on the soles of her feet, and between her thighs.

Gabby screamed. She screamed louder than she ever had in her life, only to have a spider crawl into her open mouth. She spat the disgusting thing from her mouth and violently thrashed her body against the coffin walls. Left and right she thrashed about, and soon it was enough to topple the coffin from the tabletop and smash onto the floor.

Gabby coughed. She crawled from the glass wreckage, suffering a number of cuts to her palms and knees, and she pulled herself to her feet. Blood dribbled from a long cut on her inner thigh. She scampered across the cold basement floor and desperately brushed the remaining spiders from her body. They seemed to be gone, but somehow, she could still feel them crawling across her skin.

Gabby hurried up the stairs, praying she might be able to make a dash for the front door before Luke returned. As she reached the top step, she could hear footsteps just on the other side of the basement door. Gabby froze. She heard another step. Whoever it was, they were coming closer. She hurried back down the stairs, and cowered behind a large oak coffin resting on the floor.

"Gabby?" she heard Luke say.

Luke slowly descended the basement stairs. Gabby held completely still.

"Gabby?" Luke repeated. He was now dressed in silk black pajamas and slippers. He reached the bottom of the stairs and looked at the shattered glass coffin before him. He smiled. "Come on out Gabby. You can't hide from me."

Luke walked across the basement floor. Gabby could hear the broken glass shards crunching beneath his slippers. The spiders had scattered, but where they had gone Gabby could not see.

"Gabby. Come out now," Luke said, a tone of anger rising in his voice.

He bent down and picked up a glass shard with Gabby's blood on it. Luke licked the blood from the glass and closed his eyes, breathing deeply. Almost lazily, the glass shard dropped from his grasp.

Gabby come out now.

Luke repeated, but not out loud. Gabby could hear his voice inside her head.

Gabrielle Louise Wilson-Becket. Show yourself now.

Gabby started to rise, but stopped herself. Gabby felt a wave of panic wash over her, when she realized, even if it was only for a split second, she felt the need to obey him.

"That's right Gabby," Luke said, out loud. "I can make you do anything I want. I can even have you make love to me. You didn't think you did that of your own free will, did you?"

Gabby had to think to for a moment, unsure of what had possessed her to have sex with Luke. He was handsome. He was charming. Seductive and sexy. But had she made love to him out of her own free will? Gabby couldn't answer that question.

"Come on out, Gabby," Luke said. "Show yourself."

Gabby felt her pulse race. She held completely still as Luke paced slowly about the basement.

Gabby come out.

Gabby trembled.

You will not refuse me.

Gabby let out a suppressed cry. She could feel her resolve weakening.

You will not. You are strong, but your strength will not serve you here.

"Get out of my head!" Gabby cried, clutching her temples. Luke stopped. He turned to face the oak coffin.

Now, Gabby. Rise.

She found herself unable to refuse. Tears pouring from her eyes, Gabby pulled herself to her feet. She turned to face Luke.

"Come to me," Luke said.

Without an ounce of will left in her body, Gabby walked towards Luke.

"Good," Luke smiled. He reached out with one hand, and brushed some dust that had gathered on her body. He wiped his palm across her hip, and with his fingertip, flicked some dust from her right nipple. Gabby held still, not flinching at his touch. "Now. Turn around."

Gabby did as he commanded. Luke grabbed Gabby's body, and pulled her towards him. She tilted her head to the side, exposing her neck to him.

"This is how it ends for you, Gabby. So long as you die in my arms, you will not enter heaven when your time comes."

Luke wrapped his right arm around Gabby's torso, and with his left hand, he grabbed her left breast. Softly, he ran his lips across her neck. She could feel his cold breath against her skin.

"Please, I have a family," Gabby pleaded. Luke nodded in understanding.

"They will miss you very much," Luke said.

Now, stop breathing.

As soon as Luke issued the order, Gabby felt her diaphragm lock in place. She opened her mouth to scream, to breathe, but the air in her mouth and nose was still.

Gabby tried to struggle, but found her upper body was immobilized. She could still move

her legs, but not in any way that could improve her situation.

Do you feel that? That, my dear, is fear. That crushing feeling throughout your body. When you enter Hell, you will feel it more strongly than you ever felt it in life.

Gabby thrashed her legs, but felt powerless in Luke's grasp. It was as if she were encased in a prison, and her own body was the cell.

Now give me your blood. Give me your life. Give me your soul.

Gabby felt her arms and legs go limp. If not for Luke's iron hard grip on her body, she would surely be on the floor.

You are mine now.

Luke sank his fangs into Gabby's neck. She let out a silent scream, only to find that made her chest hurt as much as her neck. Her neck felt paralyzed with pain, and she felt as if struggling would only make it worse. Gabby held still, and prayed he would release her soon.

Luke withdrew his fangs from her neck, and pressed his lips to her twin wounds. Sensually, he sucked the blood that seeped from her body.

Gabby felt her heart race, so she knew she was still alive. But she could not breathe. She could not move. And now she could feel her consciousness drifting away.

"You do not have much time left Gabby, but I would like you to know, we will meet again, in Hell," Luke said.

"N-n-no," Gabby managed to gasp.

Would you like to know what Hell is like, Gabby? Well, let me tell you. It is exactly like this. In Hell, I will drink your blood. Every day, I will come to you, and I will drink more of your blood. It will feel exactly like this. You will not be able to breathe. You will not be able to move. You will be in agonizing pain. And I will drink your blood. I will drink your blood every day. Day after day, and it will never end. Ever.

Something told Gabby that this was not a threat; Luke was not trying to intimidate her. Somehow, Gabby got the sense that this is exactly what awaited her as soon as the life left her body. She felt dizzy and realized she didn't have the strength to move her limbs even if Luke had granted her permission. She held still while Luke sucked the blood from her throat.

As the color drained from her skin, Luke released his firm hold on her body, and held her only loosely to keep her from falling.

"This really is a beautiful body," Luke said, squeezing her breast with his palm. "Such sweet, soft, skin. Supple thighs. Wonderful breasts. A shame you can't bring this body with you. I'll have to settle for feasting on just your soul in Hell."

Gabby moaned.

"Now I have one more command for you Gabby. I trust you will have no difficulty complying with it," Luke said.


And with that command, Gabby obeyed.

* * * * *

Gabby Becket's body was discovered by the police the following morning. Dan, concerned that Gabby hadn't come out even after repeatedly knocking on the front door, contacted the police.

The police found her naked, lying face down on the basement floor with her legs spread open. She had numerous cuts on her palms, knees, buttocks and arms, a cut across her thigh, and two holes in the side of her neck. The coroner ruled her cause of death to be blood loss, although the police found this odd since very little blood was found at the scene of the crime. Additionally, trace amounts of semen were found in Gabby's mouth, vagina and anus matching that of Lukas Balko, who was not found.

Gabby's death shocked the neighborhood, and Dan and his children, Dylan and Jaclyn, received an outpouring of sympathy and support from their neighbors. Her funeral was attended by most of the neighborhood residents, and a great number of Gabby's high school friends. She was dressed in a beautiful blue dress for her wake, however, per Dan's request, the undertaker removed Gabby's dress after the funeral as Dan wished for Gabby to be buried in the nude. Gabby was buried in Green Woods cemetery next to her grandmother.

A year passed without any word of the fate of Gabby's killer, and not a shred of evidence to his whereabouts was found. Dan was thoroughly investigated by the police, and if not for Lukas Balko's DNA being found all over Gabby's body, Dan was sure he would have been the prime suspect.

By Halloween the following year, Dan was not feeling particularly excited about the holiday. The children were spending the weekend at their grandparents, so Dan could spend the day alone with his own thoughts.

Gabby's best friend provided Dan with a number of photos of Gabby in her college days. Gabby was in a bikini in a few of them, so Dan decided to spend the evening masturbating to the more revealing pictures before heading off to bed.

Around six in the evening, Dan had arrived home from the store to see trick-or-treaters were beginning their rounds. Dan retreated inside the house and shut off the porch light. Dropping his keys on the kitchen table, he morosely put away his groceries. He still stocked the refrigerator exactly as Gabby liked, even though he realized it didn't matter anymore. As he went to grab a beer, a noise upstairs startled him. Curiously, Dan made his way towards the staircase.

"Hello?" Dan called up the stairway.

The house was silent, as it had been for the past year. Deciding it was just his imagination, Dan popped open his beer and took a sip.

"Well hello, darling."

Dan gagged and almost spat out his beer. At top of the stairs was a lone figure, dressed in a red cloak and a devil mask. Dan felt his heart sink.

"Trick or treat!" the figure said. She threw open her cloak, revealing a nude female body underneath. Dan froze in shock. Slowly, the figure descended the stairs.

Dan took a step back. He took a glance into the living room, and what he saw horrified him. There, in front of the fireplace, was a tear in the fabric of reality. There was only one thing it could have been. The fire, the screams. It was a gateway to Hell. In his living room.

"I've missed you," the figure said, stepping towards him. She did not shut her cloak. Dan could tell this was not a trick, and not an imposter. He recognized those breasts. The figure lifted her mask.

"Gabby," Dan gasped.

"Yes, darling," Gabby said, taking his arm, and putting it around her.

"Now," Gabby said. "Let's dance."

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