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Barmaid Duties Ch. 06

Nothing out of the ordinary had happened in the pub for a long time now, Alice serviced the locals still but on a much less frequent basis than her first six months, the novelty had worn off shall we say.

For though having my whore Alice on the books had earned him a pretty penny from a stacked out bar nearly every night for a year and a half, but the letter that had dropped through his door a month ago had him worried and he turned to me for help.

"Ali, there has been a complaint from one of the other darts teams, pissed off because were winning all the time because of the incentives I give," he said.

He pushed an envelope across the desk and told me to take a read and have a look inside. The letter alluded to the complaint and stated that Paul was offering incentives by bringing in hookers to fuck the patrons in the darts team.

This was supported by a range of photos taken over a few months that showed Alice in all sorts of shots around the pub, either half naked, naked, exposing herself, being groped and fingered, fucked and gangbanged.

The evidence was pretty damning and the brewery had summarised that Paul would be turfed out and handed over to the police, along with John as his assistant manager.

"Now I've had a thought," he said, "I know the top men at Marstons who will be coming down here to sort this," he rattled on, "good geezers, been in the trade and worked up," he said.

"Yes, so what's the plan?" I asked, still lost.

"You let me have Alice, and Fiona as an extra as bargaining chips, I offer them to these guys, they'll accept and then turn a blind eye, probably for a little share of my profits," he said as if he had it all worked out.

"So what do I get?" I asked.

"Errr," he stuttered.

"I get a cheque right now for ten grand, for services rendered over the last year or so and for getting you out the shit?" I told him.

He had little choice, and returned to me five minutes later with a cheque for ten big ones. "When is the hearing?"

"A week Friday at a hotel in town, it's definitely serious because they do all major disciplinary meetings at them and then fuck you off," he said.

"OK that's good, you book a room in the hotel and I'll provide the pussy," I said, "from now on Alice is finished here," I said draining my beer and calling Alice over.

"Your done here, were going," I told her.

Later that night I told both Fiona and Alice the plan, I explained it was to keep Paul out of jail and I'd been rewarded with ten grand. It didn't matter to them to much I controlled the money anyway.

They didn't seem to happy about it but I told them it was my decision and it was final.

Hearing Day:

Paul had text me on the previous evening and told me that the room was booked under my name at the Ibis hotel near the train-station in town, all I had to do was text him the room number once I'd checked in with my whores. I'd asked Paul to book me an adjacent room so that I could listen and watch on the laptop after placing little cameras around the room.

I dressed my whores in plain dowdy clothes as not to arouse suspicion on the desk when we checked in and we were soon in the lift on the way up to room 408 and 409.

I set small cameras up around 408 whilst Fiona and Alice got showered, shaved their pussies in to neat landing strips and used hair removal on their arseholes. They then dressed in some of the sluttiest lingerie and clothing you could imagine and we waited for the text from Paul.

His hearing was scheduled for 11am and it was a anticipated to last two hours. My phone beeped twenty minutes before 1pm.

'They took my deal, up to your whores to save my arse now, were on our way up,"

I text him back

'They'll look after it don't worry, room 408, they're waiting'

"Show time whores, I'll be next door watching and listening, do me proud," I laughed.

"We will owner," they both said in unison.

Ten minutes later I heard male voices in the corridor, they passed by room sounding jovial and I could here Paul giving it the big one about how he'll look after them, blah blah blah.

Then I heard the door knock next door and turned the laptop towards me. Alice went to the door dresses in stockings, suspender, high heels, a very tight micro skirt with lace crotchless knickers underneath and a half cup bra that just about held her tits but left her nipples obscenely exposed.

Fiona stood towards the back of the room facing the door in pretty much the same outfit but in all white as opposed to Alice's black, they looked fucking drop dead gorgeous. I looked in the camera facing Fiona and smiled at the way she stood, like I'd trained her to do, with her feet never less than eight inches apart.

The ridiculously small micro skirt didn't even come low enough to cover the bottom of her crotchless white lace knickers it was that short. The inviting sight of her meaty cunt lips hanging through the opening stirred my cock as the door was opened.

"Jesus fucking christ Paul," said the first of five men who entered the hotel room. Alice stepped back wards as they entered and the first man took both her nipples and then pushed her half cups down so that her tits dropped free.

He then slapped her arse hard, "Little fucking slag," he said and continued across the room towards Fiona.

Alice was now passed along the line of the last four men as they entered, each mauled her tits and grabbed between her legs without invitation and she was called more degrading names once they found the hole in her knickers.

The first man in had chucked his overcoat off as he approached Fiona, the first thing he did was yank the cups of her bra down so her huge tits dropped and bounced freely, "look at the size of these," he said slapping her left tit right on the nipple causing her to yelp a little.

A second man approached and took her left tit in his hand and mauled it, pinching the heavy flesh before pulling her nipple and twisting it. "Great tits slag," he said.

The first man put his hand between her legs and her intake of breath told me he'd entered her immediately without a hint of foreplay, "Do you want some cock slag?" he said to her, almost spitting in her face he was that close.

Their demeanour and attitude was one of powerful men, hereto take what they wanted from the two sluts provided by Paul. There was no interaction between the men and my whores other than to be called names and asked humiliating questions.

"Yesss," she hissed as the strangers fingers pumped her pussy hole through the well positioned hole in her purposely selected knickers.

"What was that slut, the others couldn't quite hear you?" he asked her.

Fiona knew she was to answer loudly so that all the strangers in the room could hear, and she did that, "Yes, I want some cock!!" she shouted out.

The other three looked round, turning their attention from Alice momentarily to address Fiona ,"Don't worry slut, there is plenty of cock for you today," said one of the men. The other two clarified the fact for her and then turned back to Alice.

Her breasts were out and being manhandled roughly by one stranger to her left, a stranger to her right was unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a hairy chest and tubby stomach before removing his shoes, trousers and boxer shorts to reveal a semi erect but growing cock.

He stepped close and grabbed her wrist and guided her hand to his prick holding her until she'd wrapped her slender fingers around him, "Wank me off," he told her.

The third stranger in front off her had pushed her tiny micro skirt up round her slender waist and told her to open her legs, which she had about ten inches or more. I caught a glimpse of her lips exposed between the hole in her black knickers before the stranger covered it with his hand as he curled his fingers up inside her.

I watched her go up on to her tiptoes as he pushed his fingers up inside her as far as he could. He pulled out two glistening fingers and sucked them clean in front of her, "We've got some finger sweet pussy over here boss," said the stranger to the man that had been fingering Fiona.

"How old are you?" the stranger asked Alice.

"Eighteen," she said.

The three men crowding her just laughed, they were all in their forties I guessed, a couple closer to Fiona in age and three maybe late forties, early fifties. They could've hardly believed their luck when the complaint had come in against Paul and the one they called boss never looked a gift horse in the mouth.

Alice continued wanking one of the men as the other two stripped off beside her, folding their clothes in to neat piles on the dresser before turning back to her with hard dicks swinging in her direction.

One of them pointed at a spot on the floor and Alice knelt, a hard seven inch cock reared up in her face rubbing over her lips and nose before the owner of it angled it down towards her mouth. She opened to accept the cock without protest and soon she was mumbling as her face was fucked.

Her hands were placed on a cock either side to masturbate as her mouth was used like a pussy, the fast throat fucking soon had her gagging and as her mouth was vacated she spat and took on oxygen before her head was turned and a smaller dick filled her mouth.

Paul was by now sat on a chair in the corner, rubbing his own cock through his jeans, he'd been told to stay there by the boss and didn't seem in a hurry to leave. He was looking over towards Fiona who was now in the same position as her daughter on her knees sucking one average piece of meat whilst pumping her fist up and down a mightily impressive thick eight inches.

I could've guessed that the most cocky and confident one in the room that they called boss would have the longest and thickest prick. Big cock, big attitude I thought as he took the place of his mate and stretched Fiona's poor painted lips.

This continued for a few more minutes until the boss pushed Fiona off and headed towards Alice who was still surrounded by three strangers sucking each in turn.

"Let's test this young piece out then, see what Paul here risked his pub for," said the boss man pushing between two of the men.

"She's all yours boss," the three said moving away so that he could stand in front of Alice.

"Stand up," he instructed her.Once she was up on her heels he looked at his big hard dick pointing up at her and said, "Suck it."

She bent at the waist and opened her mouth as his big head approached her lips, the boss let out a low groan as her young eager mouth set to work on his big experienced meat.

He looked over at his henchmen who were surrounding Fiona now, slapping their cocks all over her face calling her names and telling her what they were going to do to her. Fiona would've been secretly loving it.

It was the boss that altered the course of proceedings though, he seemed to be done with getting his cock sucked already and led Alice back towards the big bed in the middle of the room. She walked backwards in to it and fell back, he grabbed her behind the knees and pulled her towards the edge and then pushed her legs apart.

She let them be pushed and held them apart not attempting to cover her exposed hole from this stranger who was standing above an between her legs wanking a big hard eight inches.

He crouched down to bed height and lined his cock up at the split in the knickers which was also the entrance to Alice's pussy. He rubbed his helmet up and down her slit a few times working between her folds until I saw her tense up and moan loudly.

He'd entered her and then pushed fully inside her letting out a deep appreciative groan of his own. followed by a big laugh, "Oh shit, this is one tight pussy," he said looking back at Paul.

"I told you didn't I," Paul said, with a big smile like he thought it was all going to plan.

"Shut the fuck up Paul," said the boss.

Seeing this the other men soon had Fiona laid out from the other side of the bed, legs splayed wide showing the men her puffy swollen pussy lips and wet hole.

"I'll go first," one man said coming between two others and sliding his cock easily in to her sopping pussy. "Jesus boys she's bloody soaking wet," he announced as crashed his pubic bone into her with ease.

"Yesssssss," Fiona moaned enjoying the feeling of yet more strange in her wanton hole.

The other three soon felt left out and climbed up on the bed and positioned themselves with in easy reach of my two whores mouths. Fiona had one each side and alternated her efforts whilst Alice worked on the one as her orgasm boiled up inside her.

It was actually surprised when Fiona left the cocks in her mouth and urged the man in her cunt to fuck her harder and that the men beside her should pull her nipples as she was close to comming.

"Dirty bitch," the man between her legs said as he increased his fucking pace by about ten strokes per minute and as her nipples received the attention she loved her back arched and her orgasm surged through her body.

My cock twitched itself at the thought of what that stranger was feeling around his cock right now for the first time. I remember the first time I made her orgasm, and how much her cunt walls tightened around my cock.

Even after all the dick she'd taken in the last two or so years, maybe seventy different dicks her cunt hand't lost the ability to constrict so tightly when in orgasm.

The man's face was screwed up tight, and I knew exactly how he was feeling right now, I really did. When Fiona's hungry hole let his cock go he just resumed ploughing her at exactly the same speed as before while he let his mates drown out her noise with cock down her throat.

Alice came immediately after but when she'd come back from a sexual high her pussy was left gaping as the boss walked around the bed.

Fiona's pussy was vacated as the boss approached but within seconds she was getting what she desired the most, "Oh yessss, big fat cock," she squealed as her greasy flaps were opened wide by the boss's thicker dick.

Yet another strange cock vanished deep in to my mother in laws cunt and began banging her hard, her cries of pleasure filling the room before one of the other men filled her vacant mouth, stifling her instantly.

On the opposite side of the bed another cock filled her daughters vacant pussy who was now being simultaneously taking cock hard, and fast. Alice was turning in to a fantastic young whore that was for certain.

The five men spent the next hour moving around using any hole that was left vacant, they'd fuck their mouths until a pussy was available and then fuck that until either Fiona or Alice came.

Not once did any of the men come, always stopping when the tell tale signs set in. The boss man was now sat on the chair over by the desk watching his crew using my whores thoroughly on the bed and he smirked to himself and then at Paul who was sat alone in the corner of the room.

"Send that old bitch over here," he ordered from the chair.

His men left Fiona and let her get up off the bed, she slowly walked over to the big dicked boss, swinging her arse. Her knickers were still pulled aside allowing her well fucked and swollen pussy lips to hang free.

"Turn round," he told her. She did and faced the bed looking on at Alice surrounded by the four remaining men, she felt a pang of jealously at the attention and dick she was receiving, a thought that fiona often told me she had when being used alongside Alice.

"Sit back," She was told by the boss man behind her and again she complied.

As she did he stopped her and pulled her knickers down as far as her knees and then grasped her hips to guide her back. Her eyes widened and her teeth gritted, she reached behind her with both hands and pulled her cheeks apart for him.

"Lower yourself all the way on in one go whore," he ordered her.

She pushed back with a sharp thrust, "Jesus christ," she grunted as her arsehole was breached. She then gently eased herself back all the way down until his entire length was firmly wedged in her anus.

Fiona kept her head down puffing and catching her breath trying to get used to the strangers big cock in her arse. It was nothing new to her she'd took many of the seventy men there but she still had an incredibly tight hole and she felt every hard inch of the strangers cock.

"Sit back against me and lift yourself up, put your feet on my thighs and ride me with your legs wide, show the boys what a whore you are and tell them that this is where you want all their cocks next," the stranger told her.

Again she complied and after an awkward struggle she was reverse cowgirl impaled anally on eight inches with her legs wide, knickers hanging from her left foot and big tits bouncing unaided in front of her.

My cock twitched uncontrollably in the adjoining room next door at the sexiness of the scene and come fired all over the dressing table.

Fiona's noisy orgasm less then three minutes after riding his big cock turned the attention of the others towards her. Big smirks spread across their faces when they saw where their bosses dick was buried. Fiona saw them looking and smiled back at them.

"This is where I want all your cocks next, as soon as your boss has finished with me," she panted as he slapped her arse hard behind her.

"Are we OK to try this little sluts arsehole out before you boss?" asked the man buried to the hilt in her cunt.

"Be my guest," he shouted from behind Fiona, "She'll welcome the breaking in I would imagine," he laughed.

It was settled, the man withdrew his wet dick and pushed it up against Alice's tight little eighteen year old bum hole.

"Open wide," said one of the men rubbing his cock over Alice face and she heeded his advice and spread her legs that bit wider, the cock at her arsehole was on the brink of popping inside and as it did breach she came with a loud scream.

"We have entry!" shouted one of the others bringing laughter from all the men except Paul who sat quietly, adjusting a big bulge in his jeans every so often.

He fucked Alice right through her orgasm and then pulled out stepping aside for his mate who wasted no time in filling the young girls arse.

This man had reached the end of his staying power and the depths of an eighteen year olds arsehole were all to much for him and after about six minutes he slammed in to her and erupted in her anal passage.

"Oh shit Rick, you fucking bust in her arse man," said one of the others.

"I'm not fussed," said another aiming his cock at her spunk filled hole as soon as Rick had moved. He pushed inside her with a loud squelch forcing as much come out as went in as cock number three entered her bum in the space of fifteen minutes.

Fiona was now getting tired and was slowly lifting herself up and down every inch of the bosses big dick, her arms looked like they were going to buckle and pain was etched over her face every time her thighs had to push her body weight up his shaft.

Sweat dripped down her face, her short hair was soaking, her thighs were glistening, her stomach was wet from sweat but still she rode on until told otherwise.

The boss didn't give her a reprieve for another three or four minutes, when she climbed off her legs almost buckled from cramp.

"Come her slut," one of the other blokes said taking her under the arm and leading her back to the bed. He pushed her face down bent over the edge, "get that arse up," he told her and once presented he fed her loose arse his cock.

"Send the young slut over," said the boss man who didn't move from his chair.

He made Alice climb straight up and hover over his thick meat before telling her to lower herself right down in one go.

She did as asked and came twice before she bottomed out on it. The boss mans fingers snaked round from behind and found her clit, he flicked it a few times and then plunged three fingers in her cunt and she came again. Alice was on the crest of sexual pleasure now, a young hot fucking machine being put through her paces by the older men.
He let her ride his cock for five minutes and then shouted one of the others over, Michael. "Get over here and fill this sluts pussy, I don't think my fingers are enough for her," he laughed.

Alice instinctively stopped riding and looked over at the men approaching her, he had a big grin on his face and his hand round his dick wanking it slowly as he crossed the room towards her.

He positioned his feet between his bosses and then fed his cock straight in to her hole with one slow thrust forward.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkkk," she cried as she was double penetrated by two men she'd laid eyes on for the first time little over an hour ago.

No wards were spoken, none needed to be said, they were there to be fucked to save Paul from ruin and that's exactly what the men were going to do. Anyway they wanted without protest.

I studied Alice's face on the camera and as much as the whole situation was wrong and humiliating her gritted teeth and lust filled eyes told me a different story.

She like her mother was addicted to cock, addicted to humiliating sex with strangers and addicted to being used. The massive orgasm she just squealed out as the two dicks reamed her holes out backed up my thoughts perfectly.

"Let someone else have a go Rex," said the boss from behind Alice as his fingers found her clit again whilst the second of his henchmen left Fiona's side and crossed the room towards her.

He moved his fingers as his mates cock filled her pussy and they both got down to hammering her young holes, she didn't come this time, her body now adjusting to having two dicks inside her meant she needed more stimulus, but the boss called for another change.

Alice watched the man pumping away behind her mother on the bed pull out of her arse and walk towards her. I saw her look at the mans slimy stiff cock and then at her mothers vacated gaping arsehole.

I made a mental note to quiz Alice on her thought process at that time, what was she thinking as she watched the man who moments ago was fucking her mothers arsehole, walk up and slide his cock easily in to her pussy.

I think the dirtiness of the situation overcome her and she exploded within two minutes of him entering her pussy hole. As she was fucked she watched the last man that hadn't dp'd her yet crouch down behind her mother and fuck her arse.

She came again, as this man filled her pussy seconds after leaving her mothers well fucked arsehole. As she came the man inside her was spent and blew his nut filling her with what like a gallon of sperm.

It gushed out of her cunt as he pulled out and ran over the shaft of the boss and on to his balls hanging below.

"For fucks sake," he said pushing Alice off, "Get that old slag over here to clean my balls," he shouted.

Fiona was led over by the man who'd been fucking her and pushed to her knees between the bosses legs. She began to clean his balls and shaft of his mates come at the same time she was entered anally again.

Once clean she was ordered to ride the man behind her as he lay on the floor, she was pushed backwards and used the mans chest to support herself.

She grinned unashamedly and let her knees fall as wide as possible, she knew what was coming and didn't hide the fact that that is what she wanted. "Oh yes fill my pussy with that big cock, come on fill me up," she crudely broadcast.

"Don't worry slut, it's coming," he said finding a comfortable position in which he could enter her from and then fuck her hard from.

Fiona cried out as his huge thick cock filled her to the brim and then began fucking her forcefully, harder and faster her rammed her hole so that all you could hear was his balls slapping against her wet skin and her cries of enjoyment.

Alice was being dp'd again by two others on the bed whilst one poor soul stood around watching and wanking. The boss saw him and then something crazy happened which was going to be a first for Fiona.

"Can't have you being left out can we Rex?" said the boss pulling himself from Fiona and lifting her off the cock in her arse before turning her round and lowering her back in position, pussy first on his mates meat.

He then pushed her right forward so that she was flat against the stranger beneath her, her 36ee's squashed between them and her head near his ear.

"You ever had two cocks in your pussy slut?" the boss said getting behind her and nudging his cock at the already taken pussy hole.

Her head shot up and she looked back at him with wide eyes, even Alice seemed to stop and look over as the dicks in her slowed pace at what they had just heard.

"No, no, please , I've never, oh, god no, I can't, it won't fit, no, please don't," Fiona rambled.

Really she knew better than to moan, she'd been in these situations before and never was her pleas listened to, I was about to watch my mother in law Fiona take two dicks in her pussy for the very first time at forty years of age.

"I think this pussy can easily take two cocks," said the boss man who began pushing his cock forwards on the top of his mates.

"Nooooo," she cried, "It hurts, it wont fit, please stop," she begged as he ignored her and persisted in pushing his cock in, pressing down on his mates cock eventually his helmet slid inside and her cunt wall stretched wider than it ever had before.

"Oh my fuckingggggggg goddddddddd," she screamed.

He pushed inside slowly, half an inch at a time ripping her hole wide until her was in to his nuts," I told you your cunt could fit two dicks you slut," he said from behind her.

Fiona just whimpered, this was beyond anything I imagined would happen, and then it got even worse for her, "Rex, come on boy get that cock in her arse,"

"No, no, no," she whimpered over and over again. "Argghhhh, shit, no, you bastards," she screamed as Rex awkwardly stood in front of his boss and filled her anus.

She came and came hard, hard and for longer than I'd ever seen before when Rex bottomed out in her arsehole. Her hole were filled beyond capacity with twenty plus inches of strange cock.

If she still had the slightest illusions she wasn't a total whore then they were banished now, banished forever as the three cock began moving as best they could in her abused body.

She whimpered, thats all she could do as she was taken like a piece of meat on the floor of the hotel room, by strangers to her, Paul's brewery bosses in order to keep him free from jail.

Her shame was compounded as her head was lifted by the hair and before she could protest a dick fresh from Alice's soaking wet come filled pussy pushed past her lips and down her throat.

She was airtight with cock and coming like a disgraceful street whore. She had three back to back orgasms like this, unable to stop them as her sexual senses were pushed past their limits.

Boss man ordered the others off her after a few more minutes and took her to the chair and pushed her down into it and told her to hold her legs back.

He fucked her holes for ten minutes or more, hard, fast, deep, slamming in to her with no thought for her only himself until he pulled out and blasted a huge load over her tits and stomach.

"Sluts all yours guys, don't be long though we've got to be gone in twenty minutes." he said as he walked away to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

By the time he re-emerged he had to step over Alice and then Fiona who were laid out on the floor covered in come. Their faces were plastered, tits were coated and their flat stomachs were glistening with sperm.

"Get dressed boys," he told them and they hurriedly chucked on clothes and made themselves half presentable.

As they went to leave Paul stood up to speak to the boss, "So we ok?"

"No Paul, thanks for the bitches, now your sacked and believe me you'll never work in the industry again," with that they left.

It was for nothing Paul was still sacked and my whores had been used for the five mens pleasure! Still, I got to see Fiona take two cocks in her pussy so as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.

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