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Daddy and Babygirl: Together Again

She stood outside the door to the hotel room, raising her hand to knock but then placing it back by her side. She takes a deep breath and raises her hand again, her knuckles almost reaching the wood of the door this time.

"What are you doing here, this isn't right ... turn around and go back to your room and leave in the morning to go home, he'll never know you were here ... it's the right thing to do" babygirl spoke to herself as she stepped away from the door. She turned and took a couple of steps down the hallway, preparing to go back to her own room. She couldn't. She knew it was wrong and she hated herself for it, but she was just dying to see him. After all this time, she thought that she had moved on, thought she grew stronger, thought she had it under control ... but knowing that Daddy was just on the other side of that door, she just couldn't handle it. She didn't have the control, she never did. Daddy was in control, and it was proper that way. She didn't have to make the tough choices, they were made for her already - she just had to trust and follow, something she always struggled to do.

"You can do it - just knock. You'll regret it forever if you don't. What if he's mad? What if he wants to hurt me? What if he punishes me for the way I've acted? Ii can't do it."

"Why am I arguing with myself in the hallway? This is ridiculous, I have to choose ..."

*knock, knock knock*

Her hands gently tapped on the outside of the door, she was shaking. She was so nervous, so excited ... The unknown, it had always been her fear.

"Just a minute" she heard Daddy's voice come through the door and a moment later the lock was being undone and the one thing separating her from him was opened. Daddy was standing in the doorway. She couldn't breathe. What was she doing here?!

Babygirl whispers, barely audible, "I can't do this, this was a mistake" and she turns to rush down the hallway to the staircase that will lead her back to her room, away from him. She had only gotten in a couple of steps before she felt a sharp pain at the back of her head and she felt as if she was falling backwards. She stumbled backwards trying to catch her footing, her hands going up to the back of her head where the pain was ... and she felt Daddy's hand.

She feels his stubbly skin and his warm breath against her ear just seconds before she hears his voice again "and where the fuck do you think you are going? Get your ass inside this room and don't make a scene slut." Daddy pulls her into his room and pushes her away from him as he releases her hair. She jumps as she hears the door slam behind her ... and the deadbolt lock into place.

Babygirl turns around to face Daddy, "this is a mista..." his hand connects with the side of her face before she can finish her sentence. He's standing right in front of her, his hand comes up from his side and she is certain he is going to slap her again, she braces herself for the sting ... but it doesn't come. His hand slides up her neck to her hair, he tangles his fingers in her hair and jerks her back.

"Your attitude is what has been a mistake, one I have every intention of correcting. It would be in your best interest to shut your smart ass mouth, unless you want to make things worse" he threatens her.

After a few moments of silence, she whispers ... "yes Daddy." He leans in and bites her lip, her chin, he pulls her head back and bites her neck a little harder. Babygirl whimpers.

"Save your whimpers, you'll be needing them later..." he warns. Daddy lets go of her hair and takes several steps away from her. He turns and looks towards her. She knows what he wants, what she is supposed to do. It's the moment of truth ... can she do it? Will she do it? She knows she only has a matter of seconds to decide on her own how this is going to play out - if she doesn't do it willingly, he will be next to her before she can blink and he will force her to do it. She doesn't want to upset him. She wrestles with her thoughts, she has tried so hard to be strong and stand up for herself, but she wants to submit to Daddy. Why does she want it, what is wrong with her?

Daddy clears his throat, he can tell she is struggling with her choice and she is about out of time to make her own decision. She's here in his room, what happens now is partially up to her ... she can do it willingly, or be forced. Either way, Daddy will have his pleasure and babygirl will get her punishment.

She looks up at him as she hears him clear his throat, she sees him shift his weight on legs ... shit, he's going to come over here. Get on your knees you idiot, crawl over there - she mentally scolds herself. Just as Daddy's foot comes up off the ground she drops to her knees. you idiot, that was close, don't piss him off ... Daddy places his foot back on the ground and she can feel him smirking. She drops her hands to the grounds and convinces her legs and arms to move. She crawls across the floor, closing the distance between them.

As she reaches Daddy's feet, she lifts herself up slightly, her head level with Daddy's cock. She can see the outline of it through his pants, her breathing becomes more shallow. She leans forward until her lips are touching him, she places a kiss against his cock. Chills run through her as she takes her rightful place at Daddy's feet, or maybe it's the belt he is wearing that is eye level with her at this moment ... or both. stop thinking, just do what you're supposed to do ... She places her hands back on the ground and she crawls around behind Daddy. His hand connects with her ass the moment her body has gotten to his side. She jumps, that had never happened before, she wasn't prepared. Her breathing faster now, a slight sting on her ass, she continues around until she is behind Daddy completely. She lifts herself up, and places a kiss on Daddy's ass. Her mouth lingering for a moment, she loves being behind Daddy, her mouth against his ass. Babygirl places her hands back on the ground, and crawls around the other side of Daddy. As she makes her way back in front of him, she lifts herself once more and places another kiss against his cock. She can feel Daddy's cock jump against her mouth, and she rests her head against his leg for a moment.

Daddy takes a step back from and the sting against the side of her face comes just seconds later. "Good girl, I was beginning to think Daddy was going to have to reteach you yet another lesson" he half scolds, half praises.

"Thank you Daddy" she says ... he slaps her face again "you're welcome" Daddy rubs the side of her face, he can feel the warmth coming from where he struck her. Daddy walks over and pulls a chair out from the desk and slides it to the middle of the floor, right next to her. He sits down and motions for her.

"Daddy is going to spank you now. Not for pleasure, not for fun ... because you were disobedient. Over my lap, now" he commanded.

"Daddy..." she was trying to think of how she could get out of this. She was afraid of this. Afraid he was going to punish her. She knew it was going to hurt, it wasn't going to be like a fun spanking, she wasn't going to enjoy this. And over his knees? Serisously? That's so humiliating!

"Now" ... it was one word, and it was so stern and filled with the possibility of threat. She slowly turned towards and tried leaning over his lap, but he pulled her between his legs and pushed her across left leg ... her head almost to the floor, her hands hanging on to the leg of the chair to hold herself from falling. Daddy took his other leg and placed it over hers - holding her in place. "You will stay still, you will count, and you will thank me - or we will start over at the beginning. Do you understand me?" "yes Daddy"

Daddy ran his hand over her ass, and quickly struck her. She jumped.

"Forgetting something?" he asked.

"One, thank you Daddy," she replied.

"Now, let's try that again. Starting from the beginning." Daddy's hand was quickly on her ass ... "one, thank you Daddy" ... he struck her again "two, thank you Daddy" ... by the time they had finally gotten to 12, after starting over two more times, babygirl was choking out her replies through her tears ... she begged Daddy to stop, but he completely ignored her pleas. His hand alternating cheeks as he struck her over and over. Somewhere in the middle he had even made her stand up and pull her jeans and panties down to her knees before pulling her back over. This was by far one of the most humiliating things he had ever done to her, she quickly regretted ever telling him about those videos she used to watch where girls were disciplined like this. When Daddy finally stopped, he lifted his leg from hers and she quickly removed herself from his lap, pulling her pants back up.

"Kneel, in the corner with your hands behind your back" she quickly went to the nearest corner and did as he asked, not wanting a repeat of what had just happened.

She could hear Daddy moving around the move and after several he finally spoke ... "unbuckle me, now" Daddy says sternly. She turned around and crawled over to where he was standing, lifting her hands to Daddy's pants but he stepped back. She was not sure what to do, so she crawls forward and tries again. Daddy continues to step back, she follows him. Once he gets to the couch, he stops ... she is right in front of him, she moves her hands to unbuckle him. Daddy strokes her hair, "good girl" ... she unbuckles his belt, but leaves it in the loops of his pants. She begins unbuttoning them, unzipping them ... just as she places her hands on the sides to pull them down, Daddy places his hands on hers and stops her ... "uh uh uh, not yet - I think we'll be needing this" and Daddy's hand grabs onto his belt buckle ... babygirl whimpers and visibly shivers as Daddy pulls the belt through the loops of his pants.

"No Daddy" she whines.

He stops. "No? Really? Would you like a moment to rethink that response?"

"I ... I ... I don't .. I don't think we need it ..." she manages.

"Oh, and were you under the impression that you were going to show up here and everything was going to be glamorous and Daddy would be so happy you came that he'd forget about everything you've done the last NUMEROUS months? Is that what YOU had planned?!" he questions.

Shit, she quickly tries to think of a response. Before she knows it her stupid mouth has opened and the words were out, and she instantly regretted it ... "yes Daddy" fool, now you say yes!

"Well, looks like we will be needing this sooner than I thought ... I think you may have forgotten a few things, perhaps I should remind you." he threatens.

"Yes Daddy" she mumbles. Daddy continues removing his belt, and folds it in half in his hand.

"Continue" he commands. "Yes Daddy"

She reaches up and continues to pull Daddy's pants and boxers down, slipping them off his feet and tossing them to the side. His cock already partially hardened, she licks her lips. Daddy takes his cock in his hand and strokes it a couple of times, resting the head of it against her lips.

"You want this?" he rubs it against her face.

"Yes Daddy, please"

"Open" ... babygirl opens her mouth and Daddy's cock is instantly in her mouth, his hand at the back of her head. He leans in as he pushes her head forward. she tightens her lips as she starts to move her head up and down his dick. Daddy sits down on the couch, and babygirl leans in to keep him in her mouth. His hands on her hip, he pulls her to the side of his leg ... she moves where he wants her, kneeling on the floor, to his side, leaning over his leg to suck his cock.

'smack' the belt connects with her ass, and she jumps. 'smack' ... 'smack'... 'smack'... Daddy continues to strike her with his belt as she struggles to stay still and continue sucking him.

"Stand up" he demands. She rises to her feet, "pants off" ... her eyes on the floor, her fingers twirling together, she struggles to follow his order.

"One" he voices ... she looks around the room nervously, she doesn't know why he's counting ... "two" he says firmly ... is he counting to three? What happens at three? ... "Three" she waits, but nothing ... "Four" Daddy says impatiently, his hand clutching around the belt ... babygirl undoes her jeans and slides them down her legs, to the floor, slipping them over her feet and tossing them to the side. Daddy points to the floor where she had been kneeling, and she resumes her position. He guides his cock back into her mouth. She bobs her head up and down the length of his dick, taking him as deep into her mouth as she can. She starts to gag a little and she brings her head back up. Daddy's hand wraps tightly in her hair and forces her head back down, lifting his hips at the same time. His dick forcing into her throat as she tries to take him.

'smack' ... 'smack' ... 'smack' ... she squirms to avoid the belt, the sting much more intense without her jeans. Daddy tightens the grip on her hair, and increases the pace of guiding her head down his cock.

She moans around his dick as the belt connects with her skin, exciting him even more in return. Daddy drops the belt on the couch and stands, never removing his dick from her mouth. He grabs hold of the sides of her head and starts fucking her mouth. babygirl tries quickly to adapt to his new pace, but not succeeding very well. She gags around him, but he is relentless and doesn't let her go. She starts to bring her hands up to his hips to push him back, needing a moment to breathe, but he catches her.

"We're not playing this little game. if you can't keep your fucking hands down then Daddy will help you. He removes his tie from around his neck and he walks behind her, roughly pulling her hands behind her back as she tries to resist.

"Please Daddy, I won't do it again"

"No, you won't" he says, and he wraps the tie around her wrists, securing them tightly together. He walks back in front of her and picks the belt up from the couch. He unfolds it as he places it over her head, she ducks her head down so there is nothing for it to rest against. Daddy grabs her by the hair and jerks her head back. He spits on her face.

"Did you really think that would stop me?" he chuckles.

Daddy guides his cock back into her mouth and starts fucking her, placing the belt behind her head. As soon as she feels it, she tries to move her head away which only forces Daddy's cock further into her throat, causing her to choke. Daddy holds onto each end of the belt and wraps them around his hand, pulling it tightly against her.

He laughs, "that didn't quite work in your favor did it?" she shakes her head no.

Daddy widens his stance and tightens his grip on the belt. He holds her head tightly against him and starts fucking her mouth harder, using the belt to prevent her from being able to pull away from him. She wrestles her hands behind her back, but it's no use - she can't get the tie undone. She tries to pull her head back but Daddy's strength is no match for her. She panics, trying desperately to keep up with Daddy's pace. She struggles to breathe, struggles to prevent her throat from rejecting his dick.

Daddy releases the belt as he pulls his cock from her mouth, she desperately starts gasping for air, her spit running down her chin. "Enjoy it, you don't have long" Daddy warns. Daddy walks to the bed and pulls all the covers off, placing his computer by the pillows. He comes back to her, standing behind her, he starts to undo her hands. "You either control your hands, or Daddy will" he warns. "Yes Daddy" she agrees. He grabs hold of her hair and starts pulling her to the bed. He makes her stand up, and he pushes her over the edge of the mattress. He stands behind her, she can feel his dick against her skin as he leans over her. He strokes her hair, almost roughly, as his mouth leans to her ear. "We've only just begun slut, there are still so many holes to utilize" he rubs his cock up and down her skin. "Yes Daddy" she agrees.

He stands up and slaps her ass roughly, she comes up off the bed. "I will tie you down to this bed if you can't handle staying here on your own" he warns. "Yes Daddy" ... he slaps her once more. He walks over to the couch and grabs his belt and tie. He brings them over to the bed and lays them out in front of her. Daddy slides his hand up her back, raising her shirt up and over head. He unhooks her bra from the back as she pulls her arms out from her shirt, and then her bra. He stands behind her, his legs straddling her. He twists his hand into her hair, pulling her up off the bed so she is standing, her back up against his chest. She can feel his cock at her ass and she rubs herself back against him. He pulls her head back until it's resting against his shoulder, he slides his hands under her arms, placing his hands on her tits. He starts roughly grabbing at them, pulling and pinching her nipples until they harden. babygirl moans out loud, arching her chest forward into Daddy's rough hands, her ass up against his dick. He pulls his hips back just slightly, and thrusts his hips forwards, his dick poking against her. He bites her neck, hard, as he thrusts his hips forward again.

"So eager to continue, aren't you?!" he teases.

"Please Daddy" she moans. he continues to squeeze her tits, rubbing his dick against her. She moans, "Daddy" ... "we ... we can't ..." she starts to plead, but unable to concentrate while he controls her body the way he knows how.

"Your mouth says one thing, but your body says something very different" he grabs her tits "look at how quickly you respond to my fingers" he rubs his dick against her ass "your pussy is throbbing, and wet. Daddy can feel the heat already." He pushes his cock a little harder so the head is against her tight hole, "and your ass is just begging to be fucked." Daddy brings one hand up to her mouth, pushing one finger inside her lips, touching her tongue "and this mouth, even though it's already been fucked, it still wants more. Such a greedy little whore mouth" she wraps her lips tightly around his finger, sucking on it. She bites down gently with her teeth, and Daddy roughly cups her face "uh uh little bitch, behave. So you see, everything about your body is begging for more. You want it. You know it, Daddy knows it. So how about we just find something to keep that dirty little mouth quiet for awhile, huh?"

"But Daddy..." he slaps her ass as he turns to walk back towards the couch. He comes back with her panties, standing behind her, pushing her against the bed. "Open" he demands, as he brings her panties around to her mouth. "Daddy we..." he pushes them into her mouth, muffling everything she says after that. He grabs the tie off the bed and uses it to hold the panties against her mouth, tying it tightly behind her head. She tries to speak, but nothing she says is even remotely understandable. "Shhh, don't worry - pretty soon you'll only be able to moan and whimper like the little slut you are" Daddy leans against her, forcing her to fold over the mattress once more. He takes the belt from the bed and he lifts himself off of her, moving to her side. Daddy takes his belt and rubs it against her skin. Lifting it, and letting it fall lightly against her skin. Watching her jump just a little each time, not knowing what's coming next.

"Now, let's see ... what was that magical number Daddy had to count to when you couldn't follow a direct order. Hmmm was it 10?" he smacks the belt against her ass. She shakes her head no, desperately trying to say 4. "What's that? Oh, was it 12?" he smacks her again, a little harder. She moans and tries to tell him again. 'smack' even harder. She starts dancing from foot to foot. Her skin stinging, her frustration rising. He did this on purpose ... she holds her hand up to him, showing him 4 fingers ... trying to make him understand. Daddy smiles, "what's that? You want 4 more?" he smirks and raises the belt again, bringing it down on the other cheek. babygirl groans, frustrated, desperately shaking her head, her words muffled and incomprehensible. "No? That wasn't it either? Hmmm" Daddy rubs the belt against her reddening skin, he strikes her again on the same side. She jumps, lifting her leg, trying to make the sting go away. "What was that pesky number now, how long did Daddy count before you finally stopped being a little bitch and did what you were told" ... she tries to tell Daddy it was 4, using her fingers again ... he leans into her ear "was it 4? Really, it was only 4? Daddy could've sworn it was more than that" ... she shakes her head no. Daddy scratches at his chin, "how about one more for good measure" and he brings the belt down on her ass even harder, a bright red stripe forming quickly along the others. He drops the belt on the bed, in front of her face.
He stands behind her, kicking her legs apart. She widens her stance until her legs on either side of his. Daddy takes his cock and rubs it against her pussy, it only takes a moment for her to start squirming. "You know, the funny thing is ... your pussy is very wet. Now why is that? Could that be because this pussy belongs to Daddy? This pussy craves Daddy's attention - good or bad? This pussy knows that Daddy's pleasure is only thing that matters?" he questions as he continues to rub his cock up and down her slit. babygirl slowly nods her head yes ...

"Correct!" Daddy says as he slams his cock into her pussy. She is pinned against the bed, there is no where for her to go. Daddy forces his cock into her pussy over and over, slapping against her as he forces his whole dick into her tight little hole. babygirl screams around the panties in her mouth, not quite ready for Daddy's assault. She can't go forward, she's pinned against the bed, she can't go back - that just makes Daddy's cock go deeper. She swings her hands behind her, trying to connect with his chest to push him back. Her pussy burning with Daddy's forceful intrusion. "Is that any way to behave for Daddy?" he scolds. Daddy leans forward and grabs his belt. He folds it in half in his hands and strikes her ass several times as he pounds his cock deep into her pussy. Her ass red and glowing, she tries to cover herself but Daddy just strikes her hands with the belt. Once she stops struggling he takes the belt and wraps it around her wrists, making it nice and tight.

"Daddy can fix anything, can't he?" he smirks as he pounds her pussy with each word. He grabs the belt and pulls her hands up, using it as leverage as he forces himself into her pussy again and again. Her body starts to betray her, her pussy adjusting to Daddy. She starts to moan as the pressure builds inside her, bending her knees slightly and pushing herself back onto Daddy's cock as he forces himself forward. "Daddy's little slut, see your body knows who it belongs to. Your pussy quickly adjusts to Daddy, stretching against my dick. Do you like that slut? Does that feel good now? Do you want Daddy to fuck you harder? Faster?" he questions as he emphasizes each word with a hard thrust into her. babygirl desperately shakes her head yes, wanting more.

"That's too bad you've been a naughty little whore then isn't it? Daddy can't be giving you what you want when you haven't done anything to deserve any kind of pleasure. This is for Daddy's pleasure, not yours. You need to remember that, you fucking brat" he scolds. Daddy picks up his speed and starts pounding her pussy harder, then withdrawals his dick and lines it up with her ass. As soon as she feels what he is doing she starts to struggle, shaking her head no, pleading with her muffled sounds. He didn't use any baby oil, he can't do this!

"Maybe this will help you remember who is in charge here ..." and Daddy starts forcing his cock into her tight hole. He groans and grunts as he slowly gets his dick through, a little at a time. Her muffled screams and struggles only encouraging him. After a few moments Daddy has finally gotten his dick all the way in, he rests a moment, feeling her ass squeezing so tightly around him. "Holy fuck" he groans. He pulls his cock almost out and then plunges back into her ass, causing her to scream out.

Daddy continues his assault on her for several minutes, her struggles becoming weaker. He pulls his cock completely out and watches as her ass grabs for him to return. Daddy continues to fuck her ass until he's ready to cum. He forces himself harder into her, grunting with each thrust as he unloads in her ass. Daddy strokes his cock in and out of her ass a few more times then falls against her back. Breathing heavy against her ear, he bites her. He undoes the belt from her hands, and takes the tie and panties from her mouth. He pulls her back from the bed and pushes her to a kneeling position. Daddy comes around in front of her and sits on the bed. He reaches his hand behind her head and pulls her to his cock as he lays back on the bed.

"Lick my ass slut, and clean my dick off" he demands.

"Yes Daddy" she agrees as she greedily takes her tongue to his ass, and licking his balls. She takes Daddy's cock in her mouth and sucks him clean, before going back to licking his balls. She slides her tongue further back as Daddy lifts his legs and places them on her shoulders, giving her full access to his ass. babygirl grins and forces her head tightly against his ass, licking him ... "mmm thank you Daddy" she responds.

She is so lost in licking Daddy's ass, until she hears sounds coming from his computer ... Daddy pulls up a video on the screen and when she looks up to see, she notices his cock is hard again. He takes his feet off of her and stands from the bed, placing the computer in the middle of the mattress, he hits play. Daddy grabs babygirl by the hair and pulls her over to him ... slapping his cock against her face as he strokes himself.

"Mmm please Daddy..." she begs ...

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