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I was still sound asleep when my cellphone rang at 11:00 am. It was BJ. "So what time did you get home last night?" He was trying to sound upbeat...dude knew I took a late call for him, and he knew he

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I held out little hope of hearing from Pete. I wondered whether he was drunk and feeling over confident the night before. Although I'd gone home and masturbated slowly at the thought of a proper meeti

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I drove home, unable to focus on anything. Anything, however, did not include the sexual affair that I just video taped between my ex wife and her yoga instructor. Or, should I say, the sex tape that

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"Dress off Kelly, it's not like you aren't used to showing off those big tits and ass anyway, and I'm assuming a slut like you isn't wearing any knickers but if on the off chance you are ditch them to

caged   for   freedom  

I awoke from a deep sleep. One that could only come from a very relaxed and satisfied place. Lying in bed, I reflected on what had happened to me over the last 24 hours and thought about the dull ache

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Chapter 3: Captured and Captivated This is an erotic fantasy story told by a travelling merchant and young Dev as he recalls his road to becoming an accomplished male courtesan. It contains homosexual

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I'd spent over an hour on the living room floor being beaten, humiliated, fucked – then beaten again. Twelve strokes into the second thrashing, her phone rang. After delivering lucky thirteen, she che

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This is a long and complicated story set in America as it was plunging towards civil war in the mid eighteen hundreds. It is about one woman's efforts at preventing that war by using the only facility

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Warning, strong sexual content, some forced, multi partner, gang sex, and strong language. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading. ***** I've always known I was different, but never just how different unt

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I love panties. I love my wife in sexy panties of all types. I love her in satin string bikini panties. I love her in skimpy tanga panties. I even love her in hipsters. My favorite panties are silk. I


I re-applied my crimson red lipstick and curled my last piece of long thick dark brown hair, I slipped into a black mini skirt which only just covered my curvaceous ass and a tiny red singlet which st


This is a mom/son story with big tits and big dicks -- if that's not what you're into then don't bother reading it and complaining about it in the comments. As always, everyone is 18 or over. † † † †

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Two weeks had passed since Sam dressed up as a schoolgirl and was deflowered by Mark. Since then life had returned to relative normality. Since John was now deep into his final exams, Mark advised the

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Part 1 of 3: Sally's Wish Sally was always the adventurous type. Of all her friends, she was always the one who liked to explore. Nothing was ever too big or too small. Everything was always about the

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Copyright 2015 Lara Longstaff All Rights Reserved WARNING! Extremely large and unrealistic cock sizes ahead! Chapter 4 Sheila tried her best not to pout as she looked across the wide, mahogony table a

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"It's the weirdest thing. I can't find that hand mirror anywhere." Chrissy tapped a hand to her cheek. "It was my mother's. I wouldn't have left the house with it." Zelinnia tossed her hands up. "We n

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Harriet's satisfaction peaked as she befriended 'Curious Mandy' via e-mail; she learned that like so many housewives she had inhibited a strong sexual desire to dominate, particularly as she suspected

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Susan was sitting at the kitchen table, looking, I don't know... I guess "perky" would be the word. "Your breasts look pretty cute in that T-shirt," I said, equally cheery. It was one of those V-neck

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Jerome couldn't tell which side of consciousness he was on, dreaming or waking. Not that he cared. It was enough to have Cheyanne's willing softness in his arms again. She didn't resist when he pulled

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Author's note: This story does not continue from the previous one - it's just a short one-off story. Although...I might take the two forfeits part somewhere in future. ***** I woke to the feel of a ra

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1. "Can you reach my pussy from there?" Bram reached a hand over in the sand where it fell short from Alla's hip by four inches. "Nope." Alla scooted her hips six inches to the right. "How about now?"

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"My butt's too big," complained Nikki, looking at herself in the mirror. "Shut up, it is not." Lila was sick of having this same complaint thrown at her by her best friend. "I did whatever he wanted,"

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Gray was dressed and was allowed the luxury of a pad to kneel on, lest he should soil the white outfit chosen for him by his Mistress that morning. It was already to be an eventful day for him; he wou


Written just for Gwendolyn by JD "PurpleHazeFL69" "24 Gwendolyn" Chapters: 1~~ Sweet Arrival 2~~ The Appetizer 3~~ The Main Course 4~~ A Full Second Plate 5~~ Finishing Breakfast ---------------------

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Summary: Submissive mother submits sexually to daughter and son. Note 1: This story is a short sexually charged chapter that finishes off part one's cliff hanger and will set up the future chapters of

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Robert was at a crossroad in his life. He had just turned forty. Sold the business that he had inherited from his father. The business was a small investment company that he was very good at, but it w

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Bryant took periodical peeps through his curtains as the stream of deliveries arrived next door on Saturday morning; the arrival of what was obviously a very large bed, setting the delivery men a toug

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If you don't think I fucked myself with that dildo that night after Grayson left, I don't know what to tell you. If you don't think I upgraded that fantasy and came twice that night, you're wrong. I s

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Cassie rushed out of the airport bathroom with flushed cheeks straightening her short skirt and tight hoodie as nonchalantly as she could, power walking to join Will in line just in time to board thei

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Here I stand in front of a full length mirror. My eyes go straight to that 8cm band of virgin white skin between the top of my lacy, sheer black, thigh-length stay-ups and the bottom frill of my black