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At Her Disposal Ch. 02

As the new slave and his new owner were removing their masks in the exit corridor, the slave's nose was alerted by the smell of leather. He turned to see Madam Harriet and Fiona Brown smile at his Mistress, then fix their leering gaze upon him, sneering as they viewed the erect cock that ached for relief after the spectacle they had orchestrated. Harriet moved close, allowing the kneeling male to inspect her superb thighs and inviting camel-toe as she draped her whip over his shoulders and back, making him gasp at its weight and feel on his flesh.

'I trust your new pet enjoyed seeing the fate of one of his lowly gender, and has digested clearly what he can expect if disobedient.' His Mistress pulled the leash tighter, pulling his face closer to the rigidly dominant woman's bulging cunt, smiling as she watched him automatically sniff to seek its scent.

'Oh he thoroughly enjoyed it, and expressed his envy at the male's position; he has been very obedient though, so he'll not know the pleasure of the male's last moments.' Harriet grinned wickedly and pulled his head into her crotch, having his nose slip into the delicious cleft in the leather.

'Just the same, I take it you'll allow me to sample his obedience when he's settled in; I am showing Fiona how we train males here at the palace, now she has earned her membership with the splendid gift of the male she provided. As you've seen, she is as eager to have males know that they are an expendable commodity as I am.' Fiona now stepped close and ran her nails down his flank as his nose nuzzled at the Harriet's hot cleft.

'I'd be most honoured if you allow it; he's an attractive male isn't he? I know my envy of your ownership will bring out the spite in me; I'd love to see him beg to be returned to you, on sampling the discipline I intend to exact on all males.' The slave's cock boned, aching at her words as his Mistress laughed, proud of her acquisition, and at the young lady's cruel honesty.

'Why of course! He knows I intend to put him to good use.' She pulled his face out from Harriet's thighs and held his head back so that the two could sample his expression.

'Kiss the feet of these two ladies, and ask that they grace you with their dominance.' He thought of being dominated thoroughly by the women he had seen dispose of a male as though he were a mere toy, filled him with a carnal excitement he could not hide from them, and they grinned with arrogant feminine satisfaction as he humiliated himself. He had been a proud and pompous society male, now his anus tingled as it gripped the plug in submissive reverence while he bent and kissed the feet of women who would enjoy breaking him. His immediate owner pulled him up by the leash, to openly display his submission to all women.

'I beg you... please dominate me... please allow me to know your discipline.' They and other women who had gathered while returning their masks and now enjoyed watching a male humiliated, grinned with satisfaction at his reddened face as his heart pounded in the focus of a feminine audience. The words he had chosen repeating themselves in his mind, etching deep into his increasingly submissive soul as he was displayed and exposed for their pleasure. Harriet snaked the whip back and held it between her breasts, nipples hard with anticipation.

'Good boy, you'll know my whip as soon as your Mistress is comfortable with your instalment here.' They nodded with a smile at his Mistress and strutted off, leaving him panting on his knees, savouring the large globular arse in leather which he would pay homage to, and the prim shape of the younger lady; the level of her spite soon to be realised by him. His Mistress grinned with pleasure as she tugged his leash and had him begin the journey to his caning and caging.

'Madam Harriet will tell others of her enjoyment of you on sampling your services; many of her contacts remaining incognito outside the palace. I think you are going to earn your keep with me very nicely.'

On arriving back at her room, his Mistress wasted no time, the day's event still crisp in her mind, the thought of the hanging male keeping her arousal at a peak. She sat at the end of the bed, then lay back and lifted her graceful legs high and wide.

'Lick my cunt! Now!' Her slave did so with vigorous appreciation, his face slipping in the spicy lubrication of her flesh as his tongue lapped at her excitement, his nose sniffing at the heavenly scent as he worked up the delightful folds to the hood which adorned his goal. She groaned long and hard as he brought her off, then was swiftly ordered to lie face down on the bed. His cock pulsing as she cut the air with her cane, and then placed a cock cage on the pillow before his eyes.

'You'll spend under my cane, then you'll know the discipline of the cage. I want you to think of what you have seen today, and I'll have you wishing more than ever that you had known the sanctuary of the rope. The dead do not suffer!' He bucked in pain as the sound of the descending cane gave way to the bite into his already sore flesh, his mind full of the erotic execution, the dominance of his Mistress, and the prospect of being dominated by the women whose images as they taunted the male on the rope invoked his full submission under the cane.

With the air full of the sound of the spiteful application of the rod by his Mistress, his cock which would soon know imprisonment, thrust at the sheets as his balls announced his divine surrender. His Mistress sneered knowingly as she watched the urgency of his jerks while his striped flesh bounced and tensioned under her cane.

'Think of the hanged male, think of his last thoughts, think of the world he has gone to.' She did not know of the world he had departed to, but knew it would be a very real one, not what her unknowing slave could ever dream of. She grinned as he began to moan rather than yelp at each stroke, and sighed with satisfaction as the impetus of her more vigorous stokes had him buck and spend on the sheets in a divine release of his seed.

His mind and body were immersed in the ecstasy of submission as the cane punished his thoughts of the male dangling bound on the gibbet; taunted and spitefully enjoyed by the dominant women who now controlled his life, the hot wads slipping under his cock and belly as he jetted his mess again and again, sinking deep into masochistic submission while the spasms of sheer pleasure pumped from his balls as he tried to imagine the feeling of defeat of the male as he hanged. Spent and caned, his cock would now be caged.

The hanged male awoke, his head swimming, and sniffed at the black velvet he lay on as he squirmed in his bonds, finding them loser than those he had hanged in. His neck was so sore, and his balls tingled as the vivid memory of his erotic ordeal flooded back to him. Trying to rub his cock as it erected, he felt the restriction of the cruel cage as his cock expanded to fill it, his sensitive bell-end numbed by the steel dome which ensured he would know denial.

As he squirmed he felt the lush touch of the padded velvet throughout the entire length of his body, realising that all his body hair had been removed, and his denial was teased all the more as his anus clenched on a plug which was not the plumed version he had been hanged wearing, it was smaller in girth but longer, caressed his prostate and keeping his caged cock excited. His weary demeanour was tested when his stomach turned as he felt the sensation of falling, then felt pressure on his chest and belly as he was seemingly lifted again; his eyes searched through the lattice and spied a circular window - a port hole - he was on a ship.

He heard the clank of a steel door being unlocked, and felt a rush of warm air through the lattice, the saline breeze sweetened by perfumed feminine fragrance. His heart raced as he heard the door clanked shut and bolted, then heard the sultry tones of a woman's voice.

'Let's see how our goods are this morning.' His anus clenched at the plug as the lid of his box was lifted, and he wondered about feigning unconsciousness as he was bathed in light. He gasped as a finger pressed hard on the anal plug, and his reaction was greeted by soft laughter. He found himself being lifted to his knees as one woman pulled on his wrists bound behind him, and the other slipped a long leash over his head, pulling it tight around his neck, feeling him jerk at its feel. She sneered, half laughing.

'Oh yes, you like that embrace don't you.' He slipped back on his knees in the box, and the leash was tied tight to a rung behind it, keeping him upright. His cock bulged in the cage as the two women now came into view, inspecting him with curt smiles of derision. Both were confident middle-aged women, their full breasts prominent in tightly girdled and flowing cream coloured dresses, their smiles severe, and their hair in tight buns completing their haughty appearance. He could now take in that he was in a cargo hold, the box secured on a platform about two feet high and secured to prevent its movement.

The taller of the two severe women unbuckled his ball gag as the other lifted a bottle with rubber tubing over its neck from a bag. He gestured to speak and was slapped smartly, the pleasure in doing so radiating from the matriarch's sneering face.

'Obedience!.. You'll not dare speak in my presence! Just one word and you'll wear a spiked cage for the remainder of your journey.' His cock pulsed in its effort to erect in the one he was adorned with as his face warmed red from her stinging hand. The other woman approached with an equally severe smile, offering the tube from the bottle to his mouth.

'Open! You'll drink this.' She held the tube to his lips and lifted the large bottle above his head. The two grinned as the translucent liquid within it was gulped down by the captive male. They watched with satisfaction as his face expressed its wonder at the slimy solution. The tall arrogant woman eased his mystery.

'This will keep you hydrated; it's going to get warmer as we travel, and it'll be very hot where you're going. It will also nourish you without your need to shit; you'll shit readily enough for your new owner.' They watched as he emptied the bottle, his stomach tightening with the task. The bottle was replaced in the bag, and as the tall one delighted in buckling the ball gag, the other wore a perverse smile as she lifted a huge syringe from the bag, both women displaying their pleasure at his torment as he tensed and snorted at the sight.

'Your passage will be so much swifter, and you'll retain the strength you need to face your Mistress by having a nice comforting sleep; you'll be grateful for it, because you'll be treated with the hardest discipline when you arrive.' He jerked as the other woman approached, receiving another sharp slap to the face by the tall and haughty matriarch. His cock bulged in the cage as the other woman lay the menacing syringe on the velvet at the head of the box, rather than pierce his flesh and inject him immediately. She then lay the white towel she carried it in, below the syringe and before his knees. The two grinned as they watched him tremble, naked, bound, and held by the leash. The tall one produced a key which she dangled before his eyes in her delicate slender fingers.

'You'll show your pleasure of submission before you're returned to your box; we know we've excited you, and we want you to sleep without the hindrance of lust for your new life of enslavement.' His back arched and he strained against the leash as the shorter woman cupped and fondled his balls, threatening to squeeze them as she sneered, while the other unlocked his cage.

The two laughed softly as he snorted through his nose, his wrists straining at their bond behind his back, his feeling of vulnerability at an extreme as his cock swelled and poked rudely erect for the women. His anus tingled with lush submission; he could not deny the attraction he had for the curt and severe women who were in complete control of him.

His balls tingled delightfully as the soft commanding hand that had slapped his face, now gently massaged his cock to rigidity, then began to teasingly masturbate him very slowly. She sighed as she bent and sniffed at the ripe masculine scent of his cock.

'Oh, you're more than ready to give up your seed for us, aren't you.' The other woman continued to caress his hairless balls, smiling at him as they retracted and fell in succession in her hand as his pleasure was increased.

'These balls will soon wear the band of your owner, I just wish I could be there to see you squirm as it's fitted; such a fine pair, they'll provide a wonderful display.' The hand that teased his cock now slipped up and down it's length with increasing vigour as the two laughed, the taller woman now keen to have him spurt for her.

'Oh yes, if you thought Madam Harriet was strict in her dominance, just you wait and see what is to come. You were such a proud and arrogant male, now you'll be reduced to nothing; you'll be made to wish you'd succumbed to the noose.' He bucked and groaned through the gag, as he thought of the noose, his eyes flicking between the smiling women, the syringe, and the hand working his cock relentlessly. He had been a slave to his own submission and knew he was now paying the price as the movement of the ship took him further away from a life that was gone forever; bound and enslaved, the thought of what was to come sent him deep into submission as the hand nursed the seed from his balls.

'Spend!... Spend for me!.. Show us the pleasure of your absolute defeat!' He groaned as he lapsed into pure ecstasy as she delighted in his thrusting surrender, and pulsed a hot stream of semen across the towel, the other grinning woman applying pressure to his balls to ensure a worthy delivery. The tall women leaned on the leash, her mature cunt tingling with satisfaction as she watched him choke and re-live his earlier position while he spurted for her. His orgasm exquisite as he was thoroughly milked by the women, his mind tinged with a divine terror which enjoyed the tease of his utter defeat as he ceded his soul to their dominance, and yearned to know his fate as he messed in the bondage he now knew he'd know forever.

He duly emptied his balls for the women, who looked on with sadistic pride at his obviously submissive thrill as the last weak jets pulsed from his owned manhood, then wiped his flaccid cock with the towel, and took great pleasure in his discomfort as they harnessed his cock in the now cold steel cage; he offered no resistance as the clasp was clicked shut around his scrotum. They then untied the leash from the fixing behind him, and the shorter women posed with the large syringe to have him appreciate the length of its needle, before laying his trembling body forward to lie on the comfort of the velvet.

The taller woman grinned wickedly as she pulled up her long skirts, then lifted a long elegant leg and placed the thin heel of her ankle boot onto the small of his back, taking the leash and pulling his head up so that she may witness the torment of his reception of the needle. His cock tried valiantly to erect in the cage as the mixture of soft perfume and womanly arousal wafted from her exposed underwear, teasing his senses.

The shorter woman sneered with the pleasure of her duty as she brandished the spiteful syringe.

'Now you shall have your medicine; your dreams will be sweet indeed.' The tall one watched his face crease in pain as the other took great pleasure in first scoring a line across his hairless buttocks, both cunts tingling as the results of her efforts were demonstrated at both ends; the tall women licked her lips with sadistic joy as she felt his neck jerk, his nose snorting with the pain, the torment on his face a delicious tonic for her.

The shorter woman sighed and grinned with satisfaction as the spots of blood seeped in a dotted line from the needle's trail. Both women now sighed with pleasure as the syringe was held vertically, and its holder slowly pressed it against the soft flesh of his buttocks, feeling the tension of the flesh till it succumbed with a pop as the needle pierced the indentation it created, then slowly pressing it deep into the tender flesh below, taking great care to prolong his agony millimetre by millimetre.

The tall women pulled tight on the leash to indulge her sadism by viewing every moment of pain on the male's face as he whined through the ball-gag, his face screwing tight as the thicker girth of the needle was squeezed slowly down, the spiced whiff of her arousal tempering his pain as her increasing pleasure was borne out by the growing wet patch on her gusset. The shorter woman took a deep breath, her ample breasts heaving as the needle was now obscured by his flesh, only the blunt cylinder on show.

She slowly eased the handle in, delighting in his muffled whimpering as the sedative liquid inflated his flesh with a bulge, her expert application causing as much pain as possible. The tall woman wiped the tears from his face with the hand which had slapped him, now feigning a gentleness having enjoyed the despair as the needle was slipped back out of his flesh.

'There. Now you'll have a sound sleep, and when we arrive, we'll allow you to thank us before we hand you over for delivery to your new owner.' She let the leash go, and his face slumped into the velvet, his arse pulsing with pain from the sadistic puncture. His head was already beginning to swim as the lid went down.

'Sleep tight!' The spice of feminine arousal and soft perfume wafted about him, the scent accentuated by the drug which was already taking hold, his cock bulging in the cage as the echoing laughter of the women reverberated in his ears, and the clank of the steel door closing marked the closure of his eyes.

The Mistress's new slave awoke and stared at the corniced ceiling, not sure if he was dreaming. The stiffness and soreness of his back and buttocks as he shifted on the luxurious bed, soon reminded him of the reality of his situation. The truth was then brought home as his anus clenched at the rude obstruction which penetrated it, alerting his cock to try to rise, only to be held low by the latest gift he had been adorned with by the woman who owned him. What had released him from his slumber was the duty maid, who stood by the bed with a short crop which she flexed with a stern smile.

'Up you get, immediately!' The plump middle-aged woman, dressed in a tightly corseted black satin dress, her large and slightly sagging breasts poking their nipples through the shiny material, pointed the crop to her feet as he stumbled bewildered from the bed.

'Kiss!' He hesitated slightly on seeing his Mistress sat at her dressing table, cross-legged, naked and wearing a pleased grin as she glanced at her slave in the mirror. His cock bulged tight in the cage in honour of the delectable arse he had worshipped, the firm white cheeks spread invitingly across the padded stool, the graceful pear shape making him yearn to know the taste of her arsehole again. His delay was rewarded with a sharp swipe of the maid's crop, which added a square welt to the fading stripes on his flesh.

He groaned as the sting of the crop pulsed through him, dropping to her feet and kissing her black boots as ordered, his cock hard in its blunt state as he submitted to a superior force. Both maid and Mistress smiled with satisfaction as he paid homage to the leather.

'Good boy. You'll come with me to the bathroom, I'll have you looking respectable for your first visit to your Mistress's house.' She produced a leash and slipped it over his head, tugging him forward on all fours, then moving astride him as though he were a dog, sharply patting his arse with her crop. His Mistress smiled and lifted her nose, looking down it at him as the maid opened the door.
'Make sure you supervise him sternly so that he moves his bowels well; keep his leash tight as he defecates, that will help him release.' She grinned on seeing the bemused expression on his face at learning that he would be watched as he performed the most basic bodily functions.

'Yes my pet, you'll be dominated in everything you do from now on; you will learn to love the constant attentions of a governess, all males need one to keep them in line.' The haughty maid's breasts rose in a magnificent indication of feminine authority as she took firm control of the male who had already allowed his submission to be exposed; she would thoroughly enjoy her part in his training.

'Yes Madam, and I'll begin his toilet training too; my bladder is rather full after morning tea, so he'll witness its liberation and be initiated into the terms of service.' He was taken to the suite's bathroom, which was as stark as the bedroom was luxurious; the entire room was decorated with plain cream coloured tiling, floor also, a toilet stood to one side in the middle of the floor, exposed like a glorious throne. It could be viewed from all sides, its user observed and scrutinised. A large bath took its position on the other side, standing on four clawed legs, similarly exposed. Beside the bath was a bell pull, to summon service, and a rack with several severe looking brushes and plain white towels.

The stern maid led him to the toilet and had him kneel before it on the cold tiles, tying his leash to one of the four rings set in the floor about the corners of the pedestal. His cock bulged hard in the cage as she hiked up her long skirt to reveal she wore no underwear, and sat her plump arse and thighs on the seat over the bowl to face him with a smug grin. She slipped her womanly thighs apart to give him a good view of her mature cunt, and sighed with gentle relief as it bulged and a golden stream of hot piss descended from the flaps of her labia into the bowl below. The sound of liquid meeting liquid reverberated about the stark room, almost mesmerising him as he witnessed her relief. Her cunt bulged and retracted under her plump belly as she squirted her bladder empty. She then slipped forward on the seat and offered her dribbling slit up close to his face.

'You'll lick me clean now. Do it!' She sneered with utter contempt as he leaned forward and readily licked the droplets from her cunt, watching him sniff at her womanhood as he did so. He gagged just a little as his taste-buds became acquainted with the salty taste, and then were rewarded with the distinct essences of arousal as the mature woman enjoyed his humiliation.

'There, good boy! You'll not only lick your Mistress clean at her household, but all the maids too; you'll be of good service to them all and each will have you know your place.' His cock pulsed hard in the cage, the flesh bulging through the gaps in the tiny but cruel bars, his bell-end locked hard and pulsing under the shiny steel dome and dribbling pre-cum through the slot which allowed him to piss. He worked his tongue lovingly around the folds of her cunt and soft flesh of her inner thighs, cleaning the superior woman after her toilet, his mind in total submission as her words had him fully appreciate the base act he was performing for her. She pulled his head away and stared down at him with a contented smile, then stood and moved from the toilet, letting the long dress fall to obscure her thick thighs and legs. She walked beyond the bath and pulled hard on the bell pull.

'We'll see you release your bowels now, I want you ready to face the day at your Mistress's house without interruption; the maids will be here with the water shortly, they will take great pleasure in watching you relieve yourself too. You'd better perform quickly, else they'll take a cane to you if you let the water they've fetched for your bath go cold.' She paced slowly back and untied the leash, pointing to the toilet.

'Lay over it first, we'll need to have you ready to release, and remove your plug for the only time today.' He lay over the hard pedestal, with hands down for support, his balls tingling as the cock cage chinked against the porcelain, his arse high for inspection. His anus clenched at the plug as the stern woman strutted around him, brandishing the crop, and more so as the door opened and in came two maids with two ewers each; much younger women but equally severe in their black tightly corseted dresses, both with the long canes which they always carried as part of their uniform under their arms. They grinned wickedly on seeing his position, the first placing the ewers down by the bath and strutting over eagerly to enjoy his humiliation.

'A new slave? I do so love seeing them know their morning duty for the first time, I hope he requires encouragement.' The curt and spiteful tone of her words as she stood and flexed her cane were encouragement enough, and his bowels baulked, ready to discharge his burden obediently in their presence. The older matriarch gave his exposed flesh three cursory stinging swats with her crop, delighting both maids now close in attendance.

'He will show humility at all times, he's not a candidate for the gibbet, he's a weak and very submissive male who's learning that his former life as a proud and pompous gentleman has gone forever. He is a cur, and will enjoy releasing his bowels in fear as he's watched, then we'll have him washed clean, ready to take on the clothes his Mistress has chosen for his visit to his new station in life.'

Her words rang true as he thought on his prior daily routine on leaving bed at his leisure; the housemaid ensuring her absence so as not to even glance at the master in his dressing gown as he traversed to complete his ablutions; now he was naked before three women who would witness him perform the task, dominated, his cock caged and dribbling to expose the truth of the stern woman's words.

She rubbed his striped cheeks and grinned with satisfaction as his anus dilated as much as it could, offering the plug to her in obedience. She eased the rude plug out and displayed it to the maids, who offered scorn on it's size and shape before it was placed in the bath. The governess yanked his leash.

'Sit and release your bowels and bladder now!' He lifted himself and sat, the grinning females standing around him as he first pissed through the slot in his cage, its random distribution necessitating him sitting like a girl, then squeezed his torso. They giggled as the result of his efforts dropped into the porcelain bowl, the sound of his faeces hitting the water echoing about the clinical room.

He was reduced to feeling like a child as they stood flexing canes and crop while he defecated obediently before them, the sensation engendered by what was an entirely natural act immersing him in humiliation through the invasion of his privacy. Having completed the task, one of the maids received a nod from the older woman, and her face broke into a wicked smile as she fetched one of the ewers and a harsh looking long handled brush.

The matriarch tugged his leash downward and pushed his head between his knees, and the younger maid dipped the brush in the ewer, then raked his exposed anus and balls with its stiff hairs. He squirmed and gasped as the rough brush cleaned his arsehole in brutal fashion, earning him several more swipes of the crop.

He was then tugged toward the bath, encouraged along with the crop, the maid flushing the bowl with the contents of the ewer. The maids then delighted in showering him with water and rubbing him down with a hard block of carbolic soap, then assailing his tender flesh with the stiff brushes. The soap then rinsed from his glowing flesh, his head was held down as the plug was squeezed back into his anus. He was towelled down and led back to his Mistress.

She smiled with satisfaction at learning of his progress.

'Kiss the feet of your governess, and thank her for allowing you to clean her.' The governess sneered and flexed the crop as he humbled himself before her superior form, his cock hard in the cage as his mind recalled the taste and scent of her cunt wet with piss; both women could sense his perverse pleasure at being dominated in such a base fashion, he would readily perform the task when ordered to do so for his Mistress and her maids. His anus clenched at the plug as the thrill of kissing her feet while his Mistress witnessed his submission.

The stern woman stroked his back with the crop to herald the cessation of his adoration of her boots, and hear his thanks.

'Thank you for allowing me to lick your womanhood clean, governess.' She pulled his leash tight and smirked.

'You shall have many opportunities to be of use to me that way, whenever your Mistress has you stay at the palace, and make sure you are as thorough with your tongue when called on by your Mistress and her maids.' Her grin widened as his Mistress caught her eye, leading it to the clothes on the bed.

'We'll now have you dressed, ready for your journey home; we'll have you suitably attired to be seen in public, no top hats or canes for you; people will know through the finery of your Mistress, that you are a mere accessory - they may not guess the full extent of your position, some ladies in the know will - but it will be apparent to all that Mistress is Mistress, and you are there at her pleasure. It will be a most invigorating experience for you.'

He was adorned with long silk socks, but no underwear, a loose silken shirt which was cut to hang just below his waist and keep his arse and genitals free and open was gleefully done up by Mistress and governess; the collar fixing pinched tight to conceal the leash below it, and have him know it was there. The dark grey trousers were a gossamer thin material and equally loose; he would feel the slightest breeze through them, making him feel as though his cock cage and plug were there for all to see, though they remained hidden. A plain short black jacket of the same material kept his owned arse exposed, and the flattest shoes, manufactured to keep his height low while his Mistress donned shiny boots with extended heels, completed his demure outfit.

Both Mistress and governess smiled with satisfaction after his new owner had dressed in her black silks and put on a tall hat with black lace veil, and posed with her pet before a long mirror. She looked regal with a cane designed for walking, but looking as much as though it were made for discipline, tall plumed hat upon her hair in a bun, and tightly corseted flowing black dress. His flat shoes gave the appearance that he was smaller than her, and his plain garb would show everyone that he was below her. His Mistress was now ready to proudly display him, and have him know his submission to her in public.

'We are now ready to take you home. It is such a fine day too; we'll take a cab for a short distance, then enjoy a nice walk together to my house.' His cock pulsed in the cage as the smiling maid opened the front door to the main entrance, and he swallowed hard under the tight collar as he walked out into the sunshine, exposed for what he was, the fine and pompous clothes he had arrived in, gone forever.

The rank of horse drawn cabs awaited clients, a horse shimmered and grunted at the scent and presence of the formidable woman as she approached and pointed her property into the cab. The cabbie who was no stranger to the palace, smirked and felt a tinge of jealousy as he watched the demure male obey the magnificent woman without question.

'Bond Street please, my man.' His cock stirred as he watched her gracefully dominant form ascend into the cab, then they clattered off to the destination. Mistress grinned at her slave sitting opposite so meekly, noticing the grey crotch of his trousers was already beginning to spot with the evidence of his mixture of fear and submissive anticipation; he would know perpetual and subtle humiliation in learning his place publicly.

As the cab came to a halt, she watched with perverse satisfaction as his eyes surveyed the bustle of Bond Street with fearful anticipation; he was not that oddly dressed, but would know and be shown his place below her most subtlety. Her cunt tingled at the prospect.

'Remember the gibbet room, and what happens to males who show disobedience. I know you'll do just as you're told. You will be exposed and know that you're my property, and it will be most apparent to those who are observant. You will know humiliation and learn to love being seen in public with your owner.' She grinned as they alighted from the cab, and he felt the full exposure of his position for the first time; the breeze as people wafted past, going through the material and reminding his flesh that the plug and cage were his only underwear.

He already felt the indignant eyes of women upon him, as they watched a lady pay for a cab, while an otherwise insignificant male stood obediently and waited her pleasure. His anus gripped and massaged the plug as the cab drew away, leaving him open to view on the busy thoroughfare with his cock boning in the trap as the stern and confident woman who now owned it gave a haughty smile, clicking her fingers and pointing him to her side. She would have their association to each other known, and her cunt oozed as it expressed the pleasure of her natural dominance over the defeated and submissive male.

Her breasts heaved in the black satin and lace as she licked her lips and gripped his hand.

'You'll Keep in close attendance, half a step behind me. I am going to thoroughly enjoy displaying you.' A portly woman passing by, a bustle exaggerating her already extensive arse, half heard the comment; though what she heard was not quite clear, the tone of command was most apparent. She slowed as she passed, and looked down her nose at the male, a pleased smirk on her face on seeing that he was under the firm control of a woman. The thrill of the moment captivated her, and pleasingly, her blinkered and equally portly husband remained oblivious to the incident; she would have the houseboy clean her boots while she oversaw his work when her husband was at his club and would express her discipline over the young man, extending him to a duty he could never have foreseen, in the intimacy of her bedroom.

Mistress gave the woman a contented smile as she glanced back, now increasing her step, waking her dormant husband from a daydream as she hurried him home to ready him for his club.

His Mistress held her thin walking cane under her arm, rather than using it as a walking aid, emphasising its possible use as an instrument of discipline as opposed to an implement for strolling. Her lacey black glove took his hand and led him through the cosmopolitan throng, her feminine pride in owning him so apparent, enjoying knowing the squirming plug and cock held tight by the trap would constantly excite him. Though many gave the couple no more than a casual second glance, each pair of eyes cut through him, keeping him acutely humiliated as he was guided so meekly by the magnificent woman.

Some women showed true scorn with their stares, others, lingering smiles of satisfaction as they guessed that this was a male who knew the righteous dominance of womanhood.

As she stepped with proud deliberation, her nose held arrogantly high in pompous celebration of her new and submissive acquisition, he felt as though he were glowing like a beacon and attracting scrutiny like a flame attracts moths; his shame was acute, but that shame teased his submissive side, keeping his cock hard, his bell-end sliding against the restrictive steel dome as he was walked and tested, pre-cum oozing from the slot to increase the patch at his crotch as he viewed the pleasure of the woman who gripped his hand tightly.

Society males tried hard not to notice him as they strutted past in top hats and smart coats, leading the women on their arms and showing the world their mastery of their own situation; some of their number tried hard not to notice as just a glimpse of the regally appointed woman leading the plainly attired male, had them finding they were sporting an erection. He thought back to how things were, how he had promenaded arrogantly with hat and cane; now he was at a similar venue, but shown his true station in life by a woman, a woman who now rejoiced in expressing her dominance over him.

As she paraded him along the busy arcade of fine buildings, he felt as though the masonry itself was closing in on him, announcing its knowledge of his new position and exemplifying the thrill of his submissive exposure. She had another task to bait him with; she smirked with satisfaction as she led him to an ornately fronted women's lingerie outfitters. Outside stood several regally attired males, awaiting the return from within of their female companions, entry by males to such a femininely intimate venue seen as taboo for the male.

As they stood outside huffing and puffing, making male small talk, they parted as the formidable Mistress led her sheepish male toward their throng and up to the shop. His anus tingled delightfully as she made a point of having them see his position, though they had already started to move aside and make a space for the demure male, whose obviously lowly position puzzled them.

'Move gentleman! I have business to attend to.' They were astonished but moved aside more rapidly at the superior command of her voice, some indignantly, others with cocks stirring at her stern presence. They gasped and grinned with contempt, some with more than an element of envy, as she proceeded to lead the male through the doors and into the shop. Their eyes followed the couple through as the door was swung open, trying to perhaps get a glimpse of some of the more intimate items of ladies apparel, which they were rarely treated to the sight of, before the veiled door closed tightly shut again.

She grinned contentedly as she led him along the course of the shop, past mannequins displaying lacy corsets and silken stockings with garters, to the rear of the shop. His heart pounded as he felt the eyes of women burn into him, his masculinity seen as an invasion of a place of feminine sanctuary.

The women's indignance softened a little as they watched the shapely women point the male to a position within an alcove, where he could not see most of them as they poured over the items which would be closest to their flesh. His Mistress made sure the entire clientele knew she was firmly in command.

'You'll stand there and keep your eyes to yourself.' A grinning shop girl came over and stood with her arms crossed, giving him a curt sneer before circling round the obediently stationary male, then lifting her face with a knowing smile to accept the address of his Mistress.

'We have an appointment with 'The Manageress'; I trust she is available?' The girl's sneer returned and her breasts heaved as she looked at the male while responding to his Mistress.

'Oh, she is always available for our regular customers... and certain new ones; please accompany me to the rear counter, and we'll view the appointment book.' He stood alone as they moved to the desk, arms clasped behind his back and trying to keep his eyes from the few women he could see, browsing the intimate attire. One of the women who had seen his entry as she took some items to a booth, feeling rather bold away from her partner and noting the male's timid position below his, strode out of the booth and round to the alcove.

'Do tell me my man, do you think my husband will appreciate these?' He faltered and blushed at the glorious sight, his cock bolting hard in the cage on being confronted by a full bodied middle-aged woman, her fine curves resplendent in a white satin corset with stocking straps hanging, a matching satin brasier doing little to hide the excitement expressed by bold nipples poking from globular breasts. She turned, hand on hips, and bent to show him the superb expanse of her arse, her huge thighs displayed magnificently, bringing titters from afar; a group of women now watching him tested.
'Well? Speak up! Don't hold back, I'll have your honest opinion.' He felt the element of natural dominance that the situation had brought out of her, seeing his obvious position of obedience before his Mistress, the secluded feminine domain of the shop bringing it to the fore. The same feeling having a group effect on the watching pack whose grinning faces enjoyed seeing him charged with an impromptu task.

'I... I think he... he'll be most appreciative M... Madam.' She gave him a satisfied and knowing smile as his Mistress returned, pleased but curious at the woman's daring approach. The woman turned to her, plainly pleased with the male's obedient and polite response which carried no hint of rebuke or disdain. She spoke to his Mistress as though he were not there, or merely a child.

'I do like a male who knows how to hold his tongue till spoken too; I'm slowly teaching my latest husband to be that way.' His Mistress recognised a kindred spirit in her tone, and smiled gracefully at the plump and attractive woman, sensing that she would enjoy certain company.

'It can be quite a task with some males, having them realise their position. Perhaps you would like some assistance with your venture? I know of a discrete group who like to share their ideas, if you're interested in the art of marital obedience.' The woman's thrill at the idea was evident as she took a deep breath, the fine points of her nipples teasing the male's eyes as they heaved in the satin, his Mistress handing her a card from her tight hip pocket, giving details of the open group for beginners held at the Palace.

'Oh, I would be delighted to share ideas on the subject...' She looked behind her cautiously to see that the group had now lost interest and had dispersed to browse.

'..especially in the more intimate areas of the subject.' Mistress eased completely on this affirmation that the woman would dominate with aplomb.

'Oh, the discussions will encompass all disciplines.' She made sure the other women were out of sight and turned to her male.

'Turn and show the lady the arse I own.' The woman's cunt moistened immediately as his Mistress eased the loose trousers down to the top of his thighs, exposing the striped evidence of her good work, and the plug which confirmed her complete ownership of him. His Mistress's day got better all the time with each opportunity to humiliate him; her cunt now more than ready to receive the services of his tongue when they eventually reached her home. She pulled his trousers back up and had him turn to face the woman, who was now excited and envious beyond belief.

'Now tell the lady who owns you.' The woman wore a wicked open mouthed grin, her cunt flowering open to match, as the male was humiliated for her; his cock dribbled and his anus made good use of the plug which was now no secret to a woman he had known for no more than five minutes, a woman who showed him that the element of dominance is there within every member of the superior gender; his submission was sublime as he showed her that the element of submission was there within all males, as he felt the sincere pleasure in humiliating himself.

'You own me Mistress.' The woman sighed and was close to orgasm as the shopgirl reappeared and led the couple to the rear desk, leaving her clutching the card as though it were the elixir of life. Her cunt oozed as she studied the obedience of the male under the complete control of his Mistress, and thought hard on the discipline that striped his arse.

She gave a polite wave as she departed for the booth, where she would sit and view her cunt in the mirror as she masturbated in dominant mood. They watched her go, then the girl opened the door behind the counter.

'The Manageress is now available.' She led them into the corridor beyond, then opened another door with a smile. Mistress grinned with pleasure as the male's eyes widened on entering a hidden shop for the more discerning, and dominant, woman. Whips and crops were displayed amongst the black lace, velvet and leather items; just their sight keeping his cock rock hard in the cage.

Several other women already browsing, gave the Mistress soft smiles of acknowledgement, and greeted the rare sight of a male with anticipation as they awaited the routine which would grant them amusement. A stern young woman glanced at the male with a practiced sneer, pleased to see from his bewildered and searching eyes that he was new to the establishment.

'Shall we station your male Mistress?' She laughed softly and gripped his hand tight, following the girl whose splendid arse jostled in the tight black dress she wore, to a round plinth, raised a foot or so above the floor in the centre of the shop. His Mistress smiled contentedly as he felt the eyes of the dominant customers watch his movements, and awaited her command.

'Trousers and jacket off, and kneel in the centre, hands behind your back.' He swallowed hard and looked at his Mistress, showing just a mere hint of reluctance. She lifted her nose, and showed him her cane.

'Do it! Have you forgotten the delights of the gibbet room?' The young girl sneered with a delight of her own as he quickly peeled off his jacket and dropped his trousers, smugly enjoying the tension of the male being put firmly in his place by the superiority of a woman. The evidence of his ownership was now displayed as he knelt naked but for the short white shirt, his plugged buttocks poking and showing the marks of the lush discipline awarded him, the cage of denial encasing his owned cock which bulged its flesh between its tiny bars to reveal the submissive excitement his exposure could not deny. Mistress undid the tight top fastening of his collar, and proudly pulled out the leash to complete the picture of male enslavement, hanging it across his shoulders.

The women there showed none of the formal feminine timidity that his presence had created in the front shop; in fact, having a pet displayed enhanced their appetites for the wares they sampled, eyeing him with relish as they posed with whips and canes, noting his attempts to look away as they gained a feel for the weight and action of those fearful implements. There would be no sanctuary for his eyes though; the plinth on which he knelt could be rotated, and whilst some women ignored him completely, showing him the utter contempt they felt he deserved, others actively demanded his submissive opinions after first asking permission of his Mistress, which was gladly granted.

His cock pulsed and dribbled as he was turned this way and that, to be engaged and teased by women of all ages and shapes, all equally appealing to him in their dominance. That so many women were actively indulging in their natural superiority astounded him, and would have him believe that the pompous males who led society in the outside world were actually in the minority.

A woman, who in shape, could have been the twin sister of the one who had demanded his opinion in the front shop, emerged from a booth wearing some startling black satin underwear. As she posed with a whip before a full length mirror, she noted both the male exhibit, and his Mistress whom she recognised. His Mistress's eyes showed their earnest pleasure as the formidable looking woman made her not insignificant presence known.

'We meet again at last! It's been so long since we had a duet at my house; I am so envious of the Palace in its taking up all your time. Is that your pet being shown?' Mistress merely grinned her pleased acknowledgement, obviously more than happy to have met this severe looking woman. As they strolled toward him, he could see that there existed more than a casual acquaintance between the two mature women.

Both pairs of eyes returned each glance with a glint of something extra. His cock almost hurt as it did its best to bone in the cruel cage, the two women complimenting each other, somehow magnifying their dominance. The sumptuous curves of the woman in her black satin bodice, black silk stockings with auburn hair in a severe bun, looked down on the submissive male with a strange air of jealousy mixed with contempt, twirling the turntable and more than pleased to note from his markings that he was no stranger to feminine discipline.

'Does he take the cane well? I so love it when they're new, having them cry under the rod like small boys is so invigorating'. His Mistress teased his senses equally in her tight and formal attire, bending to take the leash and handing the leash to the voluptuous woman, making her cunt moisten as she took control of a male, Mistress pausing to allow her to savour that pleasure as she tightened the leash in her hands to demand obedient attention.

'Oh yes, he cried like a child at first, so pleasing to break him that way, and now he likes to show his submission by disgracing himself under the cane; he's learning his place rapidly, and the cage will prevent his lack of control. He'll know the cane and enjoy its full pleasure after kissing the feet of all my household staff when I get him home.' The auburn haired dominatrix lifted the leash, grinning cruelly, her eyes showing the satisfaction of her dominance as he strained on his knees while lifted by the neck as though hanged. Several other women stood close and enjoyed his humiliation, watching the pre-cum dribble to his thighs as he showed his innermost delight at being dominated so publicly. She looked at his Mistress with a pert smile which was reflected by her.

'Please say you'll find the time to bring him to my home; I can see he's ripe for the whip, and the attentions of two women.' He could see something in his Mistress's eyes which gave her a special thrill, something private that was not broadcast for the ears of the other women in close attendance.

'Why, I'd be delighted; would tomorrow be to soon? I'd like to have him subjected to a double whipping to keep him keen.' The auburn domme gave her a knowing smile, and in full view of her and the watching women, delighted them by turning her back to the male, passing the leash to his Mistress and lifting the hem of her bodice to expose the superb fleshy globes of her arse to his face.

'Have a good sniff of what you'll sample tomorrow; you'll know its taste after a sound whipping.' His balls ached to come there and then, as she spread her magnificent cheeks to show him her arsehole, and his Mistress tugged the leash to have him sample her lush fragrance. Every woman present grinned with curt satisfaction as he obediently pressed his nose to the pucker and sniffed hard at the delicious tangy scent. They concluded with contentment, that he was truly a cur, deserving of the whipping the formidable woman and his Mistress would award him the following day. His thoughts echoed theirs as the rich womanly aroma took him deep into submission, the sneers and titters of his female audience as he was humiliated, lushly satisfying.

Satisfied that the male had shown his true colours for her benefit and that of all who witnessed it, she eased gracefully away from his face, and without giving him another glance, bade good day to his Mistress till tomorrow at two o'clock. He would know tomorrow, just how special the liaisons between the two were, and he would suffer it gladly.

His Mistress had purchased several items, but did not disclose to him just what they might be; they would be delivered to her house the next morning. He was ordered from the plinth and made to dress, then led from the shop by his Mistress who was more than delighted with the bonus of her extra appointment. The intensity of his humiliation returned as he was paraded like a pet in tow of the superior woman, the haven of the shop had it's trials for him, but this raw exposure in public which gave a permanent sense of submission, was acute.

Mistress took great pleasure in the continuing casual glances, lingering looks accompanied by bemused smiles, and stark staring laced with sneers by some. His cock boned at the latter observations, most from women whose courage in their curiosity was brought out by the sight of female leading male; they knew he was owned, and their cunts tingled with erotic pleasure at the spectacle. He broke out into cold sweats frequently, his fear intermittent with bouts of submissive pleasure as the eyes of those women and their curt sneers had his secondary position brought firmly home to him; it seemed to him as though they knew he was anally plugged, their contemptuous looks making him clench at it, the motion as he was walked teasing his prostate and making his submission sublime.

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