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Barbie Doll Ch. 04

Barbie Doll -- an old man enjoying with a real life doll

LEGALESE: Don't read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction.

All sexually active characters are above the age of consent on their planet of origin [over 18].

Copyright (c) 2015 by Acup

A word of warning, I write good stories, I hope, with some decent sex in them. If you're looking for a stroker look somewhere else.

For all my faithful readers, thank you for sticking with me.

This story is a bit unusual, what I would call a 'clean out the fridge' story. I put it in Romance, but it also has a healthy dose of Cheating Wives, Screwy Women, a touch of Exhibitionist, and an all over Mature theme.

And now for my disclaimers which I have mostly plagiarized but didn't realize I hadn't copied the authors' name. My apologies and thanks for these profound words to who ever you are.

Yes, I never met a comma or ellipse I didn't like.

Yes, it jumps around too much.

Yes, it's in the wrong category.

Yes, it's too long.

Yes, it's too short.

Yes, this is stupid shit.

Eys, I need an editor, are you volunteering?

And, yes, I suck.

And you have yourself a warm and fuzzy day.

If you want a perfect story go find one written by Mr. Data.


Now this is different! Waking sprawled on the bed on my back, turning my head enough to see Barbra the same beside me in a bed big enough to still not be touching, well if you don't count her grip on me. Her grip, even in her sleep, of her warm fingers around my soft cock and a little smile on her face as she slept.

Barbra's fingers began to move, "That club was soooo wild last night."

"Mmmmmm, nothing like I've ever experienced before that's for sure."

"Nuh uhhhhh."

"Yup, I've been in some real holes back during the service, and a few nice places that called themselves Gentleman's clubs since. But nothing on the level of Don's club." I was firming up remembering the club, and my gyrating Barbie doll dancing for me.

"So Ken, what was your favorite part about last night?" getting firmer in her grip stroking me.

"Easy, you dancing for me."

"Right, you're trying to tell me you didn't enjoy Sarah or Carroll or Fabiana dancing for us?"

"Of course I enjoyed it, I'm a guy and I will always look at naked women. But my favorite part was you dancing for me, showing off your body, not hiding it when others came around. There were a lot of jealous men in that club last night, I'm proud to have you next to me. And it was hilarious when you wouldn't dance with Sarah, she seemed a little disappointed."

Barbra's stroking slowed a bit, "I told you, been there done that don't need to do it again."

I rolled to my elbow propping my head and looking at her. I reached out to play with her big nipple ring, "And I told you that's quite all right. I was just tickled at her expression like she just assumed you would dance with her. Now would I have balked at the two or three of the most beautiful women in the room dancing with each other, HELL NO!"

Barbra giggled and resumed her stroking.

"But we both know Sarah was looking for a little more than just a little dancing. And while it might be every man's fantasy to a point, I also know I love you and respect you, so if you don't want to dance with her and just happen to want to dance and gyrate and rub against me instead, well I guess that's just something I will have to endure."

Barbra picked up her pace stroking my now hard cock, "Endure huh?"

I pulled on her nipple ring a little, "Emmm, yes it's just so difficult to sit there and watch you in front of me, showing me every little nook and cranny of your delicious body, your hard nipples and wet pussy. When all I really want to do is bend you over and see how long I can make you scream in orgasm."

Barbra grinned, "Yeah, that does sound like pure torture." She laid there still stroking me. "You know we could have gone upstairs and did that. Sarah said there are lots of play rooms upstairs."

"Mmmm, that would have been nice for a bit, but I think there were quite a few of those members that would want to do a little more than watch. Hell, from the way Fabiana looked at you and stroking and caressing your skin you're lucky she didn't jump your bones and rape you right there."

Barbra giggled, "She's the one that wanted to go upstairs and let her husband watch us."


"Down boy, he's got a problem so he enjoys watching her with others. If I had to guess he prefers it be other women so he doesn't feel jealous."

"And you know this how?"

Barbra giggled.

"Come on, fess up."

"Well back when John was deployed, it was okay with him if I messed around with other girls while he was deployed, but not other guys. Seems like an ego thing."

"Well I could object to that on experience..."

"SHIT, sorry Ken, I didn't mean to..."

I leaned over and took her nipple between my lips and nibbled a bit until I heard her sigh.

"I know you didn't. And looking at it that way I'm sorry to say I might agree. If Gina had messed around with another guy instead of another woman I would have come unglued. And for a few brief seconds when I saw them together I was wondering if I could climb in between them. Or just watch them. It was only when learning they had been scheming to dump me did I want to kill her. Pretty bad double standard huh?"

Barbra pushed me on my back and crawled on top of me letting her weight come down on her tits pressed to my chest. "Na, that's just being a guy," pulling my hands to her ass. She leaned in and gave me a nice kiss while I groped her ass.

"And in all honesty here, yeah it gets me a little when you look at other woman, and I do understand you will be coming home to me. That doesn't mean I won't gig you a little if you go over board with the ogling," squeezing her cheeks against my fingers playing with her rosebud.

I kissed her back, "So does this mean I can throw out all your clothes and just get you some pasties and g-strings?"

"OH GOD YOU'RE TERR...." I smothered her argument with a kiss, and teased her rosebud with my finger.

We cuddled and kissed a little more, neither one of us wanting to get out of bed yet even with a couple of quick trips to the bathroom, when Barbra came back to bed, I pulled her down in front of me and kissed the back of her shoulder as I wrapped my arm around her and cupped her tit.

"Have a question for you," squeezing her tit.

Barbra put her hand up under mine, "Some thing you need to coerce me for?"

I slid my hand up to her nipple and rolled it between my fingers, "Na, just one of the perks." Barbra just sighed in response. "What would you say to sticking around here for a while?"

"In Kentucky?"

I kissed her neck, "No here, at Don's."

"For what?"

"Well he's got a few more projects he wants to restore. As long as I spend a certain amount of time on his projects I can use his shop for my projects rent free. He even said we could use the guest house until we found a place." I leaned back in and nibbled on her ear lobe.


Too much, shouldn't have nibbled on her ear, "Well he did say he'd give me a Hummer if I decided to stay."

Barbra giggled, "You'd let Don give you a blow job?"

"NO! That's not what I meant, it's a ..."

And then the laughing started, she knew exactly what I meant, which in turn deserved a good tickling. We play fought a bit until I just wrapped my arms around her and held her to me. I gave her a quick peck, "Look, we don't have to, just think about it and tell me what you think, okay?"

"Okay." Returning the peck, "So what were you going to do if we hadn't met?"

"Well you know, just go here and there, run around on the trike and fight off all the babes trying to seduce me, just the normal."

Barbra didn't even have the manners to giggle, she just plain laughed, then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard. "Good luck with that," She said once she had me kissed to submission, "Takes a lot more than some of these bimbos have to realize a pearl amongst the peas."

Don't know where that saying came from, but I took it for the compliment I hoped it was. We finally crawled out of bed, I slipped my shorts on, Barbra added one of my shirts to her shorts and we headed out to see if there was anything left of breakfast.

We came out to the pool and I just stopped cold, Barbra only hesitated and then giggled. Sarah was laying on a lounger working on her tan, and Rosy was pouring Don some coffee. BUT THEY WERE NAKED!

As soon as Rosy poured the coffee she joined Sarah on the next lounger, one of THOSE loungers. You know those ones that fold up in thirds with the little ratchet mechanisms in the hinges? The ones with the nice gap in straps near the hinges? The ones that when naked women lay on their bellies they hang THROUGH them! The ones that when they lay in their bellies it lets those lovely, oiled, jigging, tits hang through them on display!

Barbra came back to me and was going to swat me. I caught her hand and grinned. "Hey Sarah, you know where Barbra could get some pasties?" I asked without looking away from Barbra.


Barbra rolled her eyes and pulled her hand back, almost popped some buttons taking my shirt off and shucked her shorts to be as naked as the other girls, "That better?"

I stepped to her and got a good grip on her ass and put my other hand up under her tit and squeezed making her squeak a bit. "Much." I leaned to her ear, "Now what table should I bend you over?"

Barbra grabbed my head, gave me a good kiss, then pulled back smiling, "MEN!" the girls cackled as we found our seats, picking from the last of the breakfast stuff in the middle of the table.

While we were eating Sarah rolled to her side and cupped her tit playing with her nipple. "So did you two read the note on the table last night?"

"To tired after our shower, went right to bed." Barbra barely managed to stifle a giggle at that. "What did it say?"

"Not a lot really, just a few things about the house and entertainment system, and that we girls generally go nude unless there are strangers around."

I chuckled, "So I guess we're not strangers any more?"

Sarah grinned, "After last night, I hardly think so." Sliding her finger down to her pussy before rolling back to the lounger and getting her tits settled just so in the gap. "Have you decided to take Don up on his offer?"

I looked at Barbra, "We're thinking about it," she replied.

"You wouldn't regret it unless you're a social butterfly. It's so peaceful and quiet out here. No one to bother you for miles around."

"So you can run around in your birthday suit and flash your knockers at your man."

Sarah chuckled at Barbra's comments, "Well there is that."

"And Nashville is not that far away if you really want all of the hubbub," Don added.

"Or you can just get away up to the lake and be all alone," Rosy said.

Sarah's head came up, "You know you two might like that. You should run up there and check it out."

Barbra grinned, "We could do that, maybe Ken will even let me drive his trike this time."

Don chuckled, "You can't get there on Kens trike. More like one of the ATV's."

"Where is this place?" I asked.

"Well if you were standing on the top of the barn you might be able to see it in the spring before the leaves come in. It's about a third of the way up the mountain, and it's probably just warm enough to swim in by now since it's spring fed."

"Rosy?" Don asked.

Rosy came up to her elbows letting those oiled C cup orbs swing soooo nicely, "Yes Seníor Don?"

"Do we have the makings of a nice picnic basket?"

"Most certainly." She turned to Barbra, "Would you like to help me?" as she came over with her pendulous tits swinging, even slapping together as she walked.

Barbra grinned looking at me looking at Rosy, play slapped at my chest and got up to follow her into the house, both sets of cheeks bobbling nicely.

The girls packed a basket, we changed into jeans and shirt for the trek, and Don decided to put us in one of the bigger ATV's with a cab since it had been a while since anyone had been up there and the trail would probably be a bit over grown.

Barbra wanted to drive, and of course I let her. Just because the trail would probably be a bit rough, and she would need two hands on the steering wheel preventing her from keeping her tits from jiggling and bobbing and swinging and... well you get the picture. I mean wasn't that just so considerate of me to let her have something to hang on to now?

And true to expectations, little miss hot rod took off across the meadow at full speed, grinning and hollering all the way. As we got into the forest she had to slow down, what had once been a road according to Don had now narrowed into a path, sometimes only a foot path making us slow and almost force the ATV through.

And then when it widened out a bit she was off to the races again, or at least as best as she could in the rough terrain. Bouncing and jiggling and swaying with the bumps and turns. Sometimes I thought her tits were going to come out of her shirt, others swinging enough I thought her nipple rings would tear it open. "Huh? Why of course I'm watching the road dear. What else would I be watching out here?"

After what seemed like a fifty miles instead of the four Don said it was we broke into a clearing that words could not do justice to. Something from a movie where there was a lush grass just waiting to be run through going down to a nice calm lake.

We had barely stopped when Barbra jumped out of the ATV, then jumped back in to set the brake and shaking a finger at me laughing. She pealed off her clothes and took a running jump into the lake, resurfacing a little ways away and back stroking out a bit and then back near shore before standing and walking from the water with it sheeting down her skin. "DAMN! Where's a movie camera when you need one?"

"Oh you're terrible. Now go rinse off and we can eat."

I grinned and licked my lips.

"FOOD! Now go."

It was a bit chilly so I was in and out pretty quickly, especially with my naked Barbie doll laying there with one knee up. We ate the cold stuff first, strawberries and whipped cream. And then because there was whipped cream left over I put some on her nipples and licked it off, which necessitated Barbra putting some on my hard cock and sucking it off.

That of course led to one of those rubbers magically appearing and an upturned lubed ass being presented. The magic of the calm quiet lake is that every little sound was magnified. The slap as I bottomed out against her ass, her grunts and hisses as I enjoyed her tight ass, the little bit of slap as my balls hit her wet pussy. That of course was followed by the loud grunts and calls for 'more, harder, HARDER!' as I slammed into her ass, practically spanking her as I drove deep. Her orgasmic scream rolling across the water and coming back to us over and over as Barbra screamed over and over in answer to it.

Followed by the almost quietness of hard breathing as I cupped her tits just before collapsing on her back still in her ass. Momentarily worried about my weight on her until her hands came up beside mine and Barbra's contented sigh as I settled in on her. Her gasp and 'nooo' as I softened too much to stay in her and rolled to one side, our breathing the only sound.

I heard a rustle in the grass and turned to the water. I tapped Barbra on the shoulder and put a finger to her lips before she could speak, then pulled her back to me and pointed to the waters edge. There were deer drinking from the lake, a huge buck and several does, even a few small ones that looked like they were this springs fawns having lost their spots not too long ago.

We cuddled and played, me groping and squeezing Barbra huge tits while she reached back and fondled my soft cock, watching and enjoying nature. Something spooked the deer back in the trees, and with such speed and gracefulness they were gone into the brush in two jumps.

We laid there a bit more before going back to the lake to rinse, the water being just that much colder from the heat of our passion. We walked back to the picnic, Barbra snickering at my following her and watching her ass. "Now I REALLY wish I wasn't on the rag."

We strolled up to finish the picnic, gazing and looking around, just enjoying the quiet not saying a word.

We lazed and cuddled in the sun touching and caressing, no sense of urgency, just taking in the surroundings.

"What ya looking at?" Barbra asked.

I pointed at the tree line, "Looks like an old rangers tower up there."

Barbra got up on her knees to look, I nipped at her ass in front of me. She swatted at me, "Come on, let's go check it out."

I groaned and fell back to the blanket.

"Come on," She turned back to me and cupped her tits to jiggle them at me, "You never know what you'll get when we get there!"

I rolled up to my knees and took her in my arms, "You know how hard it is to say no to you?"

I got a nice kiss, then a giggle and a grope, "Not as hard as it needs to be," stroking me twice before hopping up and sliding her jeans on. We dressed and packed up, the only signs of our having been there a bit of trampled grass.

Of course Barbra had to drive again, and I again objected strenuously for the same reasons, DAMN she jiggles and sways soooo nicely! After a few dead ends, we came to the base of the rangers' tower. Barbra was all giddy and started running up the stairs. I shook my head and began plodding up. I did find her at the top step panting out of breath, I wasn't far behind her.

Once we had caught our breath we wandered around enjoying the panoramic view from above the tree tops, seeing part of the lake we had been at and much of the valley below, even the roof of Don's house when we came around that side. The door was locked with a simple spring catch, only meant to stop critters, not people.

Stepping in reminded me of stepping on to Don and Sarah's pool deck. The old roller chairs in green leather now dry and cracking, huge sturdy wooden tables, a couple of bunks along the back wall and a closet in the corner whose aroma told me it had once housed the porta-poty. But part of it was the size of the place. Even at the top of the tower it was at least thirty foot on a side if not more, not including the twelve foot outside wrap around balcony.

Just for grins I went outside and raised several of the big storm shutters, with a grinning Barbra following me from the inside and opening windows to let the breeze through. Coming back in you could already tell the difference in temperature. Barbra was sitting on the corner of one of the desks looking out the window. I came up behind her wrapping my arms around her, enjoying both the feel of her in my arms and the view out the window.

"This is soooo beautiful up here, could you just imagine living up here?"

I kissed her neck, "Is that before or after my heart attack from climbing those steps?"

Barbra giggled, "Well after a few hundred times up and down you'd be a pro at it. I'd just have to make you get on top all the time in bed to keep your conditioning up!"

I dropped my head to her shoulder and nipped at it making her squeak.

"Besides, look at the view. Can you imagine what it would be like when the leaves all drop?"

"Hmmm, let's see. Wind howling below us, pushing the tower back and forth like we're in an earthquake. Freezing your ass off just to get down the stairs. Have I left anything out?"

Barbra settled back against me, "Like looking out on a calm day with everything covered in a pristine blanket of white, watching the birds soar, the animals below, and then there's me naked twenty four seven."
"You're serious?"

"Well I'm seriously thinking about it. Can we see if it's even possible?"

I looked at her a second, "Well first off would be to see who owns it. We could do solar for power, and we have cell coverage. Then would come water and septic. I know they had something back when it was in use, but that could have been a tanker truck so I don't know. I wouldn't want to be hauling water in the winter, hell I don't know about hauling water in the summer either."

"But we can check it out right?" batting her eyelashes at me.

"Fine fine fine, we can look." I had a screaming woman wrapped around me, and then a groaning woman as I took advantage of that ass just begging to be squeezed. So we began looking.

The first good discovery was a trap door in the floor of the outside porch and a stout eyebolt in the ceiling above it so bringing something up on a winch looked promising. Going down the stairs with eyesight not limited by oxygen deprivation led us to discover that the section below the top cabin was braced for a floor of some kind, probable provision storage or something away from the critters.

The steel looked sound, and once at the bottom we found an old pipe sticking up out of the ground that had Barbra's interest. A little investigation had us following, read me following an entirely too enthusiastic ass, up the hill a ways until we heard running water. Barbra giggled and scooted ahead in the brush until I heard her yell "YES!"

I came panting up behind her grinning and jumping.

"SEEEE!" she said jumping into my arms as I collapsed on the mossy ground.

"Se what?" I managed to say.

"The pipe," pointing to something sticking out of the ground.

"And that's a good thing?"

"That's our power silly."


Barbra jumped up like a kid on Christmas. "You forget my degree is in hydraulics. You see here?" pointing to something, "They had a little damn, that would let it fill enough to put the water level above the pipe and run it down to the tower."

She hopped back on my lap, "From the size of it I would bet they were just using it for water, maybe a propane fired shower or something. But with today's equipment we could put a little hydro unit in and have all the power we want with a bigger feed pipe."

"And that will work?"

I got the 'MEN' look, "My grandfather had a little spiral drive hooked to a car generator at his mountain cabin for his radio and a few lights, and that was over forty years ago."

I grinned at her, "So that's a yes?"

I had a woman sitting on my chest pounding me with her fists screaming to the hills.

I managed to capture the fists and kiss them into submission, "Okay okay, I'll take your word for it. But it's all meaningless if it still belongs to the government."

"But we can ask?"

"Yes we can ask." Now I had a wild woman on me trying to strangle me and kill me with kisses out in the wilderness where we would never be found. Is there any better way to go?

Then I was dragged back down to the tower, Barbra raced back up to close up. I managed three quarters of the way when she came back down dragging me to the ATV. I barely had the door closed when she was off, and no taking it easy this time. I didn't have time to enjoy her chest bouncing around, I was doing my best to hang on and hope the door stayed closed wishing this thing had five point seat belts! I can't even begin to tell you how many times we were airborne, but they all came with a shout of glee from Barbra.

At least the pasture was relatively smooth, only relatively. By the time I had the nerve to look any where but where we were going to crash next we were back skidding to a stop next to the barn. I had barely pealed my fingers from the top grip and I was being drug into the house and out to the pool area. The only thing missing was Rosy. Don still sitting at the table reading, Sarah still on her lounger but on her back now, tits glistening in the sun.

Barbra stepped beside the table near Don and began stripping off her clothes. Not shucking them, but STRIPPING them, a little grind and wiggle as she did.

"Don?" as she pealed her top away from her tits getting his attention.

"I have a question for you," lifting and jiggling her tits a little. I heard Sarah giggle and turned to see her grinning and watching the show.

"Uh huh?" watching Barbra squeeze her tits and slide her hands up to tweak her nipples.

"That old ranger tower near the lake, who owns it?" starting to trace her areola and play with her nipple rings.

"Well I don't know for sure," Barbra sat on the table next to him, her tits less than a foot from his face. "I think it was abandoned so that would... ummm... make it... mine I guess." Barbra was really playing, lifting her tit with one hand and playing with her nipple with the other, totally ruining his concentration.

Barbra spread her legs letting her shaved pussy show right in front of him and then tracing her finger down her belly until it was just above her mound all the time sliding her foot over his crotch. "Would you sell it to me?"

"I uhhh... ummm... what for?" as Barbra slid her finger between her wet lips.

"So we can live in it silly," bringing the wet finger to her lips and licking it off.

"IN A TREE HOUSE!" Sarah exclaimed.

"It's not a tree house," still playing and stroking in front of Don, "And the view is magnificent. So what do you say Don?" bringing her fingers back up to her areola and flicking her nipples with her fingernails.

"I'll...," his head turned to his chuckling wife, "I'll check into it."

"Okay!" Barbra said all chipper hopping up to sit on my lap, legs spread facing Don, the hot stripper gone like smoke. She leaned back beside my head. "You know Ken, worst case scenario a friend I do some collaborating with has some land down near Pensacola. We could always find something down there."

Don groaned and Sarah giggled and came over to put him out of his misery, sitting on his lap and feeding him a coconut flavored nipple.

Barbra was not to be out done and turned to feed me hers, then leaned in close to whisper, "We need to go take a shower."

I looked at her, "How come? We just came back from the lake."

Barbra grinned, "Because I'm only spotting."

HELL YES! We scurried back up to our room, I pealed off my clothes while Barbra started the shower. I chuckled when I read the note on the table, then did my guy thing and flipped on the TV while I had a naked woman waiting for me in the shower. A few clicks later and I headed for the shower with a face splitting grin.

This was like showering together at the truck stop, but SO much better. A huge shower with a massive rain head, lots of room and a bench along one end under another shower head. No rush, no need to go anywhere but maybe twenty feet to bed later. Soaping and sliding across each other lathering and soaping several times just for the pure joy of doing it. Listening to Barbra moan as I shampoo her hair with the tip of my cock in the crease of her ass, feeling her nipples in my back as she does mine.

I could really get used to this...

Then watching her step to the bench at the end and lean over, looking over her shoulder at me wiggling her ass. But unlike the last few days, it isn't her ass she wants filled. I walk to her, my hard cock bobbing in the air in total anticipation of what's coming, not even slowing down as I sink into her waiting pussy. Grabbing her hips to get the last little bit burrowed in her, both of us moaning as I do.

Standing there under the rain head, joined in the most intimate way possible, and still wanting more. Pulling back a little and driving that last bit hearing Barbra give that satisfied little grunt. Pulling back enough to slap her ass as I drove in, then again and again, reveling at being joined like this again. Feeling her pussy quiver around me like her tight ass never could. Her throat, ass, tits, and pussy each being the individual special gift they were.

I grinned wishing for a mirror to see her expression, her tits bouncing back and forth as I drove into her, but it would be almost as good...

I grabbed Barbra's hips with that thought rolling around my head and just flat pounded her, slapping her ass as she begged for more and harder until I thought I was going to drive her through the wall while her screaming was going to break the shower glass. Going until I couldn't stand and had pumped the last of what I had into her willing pussy. pulling back to let the shower rinse us off with only the slightest hint of pink. Taking the hand held and rinsing her pussy, smiling at her gasp and then groan as I bathed her inflamed pussy with the warm water.

Shutting off the water and toweling enough to start toweling Barbra as she clung to me. Grabbing a couple of extra towels to put on the bed as she held on to me before laying her across them. Finishing toweling off looking at her with an 'I am well and truly fucked' grin and glow about her.

And I did the guy thing again, I picked up the remote and flipped the TV on, muting the sound right away. I was picking through the channels, backing up to see what I could find, and there it was! The most beautiful angle, just filling the screen. I backed up a bit more and turned the sound up.

At first there was just a bit of moaning, but then came the first 'YES!' Barbra's head came up and froze, the image on the screen stopping her cold. "WHAT THE HELL!"

"What dear?" turning back to watch her tits swinging so nicely as I drove into her.

"How the hell did you manage that?" looking between me and the scene on the TV of me fucking her.

I kissed her and grinned, "I didn't, Don did."


I kissed her again with her trying to avoid it looking at herself getting a hell of a good fucking on the TV. "Well he didn't directly, I just read his note finally. The room is wired to the hilt with HD cameras."

"So they're watching us?" I was being glared at.

"Not unless we want them to. Should I switch it over so they can?"

"Not if you ever want to get laid again."

"Well I guess I'll just have to settle for listening to you scream again and again," about the time she started orgasming on camera, I let it roll, getting firm watching and listening to her.

As Barbra became overwhelmed with her orgasm on screen she finally said something, "That was just plain HOT!... is there any other angles?"

I chuckled and skipped up and down the channels until I found one looking down towards the seat and backed it up. In high speed we fucked backwards until we 'walked out' of the camera. I turned it on and we watched it all over again. Barbra walking to the seat and bending over, my coming up behind her and sliding in in one smooth stroke. Backing up a little and then driving deep in a short stroke.

After a few nice strokes I was picking up speed, the nice bulge of her big tits appearing and disappearing beside her from that angle as we fucked. Barbra got up on her hands and knees beside me, "Fuck me Ken," was all she said.

I was definitely in the mood again, getting up behind her and sliding in to my own accompaniment. Picking up our pace until we were matching ourselves. But unlike last time, we both exploded about the time Barbra started screaming. Dropping to the bed still driving into her spasming pussy while we watched ourselves fuck on screen.

Laying there not gong fully soft watching ourselves in the last throws of orgasm. Barbra snickering and squeezing on me as she saw herself gasp and groan as I rinsed her down. Hearing Barbra sigh she watched me pick her up and carry her to bed.

Barbra pulled herself from me rolling me on my back as she shut the TV off, reaching back to stroke me a bit to semi firm, then throwing a leg over and mounting me, taking me in for a third time in less than an hour. "I think you've about drained me today babe."

"I know, but I like you in me." Barbra grabbed the edge of the comforter and pulled it over us as she laid down on top of me, cradling her head on her arms and falling asleep laying on me with my cock trying to stay in her. I did stay in her a bit, but not for long. Hearing a slight whimper as I came out of her, the little grin on her face as she slid off to one side and put her fingers in my chest hair. I turned the bed side light off and snuggled in with a loving soft woman in my arms...


I woke to a now familiar sight, and a second totally unfamiliar sight.

The first was seeing Barbra turned around sucking my firming cock down, watching her from the side as her throat expanded as she took me in. The second however made me completely hard in an instant. Up on the screen was a view right down between my legs as Barbra grinned around my cock and took me in. Seeing her face, eyes closed in enjoyment, as she swallowed me down.

Now I always assumed she was enjoying herself from the vibrations I felt as she took me in, but the look on her face as she inhaled me. I watched as she opened her eyes and looked straight at the camera and took me to the root before closing her lips around me, milking me with her throat and sliding back off until she had just the head between her lips. Again she looked directly at the camera, but knowing it was coming and seeing it was more than... "COMMMMMINGGGG!"

I think I watched myself swell and spasm as I shot the first load into her, but after that I was a spasming fool. Arching and cumming until Barbra had me drained. And then not letting me go, keeping me between her lips to suck the last of me while making me twitch. "There might be something to all these cameras after all."

I just groaned and squeezed her ass.

We headed out for breakfast at a better time than yesterday, and thankfully so since Rosy was making pancakes, in her apron, and just in her apron! Barbra snickered at me watching her ass as she dished things up, her tits barely contained by the upper part.

Us guys just watched her, Antonio getting a swat for grabbing her ass while she was serving him, then grinning as she took off her apron to join us for breakfast. Now this is how it should be. All the women naked at breakfast... damn life is good.

Since today was the awards for the tractor competition the girls decided we were all going to the fair today. We were outvoted when we said we wanted to go by ourselves. Seems we men required constant supervision at the fair. The girls headed off bobbing and jiggling to get ready while the guys went off to our rooms. I grinned at the sound of Rosy's oiled tits slapping together as she walked away. She wasn't all that big, probably a healthy C cup, but they were VERY pendulous and swing with every movement she made. I had slipped a clean shirt and jeans on and we were waiting for the girls in the living room, Don and Antonio looking at me and grinning. "What?"

"You'll see," Don said.

I was about to ask him to clarify when the girls came in in some of the nicest basic dresses I could imagine, checker board patterns, low elastic neck lines and nice subtle nipple lumps, skirts mid thigh. Then they converged on me. I was unceremoniously hauled to my feet and my shirt almost torn from my body with Sarah instructing Barbra to get something better. I was getting NO help from Don and Antonio doing their best not to laugh.

Barbra came back in with a proper WESTERN style shirt for a proper COUNTRY look. And once it was on it required a proper tucking in. That translated to dropping my pants, being groped by three ornery women, then having my pants pulled back up until I thought I was going to sing soprano for the next fifty years!

I think I'll have to get a few of these shirts and put them on myself next time!

We piled into the Navigator and headed to the fair. It was a wonderful day, strolling with our ladies, going on a few rides with Barbra snuggled against me. We took three rounds on the Ferris Wheel, kissing when ever we had the chance, and groping a few times when we shouldn't. Barbra teasing me by swallowing a corn dog then pulling it back out and nipping the end off making me cringe and Sarah and Rosy laugh.

We even stopped by the judges tent and ruffled a few feathers again, aren't I just terrible? "So when will the judges' notes be available? After the presentation, or are you going to wait the full twenty four hours before making them public?"

"Making them public?"

"Well yeah. I mean I've been to a few where they wait the full twenty four hours when all the judges are local. But if there are out of town judges they have to be released before they leave so they can be questioned if need be."

"Oh, well... I don't know... I'll have to check and see what the schedule is on that."

"Okay, thanks. I'll ask some of the other competitors and see when they've been released in the past, that should give me an idea at least."

"OH! Well... Um..."

"Thanks for your time, see you later at the awards ceremony."

We got a ways away from the judges' tent when Don stopped me, "What judges' notes release were you talking about? I've never heard of that."

I grinned back at him, "Me either. But if they even THINK there is a possibility of having to release their notes to justify their conclusions then that's just too bad now isn't it? And from the way he acted I would be he hasn't read the rules and regulations on one of these competitions and has been winging it for his own ego from the beginning."

We all had a good laugh and went to make the rounds again, splitting up and agreeing to meet a little before the awards announcement.

Barbra turned and took both hands in hers, walking backwards and pulling me under a tree. "So what do you want to do now?"

"Mmmmm, what I want to do would get us arrested out here," and gave her a nice kiss.

"Awwww, you mean I wore this skimpy bra and no panties for nothing?"

I dropped my head to her shoulder groaning.

"And if we had drove we could have went back to the truck for a not so quickie, I might even have gotten you down my throat after you filled my cunt," Barbra whispered.

I turned my head enough to nip her neck.

"Promises promises. Then again I could always pull this big plug out of my ass and see if you can make me scream again?"

Barbra bought my hand around to her ass and giggled. I didn't really want to know, and yet I just had to reach around and dip my fingers between her cheeks... "OH FUCK!" I hissed as my fingers found the big base spreading her cheeks.

"You know Ken, just because I won't let another guy in our bed doesn't mean I don't like being double stuffed. Can you imagine how tight my cunt will be with that stuffed in my ass? Hmmmm?"

"Damn you are ornery."

"Nah, ornery would be stripping my bra off and pulling my dress down 'til my nipples are about ready to pop out."

I groaned again.

"You know that reminds me, I used to have a super short halter dress that I tied the front to my nipples instead of up around my neck. I wonder if I still have that one?"

I growled and planted her to the tree grinding into her and doing my best to kiss her into submission, I was just starting to bring my hand up between us to cup her tit when I was being hit in the back by something.

"Leave that young girl alone you dirty old man." We broke the kiss to see four older ladies, one close enough to have been my assailant with her purse ready for another swing.

I was trying to come up with a smart ass remark, but Barbra beat me to it. "Like hell, it's taken me three hours to get him this worked up."

They gasped and muttered 'Hussy' and other interesting names making Barbra giggle. "Well that ruined the mood."

"We better get back over to the ceremony before I lay you down and rape you here and now."

Barbra squirmed out from under me, "You can't rape the willing, especially if they bring their own hand cuffs." She stepped a few steps away, looked around, then flashed her ass before skipping off towards the tractors. DAMN! That wasn't just a big head on that plug, it was a big jeweled head glistening in the light. She is SO going to get FUCKED when we get home!
It was an interesting awards ceremony. Don came in third, the old guy I teased about a nut behind the wheel came in first. The pissed off guy on the end, otherwise known as the judges friends boss or something like that, he didn't even place in the top ten. His prize was a ten dollar gift certificate on a fifty dollar purchase at John Deere... and he owned a Massey! LOL

We made it home without too much playing around, considering the girls decided to divest themselves of their dresses as soon as we got in the truck. Barbra turning to straddle my legs rubbing and kissing on me while I held her huge tits in my hand, her pushing one hand to her ass and again to her plug encouraging me to bump and play with it while I kissed and groped her chest.

We were home too soon and not soon enough. Following three giggling naked scampering girls into the house is just sooo traumatic. Following that jewel plugged ass up the stairs while the rest of the gang headed for the pool was exquisite torture.

Barbra turned to me and began groping me as she sunk to her knees to remove my pants. But something caught my eye and I stopped her. The little indicator beside the TV was green, not yellow or red. I stepped over and picked up the remote, paged over to the control screen and changed it to yellow. "Did you put it on green?"

"No, I flipped it on yellow this morning. Why?"

"Hmmm, neither did I, what was it on when you changed earlier?"

"Don't know, we changed in Don and Sarah's room."

"Oh well, just have to keep an eye on it. Now where were we?"

"Somewhere like this!" dropping and pulling my pants down right along with my boxers. Inhaling my hard cock a few times before laying back on the edge of the bed legs up and spread. That bright sparkly jewel below her inflamed pussy just inviting me in.

I stepped to her and drove in hard and deep and just kept repeating over and over after what she did to me earlier. Driving in hard enough to get some real nice motion to her monsters. Slapping that plug in her ass hard enough to feel it on my balls but just not caring.

Watching her tits move when I drove in, hearing Barbra grunt and still ask for more. "Harder.... Yes...!!!!!" as she came screaming and thrashing. Wrapping her ankles around me as I drove in giving her pussy the first two shots, pulling back to shoot all over her tits then drive back into her pussy to hear her scream again for more.

I stood there hands braced on her spread knees catching my breath and enjoying my handiwork. Seeing Barbra grin and massage my cum into her tits. I was finally to soft to stay in her and stepped back and dropped into the chair, but Barbra stayed there a bit, holding her knees up and spread as our cum flowed from her pussy and ran down her ass over the plug to puddle on the edge of the comforter.

She stayed like that a bit, on her back, legs up and spread dribbling, smiling with her eyes close as my cum began to dry on her tits. She snorted sending a healthy flow from her pussy, then lowered her legs, "I think I might need a shower," then rolled sideways laughing, out cum still dribbling out of her.

I staggered to the shower and was joined by my sticky companion. I looked down at her encrusted chest, "See what happens when you get me all worked up."

Barbra wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard while the water trickled down between us, "Might have to do that again then!" we rinsed and soaped and rinsed again, and I thought we were done until Barbra turned her ass to me, bent over a bit and spread her cheeks as far as she could. "One thing left to do my love."


She wiggled her spread ass, "I put it in, your turn to take it out."

I grinned at her grinning at me. I stepped beside her putting one arm across her chest, mashing one tit and cupping the other before getting a nice grip on the base of the plug.

I began to pull and got the surprise of my life. I was expecting a fairly 'normal' plug with an over sized jewel base. Leave it to Barbra to do things up right. As I pulled the first 'bubble' of the plug emerged letting her ass close around the next one making her hiss. I played it back and forth a bit watching her try and spread her ass even more.

I let the next 'bubble' come out and her ass clenched on what I would guess was the tip, and 'normal' sized plug. I pushed the middle bubble back in a bit and was surprised to feel Barbra push back against it. Feeling her groan and tremble as I pushed, then pushed the middle 'bubble' back in and Barbra collapsing on my arm cumming. I worked the middle 'bubble' in and out of her ass fucking her with it, watching her ass claim and release it as she came, her legs giving out and only my arm across her chest and the plug in her ass supporting her.

I gave her a few more strokes and then removed it completely hearing her cry out and grab for my arm. I lowered Barbra to the tile and cleaned the plug, then lifted her to put her arms around my neck and soaped her butt once more feeling her tremble and whimper as I passed the cloth over her ass.

I toweled her as best I could holding her, then laid her on towels to finish before pulling the comforter off and putting her under the blanket. I shut the lights off and cuddled in behind her, her only movement was to reach back and put my soft cock in the crease of her ass and moan as she did. Sighing as I put my hand over and cupped her tit to call it a night.


I woke in almost the same position, but with Barbra using my arm for a pillow. I extracted it and was massaging some circulation back in it when I noticed the indicator by the TV, it was green again. Seems like Dan and Sarah had a voyeur complex, I reached for the remote and switched it to red. I pulled my boxers on, Barbra merely ran a comb through her hair and stuck her tongue out at me. I nibbled on it as I pulled her close for a kiss.

After another lovely breakfast with naked women we were back off to the fair. It was the last day and time to pick up the D. Don had seen it, but Sarah chuckled at my toy conversion, calling it 'cute'. Don and I sat up front, while the girls were at the table, Rosy and Antonio were following a bit later in the Navigator. In between our conversations I could hear Sarah asking about the truck, and 'how could you live in something this small?'

Barbra showed her bits and pieces, and I chuckled when Sarah was flabbergasted we both slept in 'that tiny bunk!' Once we got to the fairgrounds Sarah was off with a few of her friends, asking Barbra to tag along but she declined to stay with us. Once we had the D loaded and chained Don went in search of Sarah, and Barbra led me back inside the truck.

Once inside the 'country girl' dress came off and she hunted through her stuff while wiggling her bare ass at me, grinning over her shoulder every once in a while. She turned back to me with a... well I guess you would call it a white tube dress. But not a 'tube top' dress, more like a half slip but cotton. An elastic band above her tits, nipples and nipple rings nicely visible through the material then just hanging down stopping mid thigh. I learned later it was just a bikini cover up without the benefit of a bikini!

Slipping a tan vest over to hide those beautiful tips and she pronounced us ready to go. That was, however, right after she made sure to show me the accessibility of the dress by pulling the vest aside, the top edge down, and putting her nipple between my lips. Slipping her hand on the back of my head playing with my hair while she enjoyed my lavishing her chewy nipple. We tested the other side just to make sure it didn't have any problems either. There was a minor problem though, Barbra started dribbling down her thighs when I nipped her other nipple. I wiped it up with my finger and licked it clean, and I had to wipe it several more times later that day. She grinned and gasped ever time I did, even holding my finger between her lips against her clit trying not to cum when a group of girls went by giggling.

We made one last stroll through the midway, the Ferris Wheel already in the process of being torn down, but a ride on the Scrambler and Barbra just 'happening' to come out of her top half way through made the operator grin and we got a little longer ride for some reason. Barbra even allowed him to give her a hand down before 'noticing' her top down and just simply sliding it up letting the dark outline of her nipple show through, no fuss no muss and not bothering to pull her vest over until we were out of his sight.

Add to that one last trip down the health food alley, lots of corn dogs, funnel cakes, mini donuts, even trying some deep fried ice cream. As we were headed back to the truck with an extra bag of mini donuts in hand I got a text from Don saying they caught a ride back with Rosy and Antonio and not to wait up for them.

"They're probably headed to the club, Rosy was disappointed they didn't get to go with us the other night," Barbra said with a giggle as we headed for the gates. "I think Sarah and Rosy are quite popular over there."

I smiled at the thought of the two of them dancing together, Sarah and her big brown tits and Rosy with her swinging and slapping C cups. But then I lost my smile, thinking about what kind of life style they led, and would they try and lead us into it, and would we want to?

I pulled through the gates to the outer parking lot and pulled over to park.

"Problem?" Barbra asked.

"We need to talk away from Don and Sarah's." I shut the truck down and went back to kick the generator and AC on.

Barbra raised an eyebrow when I poured us both some Makers, "Something serious?"

I sat the glass in front of her and sat across from her, "Yes and no." I took a quick sip, "But we need to talk about it."


I grinned, "Not that bad, but I'm wondering if we really want to stay here so close to Don and Sarah."

Barbra smiled and sighed, "I was wondering the same thing," and took a sip of her drink.

I reached out for her hand and she took it. "I'm sorry babe, I know you liked the old ranger tower. But I'm not sure I would enjoy their life style, and being that close and working in his shop we'd be a bit beholden to him."

Barbra squeezed my hand, "I know, after Sarah wanting me to tag along today I overheard her talking to Rosy about heading to the club tonight. It got me thinking. I did really enjoy dancing for you, and the applause and tips just made me tingle, but I don't know if I would want to do that on a regular basis like it's expected or something."

I grinned, "As opposed to flashing some lucky carnival worker, or letting people see your luscious body in a clinging wet dress?"

Barbra grinned and leaned back letting her vest slide open as she pulled her dress down under her tits and flipped her nipple rings up and down a few times. "Something like that. But I mean I can work from anywhere, but what about you? What about your restoring tractors?"

I smiled and pulled her hand to kiss her palm, "Babe, I have my retirement and a little Navy pension, the tractors were divorce therapy I guess. I don't need to work on them. I would say looking back that it was something to keep my mind off of being by myself after all those years. But I'm not by myself any more am I?"

"No you're not," she said with a grin. "So what brought this on?"

"Not sure exactly, but what got me thinking was this morning, before I woke you. The video system indicator was on green again."


"And the whole way out here Don was talking about what project he wanted done first. How long would we be staying in the guest house before finding a place. Like it was a fore gone conclusion we would be staying."

Barbra looked off into the distance, "You know, I was getting that kind of vibe from Sarah as well." She took another sip of her drink, and I followed with my own. "So what do we do, go gallivanting around the country in this pulling a practically empty trailer."

I chuckled at that, "No, well yes, but the trailer is nothing special. I could pull my winch and sell the trailer."

"But what about your tool box crate and the trike?"

"Well," I sat thinking a bit. "I know some of the hot shot drivers have a huge sleeper and then a small flat bed or box on the back, we could look into something like that."

"And just run around in this. Are you sure?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "Well it isn't the Ritz, but it's paid for. And we can go anywhere we want. I'd take freedom over a big house full of stuff any day."

"So then we're back to Don and Sarah."

"So we play it by ear. They have until end of business tomorrow to get me the contract back. But even without it we could make it, just not as care free. We might have to spend a little more time in one place before moving on again."

Barbra had a sly grin on her face, "And I really do have a college friend near Pensacola, not sure if he has any acreage, but we could base out of there for a bit if we needed to. He's been begging me to come down for a long time."


Barbra grinned, "He keeps asking if I'm still single."

I just looked at her looking like she was fading off into the distance... I think my world was crashing...

Barbra stood up and pulled me to my feet and put her arms around my neck, "And while I'm technically still single, I'm definitely not available."

I let out the breath I didn't realize I was holding.

Barbra pulled me down for a soft kiss, "I told you before, I'm not going anywhere. Now let's go to OUR bed." She stepped the three steps from 'dining room' to 'bedroom' and shrugged her vest the rest of the way off then lifted her dress over her head. Barbra turned and wiggled her ass at me as she crawled down into our bed, turning and lifting her knee while watching me get undressed and snickering at my fighting my hard on doing it.

I crawled in beside her pulling the curtain across. We didn't need it, but in doing so we were all alone in our little cocoon. It wasn't a monster bed we could get lost in, or a shower big enough to hold a party in, it was our bed.

I looked at Barbra in the glow of the headboard light, not candle light. I caressed her tit and then her belly as she lay against the back wall instead of sprawled out spread eagle. When I scooted down to nibble on her nipple my feet hit the wall instead of hanging off the bed. If I had wanted to nibble on Barbra's aromatic pussy she would have had to scoot up to the headboard.

When Barbra beckoned me between her legs I had to stay on hands and knees unable to sit up completely. But when I leaned over and slid into her velvet depths we had all the room in the world. All the room I needed to feel her breath catch as I plunged deep and the sigh as I slid out. Plenty of light to see her smile just before I kissed her, our tongues battling as I rocked back and forth on her huge tits as our bodies slapped together in juicy harmony.

And that same ceiling that kept me from sitting up gave Barbra a foot hold to spread even further and beckon me, "harder, faster, deeeeeper..." feeling the cool breeze on one side as she caught her foot in the curtain flailing in orgasm as I hooked my hands on her shoulders and drove in as deep as I possible could. Doing my best to extend her orgasm as I was also doing my best just to keep from passing out.

Collapsing down on Barbra as she wrapped her arms around me, not having room to lay side by side without her scooting over and neither one of us having any more energy than it took to breathe.

When we finally had to move, rolling out and taking the single step to the shower. Managing to remember to lift the pan cover while I was still on my hands and knees and pull the clear curtain instead of standing behind a glass wall as I rinsed down just feet from a lounging Barbra. Standing on the other side of that same plain clear curtain as she did the same while I dried off wishing for a bigger shower yet each of us enjoying watching the other inches away.

Being directed to the booth as Barbra cooked hamburgers naked in front of me instead of sitting back and being served by the staff. And grinning as she brought us our gourmet meal of burgers and potato chips and sat across from me as we ate naked instead of all dressed up, or undressed, in a fancy club.

Watching Barbra still naked do the dishes, all four of them, while I rearranged the table and cushions so we could sit back and cuddle naked to watch a DVD on the twenty seven inch TV instead of sitting in a crowded home theater to see something on the big screen, eating popcorn we made ourselves and sipping on makers.

Enjoying feeling each others body and not having to hide it in the theaters, necking and nibbling until we had to make the few steps back to bed instead of sneaking out up to our room. And even then laughing at the mood being gone when we laid on the COLD wet spot since we forgot to change the sheets and just cuddling as we drifted off to sleep.

Waking a few hours later to go pee and shutting the generator down crawling back in beside Barbra and seeing her smile and hearing her moan softly as she snuggled back beside me never waking. Pulling the curtain closed to put us back in our own little cocoon...


We woke to some light coming in through the gap in the curtain, dressing quickly in the cool morning air. Barbra was going to make breakfast, but I overruled her and we went to IHOP for endless pancakes. That and they had a WiFi hotspot, no sign of my contract yet. Ah well. We finished our breakfast and headed for Don's, making a game plan to head into Nashville. Barbra checked email again when we got there, no contract.

We parked the truck and trailer and headed for Nashville in the trike, following the Garmin on a route to the big truck dealers. We had snapped a few pics of the truck for reference so we could at least show them what we wanted.

The first few were only interested in two things, selling us a new truck and ogling Barbra's chest. After the next few stops we kept getting the same name, Robert Lee Marvin. We were given directions to his shop out on the edge of town.

Now 'shop' was being nice. It was an old industrial area and the building he was occupying one end of looked like it had seen its better days MANY years ago. I smiled when I shut the trike down. Even before I pulled my helmet off I heard some ZZ Top blaring.

We strolled into the massive building headed toward the sound of a grinder in the hands of a young man. When he stopped Barbra cleared her throat and he looked, smiled, then walked over with a noticeable limp, "What can I do for you folks?"

"We're looking for Robert Lee," I responded.

He put a hand out smiling, "You got him."

"I've been asking around and your name keeps popping up for some modifications I'm looking to have done."

He kicked his head back and laughed, "That means they can't order it out of a book and have no imagination. What do you have and what do you want to do?"

"Well what I have is a long wheel base F-750 with a custom sleeper. I was pulling a short beaver tail delivering equipment and hauling my trike over the fifth wheel. I'm getting out of that and thinking about selling the trailer and putting something on the back to haul the trike, preferable enclosed."

"Pull the fifth wheel or leave it?"

"I'd like to leave it to keep my options open if I can."

He thought about it a bit, "Well two options come to mind. The first and quickest would be to put a standard flat bed on and then add side panels and top hoops to enclose it. The second would to be to mount a short box on the back, but leaving the fifth wheel in place is going to add to the height."

"That's what I was thinking, but I don't like the idea of just a canvas top, and the current sleeper is low enough that a standard box would be way too high even before mounting it above the fifth wheel."
"How big is the trike?"

"It's sitting outside."

Robert pulled his heavy gloves off and we went out to take a look. He looked it over and did some measuring. "So how would you load it?"

I shrugged, "Ideally with a big lift gate. I just drive it up the beaver tail right now. Real world probably just use the winch and some ramps."

"Where's the truck?"

"Up north of town."

Robert had his chin in his hand with his finger tapping his lips, "Let me think on it a bit. When can you bring it by?"

"Later today if you want."

He shook his head, "I have to get that beast knocked out today. Sometime tomorrow after lunch would be okay."

We shook and he headed back inside. Well we had the start of a game plan at least.

We stopped at an old fashioned drive in for lunch, Barbra kidded me about stopping because of the uniform. I said I just like the old fashioned place, girls on roller skates, cotton tops and short skirts, just a nice nostalgic place. DAMN those are some looooong legs... and that girls... motion... when she takes a corner... WOW!

We putzed back through town, chuckling at the 'cowboys' walking down the street, having been around the real deal many times. Most of these looked like they would run the other direction if a horse or steer got any where near them.

Barbra checked email again when we gat back, 'WE'VE GOT A CONTRACT!"

But then remembering Charles we double checked it. They had tried to slip a few provisions back in.

I just shook my head and picked up my cell phone.


"Hey Frank, Ken."

"Hey buddy, what's up? You need some specs on the system to get started?"

"Na, I was just wondering if there was anyplace on the east coast in particular you would like a post card from."

"Say what! I thought you wanted this thing."

"Oh I wouldn't have minded working with you again, but Charles just can't stand it so we're hitting the road in the morning."

"What do you mean? Harry approved the contract this morning."

"Well I JUST received a piece of garbage a few minutes ago. So that doesn't fly."

"That's not what they were saying. Let me check into it on this end."

"Frank, it's one o'clock local, but I tell you what, I'm going to be nice since it's you. I'm going to give you until end of business Pacific to return the contract I sent, and midnight to deposit the retainer. But in the mean time I'm packing to leave in the morning because I'm not holding my breath on those turkeys."

"Okay, thanks Ken. I'll let you know one way or the other. Bye."

I just sat back wanting to shake my head. I left this rat race several months back to avoid this kind of shit.

Barbra scooted in beside me, "Okay Mr. Happy Face, how about we go camping and get away tonight. We could always go up to the ranger station one last time."

Barbra gave me a quick peck and batted her eyelashes at me, I just laughed and pulled her close for a nice deep kiss.

I got the D unloaded and parked in front of Don's building then we made plans to go 'camping'. We grabbed our stuff and borrowed the rest from Antonio and headed for the tower. Barbra even slowed down a bit going across the pasture so I could actually enjoy the view.

"You're staring at my knockers again."

I leaned over and cupped and squeezed them rubbing my finger across her nipple, "Not any more." Barbra kicked her head back laughing and put her hand on mine and squeezed.

We made a much more sedate pace through the brush this time since Barbra was driving one handed trying to get the stick shift to work while I was trying to tune in Tokyo.

When we got to the tower Barbra grabbed a bag and ran up the steps. I took them at a much more leisurely pace, grinning at the slowing foot steps as she neared the top. By the time I made it she had one side of the shutters lifted and was starting down the far side. I dropped my bag and met her half way on the fourth side catching her with her arms up and snagging her for a hug and kiss.

After the fourth trip up with supplies I was going to tattoo 'bring a winch and cable next time' onto my forehead!

With most of the supplies up we collapsed against the building in the shade on the west side taking in the scenery of the lake and surroundings. Lots of bird noises coming back as we settled down. A hawk on the far side diving for his lunch and coming up with a decent sized fish.

We sat there a bit just taking it in, then Barbra giggled and leaned forward and turned to me. She unbuttoned my shirt to bare my chest, then lifted her top off and sat between my legs and brought my hands around to her chest. "Now this is the way to live..."

After a fair amount of groping and kissing we went back for the last two loads and began settling in, spreading out supplies and cooking stuff on one of the tables. Air mattresses and sleeping bags in the middle of the room.

Barbra went to set our five gallon bucket / porta potty in the closet, "MEN!"

"What?" She simply stood outside the door and pointed in. I looked in the closet and laughed. Evidentially the place had only, or at least usually, been staffed by men. Beside the spot for the porta potty was a transmission funnel in the end of a hose going down through the floor, probably all the way to the ground. "Works for me!"


I looked at her grinning that she walked right into that one, "Correct, that's what the bucket is for."

Barbra's eyes went wide, her mouth opened and closed a few times, "ARGH!" and stomped back to the cook stove to do something.

We did go for a walk later and just as predicted the hose ran down to an old steel barrel in the ground near one leg. Not up to today's codes, but ingenious for the time. We did trek up to the head of the feed pipe, and Barbra fiddled around with some stones to get the water level to rise above the pipe, but there was no flow when we got to the bottom. Who knows, may just have needed some pressure to blow it out, then again it could have been crushed or rusted through any where along its length.

That was when the rose colored glasses came off. On the climb back up we noticed some bent or missing braces where the lower platform used to be. When the sun was just about set we noticed a few little gaps in the side wall and some pin holes in the roof. And while it was lovely watching the sunset and then the stars come out, we couldn't lay back and look up at them. The over hang that was probably wonderful for looking out over the forest in all kinds of weather also prevented us from laying back and enjoying the stars above. Kind of defeats the purpose to have to go down five or six stories of steps to get a clear view back up at the stars.

So we sat back against the wall outside with a sleeping bag pulled around us and enjoyed our stew tossing around travel itineraries. For late fall we knew we'd start up north before the cold weather hit, maybe Maryland or DC and work south, but staying near or on the coast as much as possible. Barbra thought it would be interesting to stop and visit the kids... FUCK!, that could get interesting!

Barbra checked email on her cell phone before we turned in, and we had something with an attachment that arrived at 18:52 our time. Charles was cutting it close. We snuggled in to a different kind of quiet tonight. The truck was just a few creeks and groans, but up here we could hear the breeze through the leaves, the hoot of the owl and the far off cry of the coyote. I could have seen living up here... after I put an elevator in. Although it might have to be called a dumb waiter in my case.


I woke to a naked woman slipping out of our sleeping bag and pulling my shirt on. I laid there watching her as she made breakfast. Not our usual fair with powdered eggs and no bacon, but seeing her, and up my shirt, in the morning sun made it quite acceptable. The hot coffee, eggs, and toast slightly over done on one side. 'That's what you get for distracting the cook,' Barbra said with a grin and flashing her tits at me while I watched her stroking my cock. Cooking breakfast was enough to warm the room for us to drop back to the sleeping bags for a morning romp.

Well that's where we started out anyway. It started out with Barbra riding me after throwing the sleeping bag back, then just as I was getting close to filling that sweet pussy, she hopped up with a grin and went out the door. When I managed to get standing there she was leaning on the rail with her tits mashed to the top and her legs spread a bit looking at me over her shoulder.

I walked out and grabbed her ass enough to spread her cheeks allowing me to step right into her, "Fuuuccckkkkk," she moaned as I bottomed out, and grunted when I spread her cheeks further and drove that last little bit. Then the cave man she asked for that first time settled in behind her.

Hooking my thumb in her ass as I pounded her dribbling pussy with my other hand hooked on her shoulder and soon it was a chorus of slapping skin and screaming woman as Barbra came around my cock, followed shortly by my bellow as I unloaded into her before collapsing on her back. Her satisfied grunt when my weight joined hers mashing her tits even further to the top rail.

My vision was just coming back when there were a few loud whistles and hollers coming back across the lake. A giggle and then a snort and I was evicted from her pussy, along with a steady dribble of our mixed cum. She used the last of our water to wipe down, then proceeded to help me take things back down to the ATV, NAKED.

I looked at her smiling, "Well I tossed the bags down instead of carrying them and I forgot to pull out some clothes."

I drew her to me and squeezed and played with her ass while my other hand went across her back to pull her chest to mine as we both went tonsil hunting. We did eventually get things loaded, and Barbra even let me drive since she was going topless and 'had' to cup and support her tits along the way. "Keep you eyes on the road or you'll run us into a tree."

About half way there she did compromise a little. She put that big bra that encased those beauties on, then just traced where her nipples were on the outside of that bra grinning at me. FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!

We pulled it up and printed the contract out when we got back, FUCKING CHARLES! I had the contract, the deposit, and a letter under the company letterhead from Charles stating that I was being brought in to finish a project he was unable to complete, BUT...

I picked up my cell phone and dialed.


"Hey Frank, Ken."

"Hey buddy, tell me you got everything this time."

"Ninety nine percent anyway."

"FUCK, now what?"

I chuckled, "Charles missed two spots to initial, paragraphs seventeen and twenty three. Have him initial and resend before noon otherwise I'll send the money back."

"Seventeen and twenty three, aren't those the ones that define the..."


There was a noise from the other end, "I'll get it back to you in fifteen minutes."

It was closer to thirty, but I had a contract with all the initials and signatures, I counter signed and returned a copy direct to Harry, he even acknowledged receipt so I was all clear of my non-compete.

Barbra called her buddy and he already had the layout about three quarters completed, he got bored. He agreed to hang onto it until we requested it so the dates would all line up.

First step taken care of.

We loaded up the trike on the trailer and headed down to Robert's shop.

We caught him kicked back on a chair eating lunch.

"Any progress?" I asked.

"Some," he began setting his sandwich down.

I put my hand up to stop him, "Don't stop on our account, we're not in that big of a hurry."

I sat on the chair opposite him, then watched him grin as Barbra sat on my lap and kicked her head back beside mine bringing my hands around her waist.

"So what did you find?

"I have an old Penske box out back, it's shorter than the new models, but that brings another problem."

"Such as?"

"I don't know if it's wide enough for your trike."

"How close?"

"Inches one way or another."

We walked out and started measuring the trike and then the Penske box. It would fit if I put slightly narrower tires on. Not the solution I would have liked, but in the big picture it was an acceptable solution.

The price was a bit more than I really wanted to pay, but if the trailer sold for a decent price it would be okay. The other speed bump was he had three other projects ahead of us so we came to a deal. I would get things started and he would jump in where and when he could.

We went back to Don and Sarah's letting them know we were shifting down to the workshop to make the changes on the truck with promises to think about returning to work on the restorations and the Hummer. Don and Sarah were enthusiastic and we tried to be, even getting talked into another night at the club before we left town. I think they looked at it as an incentive to come back. Barbra and I kind of looked at it as the other way around but we couldn't tell them that.

So long to a big bed and shower for a while...

And yet it was a nice change. It was an old industrial area, but yet it was clean. Robert Lee wasn't rich, but he was a down to earth guy.

I pulled the truck up beside his shop to be able to plug in instead of running the generator, and gave him a hand here and there in exchange. And he really objected to Barbra's cooking, especially when she took to wearing her snug halter tops and tight shorts.

We were kicked back enjoying the evening when I finally got the nerve to ask, "What happened to your leg?"

He looked at me for a second, then sighed, "USS Cole."

I looked at him for a bit then raised my glass, "to those that gave all."

Barbra and then Robert Lee raised theirs in response. Nothing more need be said.

We had the old Penske box off the original truck and sitting on the ground for us to prep, sanding and priming getting it ready for Robert Lee to paint. I had also figured out how to put the trike and my tool box, split into two pieces, into the box without having to do to much chopping and cutting on my 'new' Penske box. I even put a trailer receptacle on the front to be able to connect the lights without compromising the truck to trailer connection.

We were about three quarter finished sitting back relaxing after a particularly hot day watching Barbra grilling steaks on his grill. We weren't saying much because the show was just mesmerizing.

Barbra in her little leopard print retro bikini Sarah had given us as an apology bent over the grill, or bent over the side table, or standing in profile to us asking what we wanted. I could see her grin teasing Robert Lee, running her finger tip across her nipples looking at me with her back to him. Made me want to drag her back to the truck and see how long it would take to make her scream. She knew exactly what she was doing, running her finger down the crease between her lips before turning back to the grill.

That was that afternoon, that evening...

Barbra had just finished doing the dishes naked and turned to me beckoning me out of the booth and flipped the table down. I was going to step up and slide in her but Barbra dropped to her knees and swallowed me down, grabbing my ass and holding me deep for a bit.

And then the show began.

Barbra leaned over and pulled a toy from our bunk, coming out grinning with her triple bubble plug. Grinning at watching me watch her lube it up, stroking it like she was jacking my cock, leaning forward to take my cock between her lips as she stood and trapped the plug between the edge of the bench and her ass, humming and moaning as she sucked my cock and worked the plug against her ass.

Barbra squeaked and shuddered as she dropped onto the first bubble. Grabbing my hips and pulling and pushing me back and forth in and out of her throat as she ground her ass on that plug. Her eyes going wide when she pulled me a bit forcefully down her throat and dropped to the next bubble.

AND THEN SHE STOPPED! Barbra stopped with my cock between her lips and brought my hands to the side of her head before clasping hers behind her back, looking at me pleading and licking the tip of my cock between her lips, moving ever so slightly between my cock and the plug.

I smiled back down at her and slid down her delicious throat, feeling her groan as I bottomed out. On the third stroke she dropped onto the plug a bit as I bottomed out really groaning, she did it again and again on subsequent thrusts and I got the hint.

When I pushed into her throat next I kept pushing her down on the plug. Her eyes went wide and she tried to smile around my cock and her hands that were clasped behind her back came up to cup her tits.

I gave Barbra several more good strokes pushing her down on that plug as I bottomed out in her throat and then she looked up at me with that pleading look. I released one hand from her jaw and braced myself against the overhead cabinet and kept right on pushing when I bottomed out.

Barbra was spasming and trying so scream around my cock as I pushed her down completely onto the plug. After a few good spasms I pulled from her throat, partially to let her breath, and mostly to keep her from biting my cock off with her spasms. I barely cleared her lips when Barbra grabbed my hips and held me there licking the tip of my cock, giving me a few good licks before laying back and grabbed her knees to spread her legs high and wide.

I had to grin at the sight in front of me. Barbra laid back, tits rising and falling quickly, pussy spread and lips so dark they looked purple, her juices dribbling down past her ass and puddling between her cheeks. Looking back up her body to her smile, "Fuck my cunt."

I leaned over her and slid into her wet pussy, the plug in her ass making her as tight as I could remember. Barbra's hands going from holding her legs open to putting mine on her tits and giving herself a good squeeze before reaching to spread herself again.

Hands on huge tits and tight pussy begging to be fucked get to a man. I kicked my head back and roared as I got a grip on her and just plain FUCKED HER CUNT! Gripping and squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples and Barbra was cumming under me. Legs flailing and then around my waist pulling me in deep then holding herself high and wide.

I was pumping and pumping filling her pussy with everything built up from today, watching her running around in that little retro bikini, seeing her pull the top down enough to let the edge of her areola show until it settled back in place. Sliding her finger up her pussy giving her a momentary camel toe before she took a few steps. Collapsing on her lovely mounds as I pumped the last I had into her pussy...


It had been just under two weeks since they had signed the contract. I emailed Frank in the morning and they were having their usual status meeting that afternoon so I informed him I would call in to give them an update.

All those years of putting up with Charles was finally going to pay off.

Oh now this is the way to have a company meeting! Sitting on the dropped down table with my legs spread as Barbra lies with her head on my thigh enjoying herself with my cock between her lips.

I dialed Frank's office, "Hey Ken, we thought maybe you'd forgotten about us."

"Na, just getting a few things straightened out," as Barbra opened her mouth looking at me like she did last night and took my cock down her throat. I had to mute the phone a second to groan as she did.

"Glad to hear you're making progress."

Oh you have no idea. Barbra took a little more and licked the underside of my balls, she KNOWS what that does to me!

I sighed as she let me loose from her exquisite throat, "You okay there Ken?"

"I think I'll survive for a little while anyway," Barbra laid her head back on my thigh and licked the head of my cock like an ice cream cone.
"That's good to hear. So how is the project progressing?"

"Pretty well actually, I should have something for you within few days, maybe sooner." There was a light laughter in the back ground, one I recognized oh so well. "What's so funny Charles?"

"Did you really think you were going to make it in time for that bonus?"

Barbra stood up and then bent over putting her lubed ass in front of me, then looked over her shoulder and slipped that triple ripple butt plug in her ass, one agonizing ripple at a time.

"Why wouldn't I Charlie?"

Barbra was leaning over even more spreading her legs.

He HATED being called Charlie, "Because you have until midnight to submit it ass hole!"

Barbra was sliding a LONG dildo with a remote control in her pussy while pinching one of her nipples hanging between her knees.

I had to laugh to cover the groan as Barbra stood up with ass and pussy filled bringing her girdle up and getting it snug against that lump of dildo still sticking from her pussy. Making herself gasp when she gave it a little push to make sure it was all the way in.

"That would be true if you hadn't tried to pull a fast one Charlie."

"I'm afraid he's right Ken, you only had twelve business days for the bonus," Harry said.

Barbra was squirting some of her banana flavored lube in her cleavage and then bringing her tits together to get it well lubricated.

"And you got the letter with the first contract," Charlie said all nice and smug, "We know because you called back to get me to initial the two paragraphs."

Now it was my turn to genuinely laugh as Barbra was beckoning me to her chest while she held one tit up with the other hand.

"Twelve business days from when Charlie? Did you really read paragraph seventeen before you initialed it, or did you just sign the company into something without really reading it?"

I slid to the edge of the booth and nestled my aching cock between those beautiful monsters.

"From when you accepted the contract Ken, "Harry said solemnly.

I began sliding my cock up and down her cleavage, reaching down with my free hand to lightly stroke her hard nipple.

"Is that what he told you Harry," I gasped when Barbra tipped her head forward and took the head of my cock between her lips as I went deep between her tits. "Naughty naughty Charlie, lying to the other members of your team."

"Give me that contract!" Harry shouted.

I was working up a nice pace fucking Barbra's cleavage, "I'll save you the trouble Harry. It starts from when Charlie makes a company wide announcement of his screw up and having to bring me on. The letter to me doesn't mean a thing."

I was getting close to cumming all over Barbra's tits.

There was some shouting from Harry as Frank picked up the phone to take it off speaker. "I have to take care of something here Frank. And tell Charlie boy we'll be exercising part C of paragraph twenty three." I hung up quick.

"Oh yeah Ken!" Barbra shouted as I grabbed the outside of her tits getting a balls deep thrust up between them. "Frost these knockers and coat my throat!"

I gave her a few more good thrusts remembering fucking her pussy with that plug in her ass last night and then roared as she grinned at me. The first shot going right across her face. Barbra took my spasming cock in hand and put the next two shots on her tits before leaning forward and sucking the next several straight to her gut before pulling back off and putting the last dribbles in her cleavage using my cock to spread my cum around her chest.

Barbra was laying on the floor, only our breathing and the light hum of the dildo in her pussy could be heard. She was panting and pinching her nipples.

"Are you ready?"

Barbra bit her lip and nodded fast while she pulled hard on her nipples.

I slid to the floor and put the heel of my hand on the lump of dildo giving it a few hard nudges. Barbra squeaked on every push and pulled her legs high and wide like she was doing the splits, the big wet spot on her girdle really standing out.

On the fourth push I kept the pressure on and turned the dildo on full.

Barbra's eyes went wide and she arched up as the dildo slid past her cervix screaming in orgasm. Arching up and down, up and down as her girdle began to look like she had peed her pants.

I watched that spot grow feeling the warmth of her cum under my hand as she spasmed and then gasped when I shut the dildo off abruptly. There was a shudder and then Barbra collapsed, only her heaving sweat glistening chest giving any indication she was alive.

Now it was my turn. I rolled her girdle down releasing her delicious aroma, then spread her legs and grabbing the base of that dildo. There was another shudder as I pulled the long dildo from her and settled against her thigh, lazily licking her juices as they dribbled from her pussy. Lick after lick after lick until the flow slowed a bit. Barbra having regained some sense of control merely rolled up and sat on my face with her head on my thigh taking the tip of cock between her lips with a sigh. Letting the last of her cum flow into my mouth before we literally crawled into bed.


I woke to my beauty beside me and grinned at the lovely day, made even lovelier by the knowledge of what happened after I hung up yesterday. Even though I could technically drag out the delivery of the schematic and layout, I wasn't going to give them the chance to deny anything. So two very important things were happening while the shit was hitting the fan in that meeting.

First and foremost five copies of the documents were being delivered with signature required to five different departments, two of which were the legal department and Harry's secretary.

The second one, and purely spiteful but oh so enjoyable, was an email. Shortly before I retired I had forwarded one of the company blast emails to my laptop after a funny thing happened with a new girl. Seems there was a bug in the internal blast email server. If you hit Reply All to one of them it did just that, it sent a reply to each and every email on the blast list.

I merely deleted the text of the message and added the pdf file of the letter from Charlie to me about his screw up. Wouldn't that be a fun one for him to explain since I would bet my early completion bonus he was trying to pass my solution off as his own impending revelation.

Once everything was loaded and ready to go we did spend one last evening with Don and Sarah, as well as Rosy and Antonio as suspected. We had a lovely dinner sitting there with Rosy and Sarah naked with some nice jewelry hanging in their cleavage and a large silver ball hanging in front of their clits from their belly chains while Barbra was wearing a lovely and some what more conservative dress and lace stockings. That was until we went upstairs...

Barbra didn't even hesitate when we went to the booth, stripping even before she sat down. But unlike last time she wasn't naked, she was my slut. White lace choker, her large gold nipple rings replaced with gloss white ones. A short half cup corset pushing her tits up like she was trying to push them up under her chin. The little ring in her pussy now a short gloss white chain.

She kept her lace stockings on and added long fingerless gloves and handed me a chrome plug with a big blue jewel in the middle. Sarah gasped as Barbra turned her back to me, bent over, and spread her cheeks for me to put it in.

After I had inserted the plug and gave her pussy a light slap making her gasp and grin Barbra sat on the chair beside me, "If the floor wasn't so dirty I'd sit there and be at your knee."

Barbra danced for me several times that night, and did dance at the same time as Sarah and Rosy a few times, but for me not with them. Fantasia made another try about half way through the evening, and Barbra got her good. About halfway through the dance after letting Fantasia run her nipples across Barbra's she took something from her little purse, then held up a remote controlled egg in front of Fantasia.

About the time Fantasia was going to take it from Barbra, Barbra turned to me and put her foot up beside my leg, handed me the egg and spread her leg and pussy as wide as she could. I slipped it in, licked my fingers, then pulled her pussy to my face to make her cum to a big round of applause. Later that evening she took my hand and pushed the control to max as she was fucking her throat with my cock making me cum in her cleavage. She grinned as it dribbled down inside her corset.

Barbra was requested to dance both on stage and some table dances, but merely held up her red wrist band. Her only concession was to do the shower dance to rinse down and clean up before we left for the evening. Standing on the little platform beside the clear shower, grinding and stripping looking only at me. The gloves, the stockings and garter, and eventually the short corset making a production of finding some of my cum from earlier and licking it up off her finger.

Barbra got in the shower, wetted down, squirted a bit of body wash on her chest and pussy, and looked at me, patted her pussy, and then raised her hand with her finger pointing up. I raised the remote control and pushed it to full power.

"FUCK YESSSS!" she hollered out falling back against the wall. One hand went to her pussy and the other to her tit. Lifting her tit from just behind her nipple ring as the other was a blur on her clit. I shut it off making her eyes flash open then put it right back to full power.

The hand that was on her tit came down to her now spread pussy and dropped two fingers in herself fucking her pussy for all she was worth. Head turning this way and that in a perpetual shudder. I shut it off for a second again then right back to full.

Barbra screeched and then dropped to the shower floor in a fetal position squirting against the wall to a big round of applause. I kept her going a bit then slowly lowered the power, watching her melt onto the floor, no longer even caring her hair was getting wet.

Fantasia and another girl did try, they got her standing and were toweling her off trying to make advances on her but she wasn't responding to them. Once she could stand she simply gathered her things and sat down beside me tucking her feet under her butt.

"That was the hottest thing I have ever witnessed..."

Barbra giggled, "That's the nastiest, sluttiest, most lewd thing I have ever done, and all I want to do is do it again for you..."

I cupped her tit and rolled her nipple between my fingers, "Mmmm, and I think I would totally object to that, don't you think?"

Barbra ran her hand across my slacks circling the tip of my cock and the wet spot from leaking precum, "Oh yeah, it looks like you would really object to that."

She made a little over sixteen hundred dollars in tips that night, and walked across the street in just her jewelry and a big grin after handing me all her clothes since the truck didn't fit in the parking garage.

I on the other hand didn't get to shower right away, I was pushed to the floor with my pants only pushed down enough to free my aching cock and had a bucking bronco riding my hard cock. "I told you I was a cum slut cock whore, now filll meeeeee..." Barbra was cumming again and I was filling her remembering her orgasming in front of everybody in the shower. We crawled in postponing my shower until morning.


After that wild evening we headed north for DC. And unlike our previous time on the road, Barbra wasn't naked, she was bound up in one way or another most of the time. Sometimes it was just a heavy bra and full panties, sometimes it was a short girdle and one of her vest bras. Many a trucker was treated to the vision of Barbra in her long line bra and girdle looking like she was naked for as close as the color was to her skin tone.

The guided tour through the white house in an ankle to wrist to neck extra tight body briefer under her dress with a plug in her ass and the remote control egg in her pussy was one we will never forget.

Going through security and being wanded, the older gentleman blushing a bit when it went off near her pussy and nipples. Of course I turned the egg up momentarily as it passed them.

"It's my jewelry. Want to see?" and began unbuttoning her dress right there in front of everybody. I turned the egg up a notch making her skin flush.

"No Ma'am, that's quite all right."

I turned the egg up two more notches making Barbra sigh. "Well okay. I really don't mind showing them to you."

He was quick to get us moving.

Every so often I would turn the egg up or down a few notches, leaving it on at least a little through the whole tour.

As Barbra stepped back up into the truck I turned it on full and she collapsed on the floor with her ass I the air. I flicked the snaps in her crotch and drove into her pussy with the egg on full, fucking her hard and fast like I did her ass that first time.

I drove into her over and over until she was one big orgasm then pulled out, rolled her to her back and shot my load in her cleavage.

I sat back on the edge of the bench watching her slowly come out of it, then smile as she took a swipe at my cum on her tits and brought it to her lips.

"I am such a slut for you," she moaned just before she took my soft cock between her lips and slurped the last of our juices down. She grinned up from between my legs, "Can we do that again?"

The only one close was the tour of the empire state building in a similar outfit but with nipples and crotch cut out. I got several pictures of her flashing tits, pussy, and plug filled ass up there, and one of my cum dribbling from her pussy when we stayed behind between groups and fucked like rabbits. Barbra screamed to England and back when I flipped the egg on as she was cumming.

Barbra took to enjoying her 'slut suits' as she called them under her big dresses. Ankle to wrist to neck covered in an extra tight body briefer with the crotch cut way out. Nipples cut out of a few of the pointed bras enough to make quite a prominent bulge of them under her dresses as well as the little triangle under the cups cut out for some nice tight titty fucks. She really grins when I bring out her cincher to put around her waist after getting all that on. She enjoys the hypoxia when I get a good hold on it and fuck her until she almost passes out.

Of course she did do the micro bikini at the beach so it more than made up for it, and she rarely bothered to pull it back in place when the waves knocked the suit aside, too bad the bikini shop only had one a few sizes too big huh? Or was it that the strings just weren't tied right?

We exchanged emails with Don and Sarah off and on for the first part of the trip, but when we continued south instead of heading west back to Nashville I think they realized we probably weren't going to be back. Those four weeks with Barbra along the cost was a first, second, and third honeymoon all in one. Stopping when ever one of us saw something and usually winding up staying the day exploring.


The anticlimactic part of the trip was the part I was dreading the most, visiting the kids. Curt and his fiancé were the first. His fiancée was wide eyed at my young girlfriend only a few years older than her, Curt just shook his head smiling before we settled down for a nice evening, the girls chatting away like a couple of coeds.

Gloria was the one that really surprised me, I half expected her to be mad at my finding some one besides her mother. Instead she was ecstatic that I found someone that didn't take any shit from me, and then it was another celebration when she announced she was pregnant, I WAS GOING TO BE A GRANDFATHER!

As we got south of Savannah after visiting the kids Barbra delighted in teasing me and calling me grandpa getting some looks from passers by when she did while cuddling against my arm. As well as taking what ever opportunity she could to get body painted. Sometimes topless, sometimes nude with a micro g-string afterward, and when ever she could get away with it stripping well before they got started on her and not putting the g-string on until she had to, or was reminded to. grinning at me watching her turn and twist as she was painted. Thrusting her shaved pussy toward me when ever she could.

She also delighted in getting in on any contests she could that would allow her to flash and tease, loving flashing me from up on the stage while the audience egged her on and often being reminded to cover back up. Personally I think she just enjoyed making me hard enough to ACHE!

I did surprise her in Miami, there was some wild fetish celebration going on, mostly topless and some naked women. Some on display voluntarily and others bound up and put on display by their masters and Barbra grinning at them walking around with tits trussed up or out on display. We were walking past a little body jewelry booth with a naked woman working it with just about everything possible pierced and or studded.

The lady greeted us with a smile and shoulders pulled back, tits pushed out for us to admire the stands behind her nipple rings. "What can I help you with?"

"I want something nice and sparkly for her clit."

"She's pierced already?"

"Of course."


I turned to Barbra with a wink, "Well strip it off woman."

Barbra's eyes flashed and her grin practically went to her ears. The dress went up and off and before it could hit the ground she was at the hooks on the front of her vest. It was tossed at me as she almost ripped her girdle getting it down before cocking her hips and thrusting her pussy forward kicking one knee out.

I turned the egg in her pussy on low making her groan.

The lady running the booth was kneeling down looking her over, "Oh isn't she lovely!" she stood and walked behind Barbra. "Oh and plugged too, aren't you a naughty slut!" one more notch and the accompanying groan from Barbra.

I turned the remote up another notch and left it there while we held various rings in front of her shaved pussy letting Barbra have a few little orgasms She showed us several nice clit rings, and I picked out a large one with a decent crystal on it, not expensive but very noticeable, and held it in front of her as I turned the egg off. "If I put this in, you're mine."

Barbra hopped up on a stool and lifted and spread her legs enough to let her plugged ass show before reaching down and spreading her inflamed lips wide.

I took her ring from under her clit and turned the egg back on a notch. As I slipped the new ring in I turned it up another notch, when I closed the fastener I turned the egg to high and took her clit between my lips and grabbed her ass.

Barbra was screaming and cumming with a death grip on the stool. I had a nice snack and shut the egg off. I had barely stood up and she wrapped her arms around me and tried to kiss me into submission with her juices still all over my face.

When she came up for air she grabbed her clothes tossing them across her arm and was going to walk arm in arm with me out the door, but the lady stopped her. "You can't go naked without signing up," pointing to the little numbered band on her arm.

"Shit!" Barbra said softly.

The lady grinned, "Slip your dress on, the sign up table is four doors up."

Barbra grinned and drug me up there, ripping her dress off as soon as she set the pen down to the cheers of a crowd of college guys. She stayed that way all day only adding a little mask to hide her identity to strangers. Turning and posing for anyone that wanted to take her picture, especially if they wanted a picture of the ring in her pussy. I had purposely picked out one just large enough to force it to stick out past her lips a little, nudging her clit with every step.


The trip down through Florida was quite an eye opener for me and a discovery trip for Barbra. We had the misfortune, or fortune if you look at it that way, of getting blocked in by a fantasy fest parade. Now there was quite a variety, but Barbra was drooling when several lades came by herded along by their 'Master' bound up and tits trussed up and out. Seeing some tits almost as big as Barbra's wrapped around the base and nipples tied off had her wanting me to fuck her ass on the spot. We ducked back into the truck and I bent her over the table as we watched the parade from the side window. When one girl was herded by with a light chain from her pierced nipples up and over her shoulders like reins on a horse she cam screaming and flailing. I thnk a few people standing outside even heard her.
That little voyeur of the fetish parade sparked something in her that I marvel at even today. For instance, a comedy skit about a nerd doctor trying to put a pressure cuff on a girl's tit instead of her arm morphed into one of her old vest bra tops being relieved of its cups and a pair of pressure cuffs sewn in their place. The glazed look on her face when I suck on her nipples and then slowly pump some air into the cuffs is out of this world.

Some lovely semi sheer latex tops with nice form fitting cups in a store window became a custom wet suit with form fitting cups and prominent nipples. Oh and the top fitting seemed to go better bottomless with a lighted plug in her ass for some reason? Topless while fitting the bottoms with the seam tight in her ass and pussy made for just as wild an evening getting her tits fucked until I couldn't shoot any more on them. Her favorite is the first top that had the too small cups and open nipples... go figure

We did eventually make it to her friend in Pensacola, he had an old house fixed up and lots of naked coeds running around and a new fiancé. Barbra didn't wear a stitch all week and giggled at everybody watching our mixed cum dribble down her thighs.

She did blush the second morning there when he and I high fived at my getting Barbra to scream the night before. His fiancée just snickered and swatted at him. We had a contest the next four nights to see who could get their woman to scream the loudest. I personally think I won when I had Barbra cumming and then pulled out and shot the last bit all over her tits, but then I guess he didn't do too bad a job the following night. But it sure sounded like he stuck her in the butt with a needle the way she screamed...

While the truck was in for a lube and oil change that week a young couple made me an offer that was too good to be refused. They had one young boy and a baby on the way and needed something to accommodate them on the road. So we pulled the Penske box and leased an old factory converting the upstairs office space into temporary living quarters. I set about making an actual bus conversion for us to continue traveling in but with a full size bed and shower big enough for two.


It's been two years since we first leased this place. That first bus was hijacked by a disabled vet from NAS Pensacola needing something special to get in and out of, so I finished it with those modifications and sold it to him getting another shell for me to start on. That worked its way into another and another.

We did finally build ours, and taking a tip from Don and Sarah, our forty five foot RV has almost sixty HD cameras spread out through out it with most at waist and tit level with a few ceiling and floor level added in. She loves standing at the steps knowing one of the cameras is looking up her skirt. My favorite though is the one that looks up Barbra's skirt when she sits in the passenger seat and displays on the dash monitor. Or is it the one looking up at her shaved pussy in the shower? Then there is the one at the foot of the bed, or the one...

I now have fifteen vets, injured or disabled in one fashion or another doing the work on the busses, and we specialize in RV's for the military disabled. I may even get to the Hummer in the corner some day...

The offices on the third floor are now all apartments for our staff and spouses that want to live on site, and the roof is the nude lounge. We spend lots of time up there after work laying out and swimming in the pool or relaxing in the spa. The big glass walled shower with heads in every corner is real popular.

We don't see as many stars as we did that first night, but all the passing ships and the ocean sound seems to make up for it.

From time to time Barbra will dance for me, and some of the ladies will dance for their spouses. Occasionally it looks more like a competition each dancing for their man but a million times better than Don's club. It all leads to some wild screaming times up there, but each with his own, we don't share.

Watching a double leg amputee 'dance' on the table for her similarly disabled husband is wild, watching them get it on on that table is even better!


"Honey, could you give me a hand with this?"

I snugged my bow tie up and turned to see Barbra turning and lifting the back of her gown revealing her lubed ass.

"I guess if I have to," grinning. I took the big chrome plug from her fingers as she bent over spreading her cheeks and I SLOWLY slid and twisted it into her lovely ass.

Then I put my hands on hers and drove my rock hard cock into her wet pussy, "Fuuuuuck," Barbra groaned.

I just fucked my Barbie doll hard, all dressed up ready to go out for a fancy night on the town. Watching that bright crystal in her ass move with every thrust into her pussy. Barb's hands turning in mine to grip mine when she came hard as I gave her a good filling.

I stepped back and watched her slip a big dildo in and pull her panties up and shake her dress down. I knew better after all these years than to reach for something to wipe my cock.

"Mmmmm," Barb hummed as she kneeled again and swallowed me down making sure I was completely clean before pulling my pants up. "I do get a load between my knockers later... right?"

I smiled knowing that when we got to the gala Barb would hike her dress back up for me to rip her panties off and yank that dildo from her pussy so she could suck it clean and let her pussy dribble down her thighs while we mingled and danced.

"Oh definitely." Running my thumb across her crystal encrusted choker. The one that if you looked closely you could make out the pattern of the crystals slightly larger than their neighbors. CSCW, my little Cum Slut Cock Whore. Barb bought it as my Christmas present the year I bought her the first diamond ring for her pussy... she's getting matching ones for her nipples this year.

Isn't it sooo much fun dressing up a Barbie doll?

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Character update: The characters in the SciFi story have finally come back from being on strike, but they seem to be taking a LOT of sick days. I have a few 'short' stories completed and should be posting the SciFi shortly after they are posted if the timing works out.


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