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Beverly Goes to the Beach

The characters in this story are the same as the characters in the Blind Date stories. This is a story about a trip to the beach with the busty, not too attractive, school teacher. I don't think you have to read the other stories first to follow this story.


I was having a beer with my friend and classmate Dave in the living room of his home when his wife, Nancy, came in and asked if I was going on the beach trip. Dave had forgotten to ask me about it. They were going to St. Martin in the Caribbean over spring break and wanted me to go with them.

Nancy smiled and said, "Your friend, Beverly, is going."

Nancy's smile told me that she knew that I still saw her friend sometimes. Beverly and Nancy were both school teachers at the high school in a small town near the college town where we lived.

Nancy and Dave had set me up on a blind date with Beverly. Nancy had convinced me to go on the date by telling me about how big Beverly's tits were, that the men at the school lusted after her body and that she was not a virgin. Basically, Nancy was politely telling me that her friend with very big boobs would fuck me if I took her out. I had never had a woman even suggest to me that one of her girlfriends had big tits and would fuck me. I was intrigued. I went on the date and had a great time after Beverly took off her clothes.

The relationship between Beverly and me had become a "fuck buddy" relationship. It was strictly sexual. One of us would call and she would end up at my house late at night having wild sex. She always came to my place because she made so much noise she would have humiliated herself in front of her roommate and neighbors if we fucked at her apartment.

I had not done anything with Beverly except fuck her in months. Beverly seemed to be okay with the fuck buddy status and the sex was awesome. Beverly loved to be fucked.

I wasn't sure if Nancy knew the status. "Does Beverly want me to go?"

"Very much!" said Nancy.

"Where would we stay?" I asked.

Dave said that he had rented a big condo at a luxury hotel with lots of room. We would all share it. Another friend of Nancy's from the school where she taught, Susan, was coming too with her husband, Michael.

I told them, "That all sounds great, but before I sign up to go there is something you need to know about Beverly and me. You are going to think I am crazy, but this could be a real problem."

"Gosh, what is it?" asked Nancy with a concerned look on her face.

"Beverly and I love to have sex," I said.

Nancy laughed and said, "That's okay. Everyone is a grown-up."

I said, "I haven't gotten to the problem yet. When we have sex Beverly makes a lot of noise. You can hear her a block or two away."

Dave and Nancy started laughing and said that they would deal with it.

I told them that several of my neighbors had complained about the noise, but I wasn't going to do anything to stop her. Actually, I wasn't sure I could do anything about it if I wanted to keep her quiet.

Nancy started laughing and said, "I may need to set you up with some of my other friends if you can make a woman scream so loud she wakes the neighbors!"

I said, "I don't think it is me. Beverly is just a girl who knows how to let you know when she is having fun."

"I'll bring some ear plugs," Dave said.

"I don't think ear plus will be enough to block out the sound." I replied.

Dave laughed and said that he might want to listen anyway. Nancy hit him playfully and called him a pervert.

I told them I would go. A combination of hanging out at a beautiful beach with good friends and having nasty, uninhibited sex with a busty young school teacher sounded good to me.

Beverly called me a day or so later to see if I wanted to fuck her that night. Actually, she would call and ask if she could come by to visit for a few minutes. That meant that she would come in, take off her clothes and fuck my brains out. We did not even pretend that we had any other reason to be together. The sex was always fucking incredible.

After we had worn ourselves out, I mentioned the beach trip. She was very excited about it. I told her that she should bring all of her sexiest lingerie and nightgowns for the trip.

She smiled at the thought of the sexy lingerie and said, "Won't I get cold if all I have on is skimpy underwear?"

I said, "I bet you can think of some ways to stay warm!"

I really liked Beverly. Her friendly attitude about sex and her incredible body made up for the fact she was not the prettiest girl around.

This sounds harsh, but Beverly's face was not at all attractive. Some would say ugly. Some would say plain. However, her body was an A+. I was probably superficial in my attitudes about Beverly, but her insecurity about her looks and her awesome body made for a girl who tried very hard to fuck you to death. A very pleasant death, but death. I loved it.

I knew Beverly was enamored with me. It was pretty obvious. She was willing to do anything I suggested and would scream her head off when I would lick her or fuck her. I loved to hear her scream.

Beverly asked me to fuck her up her ass one night. She rolled over on the bed onto her stomach and then stuck her ass up a little and said, "Luke, please take me anally!"

My cock was immediately hard and I crawled up on top of her to mount from behind. Beverly was tall and had a cute, skinny ass. Only her tits were big.

As I started to mount her, she seemed tense and said with a nervous voice, "Please be gentle. I am a virgin at anal sex."

Beverly sounded like she was about to cry. I felt sorry for her, so I rolled her over and fucked her pussy instead. We had our normal wild screaming sex and Beverly seemed relieved and a little confused that I had not fucked her up the ass.

I said, "You seemed so nervous about it, I thought we would wait until another time to try that for your first time. I wanted to make sure you were ready."

Beverly became emotional when I said that, started to cry and basically showered me with kisses as I lay there in bed with her after cumming.

She was in love and I was silently kicking myself for not fucking a girl with an awesome body up the ass after she asked for it. I continued to be sorry that I did not buttfuck her, but I figured that I would have another chance if I continued to see Beverly.

When spring break rolled around, we all met at the airport gate. Beverly had terrible taste in clothing and had a knack for looking sloppy. I had tried to help, but she just did not seem to get it. For many months, I had only seen Beverly in clothes for a matter of minutes. She was usually naked when she was at my house. I had not taken her out in public for months.

Beverly saw me walk up at the airport gate and ran over to give me a big busty hug. When she was horny she would find a way to rub her big tits all over me. She intentionally rubbed her tits up and down my right arm, my side and back as we talked. She was rather obvious and appeared needy, but she did not seem to care.

Beverly was wearing baggy jeans, hiking boots and a big giant flannel shirt. You could tell she had a big chest, but the baggy shirt hid her awesome body.

Except for her well covered, big chest, she did not look good at all. It crossed my mind that I may have made a mistake coming on this trip. It was a little embarrassing having an ugly girl hanging all over me.

You probably think I am a cruel or mean for caring about looks. I am really a fairly nice guy and I always try to be kind to anyone I date. People don't admit it, but most everyone cares about looks. Most everyone likes to be seen with attractive dates. Beverly could look pretty ugly. Most of the time her face and her short, blonde, messy hair were not attractive. I tried not to care, but honestly, I did care.

The fuck buddy deal was perfect. Beverly looked awesome naked. I never paid any attention to her face or hair after her clothes came off. It was pretty much impossible to notice anything but Beverly's perfect, huge tits and tall, slim body when she was naked. Her breasts were so firm they seemed to defy gravity.

I felt embarrassed as Beverly hugged me and kissed me while I tried to visit with my friends, Dave and Nancy, and the other couple, Susan and Michael. Susan was an attractive brunette who taught high school with Beverly and Nancy. She had a nice body and fairly big tits that I had noticed the other time I had met her. Her husband was a pleasant guy.

The other women on the trip, Susan and Nancy, were both much more attractive than my date. I was embarrassed as Beverly hung all over me in the airport and on the plane.

Despite the embarrassment I was feeling from having an ugly woman in an unattractive flannel shirt hang all over me in public, I had a funny thought while flying to St. Martin. It hit me that all of these people would understand why I was with Beverly if they saw her naked. She was spectacular when she was naked. I decided to try to talk her into wearing next to nothing in the condo at the resort.

Beverly continued to hang on my arm as we sat in the plane. As soon as they dimmed the lights in the cabin, she started rubbing on my cock and whispering about how she couldn't wait to feel my cock inside her.

I said, "Beverly, unbutton the top buttons on your shirt. I want to see your tits."

She gave a nervous laugh, looked around and started unbuttoning her flannel shirt. She unbuttoned it down to the middle of her boobs and gave me a quick flash of her bra covered boobs. They looked great and she could feel my cock get hard.

On the trip, she played with my cock and I played with her boobs for a couple of hours. We were both extremely horny.

I started trying out my new idea on Beverly. I said, "Beverly, you know, it would really turn me in if you walked around the condo in St. Martin in just your underwear or a sexy nightgown."

She said, "Oh, no. Everyone would see my body. It would be embarrassing. The other women won't like it and will think I am a slut if I walk around without clothes. I teach school with these women. I can't go around naked in front of my co-workers and their husbands! I am glad to show you everything in the bedroom."

I gently argued with her for a while bringing up that she told me once that it was her fantasy to have sex in public and that walking around the condo in her lingerie was about like having sex in public. At least it was exposing her hot body in public. She continued to say no. I could tell she was pretty worried about doing anything naughty in front of her co-workers.

Then, Beverly told me that the resort where we were staying had a nude beach, so I would be seeing lots of naked women. I asked if she was going to go topless or nude and she gave me an emphatic, "No!". Clearly, she and the other teachers had talked about the nude beach and had decided that they were not going to participate.

At that point, I had never been to a topless beach. I was pretty excited about it and was already thinking that Beverly's tits would be awesome out in public if I could get her to do it.

I did not want to use it, but I was pretty sure that I could get Beverly to strip in front of the others if I wanted. She had never admitted it to me, but I knew she would do about anything I said. She was infatuated with me and did not have enough self-confidence to say no to me if I insisted. However, she was so horny all the time, I did not think she would actually want to say no.

We arrived at the condo very late at night, checked in and moved in all of our bags. Everyone was ready for bed.

When I brought in our last bag, I went in the bedroom and found Beverly in a short, black nightgown lying on the bed with her legs spread. The top of the nightgown was transparent lace and I could easily see her beautiful, firm tits through the lace. Her nipples looked great through the thin lace.

Beverly frantically helped me get undressed and returned to her spread eagle position on the bed. She was as horny as a woman can be.

I wanted to warm her up with some oral sex, but she wanted to be fucked right then. She pulled me down on top of her.

"Fuck me, baby!" she panted.

As soon as the head of my hard cock entered her pussy, Beverly let loose with a loud ear piercing scream. "Ahhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" "Fuck me!!" It sounded like she was being tortured or something.

As she screamed she started thrusting her body onto my cock and screaming louder. It made me so hard when she screamed like that, I about lost control.

Her screams become higher pitched and louder as we went. I was teasing her by grabbing her ass as she humped me like a wild woman. We both knew that one of her favorite things was coming soon, but I did not let her know when. She became more and more excited as I rubbed her ass as we fucked.

Beverly finally screamed, "Fuck me!! Stick it in my ass!! Do it now!"

Finally, I stuck my index finger up her ass as we fucked. She let loose with a scream that could be heard all over the condominium building and probably outside.

She was going wild. She went crazier and crazier as I stuck more fingers up her ass. Two fingers deep in her ass seemed to be her favorite.

Finally, after a long, loud fuck, we both came. I screamed with her as I came.

Her big strong Amazon body was covered with sweat. She immediately started cuddling next to me and licking various parts of my body including my cock.

I started laughing softly as I thought about what our friends were thinking. There was no possible way to sleep through Beverly being fucked. You might think that since we had been having sex for months that she would not be as loud as she was when we first started, but she had figured out quite quickly that I liked it when she was loud and, if anything, she made more noise.

I told Beverly why I was laughing. She said, "Do you think I disturbed them?"

I laughed and said, "Sure, but it is okay. They just know that you have been fucked."

She said, "Baby, on this trip, I think I am ready to try anal sex for the first time." She laughed and said, "Wait until they hear that!"

I was excited to hear that Beverly still wanted to try anal sex. I had done it with one girlfriend and loved it. I could not imagine how wild it would be with Beverly. She loved to have my fingers up her ass as we fucked and I thought it would be fun to bend her over, fuck her ass and rub her pussy while I did it. I knew she would scream her head off with my dick in her ass.

As Beverly recovered from her orgasm, she got worried about what the others would think about her. "You think our friends will think I am a slut?"

I thought to myself, "I think you are a horny slut and so will they."

However, I said, "No, everyone will have sex this week. It is just easier to hear you because you are so hot! I love it when you scream!"

Saying that I loved it when she screamed was no exaggeration. For some reason that I cannot explain, sounds have always turned me on. Whether it is a nice girl saying something nasty or sexy or Beverly screaming like a Comanche warrior, the sounds of sex do something for me and I love it. My favorite porn videos are of girls saying something nasty in a matter of fact way or a cute girl being humiliated in an interview before a porn scene. I don't understand it, but it is real. Beverly was ideal for someone like me. A shy, plain teacher who was secretly a slut and who screamed like crazy and howled obscenities while being fucked was perfect for me.

After I had recovered from the first orgasm, I tried to embarrass Beverly by having her straddle me on the bed and make her big tits jiggle. We experimented with many different movements to make her tits sway or bounce or jiggle. It embarrassed her to let someone see her intentionally moving her tits around, but the humiliation clearly turned her on.

She kept trying to bend down and hug me so that her big bouncing tits were not in plain view, but I would make her sit up again. It was funny how modest she was at times and how outrageously loud she was when I fucked her.

Before long, the tit bouncing experiments had made my dick hard and the humiliation of me watching her do it had made Beverly wet again.

Most of the times I had had sex with a girl with big tits, I had her get on top so that I could see the big boobs move while we fuck. Beverly was so good at fucking on her back, I seldom wanted to do anything else. She was so big, strong and horny, the sex was great every time. Riding her was like riding a force of nature. She was strong and powerful as well as unbelievably horny.

If my friends fell asleep after the first session, Beverly woke them up with the second time. She screamed and howled as I fucked her. I lasted longer the second time. It was great. I came all over her big bouncing tits. She loved cum. She scooped the cum off her chest and ate it.

The next morning Dave and Nancy teased us about all of the noise the night before. Dave said he had never heard anything like it. Beverly was embarrassed and blushed as they teased her. I loved the idea that everyone in the condo knew she had been fucked the night before.

We went out and looked around the resort and it was awesome. The beach was white and beautiful. We were on the French side of St. Martin where topless sunbathing was fairly common. I was sophisticated enough to know that European women often were topless on beaches. However, for me the thought of a woman showing her breasts in public was a sexual act. At least it was exciting to me. This was especially true if the woman was an American school teacher with gigantic tits.

At breakfast, I heard the teachers talking about how embarrassing it would be to go topless on a beach in front of men they knew. That suggested to me that they were not really against going topless, they just could not take the humiliation of doing it in front of guys they knew from back home.

I said, "I can't wait to see you three sunbathing without your tops. You will all look great!"

Nancy laughed and said, "You are not going to be seeing us naked on the beach. The school board of our little school would fire us the minute they got a hint that some of their teachers were naked in public."

I laughed and said, "I promise not to tell."

Nancy said, "With my luck, the parents of one of my students would be down there watching their kid's teacher show off her little boobs on a beach!"

I said, "Nancy, you girls need to show your bodies to the world. Nobody back home will know you did it."

"Oh, yeah! The world is just dying to see these little B cup boobs. Now, if I looked like Beverly, I would have those hooters out all of the time!"

Beverly blushed bright red and said, "High school teachers can't be showing their bodies in public."

Nancy looked at me and said, "Looks like you are out of luck, Luke. You can check out the French women down on the beach, but these American girls are going to keep their clothes on!"

We lounged around the luxury condo a while and then got ready to hit the beach. Beverly did it again. She made a terrible fashion choice. She had brought a new swim suit for the trip. I was looking forward to a tiny bikini on that awesome body. But no. She had purchased a green bathing suit with a big bottom that looked like something a fat 60 year old woman would wear and a top that covered all of her breasts and looked like a bra that women wore in the 1940s or 1950s. It had supporting wires that she didn't need and covered her big tits from top to bottom.

I would not have thought it was possible, but Beverly managed to find a swim suit that did not show off her wonderful body.

I tried to compliment her, but I was extremely disappointed. I was planning on spending the day looking at her tits and dragging her back to the room periodically for sex. I could only see the outline of her massive tits.
We grabbed some chairs on the beach and started relaxing. Since Beverly had spoiled my plan to spend my time ogling her knockers, I decided to engage in my next favorite hobby, drinking. I talked my buddy, Dave, into joining me. Beverly soon joined in too. Dave and I made arrangements with a waiter to bring us a fresh beer every few minutes in exchange for an exorbitant tip. The guy was funny and dependable. Beverly was drinking some fruity drink with an umbrella in it. She was trying to keep up with us and doing pretty well.

After a few hours in the hot sun drinking heavily, I was feeling no pain. Dave was in the same boat. Beverly had a dazed look on her face too. I had been secretly checking out all of the nude women on the beach. Some were pretty hot and I loved the entire concept. Some of the guys were naked too.

Our group looked a little out of place with all of our clothes on. Dave started talking about all of the naked French women and encouraging Beverly and the other teachers to take off their tops. The teachers were not going for it.

Looking at all of the naked people was making me horny, so I grabbed Beverly's hand and led her to the ocean. The water was bright blue and clear. She was definitely drunk, but she managed to stumble down to the water giggling the whole way.

We waded out into the gentle surf until the water was about shoulder deep. Beverly was hanging all over me. I felt her up and she groaned as I did. She had that "Fuck me" look that she would get when she was horny.

I said, "Beverly, I want you to take your swim suit off."

"People will see me. Why don't we go back to the room? You can fuck me there."

"No, I want everyone on this beach to see your beautiful body. It will make my dick hard."

"Oh, God, I want to turn you on, but it would be so embarrassing to do it with the other teachers and their husbands here."

"That just makes it better. Do it Beverly and I will bring you back out here and fuck you in the water. We can fulfill your fantasy of having sex in public and all these people on the beach can hear what you sound like when you are fucked.

Beverly looked worried and said, "This is probably a big mistake, but I will do it for you, baby."

I knew she would.

Beverly reached around behind her to unhook her big swim suit top. However, I stopped her. I said, "No, not here, Beverly. I want you to take off all of your clothes, standing up on the beach in front of everyone!"

"Oh, my!" she said. Then she gave me a little grin and said, "I bet that will make you horny won't it?"


"It will make me horny too! In fact, I am already excited!"

We waded back into the beach and went to the chairs where the rest of our group was relaxing in the sun. We dried off with towels and I sat down on my beach chair.

I turned to Dave and Michael and said, "Watch this. Beverly has decided to work on her tan."

Beverly dropped her towel and looked nervous. "Don't watch me. . . please!"

Of course, that made all of our group look at her. Then, she blushed and became flustered as she reached around behind her to unhook her big swim suit top. My dick was already hard because I knew what was coming.

Nancy said, "Beverly, what are you doing?"

Beverly just became more flustered and was struggling to unhook her top. Finally, the top came loose and everyone stared at her as she unhooked the top and let it fall into her hands in front of her. When she did, her big firm tits bounced out of the top and jiggled in front of her.

Her boobs were completely white and big. They swayed and jiggled as she stood in front of us. I assumed that she would stop there, but she bent over at the waist and pulled down her bottoms. My date was now completely nude on a public beach in front of her coworkers.

When Beverly bent over to remove her bottoms, her giant tits swayed in front of her and bounced around. The big firm boobs continued to move on their own after she stood up straight. She looked down at them and watched them move.

Susan said, "Oh, my God, Beverly! What are you doing?"

Dave said, "Wow! I knew they were big, but I had no idea they were that big!"

Nancy was laughing and said, "You are going to need some sunscreen. I bet you can find some guys to help you put it on!"

Beverly was completely embarrassed and had lost her composure. She tried to explain what she was doing to the other women, but she couldn't complete her sentences. She seemed almost out of breath she was so excited and humiliated.

She tried to talk to me, but she made little sense. At times she would try to cover her boobs, but that was a hopeless task given the size of her tits and the way they were moving around in front of her. Trying to cover them just made them move more.

I looked around and saw our entire group staring at her. I also saw several other men out on the beach staring at her magnificent body. Beverly finally just stood there in front of us.

I motioned for her to sit on my chair and told her I would help her with the sunscreen. I grabbed a tube and started squirting sunscreen on her mammoth boobs. I could tell that she didn't know if she should let me rub her boobs in front of everyone, but I started rubbing the lotion in and she just let me. It was impossible at that point for her to be more embarrassed than she already was.

I rubbed her tits with lotion. Her nipples were as stiff as they could be and of course they stayed hard as I rubbed them with the lotion.

Then, I put sunscreen between her legs and on her ass. As I rubbed her pussy in full view of everyone on the beach, I told her, "We need to shave this thing tonight, so you are ready for tomorrow."

She said, "Okay."

When I rubbed sunscreen between her legs, her pussy was soaking wet.

Nancy was still watching us as I applied the sunscreen to Beverly's big tits and pussy. After a while, she said, "I am no expert on nude sunbathing, but I don't see all of these European women getting felt up on the beach! It looks like fun, but I am not sure that is the norm."

I said, "I am just finishing up anyway."

Beverly was now lying on her stomach on her beach chair. Her ass looked cute and her big boobs stuck out on each side of her. When she raised up for any reason, we all got a great view of her swinging jugs. I loved this!

After all of the commotion had settled down, Dave and I were drinking more beer and were staring at Beverly's naked body instead of the scenery. Beverly was downing more drinks too.

Dave had probably had too many beers when he said to Beverly, "How do you like nude sunbathing, Beverly?"

She replied, "It is alright once you get used to it, but it is making me very horny!"

I was feeling very horny too, so I said, "Come on out in the water and I will fuck you."

Beverly squealed, "Luke, you shouldn't say that in front of our friends!"

I stood up and laughed and said, "Oh yeah, everyone thought you were still a virgin after hearing you scream 'Fuck me!' a dozen times last night." Everyone laughed including Beverly.

Beverly blushed, but got up to go to the water with me. Her tits kept bouncing as she got up and bounced all the way to the water. Every man in sight was watching each bounce.

Beverly looked around and said, "I feel like everyone is looking at me. It must be my imagination."

It wasn't. Even the women were watching her body. She was a genetic freak. Tall, skinny, huge firm tits. She was about 5'11", with long, slender, athletic arms and legs, a tiny round bottom and huge tits that you would swear were implants until you saw them jiggle. Her tits looked too firm to be real, but they were.

As we waded into the water, I said, "Tell me what you want."

She said, "I want your big hard cock."

When we were out a little ways in the water, I pulled off my suit and started kissing her. She straddled me and within seconds my cock was in her pussy. She made some noise as the cock entered her, but she was trying not to make a big scene by screaming like she normally did. However, she lost control after a few minutes and started screaming saying nasty things to me.

I was so turned on to be fucking her in public that it was everything I could do to keep from cumming immediately. Luckily, Beverly was about to burst too and she had an intense orgasm shortly after we started. I then filled her pussy with cum under the water.

Her orgasm was so intense, she was just hanging on me. She could not seem to move, but I didn't really care. I was looking at the shore and saw that plenty of people on the beach were watching us fuck. I told Beverly that she was now a star at the resort. She seemed to be okay with that.

When we went back to the beach, Nancy said to Beverly, "How was it?"

Beverly answered, "It was just what I needed."

Beverly stayed nude the rest of the day until it was time to go in. She then put her swim suit back on and we went back to the condo.

After showers, everyone went to dinner and then came back to the condo. As per usual, Beverly did not look very good in her casual dress. When we got back to the condo, I decided I wanted to see Beverly without her clothes again.

I knew that Beverly liked to be submissive to me, but I wasn't at all sure how far she would take it. After drinking all day and enjoying Beverly naked on the beach, I was pretty close to the dangerous point where I didn't give a damn if I made her or anyone else mad. Without much thought, I went for it.

I asked Beverly to come back to our room. I said, "Beverly take off your clothes and put on your sexiest bra and panties. I want you to wear that in front of everyone tonight. Then I will fuck you."

Beverly must have thought I was joking because she laughed and said, "I can't do that in front of the other teachers."

I said, "Sure you can. That is what I want from you tonight, Beverly."

She sounded a little desperate when she said, "I will wear any of my other outfits if you don't like this one. I want to look pretty for you."

I said, "You look best naked with a dick in your mouth, but tonight I want you to walk around in front of everyone in your bra and panties."

With that, I left the bedroom and went back to the porch. I didn't think it would work, but I was intoxicated enough to give it a try.

I went back to the porch and it was quite a while before Beverly came out of the bedroom. I assumed she was mad at me and we were going to have problems until I apologized.

She finally came out of the bedroom and stood at the door to the porch wearing nothing except a white lace bra, matching panties and high heel shoes. She looked totally hot, but had a completely embarrassed look on her face.

She quickly said, "Luke wanted me to put this on. I am sorry."

Dave and Michael quickly said she looked great as the other women looked on in disbelief.

Beverly's bra showed an amazing amount of cleavage. It was almost transparent, but not quite. You could tell where her hard nipples were, but they were slightly hidden by the lace.

Her firm breasts stuck out so far from her chest that her bra straps stretched from the cups straight to her shoulders. The straps were an inch or two from the upper part of her chest in some places. It was an awesome sight.

Beverly ran to get a drink which caused her big hooters to bounce around like water balloons. The thin bra was really no match for her tits.

Beverly came with her drink to sit next to me and looked like a high priced hooker sitting on the porch in her lingerie with her long legs crossed and a drink in her hand. Later, we all stood up and had our drinks at the rail of the porch looking out at the ocean at night.

The other guys spent a lot of time talking to Beverly as we stood around. She seemed to be getting used to talking to men while wearing nothing or next to nothing. The other women made a few comments trying to get Beverly to put on some clothes, but she ignored them or at least pretended to ignore them.

I thought Beverly was going to be mad at me, but after a while on the porch she whispered, "I have never been so horny in my entire life."

Like she normally did, Nancy made everyone laugh. She kept referring to Beverly as her horny friend or her voluptuous friend. She also had fun giving Dave a hard time when she overheard Dave discussing the pros and cons of Beverly shaving her pussy for the beach the next day.

I loved the sexy outfit on Beverly. It was probably as sexy as seeing her naked on the beach. Every time she would bend over even slightly, we could all see massive amounts of cleavage that bounced around inside her bra. Beverly's tits were so big and firm that they kept moving for a few seconds after she stopped moving. It was a great sight to see.

I now knew that there was not much of anything that Beverly would not do for me if I asked. She clearly liked being embarrassed and humiliated.

I asked the guys if they wanted to come watch me shave Beverly's pussy before bed. The other women objected to that plan, but Dave said, "I don't know what the big deal is. We will all see it tomorrow!"

Nancy seemed to think that watching a woman being shaved was different than seeing her on the beach and she let Dave know that he better not watch the shaving.

Susan just said that she could not believe that they were discussing Beverly's vagina.

As soon as I finished shaving Beverly's pussy, we hopped in bed and had wild, loud sex. I thought this might be the night for anal, but Beverly was too horny to try anything except straight, hard fucking.

The next morning I was drinking coffee wondering what sort of things I could have Beverly do that day. I was considering a blow job on the beach when Beverly came out of our room in her grandma swim suit. I hated that thing.

I said to her, "You don't need a swim suit. Go take that off. You can wear your bra and panties from last night down to the beach."

Beverly looked a little frightened and said, "I need a swim suit. We might have lunch at the restaurant near the beach or I may have to walk through the lobby. I can't walk through the lobby in my underwear."

"Sure you can."

As you might expect, the women took Beverly's side and the men were strong supporters of my position. As the lighthearted argument raged, I noticed that Beverly did not argue very hard and kept looking at me. She and I both knew how this was going to come out.

I finally gave Beverly a way to save face and still show off her awesome body. I suggested that she wear her lingerie, but take her bathing suit with her in case of emergency(whatever that is). Beverly jumped at that and went to put on her sexy white bra and panties.

The other women seemed a little shocked at Beverly's quick agreement with my compromise plan and probably knew that she wanted to walk around in her lingerie in public. Everyone was coming to the conclusion that their school teacher friend was a slut.

Beverly came out of the bedroom in her white lace lingerie looking awesome. The bra did not even begin to cover her big boobs. Now that it was morning and she was sober, Beverly seemed much more shy and embarrassed than she had been the night before. She tried to cover her big breasts with her arms and hands, but that was not possible and if anything it made her even sexier.

Dave, Beverly and I took the elevator down to the first floor. We could go to the beach without going through the lobby, but I wanted Beverly to make an appearance in the lobby in her bra and panties. I told her we needed more towels in the condo and that we needed to talk to the front desk. Beverly tried to talk me out of it, but I insisted.

Beverly looked terrified as we walked into the big, busy lobby of the large hotel. About 20 or 25 people were in the lobby. Beverly tried to cross her arms across her chest, but hiding her tits was absolutely impossible. There was a line at the desk and we got in the back. Several guys were staring at Beverly including an American guy in line ahead of us who did a double-take when he saw her.

Beverly was leaning over trying to hide her body with her arms crossed in front of her. Her face was bright red and it was obvious she was embarrassed.

I let her stand like that for a few minutes and then said to her loud enough for Dave to hear, "Stand up straight and drop your arms."

She looked at me for a moment and then stood up straight and dropped her arms. Her face was still flushed.

Even more people stared.

Nobody came into the lobby in just their swim suits. Women wore cover-ups or shirts over their suits. Standing in the lobby in lingerie made Beverly an unusual and sexy sight at the front desk. Every person in the lobby stared at the American school teacher in her sexy underwear.

After a few minutes, a manager came out from behind the desk, eyed Beverly from head to toe and suggested that maybe she should get dressed. Beverly stammered something about heading for the beach as she tried to cover her boobs with her hands. The manager grinned as he looked at her body and gave her a relatively small towel for her to wrap around her shoulders.

I told her to talk to the young man at the front desk when it was our turn.

Beverly stuttered and stammered as she asked the guy for towels. He smiled and looked at her cleavage while she talked. Eventually, she arranged for the towels. Dave and I were both grinning the entire time Beverly was flashing the lobby.

When we arrived at our spot on the beach, Beverly said that she would keep her underwear on for a while. I said, "Dave and I are looking forward to seeing you take off that bra. Why don't you go ahead and get naked. I will help you with the sunscreen again."

Beverly looked around to see if anyone was looking. Then, she stood up and unhooked her bra. Her big tits fell out of the bra cups and bounced around. It was awesome. I saw several guys checking her out. She slipped off her white panties and showed her newly shaved pussy.

I complimented her on the new sleek look. Dave was looking and nodding his agreement as she blushed. It was probably the first time that her twat was the center of attention in public.

Nancy invited the other girls to take a swim in the ocean before they put on sunscreen and Beverly jumped at the chance.

Dave and I watched them walk to the water. Dave said, "What do you have in store for Beverly today? I can't wait."

I thought about it a minute and then said, "Beverly wants to try anal sex for the first time. I thought I would have her tell you guys about it before I take her into our room to buttfuck her."

"Oh my God, that will be hot!"

"I thought you might like that and the sound that will come out of our room when we do it."

"Man, you are one lucky guy! She is so sexy!"

I thought about it a minute and said, "Without her clothes she is incredible. With clothes on, she is not exactly a babe. That is why this is a perfect trip for us. She has elected to go without clothes most of the time."

Dave laughed and said, "I am just glad I can watch."

When the girls returned, Beverly stretched out on her stomach on her beach chair between Dave and me. I got out the sunscreen and sat on the edge of her chair. I started rubbing the lotion on her back.

I said to her, "I think tonight is the night to lose your anal virginity."

She looked quickly at Dave to see if he heard me, but he pretended to be asleep.

I started rubbing sunscreen on her bright white bottom. My cock was hard as I thought about sticking my cock up her cute little round ass.

As I put on the sunscreen, I rubbed the lotion in the crack of her ass and a little on her pussy. She made a little moaning sound and said, "Can anyone see what you are doing?"

I looked at Dave who was watching our every move and said, "We are on a public beach, but I don't think most people are paying attention to where I am rubbing."
I rubbed her pussy a little more and then put my finger up her asshole. She jumped, but did not try to stop me.

"Are you sure nobody is watching?" she said with her eyes closed.

As I winked at Dave, I said, "Here I will put a towel over your bottom so that nobody can see my fingers up your ass."

"Shhh, someone will hear."

"Gosh I would want anyone to think you might be a loose woman," I said as I stuck a second finger up her ass. She jumped again and moaned quietly.

This continued for quite a while as I alternated between her ass and her pussy. I had three fingers up her ass on a public beach with my friend watching when Beverly opened her eyes and saw Dave looking at my hand up her ass. She quickly turned over and said, "Oh, you guys! I didn't know Dave was looking."

From down the row of chairs, Nancy asked what Dave was doing. Beverly covered for him by saying that Dave and I were just teasing her.

Beverly and I were horny all day. We went swimming together several times. However, I refrained from fucking her in the water again because I wanted to save up for the anal sex in bed at the end of the day. Beverly told me that she could hardly wait.

We all went to dinner together. Beverly looked rather plain and unattractive at dinner. She wore a big, sloppy t-shirt that was not flattering and some shorts that looked like something my old high school football coach would have worn. The group gathered on the porch for drinks again.

Beverly went to our bedroom. I assumed that she was going to come out in lingerie again.

I was drunk and a little irritated that Beverly could only look good in public if she was naked or almost naked. This was superficial of me, but it was how I felt.

Dave came over and asked me what was wrong.

I said, "The only time Beverly looks good is when she is naked or has a dick stuck in her somewhere."

Dave was taken aback at my comment and said, "Yeah, but she will get naked if you tell her to and she will let you put your dick any place you want, any time you want. Also, she looks better without clothes than she does in clothes. That is unusual."

"So, you are telling me to stop my bitching and be glad that a woman with enormous tits will do anything I say."

"That is about it, buddy."

About that time, Beverly came out wearing only a black transparent bra and matching panties. She had the high heels on again. This bra was low cut and once again the straps stretched straight from her boobs to her shoulders without touching her chest. She looked fantastic.

She once again mingled in the crowd on the porch. Mostly the guys talked to her. This time you could see her hard nipples through her thin bra.

I was drinking way too much and thinking about buttfucking my date. It was still early in the evening, but I could not wait any longer to take Beverly to bed. I liked the idea that the other two couples would be on the porch while Beverly was howling in the bedroom.

I stood next to Beverly and said, "Beverly, this is a big night for you. Why don't you tell everybody why."

She blushed and said, "I don't think I ought to talk about that. Why don't we just go to our room?"

"We shouldn't have secrets from our friends. It will be fun for everyone to know about your big night."

"No, I can't talk about that, baby," she whined.

I said, "Everybody will hear you in a few minutes and will probably know what we are doing. You may as well share the big news."

"Oh, please. Please no. I will do it, I just don't want to tell everyone."

The group was looking very curious. Beverly looked like she was about to lose control. She also appeared to be on the verge of tears.

I said, "Tell them what you are planning to do tonight so that they will know what they are hearing when we go to the bedroom."

Beverly did not say anything, so I said again, "Tell them what you are about to do."

Beverly crossed her arms in front of her chest, took a deep breath, closed her eyes and said, "I asked Luke to take me anally and tonight is the night he is going to do it to me."

The women both looked shocked and the men looked lustfully at Beverly.

I said, "Now, that wasn't so hard. Let's go."

Beverly raced to the bedroom without making eye contact with her friends.

I turned to go to the bedroom and almost lost my balance. I had been drinking for hours and had been hitting it hard all evening. I was nearing the invisible stage on the ten stages of drunkenness. I was horny and could feel myself losing any control. At that point, I didn't care if I lost control.

Beverly may have been as drunk as I was, but she managed to grab some lube and apply it as we got undressed.

I said, "Beverly, I want to hear you talk dirty tonight."

She said, "Oh, I would like that!"

"Bend over the bed and tell me you want a dick in your ass."

She lay down prone on the bed and said, "I want a dick in my ass."

She wasn't screaming yet, but I knew it wouldn't be long. I started rubbing my hard cock up and down her crack. I said, "Tell me you want to be buttfucked, you whore."

She seemed a little startled that I had called her a whore, but quickly said loudly, "Buttfuck me, baby!"

I was now on top of her big strong body. I reached under her as she lay on the bed on her stomach and started rubbing her clit as I pressed the big head of my cock into her ass. She let loose with a scream that may have been the loudest ever. It shocked me and I was ready for it.

As I slid my cock further into her small ass, I said, "Tell me you love cocks!"

In between her high pitched screams she said, "I love cocks!"

I knew everyone on the porch now knew that my dick was in Beverly's ass. I loved that idea. I said, "Tell me you are a slut."

"I am a slut!"

"Tell me you love to be assfucked, Beverly."

"Oh! God! I love to be assfucked!"

I tried in my drunken state to ease my cock into her ass slowly, but she was bucking on the bed like a bronco. Before I knew it, my cock was most of the way into her ass and I was pumping her. I realized that in this prone position, I could get a lot of leverage on her little ass. However, I had another idea.

I pulled my hard dick out of her ass which caused her to make a sound I had never heard from her before. However, I knew she wanted more dick in her ass.

I rolled off of her and said, "Go to the bathroom, slut. I want you to watch yourself bend over and take a hard dick up your ass."

She looked at me with a silly grin on her face and said, "Oh Yeah!"

She practically ran to the bathroom and bent over the countertop. I turned on all of the lights. She looked hot bent over at the waist with her big jugs hanging down. She was watching my dick as I caught up with her. I called her a slut again as I entered her ass again.

Beverly moaned loudly as my cock went deep into her ass. I loved the sound and I loved the feeling of her tight virgin ass on my very hard cock.

In the mirror in front of her, I could see her big hanging tits move as I jammed my cock in her ass. They were not jiggling, they were moving back and forth like big rolling waves in the ocean. I loved it.

At that point, I lost it. It was almost like I was watching someone else do the things I did. I lost all inhibitions and just did whatever came into my drunken head. This had never happened to me before or since.

I grabbed the back of Beverly's short blonde hair and pulled up her head. She continued to howl as she looked at herself in the mirror.

I said, "Look at yourself being fucked up the ass like a whore. Tell me you are ugly bitch good for nothing but fucking!"

She looked shocked, but screamed, "I am only good for fucking!"

I grabbed her hair again and pushed her face toward the mirror and said, "I said to tell me you are an ugly bitch good for nothing but fucking!" I jammed my cock as far as it would go up her ass.

She let loose an ear-piercing scream and said, "I am an ugly bitch. . .good for nothing. . . but fucking!"

"Tell me you are ugly and worthless!"

"I am ugly and worthless."

"Tell me you were born to be a cock whore"

"Oh my God! I was born to be a cock whore!"

"Tell me that you know that your only redeeming quality is that you have big tits!"

Beverly stumbled with that while the cock was pumping into her ass and only got out, "All I have are big tits. . . ."

I grabbed her hair again and said, "Look at yourself. All you have going for you are your big tits and the fact you will take cum in every hole."

Beverly looked at herself and tried to nod her agreement.

I said, "Tell me what you are, slut."

She looked at me confused as she breathlessly took a dick up her ass.

"Tell me you are a stupid, worthless cunt!"

"I am a stupid, worthless cunt."

I moaned as I pumped her ass, "I wish everyone at your school could see the homely teacher getting it in the butt!"

She just moaned and squeezed my cock with her ass.

I said, "Get on your knees, cunt. I am going to cum on your ugly face."

Beverly turned and got on her knees in front of me. I was ready to cum on her face for the first time, but first I stuck my dick in her mouth so she could taste her ass. Then, I shot cum all over her face. It ran down onto her big boobs. She had her tongue out trying to taste it.

I was exhausted and about to pass out, but before I did, I said, "Go outside and show your friends all of the cum on your face."

She tried to resist and started crying, but I told her to go in an angry voice. I walked to the bed and watched her walk out the bedroom door naked with cum on her face. I collapsed on the bed and passed out immediately.

I woke up just before dawn. I felt like shit. My head hurt because I was hung over. Everything else felt bad because I had been so mean to Beverly the night before. Unfortunately, I remembered everything I said and I was ashamed of myself. I tried to figure out what came over me, but nothing made any sense.

I saw Beverly asleep next to me and felt awful. I was raised by a great family and went to church every Sunday growing up and now I was being mean and cruel to a woman who had been as nice as she could be to me. I couldn't believe I had told her she was ugly(numerous times). I felt like a dog.

I got up and went to the bathroom where I stared into the mirror and wondered what I was going to do. I was sure that Beverly and probably all of her friends would want nothing to do with me.

After a while, I went back to the bed. I lay in bed restlessly as I worried.

I must have dosed off because the next thing I knew I felt something on my balls. It was good, but I did not know what was happening. I looked down and saw Beverly's head in my crotch and felt her tongue licking my balls gently.

Soon my cock was hard and she put the head gently into her mouth and sucked.

I couldn't believe she was doing this after the way I behaved the night before. Even though it felt good, I stopped her and pulled her up to talk to me.

I said, "About last night. . . ."

She cut me off and said, "Oh baby, last night was the best ever. I came so many times when you were having me talk dirty to you. It was wonderful. Even the part when you made me show my friends the cum on my face turned me on. I don't know how you know exactly what to say to get me excited, but it was perfect."

"You liked it?"

"I loved it. Can we do it again?"

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