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Concerts at the Pier

Back in 2005, the summer before I met my second husband, I used to go to the free concerts at the pier at the Everett Marina on Thursday nights. Sometimes I would go with a girlfriend, but usually I went alone. It was a nice way to unwind after work, sit by the water, have a beer, and listen to some pretty good music. I also met a couple guys there that summer. At the time I wasn't looking for anything serious. I was no stranger to casual sex, (that's how I met my first husband), and that's all I was interested in right now.

The first guy I met was just a one-time thing, and I ended up fucking him in the back of his SUV in the parking lot. Keep in mind that it stays light out until around 10:00 PM in the summer here in Washington, so it was much more exciting than it sounds. The concert started around 7:00. They only last an hour to an hour and a half. I had been there for an hour or so and was on my third beer when the band started playing. After a couple songs this rather tall man sits down next to me and hands me another beer, then introduces himself, (I don't even remember what his name was). I accepted the drink and we tried to chat a little, but the music was too loud. He suggested we take a walk.

He took my hand and pulled me up from my seat. I held onto his hand as we walked, and held my beer bottle with the other. We made some small talk as we walked toward the water. He moved his hand around my waist, sliding up and rubbing my back every so often. I wonder if he noticed I didn't have a bra on under my t-shirt.

Well I didn't want to beat around the bush, so I stopped and leaned back against the railing, looked him in the eyes seductively, and started licking and sucking on the neck of my beer bottle like it was a cock. He must have understood my innuendo because he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the nearby brick enclosure for the dumpster near one of the restaurants, there he unzipped his shorts. I dropped to my knees, pulled his cock out and started licking it from the base to the tip. Then I slid my lips over his knob and slowly slid down as far as I could. He was average in length, so I had all but an inch or so in my mouth. Then I started bobbing up and down. As I was sucking his cock, he lifted my t-shirt up until it was bunched in my armpits, with my breasts on full display. As I was sucking I started pinching my exposed nipples, turning me on even more. I was really getting into it, focusing on the dick in my mouth and my building arousal. After a few minutes of sucking his cock, we were interrupted. A Latino guy walked into the enclosure with a couple bags of trash to throw away. The guy I was sucking pulled his cock out of my mouth and zipped up his shorts before I even knew we weren't alone. I stood up wondering what was wrong. That's when I noticed we had a spectator, and I realized my boobs were still out. I pulled my shirt down and we walked away. In hindsight, I should have asked the intruder if I could suck him off too.

My new friend suggested we go to his truck, since I was horny and hadn't had any attention yet I quickly agreed. As soon as he slid into the backseat I told him to get his shorts off. I slid down my shorts and panties, kicked off my sandals, picked them up and crawled into the truck with him.

I went down on him again. It only took a moment to get him back to a full erection. I then sat up, straddled him with my knees on the seat, and slid my pussy down on his cock. As I started to get a good rhythm going he lifted my t-shirt up again, taking it clear off this time. I was bouncing on his cock at a good rate for several minutes. He played with my breasts the whole time, rubbing, pinching, sucking, etc. I had my eyes closed as I was building to a decent orgasm, bouncing harder and faster on the cock below me. I moaned loudly as it hit me. I kept grinding on his cock as my pussy contracted over and over, trying to milk as much as I could from my climax.

As my orgasm subsided I opened my eyes, and realized there were people walking through the parking lot. We hadn't noticed the music had stopped and the concert was over. I don't really know how much we were seen. His windows were slightly tinted in back, but it was still light outside and we could also be seen through the windshield, though only my bare backside would have been visible unless someone was up close. I couldn't see my shirt anywhere. He must have tossed it on the floor when he took it off. We decided it would be best to just keep still and wait for the crowd to leave. I was still naked straddling his lap, with his somehow still hard cock firmly lodged inside me.

It only took about ten minutes for the parking lot to pretty well clear out. I massaged the cock inside me, clenching and releasing my pussy muscles the whole time, and grinding back and forth a little, keeping him hard. I knew I wasn't going to cum again, so I slid off his cock, bent over on my hands and knees on the seat and started sucking again. I had had my orgasm and wanted to return the favor. I didn't even think about my bare ass and pussy being visible through the side window with my butt almost up against the glass. I sucked the cock in my mouth for another minute or two until he pushed my head down and started cumming in my mouth. I kept the suction up until he stopped squirting, and swallowed it all down. I sat up and started looking for my clothes. That's when I saw the Middle Eastern guy watching us from the Jeep parked next to us, with a big smile on his face. I just smiled back. What else could I do?

Unfortunately I had to get out of the truck to get dressed. My shirt had ended up on the floor in the front seat, my shorts and panties on the floor in back. I got out completely naked, bent down to get my clothes, and got dressed between the two trucks. The guy in the Jeep had already seen my ass and pussy up close, so I didn't think watching me get dressed would be a big deal. Also he was kind of cute. The Jeep guy thanked me for the show and drove away. I just walked to my car and went home.

It was a couple weeks before I went to the Marina again. It was a really warm afternoon, so I opted for a light, short skirt, and a nice, loose, tank top. The skirt came to just above my knees, so I figured I could go without panties. The tank top was dark colored, so I skipped the bra as well.

I arrived a little later than I usually do, so it was already crowded and the seating area was full. I grabbed a beer from the sandwich shop and stood drinking it just outside their back door, facing the stage. I was only there a few minutes when I heard a voice from behind me say, "Hey, nice seeing you again". It was the Middle Eastern guy from the Jeep, with a big grin on his face.

He introduced himself as Tony. He was a only a year younger than me, and was in pretty good shape. We chatted a little, as much as we could with the music playing. He told me he was originally from Pakistan and had move to the U.S. years ago to attend college. Eventually he asked me to dance. We danced for a couple of reggae songs, brushing against each other a little. After that, I was getting a little warm and wanted another beer. Tony suggested we walk out to his boat. Apparently he lived on a boat moored here in the marina.

We walked to the G-dock gate. He unlocked it and we walked down the ramp to the pier. We walked way out, almost to the end, to where Tony's boat was parked. It was pretty good sized. He said it was a twenty-eight footer with a fly bridge, whatever that meant. I just know it was pretty tall. It had a deck area at the back, behind the cabin, with a couple patio chairs, and a barbecue mounted to the railing. Inside the cabin it was plenty high, enough to stand up easily, with a small kitchen, a sink, fridge, TV, large bed on one side, and a small table with two seats on the other. It had another bed down in the room in the very front, and a little bathroom in between that and the kitchen. It was rather nice.

He offered me a seat on the deck and brought me a beer. We talked for a bit, until a bunch of ducks swam up to the back of his boat. He said that he feeds them a lot and grabbed a bag of bread. I'm a big animal lover, so of course I wanted to feed them. The rail, or frame, or whatever you call it, around the back of the boat came to just about knee height. The water level was lower than the deck we were standing on, so I really had to bend over at the waist to reach the ducks. I should have just gotten down on my knees. In the process of feeding them I guess my skirt rode up quite a bit exposing my entire ass, and my tank top slid up exposing both breasts. I didn't really notice until I felt Tony's hands cup my ass cheeks. I was a little tipsy and stood up a little too quickly, leaning back into Tony. In doing so, my tank top was stuck between us, still above my big boobs. Tony's hands quickly moved from my butt to my tits, and he started rubbing gently, lightly squeezing my nipples. At that point someone across the water wolf whistled, that's when we noticed people were watching us. I was a little embarrassed, and buzzed enough to be turned on. I pulled my tank top off the rest of the way and dropped it on the deck. Tony kept his hands busy on my boobs, as he started lightly kissing the side of my neck, just below my ear. That spot always makes me horny, and wet. I needed to fuck this guy soon.

Tony suggested we go up to the bridge. He said it was higher than most every boat around, and a little more private. Of course he had me go first up the ladder, so he could take in the view. I lifted my skirt up as I climbed, just to tease him, probably the guy that whistled too. Tony followed with a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. You could see everything around us from up there. It was quite a nice view. We were probably 20 feet above the water. We could still be seen, but only the upper part of our bodies if we were sitting because of the rail, or whatever it's called. Also we were in the shade now because of the canopy over the top. It had an L-shaped couch at the back and side next to where I came up the ladder, and a spinning chair in the middle, right behind the steering wheel.

I sat on the couch section toward the side of the boat. Tony sat in the center chair. We talked, drank, and laughed for a while, me still topless. The sun had finally set, but it wasn't dark yet. I made my move. I got on my knees in front of Tony and unzipped his shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and his cock sprang right out. It looked like a good size, even while only semi hard. I ran my tongue around the head, then slid my lips down a bit and sucked him into my mouth. As he started to firm up I started sliding my mouth up and down on his cock. After a only minute or so, he slid forward, pushing his cock between my breasts. I had learned some guys like tit fucking from my time with Marco, so I pushed my boobs together around his cock and let Tony push his cock in and out of the crease. His cock was a strong seven inches now, and nicely thick. After a few more minutes I grabbed Tony's hands and put them on my boobs in place of my own. I needed to touch myself. I undid the line of buttons down the front of my skirt and pulled it off.

As Tony held my boobs together and fucked them, I started rubbing my clit, and eventually slid two fingers into my very wet pussy. I moaned a little and told Tony I wanted him to fuck me. He lifted me up and had me lean forward over the steering wheel, then he slid his cock into me from behind. He started pounding into me pretty fast, sliding all the way out with just the head in, then slamming all the way back in on every stroke, all the while kneading my breasts and pinching both nipples. I built quickly to a nice orgasm and moaned a little louder than I should have. Tony quickly put one hand over my mouth and pulled back until he was again sitting, and I was sitting on his lap, his cock still inside me. After my orgasm subsided, I got up, turned around to face him, and lowered myself back onto his cock. Now I could hold onto his shoulders and bounce on his cock easily. I pulled Tony's shirt off as I fucked him. We were completely naked, me bouncing on a cock, in the middle of the marina before dark. I don't know if anyone could see what we were doing, and I didn't really care.

I leaned back against the steering wheel, putting myself in a more visible position, if anyone was looking, and kept right on bouncing on his cock. Tony pinched and pulled on my nipples as I rode him. We fucked like that for a good fifteen minutes longer, until Tony grabbed my hips and started thrusting up into me. I knew he was getting close and I wanted to taste him. I lifted myself off his cock, turned the chair and him around to face the back of the boat. I stayed standing with my legs spread and bent at the waist, opening myself up to anyone that might be watching, and took his cock back into my mouth. I bobbed hard and fast, making my tits swing around like crazy, until Tony finally tensed up and started squirting into my waiting mouth. I sucked hard, until his spasms stopped, and swallowed every drop of his warm cum. Then I stayed standing and just leaned back against the dashboard.

We chatted for another half hour or so. I decided I had better get home. It was still a work night. We exchanged numbers, just in case. We got dressed, and Tony walked me out to my car.

It was another few weeks before I hooked up with Tony again. I met a girlfriend at the marina for the concert this time. We enjoyed the music and had a few drinks. I didn't see Tony, but I called him before the show was over. He said he was hanging out with a friend at the Woodfire Grill. When the concert was over I walked to the restaurant and found Tony and his friend sitting at the bar. He introduced me to his friend Damon. He was a little shorter than Tony, and was considerably younger. I would guess he was in his late twenties. We had a couple more drinks, and then made our way out to Tony's boat. It was almost 10:00 PM and starting to get dark.

We headed up to the fly bridge. Damon sat in the spinning chair, Tony and I on the little couch. Tony had his arm around my back, rubbing up and down gently, while I had one hand rubbing his leg up to his shorts. I wasn't sure if I was going to get any action tonight with Tony's friend hanging around, but I didn't have to wait long to find out.

As Tony was rubbing my back he unzipped my dress all the way down to my waist. We all kept talking like nothing was happening. Then his hand slid into the open back of my dress. He started just rubbing his hand up and down my bare skin, and then started sliding his hand up my far side, working his way forward toward my breast. I was wearing a knee length, sleeveless, light sun dress that zipped up in back, of course without any underwear. As Tony's hand started touching the side of my boob, the strap over my shoulder slid off, and that side of my dress started to droop, exposing the top of my breast. Then Tony pulled the other strap off with his other hand, allowing the dress to slide lower on both sides. He then pushed the dress down until the top of both of my nipples were showing. I pulled my arms free and let the dress fall to my waist.

As I sat there topless, we kept chatting like all was normal, though I could see Damon had a bulge growing in his shorts. I slid my hand up Tony's leg and started rubbing his cock through his shorts. He was casually playing with my nipples while we all talked. I finally said I needed to suck someones cock. With that, both the guys unzipped and pulled out their erections. It seemed both guys wanted to play. I hadn't done anything with two guys at the same time since I sucked my first pair of cocks and lost my virginity to the same two boys back in Iowa, but I was all for a threesome. I leaned over and kissed the head of Tony's cock, then stood up and let my dress fall to the floor. I leaned over to Damon and took his cock in my mouth. He was about average in size, but had an above average mushroom head, maybe two inches across. As I sucked the cock in front of me, I could feel Tony's hands grab my ass, a moment later his cock slid into my wet pussy. Damon stood up and started sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, while Tony did the same in my pussy. I heard the two of them high-five each other as all three of us stood there, me bent over in the middle, getting fucked in both ends.

Somewhere during this I noticed some flashes through my closed eyelids. I looked back to see Tony taking pictures of me sucking Damon's cock. I started making a show of licking the mushroom head, and taking it in my mouth. I'm sure he took a few pictures of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy too. Then Damon took the camera and was taking pictures of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth from all different angles, even a few from between his legs. I wonder if Tony's cock could be seen sliding into my pussy from that angle?

The two of them fucked me like that for maybe ten minutes, long enough for me to cum once, before they decided to switch ends. Both of them pulled out of me. Tony sat down on the side of the couch. They had me get on my hands and knees on the couch, with my ass facing the opening for the ladder. Tony pulled my head toward his lap, while Damon slid into my pussy from behind. That mushroom head on his cock felt really good, like a golf ball on a broomstick sliding inside me. I slid my mouth over Tony's cock and started sucking again, tasting my own juices. He pinched one of my nipples with one hand, while pressing my head down further on his cock with the other. Damon had both hands cupping my ass while thrusting into me. Then he started rubbing a finger around my asshole. A minute or two later I felt something wet drip onto my rosebud. before he started pushing his finger in.

This was different. Damon kept pumping his cock in and out of my pussy, while his finger was doing the same to my asshole, all while Tony was holding my head down, pumping his cock up into my mouth. Then Damon pulled his finger out and started pressing something bigger into my ass. His cock never left my pussy, so I guessed it was his thumb. At that moment I came hard. I could feel my juices starting to run down my legs. I tensed up and I started moaning around Tony's cock in my mouth. As my convulsions subsided, my whole body relaxed and I went limp. When I went limp Tony was still pressing my head down, which forced my mouth further onto his cock. With his next thrust he went into my throat. I was still in the afterglow of my orgasm and couldn't do anything to stop him. Luckily he only lasted for a couple more strokes, and he started cumming just as I was able to lift my head again. I kept sucking until he finished and swallowed his warm treat.

I pulled my mouth off Tony's cock and just laid my head on his lap. Damon was still fucking me, and pumping his whole thumb into my ass. I just moaned for the next few minutes, until Damon started fucking me faster. I knew he was getting close, and told him not to cum inside me. He pumped hard for a few more strokes, then pulled his cock and thumb out of me. I then felt the head of his cock push up against my asshole, just as his hot cum started spurting out. He held himself tight enough against me that I could feel some of his hot jizz being forced into my butt. The warm fluid seeping into my ass felt kind of good, so I pushed back against him a little to try and get more cum inside. It was slippery enough to lube me up, and with his constant pressure forward, and my pushing back, plus my relaxed state, my asshole opened up and that big head just popped in. At that moment I came again! He kept pushing slowly, until I felt his entire cock was inside my ass. Then he just held still, as I felt his cock still twitching, and I could feel more of his hot cum being deposited inside me. He didn't pull out until his cock went limp and shrank down again. While not painful, it was an interesting sensation. Damon had just cum in my ass, and I liked it! Too bad he didn't get some pictures of his cock buried in my asshole.
We all sat around naked afterwards. Tony pulled his camera out again, and had me pose for some more pictures. They had me stand up and lean back against the dashboard with my legs spread, down on my knees with both of their cocks in front of my face, lying back on the couch with my legs and pussy wide open, even a couple with someone's fingers in my pussy and asshole. I even posed for a few while pumping a beer bottle in and out of my pussy, and with me squating over it, riding it like a cock. I felt like a porn star!

I was getting horny again with all of the picture taking. I told the boys to stand close together so I could try fitting both cocks in my mouth at the same time. I sucked each one separately until both guys were hard, then pulled them close and got my mouth over both of them. I couldn't get them very deep, but I'm sure it must have made for a kinky picture. I sucked the two of them together for a few minutes, while Tony took plenty of pictures. Then it was time for round two.

I had Damon lie down on the deck, then I lower myself onto his cock, reverse cowgirl style. I had Tony stand to one side and started sucking his cock, while bouncing on Damon. From this angle Tony could get pictures of his brown cock sliding into my mouth, my big bouncing boobs, and my pussy wrapped around Damon's cock below, all in the same shot. Too bad he didn't have a video camera for our little threesome. I fucked and sucked the two of them in that position for about fifteen minutes, before we switched it up.

I hadn't tasted Damon's cum yet, so I wanted him in my mouth. I laid down on my back on the couch, with my head over the ladder opening. Tony got between my legs and pulled them up over his shoulders, leaned forward, and slid his cock into my pussy. I had Damon stand at the end of the couch, tilted my head back, and pulled him into my waiting mouth.

Tony pushed my legs further back, so they were now near my shoulders, then he started pounding my pussy hard. I started moaning around Damon's cock, as I pulled him back and forth between my lips. After a couple minutes, I let go of Damon and let him fuck my mouth at his own pace. I started pinching my nipples with one hand, and rubbing my clit with the other. I must have looked like a total slut, getting fucked in both ends while I played with myself, the camera clicking away the whole time. I didn't care, it felt so fucking good!

They fucked me like that for another ten minutes or so. Tony was the first to cum, (besides me cumming constantly that is). He pounded my pussy hard and fast, then pulled his cock out of me, and shot his cum up between my breasts, clear to my chin. Damon pumped my mouth for a couple more minutes, until I felt him tense up, push deep into my mouth for his first shot. Then he pulled out of my mouth, and shot the rest of his load all over my face. When he finished cumming, I pulled his cock back into my mouth and sucked him dry. I must have been a site, covered in cum from my boobs to my forehead. I scooped it into my mouth the best I could and swallowed it down.

After about twenty minutes of chatting we all got dressed. All three of us walked out to my car. We said our goodbyes and I drove off. I could feel the squishiness inside my ass all the way home.

It was probably another month before I saw Tony again. It was a Friday night and I had called him to get together. I met him at the gate and we went down to the boat. We fucked inside on the bed for the first time. It was a cool, rainy evening, so there wasn't much choice. I'll admit it wasn't as exciting as being up above where anyone could see us if they wanted to. It also ended up being the first time I spent the night. We fucked again sometime during the night, and again in the morning. Tony bought me breakfast before I went home.

I saw Tony off and on for a few more months, not often, maybe once every two or three weeks. It was purely sexual. I knew he was a player, and I had a couple other one night stands too. We hardly even kissed, just got down to business. Then Tony took a job with his brother in Southern California and moved away.

About six months later I met my second husband. We had been dating regularly for a couple of months. At some point my fiancé said his best friend was going to be in town for the weekend and he wanted me to meet him. I didn't think much of it until we were driving to the Everett Marina. When we entered the bar, there was Tony, my fiancés best friend.

We both pretended not to know each other and shook hands. We all made small talk and had a few drinks and snacks. When my fiancé went to the bathroom we finally had a couple minutes to talk. Tony said I had to pay him to keep quiet. I didn't know if he was serious or not, but since he had pictures of me fucking and sucking him and his friend, I wasn't going to take a chance. He said a blowjob would do. I didn't want to ruin things with my fiancé so I agreed. When my date came back I excused myself to go to the bathroom. A minute after I entered the ladies room, Tony came in. He said he told my date he had to meet someone and would be back later. I hadn't expected to have to do this right now, I thought he meant sometime this weekend.

We went into a stall. I sat on the toilet and Tony stood in front of me. He pulled his cock out and I started sucking it. I knew I didn't have a lot of time, so I applied as much suction as I could, and stroked him with my hand. I sucked and pumped as fast as I could, hoping to get this over with quickly. Unfortunately my neck started getting sore, so I held my head still and started pulling Tony into my mouth. He quickly got the idea, grabbed my head and started pumping into me, now fucking my mouth. As I held onto his ass he kept going a little deeper on each stroke. I started to gag, but forced it back. I didn't have time to slow things down. Eventually he had his whole cock pumping into my mouth and throat. Another minute and he started cumming. I coughed a bit, as his first spurt shot out while he was all the way in my throat. I pushed him back before the rest deposited on my tongue. He zipped up and we both exited the stall. I told him I was going out first, he was on his own. I went back out and met my fiancé like nothing had happened.

Tony had me suck him off a couple more times when he was in town, and I ended up fucking him once more, the night before my wedding in Reno. He was the best man.

My fiancé and I had separate hotel rooms before the wedding. You know the whole "can't see the bride before the wedding thing." He was planning on going out with his friends that night anyway, and I went out with my mom and sister. Around midnight I got a call from Tony. I knew what he wanted and I couldn't risk things now. I answered and gave him my room number.

I slipped on a bathrobe when I heard the knock at the door. I let Tony in and sat on the edge of the bed. I could tell he was drunk and hoped I could just suck him off and get him out of here quickly. He took his pants off and staggered in front of me. I slid my mouth onto his cock and started working him to full erection. As I was sucking his cock, Tony untied my bathrobe and opened the front. He started playing with both of my boobs, one in each hand. He seemed to be having trouble standing still, swaying back and forth. He mumbled something about needing to go pee, and then started pissing in my mouth. I pulled my head back and got sprayed in the face and down the front of me. I squeezed his cock hard and told him to stop, which he did.

Luckily I had the robe under me so none of it got on the bed. I pulled Tony into the bathroom and told him to use the toilet. I turned on the shower and climbed in to rinse myself off. As I was soaping my front and face, I felt Tony's hands on my back. He was in the shower behind me. He grabbed me by my hips and slid his cock into my pussy. I didn't want to make a scene, not knowing what he would do being so drunk, so I rinsed off my face and turned the water off. I bent over at the waist and rested my hands on the edge of the tub. Tony pumped into me from behind. He fucked me for quite a while, like twenty minutes passed and he still hadn't cum yet. I had gotten close a couple times, but couldn't seem to go over the edge.

That quickly changed. Tony held himself inside me, and then I felt a warm pressure in my pussy. Suddenly hot liquid started running out over my clit and down my legs. Tony was pissing inside me. I came hard! I started rocking forward and back onto his hard cock, still pissing into me. I never felt anything like this, it was incredible. I started moaning nonstop, riding the high of my orgasm. Tony kept peeing and swayed back to far. His cock came out of me, hot piss spraying directly on my clit. That sent me off on another, even stronger orgasm. I grabbed his cock behind me and directed the spray onto my pussy and clit. It felt amazing. I came yet again, and blacked out for just a second or two.

As the flow coming out of his cock started to lessen, I turned to face him, dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I'm not sure why, after being initially repulsed by it, but now I wanted the last of his piss in my mouth. I sucked as the last of his stream was slowing, and swallowed his urine. I continued to suck his cock until I got every drop of piss, and kept sucking, maybe hoping for more. After another minute or so, he finally started cumming in my mouth. Of course I swallow that too.

I had never seen a guy that was able to pee while he was fully erect before. Maybe it had something to do with how drunk he was. I wish I knew, so I could explore that sensation again sometime. It was so nasty, but maybe that's part of why it felt so good.

I turned the shower back on and rinsed us both off. I had to wash my hair as well. When we were finished I dried Tony and told him to get dressed, while I dried myself off, taking longer to dry my hair. When I came out of the bathroom, Tony was passed out on my bed still naked. I knew there was no way I was going to wake him up, so I set the alarm clock for six in the morning and crawled in bed beside him.

I awoke a few hours later to the full weight of Tony on top of me. I was lying on my stomach with my arms underneath my belly and my hands part way between my breasts. Tony had a hand on each of my boobs, squeezing my nipples, while he slammed his cock into my pussy hard and fast. I didn't say anything, just arched my back and spread my legs to get him in deeper, and laid there staring at the clock. It was almost four thirty. I don't know how long he had been on top of me before I woke up, but he fucked me like that for almost thirty minutes. I came once, but kept hoping he would piss inside of me again and give me that great feeling one more time. It never happened.

He finally started moaning that he was almost there. I told him I wanted him to cum on my asshole, like Damon had. I'm not sure if he even knew what Damon had done, but he pulled his cock out of my pussy and pressed it against my asshole. I wasn't lubed up like before, but with his full weight on top of me, his seven inch cock made its way into my bowels. This time it hurt. He didn't go slow like his friend had done, he just slammed into me like he was fucking my pussy. I screamed into my pillow. Luckily he only had that one stroke left, and started to spurt deep inside my asshole. He pulled out as soon as he stopped cumming, before he went limp. I felt like my rectum was on fire.

I told him he had to get out of here before everyone woke up. The wedding wasn't until that afternoon, but my mother's room was just down the hall and I was meeting her for breakfast in a few hours. He got dressed and left without saying a word.

The wedding went off without any problems. I never did anything with Tony again. I actually never saw or heard from him again after the reception that night. I heard he had a heart attack and had passed away about a year later. I never told my now ex-husband.

I wish I had gotten copies of those pictures.

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