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Asian Stranger Becomes My Mistress

A beautiful Asian woman walks up to my table and becomes my Mistress

I was sitting in a moderately priced restaurant having lunch by myself on a Thursday afternoon. I don't want to give anyone free advertising so let's call it Apple Tuesday Chiliback Lone Friday. I got a compensation day and didn't just want to sit in the house and look at porn all day and feel like the day was a waste. I got up a few hours later than I usually would, went to the gym, showered and am out for a decent lunch before going to catch a movie. That is what I thought at least. I'm 34 years old, married to a boring wife that doesn't care to ever have sex and it is beyond vanilla when we do have it. I've gotten to the point where I don't even masturbate much anymore. I look at a lot of porn and read a lot of erotica. My wife is vanilla as can be but essentially she has me in chastity. She has no sex drive that she shows to me at least. Whenever I try to make physical contact to her she rebuffs me. I feel she doesn't have any sexual desire for me and she has me locked up in virtual chastity. I realize that and somehow, I enforce it upon myself as well by not masturbating. It makes me feel pathetic but I can't help myself. I'm not a bad looking guy but Chip N Dales isn't calling me for any jobs either. Let's not kid ourselves, I'm in my mid-thirties and the extra 20 pounds around the waist is just part of reality. I am however a very friendly, humorous and well-groomed guy. I stand 5'10", 220 pounds with some muscle definition but nothing that causes the girls to turn the heads when I'm walking down the aisles of the grocery store.

So back to my lunch. I'm eating a healthy fish platter and enjoying a beer with my meal. The restaurant is relatively empty as I came in at 10:30 so too early for the lunch crowd. No one is sitting around me and with my beer 3/4 full, the waitress has no need to keep coming by. I was just watching some sports news on the big screen TV near my table when a gorgeous woman walked over and just sat down. This has definitely never happened to me before so I was frozen with confusion. This young woman just sat down in my booth right across from me. She reached over and took my water and took a sip. She said, "I'm Leslie". She was definitely early 20s, half Asian and half American as I found out later. She was drop dead gorgeous. No more than 5'3", long black hair, her skin was just a caramel-brown color and her breasts were small, perky and in a bra that pushed them up so you had to notice them. She was wearing a white silk blouse that showed off her curves and cut low enough to show off her white lace bra pushing up her wonderfully perky breasts. The blouse wasn't a standard button up but it draped down in a crisscross fashion making it seem like her bending over would allow it to open up and expose herself more easily. I only saw her legs briefly as she walked towards me and they were fit and disappeared quite high into her more than mid-high thigh black skirt. Her heels were probably 3 inches high but she walked like they were flats. She wore no jewelry except some very simple diamond stud earrings. No rings, necklaces or bracelets. She was dressed very professionally but not flashy. Elegant yet simple would be my best description of her outfit.

She said, "I'm Leslie". I stared at her in a fog. She sipped the water. She repeated, "I said, I'm Leslie."

I dropped my fork being nervous and stumbled over my tongue and said, "Ummm. Hi.... ummm, I mean... I... I... I'm Tony."

"That's great Tony. So I need you to just relax a little for me. You seem very nervous right now. Let's start with you taking 3 deep breaths and letting them out nice a slow for me." She was confident, intent and clearly controlling the situation with her confidence.

I took a deep breath and slowly released it and repeated 2 more times. My heart slowed and I didn't feel so anxious but I was still confused about what was going on.

"Again, I'm Leslie and we have established that you are Tony. I'm going to go out on a limb here because I am looking for something to do occupy my day today and I think you may be the solution."

I am confused and say, "I'm sorry. I don't understand."

She giggles and smiles and my heart melts a little and well... my cock can't help but get a little uncomfortable in my pants.

She says, "I'm going to use you today to keep me occupied Tony. I just need you to relax and hear me out."

When she said to relax it was like I felt it. My body just felt like a chord went through me and I felt calmer. She was definitely a calming effect on most of me. She was also forcing blood flow below and I need to adjust my pants but don't want it to be obvious to her.

"How long have you been married Tony?" She pointed at the ring on my finger.

"Three years."

"That wasn't a glow or even a smile when you answered, Tony. It sounded like you were stating how much time you have done on your prison sentence."

I lower my eyes. She hit that nail on the head. I don't hate my wife. I just hoped the sex would get better rather than disappear like it has. She was conservative and inexperienced when we were dating so I didn't encourage her to explore her sexuality and now it's something she just doesn't interest her and I'm stuck... well... at best... with my dick in my hand. Even that doesn't happen. Heck, it's been 5 weeks since I have even let myself ejaculate. I can't even consider myself a cuckold because she isn't having sex and making me watch or telling me about it. I'm just in self-mandated chastity. I don't even try to get her to have sex anymore because she always rebuffs me so on the few occasions she does say yes, I felt like it was still so unwanted that I felt like I was having sex with a dead fish.

"How long, Tony?"

"I've been married 3 years like I said."

"No. How long since you have cum?"

"I... ummm... that's very personal... I'm sorry but..."

She cut me off. "OK Tony. One more time. Three deep breaths and let them out slow."

I don't know why but I just did it. I felt calmer.

She seemed to appreciate my quick compliance to her request. "We really don't have time to go through this time and time again. I am going to ask you uncomfortable questions. I need you to just answer them for me. It will just be better if you see me as your therapist and realized that nothing said to me will ever go anywhere so just let it out. OK Tony?"

I feel scolded. I lower my eyes again and just say, "OK." I don't even know why. I felt more passive. It was like she already knew my sex life was pathetic so being evasive seemed pointless. My calm state just helped me clarify that to myself after my third deep breath.

She continued, "Now. How long Tony?"

"Five weeks." I kept my eyes down. Saying it out loud to her made me feel even more pathetic than just knowing it myself.

She sipped again on my water and said, "That is very sad Tony. I bet your balls are just aching. Why don't you just whack off all the time if she won't give you sex?"

Again, I felt embarrassed but I knew I was going to answer. "I don't know. The best I've been able to explaining to myself is self-mandated chastity. I look at porn all the time and read erotic stories but I avoid getting to the point of masturbation."

She looked at me empathetically, "What kind of porn and stories do you like most, Tony?"

"I like Asian women a lot. I like kinky sex stuff."

She smiled almost giggled, "Oh Tony. Kinky sex stuff is vague. Come on. Tell me what type of kinky sex stuff do you like?"

"BDSM" is all I say.

She gets a serious look on her face, "More specific Tony. You keep yourself in chastity. You excite yourself but don't let yourself orgasm. What kinky stuff do you like?"

"I enjoy the idea of being submissive to an Asian Mistress."

She smiles and just replies, "good boy tony." i actually could feel that she spoke my name with it being spelled in all lower case. i felt very small. Very timid in her presence. She continued, "I am going to bathroom now tony. I want you to continue eating your meal. No more beer. Drink our water. We will share it for now.

She got up and walked toward the bathrooms. i sat there enjoying watching her walk away from me. Her legs and ass were amazing. i continued eating my meal. i just assumed she'd never return. What an odd experience but wow was she gorgeous. i didn't touch my beer but ate my food and took a few sips of water when i felt a little thirsty.

Five minutes later, she was returning toward my table and my brain went back into panic mode. Holy shit this wasn't over. i'm freaking out. What is going on here? Why is she back?

She sat back down and she took a sip of my... our water. It was our water now. She looked at me and saw i was anxious again. She took a breath and said, "tony, you are all wound up again. Let's go with another 3 deep breaths. This time, I'll do them with you. I want you to follow along with me." She took a deep breath and i saw her chest fill with air and i followed. She exhaled slowly and made it last longer than mine. "Slower exhale next time tony." She repeated. i was able to match her exhale better this time but i kept my eyes locked on her cleavage and watched her wonderful globes as the air exited from her lungs. i looked up before she started her 3rd breath and she was smiling. "One more tony even deeper this time. Focus and a long exhale." We took in a deeper breath and my eyes again lowered to watch her breasts. She exhaled and taking her hands she expanded her cleavage even more exposing her breasts to me a little more. She didn't expose her nipples but her action was very erotic and i could almost feel my desire to be submissive to her go even deeper. i felt surrender. i no longer cared and was mentally ready to just obey Miss Leslie in anything she asked. She left her blouse opened up showing deep cleavage. It was sensual but not tacky.

She spoke and said, "Pay the bill on the on table system and follow me. You will follow me and you will obey me from now on. Agreed tony?"

i was fumbling for my wallet as i heard the end of her sentence. i stumbled my words but replied, "Ye... ye... Les... Yes. Miss Leslie."

"Good boy," she smiled and got up as i finished putting in a fair tip for a waitress that didn't bother to return to my table after bringing me my food. For once, bad service was a nice thing.

i got into my car and she was already waiting to exit the parking lot in her white Lexus SUV. i got in my meager Toyota Celica and followed her. My cock was rock hard. This was the most i had been excited in a very long time. i had no idea what i was really getting myself into but a hot young Asian bombshell just come up unsolicited and knew how submissive i was and told me to follow her to.... somewhere?

We arrive a very nice house in a gated community. She pulls up the drive on the side of the house and she pulls into one of the 3 garages. A second door opens and i see her motion to pull in as well. i pull in and the doors close. i get out of the car and she is already at the door. She stands there as i catch up with her. She looks at me as she stands in the open door but blocking it. She is up on the stairs going into the house so she is actually looking down at me in a very controlling way.

"I am going to enter and close the door. You will count to 10 then enter. There is a board on the wall. You must read and agree comply. You entering the 2nd door is your indication you comply. If you can't agree to what is on the board then you need to exit to the garage and leave the property. You will never see me again. Do you understand?"

i nod yes but my mind is swirling. What am i getting myself into here? She closes the door and after about 3 seconds, i realize i hadn't started counting to 10 yet. i am not sure if i am supposed to do it out loud or not so i count out each number and pause for a mental "one thousand / Mississippi" before saying the next number. i get to 10 and taking a deep breath and letting it out, i open the door and go in. There is a cork board with a printed letter on it. i read it.


You have been observed to be submissive and invited back to experience your submissive side. I require nothing from you but your submissive obedience. I don't take gifts or money. I am a sensual Mistress so very limited pain will be experienced here. You must however obey my commands. Hesitation is not acceptable. Realize when you enter the next door, you need to react to my commands without delay. Failure will result in punishment (I said limited not NO pain) or if it continues, you will be dismissed. Remember you are here to submit to me so your desires are subordinate to mine.

The following steps are required before you can enter the door:

1. Disrobe completely.

2. Enter the bathroom attached to this room and utilize the enema kit. Fill the bag and complete 3 times filling and purging of yourself. Do not rush and be thorough in this, you need to be clean to serve me. Be sure to walk around the room and stretch and bend for 15 minutes after your third cycle to ensure you are empty. Use the 15 minute timer on the wall for your last cycle.

3. Shower yourself clean. Scrub thoroughly. I want my toys to be very clean.

4. No hair between your legs. Shave your pubic area, balls and taint smooth. If you can't do this, you must turn around now. You will be dismissed if this is not done. No exceptions.

5. Once you are prepared for me with the above steps, you will enter through the 2nd door completely naked and start your service to Mistress Leslie.

6. Standard protocol for safety apply. Red means stop. Yellow means too intense. If unable to speak, blinking to get my attention until you are asked for 1 blink red and 2 blinks yellow can be asked of you.

Well, none of that is an issue. i like an occasional enema and i shave myself so this should be just a touch up as i already shaved after the gym when i changed at home for lunch. i have nothing to lose and only a fantasy to gain if i just comply with the letter. i start disrobing and set my clothes neatly in a pile on a table next to the board. Naked, i go into the bathroom and the enema kit is a very standard unit but next to it is something i've seen and always wanted to try. It's an enema tube that inflates to hold the enema in longer. i perform my first enema without it to clear out the first wave. i slide in the tube for the second and inflate it before releasing the 2nd enema inside me. i am able to rest for 10 minutes holding it in and i can almost feel it going deeper up my colon. i purge even more and the third is held for 15 minutes before i purge and it is pretty clean. i walk around stretching and bending, i do some sit ups and push-ups and contort my torso so any remaining water moves down the track. After 15 minutes the time reaches 0 and i purge a little more. i then shower and scrub myself everywhere twice. i use the razor to trim myself and the blade is new so i feel even more of the remaining stubble being made smooth. As i shower, i finally notice that there are cameras so now i know that all my preparation has been observed. My cock inflates. i see some spray deodorant and a bottle of cologne with a label on it saying "only two pumps on your neck and chest" so i spray once to my neck and once to my chest.

i stand at the door naked. i can't believe i am doing this. i looked at my wrist and realized i still had my watch on. i quickly take it off but notice the time. My preparation had taken an hour. It was now 12:30. i put it next to my clothes and take a moment to turn off my phone so it doesn't start ringing. i again stand at the door and take 3 deep breaths to calm down and i turn the door knob and step into the next room.

Not knowing what to expect, it was just the kitchen with a table for 4. i guess it is a regular house so kitchens are typically set to the back near the garage. i closed the door and just stood there admiring the room as i was still alone in the room. i didn't dare wander around. i just waited and noticed my cock again getting hard. After a few minutes, she entered from the great room which i could see opening from the kitchen but i wasn't able to see much of it. Mistress Leslie too had changed her outfit and i about fell over. She wore high heels, this time probably 4 inch heels and nothing else but a black under bust corset. The top of the corset lined directly under her breasts and curved with the contour of them. Her breasts were more amazing than anticipated. She was a firm B cup with small nipples and perfectly round and natural. Her legs were bare and her pussy was completely shaved. i could see her pelvic bone protruding just enough to provide a sensual curve. Her skin was flawless and although covered by the corset, i saw no tension or skin pushing out. Her stomach was undoubtedly firm as the rest of her body. Her arms were tone but not overly muscular. She was indeed a goddess to be worshiped. i felt my knees getting week and my cock was inflating. She walked toward me and stopped.

"Turn around tony. Let me see."

i turned slowly in a circle as she inspected me. i felt subconscious about my flabby stomach. Once i made a full circle, i stopped and i saw what was in her right hand.

"Kneel down tony."

i dropped to my knees and she walked up to me. My face was right at the level of her corset but i smelled her and she smelled of roses or something flowery that was very sensual. She had no problem putting the collar on me and it was the first time i ever felt a collar around my neck. i felt more submissive. She attached a chain and instructed me to stand and follow behind her. We walked past a large mirror and for the first time i could see and process my situation visually. i was being led through a very nice house by an Asian Mistress 10 years younger than me by a leash and collar and my cock was full on raging hard. i looked at her amazing ass and felt happier than i have felt in a very long time.

She led me to a door and down to the basement. Through a sports motif TV/bar area there was a back door behind the bar with a stock of liquor and small kitchen to cook food for any parties for friends watching "the big game." In this room was another door to a closet, the closet was empty but big enough for us both to enter. The door was closed by Mistress Leslie and we were in a completely dark closet for a few seconds. i heard a few sounds of her pushing the wall in the back and suddenly it opened. The door didn't open, it slid to the side and the light in the next room entered the closet. In this room was a full blown dungeon with pretty much anything you could ask for from any kinky BDSM video i had ever seen. She pulled me out of the closet and the door closed. A larger leather padded door on hinges was in front of this sliding door and after she walked me to the center of the room, she returned and closed it. There was no door knob to reopen it. It matched the rest of the wall and obviously provided sound proofing so noise would not escape from the room.

She saw me watching her and she stopped and smiled making me want to melt to the ground. She was so amazingly gorgeous.

"It's sound proofed. I am not a sadistic mistress but you may need to express yourself loudly and I can assure you that even if there were 20 people in the basement, they wouldn't hear a sound. Maybe next week, I'll have you back to serve drinks to some of my girlfriends as we watch the game... and other activities." She grinned devilishly. "As for no door knob on this door. You are always free to leave but leaving before I am done with you, means never getting another session. If this isn't for you, you can ask to leave at any time. The no visible door knob is a safety precaution so no one thinks of doing anything stupid and that they can hurt me and just leave. You can't leave unless I open the door. I don't anticipate any problems from you tony. You see, I've been researching you for quite some time. I didn't just come upon you today and invite you home. I've been looking into you for over 3 months, so I know a lot about you including your passion for Asian Mistresses and what porn and erotic stories you like."
She smiled and I felt a little freaked out that someone could know all that about me. i clear my cache on my computer every time i close the browser and i close the browser after every porn session or if i ever leave the house. i am no more than a mouse in a maze to this seductress and all i could think is.... i'm good with that.

"Are you ready for some fun tony?"

i eagerly reply back, "Yes Mistress. i am here to obey your every command."

"Good boy, tony. Come stand by this padded table. Hands to your side. Never touch me unless I instruct you to."

i move to the table and she comes up next to me. She removes the leash and puts it on the table. She takes some padded leather cuffs from the table and puts them on my wrists then bends down brushing her hair against my erect cock as she brings the other two cuffs to my ankles and affixes them firmly. They feel comfortable. They have some cool fur inside them that feels really soft. She grabs the metal hook on the cuff on my left wrist and leads me between two pillars. In front of me is a padded leather hitch post that is already adjusted to just below my waist. She first attaches my wrists to clasps on the hitch posts and spreading my legs out she attaches my ankles to the two beams by a chain about 2 feet long. i am slightly bent forward but i can place my hands on the hitch post before me and my legs are spread about a foot wider past my shoulders. i can't see Mistress Leslie, she is behind me and all my reading of erotic tells me that moving my head around on a swivel is a quick way to punishment. i finally feel her behind me and she is leaning into me a little as she reaches under my legs and i feel her grabbing at my hard as steel cock and rubbing my balls a little.

"Mmm. Shaved nice and smooth for me tony. Good boy. Five weeks without release. I bet your balls are very sensitive to the touch aren't they."

She starts with a soft caress of my balls which turns into a firm grasp after a few seconds. She holds them firmly applying a little added pressure. i then emit a groan of discomfort and then she releases them only to start tapping them with her fingers till she hits the pressure that changes from erotic to a level of mild discomfort for me and i again begin to whimper a little at the sensation. She continues this for at least a minute but my sense of time is probably warped from the discomfort of the situation. There are no clocks visible in the room so i will have no way of telling how long anything lasts unless Mistress Leslie tells me.

"Good boy. You want me to make those balls explode for you, tony?"

i sob a little because it is really so much of what i want to experience. A mistress using me and letting me experience a deep orgasm at her command.

i almost start to cry as i say, "Yes Mistress.... so much." i take a deep breath to try to capture my composure.

"Well, tony. That may or may not happen today. I'm still deciding if I should toy with you for a while and make you wait until week 6 before letting your chastity end. Or perhaps, week 8 or 12 or..." Her voice tappers off leaving me wondering what last number may be at the end of her thought.

My eyes grow wide with the idea. i may get what i want in being submissive to such a beautiful mistress but in the end, i could be no better off than before if she chooses to make me her chastity toy as well. i feel confused, sad but know all i can do is obey her and hope for some mercy.

She steps away and i hear latex gloves snapping. She walks around in front of me and i see on her petite hands, black latex gloves on both hands. She has a bottle of massage oil that she is pouring into one hand then she puts the bottle down and begins to rub them together. She reaches down in front of me and lubes up my cock and balls with the lotion and greases it up. The sensation is wonderful. It has been so long since another person has made contact with my cock and balls and especially with it be lubed up and starting to stroke it. i could only groan with pleasure. She rubs the oil all over them but her major purpose is to oil them up and she doesn't apply strong pressure nor does she stroke the cock much to increase my arousal. Still it is contact to my sensitive area and i enjoy it as best i can. i groan with pleasure then her hands disappear from my skin. i whimper from the withdrawal of the sensation. She takes the lotion and disappears behind me and i hear more oil being dispensed. This time she oils up my ass cheeks then enters between my cheeks and applies some pressure against my anus. i play with my ass some but it has been some time and never have i had a woman touch my anus so i squirmed forward. i can't go very far with the wood bar directly in front of my hips.

"Hmmm. You don't play much with your butt do you tony?"

"A little Mistress but not very much. It's hard to hide toys around the house for that without raising suspicion, "i reply.

i hear her place more lube on her glove as she hears my reply, "Well, nothing to hide here tony." She applies more pressure to my anus and drives her finger into my ass. i groan and find myself pressed against the wood beam in front of me as she wiggles her finger inside my ass. She removes it and pushes it back in me. Then eventually gets into a rhythm where she is finger fucking my ass and then i feel her add a 2nd finger and i moan deeper at the sensation. i've never had a woman do this to me and the mix of humiliation and erotic sensation is awesome. i'm glad i can lean my hands against the beam in front of me to help steady me because she continues to finger fuck me for a while getting my virgin ass to take her fingers.

"I think you are liking this tony. You like me fucking your ass with my fingers?"

"Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress."

"Well, maybe I should put on my strap-on and fuck your ass more thoroughly?"

i moan at the thought and finally beg, "Yes please Mistress fuck my ass with your strap-on please."

She removes her fingers and walks around to look at my eyes. She removes her gloves and grabs my hair and pushes my head down to force me to look at my cock. It is dripping pre-cum and a lot.

She points to the pre-cum accumulating on the floor already. "This is just from my two fingers in you tony. If I fuck you with a strap on, you might actually achieve orgasm and we can't have that happen. So I need to eliminate full penial stimulation from the equation this early. I can't have you shooting off already tony." She makes a frowny face and tries to look sad about it.

She walks over to a refrigerator and brings out a small tray with some plastics pieces in a solution and a blue gel in a plastic bag. She puts the tray on the floor in front of me and the blue gel bag is big enough to cover my balls and cock. The cool sensation immediately deflates my erection and shrinks my balls back inside me. i gasp from the sensation but other than involuntary gasps and groans from the cold sensation, i stay quiet.

My cock in fully limp and she removes the blue gel bag. The pieces in the tray are to a CB-6000 chastity device. She attaches it to me in little time and locks a small padlock on it. The cold liquid it was in was just more massage oil but it keeps the device cool and lubricated so there is no chance of the penis expanding during installation.

Mistress Leslie stands up and disappears behind me again. i hear her behind me and look down at the tray with the massage oil in it. i see her dipping a metal anal plug that is about 5 inches long into the gel.

"OK tony. Phase two of getting that ass ready for me to fuck it with my favorite strap on. First, I want you to get use to something inside you deep and thicker."

She takes the anal rod and presses it against my hole and let's it penetrate a little then lets is push out. The rod has several bulbs on it so basically it is a 5 inch dildo with anal beads so once it goes into the anus it acts as a stopping point. She presses it again and lets it enter and exit. Then again but this time she presses it half way in and it doesn't exit this time. She wiggles it in my ass making me groan with mixed feelings of erotic sensation and dealing with a foreign object in my ass. Slowly she presses it in deeper until the final bulbous bead is sucked behind my anal muscle holding it deep inside me. She twists it a few times as there is a cap holding it from just being taking completely inside me. She uses that to move it around a little and wiggle it inside me causing me to feel it move around and fill my ass.

"We need to let that stay inside you for a while so you can get used to it so for now. We need to entertain ourselves in another way."

She unclips all 4 limbs from the posts and walks me to a leather bed with other clasps on it to secure me. She lays me down on my back and connects my arms and legs opening me up in a spread eagle. She presses against the anal rod to ensure it didn't dislodge any. She inspects my penis in the chastity device.

"Wow. You are just dripping out pre-cum, tony. 5 weeks for you is sure a lot of juices pent up. You need to massage your prostate better if you aren't going to ejaculate very frequently. It's not good for your health."

My balls still have oil on them and she starts to massage them and roll them in her hand. It feels very nice until i feel the counter argument. It increases blood flow to my penis and my penis starts to grow until the CB-6000 stops its progress. She smiles as she sees the understanding on my face.

"Feels good until you got to that point huh, tony?" She continues to massage my balls. "Oh you like it but you don't, I bet." She giggles. "OK tony. I think we need some me time as your body acclimates to your new toys. Doing all this to you has made me a little turned on. I like getting my freak on with a nice submissive boy. Mmmmmm. Tell me tony, do you like my body?"

"Oh god yes Mistress. You are incredibly beautiful from your head to your toes you are gorgeous beyond belief."

"Good boy, tony. I couldn't have done better if I scripted that myself. Well, I have to tell you that my body needs a little attention now. "

She straddles on top of me and i feel her groin press against my CB-6000.

"Oh that isn't comfortable at all tony. I'm just going to go a little lower and see if I get rub my pussy against your balls." She tried for a little bit then stopped. "No that's not doing anything for me. Your balls have to be tighter." She gets up and returns with several gel cock rings and proceeds to put them on my balls until all the sag comes out of my ball sack. She returns to her previous position and i feel her rubbing her pussy against my balls making them ache. She looks into my eyes and i watch her moan as she enjoys the sensation she is getting. "You like my breasts, tony?"

"Very much so Mistress. They are exquisite!"

Mistress leans forward and places her breast to my mouth.

"Kiss it, lick it and suck it softly. They are sensitive so nothing rough and bite my nipples and I will be changing my policy on how much pain I inflict on a sub from "very little" to "begging me stop", understood?"

i don't reply but nod my head a little as i start nibbling away at her wonderful breasts. i change up my oral attentions from licking to sucking to swirling my tongue around her nipple. She moves her breasts back and forth over and over again and i know i am doing something right because i hear her responses and i'm sure i am pushing the right buttons to please her. Finally, i get her to the point where she is moaning quite passionately and then she screams out in pleasure."

"Oh god! tony... fuck yes don't stop. Holy god! i've never." She go silent as her body shakes uncontrollably and she shoots a hand between her legs. "Good god tony! I've never experienced an orgasm from just stimulation of my breasts until now. You made me cum with your tongue on my breasts. Mmmmm." She finally released her hand from between her legs and brought her hand up to my mouth. "Taste what you do did to me. Once you got me over the edge, I had to bring my hand down to keep the orgasm going even harder but I was in full orgasm before my hand touched my clit. Mmmm. tony is a very good boy!"

She laid on top of me while she caught he breath. i just laid there unable to move but enjoying the contact. Something i just don't get at home.

"OK tony, I rarely give rewards this early in a session but you did something to impress me. You can ask me to do something for you but don't over reach. The chastity device is non-negotiable. What can I do for you as a reward?"

i think and know i don't want to over reach but i realized one thing i would love to have happen so i ask. "Mistress, in your current situation you are almost completely naked. i truly find your body unbelievably beautiful. The corset is very erotic but if Mistress can grant me one favor, can Mistress allow me to see her completely naked for a while? i would love to keep serving you wearing no clothes for just a little while please."

Mistress smiles and reaches for the zipper and unzips the corset until it releases her body. Her abs are well defined under her corset and her entire body looks firm and fit. i swear if my cock wasn't restrained, it would have released a gallon of cum.

"That was a very reasonable request tony. You continue to impress me. I know my research indicated you were going to be a lot of fun but you are exceeding my expectations at every turn. I liked your enema preparation, shaving technique and even your communication to me would lead me to believe you have been in service of a Mistress in the past but my research indicates that you haven't. Am I correct?"

"Thank you for your compliments Mistress. No i have never served a Mistress in real life. A little over the phone for masturbation prior to being married but mostly from reading erotica and desiring to be submissive and polite. i am honored by your compliments and hope to continue pleasing you so much, Mistress."

"Well, we are going to take that tongue out on another test drive. This time, with my pussy and ass. I can tell you that I too cleaned myself up and my ass is very clean as well. Are you willing to service my asshole with your tongue, tony?"

"Yes please Mistress. Yes please."

She straddles my head this time and faces my cock. She spreads her ass cheeks away and moves around until she feels my tongue directly on her anus. i begin servicing her anus with my tongue. She moans and i can feel her pussy juices dripping down to my chin. It isn't long before she slides herself back some and provides me her pussy juices into my mouth. i lick and suck them down. She tastes very good. i hear a diet of the right food can change the flavor of vaginal juices and semen. Whatever she eats is yum yum yummy! i double my efforts as she slides her pussy atop my mouth and she pauses and my tongue hits her clit and starts circling it. It is virtually no time at all before she is in complete orgasm again and she just holds onto my waist as i lick and suck her through a very intense orgasm. She needs to catch her breath but doesn't want all stimulation to stop so she slides to where i am again providing sensation to her asshole and this time i take the opportunity to tongue inside. She eventually pushes back and drives my tongue in deeper her hands move between her legs and between my anal stimulation and her hands, Mistress Leslie is deep into another orgasm. She is completely spent after this orgasm and slides off of me completely.

"My god that tongue is incredible. I have to say that is the best oral stimulation I have ever received tony. Your wife must love it."

"She is grossed out with the idea of any touching of her vaginal area. She doesn't even let me finger her. i have never given her oral pleasure and i have asked on many occasions." i frown and feel sad.

"Well, her loss my gain on this one, little one. I can't believe how limiting she is sexually.

"We hardly kiss even. i just assumed after the marriage, she would open up and be more adventurous. She simply closed down and has no interest in sex or physical contact. i am just a roommate and a friend at best. She gets upset when i try to bring up the subject so i have just shut down on any attempts to discuss it with her. i'm sorry Mistress, it isn't appropriate for me to discuss this with you. i am sorry."

"It's fine tony. I'm sorry you feel so trapped but for the rest of our time, you are my little toy and you are bringing me much pleasure with your service. Even when I'm not orgasming from your tongue, I feel joy in your service to me and I want you to know that a Mistress achieves pleasure from her submissive serving and obeying. Your compliance to being bound and in chastity is very pleasing to me. I may still have you leave without letting you orgasm today. You have already earned an orgasm but I like the fact that you self-chastised and I am still deciding if you need a Mistress to make you continue it for a time to understand that it is no longer your decision. That it is mine. I won't decide for sure until later. First, I have to have a little of that ass with my strap-on toy."

She smiled and tugged at the anal toy in my ass making me squirm a bit but then i realized that i was about to have this amazing beautiful Mistress sliding her Mistress cock in and out of my ass. The thought again made my cock stir until it hit the hard plastic of the CB-6000 and was unable to continue growing.

She went across the room for a cold bottle of water. She returned and after several sips for herself, she offered some to me as well. i took two sips and thanked her. She disconnected my legs from the table and i saw her press a button that lowered two cables from the roof. She connected them to my leg cuffs and raised them into the air turning me into an "L" in the air. i heard her click a latch on the table just under my ass and go to the other side and do the same. The part of the table that was used to rest my ass and legs is now free and she rolls it away. My ass is more or less up in the air and my legs suspended above. She rolls something against the table which i later understand is a step for her to raise herself to access my ass with her toy. She moves to the side so i can watch her as she lays out and steps into her strap-on harness. She rolls over a tray with different dildos on that she can attach to her harness. i see a variety from a thin 5 inch dildo to something close to 12 inches and the thickness of my wrist. i hope she doesn't choose that one. She settles on a longer than expected toy which is about 8 inches but it is something thinner and i sigh at the idea that this would fill me deep but not tear me open with too much girth. i shudder in anticipation and Mistress smiles seeing that i am liking her choice. She attaches it and again fills her hand with lubricant and starts stroking her long rod and makes me watch.

She directs me to look her straight in the eye. "You know I'm going to fuck your ass deep and long with my cock, right?"

i groan and my body shakes as i look deep into her eyes and reply, "oh yessssssss Mistress."

She walks between my legs and steps up. i feel her wiggle the anal plug inside me and she tugs and releases, tugs and releases and then she pulls it out in one quick motion and leaves me feeling empty in an instant. i moan and feel void and want it back almost at once. She drops it to her side and i hear it hit the floor and roll away. She is still stroking her strap-on and is now staring at me between my legs. She is naked except for harness and long rod. She clicks something and i hear her cock start to hum. i didn't expect it but she had a vibrating dildo. She presses it against my anus and i feel the vibrations immediately. i want it deep inside me and vibrating my prostate. She smiles as she holds it against my hole and slowly she leans toward me and i feel it slowly enter me and start to fill my ass. i moan and feel so content looking at this goddess who has control of my body so completely. She drives it half way in and withdrawals. She moves it back inside me and moves past half way and before i know it she is flush with my body and her legs are pressed against mine, her pelvis is pressed deep against me and the dildo is filling me and vibrating deep inside me. i see Mistress press a black device and the vibrations change. My eyes roll back as the sensation inside my ass change with the change in vibration. i moan like a little slut and i try to wiggle my ass hoping the added movement will push me into deeper ecstasy. Mistress smiles and starts a rhythm sliding her long cock in and out of my ass. She keeps me guessing as she changes the vibration mode from one setting to another. i enter what i later find out is "sub space" and i lose track of what is happening and am just simply enjoying being used and pleasured by my Mistress. My ass feels like never before and nothing compares to this from what i was able to do to myself in anal play. i finally gather myself and see my Mistress fucking my ass and i feel so happy. Mistress looks so happy fucking her little toy and she starts picking up the pace. She is stroking longer strokes and deeper. She sets the vibration to a strong deep setting and i see the setting is doing as much for Mistress as it is doing to me. The dildo must be pressed against Mistress that is setting her on fire. Mistress increases her pace and seems driven to fuck my ass and wants to make that dildo cum in my ass. She grabs my legs and is thrusting fast and hard and fucking my ass so deep. i hear her breathing and her moaning. She is close to orgasm again fucking me. i feel so happy knowing Mistress is going to orgasm again while using my ass. i am totally immobilized but Mistress is using me for her pleasure so well. She starts to moan and grunt and i see her body shaking as she moans a long deep moan as she presses her cock deep inside me and she holds it deep. She looks deep in my eyes and groans with abandon as she orgasms and her eyes just drive the sensation of her orgasm into my eyes and i feel as if the dildo is cumming inside me. Mistress changed the vibration and it now feels like i feel as i ejaculate and it feels wonderful. i almost know what it is like to have a cock explode inside me.
Mistress catches her breath and eventually pulls her cock out of my ass. She observes again my limp cock has a large puddle of juice leaking from it. She effectively milked my prostate and had my cock been able to get hard, i am sure i would have been made to cum with an incredible force. Still, i can't help but enjoy the sensation i just had as Mistress took my anal virginity and fucked me in a way that i could have never imagined. Just hours ago, i was having an early lunch dreading my boring life. Now i see such opportunities of serving my Mistress that i am more excited than i have been in years over anything. i only want to find new ways to please my Mistress and hope she continues to use me in new and creative ways.

Mistress leaves her strap-on swinging from her hips as she lowers my legs and unlocks my wrists. She assist me to my feet and leans me over the table and encourages me to stretch. My ass is exposed and i almost wish she comes up behind me and starts fucking me again with her cock. i wiggle my ass and she moves quickly behind me and drives her cock inside me again fast and hard. She fucks my ass hard this time and smacks my ass as she fucks it. i moan and whimper feeling another sensation of being fucked. Mistress grabs my hips and fucks my ass. The dildo is not vibrating this time. This ass fucking is fulfilling a base desire of power fucking someone in a submissive position. Mistress seems to be energized by this sensation and she drives into my ass over and over for several minutes before my whimpers subside and her breathing becomes much labored. She again rests with her cock deep inside me before withdrawing it. i feel incredibly used and submissive to my Mistress. i only want to be held by my Mistress and feel her strong body against mine. A wave of contentment covers me and i feel so happy in my submission.

Mistress again reaches for the bottle of water and takes a few drinks and offers me some which i gladly drink and empty the bottle. She is breathing heavily and her body has a sheen of sweat covering her from her heavy activity. She is gorgeous and standing in front of me now, i can see her chest continuing to raise and fall as she regains her breath. i too am covered with sweat and my ass now has a sense of discomfort without a doubt but i still feel happiness more than anything. This is not even something i could have fantasized as well as what i am actually experiencing.

She finally catches her breath and walks over to a throne chair in another part of the room. She picks up my leash as she walks over there to require me to follow her. She wraps the leash around the thrones arm and leaves me on the floor in front on a very nice carpet as she takes a moment to remove her strap on and harness. i did catch that this time that her strap on actually entered inside her so i could see by fucking my ass it was also moving inside of her too giving her internal sensations as well.

She sat low on the throne with her ass to the edge and leaned back. She grabbed the leash and pulled me toward her and directed my face close to her crotch once again

"Lick my inner thighs and around my pussy until I command otherwise," she commanded.

i begin on one thigh tasting her salty sweat, licking and slurping with my lips to provide some suction on her moisture as i drank her sweat. i worked on one leg then the other and then started again on the inner crevice between her leg and pussy. i licked and slurped on one side and then the other which then resulted in a gasp from Mistress.

"Pussy! Lick my pussy now!" she demanded.

i immediately provided firm pressure from my tongue on her pussy. No desire to tease with her clear command to give it attention and in a matter of moments, her legs were wrapped around my back as she tried to drive my face into her crotch and she moaned and screamed from another orgasm. When she could not deal with any more contact she pushed me away and i again watched her glow in the aftermath of her orgasm as she caught her breath. She pointed at a refrigerator across the room and i immediately went to get her another cold bottle of water. She drank half of it quickly and then offered it to me. i drank a little and offered it back to her and she finished it.

"OK tony. I'm going to say you are a good little submissive to play with," she smiled like the cat the ate the canary.

She pointed over to one corner, it was a large open shower pit. It was open to the room but had a small basin that kept the water from flowing out of the corner. i could tell she wanted me to go and turn on the water to get the shower warm for her. i went over and turned it on then returned to Mistress in her throne chair. She sat up and removed my wrist cuffs and then got down and removed my ankle cuffs as well. Lastly, she left my collar on but removed the leash and then held on to my arm for balance has her legs still appeared weak from her orgasms as we returned to the shower area.

She pointed down and i knew she wanted me to remove her shoes. i knelt down and removed them for her gladly. She walked into the shower and let the warm water cover her entire body.

"Come here and wash your mistress, my little toy. Your collar is waterproof so you have nothing to worry about." she said in a relaxed voice.

i entered the shower and found a loofa and some body soap and began rubbing the Mistress all over. She would raise her arm to direct me to wash under it and spread her legs to give me access to scrub between her legs. Although i was washing her body it was as if she was directing my every move to scrub where she desired and for no longer than what she desired. When she felt she was done, she walked to the side of the shower next to some towels. She grabbed one and dried her hair and wrapped her hair up with it. She took another towel and handed it to me. i opened the towel and dried her body from top to bottom. After drying her, i opened the towel against her back and handed her outstretched arms the ends. She wrapped the towel around her and tucked it together.

"Go and wash yourself now, tony." she commanded.

i went back and washed my body of the layer of sweat from being fucked by mistress' strap on and the soap removed all the lube around my groin and ass. i finished quickly and stepped toward the towels. She nodded so i knew i could dry myself. i didn't wrap myself but left the towel on a rack next to the folded towels. Mistress had taken 2 sports drinks from the refrigerator and was drinking one. The other was offered to me when i returned to sit on the ground next to her throne.

"Drink some of the drink, little one. Once you feel you have had enough, lay on your back on the carpet with your legs open." she directed.

i felt thirsty enough to get through more than half when i put the cap back on the bottle and laid on my back with my legs open. i wasn't sure what to do with my arms so i had them to my side with my hands under my ass to keep myself from being tempted to do anything with them unless directed to do so. Mistress got up and knelt between my legs. i saw her with a key and she unlocked my CB-6000 and began to dismantle the device. My penis expressed it's excitement by blowing up like an airbag car crash. Mistress first looked appreciative then she frowned.

"You can sit up, my little submissive," she said.

i leaned up on my elbows then lifted myself up and rested my upper body weight on my locked arms behind me. i remained with my legs apart as Mistress sat between my legs. She didn't touch my cock and moved all parts of the device outside of my legs.

"You have done very well my submissive but I am going to close out our session for the day. I am very pleased with your service and want you to know how happy you have made me today. I do want to give you release today but I must temper my joy with my responsibility as your Mistress. I need you to know that before, you kept yourself in chastity but now that decision is mine. Your orgasms are now mine and mine alone to give. Do you understand?" Mistress spoke calmly but with strength in her voice.

i was very disappointed. i knew how many times i had made Mistress orgasm and i tried so hard to do everything to obey her exactly as she wanted me to. i was so hoping for a release at the end. i was starting to tear in my eyes and my penis sadly was deflating in disappointment.

She spoke seeing my response, "I know you won't understand this but this was a very hard decision for me to make. I truly want to provide you an orgasm for your wonderful service. You really do serve your Mistress well. You must read a lot of erotica and literature on the subject to be as well versed as you are. I do have a reason to deny you orgasm today as I mentioned. You must have one more test to understand that you can now only orgasm if I allow it."

i nod and acknowledge that my cocks ability to cum is not mine. i am sad. i feel i may have just gone from a cold bitch of a wife to a Mistress that will forever deny me. At least with my new Mistress, i can at least pleasure her and feel a woman's joy from my tongue. Plus my ass could be used milking my prostate which felt as close to an orgasm without feeling complete as i could have ever imagined.

"i am your submissive, Mistress. i will obey and abstain even without the chastity device until Mistress gives me permission, " i reply.

"Good boy, tony. I do want you for another session. I am going to move you to test yourself rather quickly. Are you able to return for a session in a week from Saturday?" Mistress asked.

"Yes Mistress. What time and for how long please. i only ask the duration so i know how long to cover my time away from home if i need to create an excuse." i reply.

She replies, "Most of the day. Let's say 10am to at least 10pm. Can you arrange that?"

i smile and tell her, "That will be fine Mistress. It is a sports day so i will just tell her i am going to Lenny's sports bar to watch sports all day. i can even take an Uber so i can leave my car and not worry about her being concerned about me driving drunk after too many hours at the sports bar."

Mistress nods and says, "Do that and I will arrange to have someone pick you up at the sports bar to bring you here. You will know you have made contact when someone asks you if you, 'Are ready for some twisted time at Leslie's little sports bar?' When that is asked you should reply 'Go home team.' and comply with any and all commands you are given from that point on as if it was given by your Mistress herself. Understood, little one?"

i reply, "Yes Mistress. 'Go home team.' and i will obey all commands.

She looks happy and then continues, "You should always arrive clean but realize that I will always schedule in 1 hour of time for you to prepare yourself in the garage side bathroom as you did today. You will follow the same procedure every time so I have a clean toy to play with, understood?

i quickly replied, "Yes Mistress. i understand."

"Very well. At this point, I am dismissing you for the day. Again, no touching of my cock and no orgasms. Not even stroking it to tease it for the next 9 or so days until you return to my play house. You won't be lying too much though about one part of your alibi, the sports games will be on during the afternoon." She smiled which indicated that didn't actually mean i was going to be sitting down to watch the games on that Saturday as i might have wanted to on a regular Saturday.

She stands up and directs me to kneel. i kneel in front of her and as one last tease, she allows her towel to fall from her body. Her last gift is again to allow me to see her unbelievably beautiful body one more time before i leave. She reaches around my neck and removes my collar. No noticeable markings were left so i would be fine in public immediately. She indicated that i needed to stand. She walked with me next to the hidden door and had me stand facing the wall. She walked behind me and out of my site for a minute then i heard the door release and she returned next to me. She took my hand and walked me into the closet. The hidden door closed and the closet door behind the bar opened to let me out. i again saw the sports room and bar area and recalled the comment she made when we walked in that maybe i would be here on sports day to serve drinks to her friends.... and other activities. i stopped in fright and she looked at me as i looked around the basement and seeing the gears turn in my head at what may be my next experience. She smiled and shrugged her shoulders neither denying it nor confirming my next experience.

She led me up the stairs and i realized that both the bottom and top of the stairs had heavy doors that would be secure and most likely sound proof as well. She walked me to the back door where i entered and she hugged me and allowed me to kiss her very deeply for a minute.

She then said, "This is our secret. What happens between the times you enter and exit this door is never to be shared with anyone outside of the house. Even with others you may see or have experiences with inside this house. Only if I send them to interact with you or I initiate conversation outside to you will you ever acknowledge them as someone you know. Is that understood, my little submissive."

i nod and say, "i completely understand and will obey, my Mistress. Thank You for a wonderful first experience and i look forward to the next time i will be allowed to serve you."

i lean over and kiss her check in deep appreciation of being able to be submissive to her today. She points to the door to show she doesn't want to complicate the goodbyes any longer and i exit to the room and dress. i look at the clock and it was past 2:30pm. We had spent over 2 hours and it seems so fast. i got into my car and the garage opened on it's own and i departed. i went to Lenny's bar for a drink knowing in a little over a week, i would be there between "all day and a few minutes" depending on my Mistress. My mind was creating all sorts of scenarios already and i was both excited and frightened of what she may expect of me. Other people may see this side of me and what if i knew them? i was going to driving myself crazy thinking about this for a long long week. What could the next meeting bring and how might it push me next time?

The end.... for now.

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