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Complete Sexual Fulfillment

Here I stand in front of a full length mirror. My eyes go straight to that 8cm band of virgin white skin between the top of my lacy, sheer black, thigh-length stay-ups and the bottom frill of my black boy-leg panties. I think it looks so sexy! I have on a pair of 6 inch black patent stiletto heels. That is all I am wearing. I enjoy looking so sexy and feminine.

Over my left shoulder I see you approaching from behind. In contrast the band of flesh is dark and satiny. Nicely set-off between the white lacy top of your stay-ups and the frill at the bottom of your favorite white satin panties - we make a perfect Ebony and Ivory. Other than a pair of 6 inch bright red open toe stilettos, you have nothing else on. You are tall, sleek and slender ... oh those long, long silky soft legs travelling endlessly up to your perfectly rounded firm buttocks!

You place your hands gently on my shoulders, and, with your finger-tips trace a line down underneath my upper arms and slowly along my sides underneath my arms and toward my breasts, the palms of your hands brushing slightly against my hardening nipples. I close my eyes at the electricity pulsing from my nipples down to between my legs; my treasure there begins to rise in unison with my nipples. So begins this first phase called - DELIGHT. You delight in thrilling every inch of my body, as though you have suddenly found a chest of precious jewels. I delight in the magic of your touch. Very, very lightly you circle my nipples with one finger of each hand. Round and round endlessly arousing them to an amazing hardness. I revel in your touch. Almost imperceptibly you scratch each nipple oh so lightly with the nail on each index finger. I am getting so excited. You keep this up for several minutes; I feel like it could last forever; it is so arousing. You flatten your palms fully, but softly on each of my breasts, molding them as you cup them firmly and squeeze your fingers deeply into the flesh, massaging them several times before returning to the tantalizing touch on my nipples. Alternating the nipple stroking with the massaging, and occasional tweaking (I like that HARD - don't forget to bite hard on my nipples when we get to that part - don't be shy, I will yell if it hurts too much!) you thrill me to crazy heights of passion. For now the focus is on softness, subtle touching, gentleness. There is plenty of time for rough stuff later.

Your hands now travel down over my stomach, and your finger-tips slide into the top of my black panties. I inhale in anticipation; but you withdraw your fingers and let them travel down the outside of my thighs, repeating the same insertion and withdrawal of your finger-tips on the elastic tops of my stay-ups. Further on down leaving my stay-ups in place, you find my knees and begin to retrace upwards your fingers titillating my inner thighs, your thumbs just brushing my private parts and your fingers the tip of my swelling sex center as you trace your touch out over the front of my upper thighs, my hips and waist. My pelvic area is straining against my panties, begging to be released. But you want to keep it imprisoned a little longer.

Your fingers once more find my nipples and begin to work them. You press your fingers firmly grasping both my breasts, squeezing and massaging, tweaking the hardened nipples. I close my eyes and roll my head back. You drop your head, your dreads cascading over my shoulders. You move them to one side and guide your lips to mine; I lean back further. Your lips are on mine; with your right hand you pull my head further back towards you. I am on tip-toe as your mouth smothers mine and your tongue wanders in. I greet it with mine, and the two tongues move against each other enjoying the familiar feelings, lips and tongues sliding and slipping against each other, each bringing untold pleasure to the other.

Your hands drift down over my waist, hips and stomach, stopping at the line of my panties once more. Your fingers insert themselves, the tips rubbing over my pubic mound. I feel the back of your fingers and nails rubbing up against the top surface of my swollen thing. I want you to hold it and make it your own. But no, you withdraw your fingers again, leaving me panting and disappointed. I feel I am ready for you, but you are keeping me waiting.

As you begin to explore every inch of my body with your hands, lips and tongue, my disappointment subsides, as you take me to higher levels of ecstasy. Your long, strong arms encircle me, holding me close, safe protected, secure. Without releasing your hold on me you move around to face me. Your hands drop to my buttocks and pull me hard into you. Pressed firmly together, lips are touching, chests are touching, stomachs are touching, hard members, thighs, knees are touching. I ease my left foot from under yours (we have discarded the heals, I don't know when, during our first few passionate embraces), and curl it around the back of your right calf, anaconda-like coiling your lower leg, pulling you closer and closer, tighter and tighter. You grip my less than ample buttocks hungrily, and, although I know my smooth soft lilly-white bum cannot compare with the roundness and firmness of yours, the way you handle me makes me feel more than adequate in that area. You hold me as if I were the only one in the world for you. You seem to truly delight in touching me, feeling me yield to your caresses. I feel one with you, longing for the ultimate consummation of feeling you deep inside me.

I breathe in deeply and then exhale,"I am ready for you Darling, take me, possess me, make me your own. Fuck me! Fuck me! Lover, fuck me like never before!"

You lower your head to my ear and I hear you whisper, "No." I am confused. perplexed, mystified.

Then firmer and louder "NO!"

You place your hands on my shoulders, and begin to push me away until I am at a full arm's length from you. I stand head bowed, hands clasped across my pubic area in a weak attempt to cover my shame. I am exposed, rejected, unprotected, vulnerable.

"No, I have pleasured you to levels you have never known, now it is my turn, my turn to have you pleasure me," came the harsh retort.

I am a little relieved; so I am not totally rejected? Is there is hope of a way back for me?

"I want you to suck my cock...I want you to lick my balls .. I want you to finger my pussy ... I want, I want , I want."

Everything coming from your once sweet lips is now almost a cruel DEMAND. We have started the second "D" phase. I immediately obey and fall to my knees to gobble at your penis. No problem here; this is going to be easy. All I want to do is please you, all you want is to be pleased by me. I am willing and able to do whatever you require of me.

I proceed to eagerly obey you every whim, desire and demand. Inside and out, with my fingers, hands, lips and tongue you have me touch every conceivable area of your body. No requests are made of me, only demands. I quickly comply, enjoying the prospect of bringing you pleasure, as you have done for me. However, no matter what I do, or how eagerly I obey, nothing seems to satisfy you.

"Do you enjoy my body?" you ask.

"I love it," I respond.

"Then show me. I want to HEAR you express your enjoyment, your desire, your lust."

Immediately I begin to moan and groan as I suck your penis. I tell you how much I love it, how you are the only one who can satisfy me. How you make me feel. How hungry I am for you. How much I ache for you to be inside me. Still nothing seems to get through to you.

You begin to order me to obey you. No more "I want", but all your demands now become commands.

"Suck my cock ... Lick my balls ... finger my pussy."

Still, I urgently comply with every order barked from your masterful mouth. Somehow, I enjoy the feeling of being controlled by you. I am completely submissive, and you have become completely DOMINANT - "D" number three - DOMINATION. I enjoy doing everything you command. At this point there is nothing, and I mean nothing, I won't do for you or to you, or let you do to me. I think if you order me to run naked in the street I will do it, just to please you. Indeed, some of the things you tell me to do, I think you just want to see how far I will go, and what ridiculous lengths I will go to to please you.

"Stand up ... sit down ... lie on your stomach ... on your back!" you bark your orders at me.

Without hesitation I do it all. You order me to lie flat back down on the bed. Standing facing my feet, your legs either side of my body, you lower yourself, squatting over me. Lower, your buttocks approach my face. Now you are sitting on my face, my mouth and lips pressed against your pussy. My nose is squeezed firmly between your butt cheeks. My tongue flicks over your pussy entrance and wanders inside, circling, rimming the fragrant passage to pleasure. I suck with my lips, trying all I can to eat you up. After some minutes of this mutual pleasure, you command me to stand up off the bed.

"Get me a glass of water." Another sudden order from your delicious, demanding lips.

I run to get it placing it on the floor next to you. You drop to your knees and begin eating me, sucking and licking on it, bringing me to the brink of climax, but not quite, as I restrain myself with all my strength. So eagerly are you engaged with your meal that your mouth fills and overflows with saliva. It runs down your chin and splashes to the floor.

"Pass me the glass."

I hand it to you. You catch the excess spittle in the glass of water. You empty your overflowing mouth with the rest of your saliva. It forms a bubbly, slimy mass on the surface of the water. You carry on sucking, gobbling and licking, filling your mouth over and over with saliva and emptying it onto the surface of the water until it covers the water surface, giving the appearance that the glass is full of saliva. Suddenly you stop sucking, ordering me to get to my knees. As I fall to my knees you raise the glass to my lips. "Drink!" No hesitation I do so. The water fills my mouth, but the saliva stays floating on the surface, only small amounts entering as I swallow the water. The water finished, you tilt the glass almost vertically at my lips and the frothy, slimy, bubbly saliva dribbles down the length of the glass and fills my mouth. You don't have to tell me; I swallow it all. It continues to run from the glass - three mouthfuls down the hatch. I take the glass from your hand and drain it, licking around the edges so that there is no trace of the liquid left. I think you are surprised at how willing I am to please you. At the same time, I detect that you are at last pleased with me. I am hypnotized by your masterful ownership of me.

"Go to the bathroom. Wait in the shower for me. Sit on the floor."

I cannot imagine why I should now be banished to the bathroom, but I go without a sound. I wait for you. Only you know what you have in mind for me there in the shower. I hope it is something new and exciting. Perhaps some further humiliation, or perhaps just a warm shower together. I really hope it IS something new, exciting ... AND humiliating!. I just wait ... and wait. Finally you enter, a look of mischief on your face. Your penis is no longer erect, but still has a fullness about it as it hangs over me. I can still see a picture of it in my mind, from the open eye, over the folding foreskin and up the ample shaft to the lovely mound of shaven flesh at its base. What is in store for me now? My little secret! I CAN tell you, it IS something new for me. It IS something amazingly exciting. It IS something deliciously HUMILIATING.

After the shower adventure, we return, cleaned up and dried off, to the bedroom.

"Tell me, bitch, you love cock don't you?!"

"Yes, I love it."

"Yes you love it, what?"

"Yes, I love it, my Mistress. But I love yours most of all."

"Liar! you are just a cock-sucking, cock-fucking slut. You will suck and fuck any cock, as many as you can get". How many did you have today before coming to me?"

"None, my Queen. I love only yours". I only go for others when I can't have yours."

"How many this week?"

"None, only you Mistress."

"Lying bitch! Tell me the truth. I want the truth. Fuck slut, Tell me the most you have had in one session."

I can see that lies will not get me off the hook.

"Well, I do go to this hangout, where there is plenty of cock on offer. One time I had sucked 12 cocks without even trying. But last week I was there and the cocks were coming fast and furious. Long ones, short ones, fat ones, bent ones, straight ones, cut, uncut. I enjoy sucking them all. Every one is a bit different. On this occasion, I decided to go for the record. I sucked 17 dicks in a session of one and half hours. At one point I had 3 cocks in my mouth simultaneously. What a lovely mouthful. Three of them shot their loads. One was sweet and pleasant, so I swallowed, but the other two were bitter and salty. I spat them out. I have never tasted cum as sweet and delightful as yours, and that is the absolute truth, my Master. I was fucked by three lovely cocks, and they all shot their loads into the the condoms covering the members deep inside my pussy. Not one cock has satisfied me or made me feel so possessed as yours my King. That again is the truth and that is why I keep coming back to you.

"So now, I have been completely honest with you, Mistress. You are right, I am a cock-sucking, cock-fucking slut, I admit it. But it is also the truth that your touch, your lips, your tongue, your pussy, your penis are the ones I long for, and will always come back to for more. Of all the others, no one possesses me or takes me over like you ... they don't even come close. You are my Mistress, Master, King, Queen and Lover all rolled into one. Where is there another that can compare with you?"

"At last the truth!" you exclaim, and seem pleased with this break-through.

I feel better now, and sense I am regaining your favor. What a relief. I am once more on my knees. You have completely dominated me, and I am completely submitted to you. It's where I belong.

Then, suddenly, SLAP! Your right hand stings my face. Slap again, the other cheek!. My head lowers.

"You must be punished for being the bitch, the slut that you are."

"Of course," comes my dejected, submissive, compliant reply. Still on my knees. With a shock we have arrived at the final "D" for DISCIPLINE.

"Bend over!" I bend. "Face on the floor!"

My face presses against the cold tiled floor.

You plant your left foot on the back of my neck, pushing my face flat to the floor. You begin to spank my exposed buttocks with your right hand.

You inform me, "I can see the red lines of my fingers across your lily-white butt cheeks."

Faster and harder, your slaps sting at my rear.

"Now, your lily-white is completely RED," you laugh.

Faster,faster, harder, harder. My bum tingles and glows, warmth coming from it like a radiator heater. I squeal, moan and whimper at the pain and pleasure of each stroke.

"I am your slave-bitch, my Queen, give me what I deserve." The words gurgle from the back of my throat.

"Back on your knees!" I rise to my knees.

"Open your mouth!" wider ... wider bitch!"

My lips are stretched back, my mouth open as far as I can. With a massive thrust, your cock slams into my mouth and straight down my throat. Involuntarily, my mouth and lips close around your prick.

"Don't close your mouth, bitch!"

I open wide again. You pull out and straight in again. Again my lips encircle your lovely tool.

"Don't close!" you yell.

On the third thrust, I keep my lips, mouth and throat fully open. I gag a little, Then out and in again, slight gagging, then out and in again. Your cock is dry and rough on the back of my throat. You squeeze a great blob of your sweet strawberry gel over your cock and another into my mouth. BOOM, your cock is in my throat again. Easier, no gagging. You are fucking my mouth and throat like a machine.

"How many cocks was it? Seventeen?"

"Yes, seventeen."

You thrust in the full length of your member deep in my throat.

"One!" you shout. Again, "two!" again "three! ...

"ten ... fifteen!, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty!!"

On the twentieth thrust you leave your cock fully down in my throat.

"When you come next time I will expect you to have broken the new record - 20 cocks in one session. Do you understand?"

I nod vigorously.

I can feel your balls pressing against my chin and your pubic mound against my top lip. With your cock still deep in my throat, you push two fingers into my mouth over the teeth of my bottom jaw. You lift your balls and drop them over my teeth into my mouth.

"Now close."

My upper lip encircles the base of your shaft and my bottom lip closes over your balls. Your full three-piece is entirely in my mouth and throat. I breath through my nose only.


I suck as best as I can. Difficult, but somehow, amazingly pleasurable. Just imagine - all of your genitals engulfed by my mouth, tongue and throat in one go.

"I am not finished with you yet." (as if I wanted this to end anyway; I am absorbed in absolute pleasure). "Turn around and bend over."

"Yes, Master."

What other degradation, sheer humiliation can there be?

"Open your pussy ... wide."

I grip the cheeks of my ass, and pull them apart, opening my love-tunnel as far as I can. I clench and release my pussy muscle inviting your intrusion. You slap heavy portions of strawberry gel on your weapon and my welcoming, slippery softness. Before I can take a breath you are into me, right up to the hilt. I suck in air with a groan. Shocking, unexpected, but deliciously amazing. My head rams the bottom of the bed as you plunge into me. You pull out.

I grab the end of the bed with both hands in preparation for the next attack. You grab my hair with both hands and pull my head back fiercely. It feels like my neck will snap. The second barrage hits me, my elbows buckle, the whole bed thuds against the back wall and my feet bump up off the floor. The sensation inside me is explosive.

"You say you were fucked by 3 cocks?"

With the next pounding you count, "one!" then, "Two!" up to to 10. Like a jack-hammer your power tool delivers ten devastating wrecking-ball bursts into my rear!! What violent wonder!! I can't stand it ... but I do, and am rewarded with amazing shuddering sensations in my deepest parts. This is a place I have never been to before, and I wonder if I will ever go there again?

"Ten cocks inside you by next time. That's ten in one session. Do you think you can manage that?"

"It is a bit of a challenge, but I will apply myself to the task," I respond teasingly.

"Good". Your punishment is over. But I am not finished with you yet. The rest will be for your utmost pleasure. Get on your back and put your feet over your head against the headboard of the bed."

Wow, still more to come, and now I am right back in favor with you again. What is more is that we now have a completely open and honest relationship. I have hidden nothing from you and kept nothing from you. Whatever you have in mind right now, I will give myself totally to you, and I will take whatever you have to give. Fuck me forever!!

I jump eagerly onto the bed and position myself as told, with my fingers pulling my pussy open as wide as I can. Like a Ferrari at full speed you come at me and bury you lovely cock inside my gaping love tunnel. One massive thrust and your pelvic bone crashes against mine as your member is hammered to its full length into me. Then you start to go through the gears, 0 to 100 in 5 seconds!! You are hammering into me at a ferocious speed. I thrash my head from side to side, my whole body shuddering at the pleasure of the impact of your entire genital area on me, in me, all over me. You take me to ecstasy (and no pill involved!). Within minutes I am cumming and cumming and cumming, the juice pumping out of me in massive thick creamy bursts. You pull out , peal the gossamer covering from your weapon, cock it several times and begin firing it like an automatic machine gun all over my face. I love the warm smell and slippery feel of it. Streaks of the creamy stuff are slashed across my face, my eyelids, my forehead and chin. Some dribbles down the side of my cheeks, tickling as it runs down each side of my neck. When you have squeezed the last few drops onto my lips, you scoop globs of it up with two fingers and begin to smear it over my lips. My lips part slightly but willingly, and you push your fingers in. Welcoming the intrusion, I close my mouth and suck you fingers like there is no tomorrow.
"Mmmmm .. delicious!" I muse.

You glide down to my stomach and take my still engorged penis in your mouth, pressuring a few last drops of sweet-tasting, sweet-smelling cum from it. The sweet smell of our sex fills my nostrils, the taste of it my mouth.

Finished, you address me again as the dominant mistress you are, "ok, get up, clean yourself off, get dressed and fuck off bitch."

I do as I am told.

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