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Chained Pt. 04

This is the fourth and final part of a story that was presented as a challenge for me to write. I don't condone or approve of true non-consent though admit the fantasy is an intriguing idea. I was asked to write a story pushing my own boundaries and here it is. This story has been shared as close to my mind to your computer as possible and may need further editing (which it will get if I decide to flesh it out and take it further)

As an additional note, some have noticed that I've disabled comments to my stories... I've done this because the negativity of some of those comments (mostly anonymous) and the conflicting views (to hard on the heroine to not hard enough) was becoming extreme. In fact, I was inclined not to finish the story here at all; however, after several requests for me to do so, I find I can't deny those who are genuinely enjoying my writing.

This story explores the D/s, BDSM, nonconsent, pain & pleasure concepts even further than previously. It also includes a fantasy scenario with electricity. I would like to remind everyone that this is fantasy. The things you read here may not be possible and I'm telling you... don't try this at home! Don't do it!

As always the characters are all over 21 and again... it's not real. That said, enjoy...

Chapter Twenty-Eight

The morning passed quickly and relatively mundanely -- well other than the fact that she was completely naked and at the beck and call of a woman she knew only as Mistress. Once the morning abulations were done they got breakfast behind them -- which in itself was an education. Mistress expected her to eat on the floor, kneeling beside her chair. She only felt the sting of Mistress' crop on a couple of occasions and was actually surprised by how proud she felt that she was doing so well.

Frustration followed that pride and the part of her that wouldn't be quiet and refused to submit, railed against the feeling -- her back stiffening as she trailed behind Mistress on the way to the playroom. She briefly entertained the idea of trying to overpower Mistress; of trying to escape again but fear held the temptation in check. Even if she managed it she would still be collared and unable to leave the property. No, without a better understanding of how the collar worked or at least how to get it off her options were limited -- she would have to bide her time.

In the playroom she stood docile while Mistress attached the restraints to her wrists and the dark haired woman frowned at her.

"You're behaving well," Mistress commented.

"Thank you, Mistress," she replied meekly and dropped her gaze to the floor. She didn't see Mistress' deepening frown as the other woman pulled on the rope raising her secured wrists above her head.

"I'm a bit surprised," Mistress continued. "Given the spirit you showed last night and the damage to my brother's SUV I was expecting more... defiance."

She said nothing as her arms were pulled painfully above her head, her feet beginning to lift from the floor.

"So, that means one of two things, either you've fully embraced your lot in life in the last twelve hours or," a sharp pull on the rope brought her up to her toes causing her to grunt in pain. "You think you can play me."

Mistress tied off the rope leaving her hanging painfully, barely able to support herself on her tiptoes. Retrieving something from the cabinet, Mistress returned with a dark look on her face.

"Care to guess which one I think it is?"

Helpless, she eyed Mistress in terror as the cat-o-nine tails became clear in her hands and an evil smirk spread across Mistress' face.

The first strike of the whip was relatively light, the leather tails slapping down across her breasts and abdomen. The light touch caused an immediate reaction in her nipples as they naturally responded to the near caressing sensation. Mistress continued to smile as she watched the hardening flesh.

"You see," she said as she brought the whip across a second time, her eyes still affixed to the rising flesh. "My brother is a lovely man -- he's kind and caring, but he's altogether too soft." The third strike came harder and caused a small cry of pain that actually moved Mistress' gaze away from her hardening nipples to her face. "I'm not soft," she explained. "I never have been."

The fourth strike followed the third as Mistress punctuated her words with lashings.

"No, I would never have paid for you -- I would have taken you."

A fifth! Harder than the last.

"And you can bet you would have been broken by now."

Tears flowed with the sixth lash, a crisscross of red welts across her chest, her nipples as hard as they had ever been. Pain shouldn't work this way, she thought briefly.

"In my business I have clients who would pay handsomely for the chance to do it."

The seventh came low across her abdomen and she yelped in surprise. Mistress closed the distance between them her dainty fingers tracing the path of the welts on Toy's breasts. The light caress was at odds to the pain so recently experienced and Toy moaned and the touch.

"And there's the key," Mistress whispered seductively as her hands caressed Toy's breasts. "The right combination of pleasure." Long nails scratched across the tender flesh of Toy's nipples causing her breath to catch in her throat. "And pain!" Toy cried out as her nipple was visciously pinched and twisted.

"Now," Mistress caressed the thick leather handle of the whip down Toys body. "For some reason I think that if I check right now, I'll find you very, very wet."

She circled the handle around Toy's belly button as she considered and Toy shivered in... What? Her brain screamed at her, anticipation? How can this be exciting? Mistress moved the whip across Toy's bush and pelvis spreading her legs slightly as she quested forward.

"Just as I suspected," the ebony haired woman laughed. "You're so fucking turned on right now, you're dripping."

"No... I'm not..." Toy tried to deny but Mistress just laughed harder.

"Oh, but you are," Mistress contradicted as she roughly thrust the thick leather handle of the whip up into Toy's pussy. Toy groaned in pleasure and nearly came right then.

Slowly at first Mistress began to fuck her with the whip -- in and out, in and out -- each entry punctuated by a moan of pleasure from the helpless Toy.

"You see," Mistress purred as her free hand moving to Toy's nipple. "You are what we affectionately call a pain slut." She twisted the hard nub between her fingers as she thrust the handle into Toy's soaking slit. "Now, I don't know your limits, but I do know that pain and pleasure are all mixed up for you -- they're nearly the same thing, you lucky girl."

Mistress fucked her harder and deeper with the handle and Toy's breathing became faster and raspier. Mistress cupped Toy's breast as she leaned in close. "My brother suspected, but he wanted a second opinion, bless him." Mistress could feel the heat from Toy's body, could hear the shallow breathing, could feel the tension building and knew she was close as she pressed against the chained woman. She stared into Toy's eyes, read the passion she found in them even as Toy struggled to keep them open.

Perfect white teeth bit down hard on the soft pale skin of Toy's breast, even as the improvised dildo drove deep into her vagina. Pain kicked Toy's arousal over the edge and she came screaming like a banshee - her body bucking and twitching as muscles clamped and spasmed. The crescendo hit like a hurricane.

When it finally passed -- an eternity later -- Toy was left exhausted and drained as she struggled to calm her breathing. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks and hung limply in her restraints. Mistress pulled the whip from her battered pussy with a viscious tug and Toy cried out in pain -- real pain -- as she did.

"Not as much fun after the rush," Mistress teased as she wiped the leather clean. "Oh, we are going to have so much fun, you and I."

Chapter Twenty-Nine

She'd assumed that Mistress would let her down after she'd come so intensely, but unlike Sir, Mistress didn't seem to care about giving her time to recover. She was left hanging -- literally -- while Mistress went to the cabinet. She looked on in exhausted interest as the dark haired woman opened the cabinet wide. She gathered a few items and returned to where Toy hung.

"Now then," Mistress began. "We have some training to do," she announced as she held up a large, thick dildo. Toy's eyes went wide at the sight of it.

"That... that..." she stammered. "That won't fit."

The other woman merely smirked evilly. "We won't know till we try."

Toy struggled in her bonds as the woman approached even going so far as to kick out at the other woman. Mistress narrowly avoided her flailing feet and frowned in disapproval.

"I see," the dark haired woman said coldly as she stepped back. "So be it."

Putting the dildo aside, she gathered up a length of rope and approached Toy again. This time when Toy kicked out at her she struck, quick as a viper, looping the rope around Toy's ankle. Mistress snugged the rope to a hook on the wall tying it off before making a play for the other ankle. Toy soon found her ankles secured tightly, her legs spread as she hung painfully by her wrists.

"Now then," she commented as she gathered up the large dildo again. "Where were we? Oh, and try not to struggle too much -- I'd hate to have to explain to my brother how you dislocated your shoulder."

Toy watched her approach and again shifted and struggled against her bonds. Her struggling strained painfully against her shoulders and was mostly ineffective. She tried to bring her legs together, shifting her hips as she did -- anything to make it difficult for Mistress to violate her with that massive thing.

SLAP! The open hand against her cheek stunned Toy more than it hurt her, stopping her struggles cold. She glared at the other woman who smiled wickedly back at her.

"Oooo," Mistress purred. "That caught her attention."

"You..." Toy began.

SLAP! The second open hand rocked her head back and stung like hell.

"You... what?" Mistress asked as Toy eyed her warily. "Come on, you what?"

Toy held her tongue, trying not to be baited. Mistress reached out and twisted her nipple visciously making her cry out in pain.

"What?" Mistress demanded as she reached for her other nipple. Toy held her tongue as she pinched it painfully. "I'd tell me Toy," Mistress warned as she began slowly twisting the sensitive flesh. Toy gasped in pain but she didn't relent. "Tell me," she demanded!

"BITCH!" Toy screamed as the pain became nearly unbearable.

"See," Mistress laughed releasing her nipple. "Was that so hard?"

"You fucking bitch," she sobbed.

Mistress stepped in close, her hand slipping down Toy's body to her pussy.

"And don't you fucking forget it," she whispered harshly before pinching the nub of her clit.

Toy screamed in agony.

Chapter Thirty:

"That's better," announced Mistress. "You've almost soaked my fingers, you horny little slut!"

She shook her head in denial at Mistress' statement wishing it weren't so, but knowing the bitch was right. She could feel the moisture on her inside thigh. Her body reacted to the abuse. Fuck, she thought, what the hell was wrong with her?

Her musing came to abrupt end as Mistress thrust the massive dildo up inside her. She screamed out again as her pussy lips were brutally stretched. She'd never felt so wide, never felt so filled before in her life. The massive toy pushed roughly against the walls of her vagina the sensations overwhelming, as it seemed to slam all the way up to her cervix.

Mistress gave her no time to adjust to the size of the toy. No time to relax and get comfortable with its width like Sir had done previously. No, she immediately pulled the toy back and slammed it in again, an evil smirk on her lips as Toy screamed out again.

"See," she taunted. "Mistress knows just what cheap little sluts need!"

Bracing herself against the wall, Mistress began violating Toy in earnest. The enormous phallus was thrust in and out, again and again. It's sheer girth allowed the toy to hit all of Toy's erogenous spots which each thrust and she was soon panting as pain transitioned to pleasure then back to pain. Her body reacted to the torment making her wetter and wetter, easing the passage of the dildo.

Cries of pain gave way to cries of pleasure and Mistress laughed as Toy's screams of "Stop" became screams of "Oh, god!"

"That's it slut! Come for me, come for Mistress!"

Toy had no choice. The waves of sensation carried her away. She climaxed against Mistress' thrusting. Her body released itself, fluid pouring freely from her pussy and down the shaft of the toy.

"Ugh! You bitch!" yelled Mistress as she brutally pulled the dildo from Toy's pussy, its absence leaving her feeling suddenly empty.

"You got your nasty come all over my hand, you little skank." She shoved her fingers into Toy's mouth. "Clean it off!"

Toy's mouth was filled with the strange combination of salty-sweetness, as she tasted her own juices.

"I said, clean them!" Mistress demanded threateningly and Toy began sucking the woman's fingers clean. The flavour was surprisingly good and Toy soon found herself questing for more with her tongue as Mistress stuck her fingers deeply into her mouth.

All the while Mistress laughed at her.

Chapter Thirty-One:

After she'd finished cleaning the sticky discharge from Mistress' fingers, Toy was released enough to be able to stand flat-footed on the floor. She wanted nothing more than to be able to pull her legs together, but that wasn't an option and her aching vagina still lewdly seeped moisture.

Mistress left her for a few minutes and she was able to take the time to steady her breathing. She felt humiliated and betrayed by her body. It was bad enough that she was suffering this abuse, but the fact that her body was responding -- the fact that she'd had the most intense orgasms of her life -- that was insane. What the fuck is wrong with me, she wondered? Maybe she really was... No, she slammed the door on the burgeoning thought!

Mistress' return filled her with a strange combination of dread and relief, dread for all the obvious reasons but relief because it saved her from her own traitorous thoughts. She watched in curiousity as the ebony haired woman crossed the room with a small box and a tangle of cables.

"Ready for the next step in your training?" the woman asked rhetorically as she closed the distance between them and attached a small clamp to her nipple. Toy squirmed at the pinch as Mistress tightened the clamp on the tender flesh and Toy couldn't help think back to how much she'd thought the clamps hurt when Sir had first done the same -- that seemed so long ago.

Mistress made quick work of the clamps, attaching them to Toy's nipples and clit. Next, she took what looked like a polished metal vibrator on a cable and slid it into Toy's vagina -- after the recent penetration, Toy barely noticed the dildo and looked on in confusion. Mistress laughed at her expression.

"That's not where it's going," she advised. "Just wanted it nicely lubed -- and since you're so wet..."

The metal dildo ended up shoved roughly and uncomfortably into Toy's rectum, her sphincter clamping shut on the cable when the toy was all the way in even as Toy found herself gasping in surprise.

Finally, something very much like a horse's bit was placed in her mouth and tightened behind her head. Instead of metal the bit was made from a thick bundle of leather and stretched her lips painfully. The gag prevented her from closing her mouth completely and made talking impossible. It also filled her with fear as Toy was beginning to realize that these measures were more extreme than things she'd previously experienced.

"Now then," Mistress began. "I know the collar my brother put on you has left you unconscious on a couple of occasions -- the electric shock knocking you out as you tried to escape."

Mistress lifted the small box from the table she'd left it on and plugged the various cables into it. It suddenly came to Toy and she cried out as she tried to beg her not too. Mistress gave her an exaggerated wink and moved her hand to the small dial on the box.

Toys eyes went wide as she followed the movement.

"You see," Mistress continued. "Electricity doesn't have to be an all or nothing kind of thing."

As she moved the dial one notch Toy's flesh tingled at the metal contact points. So low it was almost a tickle and she squirmed uncomfortably as she tried, in vane, to move away from it.

"It can be teasing. Or," she turned the dial several notches further and the tickle became a shock. Toy cried out as her body quivered in the throws of the current. Her nipples and clit hardened, her muscles locked, her sphincter spasmed tighter and she bit down hard on the leather gag.

"It can be pain," Mistress added before turning the dial back.

Toy hung limply as the current left her.

Chapter Thirty-Two:

The low tingle flowed through her body as Mistress used the lowest setting to tease her. The tingling caused her body to shiver in excitement as it stimulated the nerve endings in her flesh. Her nipples hardened from the stimulation and she began to squirm as her vagina began to moisten again.

The low charge even caused the muscles of her anus to quiver and shake leaving Toy with the humiliating fear that she was going to loose control of her bowls. The fear must've shown in her face as Mistress began laughing to herself while Toy clenched down to prevent a possible accident. Toy knew that a reprieve wouldn't be coming, despite her reaction and she wasn't surprised when Mistress turned the charge up a notch.

The increasing intensity caused Toy to moan around her gag, the tingling in her pussy leading her down the path to another climax.

For what felt like an eternity, Mistress increased and decreased the intensity of the charge going through Toy's body. There was no discernable pattern that Toy could find and she found herself caught off guard by a sudden burst of electricity, made all the more intense by the equally random sudden lack of it. Mistress played with her body like it was the toy they'd named her. Up, down, intense, then nothing -- Mistress kept her on the edge of a climax, always leaving it just out of reach.

Mistress brought her so close so often that frustration welled up inside her -- if not for the gag she'd have begged for release. Instead she simply moaned as she drooled around the gag, and tears of frustration welled in the corners of her eyes. On and on, Mistress tormented her.

Finally, when Toy had tears running freely down her cheeks, Mistress had mercy. She turned the power up instead of down. Toy bit down hard against the gag as the intensity knocked her over the edge, electricity sending her muscles in convulsions. The climax hit her hard and Toy lost any semblance of control over her body. Her muscles stiffened and clenched, her body arching against the restraints.

Mistress kept up the intensity and Toy walked the edge of pain as her body stiffened and ached. Toys breathing came fast and shallow as she rode the never-ending orgasm. Finally, when Toy was certain she could take no more, Mistress cut the power.

The sudden absence caused Toy's muscles to release. She collapsed in her restraints as her body simply lost its ability to hold her up and the world faded to black as she slipped into unconsciousness.

Chapter Thirty-Three:

The strangest sensation returned Toy to consciousness - wet tickling against her underarms. Opening her eyes, she found that her arms were once again stretched high above her head. The clamps and gag were nowhere to be seen and Mistress was using Sir's shaving brush to lather her armpits. Toy shivered from the tickling.
"Ah, you're awake," Mistress commented as she worked. "Good."

"What... what are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing?" she retorted. "My brother might not have an issue with hair, but I prefer my toys silky smooth," she added as she slid the razor across Toy's stretched underarm, removing the hair growing there. Toy watched in silence as she worked, it was clear Mistress had experience with this sort of thing and she made short work of the task before moving to the other side.

"Now then," Mistress commented as she finished with the underarms. "You have a choice, I can take care of that tangled mess," she gestured downwards, "here or I can lie you down to do it. It'll be easier on you if I lie you down, but that means moving you -- which I won't do if I think you're going to give me a hard time."

Mistress looked expectantly at Toy waiting for an answer.

"I'll...," she stumbled over her words as her jaw ached from the gag that had so recently occupied her mouth. She tried again. "I'll be good, Mistress," she said meekly, too exhausted to offer much attitude even if she wanted too.

"Excellent," Mistress commented and unshackled her ankles before releasing the tension in the wrist restraints and leading her to the heavy wood table. All the while, Toy was still leashed and the restraints were never completely removed. She could have fought, but it would have been pointless -- she wouldn't have been able to free herself and the punishment, she knew, would have been intense.

Mistress laid her back across the table, clipping her wrists to the loop at the head of the table before lifting her knees and spreading her legs. Toy was surprised that she still had the ability to get embarrassed after all she'd been through, but as she lay there -- her pussy exposed lewdly -- she felt the blush across her skin. A blush that reddened as Mistress began lathering up her pubic bush... the warm water trickling down the folds of her labia.

"Now, no moving," Mistress cautioned. "We don't want to cut you by accident," she added holding the razor up for Toy to see.

Toy closed her eyes as Mistress went to work and soon realized that that was a bad idea. The feeling of the razor against her skin, of Mistress' fingers as she worked, of the soap running down her flesh to her ass -- it all seemed more intense with her eyes closed. As Mistress worked, Toy found herself feeling a strange collection of emotions -- aroused yet relaxed, humiliated yet pampered -- her mind was a conflicted mess and she felt tired just trying to sort them all out.

Chapter Thirty-Four:

Mistress used a warm damp cloth to clean up the last remnants of soap from Toy's pussy before declaring herself finished and stepping back to admire her handiwork.

"It's not bad," she announced. "Though a proper waxing will definitely do a better job, unfortunately I wasn't prepared for that. This will do for now."

She stepped around to Toy's head and caught hold of her leash.

"Now then," she commented. "If you think you can behave yourself, I was thinking of finding us lunch."

Now that Mistress mentioned it, she noticed that her stomach was rumbling. Breakfast seemed so long ago, and in fairness without windows in the room, she had no idea how much time had passed. It felt like hours.

"I'll behave Mistress," she promised. Mistress eyed her critically before finally nodding and unfastening her hands from the loop that held them. As Mistress led her out to the kitchen, she noticed how cool the air was against her damp and newly shaved vagina, the cool breeze sending shivers through her body.

Lunch followed the same pattern as breakfast, with Mistress placing Toy's food in a bowl on the floor and Toy kneeling to eat while Mistress sat at the table, occasionally adding scraps from her own plate to Toy's bowl.

"I thought," Mistress began out of the blue. "That we might take a walk outside."

Toy's head came up in surprise as she stared at Mistress trying to decide if the woman was serious or just messing with her. Mistress gave her a smirk of amusement.

"Would you not like a walk, Toy?"

"Yes..." she stammered. "Yes, Mistress. I would love a walk."

"Then it's decided. Finish up your lunch and we'll be underway."

She positively wolfed down the rest of her food and Mistress chuckled as she watched her.

"Easy, Toy. You don't want to make yourself sick now."

"Yes, ma'am," Toy replied as she did her best to slow down.

Finally, Toy's bowl cleaned and Mistress coming to the end of her own meal Mistress pushed her plate away and announced they were ready. Toy was giddy with anticipation it had been ages since she'd seen the sun, felt its warmth on her skin, breathed in fresh air. She was nearly bouncing when Mistress took hold of her leash and led her through the house to the back door.

Toy hadn't come out this way before, her previous escape attempts had been through the front and as she neared the screen door leading to the back porch she was greeted with an incredible view. The back of Sir's house led down to a white sand beach and a seemingly endless expanse of water. She hesitated at the door and Mistress paused as the leash met resistance.

"Toy?" she asked as she turned and then realized what had caused her to stop. "Don't worry, the electric fencing that activates the collar extends much farther back here. You're completely fine to come outside."

Gazing nervously at Mistress, she took a hesitant step across the threshold and onto the back deck. No electric shocks found her and she stepped forward again. Mistress encouraged her as she moved and soon she was being led down the back stairs to the beach. Toy gazed in wonder. Sir's property must have been on a peninsula as every direction she looked was surrounded by water, it extended as far as the eye could see and eventually the deep blue sea met the lighter blue of the horizon far, far off in the distance. Mistress let her stare in wonder for a few moments before giving a light tug on the leash and drawing her attention.

"Now then," Mistress began. "Listen to me well." She paused to make sure she had Toy's undivided attention and Toy made a point of holding eye contact with her to show her she was listening.

"Good," Mistress acknowledged. "As you know, the front of the house is fenced. That fence extends far into the water on either side." She pointed out the buoys that bobbed in a line in the water on either side of the house. "If you cross those, the collar will activate and you will drown before anyone can save you. Do you understand?"

Toy nodded, her eyes a bit wide at the thought of suffering the intense shock of the collar while deep in the water.

"Behind us is open ocean," Mistress continued. "There is no fence, just miles and miles of open sea -- go too far out and you likely aren't making it back." Again Toy nodded her understanding. "And finally," Mistress said holding up a narrow whistle and blowing it -- the sound was shrill and piercing. "When I blow this you return immediately. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress," she agreed excitedly nearly bouncing with anticipation.

"Good girl," Mistress said warmly. "Now, go play."

Mistress unclasped the leash and swatted her lightly on the ass to encourage her. Toy ran across the beach and into the ocean surf, the warm waves crashing against her naked body. She frolicked and swam, the sun shining down on her skin as she played. Looking back toward the house, she saw Mistress sitting at a patio table an umbrella protecting her pale skin from the sun's rays as she sipped at a drink.

Toy noticed that Sir's home was the only structure she could see. Besides being at the end of the peninsula it seemed that no one else had built anywhere near him. Trees, beach and water were the house's only companions. Toy once again wondered where in the world she was. The beach and trees she could see suggested a regularly warm place, though that didn't help as that allowed for an awful lot of places.

She decided to stop worrying about the location and just enjoy the perfection of the place and the day. She didn't know when Mistress would call her back and she wanted to have as much fun as she possibly could. A few hours of this, she thought, could make a lot of stuff more bearable. She gave her head a shake, disturbed that the thought had even occurred to her. Besides, the thought continued, the other stuff wasn't all bad. Sure, Mistress and Sir were hard on her, but she'd never felt so aroused or wanted -- and the climaxes... wow!

Chapter Thirty-Five:

She lost track of time as she played in the ocean surf and enjoyed the feel of the sun on her shoulders. There was something about being completely naked in the water, the waves gently tossing her about. It was hard to explain, even to herself, but she felt incredibly in touch with nature, totally free -- of worry, of stress, of frustrations, everything.

When she finally heard the whistle to return she was lying on the beach at the edge of the surf, the waves lapping against her body and the sun low in the sky. With a small sigh of disappointment she began sat up and brushed the sand from her body. Her skin felt sticky with dried salt and she knew her hair was a tangled mess. She hoped that Mistress would give her a chance to shower.

Walking back up the beach towards the house, she noticed that Mistress was no longer sitting alone at the patio table. Squinting to see better, she gave a little squeal of joy and broke into a run. Sir was back!

He watched her appreciatively as she ran towards him and she blushed as she realized she probably made quite the sight buck-naked running up the beach, but she didn't care and he clearly enjoyed the view. Reaching the table she dropped to her knees before him and hugged his legs.

"You're home," she gushed excitedly. "I've missed you. When did you get in? How was your trip? Where did you go?"

"Now that is the kind of greeting I could get used to, my little mermaid," he replied with a small laugh and stroked the hair from her face. "I see your time with Mistress has been good?"

"Oh yes Sir," she agreed. "Mistress has shown me a great number of things."

"And there's still so much more," Mistress agreed from behind her sunglasses. "Are you sure I can't take her back to the mainland for a time? I promise she'll come back better than ever."

She noticed the look that Sir gave her but knew better than to comment. As much as she'd learned a lot about herself and her likes and dislikes with Mistress, she was pretty certain she didn't want to join Mistress on the mainland. Mistress had said enough about her work that she knew she would be one of many in her employ. No, if she was given the choice she would stay here -- of course, the choice wasn't hers and she watched Sir from the corner of her eye as she cuddled against his legs.

"I appreciate the offer," Sir replied. "And I thank you for looking after Toy for me, but I think I'll enjoy her myself for a bit."

A feeling of relief warmed her body and she leaned her head on Sir's thigh, his fingers stroking the back of her head and trying not to get tangled in the damp mess that was her hair.

"Well, in that case, my work here is done and its time for me to get back to reality."

"Now, now," Sir commented. "Spend another evening and leave in the morning."

"Tempting, but I have businesses to run."

"Oh, business is fine and you know it," Sir countered. "It can all wait till tomorrow and that way Toy can properly thank you for all your help."

Toy perked her head up at Sir's offer giving Mistress a smile.

"Absolutely," Toy agreed. "You've shown me so much pleasure and taught me so much about myself, I'd love to make you smile." She added the last with a mischievous smile.

Mistress looked from one to the other. "All right, all right," she finally relented. "I'll stay one more night. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some packing to do."

Mistress retired to the house while Sir and Toy sat and watched the slowly setting sun as the sky turned a vibrant orange.

"So," Sir began, "You were a good girl for my sister?"

"Yes Sir," she nodded her head against his leg.

"I'm glad to hear it. She tells me that you're more into pain than I initially thought."

She blushed fiercely at his words, but held her tongue -- she wasn't sure if that had been a question.

"We'll have to explore that further," he added and she hugged him tighter. "Oh, I picked up some things for you while I was away." She turned to look at him, the question clear in her eyes and he laughed. "I can't travel without coming back with presents, now can I?" She smiled and he continued. "But I also told you that if you were a good girl I would give you the chance to learn and study, have you given that any thought?"

She had been thinking about his offer. It basically amounted to -- be a good toy and she would be able to pursue her own interests and education. She'd been surprised at how much that offer had appealed to her. There was a time, before all this had happened, that she would've answered that offer with an immediate no. But after her time with Sir and Mistress and the pleasure they could bring her, knowing that her family didn't want her, and knowing that Sir did, not to mention the addition of this tropical paradise. Well, the answer wasn't as straightforward as it once would have been.

"Well, we can talk about that tomorrow. For now, why don't you go get showered and cleaned up so you can say goodbye to my sister properly."

"Yes Sir," she said with a smile as she got to her feet and leaned forward to kiss him. His lips were as firm as she remembered and distracting enough that she didn't notice his hand roam over her body until he pinched her nipple roughly. The small gasp caught in her throat as she melted against him, her kiss becoming more passionate as his fingers sent tingles through her body.

"Oh," he said with a smile as they parted. "We'll definitely have to explore that later."

Chapter Thirty-Six:

She was brushing out her freshly washed hair when he entered the bathroom. She saw his smile in the mirror as he paused for a moment to check her out and a warm flush crossed her skin. She realized that she really liked the way he looked at her. She'd had boyfriends in the past that couldn't manage that look. Sir was definitely not her boyfriend, and she knew it would be a mistake to try and treat him as such. She frowned at her own reflection as she looked at the collar she wore. No, she thought, definitely not a boyfriend.

Turning to greet him, she had the smile back on her face. Mistress had told her she should never make eye contact with her master -- it was a mark of defiance. But Sir never seemed to take it that way. He grinned at her and didn't try to hide the fact that his eyes ran up and down her body.

"You look gorgeous," he said softly. "Shaved bald -- my sister's preference for her pets," he commented, his eyes lingering on her smooth shaven genitals. "I," he continued as his eyes moved back up to hers. "I don't have a preference. You may grown it back if you prefer."

"I don't know," she replied, she hadn't given it much thought and she turned to look at herself in the mirror. "It's new to me. I think I'd like to try it for a while if that's alright?"

Sir nodded his acquiescence. "I'll pick up the stuff to let you maintain it."

"I could come with you," she commented boldly and his eyes narrowed suspiciously as he considered her. "You shouldn't be shopping for your toy," she quickly continued and he continued to eye her.

"I'll consider it," he finally replied before turning to her bedroom. She followed in his wake.

"Now then, my sister is waiting for you in the guest room upstairs."

She blinked in surprise. "The guest room?"

"Yes, the guest room," he confirmed. "And when she's done with you, you can crash in my room if you like."

She watched his retreating back as she gathered her thoughts. The offer to sleep in Sir's room was quite the surprise, after her last visit to it she'd figured that she'd be locked away when he was done with her but he wasn't doing that at all -- just the opposite. Sir's too trusting, the little voice in her head commented and she found herself agreeing with it. She frowned at herself. I'll worry about it later, she decided. For now I mustn't keep Mistress waiting. One last look in the mirror to ensure she was presentable and she padded off to the guest room.

When she arrived at the room she gave a light knock at the door, then did her best to wait demurely. She kept her eyes down as Mistress preferred and did her best not to fidget. She could hear Mistress moving around inside but resisted the urge to knock again. She was sure she'd been heard.

As the minutes passed, she did her best to keep the smile off her face. She knew Mistress would keep her waiting -- it was just part of her personality -- and she refused to let it bother her.

Mistress finally opened the door and Toy was careful to keep her eyes down, even as she absorbed the short black silk kimono style robe Mistress wore. She was ushered into the room and the door closed. Mistress moved around her, her fingers barely touching against her skin as she moved. Toy shivered at the tickle. As Mistress completed her circuit, her fingers drifted over Toy's breasts and she paused to pinch the hardening nipple. Toy gasped at the brief pain.

"You respond so well," Mistress commented. "That its very tempting to play with you." Her long manicured nails scratched down her chest leaving long red scratches in their wake. "But," she continued. "Tonight is about my pleasure, not yours."

"Yes Mistress," Toy agreed as the woman moved towards her, arm sliding around Toy's waist and pulling her into an embrace. Mistress' fingers caught under her chin and lifted her lips to meet hers. That first kiss was almost tender - gentle. The second was harder, more urgent, as Mistress' mouth pressed against hers. She felt the dark-haired beauty's tongue tease against her parted lips and Toy welcomed it with her own. Their tongues teased and played before Mistress pulled back biting Toy's lip even as Toy found herself chasing after the other woman's lips.

Embracing and kissing Toy moved her mouth along the nape of Mistress' neck, her teeth gently biting the woman's pale flesh as she worked her way to the lapel of the silk kimono. Mistress murmured her appreciation as Toy kissed and teased down her collar bone the soft silk whispering across her skin as Toy exposed the creamy flesh beneath it. Black silk fell to the floor as Toy's teeth closed on Mistress' hardening nipple and Toy was rewarded with the sensation of Mistress' nails clawing painfully down her back. Both women moaned together.

Mistress collapsed back onto the bed as she pushed Toy further down to kneel on the floor. Toy slipped the woman's legs over her shoulders and bit sharply into the soft tender skin of her inner thigh. Mistress yelped in surprise before reaching down for Toy's head and tangling her fingers in her hair.

Mistress pulled Toy forward and Toy led with her teeth, finding Mistress' clit even as the woman tried to grind her pelvic bone into her. Mistress groaned as her teeth closed on the sensitive flesh and Toy was soon teasing and tormenting the other woman in earnest while her hands quested up towards her engorged nipples, visciously pinching the tender buds.

Pinching and biting soon had Mistress moaning loudly and Toy showed her no mercy. She refused to release the nub in between her lips, instead dragging her teeth up and down the flesh driving the woman further and further into ecstasy. Mistress was soon bucking and writhing against Toys talented mouth, her fingers clawing at the bed sheets and still Toy refused to let up as she brutally twisted the flesh of her nipples and assaulted her vagina.
The scream that finally tore from Mistress' throat was paired with a gush of liquid from her pussy that initially caught Toy off guard -- though she did her best swallow even as she continued to punish the exhausted woman's clit. A spasm ran through Mistress, her whole body shuddering with the intensity. It was followed by a second, then a third -- each coming as Toy lashed her tongue across her slit.

Her breathing was ragged and short when Toy finally felt Mistress' fingers in her hair again as the woman pulled her free from her abused pussy. Toy released her hold and Mistress collapsed exhausted, her body curling up protectively as her breathing steadied.

The woman was soon asleep and Toy crept out of the room, closing the door quietly behind her, before padding down the hall towards Sir's bedroom.

Chapter Thirty-Seven:

Sir lounged on the large bed reading when Toy gently knocked at the doorframe. He looked up, greeting her with a smile and patting the bed for her to come and sit. Toy crossed the room and crawled onto the bed, cuddling close.

"My sister's all taken care of?"

"Sleeping soundly," she agreed with a smile.

"Good girl," he praised. "So, how did you find your time with Mistress?"

Toy shifted as she considered her answer. Mistress had pushed her boundaries and she'd learned a lot about herself in the process, so in some ways she really appreciated the woman's ministrations. But on the flip side, she'd also been brutal and harsh, and the thought of being permanently in the woman's care scared the hell out of her. She said as much to Sir.

"Yep, that pretty much sums up my sister," he agreed with a laugh. "So, lets talk about you, you seem different from the woman who handcuffed me to my own bed and wrecked my car trying to leave?"

Toy tensed as she found herself wondering where this conversation was going.

"I...," she began uncertainly, "I'm not sure what you want me to say, Sir."

"Just tell me what you're thinking. We'll work it out from there."

She swallowed harshly as she attempted to gather the maelstrom of emotions and thoughts.

"Well," she finally began, deciding that she had nothing left to lose. "I hate that you bought me. I hate that my mother sold me to you. And, I really hate that you're holding me prisoner!" She paused and waited for him to react, she was disappointed. He simply sat, watching, waiting for her to continue. She couldn't hold his gaze and she found herself looking at the bedding as she continued, tears welling up in her eyes. "And most of all," she said barely more than a whisper. "I hate myself. I hate myself for reacting, for getting turned on and aroused, for climaxing," she looked up again a tear running down her cheek, "For wanting more."

His eyes held sympathy and kindness as he gently wiped the tear from her face, she found herself subconsciously leaning into his touch and he smiled.

"Feels good to get that out, doesn't it?"

She nodded simply and he smiled reassuringly.

"Part of me is tempted to give you options," he began. "To make deals with you, offer you rewards in exchange for you submission. Hell, that's why I picked up this University booklet," he gestured to the paper he'd set aside. She looked on in surprise at his admission, her brain already toying with the idea of what she'd be willing to give up and how much it was worth to her. The thoughts raced through her head, disorganized and confused.

"But," he added. "Another part of me is screaming that that is absolutely the wrong thing to do," he gave her a small smile. "You see Toy, you're not the only one who finds themselves conflicted. But," he continued, his eyes hardening with his resolve. "I think I'm going to have to go on instinct here. And instinct is pretty clear... You. Are. Mine."

Toy was stunned by the thrill those three words sent through her. She refused to admit it out loud -- hell she was barely willing to admit it to herself -- but she couldn't deny it either.

"Now then," he said as he got up and used Toy's collar to pull her to her feet. She stared at him, paralyzed by the tone of command in his voice. "Get your ass down to the playroom. I'll be down shortly to fuck you!"

It took a moment for his words to register and he frowned.

"Go!" he snapped. SMACK! Her ass stung and her heart skipped a beat as he punctuated his command with a slap to her bare ass.

She hurried out of the room.

Chapter Thirty-Eight:

He took his time before joining Toy in the playroom. He wanted to ensure that she had no idea how eager he was to have her and also knew that making her wait was its own form of domination.

When he finally arrived he was pleased to find her kneeling in the middle of the room, her head bowed submissively as she waited for him. A little tingle of excitement flowed through his body. He'd hoped he and his sister had managed to wear her down, had managed to get her to the point where she'd accept her place. Not every one would, not every one was wired that way, but he had an instinct about such things. That coupled with the research he'd done before purchasing her had paid off -- you never really knew until it happened.

She waited for him quietly as he stripped off his clothes. Not a word was spoken between them as he crossed the room and stood in front of her, lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. She blushed at the hunger she saw reflected in his and her gaze slid down his body to his semi-hard cock. Her pink tongue wetting her lips in anticipation sent a spasm through his shaft and she leaned forward to kiss his hardening member.

The feel of her lips and tongue on the head of his cock was irresistible and he pulled her towards him sliding further into her mouth, shivering as her teeth raked across his sensitive flesh. She sucked and teased, nipped and licked as he slid in and out of her hungry mouth. When he plunged his cock roughly down her throat, she gagged as he released. He watched her reactions curiously as she took a moment to catch her breath before going back to work on his shaft. A small smile crossed his lips, he'd expected at least a flicker of defiance and instead she was eagerly devouring him.

He plunged deeply again, holding the back of her head briefly, before releasing. Tears accompanied the gagging this time but she didn't pause. Her hands clenched his hips as she pulled him into her mouth, swallowing as much of him as she could as her chin slapped against his balls before she drew away. Her lips were gorgeous around his thick shaft as she bobbed up and back along his cock. As he watched, he found her looking back up at him with watering eyes that shouted her excitement -- he almost came right then.

Stamina and self-control held him in good stead and he held off that sudden urge, pulling away for her with a pop. She gave a questioning look but still held her tongue, as he pulled her to the table and laid her back.

His hands roughly clawed at her naked breasts as he kneaded the sensitive flesh before pinching her hardening nipples. She moaned at the treatment, her eyes rolling back as he twisted and abused those nubs.

Pushing her legs up and apart he stared for a moment at the folds of her labia, those lips glistened with her arousal -- plump and full they begged for attention. Kneeling, his mouth found her clit and he sucked her between his teeth holding the pressure as she moaned aloud in surprise and arousal. Releasing briefly to drink the sweet juices flowing so freely from between her lips, his senses were filled with her. He found her clit again and pulled her hard against his mouth as she arched her back and clawed at the table, her breathing taking a ragged quality. His world narrowed, as he lost himself in the taste and texture of her sex. She groaned and writhed as he devoured her pussy.

His own hardness, his own need for release became urgent. As wonderful as she tasted he needed to be in her, he needed to take her. Standing, his hands ran up her body roughly massaging her flesh and closing on her breasts, as he moved closer his cock extending wide and hard from his pelvis, pre-cum dripping from its head. Her pussy was dripping wet from her arousal as he lined his cock head up with her slit.

That first thrust split her wide, his balls slapping against her ass as she screamed out her climax. He plunged into her again and again, each thrust trying to delve deeper than the last. She writhed like an animal in heat and he had to release her breasts and grab her hips to stop her from pulling away. He fucked her harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Each thrust coming faster than the last as he neared his own climax.

But he wanted one last thing and he pulled free of her pussy with a pop. She was literally pouring juices from her slit, everything slick and incredibly lubricated as he lined himself up with her puckered rosebud and slammed his cock into her ass. The scream could have woken the dead but he gave her no recovery. In and out, then slammed back in. The pressure against his shaft was exquisite. By the third stroke he was done. He came harder than he'd ever come before. Jet after jet pumped into her perfect ass as he filled her. Her muscles clamped and released against him, drawing every drop of his semen.

She lay exhausted on the table -- her chest heaving as her breathing began to slow and her body began to relax. Both of them were bathed in sweat. He was beginning to soften and he pulled out, the discharge from his climax running down the crack of her ass.

As tired as she was, her eyes followed him as he circled around until he could lean in close to kiss her.

"You," he said with a gentle kiss to her forehead. "Are," he kissed her nose. "Mine," he finished with a passionate kiss on her lips, her hand reaching up to cradle his head.

He broke the kiss and pulled back looking her in the eyes.

"I am yours," she whispered as she pulled him back into a kiss.

The End


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