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At Her Disposal Ch. 04

The hanged male squirmed in the confines of the coffin, waking to find himself sweating in an oppressive warmth. His eyes flicked through the lattice, seeking some viewpoint through a porthole, and seeing whitewashed buildings under a vivid blue sky across the water. His ears pricked as he listened for whatever had awoken him from his drugged stupour, and his cock swelled to occupy the cage as he recognised the voice of the woman who had milked it.

'This is it. Wrap it in the muslin and bring it up to the deck, we don't want its contents getting dusty, and careful with it, the contents are feebly fragile but of much use to someone.' His cock bolted in the cage, and his anus clenched at the generously long plug as the scent of her perfume reminded him of the spice of her arousal which had accompanied it. Her eyes peeped through the lattice, her grin showing the pleasure at finding him awake to experience this part of his journey, as she helped wrap the muslin about the coffin, obscuring his view out, but also obscuring the eyes of those who would look in and actually see the human content, though it was obvious to most involved with the matriarchal females, that enslavement was their dark business.

He thought about moaning aloud through the gag, alerting the carriers to his plight as he felt the strength of the sun through the box while it was lowered to a smaller boat to ferry it to the small and obviously obscure port, but his mind took him back to the gibbet and he knew he'd be made to pay, even if those within earshot paid any heed to his position. The two women watched as their prize was lowered, each such occasion bringing on their contented arousal as another dominated male would soon learn the consequences of his weakness. The tall one faced the captain who stood with them; he as much under their control as the boxed male he watched descend, his own cock erecting with a strange jealousy.

'You shall be well rewarded for your silence as usual, Captain Briggs. We shall be back by dusk, and we'll have you in your cabin to conclude business.' His cock showed the appreciation of that promise, knowing that part payment and the confirmation of his silence would be affirmed by their exploiting and enjoying his hidden weakness, exposure of which would ruin him. He was as much their slave and would allow himself the pleasure of masturbating on what he'd enjoy tomorrow, as he watched the two prim females descend the gangway lowered to the boat, regally attired in their white dresses and bonnets which had them glow against the tanned and grubbily dressed hands who assisted.

The two women sat smiling, shaded by their parasols as they patted the muslin shrouded box, pleased on knowing the male inside would be lost in bewilderment as the motion of the boat and the hubub of commands in a language he did not understand rang out between the hands, taking him away from the life he had known forever. At the rocky makeshift quay, a woman veiled in black, pulled down the black cloth which covered her mouth, and smiled at the two women from atop a flat horse-drawn cart, onto which the box was lifted. They thanked the women for her punctuality, and before climbing aboard, the tall woman pulled back the muslin to allow the coffin's occupant a view of the parched land which was now his home. Her wicked smile grew as her eyes met those of the gagged male.

'Oh yes, we're nearly there. You'll know dominance like never before, and we'll be well paid for it. Please enjoy the surroundings which you'll know from now on.' His balls tingled, his bell-end pulsing against the steel dome which held it, his submissive arousal rising as he squirmed helpless in bondage, unable to influence his delivery to an unknown purchaser. He sniffed at her scent and grunted feebly through the gag as she disappeared to mount the cart.

As the cart clattered through the the centre of the small port, his eyes took in the basic whitewashed buildings which looked ancient and noted that the population was mainly Arabic in appearance, dressed in long gowns, some African, and the few people he saw of European origin were obviously visitors to the port. They passed stalls set out selling carpets, fruit, and earthenware pottery, his nose detecting the strong aroma of coffee on occasion. The cart trundled out through a castellated gate, and up a slope to the surrounding hills. As he sweated in the heat, they passed several small settlements, the buildings all uniformly white, before the cart began to descend into a dusty and parched valley, bereft of vegetation, save for the occasional palm. The cart travelled on for another mile or so, and as it twisted along a track he saw a large white walled building come into sight. As the cart approached, a huge arched gate opened, and they went through into a enclosed courtyard, the gates closing behind them.

The first thing that registered in his ears was the bubbling of water as the horse stopped, then the sound of the women talking as they dismounted the cart. They and the woman in black stood smiling, the veiled woman looking down the courtyard and clapping her hands. This was to summon four more veiled women, each carrying long canes, their eyes betraying smiles as they lifted the box from the cart. The tall women pulled the muslin from the box and lifted the lid, bringing delighted gasps from the women as they surveyed the white flesh of the male inside. The tall woman took his leash.

'Up! These ladies want to see what their friend will pay handsomely to own.' The shorter woman took one of the canes and teased his shaven flanks as he lifted to his knees. His eyes surveyed the grandiose courtyard with its large ornate fountain, its bubbling water cooling the partially covered enclosure, shafts of bright light illuminating rows of succulent plants through a grapevine which crossed above. The veiled women cooed with delight at the rare pleasure of seeing a white male enslaved, his wrists bound behind him and gagged, his manhood pleasingly caged, they were immediately aroused by the obvious control the two women had over him. The woman in black who had brought them there, removed her veil and pulled her hooded shawl down, fluffing her black hair, a pleased and wicked smile emanating from her olive skinned face as she did so.

'Ohhh! Kali will be so pleased to have him; she would have paid twice what you asked. She will make the other women of the City of Shadows so jealous when she displays him.' The tall women watched with pleasure as the four women also unveiled, then dropped their robes to reveal their naked tanned bodies, surrounding the male and teasing him with their canes; the woman in black smiling at his bewilderment as they toyed with him, spreading their fine arse cheeks and having him sniff at their scent, taking the leash from the tall women who was more than pleased to give it up, pulling it tight to feel it tension to express their dominance over a male who had shown submission and was now firmly under their control.

The woman in black was also aroused by the scene, as she watched his white flesh ripple on the women playfully showing him the cane; she had taken many slaves through her gates for disposal, but the arrival of the two women with their white males was always an extra pleasure. She would have the male know why the four were so excited. She moved closer and addressed him as one of the women straddled the box and had the kneeling male sniff at her cunt.

'These ladies are more than pleased to have you know their feelings before you are taken to serve your purchaser. You see, they were all once enslaved by males, and have been freed to willingly assist with our trade. Two of the ladies were brought here by males tricked into thinking we deal in women, brought here in secrecy, only to be taught the error of their ways permanently; the woman whose cunt you sniff at, having had the pleasure of castrating her former enslaver, and seeing him sold on as a eunuch. You can imagine her just pleasure at seeing any male enslaved and ready to serve a woman in total obedience; though the male who brought her here was Arabic, she, like us all, has witnessed the arrogance of white males who would rule the world; her pleasure at seeing you dominated is especially thrilling, as your nose will bear testament to, it is equally pleasurable for me to see you bound and ready for the use of a woman.'

His cock dribbled through the slot in the trap as his mind raced at her words, the deliciously heady scent of the tanned fleshy cunt helping bring the carnal pleasure of submission from him as the woman who had castrated her captor stood dominantly over his kneeling nakedness, the others teasing his flesh playfully with their canes. He now neared knowing the full price of his dark liaison with Mistress Harriet, fashioned by Fiona Brown. He sniffed hard at the rich and velvety cunt as he thought how Fiona had had hanged him with such delight; his passing out on the taut rope after spending in sheer ectasy had as good as ended his life. He now found himself re-born as promised by the maids who took him into darkness, a mere toy to be played with in a foreign land; the shame and humiliation was exquisite as his plugged anus tingled in the submissive pleasure of his defeat, he now yearned to have the tanned woman slice his balls from him.

The tall woman was anxious to see business done, despite enjoying seeing the teasing dominance shown by the women, and she and her shorter companion also wished to gain pleasure in exacting their own cruel humiliation on the male, they would never see him again when the day was out after all.

'When are Kali's emissaries to arrive? I'm anxious to keep their image with him in more than my mind, and have have a memento to please the women back home.' The woman in black smiled knowingly as the tall woman bent and untied the trembling male's ankles.

'I had expected them to be here by now; they'll arrive at any time, I can imagine their lust to receive him; they'll be most pleased to receive him in the picture room.' The shorter woman untied his wrists with a cruel smile, allowing the naked woman who had removed her enslaver's balls to retain the leash.

'You'll crawl on all fours to the place of your despatch, we want these ladies to have the full benefit of their short time with you.' The woman in black addressed the women in their language, and with their sneers of pleasure so evident, the male was tugged by the leash and led by the woman to whom he would gladly have given his balls, whilst gleefully whipped forward like a sacrificial animal by the other three to know further humiliation. His progress was pleasingly slow at first, his limbs feeling weak on having been dormant for so long, paired with a little reluctance as he was filled with the fear of the unknown; this was smartly whipped from him by the naked harpies, eager to witness another male taken to a life of permanent servitude at the hands of a woman whose reputation and appetite for severity was legendary. The long anal plug which massaged his prostate as he was whipped on all fours, teased the sense of foreboding in him, arousing his submission and keeping his cock hard and dribbling pre-cum as he felt the sting of the canes and watched the feminine arse before him, leading him to his fate.

They passed the fountain and he was taken through another large arched door, and out to an arched verandah which looked down the valley to the hills beyond. The woman in black clapped her hands with delight as her eyes, expert to the vista, detected the movement of women on horseback.

She looked down at the male, whose head was held back by the naked girl so that he may witness the approach of the women who would take him, her cunt oozing on knowing the trembling white male would know there would be no return.

'They come for you! Soon you'll be at the feet of Kali, she will dominate you with an authority that will make you beg to be silenced forever.' The tall woman grinned with satisfaction at his bewildered eyes as two women in flowing black silks, came into view, a mule trotting behind the second of the two fine horses on a leash. The two women cantered their horses close to the arch and dropped their silken veils to gape at the kneeling white male, gagged and caged, so obviously already in submission to female authority, the tall woman binding his wrists behind him once more. His anus clenched hard at the plug as his eyes took in the long tanned legs which were exposed from the black silk against the flanks of the horses, the delicately painted finger and toenails in red, enhancing their brown flesh and that feminity contrasting with the furled bullwhips and scimitars which adorned their horses. The mule bent to feed at what sparse vegetation was available, displaying sackcloth bags which hung bulging with coin, straddled either side; payment which would seal his permanent enslavement to their Mistress.

His cock bulged rigid within the confines of the cage as the two dismounted in supremely elegant fashion, their immense pleasure at seeing the pale Western male who would be the toy of their Mistress, radiating from them. His submission and fearful anticipation was excited all the more as discarded their silk gowns to reveal their deliciously supple bodies, adorned only with thick black leather belts and thongs which split their shaven cunts beautifully, their firm and ample breasts showing their delight through erect nipples as the each took their whips from their horses to express their position of dominance.

They greeted the woman in black, and the two women in white with simple nods, such was their eagerness to view the slave, his cock fit to burst at his own disbelief at the fantasy-like situation he found himself in, his nose sniffing at their immediate arousal their prize engendered as his eyes fixed on the broad tanned thighs and thonged cunts he faced while they felt the softness of his hair and squeezed the white flesh they coveted. They grinned at the pleasure shown by the naked girl who held his leash, impressed by his obedience to her as he knelt in submission. One of the women trailed her braided whip about his shoulders, and shook her long dark brown hair back, taking a deep breath as she shimmered with carnal excitement before turning to his captors.

'Kali will be most pleased to allow him to become her property; she tires of her pets so easily, indulging her pleasure in the methods of their disposal, and he too, will be spoiled by her with whip and cane, but I suspect his pain will endure under her ownership; as a unique specimen, he will be shown proudly by her, incurring the jealousy of the other Mistresses.' She nodded toward the mule.

'Please accept the token of her gold; it seems of small value in exchange for this pet.' The woman in black clapped her hands, and the naked women eagerly relieved the mule of it's burden, though the load it carried back would require greater effort. The tall woman opened the door to a room set back from the verandah, and had the women place the bags in two piles in a prominent position upon the floor, then addressed the two horse-women with a pleased smile.

'May we have a lasting memento of our transaction? We'd like a keepsake to please the women at home.' The two were only too pleased, and they were ushered into the room, the eyes of all the women on the gagged male as he was led through to enjoy the last vestiges of a world he had known, and would remain but a distant memory. He gasped through the gag at seeing a bold tin-type camera on a tripod which would capture his shame for eternity.

The tall woman grinned with smug satisfaction as she and the shorter women prepared the final sweet humiliation he would know at their hands.

'You'll be gone forever, but the memory of our triumph over you will be enjoyed eternally.' He grunted through the gag, as he was made to kneel, equidistant between the bags of gold which sealed his purchase. The two horse-women stood proudly dominant either side of their prize, both trailing their long whips across the floor, snaking close to his white flesh, their olive flesh glistening in the dappled sunlight which bathed the scene through a lattice window in the end wall. One of them holding the leash which displayed the confirmation of his enslavement so indelibly. His cock throbbed as his mind went back to the lewd magazines he had purchased in the darkly illicit place of publications in East London he had frequented; he had masturbated over many pictures of stern women dominating males, and his anus tingled as he thought of the delicious humiliation at this scene appearing in those pages; the seed of many submissive males brought forth in ecstasy on witnessing his fate.

The tall women's arousal at the scene would know further pleasure; as the other women grinned by the camera, she lifted the key to his cage from between her ample breasts. He felt his cock pulse as she approached, knowing the humiliation he would now suffer.

'We'll have you reveal your innermost desire at the prospect of enslavement; I know that your fear outweighs your submission, which is exquisitely pleasing for us ladies, but as with all males, your cock will lead and show the true extent of your homage to superior womanhood.' She unlocked the tiny padlock and he felt the eyes of all the women on it, as it immediately rose to a full erection. She grinned with cruel pleasure as it confirmed the excitement of his domination, but she would make sure his humiliation was captured in all it's pathetic glory.

'Here, let me help you.' She stood with her legs slightly apart and lifted her long skirt, pushing the crotch of her underwear, wet with dominant arousal, to his nose. The women sneered with satisfaction as they watched his cock pulse and bone upright from between her legs in a salute of surrender to femininity, as his senses were flooded with the spice of her cunt. She and the other woman had brought him there, and his balls ached to come as he longed to lick her cunt in reverence, the denial now as delicious as any orgasm to his defeated mind. He was now ready to have the image of his submission captured for the divine titillation of the superior sex.

She strutted back to the camera and peeped through the multiple lens in the mahogany box which would take several images of the same shot.

'Perfection.' She watched him pant through the gag as he readied himself to be exposed for what he truly was, a defeated submissive cur.

'You'll now think of Fiona Brown, the woman who has secured your disposal and who will be overjoyed to have a token of her triumph; take pride in having been of some use to her, the portion of gold allotted to her from your sale will allow her to choose worthier males to serve her as the Mistress she has become... at your expense.'

The smug smiles of the women as his image was captured, and the perverse carnal pleasure he felt, at being brought down and cruelly broken on the noose by a mere servant girl, crushing him with the pleasure of her curt disposal, cut deep into his submissive mind as his fate was recorded forever.

A scene of total obedience now, his shamed image was caught as he knelt naked, arms bound behind him, a gag ensuring his silence as he was guarded by two dominant and shapely women, their tanned flesh contrasting against his whiteness in confirmation that he had been taken far from where his presence would ever cross with the women who had secured his disposal. The bewilderment in his eyes was fixed on image for posterity, providing another contrast with the rude stance of his owned cock, standing erect and captured centrally in the vista. His stiff and excited member betraying the true desire and lush submissive defeat behind the eyes filled with the fear of the position he was now in, an innermost yearning to know the whips that trailed from the stern and pleased women who showed their satisfaction on having their image captured, while holding their white prize leashed and ready to know a life of utter domination. The bags of coin either side, showing the value of his soul to be worth no more than a trivial materialistic gesture; paltry in human terms, yet sufficient to transfer the ownership of a male slave between dominant women.
The ten seconds or so of stillness as the exposure provided its inedible and lasting testament to his humiliation, was brought to and end by the tall woman lifting her hand, applause from the women who bustled to see the plate, and the male feeling the jerk of his leash; the thonged women impatient to see their image with the male, then have him strapped to the mule in bondage. The tall women grinned with satisfaction as she showed them the plate with its crystal clear images, pressing it close to the male.

'See how clearly recognisable your face is. Fiona told me of some pictorials she found secreted in a wardrobe in your room.' Her cruel satisfaction grew as his face flushed, his cock dribbling as he guessed on the irony that his earlier thoughts would now be made to haunt him.

'She also found an i.o.u. bearing the address of a somewhat risque house of publications in Bow. You'll be pleased to know that it will give her much satisfaction in paying your debt, plus a little extra to have your image appear within the next publication; I'm sure the proprietor will be most obliging, such a picture with a little paragraph beneath it to verify its obviously genuine history will boost its circulation tenfold.' His anus tingled as his startled eyes looked long and hard at his own face, his erect cock and the thonged women with their whips, holding him leashed, kneeling and naked, the cruel laughter of the tall woman ringing in his ears. He had known from the poses of those risque images that most were professional models, but some of the more crude images were obviously of genuinely submissive males, exposed and humiliated for the pleasure of their Mistresses; it was those depictions which made him come the hardest, and he longed to stroke his cock at the thought of the erect cocks of others who would spend in torrents at the depiction of his fate.

The thonged women pulled his leash tight as the other women gathered round to witness the departure of a male into enslavement, a male they would never see again. The tall women handed his cage to the thonged woman, and she grinned as she hung it on the thong below her ample breasts.

'He will spend as he enters the City of Shadows, such will be the admission of his descent into total submission; Kali will welcome his disobedience in having him know her whip.'

She tugged the leash hard with a pleased smile.

'You are Kali's now, her whip awaits you!'

While the other flexed her own lush and menacing whip as he was led stumbling on his knees to the mule, the pleasure of the women who had transported him was electric as his cock swung and bobbed in fearful anticipation. The thonged women unleashed her whip as he cowered on the edge of the verandah, the other pulling him prone as the lash caressed his flesh.

'Down!' His cock pulsed below him as his ankles were swiftly bound, and he was trussed from neck to toes in the black silk. A leather collar with a rope attached was looped over his head and loosely buckled about his neck, and the Mule brought to the verandah's edge. His cock boned in the acute pleasure of total helplessness as he was laid over the mule and the rope from his collar passed under the animal's wide girth and tied tight to his ankles. He was allowed little movement, but his eyes watched as the two sublime females took a white silken hood from a pouch on one of the horses, both rubbing it into the arousal which wet the thongs which split their glistening cunts. They closed in and lifted his head by the hair, having him sniff at the silk, which he did readily; their spice of their dominance making his aching cock pulse as he squirmed in the silky bondage. The women who had held the leash taunted him with soft words.

'Don't be disappointed, you shall know my whip too, soon enough. Kali will allow us that pleasure when we confirm her ownership of you; her entire court will witness you taste our whips when you are delivered to her.' With his balls tingling in submission, she slipped the white hood over his head, a gauze panel allowing him to witness the satisfied pleasure of the women who had sold him like a trinket as he snorted at the fresh scent of his captor's sex's, the slave Mistress in black, and her freed naked women looking so contented, as the hood was tied nice and tight at the neck to provide a third noose of enslavement with the leather collar and leash.

His mind raced as he writhed in bondage on the mule, immersed in the stark realisation of the just domination he now faced, his cock rigid as he viewed the smug expressions of the women in white, knowing they would be the last Western females he would ever see.

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