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At Her Disposal Ch. 01

He had remained a bachelor, blaming the rigours of his working life which had often seen him travel to the corners of the British empire on business as the reason for not taking a wife, in response to those who cared to ask. The real reason for Henry Trent remaining single at nearly 50 - he being a more than reasonably well off Victorian gentleman, fit and attractive to female suitors - was his awe of women, and a certain urge he had for those among their number, which would not be viewed as acceptable in the very proper Victorian society he lived within. He had tried several relationships with humbler females, but they had inevitably petered out due to the lack of the passion he desired.

As he sat by the window in the plush drawing room of the substantial London property he shared with two other business associates, his cock swelled as watched the approach of the household cook, her broad and womanly figure striding with elegant feminine posture across the busy street, a male doffing his hat to her with smiling admiration but receiving no recognition from her. Hilda Sharpe was just the sort of woman that appealed to him; full figured with auburn hair in a severe bun, middle aged and confident, she had a presence which kept the other maids in obedient order when she was in proximity, and her curt interaction in dealing with tradesmen and the like, made it quite clear she would be ruled by no man. Trent was sure she was dominant sexually and lusted for every glimpse of her.

As a mere cook, he could never be seen to openly reveal any desire for her, though he yearned to be on his knees to the stern woman. Hilda was patently aware of his veiled attraction to her, and his supposition with respect to her sexual nature was not unfounded. She would find him inexplicably in the lower levels of the house all too often, finding occasion to address her with some trivial matter; his stance and verbal repertoire was always as per master to servant, delivered with pompous authority, but his eyes betrayed something unmistakable which aroused Hilda. She was indeed dominant sexually, and knew he was a submissive.

His reluctance to open up and admit his attraction irked her, knowing that her status in the established society pecking order was way below his, but in reality and within the covert society of women which she frequented in her free time, his status would be way below hers. His continued adherence to formally belittle her when it was patently obvious that he wanted to be on his knees before her, came across as a form of cowardice in her eyes, making her develope a keen spite for him. His unattached bachelor lifestyle and the regular absences of both he and his co-owning business associates from the residence meant that he would not be missed should he disappear for a period of time; she determined to have him face the truth and realise his place below a strong woman. She set about planning his submission.

Hilda knew he would have seen her approach from the drawing room window, and took her time removing her gloves in the hall. She smirked to herself as she heard him cautiously descend the stairs. Even though he were master in his own house, he faltered slightly as he saw the confident cook staring impassionately at him as he came down. She enjoyed his usual awkwardness as he searched for an impromptu reason to address her, while his eyes tried hard not to leer at her curves in the tightly corseted black dress. In a moment of boldness, she cut him short as he opened his mouth.

'If it may be allowed sir, I have a lady coming to visit me here this evening from a group I am a member of. She is most taken with a recipe of mine for sweets, and is keen to see my preparation. I trust my taking the liberty of inviting her to your home without your prior permission will not meet with your disapproval.' He was delighted to be held in a conversation with her, and the tone of her voice which firmly told him of her decision rather than actually asking his permission, excited him. The thought that a female friend of Hilda's may well be of a similar character excited him all the more, though he felt he should try to feign a least a little indignance in his response.

'Well Miss Sharpe, as you've invited a lady, it would be churlish of me to disapprove, despite my not being consulted... Is she... err, local?' Hilda maintained her impassionate air, though her cunt tingled as she prepared to add incentive to the trap she hoped he'd be lured into.

'Why yes Sir. She has a house near Bond Street, not dissimilar to this one. Our group meets there on occasion; we are women from all walks of life... no social barriers exist between us.' Her haughty tone made her all the more appealing, and the impudence in her reference to social barriers which he knew came conveniently as an indirect thrust at her situation with him, had his balls tingling. The sound of her feminine group sparked his imagination, and what he imagined would prove to be correct. Hilda knew that a woman of his own social standing would squeeze the truth from him, and stood firm, staring into his eyes to provoke further questions, feeling in control of him. His cock was swelling as he felt her commanding presence, and defended himself by attempting to revert to a little pomposity.

'Does the Master of the house have... have an opinion on the meetings held there?' Hilda almost smiled as he faltered, her arousal growing on his asking the perfect question.

'Sir, there is no Master. She is Mistress of her household, and though she has male suitors, intends to remain as such. Now if you will excuse me Sir, I have dinner to prepare.' She gave him a look which was almost contemptuous as she strutted past, knowing the last information would have him more than excited. His cock was now nicely erect as his eyes fixed on her bustling arse as she strode to the basement stairs, his mind full of intrigue at the woman to visit, and the deliciously confident way the redheaded cook had somehow made him feel inferior. She smiled to herself, then adjusted to face him, stopping before descending.

'Her name is Madam Edith Grange, she will be here at 7:30, I am sure she will be most pleased to make your acquaintance.' She descended the stairs without waiting for further response from Trent, who though her Master in this house, in her eyes was just another male who was in need of being shown his true position amongst women. Her cunt bulged with the pleasure of knowing he would soon be purged of his guarded pomposity.

Trent waited to hear the click of the door as she entered her room, then descended one flight to the landing where stood the laundry basket. With heart pounding he fished for underwear. Hilda watched unseen through the crack of her door which she had silently opened, accustomed to his lewd habit. She watched with satisfaction as he pulled the generously soiled underwear she had placed near the top from it. Oh how she wanted to confront him and have him know the cane. She rubbed her cunt as she thought on how he'd pay soon enough. He repaired immediately to his bedroom, stripped and knelt on the floor, then masturbated hard with the vision of the haughty cook fresh in his mind as he sniffed at the heavenly spice of the underwear. He groaned in ecstasy as he shot his hot tribute, imagining her standing over him, with a woman as yet unknown. His ecstasy would soon be detracted from Hilda, if only temporarily, as the unknown woman took complete control of his life.

He watched eagerly from the window as the cab drew up, and was not disappointed as the mature and elegant Madam Edith Grange stepped down from it. A tall, full figured brunette, dressed imperiously in a dark purple dress trimmed with black lace, his cock swelled as he thought of Hilda's words 'Mistress of the house.' He watched her fine figure ascend the steps as he adjusted his collar, then descended the stairs as the maid heeded the doorbell. He stood behind the maid as she opened it and heard the confident tone of a truly independent woman for the first time.

'Madam Edith Grange... I am here to see Miss Hilda Sharpe.' The maid blushed a little as she felt the presence of one of the Masters of the house behind her, then dropped her head slightly on noting the dominant cook approach from below the stairs. Edith strode in, careful to avoid looking directly at the male who was already awestruck by her almost regal presence, instead smiling at Hilda, whose face wore a rare smile of genuine satisfaction, greeting her with her elegantly gloved hands. She then lifted her nose and glanced at Trent, more than pleased to see that Hilda's description of him had not been gilded; he would make a handsome pet. He stumbled to make himself known, unaware that he she knew all about him, and that he was the sole purpose of her visit.

'I...' She delighted in cutting him short, a studied look of contempt putting him firmly in his place.

'You must be Mr Henry Trent. I trust you will allow me some time when Miss Sharpe and I have concluded our business.' He was of course enthralled with her request, which was delivered as a demand rather than a question. He swallowed hard as the two women did not wait on an unnecessary response, and strode toward the lower stairs, Hilda not even having acknowledged his presence.

'Yes... Please, Madam Grange, I shall be in the drawing room.' The maid blushed further and tried to disguise her smile on seeing the weakness of her Master, he was already under the command of a superior woman, who appeared to pay no attention to his utterings. He watched the two delectably feminine shapes descend the stairs, then ascended to the drawing room for a brandy.

Hilda and Edith simply sat in her room, consuming a brandy themselves and smoking cigarettes. Edith was more than pleased.

'We'll let him stew for an hour or so, then I'll take him to the Palace.' Hilda gaped open mouthed.

'Tonight?' Edith tipped the brandy glass into her mouth and grinned wickedly.

'Oh yes, he is everything you describe; I'll secure him and take him there before he recovers from the shock of the admission he'll confess to me, as you know, the Palace never sleeps. You shall not see him again till he is enslaved at my house, cleansed of the pomposity he has shown you. I take it you will accept my offer to join me there?' Hilda smiled contentedly as she crossed her legs and glanced about the neat but tiny room afforded her there.

'But of course, how could I not? The freedom to discipline males brought there for the society has shown me the way forward. I'll write my notice immediately, though there'll be no Master here to sign it. I shall look forward to rewarding the present one for his shortcomings.'

Trent paced about the drawing room as the clock ticked by, then sat in his favourite chair and rubbed his cock through his trousers. he was anxious to have the limited and short conversation he believed he'd have with the woman, who had excited him with the way she had made him feel so insignificant, then masturbate again when she left. He broke into a cold sweat as the tap came at the door and the pert maid smiled curtly as she offered the supreme woman into the room, and left with a grin. Edith smiled as she saw him rise from the chair, and her eyes then went directly to the decanter and glasses on the side.

'Yes, I'll have a brandy thank you.' Trent gasped at her immediate commanding manner, and fumbled with the glass, spilling a little as he poured it, only to be further astonished as she strode to the chair he had been seated in, and sat, lifting her chin with a look of cold determination that was reminiscent of that which a governess he had as a boy had given him when about to be disciplined. He handed her the glass which she received without offering any acknowledgment of thanks, simply pointing to the smaller chair opposite. As he turned to sit, Edith pulled her skirt up to expose her calves clad in black boots laced high. He gasped audibly as he sat and stared at her footwear, his cock erecting immediately, making him squirm a little in an effort to conceal the bulge at his crotch. Edith simply cut to the chase.

'You find me attractive, don't you...Trent.' He could not believe his ears as she immediately demanded the cold truth which he had already indicated to Hilda, but knew this woman would not accept veiled responses. He quivered and found the strength to reply.

'Yes... yes Madam Grange, I... I find you attractive.' She crossed her legs and awarded him a glimpse of plump thigh amongst the inner frills of her dress.

'And in what way do you find a mature woman like me attractive?' She enjoyed his discomfort as she worked swiftly to bring the admission from him, which she would have within the minute.

'I... I... find you... find you so... so confident.' She felt her cunt moisten as she drew him.

'You find me a strong and independent woman, and you crave feminine authority; that's how you feel, isn't it?' His cock pulsed as her words cut down the shield of Victorian pomposity he hid behind, she delighted to see him edge forward on the chair, anxious to assume a position of submission before her. His voice broke as he fell into her grasp.

'Yes... yes... I crave feminine authority.' She smiled victoriously and pointed to the floor.

'Kneel! He did so without hesitation, and looked to the magnificent Edith, the relief at being where he had always wanted to be, outweighing the humiliation which kept his cock rigid with anticipation. Edith taunted him now, her cunt tingling with her own anticipation of parading him naked at the Palace.

'There! You're where you belong now. You shouldn't be so ashamed of your desire to know your correct place below the natural superiority of womanhood; I've broken many males like you, and you'll be taught to respect every one of us.' She lifted a boot.

'What is it you want to do now?' His cock pulsed pre-cum as he was consumed by the surreal and crushing humiliation of his position, but equally driven to it by the carnal pleasure of his submission.

'I want to kiss your boots Madam Edith.' She flicked her boot, needing give no more of an acknowledgment to the task, her control over him confirmed as he plied his lips to the black leather in adoration of her supremacy. She allowed him time to kiss both boots adequately, then gently eased his face up with one.

'You will now address me as 'Mistress'. I want to hear you tell me what is patently obvious; that you are a submissive male, and you wish to serve and obey me.' He flushed in the heat of his own exposure as he was brought to a point of utter humiliation in confessing his overpowering desire.

'Yes Mistress... I am a submissive male... I wish to serve and obey you...' His cock boned at her smile of sheer contentment as she witnessed his ego crushed by her dominance, the years of pretence stripped from him with consummate ease in a matter of minutes, and by a woman he had known only minutes longer. Her arousal was now in urgent need of attention. She stood and looked down at him.

'You'll have your maid hail a cab, I'm taking you to a place more suited to the service and obedience I will demand from you.' He rose from his knees and found his legs weak as he tried vainly to come to terms with what was happening, and the speed of which his life was turned on its head. The command from the woman who was now his Mistress prevailed above all train of thought though, and he found the maid in the lower hall, passing the request to her. She looked with curiosity at his ashen face, but thought better of asking upon his disposition.

Edith smiled with satisfaction as she saw from the window, that the maid gained the attention of a cab immediately. She left the room and began her descent of the stairs, and seeing Trent about to ascend, simply pointed a finger to the door. The maid looked on in amazement as her Master said nothing and walked to the front door, the commanding woman in purple and black following him with a contented smile.

Another smile emanated from the shadows at the rear of the hall, as Hilda watched Trent stand at the door, Edith pass him, and clicking her fingers, beckoned him down to the cab. Hilda's satisfaction was immense, knowing the pompous Trent was gone forever; he would be instantly recognisable in form when she next saw him, but his attitude to her would be one of servile obedience. She returned to her room with smug contentment to finish packing her bag.

Edith took much pleasure in preparing her new pet for what was to come as the cab clattered through the streets, Trent still mesmerised by the shock of his own admission and the dominant beauty of the woman before him.

'The Palace is a secure haven in which the submission you have shown me will be nurtured, and you'll learn to respect, and be enjoyed by all women there. You'll be conditioned to obey womanhood without question on our visits there, and will witness how males who do not show absolute obedience are dealt with.' She smiled wickedly as he sat with bewildered yet excited eyes, already willing to obey her every whim.

'I trust that you are ready to be tested rigorously? not that you have any choice in the matter.' He could not have been more ready, having succumbed to her dominance in exposing him, he was now lapsing into the warmth of his submission to her.

'I am ready to be tested Mistress... rigorously.' She grinned at his naive but earnest response, and brought his cock to a full erection.

'You cannot know the pain you face, but you will learn to enjoy and beg for it. You'll be dominated most thoroughly.' The cab came to a halt before a grandiose marble building, its columned facade seeming to go on forever. The cab driver nodded as he was paid and left the two standing at the foyer entrance; a brass plaque proclaimed 'Palace Hotel.' She took his arm and led him in to what seemed no more than a very plush but typical hotel, though it was noticeable that all the staff were female. Edith smiled as she walked him to the grand reception desk.

'To anyone else, this is merely an hotel; the frontage is run as such, to keep prying eyes from what lies beyond.' Trent broke into another cold sweat as they neared the desk, Edith gripping his hand tight as he intimated a little reluctance for the first time. She smiled into his eyes.

'You cannot run away from your conscience and desires; you're mine now, and I'll have total obedience.' He swallowed hard, and his cock told him that she was oh so right. She was far from disappointed; his fear excited her, and he followed her willingly on the last few steps to the desk. The receptionist gave a knowing smile to a woman she recognised, and a curt smile at the male so obviously in her charge.

'The Palace Madam... and a first night here? Edith nodded.

'Yes, a first night; the regulation room service will be required.' The receptionist pressed a button under the counter and a smartly uniformed woman appeared, taking them through the doors to a marble stairway. She checked behind her, then took them not up the stairs, but round to another door under them. Closing that one behind them, they then continued through another which she opened up with a courteous and knowing smile as she looked Trent up and down.

'Welcome to the Palace, I know you'll enjoy your stay.' Trent's nose told him that this plush hidden foyer he now entered was very much a female domain, if his startled eyes did not. As Edith led him through to where his new life would begin in earnest, just the perfumed air kept his erection keen. He gasped disbelief as scantily clad women, their fine legs displayed in black stockings and each carrying a cane, greeted them at the counter. Edith watched his face stare hard at the bare arse of a male who had arrived moments earlier, shepherded through to the main area by his Mistress's cane, to know it's inner delights; the briefly open doors allowing him a glimpse of women of all shapes and ages, each provocatively dressed and engaged in casual conversation. Edith grinned as he stood in further shock while she and the two women began to undress him.
'Oh yes my pet, you'll be shown to one and all just as he has; you are here to be dominated, and will be seen for what you are immediately, the submissive property of the superior sex.' He sank to his knees as his garments were removed, in shame at his naked body and erect cock being exposed, but lapsing into the submissive fervour he experienced when last on his knees, on one of the sneering females buckling a leather collar about his neck and holding the leash tight as Edith was helped from her tight dress. His cock showed no shame in boning to delight the girls as he saw his Mistress's ample thighs and womanly curves in the frills of the knickerbockers he had glimpsed at the house. One of the two girls grinned with satisfaction as she teased his cock with her cane.

'He is more than ready for display Madam; it's so pleasing to see a male led to know his place for the first time.' She passed the cane to Edith as the other girl passed her the leash, and the dominant woman playfully stroked the quivering male's arse on giving him her first command in earnest.

'Down on all fours! You'll now know the consequences of hiding the truth of your desires for so long. On to where they'll be realised to the full!' His stomach churned as the two sneering girls held the doors wide, and Edith led him naked and leashed through them, exposed at last as the submissive male he was, led proudly by a dominant woman into the great hall of the Palace to be viewed with contempt by the kindred powerful females who ruled there.

His balls tingled with the lush humiliation of being seen by so many women, all of whom showed nothing but contempt for the confirmation of his weakness, their eyes burning into him; many of them sat in velvet chairs, being serviced orally by willing males, others chatting as their servile charges knelt with head low, leashed as he and awaiting the pleasure of the women they served, their cocks in various states of erection as they contemplated their submission with the exposed eagerness that he now knew. The occasional waft of sweet feminine arousal keeping his own cock hard as he pondered his own fate.

He was now justly seen as an inferior animal, an object of the complete and utter contempt of all the women there. His cock was rigid as his mistress paraded him before the sneers of the superior women in her arrogant and conceited triumph, each cursory glance and spiteful look of contentment at his shame made his cock pulse bone hard, his balls tingling with an urgency to spend his mess; he had yearned to be owned by a woman, and now the cruel reality excited him in a way he could never have envisaged, each humiliation cut his ego down further, the unknown fate which awaited him teased and deepened his submission to all women irreversibly.

As he followed naked and on all fours, the feminine scents of his Mistress and the other women flooding his nose, he lapsed into total submission to the arrogance and power of the confident females; he had given himself up to them, and now they would show him his true position in their world.

He was taken to her room at the palace where he would know their first intimacies, and though he yearned to submit to his Mistress, it was a mild disappointment to be taken out of the view of so many dominant women; his exposure had him basking in the shame and humiliation he craved, his cock rigid as he was taunted and viewed with utter scorn. His disappointment was not entire though, as a new slave his first appointment required the attendance of two burly duty nurses who would oversee his initiation and ensure his behaviour was correct. Both flexed canes and looked down on him with utter contempt, sneering with content at the prospect of a new male. He watched the black stockings and garter belts of the long legs which kept him transfixed move to a corner, his Mistress bending to show him the full bulbous globe of her arse in the white knickerbockers as she felt a cushion to sit on. His cock boned and dribbled as his eyes surveyed the delicious cleft of her cunt in the white fabric, the cunt he longed to worship and a worship he would soon realise.

His Mistress smiled at the older of the two nurses as she eagerly took the new slave's leash and felt his body with her cane as though inspecting livestock.

'I am eager to have him learn scent recognition first; his cook told me of a very pleasing but filthy habit he was partial to at his household.' She grinned and pointed to the linen basket, the stern nurse pressing her cane against the flesh of his buttocks as she too grinned knowingly. The captive male blushed noticeably and his cock peaked as he guessed that his Mistress was somehow aware of one of his indiscretions. The other burly maid took his leash and pulled it chokingly tight with a severe grin; she would be delighted to help the new male know his place. His Mistress looked into his bulging eyes with a smile.

'Oh yes, she used to watch discretely as you sniffed at her gussets from the laundry basket and took them to your room, she enjoyed watching through the keyhole as you masturbated.' The three women laughed with utter contempt as he beamed bright red at his exposure, his cock boning hard as the divine humiliation of being found out had his balls tingling and yearning to spend. For an upright Victorian male to be caught masturbating under any circumstances was scandalous; to do so when enjoying the scent of his maid's soiled underwear would likely earn him a sentence in an asylum. His Mistress crossed her arms, expressing her full breasts, the nipples poking excitedly as she savoured the moment.

'When you are fully trained, she will have the pleasure of seeing you do so again while she supervises; she will cane you when you have spent for her spice.' The second plump maid walked to past him and ran a cane up his spine as she passed with a haughty laugh, making his back arch and his erect cock bob to attention.

'First things first! We'll make sure there's no going back to your old status, lest you want your old friends and business partners to know of your true feelings for women.' She walked to a corner where something was covered with a sheet and whisked it off to reveal a camera. His Mistress grinned as she stepped up and pulled his leash tight, posing with every ounce of feminine arrogance. His cock dribbled as he was pictured for posterity, kneeling naked and owned by a woman, the other maid posing with a sneer, cane in her crossed arms. The other maid lifted the flash pan high, and he gasped, close to spending there and then as he was captured in more ways than one in a blaze of light. The evidence was now there to expose his shame to the world if he did not obey and comply with every whim of the magnificently stern woman, and the erotic feeling it engendered simply exemplified his commitment of submission to her. He was now hers in no uncertain terms and yet he felt no regret; it merely indulged his excitement and made his reduced ego yearn for further shameful exposure. His Mistress stroked his cock with her cane as the three laughed contemptuously.

'With the formality of your submission locked forever in time, we'll see you sniff that gusset now. I intend to dominate you into the most subservient and obedient pet, fit to be displayed at my side when I attend the many functions at which you will be humiliated.' With that, she lifted the lid of the raffia linen basket and picked out a pair of wincyette knickerbockers, bringing grins from the two maids.

'These are the pair which I wore the day before your capture, and continued to wear on the day that I chose to enslave you, and the deed was fulfilled. As your nose will soon testify, the situation meant that I was highly aroused, and as you'll also remember, the weather was inclemently warm and sticky. You'll show my gusset the respect that it deserves, you will masturbate while we watch your shame, then I shall watch my maids cane you before they depart as it's oh so apparent you're already safely submissive.' The elder of the two maids nodded her head with a knowing smile.

'Oh yes, we can see he's a servile cur, and we'll not need to restrain him for a visit to the gibbet room. He'll feel our disappointment to that fact through the cane. Perhaps his Mistress will indulge us by having him attend to witness the destiny of males who enter the palace and fail to realise that complete obedience to their prospective Mistress is not tolerated.' His anus tingled at the cold words of the haughty maid, his eyes filled with a lusty bewilderment at guessing, but not knowing exactly what the dominant woman meant. His Mistress confirmed the stark but erotic vision placed in his head by the maid.

'Yes, that would be a most satisfying treat, having my fresh male see another dance on the gibbet for our pleasure; it is always a disappointment for the Mistress concerned to see the rigours of her efforts ended that way, but there is always a consolation in seeing the exquisite disposal of a male in such a final and arousing way. The proceedings always have my cunt in full arousal, ready for the service of a male having witnessed the penalty for disobedience.'

His cock boned rigid as he thought on viewing a male hanged by dominant women, his balls aching with the desire to spend as the vision had his deeply submissive nature making him almost jealous that he was not to be hanged. He was swiftly brought back to reality as his grinning Mistress pressed the wincyette gusset to his nose and posed for a further picture. The women sneered with perverse pleasure as the camera flashed, and he felt his Mistress's cane.

'Look at how you made me soil my underwear! These two ladies will make you pay dearly for that, but we'll see you lowered sufficiently first. Sniff!' The two maids flexed their canes as he was humiliated before them, the rich spice of the gusset he now held acting like an aphrodisiac as he surveyed the gently stained material. They laughed as he knelt sniffing at the scent of the woman who now owned him, his cock bobbing stiff as his senses were indulged, the older maid flexing her cane impatiently.

'Do you prefer the spice to the front or the tang to the rear I wonder? Either way, I'll see you lick your Mistress's gusset nice and clean before you receive a deserved caning.' The younger but equally formidable maid watched with glee, her cunt swelling with growing spite as he sniffed eagerly along the length of the gusset under the supervision of eyes which expressed their sheer contempt.

'I want to see him use that tongue on the gusset, it'll benefit him for when his tongue is put to better use; I trust his Mistress will allow us to assist with his oral training?' His Mistress smiled as she pulled the leash tight and pushed the gusset into his face.

'Lick that fabric! We'll have it nice and clean before you masturbate!' Her grinning eyes turned to meet the younger maid.

'I will be most honoured to have your assistance with his oral training, I know he's never sniffed cunt before, let alone serviced a woman that way; I trust that you will be most rigorous with your training, a caning for any minor disappointment until he achieves perfection.' They laughed as he licked frantically at the delicious spices and tangs of the gusset, their laughter more contemptuous than ever as his tongue rasped eagerly at the darker stains to the rear of the fabric. He had dreamed of licking at the wet essences of an aroused cunt, but had never had the opportunity in his rare and dour Victorian relationships; now he would learn that pleasure, taught most proficiently and strictly by superior women, his balls ached for release as he was shamed, humiliated, and made aware of the thorough domination that he would endure.

His Mistress smiled with cruel satisfaction as she pulled the underwear from him and dropped it to the floor, the two maids stepping to either side of a high bed, displaying their canes as their faces displayed smiles of arrogant contentment. He looked on, his heart racing as he surveyed the two, and the bulging camel-toe of the woman who would own him so completely.

'You'll masturbate in my presence for the first time now. You'll show your submission by shooting your mess, on your knees before your owner, and while witnessed by two other women. They will enjoy the humiliation of your initiation as much as I, and your base act will fully justify the caning they will award you.' All three sneered with delight as he clasped his erect cock without hesitation, and received the encouragement of a stroke of the cane to his flank from his excited Mistress. He gasped as he stropped his boning member, the full gravity of his predicament brought home by their laughter as all four were indulged in acute pleasure from both perspectives.

His sensation while masturbating was never as sensual and pleasurable as it now was, even whilst indulging in his darkest fantasies; the grinning cane bearing women and the bulging cunt before him which would shortly know his tongue, filled him with the realisation that he was truly captured now forever, he was a submissive cur and his anus tingled as the semen rose from the balls which were now the property of womanhood.

His cock poked stiff and erect as he wallowed in his submission, the thought of being caned bringing back memories of a strict upbringing, in which a governess had seen that his submission to women in adulthood was nicely primed. As he began to orgasm, he thought back to the tears he had shed when liberally shown the rod by his stern keeper; she had relished caning him and made no secret of it, and he thanked her for it as he began to moan before the women who would now continue his discipline. His Mistress took great pleasure in pulling his leash chokingly tight as he began to buck on his knees in the sweet ectasy of absolute submission to her, the first hot jet of semen pulsing out in a loop from his rigid cock, bringing laughs of scornful satisfaction from the maids and a contented triumphal sneer from his new owner.

'You're mine forever now, and you'll be brought down to the level of service I require; your first caning awaits you.' He was now ready to give up his very life for her as the intense orgasm wracked his whole body and immersed his senses in a submissive euphoria, and as the jets of hot semen streaked out in tribute to her dominance across the floor and gusset he had licked clean, he yearned to be caned by the laughing maids who enhanced his humiliation exquisitely. She pulled harder on the leash, nearly lifting him from his knees as his aching balls spent their load as though it were his last orgasm, her cunt oozing in its own appreciation as she witnessed the power of her dominance and his utter submission to it.

As he gasped and the last dribbles of cum were ejected in ecstatic obedience, the maids placed one hand on their hips and pointed their canes at the bed with broad grins while his Mistress urged him to it with the leash. She picked up the underwear with her cane, the gusset now freshly soiled with his own mess, and led him to the bed. She placed it on the pillow, gusset up.

'You'll sniff and lick your seed as it mingles with my essences, and you'll learn to enjoy bondage under the cane; we'll not allow you to shrink away from the strokes you've earned, your flesh will know the full pleasure of each cut.' He obediently lay on the bed with and placed his face into the sticky gusset which wrapped itself about his nose and mouth as it sank into the pillow, his spent cock already stiffening as his Mistress bound his ankles together with a leather manacle secured to the end of the bed. The grinning maids took an arm each and secured his wrists tightly in the same fashion. His mind now entered a new avenue of submission as he flexed against the manacles and was made to forcefully inhale and taste his Mistress's delicious scent, his face slipping in the mess that he had given up in her honour.

He was now completely at the mercy of the dominant woman and the spiteful maids, his cock fully erected again as he knew he would receive none. She delighted in seeing him bound that way, and reflected on how he had displayed an air of typically pompous masculine superiority when they had first met, before disclosing his his real feelings of submission to the truly superior gender. Her cunt tingled as she relished seeing him caned for the first time.

'I think twenty-four strokes will suffice in concluding the maid's part in your initiation; I know they have an appointment in the gibbet room within the hour which you will bear witness to. You will learn what happens to males who do not show complete obedience to womanhood, their final lesson absolute. But first you'll enjoy the pleasures of the strict discipline of the flesh, and then we shall have a quiet moment alone where your tongue will begin its schooling in the correct use. I shall count out the twenty-four strokes.' She gently slipped a finger down the wet cleft of the camel toe in her now damp underwear, her cunt in full arousal, and gave a nod to the eager maids.

'Cane him!' He snorted at the gusset and his whole body tensed against the manacles as he detected the movement of the older maid, his cock rigid with fear and the carnal pleasure of his submission as the delightful sound of the cane cutting the air brought the promise of just and deserved punishment, its short note seeming to last an eternity before impact, heralding the spiteful lust of the severe woman who brandished it with intense pleasure. The flesh of his cheeks bounced deliciously as the rod splayed his soft buttocks with a resounding crack, and he bucked and moaned for the pleasure of the women as the searing pain which followed made him gasp at the spicy gusset which would soon be wet with tears.

'One!' The voice of his Mistress carried such contentment in just the one word, as she counted out each vicious stroke, each one delivered with aplomb and applied with sadistic expertise by the maids in turn, each relishing each of the twelve strokes which were to be applied with the utmost vigour, their cunts that were wet with sheer enjoyment would know the thanks of his tongue at a later date. The cruel enjoyment of the woman that now owned him and now oversaw that ownership taking sweet effect was equally rich. She watched each resonating crack leave its red wheal with utmost pleasure, his cries and the writhing of his body as he knew pain under bondage bringing her close to orgasm as she counted with superior deliberation.

As the count passed twelve, he cried like a small child but the pain now became almost pleasurable. His boning cock thrust at the sheets and he found himself wanting to come again as he wallowed deeper into submission; he felt himself lifting his tortured flesh to meet each delicious kiss of the unforgiving rod, the tight manacles now offering his captured body a curious comfort as he tested them, the spice of the sopping gusset now like an opiate as the thrashing made him yearn to know the promise of serving his Mistress orally.

'Eighteen!' As the stroke hit hard, the panting maids noted his change in attitude, watching his urgency as he thrust at the sheets, bring further scorn from the elder of the two. Her nicely aroused nipples poked hard through her black uniform top as her excitement peaked.

'I think he wants to mess for us! Oh how I'm going to show him some discipline!' His Mistress grinned with pleasure at her new slave's early willingness for punishment.

'I shall continue the count until he spends in submission; he will earn a further caning at my pleasure for his disobedience.' Her words alone were almost enough to bring the semen from him as the thrashing was resumed, the maids using every ounce of their vigour in an effort to be the one to make him surrender his balls to them, their supple arms never tiring through practice with the cane. As the sweet sound of each further stroke announced the delicious pain to follow, he sank into a submissive ecstasy; the darkly erotic vision of the gibbet room, the promise of the scent and taste of his Mistress as he worshipped her womanhood, a further caning from his Mistress... The maids sneered with triumph as he humped at the sheets spontaneously, his cries of pain turning to moans of blissful ecstasy as he gave up his balls in utter submission, the seed thrashed from him. He had yearned to serve a woman, and as he was dominated by the two maids while that woman watched with trite and arrogant righteous pleasure, his realisation that he was a complete cur and would be her obedient pet was expressed in a torrent of hot seed; he was hers, and he could never have imaged such acute ecstasy as the final cutting strokes assured that his balls emptied their load in a lust for a further caning.
As the maids rested their canes with satisfied smiles, his Mistress rubbed her hand across his tortured flesh, admiring the raised wheals, bloodied cuts, and patches of purple bruising which grew larger by the minute. They too, wiped their canes across his flesh before helping to untie him. His Mistress lifted his head by his hair and the three laughed at his red eyes and sticky face, slimy with tears his own seed and feminine essences.

'You'll get down from the bed and kiss their feet in thanks for your caning now. I want to see the evidence of your disobedience on my sheets too.' As he rose to his knees on the bed and moved to leave it, she tugged on his leash to halt him.

'Look at the mess you've made! I'll have that licked clean first.' His cock drooped semi erect, his belly shiny and the hairs stuck to his flesh with semen as she pointed with her cane to the messy damp patch and globules of his seed on the bed. The three enjoyed a further small humiliation of him as he lapped his own mess from the sheets. Though he had spent twice already, his cock made a valiant effort to stiffen as he was subjected to this animal act for the women, the taste of his own semen surprisingly bland.

'Down you get, kiss their feet and thank them for the caning.' He did so eagerly, being truly grateful for their part in his initial domination, though their work had left him very sore; the swelling and tightening of his damaged flesh making him gasp as he bent to kiss their feet. The two were suitably impressed with his obedience but did not let him see it. His Mistress pulled his head up with the leash when she was satisfied with his adoration of their shiny ankle boots which they showed on lifting their long skirts.

'Thank you...thank you both... for caning me.' The hairs on his back rose as he humiliated himself and the two stern maids sneered down at him, but the words had come out a lot easier than he could have wished for.

'Oh, you'll thank us again with your tongue very soon, and our cunts will know your full gratitude.' The three laughed as her words had his cock show further appreciation, aided by it being lifted by his Mistress's cane. The maids then left, thanking his Mistress for the honour, and bidding her goodbye till the appointment in the gibbet room. She pulled the leash chokingly tight and smiled.

'Thirty-two strokes in all. You shall have the same again by my fair hand when the whim takes me, but I'll have no repeat of your disobedience then; you'll have that cock which I now own, neutralised in a cage, and you'll learn to enjoy the pain alone. You'll come only when I allow it, and only in my presence or that of any woman I choose to lease you to.' She smiled with satisfaction as she stroked his cock with her cane, it now semi erect again regardless of its recent exertions, showing her that this male was deeply submissive and she revelled in her control of him.

'There will be many dominant women who'll show interest, and you'll be a fine source of income for me. You will obey and service any woman I choose to enslave you to.' She left him kneeling on the floor and stepped to the end of the bed, turning to face it and allowing him a view of her gracefully plump feminine shape, tightly corseted waist and beautifully full round arse in white knickerbockers tied at the rear by a pink bow.

'Come over here now and untie my underwear, I'm ready to acquaint you with my scent.' He came across and knelt behind her, fumbling a little in his excitement as he untied the bow.

'Pull them down now, I'm eager to have you learn how to use your tongue in the appropriate fashion as quickly as possible; all the ladies you are introduced to will require it, not least me.' His cock lifted again as her underwear slipped gracefully down her large thighs and long legs to reveal the magnificent globes of her arse. A thin black belt nestled above her glorious cheeks to which the straps to her black silk stockings were attached; he had masturbated hard over pictures of women dressed this way, obtained from a discrete source in the East End, and his heart raced at his delicious predicament. He had spent lustily over the depictions, having to imagine the women to be sternly dominant, now he was owned by such a woman. She turned her head and grinned smugly on seeing his fixated gaze. She stepped out of the underwear, making those cheeks shimmer delightfully, and pointed to the gusset with her cane.

'Look what you're responsible for! They'lll take some washing to get them clean, I think I will have the maid supervise you on laundry duty when we're home. She'll not tolerate any slacking from you, and will show you the cane if you try to sniff any dirty pairs without permission.' The humiliating thought of being ruled over by a maid while he washed his Mistress's underwear only excited him all the more; his balls tingled as he imagined the disciplines he would face at her home. Thinking he was to lick the gusset clean for her as before, he motioned to pick them up, only to feel a sharp tug on his leash and see her kick them aside.

'Oh no, you'll know proper cleaning duties now; I want that tongue.' He watched spellbound as she knelt gracefully on the edge of the bed, spreading her thighs slightly and passing his leash between them under her body, then arching her back and pushing her beautifully spread arse cheeks wide. His cock boned at the beautiful vista of her arsehole and cunt, exposed exquisitely and invitingly. He gasped as he felt her tension the leash, drawing his face closer to her heavenly femininity.

'Sniff my arsehole! Don't you dare lick until I tell you!' The tension on the leash enhanced his submissive euphoria as his nose felt the soft flesh of his dominant Mistress's arse, slipping up against the delicate brown pucker of her soft brown rosebud, his cock bobbed stiff as he inhaled deeply, accepting the tart tangs and feminine juices of her wonderfully sticky arsehole. Her nipples pointed hard with excitement as she savoured controlling her new slave, knowing that hers was the first arsehole he had sampled, and that he did so with absolute obedience to her. She licked her lips and sighed with pleasure, keeping the leash tight as she basked in her superiority; the warmth of his breath as he urgently sniffed in an ectasy of his own, keeping her cunt tingling and moist, ready to know her new pet's attentions.

'I know how staid and dour your previous sexual encounters have been; you will now learn to satisfy a woman's true and openly lustful urges. As my pet, you'll grow to lust for the absolute submission to women that you'll be taught through the strictest of disciplines.' She arched her back a little further, her cunt wet and tingling incessantly s she thought back with satisfied pleasure on how he had taken his first caning, then tugged his leash.

'Lick my arsehole! Know your true position, below your Mistress and all women.' The tone of her command made his balls and anus tingle, and as his tongue willingly pressed to the contours and tightness of the inviting pucker, he knew both the acrid yet somehow sweet taste of his Mistress, and that of submission to the superiority of womanhood. His already hard worked cock, the bell-end still slimy and glistening with the evidence of its previous surrenders, rose rigid in a salute of sublime and willing submission as he succumbed to her dominance. His tongue circled the delightful cleft, feeling her delicious pucker pulse and protrude as it passed over it in loving adoration, the tangs and scents of his owner registering indelibly and taking him deeper into submission. He felt her finger touch his chin as she slipped her free hand through the hot wet cleft of her cunt, his tongue noting the gentle dilation of her anus.

'Get that tongue up deep into my arsehole where it belongs, I want you to show full worship and prove your worthiness to lick my cunt clean.' He needed no further prompting, and his balls ached, yearning to come for a third time as his tongue eased into the glorious warmth of her anus for the first of countless services to follow. His tongue ached as he extended it and sampled her enjoyment as she contracted and dilated her anal muscles on the exploring tongue, the soothing sensation of his worship making her sigh as all the while she nurtured the clitoris he would soon pay homage to. He felt the leash slacken, and it was with some disappointment to him as the sweet orifice which held him mesmerised with the pleasure of worship was pulled away from his aching tongue. She turned so gracefully on the bed, laying back and slowly lifting her legs elegantly to display her fully aroused cunt, wet and glistening.

'Down you go. I want you to lick everything nice and clean, then you'll do your duty and bring me off for first time, start at the bottom and work up.' She smiled and closed her eyes, twirling her toes high in the air as she pulled his leash gently, showing her enforcement of control over him at all times. His cock bobbed rigid as his face descended and he sniffed the delicious spice of her womanhood, his tongue first licking at the tangy cleft above her arsehole before his face was pulled gently into the flaps and folds of her hot cunt.

She laughed with pleasure as his initial gasps and spluttering gave away his willing desire to serve her and service her. She pulled the leash tighter as his chin slipped comfortably in the abundance of her juices while his tongue explored the lips and folds, his nose nursing her soft butterfly and occasionally consumed in the soft warm depths of her slit. She worked her budding clitoris with the tip of her finger, thoroughly enjoying the willing efforts of his rasping tongue as he worked his way up to it. She now gasped, urgently wanting to come as his tongue reached her finger. She tugged the leash tight.

'There! Good boy, just under that hood of skin at the top... Oooh yes! You shall have such a caning after our trip to the gibbet room!' He felt her immediate urgency on licking at the hard little nub at the top of her cunt, and though he had never serviced a woman orally before, her excitement at the attentions of this little peak were very clear. The leash bit at his throat, and his flank felt the sharp stroke of her cane whenever his tongue ventured away from its point of duty; he felt her thighs tense and he was stroked with the cane for good measure as her moans increased in intensity.

'Yes! Yes!... There!... Harder!... Ooooooohhh!!' He gasped at the choking leash as her thigh muscles tightened and her toes pointed at right angles, the ecstasy of a victorious orgasm warped through her body, the servitude of her new ma!e confirmed. He so wanted to spend as she sighed and groaned, her juices eagerly lapped up by him as her hand clenched white knuckled on the cane which he would know again later. She sighed with relief and released the leash, but held his head to her cunt, pressing his face into its wet heat.

'You lick me nice and clean now, and I have two prizes for you to wear when you're done, which you'll wear with pride to the gibbet room.' She grinned with smug pleasure as he dutifully licked her clean, and sneered when she stood up and surveyed his erect cock.

'You'll see the price males pay who disobey and refuse to allow their true desire to be dominated to be nurtured; the ultimate price. Then we'll return here and you'll tell me exactly what you thought, you'll be milked one final time, and caged until I think you are worthy to spend again.' She moved to a dressing table and took two items from a drawer, smiling wickedly at him in the tall mirror as she did so. Her smile widened to a grin as she showed him a small placard on a chain which read 'Cunt and arsehole cleaner', and held up the other item, a black anal plug, nice and wide with a tapered end and flat stopper.

He had no idea what this was, but was soon to be introduced to it. She dipped her fingers into a tub of cold cream on the table and grinned as she watched his bewildered eyes study it.

'Bend over, shoulders close to the floor, arse in the air!' He groaned slightly as his arse cheeks were beginning to stiffen from the caning, but what was to follow would take his mind from it.

'Now I shall pay you a compliment for your service to my rear passage; you'll know the delights of its sensitivity.' He jerked as he felt the tip and the cold cream touch his arsehole, and received a stroke of the cane to the side of his already sore cheeks.

'Still! I'll have obedience at all times or you'll not come back from the gibbet room!' She grinned with cruel pleasure as she deftly eased eased the tapered end in, watching his anus stretch to accomodate it. He whimpered as he was violated, though the feeling of having his anus spread wide made both it and his balls tingle, his cock rigid as she squeezed it in. She smiled with satisfaction as the larger girth slipped in and his pucker closed around the thinner girth, almost pulling the flat stopper in to kiss it.

'Now you have a permanent physical reminder that you are my property; you'll wear it at all times, removing it only when I allow it and when you need to defecate, at which time you will beg permission and will relieve yourself when supervised by a maid.' She watched with delight as he squirmed a little, as his bowels tried spontaneously and oh so naturally to shit out the rude intruder, but to no avail.

'You will learn to love your plug as it will stimulate your prostate with the movement of your body; you will be more than eager to walk with me and complete tasks at my bidding.'

She took the placard and hung it about his neck.

'There! Now we're ready to have everyone know just what you've been up to. You may kiss my feet in thanks.' As he bent to kiss her feet, she rubbed her cane on his sore flesh, making his dilated anus squeeze at the plug and giving him the first indication of a curiously pleasurable sensation as it massaged his prostate. With his anus held wide by the plug, this also simulated a physical feeling as when in fear of something, deepening his feeling of submission to her. His cock boned rigid as he kissed her feet, he was owned and he truly knew it now.

She tugged his leash, and leaving her beautiful arse and cunt bare, led him proudly from the room to display him on their journey, and have him sweetly humiliated. As she led him on all fours to their destination they passed countless scornful women, each delighting in seeing a new male humiliated on displaying the evidence of his early disciplines. They made a point of bringing their hands together and complimenting his Mistress while sneering or laughing provocatively at the leashed male, the placard proclaiming tasks completed, his striped and bruised arse displaying so succinctly that he had known the proud woman's dominance.

He had thought his initial journey to the room had been humiliating enough, but now his erect cock dribbled pre-cum as he was exposed in full for the lowly cur he was, and his Mistress's words with reference to the intrusive plug were realised; the stimulation of his prostate as he was led in shame had his balls aching to come as his spread anus clenched at it with every movement and delicious taunt.

They approached a room on the far side of the grandiose building with huge ornate wooden doors which swung open gracefully as they reached them; a tall woman in a long black silk dress which swept the floor, smiled with contentment through a black lace veil having seen their approach through a disguised peep hole. A short corridor followed where two more similarly dressed women stood by two gilded chests before an even larger set of jet black double doors with gold fittings.

His cock boned on noting that the gold handles were fashioned as finely detailed nooses, and his sense of submissive thrill tinged with foreboding was then enhanced by the two veiled women. They smiled as they opened the chests, and his Mistress was fitted with a small black eye-mask which did not hide any of the expression on her face, but merely ringed her confident eyes. She smiled knowingly and he gasped as the other female took great delight in taking a full leather hood from her chest, slipping it over his head and leaving just his startled eyes on display. They grinned with pleasure as the hood was tied tight, watching the leather over his mouth bulge and retract as he panted in anticipation of what lay beyond the doors.

The veiled women retained a permanent pleased smile as the doors swung open to reveal a large auditorium and two more veiled women welcomed them in with pleased grins to where around forty masked women sat or stood, many with kneeling and hooded male slaves in attendance, some scantily clad with slaves who busily licked feet, others as was he, with various placards to remind them and show others of recent tasks. Some of the women were sat alone, dressed formally on having attended just for this event, some showing decadence by openly smoking cigarettes, something a 'proper' Victorian women would not be seen doing in public. They all sat facing black velvet curtains which crossed the room. His Mistress was ushered to the front, close to the curtains, where women with recently acquired slaves were placed to allow those newer pets to have a clearer view of the spectacle.

Several other dominant women followed them in before the veiled women moved to either end of the room and reeled back the curtains. Spontaneous delighted murmurs and gasps from some of the hooded males greeted the revelation of a stark yet somehow handsome gallows, a silky white noose with a large slipknot hanging delectably from a broad gibbet which protruded out over the elevated stage. The walls were clad with mirrors, duplicating the stark image at several angles; no one there would fail to have an unobstructed view, and the victim would have the pleasure of witnessing his own hanging as he twirled on the unforgiving rope.

To the rear of the stage on either side, were two doors; on one side a plain set of double doors in the same colour as the nearby un-mirrored walls, on the other an elliptical double door, ornately designed in an obvious representation of a woman's genitalia. His Mistress pulled the leash nice and tight as if to emulate his hanging, delighting in the satisfaction of his staring in awe at the place of finality for someone and making him dribble pre-cum as his eyes surveyed the menacing magnificence of the bold structure, and with wonderment at those doors. His Mistress smirked on seeing his eyes survey the feminine portal.

'The male will enter via the plain door, he will be hanged, and will leave through the other; taken back from whence he came, consumed by womanhood.' His anus tingled and clenched at the plug as the forthright resonance and tone of her voice displayed her contentment at the ritual and its indication of feminine dominance; every aspect of his new life ensured that he too was being slowly and inevitably consumed by that dominance. A fantasy of his came back to his mind, where he was the condemned at a public execution, something which was common earlier in the century but now abolished. He would now witness such an event, and his heart raced in erotic anticipation.

He was not the only slave to hold this fantasy. One of the other women whipped her male from the rear of the auditorium, to generous applause from those women there who recognised the domme and her sub from prior events. The leash was tugged harder by the watching Mistress who was also familiar with the pair.

'She has promised to hang him, as he begs for it, but this is as close as he will get; the dead do not suffer, but he'll do so for an eternity, just you watch his humiliation.' The slave was whipped to a stool before the stage in full view of all who attended, and knelt upon it. With his eyes fixed upon the noose, he masturbated while his Mistress flicked his arse spitefully with the cane, and women laughed, sneered, and taunted, immersing him in total shame and humiliation, overcome by total submissive ecstasy as he wanked hard with a wholesome desire to know that rope.
The crowd of women cheered and applauded with utter contempt, and his Mistress put extra vigour into her strokes with the cane, a spiteful grin on her face as he shot a worthy loop of hot semen in submission to his fantasy, shaming himself acutely. The applause continued as he spent the contents of his balls and continued as he was allowed down and made to lick up his mess. She then paraded him proudly back through an avenue of contemptuous looks and laughs to witness another male experience what he yearned for but would not know.

A hush came over the eager crowd of women as the plain doors slowly opened and a procession led by severe looking Mistress, plump and middle-aged with her ample curves resplendent in a tight black leather bodice and leggings which stretched and fought to contain her womanly girth. Her face beamed with pleasure below her eye-mask, full breasts exposed and jostling as they sagged slightly over the black leather, her cunt expressed in a camel toe in the tight hide. As he eyed her with boning cock, his Mistress met the erection with her cane and gently rubbed the underside of his glistening bell-end.

'That's Madam Harriet Fortescue, she goes through prospective pets as though they are on tap; if immediate and total obedience is not shown, they are swiftly dispatched on the gibbet. It's strange how she manages to acquire so many willing males.' He swallowed hard as he studied the magnificently stern woman; he could understand perfectly why so many would succumb to her. His Mistress grinned as she felt his cock bob and pulse on the cane.

'I suspect that she will ask to loan your services whilst she procures another; you will need show total obedience if choose to allow it.' The long whip under her arm trailed back to two women whom the male recognised as the maids who had caned him earlier. They were eye masked and wore long black silk capes tied delicately at the neck; their nipples poked hard through the silk as it swayed with their movement, gracing their feminine shapes so erotically. They also trailed long whips, and their free hands both held a taut leash.

The crowd of women began to applaud as the male who was double leashed by the maids came into view, on all fours and ball-gagged, his cock cruelly caged, he was pulled reluctantly to the gallows. A plume of white feathers fluttered from the anal plug he had been awarded for the event, and he in turn was harnessed to an arched bench on ski like skids, with rude manacles at either end, which he was forced to drag behind. He looked like a horse pulling a hearse, and was being allowed to experience the full flavour of attending his own funeral. Two more silken clad maids completed the execution party; he had shown the disobedience which had earned him the rope, four maids would ensure he complied with his final appointment.

Beaten and weary, subjected to many cruel trials, he had not lifted his head until brought to his senses by the delighted applause of the women. Now his curvaceous Mistress moved to one side and the two grinning maids moved behind him, pulling his head up with the leashes, and he was shown the gallows. He gasped and grunted through the ball-gag, the two other maids grinning as they held his arms while he wriggled in vain, his anus squeezing and dilating on the plug as the full realisation that he would now hang was made apparent.

Madam Harriet savoured the moment as she bent and unlocked his cage, sneering with pleasure as both she and the audience watched his cock unfurl to erect and point stiff toward the rope on which he would dance. The cruel fervour of the watching women grew as they saw the male erect, his fear was intense but he could not hide his perverse feelings of submission, the subconscious carnal thoughts of being hanged by a woman before an audience of women lusting to witness it, taking control of the weakness he would soon pay dearly for. Harriet held his head back as he took in the spectacle of his final humiliation, her cunt tingling with pleasure in the tight leather as she proudly triumphed over another male who had failed to meet her rigorous standards.

'See how he cherishes the gallows! We shall not disappoint him, he will know total obedience!' The crowd of women applauded her words as she undid his his harness and two of the maids moved the arched bench to face the awaiting noose. Watching intently from the front of the crowd of eager onlookers, a new slave's cock dribbled as the woman who now owned him continued to tease his rigid member with the cane, his mind still in a state of disbelief in coming to terms with the new order of things he was now part of, and of the sheer lust shown by the women around him. He looked about him, taking in the unanimously excited and delighted faces of females cruelly eager to see the disposal of a male who had earned the rope through disobedience.

Subdued males accompanied many, all naked as was he, some with heads bowed, others also new to the experience gaping wide eyed; all displayed various states of erection, their submission to womanhood brought to the fore by the atmosphere of feminine enjoyment at the execution of one of their number. He felt a sharp tug on his leash, bringing his face forward. She smiled down at him, delighted to see that he was noting that none of the females there showed the slightest remorse or solemnity at the coming prospect, but she would have him focus on the proceedings.

'He'll be whipped for his disobedience now, he'll know pain before being allowed the relief of the gibbet.' The silken clad maids now had the quaking male waddle on his knees to the bench, the two with leashes walking backwards with broad smiles and moving either side of the arch, the other two taking an arm each to ensure his compliance. Harriet stood with bold satisfaction at the head of the bench before the silky noose. He was hauled over the arch, his ankles secured at the rear, his wrists to the front, his bare arse exposed to all and ready to know the whips displayed by the five women.

Harriet sneered with pleasure as she lifted his head and placed a rod into a groove in the sides of the bench, under his chin and keeping his head up.

His initial view was of her formidable thighs and cunt bulging in the tight leather, then she moved aside. His cock boned beneath him as he looked up at the noose, his own reflection, and that of the delighted faces of the audience of women, all with their focus upon him and showing their pleasure at his squirming before the noose which awaited. His shame was magnified as Harriet pulled the plumed plug from his tingling arsehole, then untied his ball-gag.

'We'll not have your decoration damaged by our whips.' To rapturous applause, his nose was pinched and pulled back, the rubber anal plug then forced into his mouth as he gasped at the acrid taste of his own rectum. As he swallowed and snorted through his nose while his mouth tried to accomodate the plug, his eyes flicked through the feminine faces in the crowd.

His eyes fixed on one which showed particular enjoyment, and his cock pulsed hard as the recognition hit him, and her eyes sneered back in total satisfaction.

One of the women in formal attire, was Fiona Brown, a maid of his household whom he had pestered in the desire of achieving the service of her cunt. She had agreed to meet him incognito, and had secretly arranged that Harriet would be at the venue, knowing full well the likely consequences and assumed total innocence in the matter. He had taken the bait and discarded her in favour of the older woman. He now knew that his fateful capture was not by chance as he had believed. She lifted her skirts with a smile as she sat grinning with pleasure, and showed him the cunt he had desired, nursing it as she thoroughly enjoyed his downfall. Her cunt would know the full pleasure of his acquaintance, without being reciprocal; she grinned with acute pride and deeply erotic pleasure in the knowledge that she had as good as hanged him, and that pleasure would be gratefully enhanced later.

Cocky and openly pompous in his former life, his wealthy and elderly parents who were emotionally remote from him had all but disowned him, due to his loafing and his gambling debts which they would pay in order to avoid shame on the family name; his disappearance would be no loss to them, nor would his siblings miss his disruptive presence. Fiona had seen how he had been responsible for the dismissal of several maids, due to his lies about their conduct when they had either refused his advances or worn out their use to him.

He had concealed a darkly erotic streak which Fiona had recognised in his thinly veiled attraction to a stern governess who tended the youngest family members. She had watched with some satisfaction, unnoticed as he too observed unseen though a slightly ajar door from the darkness, the stern woman as she sorted the instruments of her profession. He had masturbated while viewing her flexing the rattan he obviously desired, sowing the seed within Fiona for the secret liaison. On apparently meeting Madam Harriet Fortescue on what he believed by chance at that liaison, he was immediately consumed by the formidable mature woman who had been fully briefed by Fiona of his character. Harriet, aroused by the spice of the situation, cast her spell on him and he was led away knowing he would be dominated severely; she knowing he was doomed to fail her strict regime and would justifiably know the rope.

Fiona now enjoyed the first of several orgasms as her eyes watched his, he now knew that she was dominant and had sealed his fate; his cock pulsed close to orgasm as he watched her abject pleasure and wallowed in deep submissive thought on how she had defeated him while he squirmed against the manacles, now lusting to be whipped as she watched victoriously. He was filled with bittersweet regret that he had not sampled her direct dominance, but the overpowering submissive carnal pleasure that he received from her having orchestrated his fate was pure ecstasy.

His eyes were then distracted from the mentor of his execution as the four maids approached the front of the platform to face the audience. With beaming smiles they undid the ties about their necks and the black silk gowns slid down their gracefully feminine bodies to reveal they wore nothing but black calf length boots below. The crowd of onlooking females applauded the fact that the bound male would know punishment while witnessing natural femininity in its power, while the watching slave's cocks stiffened at the abundance of white flesh, contrasting against the black whips they brandished. The maids turned and assumed positions either side of the bench, each now wearing a look of pleased anticipation as they toyed with their whips, making the bound male squirm as he viewed them. Harriet now appeared more dominant than ever in her tight black leather as she addressed her delighted audience.

'This male has shown he is not worthy to serve womanhood as required, and will set an example to the males who witness his fate. He will be shown the price of misbehaviour and will then hang for our pleasure.' The bound male bit hard on the anal plug, his exposed flesh quivering as his startled eyes took in the reflection of the whips, the smiling women who watched, and the delectable noose which awaited his pleasure. He gasped in pain as without further ceremony, Harriet unleashed her whip, and the resounding crack as it stung his flesh was met with generous and enthusiastic applause from every woman there, not least Fiona Brown who now moved close to where the placard bearing slave knelt in awe at the side of his new Mistress, in order to enjoy a closer view of her handiwork.

His Mistress kept the kneeling slave's leash nice and tight, continuing to tease his bobbing erect cock with her cane as he studied the cruel pleasure on the face of the younger formally dressed woman, the air now full of the sound of cracking whips. His cock pulsed as he noticed the fearful dominatrix in black leather pause, and give the young woman a direct smile.

The young woman's movement and the smile did not go unnoticed by the bound male, who focused on her through the tears which now flowed; the cracking whips snaking across his tortured flesh, the ample breasts and buttocks of the frenzied maids shimmering and jostling as each spiteful lash was delivered. Some strokes curling about his exposed and writhing figure, sinking into it as the leather braided demons kissed his soft flesh, leaving tortuous red lines, other strokes leaving the splendid knot at the very end to bite hard at his buttocks, making him buck with pain only to receive the adoration of the next whip.

His enjoyment of the sound and pain of the punishing whips was accompanied by the delicious whiff of feminine arousal, the cunts of the four naked maids wet with extra excitement at tormenting a male who would then hang for them. Their scent kept his cock rigid, as he began to welcome the noose dangling tantalisingly within his view, the horde of eager women enjoying his despair, the tears rolling down his cheeks to match the blood which now dribbled from his flayed flesh as he was soundly thrashed. Each lash, not least those applied with utmost vigour by Madam Harriet, had him now earnestly yearning to hang in shame. His teeth clenched hard on the rubber plug which would soon be re-inseterted anally to magnify his humiliation as he provided the harsh and indelible example to the other males.

Soundly whipped, his body sagged as the last lashes bit home, his cock oozing pre-cum in total submission. The panting maids seizing the moment while his flesh throbbed wth pain, to undo his wrists and pull his arms behind his back, securing his wrists with a tight leather thong. He watched his reflection and that of the smiling audience with defeated bewilderment as the anal plug was pulled from his mouth by Madam Harriet while two of the maids pulled his tortured cheeks apart, exposing his anus. As Harriet traversed the body of her bound prize, the crowd of women applauded and jeered as they witnessed his anus dilate in submissive obedience to the acceptance of the plug; their reaction making him edge closer to orgasm with the lush humiliation. Harriet sneered and eased the blunt handle of her whip into his open rectum.

'See how he now yearns to take the plug; he knows it is his passport to the noose he now desires.' The derisory sneers and laughter increased as he bucked at the bench, his cock boning as he saw their delight at his violation. Harriet removed the whip and eased the bulbous plug home, making him groan audibly for the last time. She then held his hair, and had him suck on the whip handle, her cunt slipping in wetness beneath the leather as she enjoyed the utter obedience which he now showed; too late to save him. He was then smartly ball-gagged and the sides of the bench were released by the naked maids to reveal leather straps which were then buckled about his ankles, thighs and chest.

The bench was then slid directly under the noose, he was slid down it, and then turned by his Mistress to face the crowd while kneeling on the trapdoor no more than two feet square. A hush of anticipation came over the watching women as one of the maids strutted over to where the rope was secured, and lowered it to dangle before his eyes. He now knew more than ever that he was to hang for the women, and his cock peaked rigid as Harriet allowed him to view the pleasure on every woman's face through the menacing loop of rope which would adorn his neck and squeeze the life from him for their enjoyment.

His stiff member pulsed pre-cum as his eyes met the victorious and lusting sneer of Fiona Brown; her cunt was tingling as she studied the bound and gagged male who had once treated her like an item of livestock.

She remembered how curt and arrogant he had been, now he had cried like a child under the delicious whips and her nipples poked hard as she thought of him hanging. His thoughts were equally rich as he gasped at the gag and wallowed in masochistic anticipation at how the rope would feel, while staring at her in submissive defeat; she had been his lowly household maid, he had yearned to simply mount her prim feminine body and spend his seed while thinking of the governess, yet she was dominant. She had brought him to his place of execution, she was victorious over him and her pleasure at doing so was made so cruelly obvious by her, she would rejoice wholeheartedly as she saw him hanged and the delicious irony had his balls and anus tingling in masochistic ecstasy.

The cruel flavour of his path to the gallows was not lost on Madam Harriet Fortescue as she slipped the noose over his neck and caught the intense liaison between the defeated male and his victorious maid. She grinned at her as she pulled the silky slipknot tight behind his neck, making him swallow hard as he felt the tight caress of the rope for the first time.

'It's time for you to provide our full enjoyment of the event now; I'll have you know the sweetest ectasy as you pay for your former misgivings.' She beckoned to the prim young maid, her heart racing as the watching women observed her progress up the steps to the platform. The noosed slave's anus clenched hard at the plug, his cock dribbling on her approach. Harriet was close to orgasm as she felt his submissive excitement, and addressed the eager women, some now openly masturbating as they viewed the noosed male.

'This is Madam Fiona Brown, she is a housemaid to this arrogant male, and she delivered him to me. Justice deems that she has become his Mistress, and that she shall take him from me too. He will be hanged by Mistress Fiona Brown!' The crowd of onlooking women applauded loudly at their approval of this unexpected twist, the primly dressed maid, once a lowly servant of the pompous gentleman, would show him his true position below her, and all women. She did not falter in her task, strutting with a delighted sneer to award the male his final humiliating torment, her rounded breasts expressing hard excited nipples through the fabric of the formal attire becoming of a simple maid, as she relished each step to him under the eyes of women who viewed her present position with some jealousy.

The spice of the moment gripped her, slapping his face hard several times, making the bound and noosed male's cock bone rigid in sublime humiliation which was witnessed with supreme pleasure by the audience. He grunted in a submissive fervour as she lifted her skirts to reveal no underwear, and pulled his still stinging red face into her moist crotch.

'Sniff my cunt! Sniff! Sniff at the cunt that you wished to seed at your leisure! You'll not seed it, nor any other, but it will enjoy many orgasms at your expense as I recall the memory of this day and dominate pets worthy of my choice.' His balls now pulsed sticky globules of clear pre-cum from his rock hard cock as he sniffed hard at the delectable scent of dominant female arousal, consumed by the atmosphere of excited women, each fervently eager to see him hang. He sniffed at her soft crevice, trying in vain to somehow get his tongue past the wicked ball to taste the juices of his executioner, as he descended into a complete and utter submission to his maid. His carnal wishes were blissfully affirmed as her excitement was such that her wetness seeped around the ball which rubbed urgently at her lower lips, allowing him a taste of her divine essences.

She stood tall and dominant, taking in her power over him as she revelled in the reflection of him cowering, noosed on his knees to her, audible ecstatic moans notable from some of the women as they brought themselves off at the wonderfully erotic twist they were now treated to. She sighed, close to orgasm herself as he openly humiliated himself in his carnal lust for her scent and taste.
She stroked his head in a cruel and false gesture of comforting him.

'That's it, take in my scent... take it with you as you hang... hang for me, your once housemaid and now your executioner... for hang for me you shall!' She grinned and panted with subliminally dominant pleasure as she stepped back and aside to allow the audience an unobstructed view, as the smiling naked maids moved to the rear where the rope was tethered, and hauled the wriggling male up, to have him tip-toe on the trap. More pleasured moans emanated from positions in the crowd as the male sampled the delicious grip of the rope, which he would soon know the full extent of in submissive earnest.

In the crowd, a new slave's cock was teased incessantly with a cane, his abdomen bucking in and out involuntarily as he yearned to come, awestruck at the prospect of seeing a male hanged by his maid, the similarity of his own circumstances in being brought to heel by his cook not lost on him. The heady atmosphere of thorough enjoyment demonstrated by women in blissful arousal about him, keeping him totally absorbed in his own state of submission. His grinning Mistress twirled the cane in his abundant lubrication. She gently tugged the leash so as to command his attention without him losing the focus of thought which she enjoyed him having.

'You envy his position, don't you? You'd love to hang for me while the spectacle is enjoyed by many women. Admit it.' The teasing tone of her words had his anus tingle and massage the rude plug which he was now learning to enjoy wearing; he could not deny the curious and very clear submissive envy he had to be in the divinely humiliating position the male now faced.

'Yes Mistress... I would wish to have my life ended that way... by you, and witnessed by pleased women.' She stroked her wet cleft with satisfaction at his admission, increasingly revealing that he was truly submissive and lusting for the strictest domination, he would serve her well. She pressed his aching cock up against his belly with her cane.

'I know you'll be obedient despite your inner desires, and as much as I would thoroughly enjoy seeing you succumb to the rope for those few exquisite moments, just remember again; the dead do not suffer, and I intend to enjoy seeing you suffer, by my hand and by those of the women I choose to loan you to.' She took the cane and slipped it gently upward through the moist arousal of her labia, then offered it to his nose and then his mouth, smiling as he licked it clean dutifully, without prompting. Their eyes were then drawn to the bound male's final humiliation.

Madam Harriet studied Fiona's pleasure as two of the maids returned to the tether, while the other two grinned ecstatically in lifting the wriggling male to his feet as he was hoisted to tiptoe on the trap, his cock boning as he teetered under the grip of the noose, ready to award the women their ultimate pleasure in seeing him disposed of on the rope. With the noose now gesturing to award its full promise, the taut rope offering what little elasticity there was as it gripped his throat in a deadly caress, the bound male's cock bobbed rudely as he was allowed to take in the full realisation of his predicament.

When he had allowed his innermost carnal desires to be exposed and exploited by Madam Harriet Fortescue, he could never have dreamed that he would lose complete control to her and pay with his life. And who had led him there, secretly dominant and knowing he would be whipped, defeated by the power of femininity, and hanged to satisfy a sadistic whim? As he snorted in fear and submissive yearning, he could still smell the dominant Miss Brown on the messy ball-gag which had obliged her aroused cunt. Of all the women who now focused with pleasure and anticipation upon the defeated spectacle he now was, her eyes were the most significant in keeping his cock rigid and dribbling. Harriet, who had ensured his failure in order to enjoy his appointment with the gibbet, enriched his growing lust to provide the humiliating end that the many women now expressed in an expectant hush.

She strutted around him as his toes strained to keep his balance on the trap which would soon disappear below him, sneering at her prize while trailing the whip he had known so well behind her, showing her full breasts and curvaceous feminine shape which squeaked in the tight black leather.

'Now you'll know the full price for your disobedience. I want you to observe the delight of every woman here in your final moments, your Mistress will now hang you!' He squirmed in his tight bonds, feeling every unyielding strap, snorting wildly through his nose as he tried to suck air past the ball-gag, the noose gripping tight with its promise of the slow strangulation to come. His cock bobbed stiff as his eyes took in the eyes of the female audience burning with anticipation, and boned rock hard as Harriet nodded to Mistress Fiona Brown while pointing her whip handle to the stark but ornately carved trap lever.

The shaft, which lay low to the ground, was cylindrical, the head a deliciously chiselled bell-end; pulled erect, it would symbolise the rude and glorious final excitement of the male as dropped through the trap to know the exquisite total dominance of womanhood.

Her eyes met his, and showing the acute depth of her pleasure as she slowly wrapped her slender fingers about the flange of the bell-end at its top, her cunt tingling as she savoured her power over his destiny.

There was now almost total silence as the grinning, sneering, women focused on the noosed male and his maid, the hush broken only by the restrained sighs of those women who could not contain their sadistic pleasure at the spectacle, and the near hysterical snorting of the male as he teetered on the trap, his lungs seeming to devour the air in knowing they would soon be deprived of it. The pert maid's breasts heaved as her slender knuckles whitened with her grip on the lever.

'You will now hang for me!' With her mouth agape, her eyes wild with excitement, she snapped the lever back, pulling the wooden phallus erect and goading, sending the trap to drop away from under his toes with a resounding crash. The male dropped no more than two inches and gasped through the ball-gag as he jerked on the taut silky rope, his ears greeted by the deafening and wholesome applause of the women as he was served with the penalty for disobedience and hanged for their delight.

The creaking rope was ardent in its cruel duty as the noose slowly gripped his throat ever tighter while he struggled vainly at his bonds, his toes seeking the support which was now gone forever, his wrists and ankles squirming in their tight restriction, pleasing the women whose rich applause gave way to sighs and moans as many sat with with legs wide, nursing their cunts as he paid on the rope.

Harriet first enjoyed a thoroughly deserved orgasm, her cunt bulging in the tight leather and accepting the pleasure of her fingers as she surveyed her triumph over another male, then sighed as she determined to have him enjoy his demise to the utmost. She gestured to Fiona whose smile of deep satisfaction at her work radiated from her, and the two moved close to their victim, to taunt and have their full pleasure of him. He snorted wildly through his nose, fighting to inflate his lungs as the restricting noose took him closer to death, his balls tingling incessantly, cock rudely erect, and anus unable to dilate any further in fear, stretched tight by the delicious plumed plug. Their approach seemed an eternity as each second of increasing strangulation took its cruel toll. Harriet grinned and gently gripped the cock which could not hide the innermost carnal pleasure at his absolute submission to total feminine dominance, easing her thumb in the ample pre-cum which oozed freely from his bell-end.

'I'll have you take a lasting image with you as you go to your death.' She slowly turned him on the creaking rope, and had him face the mirrors. Both women sneered with satisfaction as Harriet felt his cock pulse urgently on seeing himself hanging, bound and humiliated, the applause and pleased gesturing of the audience, each trying to gain his individual attention as they expressed their dominant pleasure at his hanging. His cock boned as the rope now made his reddening countenance throb as he was strangled, the pain now deliciously pleasurable as watched himself writhe on the rope, enveloped by the rich delight of feminine superiority as he hanged.

He snorted and squirmed, testing the bondage which was now so delectable in magnifying his helplessness, fighting to stay conscious as the rope and gibbet creaked, while Fiona Brown who was once maid, now supreme Mistress, slipped her slender hand over his cock.

'You wanted to spend your seed for me, and you'll not be denied that pleasure. You'll spend under my terms, and it will be your last. You'll come for the woman that's hanged you.' He sank into the ecstasy of total submission as he watched himself milked on the rope, Fiona's smile of acute pleasure making his cock bone as never before, her cunt close to orgasm as her fingers worked the cock that wanted to know the warmth of that cunt, but now knew the rope. He now jerked in wanton submissive pleasure, desperately trying to stay within this world as the grinning Fiona stropped at his pulsing cock, the audience of women beginning a slow handclap to encourage his gesture of masculine submission. Fiona felt his urgency as his torso stiffened, she would enjoy one final taunt and relish his humiliating disgrace.

'Surrender your balls, come for the maid who has hanged you, I'll have that seed before you die for me!' Harriet's cunt tingled in the leather as she stood closer and turned him slightly so that he may take in her reflection fully too, whilst yielding his ultimate deliverance. His tortured body warped in divine capitulation to the dominant maid who had hanged him, immersed in submissive pleasure as the seed rose from his balls, brought to account by her controlling hand. The handclap was brought to a resounding crescendo and accompanied by cruel laughter and jeers as Fiona brought him off in triumph, a torrent of hot cum streaked from his cock in ecstatic pulses as he surrendered his manhood in total humiliation, his blurring eyes concentrating hard on his own hanged image and the sublime pleasure shown by the two women as he was milked thoroughly on the rope.

His ecstasy reached a peak he could never have envisaged as the sneering Fiona worked every last spurt from his doomed balls while he bit hard on the ball-gag and snorted erratically, his jerking on the creaking rope increasing the grip of the noose, his face turning blue as they enjoyed seeing him spend in submission and suffer sweet strangulation. His last recollection as his brain buzzed toward unconsciousness was the satisfied sneer on Fiona Brown's face as she let his spent cock hang, dribbling into the void over which his bound body hung, she and Harriet now turning to face the applauding audience of thoroughly satisfied women.

They watched him twitch on the rope as his snorting ceased, and his eyes closed, the stark spectacle of his execution there for all to enjoy as he twirled, his life ebbing away on the gibbet.

Harriet nodded with a grin to the two maids at either end of the audience as she and Fiona stepped down to join the crowd, and the black curtains were pulled across; the four whip bearing maids flanking the hanged male in pairs, standing proudly in their nakedness as the audience savoured their last view of the male before it was obscured by the curtain.

The Mistress teased her new slave as he gawped at the curtain; her cunt more than ready to know the service of his tongue again.

'Oh, he will hang for another ten minutes or so before he is truly dead, but there is no further visual treat to be had from that; all the ladies here will be anxious to return to their rooms with their slaves and enjoy their thoughts on the display, as am I.' His mind numbed with submissive awe, his leash was jerked and she led him back to the exit.

As soon as the curtain was pulled closed, the maids worked swiftly in taking the hanged male down, giggling as they removed his gag and taking turns in blowing air into his lungs to revive him, taking pleasure in playing with his spent cock, grinning as it stiffened again to announce his resurrection. He gasped as he lay, spent and weak with trauma, his eyes opening to witness one of the burly maids delighting in refitting his ball-gag as he lay amongst the comfort of their ample flesh, his cock brought to an erection by soothing hands and the sight of their ample breasts displaying nipples hard with excitement. The maid giggled as his gag was buckled tight to maintain his silence.

'Yes, you are re-born to know further service to womanhood elsewhere; you died on the gibbet and now you'll be taken to start a new life.' She lifted his head and his slippery cock pulsed in the hand of the maid who teased it as the ornately feminine doors slowly opened like a huge cunt welcoming a willing cock, and two maids dressed in white emerged from the darkness within, a coffin-like box with ornate carvings and latticed vents on a trolley, wheeled in by them. One grinned as she held a large syringe high, squeezing it gently to expel a little of its content, before easing it into the flesh of the dazed male. The maids grinned as she took great pleasure in seeing him jerk at the dull pain, but offer no resistance as the content was squeezed into his bloodstream.

'This will keep you calm and obedient on your journey; you are going to give someone much pleasure.' His head swam as the drug took hold, and the soothing hand of a maid pleasured his cock while another showed him the cock cage he had worn as he was milked for a second time. Enhanced by the drug, his mind returned to Fiona's hand as he was pleasured, and the maids giggled as he achieved a lush orgasm, spending plentifully despite his prior emission.

His cock was then smartly caged and the six females lifted his increasingly limp body and laid him face down in the interior of the box, deeply padded and upholstered with black velvet. He fought to keep his eyes open as the lid was locked on, but the comfort of the box, combined with the effects of the drug and his recent ordeal meant he soon slipped into darkness as the box too was consumed in the darkness of the huge vaginal portal as the maids in white wheeled him through it. The four naked maids rubbed their cunts with their whip handles as they watched him depart, wondering at the fate he would encounter, and knowing that it would be far worse than hanging.

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