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Burning Honey Ch. 04

I'm so sorry for the long hiatus. Thank you to anyone still reading, and I hope you enjoy it!


It was a long half an hour later that Aspen managed to push Ruby out the door as she coached him on what to say at the wedding ("Remember, dear, we'll just call you my date and leave it at that, no need to go into the details, hmm?") and reminded him to comb his hair the way she liked. He only half listened, spending her entire visit taut with nerves, but she didn't seem to notice at all. How did I ever put up with her? Aspen thought distantly.

When he'd locked the door behind her after agreeing to be ready to go bright and early in two day's time, he made his way over to sit at the kitchen table where so lately he had been spread beneath Cary, let him have free reign of his body and--

Aspen dropped his head into his hands. What was going on with him? What was going on with Cary? Aspen felt muddled, stupefied by the mere thought of the golden man whose presence immediately warmed his blood. Aspen didn't think he could keep away from that, didn't think he wanted to. And yet...

He had never been with a man before. Never even thought about it and that was the honest truth. He sighed and wondered if he was being naive to think - to feel like - like Cary was more than a dangerous attraction. He didn't want to lose his head completely, but he had the sinking feeling he might be too late already. The feel of Cary's skin under his fingertips, that smile, those golden eyes... He felt stupid even thinking it, but it felt right.

Don't get ahead of yourself, Aspen, he remonstrated himself. It's just..something physical. Biological maybe, because it felt like some part of him was programmed to respond to the man's golden hue, his scent, his touch, God, his taste...

"Stop it," Aspen said aloud to the empty room. He sighed and stood to grab the giant binder of information Cary had left for him to go over. At least it would take his mind off of the man himself.


It was nearly six hours later when Aspen, bleary eyed and thrumming with information, put the binder down. He'd taken a break long enough to fix dinner and shower, then had moved into his bed but continued reading, a ridge between his brows.

The binder was very organized, almost compulsively so - it had a title page and a table of contents and even an appendix at the back. Kind of silly, he thought. He wondered if Cary's secretary or someone had put it together; he pictured some starry eyed girl desperate for even one golden glance of approval and then winced. He wasn't far off from that himself.

Cary's number had been on the first page. He dialed it as he bit his lip, firmly reminding himself not to sound like a pathetic--

"Marsters," came Cary's deep voice. For a moment Aspen couldn't speak: he was thinking of the way that voice had sounded earlier, husky with lust, transforming his name into something almost reverent..."Hello? Anyone there?"

"Why didn't you tell me all the evidence points to you being at the head of a major EPA violation?" Aspen blurted out.

"Oh," Cary sounded amused. "Aspen. You're a fast reader."

"Well?" Aspen demanded, half embarrassed at his own lack of tact. He had planned to phrase that a little more carefully, but as usual the man had thrown him off balance.

"What are you wearing?" Cary returned.

"Oh, come on! You're the one who said this was so important, and you're the one, if I'm reading the material correctly, with his job and reputation on the line. Tell me."

"I was getting to it," Cary said mildly. He lowered his voice. "Bet you're naked."

Aspen flushed. It actually was true, he hadn't bothered dressing after his shower - the perks of living alone - and was laying bare on his belly amid the sheets on his bed. His cock pulsed underneath him. He said nothing.

"Okay, okay," Cary sighed. "Aspen, do you really think I'd ask you to look this stuff over if I were guilty? I didn't want to say anything earlier to influence your thinking. But I think it's pretty clear that I was hired to be a fall guy. And I want to know why."

"All I see," Aspen said measuredly, "are a number of documents of corporate policy and strategy with more than a dozen clear violations of the EPA. And all of them have your signature. Or are you saying they're all forgeries?"

"No." Cary sounded suddenly tired. "It's my signature all right. I have copies made of everything I sign, of course. All those documents exist. It's just that there have been subtle changes - a sentence here, a paragraph there - to include policies I'd never agree to, never. They - whoever - kept the final page with my signature as is and must have replaced the rest of the pages. I swear it, Aspen."

He sounded so serious, more so than he had thus far, and Aspen was inclined to believe him, if only because he thought the man seemed smart enough that he wouldn't willingly affix his name to such clearly damning documents. But he wasn't going to let onto that quite yet. Let Cary squirm. His eyes crinkled at the thought.

"And where are these original documents?" He asked instead.

"I have them, at home where they're safe. And I put copies in the appendix."

"You...made that appendix?" Aspen had a sudden image of Cary copying and hole punching and shook his head. "Never mind. So these are the documents Ryder is publicly presenting? These ones that blatantly say that the company is illegally disposing of pesticides, for example?" Aspen couldn't imagine why anyone would do that.

"You'll find some of them posted on our website, not that anyone reads through that crap," Cary said bitterly. "The thing is, Aspen, the thing that makes it so strange - I oversee pretty much all the big movements within the corporation. And I happen to know most of these violations cannot be happening. Like you said about the disposal of chemical waste - I've talked to the company, hell, the driver himself who picks up the hazardous material every week according to the real policy."

"Couldn't he be in on it, too?" Aspen pointed out. "Not that I believe you yet," he added hastily. He heard Cary sigh deeply.

"He could," he said. "But that would make this a pretty intricate conspiracy. What's the motivation? I don't know, Aspen."

"Can we go to a plant to see for ourselves?" Aspen was asking before he thought about it. Then again, that was, after all, how he'd stumbled into the last cover up. Perhaps it wasn't a bad idea.

"The production facilities aren't local - they're in Indianapolis," Cary said.

"Oh, right," Aspen started, but Cary cut him off.

"I can have plane tickets ready to go for tomorrow morning."

"Oh!" Aspen didn't know what to say. "Wow. Um, but I can't go tomorrow. I have a deadline. And the next day is that wedding I have to--"

"Right. With Ruby." Cary sounded less than pleased. "After your wedding, then."

"It's not my--" Aspen started, but thought better of it. "Look, I don't know, plane tickets aren't the cheapest things in the world, and--"

"Aspen," Cary said, voice relaxed once more. "Don't worry about it. We'll fly out on Sunday, okay? And be at the plant Monday morning. I'll take care of it. I'm the one who asked for your help, remember?"

"Okay," Aspen said reluctantly.

"More importantly," Cary breathed into the phone, "you're naked."

"I didn't say that," Aspen said, though he was suddenly hyperaware of the feeling of cotton sheets against his skin.

"But you didn't deny it," Cary's voice was like honey. "I can picture you, naked on your bed. It's fucking hot."

"You haven't even seen my bed," Aspen informed him, trying to keep his breathing even.

"It's not really my focus. I bet your sweet pink nipples are hard already. I wish I were there to bite them." Aspen let out a little sound, to his own chagrin. "Damn it. Come over, Aspen. Or I'll come over. Please. I need to see you."

"Cary," Aspen said, half laughing, half pleased at the almost desperate note in his voice. "No. It's past midnight and I have a column to write tomorrow morning. And anyway, haven't you ravished me enough for one day?"

"Oh no," Cary told him, voice deepening even further. "No, I haven't even gotten started with you. I'm gonna know every inch of you, Aspen."

"You are?" Aspen was shivering in his bed despite the warmth of his loft.

"Oh, yeah, baby. You just wait. Next time, no interruptions. I'll tie you down if I have to. And I'll start with your neck, your fucking sexy neck. I'm gonna bite it and leave my mark on you, Aspen, all over, down your chest. I'm gonna lick at those tight nipples until you're begging me for something, anything more."

"Yeah? And then?" Aspen's mouth was dry. He had rolled into his back and groaned as his state of arousal made itself very clear.

"Mm, I might have a little fun at that point," Cary said, but he still sounded very serious. "I'll kiss your cock, all over, but too light, too quick, until you're writhing for me. And your ass - I'm gonna taste you, get you soaking wet and ready for me, until you're begging me for it." Aspen couldn't help it, his hand had wrapped around his cock already, thumbing the wetness from the tip down, and his mouth was open. He could only exhale into the phone at Cary's words.

"Ah, fuck yeah, baby, you like this?" Cary sounded rough. Aspen could picture him on the end of the phone line, gloriously nude, that golden body tight with lust, a large hand circling that thick hard member, and he might have let out a whimper. God, what was this man doing to him?

"Yeah," Cary went on, not seeming to mind Aspen's loss for words. "Yeah, I'm gonna put my fingers inside you, so tight and hot, until it burns just a little, and then I'm gonna find that magic spot that makes you see stars. You're gonna want to touch me so bad, Aspen. You're going to beg me to let you suck my cock."

"Yeah," Aspen rasped. "Fuck, I want to."

"But I won't let you. Only for a second. Just long enough to get me nice and ready for you. Because I need to be inside you. Fuck. I'm gonna make it so good for you, Aspen. I'm gonna fuck you slow and tender until you're ready to scream and then I'll give it to you, pound into you until you forget your name and only remember mine. You want that, baby? You want me to make you come?"

"Fuck," Aspen moaned, "please yes."

"Come for me, baby, right now." Cary's voice was a growl now - Aspen could hear the strain in it, could tell he was just as close, and he was stroking himself furious and fast, Cary's golden visage swimming before his eyes, his voice in his ear, and Aspen let himself go under, let the tides of pleasure pull him down.

"Cary." The name came past his lips unbidden, like a prayer, and he was spent, languid with release. He could hear Cary let out a groan on the other end of the line that he knew meant he had reached his own climax. He sighed deeply in contentment.

"Damn, that was hot," Cary said lowly. "God, I can't wait to get my hands on you again. I'm not letting go once I do, you hear that?"

Aspen's breathing on the other line, already deep and even with sleep, was the only response.


The Saturday of the wedding was a gorgeous, crisp spring day. Ruby came to pick him up,as planned, at one o'clock. She drove a sporty white compact. Aspen figured she had wanted to drive so that he couldn't run away, not that he intended to. The way he figured it, if he made it out of this stupid wedding alive, his obligations to Ruby were officially complete and he could start fresh, a clean slate. And start ignoring her existence with a clear conscience.

Keeping this in mind, he was on his best behavior. He'd dressed in the suit she'd chosen, which, he had to admit, fit him perfectly. When Ruby had looked him over from the driver's seat and said, "Lovely, darling! See, I knew you'd clean up nicely," well, Aspen had just gritted his teeth. Ruby of course looked pristine in red

They passed the drive mostly in silence. Aspen for one felt awkward and tongue tied; what were you supposed to say to the woman you had cheated on, with her boss, no less? But Ruby seemed content to hum along with the radio.

The wedding ceremony was held in the prolific garden of a historical mansion on the outskirts of the city. Aspen wryly noted that, yet again, he was surrounded by rich, polished men and women very much unlike himself. It reminded him of Ruby's work gala --indeed, the bride Mary Ann worked with Ruby, so likely some of the bland faces were the same--and he couldn't help but let his thoughts flicker to Cary, to meeting him that first time. The thought shot a bolt of arousal direct to his groin. Stop thinking about him, Aspen thought firmly.

The beginning of the wedding itself was a relief, for Ruby was holding his arm in a near-crushing grip, pulling him around beside her as she flitted from group to group, greeting nearly everyone in attendance. By contrast it was a blissful respite to sit on the sun-warmed wooden chairs for the ceremony, watching Mary Ann walk down the aisle. He had to admit she looked beautiful in a frothy white confection of a dress, dark hair caught up in her veil, the customarily nasty curl to her lips absent for the moment. She actually looked happy for once. Her husband-to-be Paul, on the other hand, watched her procession toward him with a look of mingled awe and fear. Aspen really couldn't blame him.

Once Paul had kissed the triumphant bride, the guests were ushered into a patio for cocktails. Aspen drank his first rather quickly and Ruby's introductions were slightly less irritating after the second. He refused the third drink proffered to him by a waiter with a tray, though; he remembered all too well the last time he'd gotten more than buzzed at an event with Ruby.

Even the sit down dinner wasn't as bad as he expected--he'd been nervous, since he knew he'd be stuck beside Ruby, but on his other side was the groom's younger brother Alan who was studying journalism, and they immediately hit it off.

Soon enough Ruby wandered from the table to make her rounds, which suited Aspen just fine. He didn't see her as they were cutting the cake, or the first father-daughter dance; in fact, he didn't spot her until the band had struck up a more lively tune and most of the guests had made their way onto the dance floor. Ruby was standing by the tables, in deep conversation with an older, tall man Aspen unsurprisingly did not recognize. Aspen figured he should at least ask Ruby to dance once, to complete his obligation as wedding date, and with this goal in mind he made his way over to the pair.

Ruby had her back to him. She was speaking rather more quietly than she usually would, he noticed, but he pushed the thought away to slide next to Ruby, who looked up at him in surprise.

"Oh! Aspen," she said. She didn't look wholly thrilled to see him, but he guessed that was understandable.

"Hi," he said, putting a hand on her back. "I came to see if you wanted to dance. Hello there," he added, nodding to her companion.

"Er, hello," the man muttered, obviously ill at ease. At that point Ruby's perfect manners kicked in and almost automatically she made the introductions.

"Larry, this is my date, Aspen Altier. Aspen, this is Larry Tish, a former colleague of mine."

"Nice to meet you," Aspen said, sticking out a hand, but his mind was whirling.

Larry Tish? Wasn't that the name of the guy who had Cary's position before he was fired?

He turned to Ruby. "So, how about that dance?"

She eyed him almost warily. "Darling, frankly I'm exhausted. Would you get me a diet soda from the bar? I'll meet you there in just a moment."

"Sure," Aspen said slowly. Ruby patted his arm in a way that clearly said good boy. He nodded to Larry and turned to the bar. Once he got there, though, he turned back to see Larry taking Ruby by the elbow and leading her out of the main hall.

Just what are you up to, Ruby? Aspen thought. Something was off. Ruby had only started at Ryder Corps six months ago, and Larry Tish had been fired over a year ago. They shouldn't have known each other, unless it was from something else, but that felt like too much of a coincidence. Almost without thinking, Aspen moved towards the exit to follow them.

He heard them before he saw them--the unmistakable sound of, well, kissing. Catching a glance through the hedges, he saw them there in a dark corner of the patio where cocktails had been served earlier, locked in a close embrace.

Sick, Aspen thought. Larry Tish had to be in his sixties, and not in the dapper older gentleman kind of way. Why had Ruby invited him at all if she already had someone new, anyway? Well, at least he didn't have to feel guilty anymore. That was a familiar kiss, even from what he could see of it--a kiss that lovers share. It was clearly not the first time. Aspen turned to go--he didn't really need to see this--but froze when he heard Ruby say his name. He turned back to see she'd pulled away only slightly, his arms still around her.

"Enough, Larry. We can't have Aspen notice anything. It would ruin everything." Too late, Aspen thought laconically, then, ruin what?

"I thought you'd already done a good enough job at messing this up--you let him dump you, for Christ's sake." Tish's voice was harsh, and he pulled her roughly back to his lips, but Ruby ducked away.

"I told you, I have it under control, Larry. It'll be fine if you stop making unexpected appearances when we agreed you'd best fly under the radar."

"Yeah, well, you were the one to introduce me to your date by my real name." He sounded almost petulant.

Ruby snorted. "It's not like he has any idea who you are. And once I get him on the story idea, he'll be too busy investigating Marsters to look into you. He's probably halfway to drunk anyway." Ruby's voice dripped with disdain. Aspen felt sick.

"God, you're bad," Tish groaned out, and then their faces had mashed together once more.

Aspen was already sidling away, keeping his footfalls soft and silent, when he heard Ruby tell him, sultry as she'd never been with Aspen, "You have no idea."

Aspen's mind was whirling as he walked back into the hall. Only one thought kept rising to the surface: I have to tell Cary.

Distracted and nearly numb, Aspen nodded his way through two more songs. Ruby was nowhere in sight. He couldn't take it anymore.

Grabbing Alan from the dance floor, Aspen tasked him with telling Ruby that he wasn't feeling well and was going to take a cab home. Apparently his daze made for a believable semblance of drunkenness, because Alan just grinned and agreed, giving Aspen a lingering look that even a few weeks ago Aspen thought he probably wouldn't have registered. Aspen smiled weakly in return and clapped him on the back. Flattering as the attention of a college boy might be, he had his hands full with one man.

It was only as Aspen made his way toward a cab out front that he realized he didn't have an address--for there was no question in his mind, he was going to see Cary right now. This was too important to wait. It was just as he was reaching for his phone to text Cary and ask that he saw the broad, dark figure rise from a bench half hidden from view by a potted plant.

"Mr. Altier?" Came a deep, calm voice. Aspen stared.

"Nelson? What are you doing here?" Aspen asked, a finger of dread trailing down his spine.

"Mr. Marsters sent me." He answered, face unreadable. "To keep an eye on things." To keep an eye on me, more like, Aspen thought grimly. He hadn't asked for any of this. Jesus! He didn't know what to think.

"Well, Nelson, you can take me to Mr. Marsters then, and he can see for himself." Aspen was glad that his voice sounded steady, at least. Nelson nodded and pulled out his keys; when he hit the unlock button, Aspen jumped at the resultant beep that sounded from the dark car, partially hidden in shadow.
Aspen sat in the front seat this time, feeling bizarre enough as it was without sitting alone in the back with his thoughts. Nelson remained silent, but he turned on the radio, and the slightly staticky rock n roll music seemed to settle Aspen's nerves somewhat.

They didn't have very far to go - within fifteen minutes Nelson had turned onto one of the ritzier neighborhoods in town, and then he was pulling up into the driveway of a massive brick townhouse. Within moments of parking the car, Nelson had unfolded himself and somehow managed to get around to open the door for Aspen. Nelson led him to the door, pressing the intercom.

"Yes?" Even distant and crackling through the speaker, Cary's voice sent a hot charge through Aspen.

"Mr. Marsters, I have Mr. Altier here for you. If you won't be needing me tonight, I'll be off and pick you up at noon tomorrow for the airport." Aspen had completely forgotten about the trip to Ryder's plants. It suddenly did not seem like a great idea.

"Thanks, Nelson. Tell Abby I'm sorry to keep you out so late on date night. Send Aspen on up." A moment later the door buzzed, and Nelson pulled it open, gesturing Aspen inside. Aspen waved rather miserably goodbye. He was a nice, if quiet guy, despite the stalking gig Cary seemed to have set him on.

He blinked as he walked into the foyer. It was a dramatic entryway, two storied marble with a massive chandelier. It wasn't what he'd pictured for Cary--too sleek, somehow.

And then he saw Cary coming down the stairs and he wouldn't have noticed if they were atop the Eiffel Tower. Cary had clearly been in bed--he was shirtless, all perfect golden muscle, wearing only a pair of drawstring pants that hung dangerously low on his cut hips. He was very obviously not wearing anything underneath them. Aspen's mouth went dry. He wanted to look at Cary for hours and at the same time felt it'd be safest to avert his eyes.

Cary didn't speak as he approached him. When they were face to face, Aspen opened his mouth to speak, not entirely sure what he was going to say--but Cary shook his head, took Aspen's face in his large hands.

"No, wait," he whispered, and the sound, like dark velvet on his skin, made Aspen shiver pleasurably. "Before you say anything..."

And as if in a trance, slowly, blue eyes drowning in gold, Cary brought their lips together. The moment they touched Cary let out a sigh of something like relief, and all pretense of slow and gentle fell away. Cary's lips were insistent, his tongue determined to map every inch of Aspen's mouth, and Aspen was letting his lips be plundered, his hands clutching Cary's smooth gold shoulders, hot to the touch like a fever dream.

Both men were almost panting when Cary finally pulled away, hands dropping from Aspen's face only to snake around his waist. "I needed that," he said, and Aspen knew what he meant, felt suddenly lighter than he had in days, until Cary continued, "Now you can tell me what happened," and Aspen remembered what he'd come to say and the weight dropped back onto his shoulders.

"How'd you know something happened?" Aspen said, his heart beating too fast in his chest. He thought of Nelson in the shadows waiting for him and wondered what the hell he had gotten himself into.

But Cary just laughed. "Are you kidding? I can read it all over your face. Come on, we can sit in my den."

Cary led him past the grand marble staircase to a front room that looked impossibly large, an effect enhanced by the sparse furniture. There were a number of very ugly, too-ornate chairs and a Victorian style sofa around a dark wood coffee table, and that was pretty much it--except for the massive fireplace that was clearly the centerpiece of the room. Aspen looked at Cary, who shrugged.

"I don't spend much time here. But I thought it might be a bit too distracting to invite you directly into my bedroom." Aspen shivered at his hot look.

"Now," Cary said, sitting on the sofa and gesturing for Aspen to do the same, "tell me what has you so freaked out."

Aspen sat and for a moment didn't speak. He thought of everything Cary had said and done up until now. He thought of the bizarre binder with too many details and the stolen kisses and being stretched over his kitchen table, Cary atop him, and he decided, for once, to stop thinking and go with his instinct. Remember where that got you last time, Aspen thought wryly, and yet - he wasn't going to fight it, maybe couldn't fight it. He was going to have to trust Cary.

Taking a deep breath, he told Cary what he'd seen and heard that evening of Ruby and Larry Tish. Cary didn't try to touch him or interrupt, just watched him closely. When Aspen was done, Cary let out a low whistle.

"I thought there was something strange with Tish," he said, "but I admit, I hadn't considered Ruby." He gave Aspen a sidelong glance and Aspen suddenly wondered if he was having the same doubts: that this was all too neat, that maybe Aspen wasn't on his side.

"Really?" Aspen said, striving for a light tone. "Now that I know she's involved, I can't believe I didn't see it from the start. I feel...well I feel like an idiot, that's what," he finished, rather lamely. He looked down at the sofa upholstery, picked at a loose thread.

Cary's hand closed over his. "You're not an idiot," he said gently. "You just have really terrible taste in women." Aspen laughed, but quickly sobered.

"Cary, what do we do?" He asked. "Do we confront them, or--"

"Aspen," Cary said, and his face had gone calm and assured, "I'll tell you what we're going to do. We're going to stick to the plan. Tomorrow we fly out to Indianapolis - I've arranged that tomorrow night we'll have dinner with the head foreman there, no one on the corporate ladder. I know him, trust him as much as I can trust anyone at Ryder these days. Monday when the plant opens we'll hold a surprise inspection."

"But we already know it's Ruby and Tish behind all this," Aspen objected. "Shouldn't we, I don't know, tell someone?"

Cary shook his head slowly. "We don't know enough. We have a who, but not a why or how. Hell, there might be other people in on this, too. And we have no proof." He sighed deeply and Aspen ached with it, wanted to smooth out his furrowed brow, kiss the line of his neck until his shoulders lost some of their tension.... "Aspen, I have the feeling that what you overheard tonight is just the tip of the iceberg. I need you to promise me you'll be careful. We don't know their full plan or what lengths they'll go to for it."

Aspen looked at him in some surprise. "They have no idea I even know you."

"Yes, and that's our best defense right now. We have the element of surprise on our side, but who knows how long that'll last? I'd never forgive myself if anything happened to you because I got you involved in this mess."

Aspen scoffed. "They would've dragged me into it anyway."

"And you'd have been safely ignorant and would've painted me as a corporate asshole who hates the environment." Cary smirked at him.

"I wouldn't have believed it," Aspen said, but his tone had softened. Cary gave him a skeptical look. "Fine, maybe I would have."

"Well," Cary said. "Lucky I got to you first." His eyes were at once intent on Aspen.

"Yeah," he answered softly this time, and Cary leant further in to kiss him, light but lingering, and Aspen let his hands run over and across that bare broad torso. When Cary pulled away Aspen groaned, leaning back to recline invitingly on the sofa. "Come here," he said breathlessly.

But Cary shook his head smiling and stood, extending a golden hand to Aspen. "Come on," he said lowly. "I'll give you the tour."


It was clear almost immediately that the 'tour' was going to be cursory at best. With one thick arm trapping Aspen to his chest, Cary gestured with his free hand to indicate the sights. "The kitchen," he said, and Aspen got a vague impression of stainless steel and granite. "The dining room," bare but for a giant table surrounded by at least ten chairs. "The gym," a blur of equipment.

And then Cary was leading him up the stairs. When they reached the top Cary paused. "The bathroom," he said, pointing to a door slightly ajar. "That's the guest bedroom, another one, another, and that's my office. And this," he said, pulling Aspen to the furthest door down the hall and pushing it open, "is my bedroom."

It was the only room so far that felt as though it was lived in. The walls were, to Aspen's surprise, a deep, warm yellow, contrasting with the bland palette of the rest of the house. A dark wood wardrobe stood tall and imposing against one wall; a door cracked ajar revealed a sliver of the master bath. But Aspen's focus was on the massive bed, dove grey silk covers slightly rumpled. He could picture Cary in that bed, Cary sleeping, Cary sitting up reading over his notes, Cary naked and stretched out...

"Are you just going to stare at my bed," came Cary's voice, smooth as honey in his ear, "or are you going to get in it?" Aspen might have laughed if one of Cary's strong hands hadn't at that moment begun to travel down his chest, tracing a pattern on his hip, and suddenly all he could focus on was the hot presence behind him, Cary's arms around his body, his back pressed to the firm chest and the unmistakable searing ridge of his erection against Aspen's ass.

"Cary," he breathed, barely, and it was enough: impatient, Cary spun him around, locking his hands behind Aspen's neck but keeping him at arm's length, walking him backwards until his knees hit the edge of the bed and gave out, blue and golden eyes blazing together the whole way. Cary, already shirtless, let go of Aspen just long enough to shuck his drawstring pants, and then he was gloriously, completely nude, a vision of gold skin and sleek muscle. Aspen's mouth was open for a moment and then he scrambled forward, needing to touch the smooth heat in front of him, needing to latch his mouth onto every ridge and taste every inch of him.

But Cary kept him at arm's length for just a moment more, hands on his shoulders, eyes on his, silently slowing him. Finally, deliberately, he pulled Aspen to him until their faces almost touched. Aspen could feel the heat from all that bare skin and his hand slipped up to trace the line of Cary's jaw and then Cary closed the centimeter of space to kiss him fervently, slow but deep, and Aspen was sinking into him, lost and happy to stay that way, content to live in the feeling of Cary's stubble against his cheek and tongue entwined with his.

Cary broke away panting, pushing Aspen gently back against the bed so he was half-reclining. Aspen was so hard it hurt. "Fuck," Cary swore. "As hot as you are in that suit, I need you naked. Now." Aspen lifted trembling hands to start on the knot of his tie, fumbling, until Cary brushed them away to help. As soon as the tie was loosened it was off, followed by his shirt so quickly that he hardly noticed what Cary was doing. He gathered both of Aspen's wrists in one large hand, raising them over Aspen's head where they rested on the bed. "Keep them like that." Cary was smirking.

"Cary--" But he didn't answer - instead he dove into the juncture of Aspen's neck, biting and kissing him, stroking along the sides of Aspen's torso until he came to the waist of his trousers. He curled his fingers underneath the waistband, just brushing Aspen's hardness, and a groan was ripped from his throat.

"Cary," he was aware that he was nearly whining, "can't I--"

"In a minute," Cary said, but he was distracted, his expression avid with lust as he unbuttoned Aspen's pants and worked them down his legs, smoothing along every inch of skin uncovered. Aspen never had found anything about the backs of his knees remotely sexual until Cary was crouched between them, letting his fingertips play against the skin, and he felt like he was on fire. When the trousers were off he put his hands to the waistband of Aspen's briefs but didn't remove them, eye level with the growing wet patch that marked the tip of Aspen's aching cock.

He gasped as the man's scorching mouth closed over the spot. He could feel the hot wetness of his tongue though the cotton and thought he might die if Cary didn't give him more, soon.

Apparently Cary felt the same because almost instantly he had shucked the briefs from Aspen's body and without giving him even a moment to feel exposed in front of him, completely nude with his wrists still held shakily above his head, back flat on the bed, he swallowed Aspen down to the root.

Aspen howled. It was - it felt so fucking perfect and he had to fight to keep his eyes from closing with pleasure because fuck if the hottest part wasn't seeing that full red mouth wrapped around the base of his cock, gold eyes flashing with intensity. Or maybe it was the little growl he could feel in the back of Cary's throat, or maybe just the velvet heat surrounding him, he wasn't sure but he was sure that if Cary kept it up for one - more - minute - he bucked up his hips wanting to bury himself in that perfect mouth -and yet just as he was he was sure he could not hold on another moment he felt Cary back off, then circle thumb and finger around the base of his cock and squeeze just gently until climax receded. "Oh come on," Aspen groaned.

"Sorry, baby." Cary didn't look sorry. He looked pleased as the cat who ate the canary. "Soon." Aspen felt a little tremor of something between thrill and trepidation, but only for a second, because then Cary was pushing his legs apart, nuzzling into his crotch. His wet open mouth traced Aspen's balls and he groaned, but too soon Cary pulled back.

"Flip over." Cary was nearly whispering, his voice was so low, and he moved to help Aspen into his belly, hard cock rubbing into the silk bedclothes below. For just a moment he felt ungainly laying there, arms still stretched out, but then Cary had gripped his hips, pulled his ass up to his face and buried it there, inhaling a scent that was entirely Aspen. He let out a muffled curse but Aspen barely processed it because next moment Cary's tongue had flicked out, spiraling over Aspen's tightly furled pink hole, kissing it, sucking at it, darting out to punch through that ring of muscle. It felt incredible, alien and so perfectly right, as Cary coaxed him open, dug his tongue deep inside Aspen, and yet it wasn't enough, he wanted more, he needed--

Aspen wasn't sure if he spoke out loud of Cary was just so in tune with his body that he heard his plea that way, but almost regretfully he withdrew his questing lips and slid a hand between Aspen's spread cheeks, just pressing lightly between them. "Damn, you're delicious," Cary sounded almost as desperate as Aspen felt. The words felt like they were burning on his skin, and Aspen groaned and pressed back into Cary. He heard him flick open a bottle distantly. Teasing, Cary tapped his finger against Aspen's wet hole, circling it, pressing just the tip inside just to pull it back out seconds later. He was driving Aspen mad.

"Cary," he gritted out, and he couldn't see Cary's face but he felt the smirk there. He felt him lean forward and press a kiss to his lower back, and then - slowly - he drove a slick finger deep into Aspen.

Aspen gasped. It felt - well, it didn't hurt, not exactly, just felt like a stretch and a bit of a burn. No one had ever put anything inside him before. It didn't feel good exactly, but Aspen liked the way Cary caught his own breath.

And then Cary began to move his hand, at first carefully and then faster, and Aspen only noticed a little more burn when Cary slipped a second finger alongside the first. It was starting to feel nice, really, if a bit odd, when Cary curved his fingers in some way deep inside him and -- shit. Aspen's vision went white for a second and he knew he let out a sound but he couldn't even hear it because that felt fucking--

"Cary," he found himself saying, "now. Please now."

Cary slid a third finger inside him but Aspen hardly noticed. He had bigger things on his mind. Specifically, the bigger thing he knew was jutting proudly from between Cary's legs. He needed it.

"Hmm?" Cary asked, striving for an innocent tone. "What, now?"

"Come on," Aspen moaned, pushing his ass back onto Cary's fingers. Shit, that felt good. "Please. I need..."

"Need what? Say it."

"I need your cock in my ass now!" The words shot out of Aspen before he could think them, loud and wanton.

Cary didn't waste time responding. He was already sheathing himself in a condom one handed, the fingers of his other still sunk deep into Aspen's opening. Only when he'd snapped the rubber into place did he hesitate.

"This will be easier on you if you get on top," he murmured, pulling Aspen up to him.

"No." Again, the words burst out of Aspen before he had even considered them. Cary looked surprised. "Please. I want...I need you on top of me." As soon as the words were out of his mouth he realized they were true. He wanted that muscular, shining gold skin covering him, pressing him down, taking him. Aspen bit his lip and wriggled his ass back slightly on Cary's fingers.

The lust was blazing in Cary's eyes, and damn him if that sexy smirk didn't flash across his face before he was crushing Aspen's lips under his own in a blazing kiss, easing him back onto the bed. There was no more hesitation.

Aspen couldn't help the tiny noise that escaped him as Cary withdrew his fingers; he felt oddly empty for the scant seconds it took for Cary to press the blunt head of his cock to his opening. For a moment he was afraid, terrified like he had just taken a step out over an abyss and was waiting to fall, but then Cary cupped one large hand at his hip and pressed forward, slow but deliberate.

At first all Aspen was aware of was the pain. He knew his face was screwed up, knew every muscle in his body was tense with some archaic flight instinct, was aware of the pressure at his opening--could almost see the white-hot stretch there--and yet it was almost distant, as if it were happening to some other body and he was simply watching from afar.

Then Cary pulled his face close, breath hot on his cheek. "Relax, baby," Aspen couldn't even tell if he was speaking out loud or if he was reading it all in those impossible golden eyes, "open up for me. Push down. Let me in, Aspen." All of a sudden Aspen was hyperaware of every sensation--the pain roared back, yes, but every inch of his skin touching Cary's came alive at the same time, golden heat flooding into him, and he gasped in one deep breath and--it was the most incredible sensation, feeling Cary slide inside him, Cary, inside him.

"That's it, baby," Cary said so quiet Aspen almost missed it, but his face was etched with something between pleasure and agony. It was that look that did it, and Aspen's hands flew from where they'd still been pinned to the bed, and he was bracketing that gorgeous face with them, awestruck. The deep breath he'd taken whooshed out of his lungs, the last resistance of his body yielded, and Aspen felt Cary slide all the way inside him, felt the stretch and an indescribable fullness that he'd never before felt or even dreamed was possible.

"Aspen," Cary groaned, then they were kissing, long and deep, and Aspen could feel that every inch of himself had been consumed, taken over by sensation. There was nothing but this. His mouth on Cary's became frantic and he let his legs wrap around Cary's waist, trying to pull him deeper, moaning into his mouth at the mingled pain and pleasure of it.

Cary pulled away just enough to murmur, "Good? You okay?" and nip at Aspen's earlobe.

"Cary," Aspen managed, pulling him down to bite at his tempting bottom lip, "fuck me." His arms wove themselves around his neck and slowly, so damn slowly, Cary pulled back, let Aspen feel every inch and ridge of his thick cock slip out of his own body's firm grip. When Aspen felt almost empty, Cary locked that golden gaze with Aspen's, and slammed back in, the length of his cock scraping against that delicious spot inside him.
Aspen screamed. And writhed, and begged, delirious with want: he was burning, aflame as Cary pounded into him, relentless, muscles corded and so fucking beautiful that Aspen could only plead for more, more of him, more of this. That gold skin was hot where it pressed into every inch of his own and the honey blonde hair was mussed from where Aspen had grabbed it to pull him even closer, and Cary seemed incapable of getting out more than a few words at a time, just "you feel.." And "God, yes baby," but it was when he gasped out "Aspen" like it was some kind of prophecy that he completely lost it, jackhammering into that spot over and over like a man possessed.

Aspen felt it building long before it crashed over him, gathering speed from someplace deep within him, higher than his bellybutton, some hidden reserve of fire within him suddenly roaring to life. His mouth flew open, though he couldn't get a word out if he'd tried, and every muscle in his body tensed up, his hands digging into Cary's shoulders--he felt himself suffused, flushed with the most gorgeous golden heat from the tips of his toes to the crown of his head. It only took that final brush of Cary's flat stomach against his throbbing erection to let himself trip and he was cumming, harder than he ever had before, his channel spasming with each jet that erupted from his otherwise untouched cock, desperately clutching Cary closer even as the other man cried out again, wordless this time, and snapped his hips forward in one last powerful thrust as though compelled to sink himself into Aspen as far as possible.

They lay like that for a while, not moving, and after a moment, when he had vaguely regained his senses, Aspen noticed that he wasn't the only one who was--ever so slightly--trembling.

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