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Awakening Sexually Ch. 01

My wife and I are both on our second marriages. Our previous marriages were both very similar in that our sex lives in those marriages were awful. For me, I was lucky if I had sex 6 times a year and for her, she told me she would close her eyes and drift off into fantasy land while having sex with her ex. So when we met and there was instant attraction both mentally and physically we were in heaven.

Our sex life together was and is spectacular. I went from being lucky to have sex 5 or 6 times a year to having sex 2 or 3 times a day. Even now after being together almost 15 years we still have sex at least once a day, whether it be a quickie in the morning before work or a down and dirty fuck session with toys and spankings, or a long slow love making session at night. We have explored with all kinds of toys on each other. While Molly doesn't like any type of anal play, giving or getting, I do enjoy it once in awhile when she does me with one of her vibrating dildos. But I do have to be in the mood and have a lot of lube.

We attended a party at a neighbors house and as usual after several bottles of wine the topic of sex came up and all the husbands complaining about not having sex often enough and of course the question gets thrown out, how often does everybody have sex, once a week, twice a week, three times a week. Molly and I just sat there quietly laughing to ourselves, thinking, 3 times a week? We had just done it 3 times that day.

We have talked many times about our past sex lives, adventures and fantasies. I had had a 3some with two married women about a year bore Molly and I met. She was very interested in what exactly went on between the 3 of us. So I told her all the fun details of having 2 horny women in bed at the same time. I asked Molly if she had ever thought of having a 3some, MFM.

Molly's response was no, she had no interest in a MFM 3some at all, but ever since she could remember she had always fantasized about being with another woman. Not really knowing what she wanted to do with another woman, but she always had an itch that had never been scratched. Naturally this peeked my interest.

So yes our sex life was fantastic and kept both of us completely fulfilled, or so we thought at the time.

Molly is a tall blonde beauty, 5'8", 130 lbs ish, D cup enhanced breast with beautiful nipples that are always at attention and ultra sensitive. You can almost make her cum just from sucking on them. She has long slender legs and a perfectly shaped butt, especially when bent over. She keeps her pussy smooth, as she had laser hair removal on the fun parts.

She works out regularly, but wouldn't call her a gym rat. She does spin class several days a week, lifts some weights and also jogs.

I am Mark, 6'1", 205 lbs ish, black hair with grey starting to take hold. I used to work out lifting weights fairly regularly, but several years ago I took up mountain biking again and that is my main form of exercise now. So I have less of that football build now and I am a bit leaner.

Our sex lives as we knew them in our current marriage took on a different direction about 3 years ago when our close friends and neighbors Tim and Amy were over for dinner.

A little about Tim and Amy, they live 4 houses away from us on the same street and we have been best friends since the day we moved into the neighborhood. We have dinner together at least once a week, either at their place or ours or at the local Mexican place down the street. The neighborhood often makes fun of us always being together and has nicknamed us the 4 musketeers.

Amy is the opposite of Molly. Amy is not as tall, around 5'5" and very curvy in a very sensual way. She has a dark complexion, being of African American and Mexican decent. Smaller breast than Molly, but extremely perky, they fit her body perfectly.

Tim is about the same height as me, but slender. He has more of a long distance runner physique. Tim is dirty blonde with deep blue eyes. The two of them make a strikingly good looking couple. Molly has always said she finds both of them very attractive.

So as I said we do everything together and hang out at our place a lot. We have a hot tub and it is not uncommon for us all to go hot tubing together naked, just as friends, no sexual content other than the usual teasing and flirting amongst friends. The women would always make us men wait inside while they went out to the hot tub first and get in naked in a lame attempt at being modest.

As I said there is often friendly flirting and teasing amongst us all, never thinking of it ever leading anywhere.

One Friday night after a little bit too much wine, Amy blurts out, "I am so horny why don't we all get naked and play around, Mark, I am dying to get in bed naked with you."

Molly, Tim and I all swallowed our wine and looked at Amy dump founded.

Tim, "Honey, I know we have talked about that in bed together fantasizing but you never mentioned telling them"

Molly and I just sat there speechless.

WHAT? Our two best friends have fantasized about having sex with us? How is it we never had any idea of their desire. Was the friendly teasing and flirting their way of hoping for more?

Before we could ask any questions, Tim said, "I think it is time for me to take this one home and put her to bed, she has obviously had a little too much to drink."

Amy: Yes I think I have, but that doesn't change anything.

Tim: Honey, let's get you home and into bed.

Amy: Do I get to bring Mark with me?

Molly and I were laughing now, not really knowing how to handle this situation. It completely caught us off guard.

As we walked them to the door, Tim said, "Sorry if Amy embarrassed you or made you uncomfortable, I never thought Amy would actually as you two if you would be open to exploring with us."

And with that he half carried Amy, who was barely awake now, out the door and down the street to their home.

Molly and I cleaned up the kitchen both giggling and somewhat nervous to ask the other what they thought of Amy's outburst.

We went up to bed with my mind full of unanswered questions. Our best friends were fantasizing about having sex with us? Exploring sexually with them? Had they done this before with other friends? My mind was reeling with questions and the thought of it all had me super horny.

I asked Molly what she thought of it all and her response shocked me even more than Amy admitting her and Tim wanted to have sex with us.

Molly; I have always fantasized about being with another woman as you know, especially a very sexy petite brunette and Amy certainly covers all those bases.

Me: Well Amy didn't say anything about you and her in bed together. Do you know if she is bi or curious at all?

Me: Would it bother you, seeing me in bed with her?

Molly: I am not sure.

As I said earlier while we had talked about our past sexual experiences many times, but the thought of swinging per say never came up. And while we would watch porn of 3somes and girl on girl play, neither of us ever voiced that we should give it a try

But now here we were, our best friends admitting they fantasize about us and Molly admitting she has had a long time bi curiosity that she never thought she could act upon.

I asked Molly if she was sexually attracted to Amy or Tim, it is one thing to say someone is attractive, but a completely different thing to want to take that attraction to a physical place, especially our best friends.

Molly's response was, " DAAAAA Amy is gorgeous and so sexy, that beautiful brown skin and her ass is a work of art. To be honest I fantasize about her all the time when I masturbate, thinking about kissing her and rolling around naked with her skin to skin.

She didn't answer whether she knew if Amy was bi or curious.

She then asked me what I thought of it all and had I ever thought of moving our friendship to a friendship with benefits type of relationship with Tim and Amy.

I told her that, yes I had often wondered if the two of them would ever want to push the friendly flirting and teasing further. I told her; I know you are attracted to Tim, you have told me so more than once. The thought of seeing you and Amy having sex together HAS been the topic of many a masturbation session.

So, we know Amy's desires, how do you feel about Tim? Do you want to get naked with him as well? I see the way he looks at you and touches you every chance he can.

Molly: Well Tim is very handsome, and has those great runners' legs and butt. And I do enjoy his goodbye kisses. He has a wonderful tongue.

Me: Well it does explain how those good bye kisses from each of them seems to be getting longer and longer. And I thought I was imagining it last week when Amy kissed me, but she had her mouth open and her tongue brushed across my lips.

Molly: Oh, Tim as been tongue kissing me for a while now. I figured you and Amy were doing the same thing.

Me: Damn, guess I am not as fast on the draw as you and Tim.

We both laughed.

Molly: So, what do you think? Should we tell them we are interested in adding some benefits to our already wonderful friendship?

Molly grabbed my throbbing cock and said, "I will take this raging hard on you have as a big fat YES"

Me: Well you have been riding that vibrator since you got in bed, don't think for a second I didn't hear it, even if you have it on low.

Molly: Ok, if we are going to do this we need to have some ground rules ok?

Me: Babe, whatever you say, you set all the rules and boundaries.

Molly: Ok, I am fine with you and Amy making out and going down on each other, BUT not intercourse ok? And I don't want Tim to fuck me either. We finish off with our own partners. Ok?

Me: Sounds good to me babe. What about you and Amy? Any limits for you two? If, she is interested that is.

Me: Maybe you two can use that strap on we experimented with a while back.

Molly: Oh my, I forgot about that, but you my horny husband are getting way ahead of yourself, we are not sure where all of this will actually lead with them. For all we know, next time we see Amy, she will say it was just the wine talking and she never meant any to happen for real

Molly: Also, I don't think I want the first woman I have sex with to be Amy.

Me: What? What does that mean? You have someone else in mind?

Molly: No, just, I think I would like to practice with someone else first. Maybe we could find another single woman for me to have my first experience with.

Me: Well, we can try, but I don't think it is that easy to find single women willing to have sex with a couple.

Molly: OH, you won't be having any sex with her mister, she would be just for me to explore with. You can watch, but no touching.

Me: Once again babe, you set the rules.

Molly: Ok, how about we go to that club we went to back when we were dating, that sex club, we should be able to find a lady there to bring home.

Some back story on that, Molly is a bit of exhibitionist and when we first started dating she liked to go to sex clubs and have sex in front of a crowd. No swapping or anything just us two having sex. It was a real turn on for her, didn't really do much for me, but if it made her happy I was all for it. So this was the club she was referring too. It was an upscale place and only allowed couples and single ladies in. The several times we went, I didn't remember seeing many single ladies there, but that was 10 years ago and I have read since then that the club had become fairly popular.

Me: Ok babe, we can go tomorrow night and see if you can lure a sexy lady home.

Molly: Ok, let's go out to dinner first and make it a fun night in hopes of my first bi experience. Now put this hard on to work.

The next morning I asked her if she still wanted to go through with everything we talked about last night.

I took the fact that she was putting new batteries in her dildo as a YES.

Molly: Babe, you need to trim up my pussy a bit, we were supposed to have a laser appointment last week, but they canceled.

I love trimming her hot little pussy. Even with laser removal it is still necessary to trim up some stragglers.

Molly pussy is spectacular by the way. It is the best tasting pussy I have ever eaten. I think her vegetarian diet has something to do with it.

Saturday night we headed out to dinner. Molly dressed in a killer black skirt with a red blouse and black high heels. She looked smoking hot and dressed to kill, or fuck in this case.

We got to the club around 9: 30 after having stopped at a nearby bar so Molly could have a couple of shots of liquid courage.

The recent review was correct; the place was hopping and packed with some very attractive couples and single ladies. Not all, but most of the single ladies were attractive and it wasn't long until Molly had spotted a very sexy petite brunette woman at the bar, drinking alone.

This was going to be fun to watch as Molly attempted to pick up this gorgeous young woman at the bar. I leaned in and said, what are you waiting for? She has been glancing at us since we walked in and she didn't take her eyes off you when you went to the bathroom.

With that Molly took another gulp of her drink and was starting to slide out of our booth when the gorgeous woman at the bar walked over to us and said, hello, my name is Kate, you two are a very attractive couple, do you come here often?

She caught us both off guard and we must have looked like complete idiots, sitting there staring at her for what seemed like 10 minutes. Molly finally broke the silence and responded with, nice to meet you Kate, we are Mark and Molly, no we don't come here often, well we used to come here a few years back, but haven't been here in quite some time. How about you, do you come here often Kate?

Kate: No, this is my first time here. I just moved here 3 months ago and work has had me so busy I haven't had time to get out and meet or make any new friends. I read about this place in the city magazine and figure, what the hell, time to push my boundaries a bit. I was about to give up and leave when you two walked in. You two don't 't look like any of the other couples here, they all look like they come here pretty regularly and aren't too interested in getting to know someone other than, do you like to be on top or bottom.

Molly and I laughed a bit of a nervous laugh to that and I thought that was a bit of an odd way to describe ones sexual preference. Top or bottom.

Kate was still standing at our table when I finally said; would you like to join us? Have a seat and I will go get us a round of drinks.

Molly: here Kate, sit next to me. I love your dress.

Kate: thank you, I was admiring your outfit when you walked in as well; you have a very hot body and are very pretty

Molly. Thank you, that is very nice of you to say. You are very pretty as well.

Kate: So, what brings you here tonight? As I said, you don't look like the rest of the couples.

Molly: oh uh we just wanted a night out somewhere different than the norm. We used to come here when we first started dating about 12 years ago. This club has really grown up since then. It so much nicer now, before it really had the feel of a strip club and it was very rare to see any single ladies in here, let alone beautiful ladies like you Kate. In all honesty Kate, I can be a bit of an exhibitionist. hehe

Kate: are you and Mark swingers? Sorry if I am a bit forward, I am very nervous; I am beginning to think I am not cut out for a place like this. I went out tonight just looking to meet some fun people and push my comfort level a bit, but this place may be beyond my limits.

Molly: Kate seriously, what did you really come here for tonight, trying to find a friend? I mean this is after all sex club and you are gorgeous single lady. Mark and I spotted you as soon as we walked in.

Kate: to be honest, I was so damn horny all day I need to get out and then I read about this place in the city magazine this afternoon and told myself, what the hell Kate, you need to get out and have some fun. But until you two walked in I was starting to think I had lost my mind. No way was I going to meet a woman or couple to befriend. She said giggling.

I returned with the drinks and 2 double shots for the ladies. I figured a little more liquid courage wouldn't hurt.

I asked; what have you two been talking about.

Molly: never you mind, it is girl talk.

They both laughed and Molly reached out and put her hand on Kate's leg. Which made Kate grin from ear to ear and she moved in closer to Molly.

Kate told us she was new in town and hadn't made any new friends since she got here. She was beginning to think something was wrong with her and that taking the job promotion that moved her here was a mistake. It was far from that, Kate was beautiful. She is 5'7", 125 lb, full C cup tits, jet black shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and she is mixed race like Amy, African American and Asian, gorgeous. She told us she was raised in Florida and her job promotion brought her to the west coast.

We chit chatted for awhile and I got up to get us another round of drinks.

Kate and Molly were sitting right next to each other by now and they had their hands on each other's legs as they talked. As I ordered the drinks I saw them get up to dance with each other. Kate was a great dancer, very sensuous and took every opportunity she could to touch Molly or rub up against her.

While they were dancing I asked the bar tender if he knew anything about Kate, I had read that some working girls sneak into the club some times. We didn't need any surprises like that tonight.

He said he had never seen her before and would have known if she was working girl. He did say she seemed pretty nervous while sitting at the bar.

When I got back to the table with the drinks I looked up and didn't see the girls on the dance floor anywhere and for a minute I was worried. They came out of the bathroom about 10 minutes later both giggling with arms around each other. Molly's blouse a little rumbled and her skirt a bit a skew.

Molly sat down next to me in the booth and leaned in and whispered in my ear, I changed my mind; you can do more than watch Kate and me tonight. With that she handed me her panties and said, Kate took these off me in the bathroom. She has an amazing tongue.

My cock was instantly straining against my pants and Molly ran her hand over it and whispered, easy big fella, that is going to need all its strength tonight.

Kate slide into the booth on the other side of me and leaned in and kissed me on the mouth and then said, Molly's pussy taste delicious doesn't it?

Me: well it looks like you two ladies are getting along fine. Should we stay here or do you want to take this party back to our house? The hot tub is on.

Kate: that sounds nice, this place to stuffy anyways.

Molly: honey, why don't you go get the car and Kate and I will meet you out front.

Me: ok, but one of you will have to move so I can slide out.

Kate: slide out this way Mark.

As I did, Kate put her hand in my lap and grabbed my hard on through my pants and said laughing to Molly, you win Molly, he is hard as a rock.

The drive home took forever, especially with the two women sitting in the back making out the whole way and me trying to focus on the road. Half the way home, they both threw their bras over my head as I drove. Damn near caused me to run off the road.

By the time we pulled into the garage they were both in heat and my cock was in pain from being stuck in my pants.

When we got in the house, Kate went to the bathroom and I asked Molly again, are you sure about all of this? No regrets in the morning.

Molly: oh honey, thank you for asking but this is so much fun. Kate is so hot and has a very special surprise for you. Why don't you go get the hot tub robes and we will meet you in the tub.
Me: ok dear, you have me wondering what kind of surprise awaits me now. Kate is gorgeous and you sure you are ok with me playing with her? What are the boundaries tonight? This is supposed to be a trial run for Tim and Amy, so same boundaries?

Molly: babe, tonight you are free to do whatever you want with her. Whatever your, erotic kinky little brain can think up.

When I came back down stairs, the girls were already completely naked and in the hot tub. I was a bit disappointed as I as dying to see Kate's naked body walking out to the tub. Our hot tub is off to one side of the house and when we turn off the landscaping lights it is very dark and difficult to see all the fine details of a sexy ladies body.

Even in the dark I was able to make out that the girls were in one corner kissing and sucking on each other nipples. Molly was moaning from her nipples being sucked, I know that moan anywhere.

Kate turned and said, aren't you going to come over here and join us Mark?

I quickly moved over to them and Kate immediately turned and kissed me long and deep, our tongues wrapping around each others as we kissed. My hands instantly went to her tits and I was in heaven, her tits were amazing. They felt enhanced and who ever made them was a true artist.

As we continued to kiss I felt Kate's hand grab hold of my hard on and I could hear her moan an acceptable sound of approval. Her hand felt great as she started to stroke me under the water. I was so lost in her kiss and stroking that I barely noticed Molly was moaning, and moaning quit loud. I broke off the kiss with Kate to notice that Molly had moved up onto the tub's edge and while Kate had my cock in one hand she had two fingers buried in my wife's pussy and was rubbing her clit with her thumb at the same time. Talk about multi tasking, this girl could do it.

Then Kate let go of my cock and moved over and buried her face in Molly's pussy. Molly spread her legs wide open for Kate and as soon as Kate's tongue touched my wife's pussy lips, her face scrunched up and she looked like she was about to explode in an orgasmic bliss.

As Kate half bent over to eat Molly's pussy I moved behind here and ran my hands over her perfect round ass. That's when I noticed she still had her thong on.

Me: Kate, why don't we get you out of this thong, it's only going to get in the way the rest of the night.

Molly instantly snapped out of her orgasm bliss and got an evil grin on her face.

Molly: are you ready for your surprise now babe?

Me: you mean there is more than being naked in a hot tub with two gorgeous sexy women? Bring it on.

Kate; Molly, can you help me out of this thong please?

Kate stood up on the tub bench seat facing away from me which left her spectacular ass in my face. I was standing there stroking my cock as I watched my horny wife suck on Kate's nipples while at the same time start pulling Kate's thong off. As Molly pulled Kate's thong down, Molly kissed her way down Kate's body. It was pretty obvious when Molly got to Kate's crotch she was kissing and licking Kate's pussy, as Kate let out a very loud moan.

When Molly had Kate's thong all the way down to her feet Kate stepped out of her thong. Molly took them and wrapped them around my cock and kissed me as Kate turned around to expose her completely gorgeous naked body.

That's when I saw the surprise; Kate had a hard cock where I was expecting to see a pussy.

Molly: Kate, I just felt his cock twitch and get harder, if that is possible. Pretty sure he likes his surprise.

Kate: Mark, I hope you're not mad or angry. We should have told you before we started kissing, but Molly said you would be fine with this and would probably find it very erotic.

My wife did know me that was for sure. As I mentioned, I like anal play, specifically, having a dildo in my ass once in awhile, and the last time Molly did it to me, she said, I bet you would like a real cock sometime instead of this fake one. She knows me well enough to know that the fact I didn't say NO, meant I would give it a try in the right situation.

Evidently when the girls went to the bathroom at the club, the girls started making out and their hands were all over each other. Kate was the first to drop to her knees and pull Molly's thong aside and kiss Molly's pussy. Molly stopped her after a bit and said, ok, my turn and she got on her knees and reached up under Kate's skirt and found Kate's surprise.

While I had been getting drinks Molly told Kate the real reason we were at the club. We were there to find a single lady for Molly to experience her first bi sex with. Molly also told Kate, that while she was excited to have sex with another woman, she wasn't sure she was ready for eating pussy yet. Kate giggled and told Molly, you don't need to worry about that with me. Molly just figured Kate didn't enjoy receiving oral for some reason.

When Molly discovered Kate was a TGirl, a very beautiful and sexy TGirl, it all made sense and they decided not to tell me and just see where the night went.

Molly later told me that while she was excited to be with another woman for the first time, she wasn't ready to go down on another woman yet, so this was the perfect solution. She could have a gorgeous sexy lady on top with beautiful tits and a pretty female face and a cock on the bottom to suck. Molly did love to suck cock, which I was very happy to supply whenever she wanted. Now she had two to enjoy.

Kate: Well, now that the cocks out of the bag, should we take this party inside? This water is nice but I want to see your naked bodies and touch them all over.

Molly: That works for me. Kate, let's get in the house while Mark closes up the hot tub.

When I stood up to get out of the tub so as to help the girls out, they both noticed I was still rock hard.

Kate: you win again Molly. I thought for sure he would freak with this surprise. He really is adventurous, isn't he? And wow he has a nice cock. How big is that?

Molly: 7" inches of hard cock for the both of us sexy ladies to enjoy and I think we are going to find out just how adventurous he really is.

Which left me even more than a little turned on, but a bit nervous at the same time as I watched my sexy naked wife and sexy naked TGirl walk off arm in arm.

By the time I got inside, Kate and Molly were in a 69 position with Molly on top and Kate's now hard cock down my wife's throat. WOW, this was hotter than I ever thought it could be. My wife had another cock in her mouth and was sucking it like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to stroke my cock while I watched, but I was so hard and on the edge already I knew I would have blown my load, so I just watched.

Kate was giving Molly's pussy a serious tongue fucking as she rubbed Molly's clit at the same time. I could tell by Molly's moaning she was starting one of her long slow orgasms. Kate made her stop sucking her cock, as I assume she didn't want to cum yet. Once Molly stopped sucking Kate's cock I could see she had an average size cock, 6"ish and average thickness. Molly was enjoying every inch of it though.

Then Molly started cumming, I have never seen her cum that hard or that long. She looked like she was going to come right out of her skin. She rolled off Kate's face and lay on the bed with her legs spread and completely spent. Kate rolled over on top of Molly and started kissing her, long and hard. Their tits rubbing against each other as Molly spread her legs to let Kate in. I was about to tell Kate to stop when I heard Molly moan and say; put it in me, girlfriend, I want to feel you inside me. Molly was now begging Kate to fuck her, my wife was begging this hot tgirl we just met 3 hours, ago to fuck her, wow. This was too much for me and I walked over and sat on the bed next to them and kissed them both as Kate started entering my wife's pussy. This was the first new cock my wife had in her in the past 15+ years, and it was attached to an incredibly gorgeous TGirl. Someone pinch me, I have died and gone to heavy.

Once Kate was all the way in my wife, Molly started bucking her hips to meet every one of Kate's thrust. Kate looked up and saw me stroking my cock and said; get closer, I want to suck that at the same time.

As I moved closer, Molly said wait. Do me from behind Kate; let me get on my hands and knees. I want suck Marks cock while you fuck me. I want his first load in my mouth, I know he has a big load pent up from watching us.

Molly got on all fours and started sucking my throbbing cock while Kate got behind her and started fucking her hard and fast from behind. Every few strokes I could hear Kate smack Molly's ass, which caused Molly to moan on my cock.

It was too much and shot my entire load down my wife's throat and she sucked every last drop out of my cock. Kate heard me cumming and that put her over the edge too, she pulled out and shot her load all over my wife's back.

We all laid there in a sexual bliss for a few minutes until Kate rolled over towards me and said, my turn to suck your gorgeous cock Mark. As she took my semi hard cock head in her mouth I reached out and squeezed her perfect brown tits. Kate's mouth felt great as she sucked my cock back to a full erection.

Kate: Molly, you weren't lying, he has a wonderful cock.

Molly: wait until you feel it in you, you will love him pounding you long and hard.

Kate: well I have never done that before, but first time for everything, eh?

It dawned on me then that Molly was expecting me to fuck Kate. My head was whirling. Having Kate suck my cock was one thing, but fucking her too? My wife had obviously let go of any inhibitions. I just watched her fuck another REAL cock, even if it was attached to TGirl.

It was very erotic and kinky to have this beautiful TGirl sucking my cock and she had me rock hard in seconds.

Molly had moved into a position where she could suck Kate's cock back to its full erect size and she looked up at me with that mischievous grin again and said, honey, this one doesn't vibrate, but I know it will feel good in you, it felt great in my pussy.

Uh, what did my wife just say? She wanted Kate to fuck me in the ass? Plus it sounded like the two of them had already talked about it.

Molly: well you didn't think your surprise was over yet did you? I know how you like having your ass done, and I don't really like doing that, so Kate is the perfect solution.

Kate: Mark, I will go slow, I have never done a guy's ass before. You will be my first experience of both giving and receiving stud. I did have one woman do me with a strap on once, which was interesting, but unfulfilling, so to speak. Kate said laughing.

Me: what? Really? You are sucking my cock like a pro, it certainly isn't your first time sucking cock.

Kate: No, I have sucked a few cocks since going full T, but truthfully I have always been more attracted to women. The men I experimented with didn't always treat me the best.

Me: I'm not sure I'm ready for that tonight, it really is a bit of surprise.

Molly: Mark, I already got the lube out and Kate's cock is nice and hard and just the right size. You can be her first.

Molly leaned in and kissed me long and hard and then said in my ear, do it babe you know you want to, plus I want to watch Kate do you, it is going to be so hot and erotic watching you get fucked by her. You can't say she isn't gorgeous.

Kate stopped sucking my cock and I sat up and kissed her.

Me: ok, don't cum inside me though or shoot your load on me please.

Kate: I won't I'll pull out.

Molly: you can finish on my tits Kate; I will be waiting for your load.

Kate: what position do you want to be in Mark? From behind?

Me: no, I want to be on my back with my legs pulled up so I can see your face and your beautiful tits bouncing as you do me. Plus you can stroke my cock at the same time. Molly, will you guide Kate into me.

Molly squirted a big glob of lube on my ass and then lubed up Kate's cock and then she slide a finger up my ass which caught me by surprise and said; this should loosen you up a bit stud.

Molly: look Kate, his cock is already dripping precum, me thinks he has been hoping for this all night long.

Molly pulled her finger out and then I felt Kate's cock head being pressed against my ass. Molly had guided Kate's hard cock to my ass when I heard Molly say; Kate pushed it all the way in now. I felt Kate grab my thighs and begin sliding her cock in my ass. I can't lie; it felt GREAT having a real cock slide into me, so much better than the rubber dildos Molly had used on me in the past. Kate's cock was just the right size; she was able to get it all in. I was amazed at how easily it slid in and then Kate started fucking my ass.

She reached down and stroked my cock and I knew I was only going to be a matter of seconds until I was cumming. Sure enough, after only 3 or 4 strokes in my ass and on my cock I was shooting another load onto my stomach and having a mind blowing orgasm. Kate pulled out just then too and turned to Molly, who was lying next to us with her 10" vibrator buried in her pussy fucking herself as she watched, and Kate shot her load all over Molly's tits.

It was now close to 2 in the morning and NOW we were all totally spent. We lay there for a bit just coming down from our sexual peaks, when Kate jumped up and said, I will call an uber and get out of here. Thank you so much for a fun night.

Molly: Where do you think you are going young lady?

Kate: well I just figured you were done with me and I should get out of her before you both begin to regret this.

Molly: hell no, you are spending the night. We have a California king bed, that you will fit perfectly in with us. We can get some sleep, and then Mark will get up and make us some breakfast or lunch, depending what time we wake up. We will drive you home in the morning. You and I will make arrangements to get together later this week.

Kate: you sure? I just assumed I was your toy for the night and this was a onetime thing.

Me: hell no, you said you were looking for some new friends, well you found them. We were looking for a onetime thing when we went to the club, but never expected to meet a lady like you. So hopefully you are as interested in continuing this relationship as we are and not, just in the bedroom.

Kate: that sounds great.

Sunday evening as we drove Kate home she told us a little about her past, how she had always felt more feminine than masculine and decided around the age of 16 to live her life as a woman. She said when she was 18 and out of the house full time she started living her life as a woman. After she finished college she got breast implants and started taking hormones to soften her appearance, it was definitely working, she is gorgeous. Even though she was now living as a woman, she was still mostly attracted to women with only a slight curiosity towards men, hence her never having sex with a man before. There was an occasional blow job given but she never pressed to do anything further.

Molly said she would like to meet up with Kate for lunch later that same week, just the two of them and asked what Kate's work schedule was. The two girls decide Thursday worked best for both of them. I of coursed said, no getting naked you two without me or at least video chatting it to me. They both laughed, and Molly said don't worry about that babe.

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