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Claiming Ruby

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How she ended up living in a "Podunk" town like Driftwood, Texas Ruby would never understand. Her mother, Jennifer had insisted. Said her grandmother was getting older and needed them. Sure, that had made sense before Ruby did the math. She had just turned eighteen, which meant her grandmother was only fifty-four. Not exactly decrepit. When Ruby pointed this out to Jennifer, the thirty-six year old mother had shushed her daughter's protests with, "it's time to go home. That's all there is to it,'s time." The look on the middle aged woman's elegant face had been one that said she wasn't going to listen to argument.

The "reality" of Ruby's grandmother, Vivian had made Jennifer's argument even more ridiculous. A yoga instructor, Vivian was in top shape. Her petite five foot frame was trim, sculpted and sported firm size B breasts. Hair thick and blonde hung past her shoulders just like Ruby's and her mother's. All three of their faces were identical. Heart shaped with high cheekbones and slanted eyes made all three generations the object of male attention. Only their age and eyes differed. Ruby's were a light caramel brown. The other two had dark blue eyes that almost looked gray in the sunlight.

Looking around the small elderly house her Mother had rented Ruby frowned. Halloween was only hours away and the house showed no sign of the impending holiday. No one seemed interested this year. In fact her Mother had seemed miles away each time someone spoke to her. A small smile on her feline like face, Jennifer would only appear to listen. "This is unacceptable" Ruby fumed and with nothing better to do she decided to spend the day rectifying the problem.

Stepping into the dimly lit building she felt a little overwhelmed. Boxes from their home in Dallas stood stacked almost to the ceiling and were covered in dust. Rolling up the sleeves of her denim shirt she began squeezing her petite frame between the stacks. In only thirty minutes of rearranging the crowded garage she found the three orange and black tubs she had been looking for.

Excited she carried the tubs one by one into the small beige house. Brushing dirt from her faded low rise jeans she opened the first tub that read Halloween. Werewolves of every size and demeanor awaited her. Her mother, Jennifer loved all things werewolf and the house soon had them sitting spread throughout its few rooms.

Even though she adored children the eighteen year old didn't want to be stuck at home. Ruby's grandmother was hosting a small gathering at her home for a few old friends and her mom was going to be there too. Even though she was legally an adult now the two women sill treated the Ruby as if she were a child. Ruby was being left behind dressed as Little Red Riding Hood to hand out candy and to protect the fort. Resentment was building inside Ruby. She wasn't the one who had gotten pregnant at eighteen with no father in sight. No that was her mom and grandmother! She was the one though that hadn't even been allowed to really date. Frowning at the unfairness she continued decorating.

Finally she was satisfied. The small nineteen thirties house dripped with the scary and the amusing. Orange and black pillows lined the black leather sectional and large metal spiders sat on the black TV console. Werewolf figurines were scattered about and ghosts of varying sizes hung from the ceiling. It was perfect.

Flipping the switch by the front door Ruby turned on the orange outside lights she had strung around the wooden railing. Satisfied she had done all she could the young woman headed to get dressed for the night. A red cloak with a hood and a short red mini dress waited on the bed. Red stiletto heels completed the sexy outfit. Even though she was staying home on this special night she wanted to look her best.

Before getting into her costume, Ruby stared at herself in the mirror. Recently her body had finished its transition from girl to woman. Breasts that had been average became D's overnight and her hips had rounded into womanly curves. As her hand lightly stroked one of her engorged nipples she thought of the other changes that had been occurring. A feeling of emptiness was making her crazy. Her body seemed to cry to be filled.

Walking around all hours of the day, a hunger burned deep inside Ruby. Men seemed to be everywhere and having one touch her was all she could think about. She hadn't planned on still being a virgin at eighteen. It had just turned out that way. But she knew one thing for sure she didn't still want to be a virgin at nineteen.

Her reflection smiled back at her as one hand twisted one dark rose nipple and the other moved between her legs. Thinking about a man's hands on her body she caressed herself. Moisture met her hand as she lightly stroked her slit with one red tipped finger. Dark blonde hair covered her mound but her lips were shaven clean as her friends had told her it should be.

One finger became two as she began circling her clit with more force. Moaning slightly she continued watching herself rub at the engorged nub. A tension that had never been released screamed inside her. Frantically she sought relief from the overwhelming ache that just wouldn't go away. Though the need for release rose with her movements, satisfaction stayed beyond reach. Frustrated, Ruby licked her fingers clean without thinking and went to get dressed. She needed to rid herself of the ache.

Slipping the tight red dress over her head she smiled. The clingy knit material clung to her every curve. Her hips looked full and her waist tiny. Nipples tingled as she looked at the plunging neckline. Both of her breasts stood firm without the need of a bra. Brown eyes heavily lined in black and full lips painted whore red gave her that "naughty" little girl look that boys always seemed to notice. She knew she had to find a way to get out of the house.

Slipping into her red stilettos and grabbing her satin hooded cape she returned to the old fashioned square kitchen and grabbed a Diet Dr. Pepper. Bored and restless she paced around the small house. Energy bristled beneath her skin and her heartbeat raced as she listened for the sounds of children.

She didn't have to wait long. The old neighborhood was filled to the brim with kids and one after another they arrived. Princesses, super heroes, soldiers, butterflies and every assortment of costumes rang the doorbell. As the night deepened under the full moon the children became older and scary costumes replaced the adorable. Despite the ten o'clock curfew Driftwood had imposed on trick-or-treaters, young teenagers continued ringing the bell until close to eleven.

Only a few pieces of candy remained when the bell rang at midnight sharp. Ruby, still in her costume was startled. Unsure what to do at this late hour she tiptoed to the front window. Knocking a ghost that hung from the ceiling out of her way she peered through the plastic blinds on the front window. All she could see was the back of a tall figure. Dressed all in black the moonlight could only reveal so much about the mysterious stranger.

Heartbeat racing she paused on the way to the door. Both her mother and grandmother had told her to be careful. Something inside her told her she was not being particularly smart as she turned the antique metal doorknob. Her breath caught as she looked up to the impossibly tall stranger. Bright green eyes shone in the darkness and filled her with trepidation. Shaking herself slightly she continued to stand staring as if she were transfixed.

"I'm sorry to disturb you...I'm lost. I was supposed to be at a party hours ago and my cell phone died..." A voice low and warm continued. "Would it be possible to use your phone?" His voice caused Ruby discomfort as she felt herself moisten.

Worry creased Ruby's delicate brow as she remained speechless. It didn't make sense, she never ran out of something to say. It had been a joke amongst her friends at her last school... This man had done nothing more than make a request yet she still felt dumbstruck standing so near him. Reaching out her hand she spoke in a voice that sounded small and childlike, "I'm Ruby...of course you can use my phone...where are you trying to get?"

And as he told her, her stomach jumped. That was her grandmother's address. Stepping back she held the door open and invited him in. As he left the darkness of the porch he stepped into view. More handsome than any man she had ever seen before he towered over her small frame. She couldn't help but stare.

There was something strangely compelling about him. It wasn't just the contradiction between his jet black hair and startling green eyes. Energy that brimmed with masculinity surrounded his obviously muscular frame and demanded attention. "And her body seemed to be complying." She thought as she felt her nipples hardening.

That's my grandmother, Vivian's address...I'll draw you a map."

His eyes moved slowly from hers and continued down her plunging neckline. There was no way to ignore her protruding nipples beneath the thin fabric and he smiled. She squirmed beneath his intense gaze. The thundering of her heart filled her head as the clean woodsy smell of him enveloped her. Longing intense and primitive struck her and she felt dizzy and unsure.

Now staring at the angular beauty of her face his voice became rougher and somehow more compelling. "It's obvious...I should have seen it immediately. You are as stunning as Vivian and Jennifer...I've known them both for decades and the resemblance is remarkable." The word stunning echoed in her young mind as she wrote the directions down and handed it to him. Her delicate red tipped fingers shook as she handed it to him.

"I'm Lucas...I hope I see you there..." His deep voice left no doubt that he meant it." I have to go I'm expected for dessert and Vivian always has the most delightful treats to eat. I just hope I'm not too late." His smile changed as he imagined what was waiting for him.

" Mom and Grandmother told me I had to stay in. We haven't lived here long and they didn't..." Her voice trailed off. She couldn't remember exactly why she wasn't supposed to go.

Leaning down to the confused and very young woman, he took her jaw into his large darkly tanned hand. Black curly hair covered his well-defined arm and Ruby couldn't take her eyes off the tattoo dominating his forearm. A black wolf with its head raised and howling unsettled her even more. Her slanted caramel eyes widened as he lifted her head.

"I'm Lucas...I'm so glad it was your door I knocked on." With that he kissed the corner of her red lips. Immediately desire surged through her every cell and she sighed. Chuckling, he let himself out the front door. Moving to the door she watched him walk away. Tight Levi jeans highlighted his ass and the tight black t-shirt he was wearing clung to his sculpted back. Before she could turn away he began running in the direction of her Grandmother's house. "That was strange...he didn't have a car."

Turning off the porch light she closed the purple door with the Halloween wreath on it and locked it.

It was his eyes, she told herself. She had never seen green eyes like his. Dark green with flecks of gold they had mesmerized her. In fact standing so close to his broad frame had made breathing difficult and thought even more challenging. Inwardly she cringed. Though mature on the outside Ruby had always been teased for acting childish. She couldn't help it, not really. When she got excited she did generally lose control. That was probably the reason she sighed, I was told to stay inside on the one night the small Texas town of Driftwood went wild.

Pacing back and forth she tried to calm her heart. She couldn't. And how young was he when he met her Grandmother? If they had been friends for decades that meant they had met when Lucas couldn't have been more than a child. He hadn't looked a day over thirty even though she had felt small and childlike when he looked at her.

Her caramel eyes seemed troubled as she struggled with respecting the matriarchs of her family and doing what she wanted. What she found harder and harder to deny was that she felt strongly compelled to follow the mysterious stranger. In a moment her decision was made. Throwing caution to the wind she grabbed her red hobo bag, stuffed the remaining candy in it, pulled up the hood of her red cape and headed out into the moonlit night. A shiver ran through her as she locked the door. Vivian had told her more than once the neighborhood was "iffy."

Looking both ways she headed down the tree lined driveway. Now she had another decision to make. If she stayed on the street it would be close to one AM before she reached her Grandmother's house. If she cut through a patch of live oaks and mesquite trees at the end of the block she would arrive in only a few minutes.

Thinking about how his full lips felt during the brief kiss made the decision for her. As she walked quickly to the waiting trees her red high heels made loud tapping sounds on the broken sidewalk. Cursing herself for not changing shoes she disappeared from sight as she stepped into the tree's embrace. Immediately darkness enclosed her as the moonlight was blocked.

It didn't take long for her to make it halfway down the path. Silence was interrupted occasionally by the sound of a stick breaking and the night air was cool as she continued carefully making her way. A small scream escaped Ruby's full lips when she felt movement behind her. A snapped twig confirmed her fear. Someone was directly behind her. Sweat broke out all over her now shaking body.

Putting her head down Ruby continued walking. She needed to run. "Stupid, stupid, stupid" played through her thoughts. There was no way she could outrun anyone in her four inch heels.

The reality of her situation struck her hard. No one knew where she was and she had foolishly taken a shortcut. She had been repeatedly warned to stay out of the woods. Slowly she turned her blonde head and screamed. Not more than one foot behind her stood two men, dark and tall. Two sets of dark green eyes with gold flecks glowed in the shadows of the night. The look in their eyes made Ruby want to scream again. Both men stood dressed in dark t-shirts and jeans and they were both leering at the defenseless girl like she was a delicate pastry.

" frightened me." Slowly she backed away.

And as the chuckled, they stepped forward in perfect rhythm. One moved to the left of her and the other to the right. Her eyes widened as she watched the two strangers block any hope of escape. Pulling her red satin cloak closer she regretted her decision and longed to be back home.

"'s okay. We won't let anyone or anything get you..." seeing Ruby's hesitation he took her slender right arm. As he did so the other slightly taller man took her left. Shivers traversed her body as their hands touched her lightly tanned skin. Completely surrounded she seemed even tinier.

"...that's right...nothing will happen that my brother and I don't want to...don't worry, you are in strong hands."

Their words were not the problem. It was the way they were looking down at her. Green eyes full of hunger traversed her curves and left Ruby wanting to whimper. It was strange. Her rapid heartbeat and trembling told her she was frightened but the building warmth between her legs made her want to see what these two had planned. "It didn't really matter." She thought. They weren't letting her go anywhere anytime soon. Their large hands were holding her in a firm grip.

"Who are you...why are you walking through the woods all alone?" It was a demand not a question.

"...I'm...uh...I'm Ruby. I'm headed to my grandmother's's not far this way."

"We couldn't be happier to meet you Ruby. I'm Damian and this is my younger brother, Drew." A voice that was soft still felt somehow threatening as the taller of the two men spoke.

Leaning further down, Damien inhaled the fresh fragrance emanating from the frightened girl. She was strikingly beautiful and smelled delicious. He wouldn't be able to spend much more time just talking. And as Damien was savoring her scent, Drew leaned over and lightly licked her cheek. "Mmmm, she tastes as sweet as she smells."

Panic struck Ruby as his tongue touched her flushed skin. Immediately she pulled back and they both broke out into laughter. What had started out as a boring Halloween night had turned scary and Ruby felt frozen in time. She didn't know what to do, so she looked down between her red heels.

"You look's too hot for a cloak. We'll help you." Ruby felt the autumn air touch her bare arms as the cloak slid into their serious hands. Now her too tight knit mini was revealed. Sparkly red fabric stretched over her large breasts and curved hips and stopped right beneath her bottom. Soft growls were heard as the men took in her impressive cleavage and inviting hips.

"I need to Grandmother will be worried." Goosebumps covered Ruby and she felt woozy under their combined gaze. "Please...Vivian will be worried." She was lying in hopes they would relent. Instantly her arms were released.

"Who is your Grandmother?" The elder brother's voice sounded serious.

"Vivian Conner...."

The air changed immediately. Now they reached for her tenderly and their eyes didn't threaten. A little more relaxed, Ruby smiled shyly. "You know her?"

"Yes," was said in unison and then both brothers added that they were headed the same way. Distractions had prevented them from getting to the Halloween party earlier. At the word distractions the brothers looked to one another and grinned. Ruby didn't want to know what the distractions were. The looks on their face had made Ruby quiver deep inside.

"We will walk you there. You don't have to be frightened. No one will harm you as long as you stay with us." This time when they took her arms Ruby felt comforted and protected. So much like the visitor from earlier she decided that all of them were in fact brothers. It was hard to believe that three such masculine and handsome men were going to her Grandmother's house. Anticipation coursed through Ruby as they walked. She just hoped her Grandmother wasn't unhappy to see her.

As they cleared the woods the moonlight reflected off the sleepy neighborhood. Most of the lights in the homes of the older neighborhood were off and candy wrappers and lost toys littered the wide street. Only one house still glowed in the moonlight. Two stories tall, the house stood set back from the street and surrounded by trees. Lights could be seen from most of the windows and a couple of men were sitting on the steps leading to the covered front porch.

Walking up the flower lined walkway the three approached the two men. Dressed similarly to the brothers escorting her the two African-American men were even larger. Green eyes with gold flecks stared back from the two seated men. Both sets of eyes lit up at the sight of Ruby and both grinned hungrily at the young woman.

"This is Ruby...Vivian's granddaughter." Drew quickly added. And again the air changed. Though still leering at Ruby they relaxed back into a more casual stance.

"I should have known." The one to the left responded smiling even bigger. "I didn't think you would be here. I was surprised by that. You did turn eighteen this year, didn't you?" His tone suggested knowledge that he shouldn't have and once more Ruby felt uncertain. Why did he know her age? Who were these men and where was her grandmother?

A smile plastered on her face she hurried up the stairs and grabbed the wrought iron doorknob. Before she could turn it, the taller brother, Damien appeared at her side. "You should let me go with you...there's no telling what you might see."
Ruby didn't understand what he meant but it didn't really matter anyway. She just wanted to find her mother and grandmother. Damien continued to hover behind her as she slowly stepped into the old Victorian style home. Electronic music and the smell of incense met her as she made her way towards the living area to the immediate left. Footsteps faltered and Damien caught Ruby as she stumbled.

Before a cry could escape her mouth, Damian's large hand closed over her full red lips. Carmel colored eyes grew wide as the scene unfolded before her. Her grandmother's normally formal sitting area had been transformed. Candles burned on every surface and sent shadows across the large room and masks that horrified hung from the ceiling. The floral couch to the left held three nude men watching her grandmother with another man devoid of clothing pressing his face between her grandmother's toned legs.

Glowing was the only word to describe the older woman on the floor. Red horns stuck out from a tangle of thick blonde hair and a red bow tie was around her slender neck. Blue eyes closed and head tilted back the yoga instructor moaned loudly. Her size B breasts stood proud and long pink nipples confirmed just how much pleasure she was receiving from the dark haired man lapping at her.

And as the older woman ground her hips against the man's face she began to twist her engorged nipples roughly. With grace a young red headed man slid from the couch and crawled to the side of the nude woman. Pushing her hand he suckled one of the woman's breasts into his mouth. When a sound reminiscent of an animal ripped from her grandmother's throat, Ruby gasped. It wasn't just shock that had made the young woman gasp. It was also how much she wanted what she was watching. She had never felt more heat in her core or more moisture between her legs as the scent of sex enclosed her.

Every eye in the room turned to the stunned young woman. A flush rose over chest and face as moisture continued building between Ruby's trembling legs and she whimpered. It was just too much to take in. Blue lust filled eyes caught her dazed ones and Ruby froze locked in her grandmother's lust filled gaze.

"Hey Baby...welcome. Your mom didn't think you were ready..." An expression she'd never seen before entered her beautiful grandmother's face. Suddenly Ruby tensed as the men tending to her grandmother smiled her way. The red head growled deep in his chest and went back to his play while the man between her grandmother's legs called to her.

"You made it...I thought you might." Lucas chuckled and with a smile returned to the bare pussy in his face. Immediately Ruby was forgotten as the two men lavished attention on the exotic looking older woman. A strong arm encircled Ruby's waist as she heard the sounds of skin slapping skin coming from the attached dining room. Pulling abruptly away she teetered on her red stilettos. Damien's strong hand steadied her.

Grunting and the sound of slapping erupted even louder from the other room. Ruby pushed herself forward and turned the corner in "L" shaped room. Bent over her Grandmother's dark cherry dining table was her mother getting pounded by yet another man with bright green eyes. Flat on the table Jennifer faced the wall opposite Ruby. Thick blonde hair was loose and twisted in the man's hand and a purple gypsy skirt was pushed over her pale bouncy cheeks. Sounds of a wild beast erupted from the heavily muscled man as he thrust repeatedly in and out of the moaning woman's pussy.

Sex surrounded Ruby and she didn't understand. Who were these men? Why was everybody acting like this was normal. Shame hit Ruby and hit her hard. Aching need deep within her was rising and gaining speed in the hedonistic atmosphere. She had been deceived by the two people that she cared about most and all she could think about was the man holding her arm. His fingers burned into Ruby and made her want much more from Damien.

As she watched her Mother's ample ass struck she felt Damien's hand begin to stroke the delicate flesh of her arm. Soon Ruby felt herself turned into his waiting arms. Small jolts of electricity struck at her core as she watched his darkly tanned fingers caressing her skin. Moisture building and nipples hardening made it clear to anyone watching or in this case smelling that this young woman was more than ready to learn what her body could do.

"...I've never..."

Now stroking her thick blonde hair he whispered into her perfectly shaped ear, "I know...and you won't be disappointed."

A light brief and intense flickered in his dark green eyes and sent a shiver down Ruby's spine. Electronic music continued to pulse in the candlelit room and scary looking masks hung overhead as Damien tilted Ruby's head up. The setting felt surreal and somehow made everything more confusing. Shaking her head she began to pull away.

On the floor listening to her mother get fucked was not how she wanted her first time to go. Not at all. Sensing her withdrawal Damien kissed her softly on the lips and he whispered for her to follow him. A roar began circling his head as he thought of having Ruby to himself, even if it was just going to be for a little while. Making sure she was with him he led her to the entryway where the narrow wooden stairs waited.

"Come on." Holding her hand he began encouraging her upstairs. Her curved ass swung in his face as they climbed the long staircase. A ravenous look flashed across his face as his eyes roamed over back and ass. The thin fabric of the mini dress stretched across her assets hid nothing from his eyes and he felt his massive cock begin to rise. Turning to the right at the landing he led her into the guest bedroom.

The door to this particular room had never been unlocked during Ruby's visits and now she knew why. It wasn't used for storage as she had been told it was a "fuck" room. Mirrors of all sizes and flecked with gold hung from ceiling and walls. Four full size mattresses covered in Red silky linens sat in a square in the middle of the cherry hardwood floors. The size of the combined mattresses suggested room for a crowd.

Gold incense burners of considerable size sat in the corners and candles flickered throughout the bold room. Two large black cabinets covered one wall and held mysteries behind locked doors. Adorning the top of the ornate piece of furniture was a collection of leather leashes and collars. Ruby gulped and looked up. The moon round and full shone down through a massive skylight and sent shadows dancing around the sexy space.

Stepping further into the room Ruby spun around and looked to Damien. Green eyes smoldered at her as he took the back of her head into his calloused hand. Seconds seemed like minutes as Ruby waited for his mouth. Pulled to her toes she leaned in and offered her parted mouth and kisses deep and searching began.

Ruby felt transported to another place and time as she melted into his broad chest. Damien's earthy clean scent enveloped the young virginal woman in its embrace and she sighed invitingly. Though excited, all nervousness left Ruby as she returned kiss for kiss. This was exactly what she had been craving.

Still kissing the young woman, Damien walked her backwards until her muscular legs brushed the enormous bed behind her. His hands now on both sides of her heart shaped face he stared into her lust filled caramel eyes. A woman both innocent and knowing looked back. His heart raced as he lightly traced her jawline with one large finger. "You are breathtaking...perfect." With a growl Damien lowered his mouth to her slender neck and nipped at the tender flesh.

His words enflamed the woman in his arms and Ruby pressed her willing body to Damiens'. Fire flickered through Ruby's veins as Damien continued chewing and kissing her neck. But it was the overwhelming heat in her core that made Ruby moan softly. And as her moans rose into the moonlit room, Damien felt his patience thinning. Hunger demanded he hurry but the purity of her youth made him struggle to move slowly. He wanted to take his time enjoying all that had never been touched.

Abruptly pulling back Damien stared intently at Ruby. Nipples already engorged became painful and the pressure in her core intensified under his scrutiny. She wanted more of his kisses and tried to pull him back. He didn't even budge. "Take off your dress, I want to look at you...please." Barely restrained aggression could be heard in his voice and Ruby couldn't understand why her body seemed to want him to lose control.

Her skin felt hypersensitive as she pulled the red knit dress slowly over her head. Goosebumps appeared as her lightly tanned skin was revealed. Damien gasped and bit his lower lip trying not to alarm her. It was pointless, his green eyes glowed with hunger as he took in her womanly perfection. Dressed only in red lace panties and four inch red heels she stood as if for inspection. With much effort Damien stepped back and while staring at her firm D breasts told Ruby to turn around. "Slowly, I want to see all of you."

"I feel silly." A small childish giggle escaped her as she playfully lifted her arms and started to spin. Growling low in his throat, he caught her hips as her back turned to him. Trembling inside, she stood still as he continued his exploration. One long finger traced down her spine and flames burned deep inside him as he felt just how soft her skin was. And as his finger stopped right above the waistband of her panties, Ruby whimpered for more.

Inhaling deeply Damien again practiced control. Her aroma was fresh and sweet smelling and he longed to taste her. Leaning down he lightly licked the curve of her shoulder. "...Mmmm, delicious." And his head moved lower. Small licks and bites continued down her back and made Ruby squirm and lose her breath.

Ruby's hips were well rounded but it was her cheeks that had caught his attention. Well developed and tightly muscled cheeks curved out from Ruby's tiny waist. Just a tiny scrap of red lace stood in his way. Grasping both sides of the lace he began to tug the panties down Ruby's taunt legs. First lifting one heel and then the other the young inexperienced woman happily exposed herself.

Now on his knees behind her Damien lightly traced the slit between her delightful cheeks with his finger and inhaled deeply. Salty sweetness beckoned to him as Saliva filled his mouth. he struggled against the need to consume her. Tiny licks on her crack made Ruby gasp louder. She hadn't expected this attention. Grasping the sides of her hips roughly he pulled Ruby back and pressed his face between her cheeks. As he inhaled deeply emotion raged inside the dark haired man.

Wiggling under his touch Ruby held her breath. Her heartbeat raced through her body and sparks of delight radiated from where he touched. Pleasure was replaced by surprise as he tongue began licking at her backdoor. As she started to ask why, he stood with intention. Pulling the dark t-shirt over his darkly tanned and muscular chest he growled. " Get on the bed."

Without removing her stiletto heels Ruby obeyed. Now sitting nude on the red satin covers she watched Damien strip. Dark curly hair covered his broad chest and a dark trail led below the waist of his jeans. Slipping the tight Levi's over his trim hips he leered at Ruby. The look in his eyes sent warmth radiating through the young girl and she smiled with satisfaction. As she smiled her first cock came into view. Darkly tanned and throbbing, it strained towards her. It was bigger than she had expected.

Her aroma filled the room and reminded Damien they wouldn't be alone for long. There was no way the pack wasn't smelling what was occurring upstairs. Quickly he crawled onto the large bed and pushed Ruby onto her back. Crawling on top of her he caught her caramel eyes with his serious green ones. For a moment he just stared at the creature in his arms. He hadn't expected to be mated this Halloween night. Forcefully he pinned her arms and in a serious tone asked, " do you want to be mine?"

"Yes" no thought was necessary. Her body had already made the decision.

"You would have to submit to me totally."

Trembling consumed her slight body and fear arrived. What was she doing? Why was he being so serious? She couldn't wait much more. The pressure between her legs begged for release and she whispered, "yes."

Leaning forward on his arms he stared unblinking into her eyes. " when you submit to submit to the pack." Instantly the similarity between the men gathered in her grandmother's home came into focus. Who were these handsome men? Before she could ask he growled a little louder, "do you submit to me...and my pack mates?

It was a snap decision, she knew that. Desire that had been growing since her birthday was in control. There was no way she could ask him to stop doing what she wanted most in the world. Pushing her lush hips up she replied, "yes."

Without delay he captured her red lips with his seeking ones. Kisses harder and more demanding than she had felt before assaulted her and she submitted joyfully. Pulling back, he cupped her ample breasts in his large calloused hands and began twisting and tugging on the rose colored nipples. Soon his mouth followed and he suckled first one tender nipple into his mouth and then the other.

Ruby radiated in his hands. This was what her body had screamed for. Gasps of pleasure entwined with pain entered the room as the gentle sucks on her nipples increased in intensity. Damien struggled to be gentle as he rolled her delicate flesh around his mouth. Playfully and just a little "too hard" he took turns chewing on her dark rose nubs.

Arching her slender back Ruby cried out in pleasure. Moisture felt like it was dripping from her as the need for relief became all consuming. "Please...please...please, " came from her parted lips like an unconscious chant as a flush deep and red covered her chest. . She wasn't even sure exactly what she was asking for but the demand was real.

Releasing her breasts he scooted down her body till he was face to face with her mound. Dark blonde curls were sparse and covered bare lips. Small pink lip were swelling as he watched and he licked his lips. Never had he seen anything more beautiful than the delicate folds opening before him and a sound primitive in nature erupted from him.

Ruby pushed forward without thought as she felt his tongue wiggle between her slit. Nothing could have prepared her for the explosions his tongue elicited as he lapped between anus and clit. Time and place disappeared as Ruby melted under his mouth.

Flavor more delicious than he had tasted filled his mouth as he continued lapping at Ruby's pussy. Swirling his tongue inside her deepest fold he drew more and more of her juice into his mouth. Muscles tensed and bristled down his muscular frame reflected in the moonlight as he continued drinking from the virginal young woman.

Grasping her own rose colored nipples between red tipped nails, Ruby began twisting and tugging. Back arched, she ground her pussy into Damien's face. Relief seemed so close it made her plead for release. Over and over again she moaned under him. Finally his attention settled on her hard clit. As he lightly licked her most sensitive area he worked one long finger into her slippery wetness. With care, he began to move his hand and thrust into her open pussy.

Ruby felt like an animal as she ground down against his invading finger. Wanting more she told him how good it felt. Not needing any further instructions he wiggled a second finger into her impossibly tight opening. His tongue increased in speed as he reveled in the feel of her clit in his mouth. And to the sounds of her joy, his hand continued fucking her.

Stretching her open, he inserted another finger. Without pause Ruby welcomed this new intrusion and her hips enthusiastically returned every movement. Warm slippery wetness coated his hand and face as he brought her closer and closer to satisfaction previously denied. As her body began to clench she cried out like a bitch in heat and wave after wave of pleasure was ripped from her.

Nectar unlike any he had ever tasted squirted into his mouth and he drank hungrily all that she had offered. Movement he felt rather than saw encircled the two lovers as he reared back and looked at the glowing woman beneath his large frame. The comparison of the two was striking. She appeared somehow smaller and more innocent next to his overwhelming size and dark good looks.

The smell of sex and male bodies filled the room as those who came to watch filled the space. Ruby lost in the aftermath of her first orgasm remained unaware of the men now watching her deflowering. Sounds that didn't need words hung in the air as he lifted her without effort and flipped her petite body over. Face in the satin sheet, Ruby felt him begin to kiss down her spine.

Every so often a bite would interrupt the flow of kisses and Ruby would whimper. Caressing her ass cheeks he placed a kiss on each. Wiggling she pushed back. His mouth could go where it wanted. She had told him that and had meant it. Ruby ached to be claimed.

Laughing at her eagerness he licked between her two rounded mounds. Tingling returned to Ruby and she squirmed for more. Damien couldn't wait one second more as reason was lost to lust. His large hands bruised her pale flesh as he yanked her onto all fours. Lust-filled laughter joined the room as Ruby's excitement intoxicated her senses.

Tenderness battled with animalistic urges as he lined up nine inches of throbbing cock to her tight virginal opening. . Tightness clamped down on him as he nudged further into the young woman. Ruby tensed as he filled her. Despite the pain she knew this was what she had been craving all along.

With one final grunt he thrust balls deep. Stretched beyond full Ruby' breath increased as her vulnerability struck deep and she felt a sharp tear. She really was his to do with as he wanted and the thought drove all others from her mind. Pleasure and satisfaction outweighed the soreness between her legs and she pushed back . Abruptly one tanned hand grabbed her thick blond hair and pulled her head back. Six green eyes met hers as Damien began to move.

Over and over again he plunged into her depths with one hand gripping her ass and the other holding her head pulled back. Ruby needed to know from the beginning what she had been born in to, what she had chosen. The three men lounging on the large floor pillows next to the bed continued to meet Ruby's glazed ones.

The need for release returned to Ruby as she reveled in the attention her body was being given. No thought was wasted on embarrassment. She loved being looked at and the men in front of her watching her get fucked only enflamed the crazed girl more. A grunt was expelled from her parted lips every time Damien struck bottom as the invasion continued.

Gripped between her legs, Damien pounded. Thoughts of tenderness had been long obliterated as the demands of his body increased. Now only the clenching in his balls mattered as he battered Ruby's tender flesh. Skin slapping skin accompanied Damien's growls as his movements became more driven. Jerking with a roar loud and masculine he shot wave after wave of seed deep into Ruby's sore pussy.

The sound coming from Damien filled Ruby with satisfaction to the core. Pleasure womanly in nature wound its way through her body as the power she never knew she had washed over her. Still twitching in ecstasy, Damien collapsed.

Pussy stretched around Damien's still rigid cock, Ruby sighed and settled down onto the sheet. Sexual energy emanated from the green eyes that remained transfixed on the entwined couple. With disbelief she watched her mother Jennifer walk into the room completely nude. Running her hand down the back of one of the men seated she smiled and began to give orders.
"Get out...all of you. Leave them alone. You'll get a chance go on downstairs. I'll be right there." Her tone was joking but her eyes weren't as the three sulked from the room. "They're young...and you two are loud."

Everything felt surreal as Ruby listened to her beautiful mother address her as if she weren't pinned nude underneath a strange man. Head spinning she tried to digest what couldn't be believed. Born into a secret world she was made to love a pack not just one man. She had so many questions but Damien was already starting to move inside her.

It was like she was the only sane person in the room. As Damien began to kiss and nibble at her shoulder her mother leaned over and stroked the top of her head. Confusion combined with arousal and Ruby no longer cared if her mother was present. Jennifer's smile was sincere as she left the two.

Damien's dark arm snaked around her tiny waist as he rolled over onto his side and pulled her with him. With his cock pressing into her tender cheeks he told her there was so much more he wanted to teach her. His cock stood in full glory as he reclined back. "Kiss him."

Crawling onto all fours, Ruby knelt over his throbbing cock and gave it a small kiss and giggled. She wanted to hear him ask. His cock tapped her lips and sought entrance. Again she playfully gave the purple colored head a kiss.

" your mouth." His voice became even deeper as need grew. He wanted in every part of her.

Looking up and batting her long black lashes she grinned and took his cock into her small hand. Her fingers barely met around his girth as she stretched her red lips to accommodate him. Making purring sounds she rolled her tongue around his mushroom shaped head and suckled his precum into her mouth. Their combined taste flooded her mouth with delight.

Groans rose from deep inside Damien as he watched her blonde head descend. Carefully she sucked him deeper into her throat until she couldn't hold another inch. Slowly she stroked with one hand as she sucked enthusiastically on him. Holding her head in his large hands he set a rhythm. Ruby choked each time he plunged and gasped for air each time he retreated. How long he fucked her face she didn't know. The joy of submission held her as she struggled around his assault.

Pulling her up without effort he kissed her. As his tongue invaded, hers retreated. Absolute control was his. Their kisses continued as Damien lay Ruby onto her back and crawled on top of her supple form. Staring into her eyes with a look more primitive than before he spoke. "I'm going to take all of you. I'll be gentle but this is going to hurt."

Before Ruby could ask what he was talking about Damien held her thighs up and begin licking down her swollen slit. His movements felt soothing on her battered flesh and she relaxed in his grip. His tongue continued down and settled on her tightest of openings. A jolt shot through Ruby with understanding. Damien was planning on fucking her ass.

Uncertainty filled her as his tongue continued exploring the puckered opening. The pleasure his mouth was causing confused Ruby. This seemed unnatural but she found herself moaning. It just felt fabulous and she couldn't stop herself. Feeling her relax in his grip, Damien began flicking his tongue in and out of the small opening. Her scent and taste intoxicated him.

One large finger followed his tongue and Ruby squirmed at this new intrusion. Emotion washed over her as she felt herself stretch. Frightened but not complaining, she felt another finger probing her entrance. Soon two fingers began to move cautiously as Damien continued to stretch the virginal opening. A rush of heat erupted inside Ruby as nerves never touched were caressed. Whimpers escaped her red lips as pleasure radiated through her.

Letting her legs down he spit into his hand and rubbed it over the head of his engorged cock. As he lined his cock up to her anus, he stared into her caramel eyes. She had never been more excited or felt more helpless. Wrapping her slight arms around his neck she pressed her face into his neck and waited.

A sharp scream escaped Ruby as Damien's cockhead popped open her virginal ass. Tears filled her eyes and she whimpered into his neck. The pain was incredible as she willed her body to relax. Helplessness intensified as she felt him burrow inch by inch into her stretched opening. The pain was incredible and a tear slipped down her flushed face. Finally he hit bottom.

"Let me know when you're ready..."

Slowly Ruby felt herself relax as the pleasure of being filled began replacing the pain. Breathing deeply she nodded. With as much care as he could muster Damien began to move. Gently he slid back In her quivering opening and waited. Ruby took a deep breath and slightly shook her blonde head. Damien moved with a little more force until he was buried deep within her bowels. Groaning, he began to rock back and forth.

Thrusts continued in a rhythm as Ruby felt herself invaded as she had never imagined. His domination was complete as she continued accepting all of him. Trembling in her core she began to match his rhythm. Green eyes transfixed her in their grip. Powerless she stared back as he pulled her knees up and opened her fully. Now as deep as possible, Damien released all control and began pounding her stretched and raw opening.

Stirrings down where she had never felt them before began to surge through Ruby. Wrapping her hands behind his dark head she held him as he pumped back and forth. Baser needs had never met as the lovers contorted on the satin sheets. Nothing but mutual satisfaction remained in their reality as they ground against one another.

A coiling began to twist and turn in Ruby as nerves were hit repeatedly. Crazed she began to jerk in an uncoordinated way as noises of abandonment flew from her mouth. From a distance Ruby heard words she had never said before flow from her mouth as she came. Jolts of electricity ripped through the young woman as she shook uncontrollably. Sated she collapsed in his arms.

With animalistic sounds he fucked her tender flesh with abandonment. Bouncing back and forth, Ruby watched as his face contorted and he began to howl. As his balls tightened he froze for a second and then plunged as wave after wave of thick hot cum shot deep into her. Ruby reveled in the ecstasy she had given him as he collapsed on her with a grunt.

Small kisses rained down on his dark head as Ruby gently stroked his broad tanned shoulders. Rousing from his sexual stupor he lifted his weight off of her and pulled her into his lap. Her beauty shone even brighter with the flush of womanly satisfaction. He knew she wasn't really only his but for one night he could pretend.

Kissing her brow he lay back and pulled her head onto his sculpted chest. Stroking the curve of her back he spoke to her of her place as a pack member. She was everybody's and everyone in the pack was hers. He didn't know why her Mom had left and really she thought it didn't matter. She was where she belonged. Drowsy she began to drift away with thoughts of getting to know the pack. A sexy smile on her face, she slept.'

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