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Bar Girl Ch. 12

Chapter 12. 'Faithless Filipinas.'

The Cheap Charlie life. Cherry pop choices. Nick's next offer. Foreign husband murdered. Hu-Fan's unicorn.

When they met next day, Nick suggested that they go to his hotel.

"I like to go in Wild Orchard," said Blen.

"No more Wild Orchard," Nick told her, "That was when I was a poor man. Now I'm destitute, I have to live within my means."

They crossed back over MacArthur, and walked towards Abacan Bridge. After a couple of hundred meters, they stood outside Nick's hotel.

"This is a Cheap Charlie hotel," said Blen.

"Just one step up from sleeping in Bayanihan Park. From now on, no expensive hotels, no bar-fines, no ladies' drinks, no bar-hopping. I must sit in my room, like a Cheap Charlie, with a bottle of rice whisky and a sneak out girl."

"I will be your sneak out girl."

"Just my luck, you're a cherry."

"My mouth is not a cherry," said Blen.

"I've got a bottle of tequila in my room," said Nick.

The small room, illuminated by a fifteen-watt lamp, had no window, and no air-conditioning. A fan hummed in the corner circulating air, humid from the en-suite shower. An old television showed ghosted and snowy pictures of local channels picked up from a poorly set-up roof-aerial.

Blen undressed, folded her clothes, then lay on the bed. She watched Nick fiddle with the TV, move the fan to a better position and pour some drinks, before he stripped off his clothes and lay on the bed beside her. She rolled against him, one leg over his hips, one arm over his chest, and her head resting on his shoulder. She began to stroke his chest. Nick's penis stiffened against the back of her leg.

"Would you like my massage?" she asked.

"What about an ass-fuck?" said Nick.

"My cherry ass is already promise."

Nick raised his head. "Promised! Who is it promised to?"

"The Masters of Uranus."

"Who the fuck are the Masters of Uranus?"

"They are guys who like the ass; they will buy my ass cherry."

"Well ... maybe an ear fuck ... or a nose fuck?" said Nick.

"Sorry Siir, the mouth only," said Blen.

"So, how much for your ass cherry, then?"

"5000 pesos."

"OK. Maybe I should buy your ass cherry, I can afford that."

"Save your money for my pussy, I do not care about my ass."

"And, why is your ass so cheap and your pussy so expensive?"

"Because the ass is for recreation, and the pussy is for procreation."

"Personally, I would prefer a little recreation."

"That is not romantic," Blen told him.

"Let's hope I can afford romance," said Nick.

Blen moved up on top of Nick and kissed him, her tongue lingering long and deep. Then she knelt beside him and bent her head forward, so her hair hung down, and brushed it up and down his body. His penis strained to its fullest height. Blen folded it, safe from harm, against his stomach, rolled him over, straddled his buttocks, and once more brushed her hair over his body. Next, beginning at his shoulders, she massaged her way down to his feet, then rolled him back, and lay over him and kissed him deeply again. Finally, as she would with a customer, she began her butterfly dance towards his groin.

Blen lay between Nick's legs and looked up at his towering penis, twitching above his taut balls. He pointed straight. She examined him closely. His balls were firm and egg shaped under his crinkled scrotum. His pubic hair was curled and unkempt, but not too matted, and grew close around the base of his penis. As she smelt his balls and penis, he felt her warm breath on him. She took hold of his penis, and it filled her hand. The touch was firm, and when she moved it, it resisted firmly, seeking to stand straight. A dignified, homely penis she concluded, one she would be happy to do business with.

Blen moved above Nick's penis, and lowered her head, enveloping it in her open mouth. She sought his eyes, but Nick lay flat on the bed so their eyes could not meet. Turning her attention to his testicles, she licked and sucked, and worked diligently away, rising up his penis, until he started to spasm, then taking his penis into her mouth, she sucked gently as he expelled his semen. She gathered it in her mouth, and when his spasm subsided, she slid up Nick's body, looked into his eyes, allowed his semen to spill onto her lips, then locked lips with him once more, and their tongues twisted together, bathed in his salty seed.

After their embrace, Blen wriggled back onto his chest, and lay on him, her arms and legs embracing him, her head on his chest. Listening to his heartbeat, she fell into a contented sleep.

When they stirred again, Nick gathered Blen up, laid her on her back, placed pillows by the end of the bed, lifted her buttocks onto them, and knelt before her.

"Now it's your turn."

He parted her legs, and spread her pussy. By the fifteen-watt lamp, there was little colour, and the hues were hard to distinguish. Her labia glowed dimly around her grey hymen, and in the gloaming, he could see a small black circle in the middle. Leaning forward, with his tongue he explored Blen's hymen, probing at the central hole.

He lifted his head, "That's the most expensive snack I'll ever taste."

"Finish your meal," gasped Blen.

Nick continued to apply his mouth to her pussy, licking and sucking teasingly, rocking her back to probe into her anus, nibbling and pulling at her labia with his teeth. He read the rise in her hips, and clenching of her thighs, and delayed her climax until he had entertained her for a considerate period, then moved in to suddenly and persistently assault her clitoris with all his arts, until Blen bucked her hips, clenched her thighs, and hung there arched, impaled against his tongue. Still he continued, keeping her contorted, with her ass lifted off the bed, until her cervix collapsed exhausted to her vaginal floor, and she unravelled to lie motionless, apart from her heaving chest. He waited until her breathing grew shallow, then moved in to worship her pussy once more.

After bringing Blen to climax three times, Nick lifted her back to the centre of the bed, and lying face to face with her, they exchanged butterfly kisses and stared into one another's eyes.

"When we are marry, we will do this every day," murmured Blen.

"Maybe I'll have second thoughts," said Nick, "I heard a cautionary tale today."

"What is that?" asked Blen.

"It's a sad story about a foreigner married to a Filipina girl."

"Tell me."

"He was an older guy like me. He married a younger girl like you. He bought her a house here in Angeles ... in her name, because he was a foreigner. They had two kids and he loved his family very much. He went abroad to work, and give his family a good life. His wife got bored and started taking shabu. She started to run wild when he was away, and she found a Filipino boyfriend. Her husband came home and discovered she was on shabu. He insisted that she went into rehab, but she wouldn't go. They fell out. He came back from a stint at work yesterday, and his house was locked up. His wife had sold it. He made enquiries, and was told she was leaving for Cebu today. She was taking their children and running away with the boyfriend. He's been left sitting on the curb side, with nothing to show for ten years. He still loves his wife. He still loves his children. All he can do is sit and cry."

"I will never leave you if you take me to your work with you. I do not want to be without you. And I will never leave you if you eat my pussy every day," said Blen.

That evening, in the changing area, Mama pumped Blen for details of her assignation with Nick. "Does Nick have a plan to pay for your cherry?"

"He will save, and I will save."

"You will pay for your own cherry? You are a strange girl."

"We will share everything," Blen told Mama.

"Do not build up your hope. I do not think Nick can pay for your cherry, even with your help. Be ready to hold your nose for at least one day while you humour with Bruno. He is a stupid man, and it is now a point of honour for him. He have lose his judgement. He will pay, even an unreasonable amount."

"I know Nick will win," replied Blen.

Blen redoubled her efforts to sell shooters, but her commission accumulated slowly as Talent Spot suffered from the customer drought. She now returned to Nick's hotel each evening to sleep through to the next morning. Then, they would canoodle, practising their oral skills for an hour or so, before going to eat. Blen knew all the cheap karenderia where they could sit and chat with her friends.

Saturday evening brought a further development. Blen's secret admirer showed his hand.

Jordan came into Talent Spot, returned Blen's cordial greeting and walked through to the rear. Half an hour later, he came out with Mama, and they invited Blen to sit with them.

Mama began, "Blen, Jordan bring me the offer for your cherry for 50,000 pesos. It is not from him, but from a man he work with. He see you at the Wet-T and take an interest in you. His interest is to fuck you, but now his interest is commercial. He like your photos, he like your video ... Jordan have tell me about that ... and he want to make an offer. It is interesting, but it is up to you. It will help you to escape from Bruno."

Jordan cut in, "We placed your photos and they were very popular. There's been a lot of comment. The members are fascinated because you're a virgin. They want to see more of you. My friend, the guy who runs the hard-core sites, let's call him Jack, saw possibilities too. That's why he ordered the 10 2 Beat video. That's been up for three days and on each day it's been the highest rated video by far. His members like your style; the virgin porn-actress also fascinates them. He'd like you to make another video."

"I will do it. When will it be?" agreed Blen, immediately.

"Not for a few weeks. It isn't quite as straight forward as your last video. Jack wants to buy your cherry to use in the video."

"How?" asked Blen, puzzled, "How can he do that?"

"First, he would have to win you cherry. Mama tells me she has decided to auction it, so he will bid in the auction, but only if you agree. Without your cooperation the video will be no good."

"My boyfriend will buy my cherry. He have first-refusal," said Blen blithely.

Mama broke in, "I have warn you Blen, you must not rely on Nick. He will try his best, but it is not realistic to expect him to raise enough money. You need a fall back plan if you do not want Bruno to deflower you. Listen to Jordan's proposition. If you do not agree, Jack will drop out, and it will just be between the Chinese and Bruno."

Jordan carried on, "Jack is launching a web-cast service. The idea is that his members can subscribe for events that are web-cast live. It is a sort of pay-per-view. He wants a strong launch, something that will be talked about and pull in more subscribers. The reason why he's willing to pay a high price for your cherry is so he can use it on his first web-cast. You have a high recognition factor among his members, and they like you, they're intrigued by your cherry. Jack is sure he could attract a big audience to watch you being deflowered."

"So maybe Nick could fuck me?" suggested Blen.

"The problem is, that if Nick, or anyone else deflowers you, it will not be very visual, not much for the subscribers to see. Jack wants something very different, very visual and dramatic, that highlights your virginity. If you're deflowered from the outside in, there's nothing to see. He wants to deflower you from the inside out, so the subscribers can see your hymen ruptured," said Jordan.

"But ... How could that happen?" asked Blen.

"Jack has come up with a method. He's done some research, and worked out that he can adapt a balloon catheter."

"What is that?"

"It's a balloon on a nozzle used for medical purposes, it can be inserted into narrow spaces. It can be inserted through the hole in your hymen, and when it's inside your vagina it can be inflated. When the balloon is blown up, it can be pulled back through your vaginal entrance and tear away your hymen as it comes through. Everything can be caught on camera. Jack has ideas for attaching some little spikes to the top of the balloon, like a reverse umbrella. As the balloon is withdrawn, the umbrella will open, and the first thing the viewer would see is the spikes pierce through your hymen. That would look very dramatic. The balloon would then tear away the remnants. Then Nick could fuck you."

"So nobody would take my cherry?" said Blen.

"Correct," said Mama, "and that means Bruno would not take your cherry, and Nick would be the first man to fuck you."

Blen thought for a while. "But that is not romantic. I like Nick to take my cherry."

"That is not all, listen to Jordan," said Mama.

"This is the good part of the offer. We want you to enjoy the experience, so we will pay you 30% of the price Mama gets for your cherry. But you must tell us that you are happy with the deal or Jack won't bid."

"I will guess that you will get more than 60,000 pesos," said Mama, "just think, 60,000 pesos, and no Bruno."

Blen considered. "I will ask Nick what is best."

"We will need a decision within a week," added Jordan, "this would be a live event, and Jack would need to make preparations, promote the event, and launch his web-cast service. It will take a lot of technical coordination, but if you agree, Jack will bid big. He'll have to win."

"OK, I will tell you soon my decision," said Blen.

Blen waited for the right moment to broach this proposal with Nick. As it was Sunday, she rose early to go to Mass, taking Nick with her. She made her usual devotions, and after they deposited their offerings in the Charity Box, walked back to Nick's hotel, where they returned to bed to enjoy their morning tryst.

It was when Nick began to bestir himself from his post-orgiastic rest that Blen pulled him to her, and spoke, "I have another offer. What do you think I will do?"

"Tell me."

He listened, eyes growing wider as she repeated Jordan's proposal. "I can't believe this. How do they think these things up?"

"I do not know. It is not my imagination, it is his. He is a rich guy and he know how to make money."

"And are you willing to do it?"

"If I have two cherries I am happy. If it is pleasure for some guys, and they will pay, I like them to have their pleasure, and me to have their money. Pleasure is not bad. But I have only one cherry, I want it for you."

Nick lay in thought, calculating how to approach this.

"Which would you prefer, the balloon or Bruno?"

"I like the balloon. I hate Bruno."

"Is that what you want?"

"I want to give you my cherry. You must buy it."

"But, how am I to do that?" Nick wondered, out loud.

"You have been in school. It is up to you," said Blen.

"Suppose there is the remotest possibility that I could equal the highest offer, and that is unlikely, but suppose I could; would it be an advantage to have Jack in or out of the bidding?"

"Out," said Blen, "there is less people to bid so the price is less."

"All other things being equal, but they are not equal. There is a preferred bidder, and you can only increase the chance of getting first-refusal by removing the preferred bidder. The chance of our first choice outcome can only be optimised by foregoing our second choice outcome. But maximising our first choice outcome also maximises our third choice outcome. We must choose. Should our strategy be to maximise our first choice outcome or minimise our third choice outcome. Do you follow?"

"No," said Blen.

"What would upset you most, me being the first man to fuck you, but you having no hymen, or Bruno taking your cherry?"

"Bruno," replied Blen emphatically.

"Then our strategy must be to minimise the worst outcome. Accept Jordan's offer. We will be in the driving seat at the last bid, and the chance of the worst outcome is minimised"

"I trust you," said Blen.

On Monday evening, she informed Mama of her decision.

Mama hugged and kissed her. "I knew you would be a good girl. That is a very sensible decision. We are all going to make a lot of money. It is a shame that Nick is not rich, but this is the best outcome, even if it is not a fairy tale."

"Nick does not need to be rich. He is clever. He has a strategy. He will buy my cherry," replied Blen, adamantly.

As Blen sat in the lady-house with Nick and her friends, eating a meal and excitedly discussing payday, her phone rang.

She looked at it. "It is Bruno."

The room fell silent as Blen answered. "Yes," she said curtly.

"Good afternoon my little Goddess, how wonderful it is to speak to you again. I have good news for you." The words were honeyed, but that made Bruno's voice seem all the more sinister.

"What is that?"

"I have bought your garments for you. They are beautiful, fit for a Goddess, and on you they will look more beautiful. I am so looking forward to dressing you, and laying you on my bed, and, especially, worshipping you."

"Me, I have good news also."

"And what is your good news?"

"You do not need your garments. I will never wear them. I have a boyfriend. He will buy my cherry," said Blen.

"Do not be a foolish girl," Bruno's voice was now, deliberately menacing, "I will have you the nice way, or I will have you the nasty way. I prefer the nasty way. I am nice only to oblige you. Do not cross me, or I will take you the nasty way."

"Do not call me again. My boyfriend will be angry," said Blen, and hung up.

The girls all laughed on hearing this.

As Blen recounted the conversation to Nick, her phone rang again. She looked at it and rejected the call. "It is Bruno."

This happened several times, to the merriment of the girls. Eventually, Marivic asked for the phone and blocked Bruno's number. Fifteen minutes passed and Blen's phone rang again, an unknown number. Blen answered. It was Bruno's voice, screaming down the phone, demented and violent, but not in English.

Blen listened to the abuse for several seconds, then calmly hung up. "He is angry. I will get a new SIM." She switched the phone off.

"Maybe you should try to keep him sweet," advised Nick, "the smart money is still on you having to spend a night with him. It could be very unpleasant if you wind him up."

"You must save me," Blen told him.

When she arrived for work, Mama immediately took Blen to one side. "What have you say to Bruno? He has call me today. He think we plot against him. Do you tell him you have a boyfriend?"

"Yes, I tell him. I tell him Nick will buy my cherry."

"He think this is a story I have thought up with you to take money from him."

"Good," said Blen, "maybe he will not bid."

"He is more determine than ever. I have assure him that there are rules, and that all bids will be transparent and certain, and he will be able to see them. He has better his offer."

"How can he do that, he does not know his bid yet," asked Blen.

"I tell him of Jack's offer, how he will pay to you 30% for agreement. He say he will pay to you 50%, if you will agree to him. He do not like you to be angry with him, but he will like your cherry whether you agree or not. Maybe it is best now if you are nice to him. It will be him to take your cherry unless there is a miracle. Think, you will get 100,000 pesos, maybe more, and Bruno will be just another guy. All the other girls will fuck with him for 600 pesos. It is time to be reasonable, Blen."

"I have my miracle, Nick is my miracle," replied Blen.

"Shall I tell him you agree to him?"

"No. Never. I will never agree to him. If he is to win, he must rape with me. He say that is his preference. He is an ass-hole and I will never agree to him."

Precious had come into Talent Spot to collect her salary, leaving her customer to his own devices for an hour. At the end of the shift, the girls gathered around Mama's desk to collect their salaries for the last fortnight. Blen, with the benefit of Bruno's bar-fine, earned 13,050p. Girlie, now that she was offering the in house 'suck n' fuck' service earned 10,220p. Precious, who spent most time out on bar-fine netted 7030p and Amor 6450p. Girlie paid off her credit, and determined to live frugally for another fortnight, but free of debt. With tips from the clients, the girls were relatively prosperous.
"I earn much more in my tips than in my salary," remarked Precious.

"If a customer want to give you money he will be very generous," said Mama, "so give him good service, and take him to the airport, and he will give a big tip and send you money for support. There are also many earning opportunities beside your salary. Amor, you should learn to give the blow-job, I cannot recommend you satisfaction guaranteed if you do not. It is what many customers want. You also, Girlie, you are a cherry ass. You will need to be a three-hole girl soon. Blen, you will be a three-holer in one month. I want all you girls to think about one month. Be ready by then, so when the customers return you will be my best girls. You will be bar-fine every night, and you will have good tips from your customers. Your tips will be much more than your salary if you are a top girl."

When they left Talent Spot, before heading off up Fields Avenue, Precious said she would come to the lady-house in the morning, and they would decide how to spend their day-off. The remaining three walked down to MacArthur Highway and crossed. Having said she and Nick would come around in the morning, Blen turned right towards Nick's hotel, and Girlie and Amor continued to the lady-house.

On Wednesday morning, Blen and Nick shopped for rice, meat and vegetables on their way to the lady-house, and Blen busied herself cooking while Nick watched the TV. By the time her housemates had risen and Precious arrived, a large pot of sticky rice, a pan of vegetables and chicken sinigang were prepared. Jugs of pomelo juice were made up from powder, and breakfast overflowed into the courtyard as everybody took their share and found somewhere to sit and eat.

"What is your plan now?" Precious asked Blen.

"Nick has a plan." Blen looked at Nick.

"Will you buy Blen's cherry?" Precious asked him.

"I have the right of first-refusal. Now it's just a matter of raising the money."

"How much will that be?"

"Five to ten thousand dollars seems to be the ball park figure, at the moment."

"What is that in pesos?" said Precious.

"250,000 to 500,000," Nick told her.

All the girls, except Blen, expressed horror.

"Blen why is your cherry so much?" asked Girlie, "You sell it to Mama for 22,000."

"It is because of Bruno, he is crazy. I am his whore-goddess, and he is rich."

"But cannot Mama take 100,000 from Nick, then she has a fair price?" asked Precious.

"I'm not sure Mama would be happy with a fair price ," said Nick, "but she has an excuse to decline it, she has accepted 50,000 from one person for an option to bid, and she would have to give that back. I do not think Mama gives money back."

"Are you not rich also?" asked Amor.

"We're all fortunate in the West, but we're not all rich," said Nick. "I'm just fortunate ... Bruno is rich."

"Can you not get 10,000 dollars?" asked Girlie.

"I have to work and save. All my savings have been spent, or are earmarked. I only made provision to come here for a couple of months. I've paid for my treatment. I have to leave money in my bank account to pay my mortgage and feed my business accounts. Until I start work again, I've no more disposable cash. I just have what's left of my vacation allowance after paying 50,000p for first-refusal. I've already scraped around for any spare cash. I can max out on my credit card, but that'll only be about 2,500 dollars. Anyway, I'll need to wait to nearer the time to see how much I actually have."

"How much do you have now?" asked Precious.

"About 100,000."

"You must ask Mama," said Amor, "I will give you 20,000p, if we all give, you will have 150,000 and you can ask."

"I will give you also," said Precious.

"I have 2000, you can have that also," added Girlie.

"Thank you, but I can't accept your money. That is for your families," said Nick.

"It is not a gift for you it is for our sister, together we can save her," said Amor.

Nick repeated, and increased, his protests.

"But, you think Mama will not accept," said Amor.

"I don't think she would."

"Then you must ask and we will know."

"Yes, ask," said Precious, "We will bring our money and if she will accept we help you to pay."

Nick turned to Blen. "Would you ask this of your friends?"

Blen stared into his face. "It is my friends who offer, it is up to you if you accept."

The tone of her voice conveyed that a refusal would be a personal betrayal.

Nick thought briefly. He was certain Mama would refuse. "OK, I will ask. First send your remittances, then have ready what you wish to contribute, I'll ask today."

After sending their remittances, the girls went together to the bank. Amor collected her ATM card, then she and Precious went to the ATM and left only minimal balances to keep open the accounts. They secreted their wads securely, and walked back up MacArthur to Nick's hotel. Once safely in his room, they all produced their contributions. One by one, they were counted, and a record made. The pot was then totalled.

Blen had put in 5,000, Girlie 2,000, Precious 25,000 and Amor 23,000. Added to Nick's 98,000 this totalled 153,000 pesos.

"Let's go and see what Mama says," said Nick.

They walked up together and entered Talent Spot like a delegation. Mama, who was completing the organisation of the early shift, saw them enter, and looked at them expectantly as they approached her.

"Good afternoon Mama, can I have a word?" said Nick.

"We had better go into the back." Mama led the little procession through.

"I have another proposal," said Nick.

"For Blen's cherry?" Mama clarified.

Nick confirmed that it was, and got straight to the point.

"I can improve my offer. I can give you 150,000 cash today. You can repay Hu-fan his option fee; you have my option fee of 50,000, so you will receive 150,000 for Blen's cherry. That's top dollar. Have you ever received so much for a cherry before?"

"No, I have not, receive 150,000. But, as you know Nick, Blen is a very special girl who deserve a special price."

"I do not like to be special Mama," said Blen, "my cherry is not special, only for me. I like Nick to have it."

"Remember Blen, these romantic notions are very recent," replied Mama. "You did not have them two months ago. You did not have them when you work in the rice fields. You come to me and ask me for an opportunity. Now you have a job. You support your family. You have your choice of foreign boyfriends. I give you this opportunity. When I pay for your cherry, I do not know if I will make money or lose money. Now you have a good life you forget the promises you made when you want an opportunity. Let us ask Precious, Girlie, and Amor how they lose their cherries. If any of them has lose their cherry romantically, to a man they love, I will accept Nick's offer."

At fourteen, Precious had been seduced by her uncle when she was working in the fields. Amor, out of curiosity more than anything, had allowed herself to be fucked perfunctorily up against a tree by someone else's boyfriend when she was sixteen. Girlie, when she was seventeen, had been casually gang-raped by three former classmates, while she was drunk.

"I also was not fortunate," added Mama, "I am a cherry girl of fifteen. I go cherry bar-fine with a customer. He know my cherry is for sale, but when he eat my pussy I cannot resist, I think he will love me, I like him to fuck me, and he do. He do not pay for my cherry, and I never see him again. He rob me of my cherry, and leave me with a broken heart. If you do not like to be special, do not be romantic. Count the good fortune you have, and let others have their good fortune also."

"I will give you 150,000 today, and 150,000 in one week," said Nick.

"You also have a slice of pie-in-the-sky," said Mama.

"300,000 for Blen's cherry, paid in seven days. You'll be able to go to the bank next Wednesday and pay it in."

"Remember last time you make me an offer I call to Bruno. I will not do so now. Already he has offer 150,000 and 50% for Blen. He offer without hesitation, without thinking. Jack and Hu-Fan will push him high, very high. 300,000 in seven days, or 500,000 in, maybe fourteen days. It is soon now. Which will you choose?"

"Mama, that is not fair. You are from our barangay, you should help Blen," said Amor.

"I have help, I can help no more. I bring you from our barangay, so you can earn money. Earning money is about taking your opportunity, not fairness. I have been fair. Now Blen has her chance to earn 100,000 pesos for one night, and I will earn also, but she will refuse that money, and refuse me my opportunity. That is not fair."

"I see you are not minded to cut a deal today, but I'll leave the offer open. If you change your mind, let me know," Nick said.

The party returned to Nick's room, monies were redistributed, and they made their way back to the bank where Precious and Amor once more deposited their savings.

Back outside, Nick said, "Thanks for trying. Now you girls go and enjoy your day-off."

"I will come with you," said Blen to Nick.

"No, you go and enjoy yourself with the others. Have a good time. I'll take a walk and have a think. I need to be alone. I'll see you tonight."

They walked back to the hotel, where Nick and Blen kissed, and parted. The girls then continued onwards, and crossed into Fields Avenue.

Blen and her friends found a little karaoke bar off Perimeter Road and settled down to drink, sing and flirt with the trike drivers, who frittered their earnings on Red Horse. A trike driver arriving from Villa-Sol Subdivision, further up Perimeter Road, brought news which fascinated his colleagues.

He had regularly transported a German man and his Filipina wife up to Perimeter Road, or into town or to the market. A couple of months earlier, the wife had struggled from her house, bound and with a shirt tied over her head. Her story was that at four in the morning, several men had barged into her bedroom, hog-tied her, and tied a shirt over her head. When she heard all commotion cease and she believed they had gone, she freed herself and went into the sala, where she found her husband collapsed, stabbed, and apparently dead. She went outside and cried out to raise the alarm. Neighbours came and released her and the police were summoned.

Some months had now elapsed, and the police had today returned seeking information on the whereabouts of the wife. It transpired that the police had received an anonymous call to say that the caller had been asked by a security guard, called Roland, who worked at a certain KTV bar, to kill a foreign resident in Villa-sol. The anonymous tipster had refused, but when he heard of this crime, he felt he should report the conversation to the police. The police had enquired into the background of the wife, and found that she went to the gym adjacent to the KTV bar.

They then made enquiries in Roland's neighbourhood. Roland had boasted of having a girlfriend who was the abused wife of a foreign resident. Some of Roland's acquaintances recognised the wife's photo as Roland's girl friend. Roland had also said his girlfriend gave him 20,000 pesos to redeem his house, which had been mortgaged to a private moneylender.

The wife had moved in with her sister following the murder, but when investigators went to the sister's house they were told that, shortly before, the occupants furtively evacuated with all their possessions at midnight, and left leaving no forwarding address. Examination of the crime scene had led investigators to believe that the husband had been killed in the bedroom while he slept, and his body moved to the sala. He was an ex-bouncer and karate black belt, but there was no sign that he had tried to defend himself. Now, Roland and the wife had disappeared, and the trail had gone cold.

"Why did she want to kill her foreigner?" asked Amor.

"She was depress. She do not like her life with him. He is very strict with her, but he like to butterfly. He bring back young girls and make her join in the orgy. There are many photos found by the police," said the trike driver.

"Why not leave him, why kill him?"

"Maybe she hate him. Maybe she is jealous with the young girls. Maybe he do not let her leave. I do not know. He is not a nice guy."

"If I marry with Bruno, I will kill him," said Blen, "Maybe the guy is like Bruno."

"You must wait until Jesusa finish in school," said Amor.

"Then, that will be my fate; I must wait her to graduate school. But, I will have a lover to keep my soul alive."

The girls got drunk, and sang the evening away. At midnight, they returned to their beds, Amor and Girlie to the lady-house, Precious and Blen, to their companions' hotels.

Nick came to reception to welcome Blen with a kiss, and with his arm around her waist led her to his room. Blen was maudlin. She undressed, then pulled Nick onto the bed with her.

"If you do not buy my cherry, I will marry with Bruno," she told him, "but you will be my lover. When Jesusa is graduate, you will kill him, then you will have me, and we will have his money."

"Why would you want to marry Bruno, you hate him?" asked Nick, casually.

"Because -"

"Because what?"

"Because, you do not offer me. Bruno has offer me. Because you are a poor guy. Bruno is rich. Because it is my fate. I must do it for Jesusa. I do not like it, but I can do it."

Nick considered his reply with care. Here and now, he loved Blen. More than anything in the world, he wished to be with her. But she was from a different world. Could she live with him in his world? Would he be happy? Would she be happy? She believed in fate. Maybe it was their fate to be lovers passing in the night, a brief and blissful romance that would corrupt into something ugly back in his real world. This black-eyed beauty, who stared mournfully into his eyes, silently pleading, "Offer me - offer me," not only seduced him, she frightened him.

This girl had steel in her soul. He knew she had, because it had been tested. She had never had the easy option, yet she had faced her fate and accepted it, she had endured a fate worse than death, lived through it, and smiled. He had never had that iron determination, and he felt she could see the weakness in him, the pliability, the tendency to bend to the expectations of others. Now she was forcing him to admit his weakness.

He thought for too long.

"If Bruno win my cherry I will marry with him. I do not want you for my lover." Blen rolled over.

Nick lay and listened to her sob, unable to find careful words, and lacking that courage which Blen possessed, to leap fearlessly into the dark.

When they woke on Thursday morning, Nick and Blen lay side-by-side, each aware that the other was awake, but unsure of their new relationship, unsure what to say.

"I never expected I would meet a girl like you. I just came to fix my teeth," Nick offered, by way of partial explanation, or excuse.

"I know. It is just my dream, but I have cry away my dream now," said Blen.

"It was my dream also, it still is my dream. But it's a dream without a plan. A dream without a plan is fantasy. What we need is a plan."

"Then what is a dream with a plan, it is still a dream," said Blen disconsolately.

"A dream with a plan is a possibility."

"So, it is possible you may marry with me?"

"That depends on the plan. We share the dream. If our plan is a good plan our dream will come true," said Nick.

"What is our plan?" asked Blen.

"I'm still working on that."

"Work quick. There is not much time. If Bruno win my cherry I cannot marry with you. I will marry with him. I will know that is my fate."

"Good. I work best under pressure?" said Nick.

Blen rolled onto Nick and kissed him, "You can eat my pussy now."

That evening, Mama had more news for Blen.

"I have two contacts from interested parties today. The 10th November will be a big day for you. Bruno will return. He want to speak with you. And Hu-Fan and Mr Chew will arrive. Mr Chew will interview you next day."

"I do not want to speak with Bruno," said Blen. "If he will win my cherry I will marry with him. I cannot marry Nick if he do not take my cherry. But I do not want to speak with Bruno, I just enjoy my time with Nick, so I have a remembrance. Do not tell Bruno, I do not want to give him joy."

"That is best. He will give you a good life; he will educate your sister. He can send her to university, maybe in America. It is not so much he ask you in return. Just a little joy."

"I also will have only a little joy. I dream of joy forever. There is no joy forever for the poor, only for the rich. I was foolish," said Blen.

"There will be very many with a harder life. But, Mr Chew may be the one. He also is very rich. He is old and he is dying, his is a strange request also."

"What is his request?" asked Blen wearily.

"He seek a cure for his illness. He is Chinese, and superstitious. He believe a story, that if he eat the semen of a unicorn he will return to youth. Only a virgin can catch a unicorn. He need you to catch the unicorn."

"A unicorn. What is a unicorn? Is he a crazy man?"

"It is a spirit animal, he believe in magic," Mama told her.

Blen laughed, "How will I catch a spirit? I do not think he is serious."

Mama explained further, "He believe that when he will smoke opium he will enter the spirit world. You will enter with him, and you must accept the unicorn and after it take your cherry, he will eat the semen from your pussy. That will restore his body to health and youth."

"I do not understand how I can do that, if there is no unicorn," said Blen.

"Mr Hu-Fan will arrange it, he will explain everything."

"The man is a fool. Even rich men must die. They cannot pay money to escape death."

"Mr Hu-Fan will part the fool from his money, and he will give some of it to me. Maybe, also to you. I think he will also have a proposal for you, but you must wait until he come."

Blen spent the evening in a despondent mood. She knew her fate. She regretted having gone to McDonalds with Nick, to having the presumption to be a student nurse for even one day. If she had not known how that felt, she could not feel her present misery. Now, she understood why it is said that Man is the only creature capable of unhappiness, because he knows not only what is, but also what could have been.

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