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Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 22

Anya stood very still in the attention position as her hair was brushed and then she was slowly rubbed with the coconut scented oily lotion. Her hair was braided loosely behind one ear and fell over one shoulder as Deandra concentrated on moisturizing her body and readying her for her last appointment at Vorhees. Her eyes closed as the other woman smeared a bit of goo in her two holes and then they reopened in surprise when she felt something silky slide over her shoulders. Deandra was putting a long, red robe on her. Slipping her hands into the sleeves, she allowed the servant to dress her and the gown was tied around her thin waist.

Mr. Hughes had left shortly after he'd made her pass out with the intensity of their fucking and she had been slowly massaged awake by a smiling, silent Deandra. He hadn't returned to the room during her shower, and she was almost positive that she wouldn't see the man again until she was driven away to the airport tomorrow. However, just when she thought that Deandra would lock the collar around her neck and lead her to her next appointment, Mr. Hughes appeared in her doorway, fully dressed in one of his becoming black suits. She much preferred him naked and his wings spread out and above him, but the suits were still sexy.

"Anya, please come with me." He said in a dark voice and she shivered slightly as she nodded and walked over to him in the doorway.

Without saying more, he put his warm hand in hers, interlocking her fingers with his as he drew her out of her bedroom and they walked through the mansion slowly, making their way to the western end of the original building before they stopped before large double doors. Outside of them, they paused without speaking for several moments.

"Anya, I need you to understand that this is not what I want."

"I know."

"I want to send you home right now. I want you safely away from all of this."

"I'm not doing this for you, Mr. Hughes. I'm doing this for Samir. He doesn't deserve to have anyone angry with him about what he did to help me." Anya spoke honestly, she wouldn't be the reason something happened to the dark blue eyed kind man who'd been so gentle with her yesterday.

"Wei is headstrong, Anya. He has a temper. He wasn't kindly disposed towards the gargoyles, but he is angry that there have been deaths dealt his kind. He wants to meet you here. Then he will make his decision as to what is to be done." He told her, his eyes on the doors in front of them as he spoke to her.

Anya sighed, nodding as she, too, looked at the closed doors ahead of her. "You haven't told me what the Lotus family are, Mr. Hughes."

Mr. Hughes reached out and put his hand around the knob on the door closest to him and turned it slowly, "Anya, trust me when I say you don't want to know until you have to."

She felt a cold shiver work itself up her spine as he tugged gently on the door and it opened without a sound. Her green eyes widened as she looked at the dark interior of a large, stone-walled room. There were thick cushions around the room she was sure were meant to be used as chairs in deep reds and blacks and cream colors, and a huge fire pit took up a portion of the back left side of the room, while the floor appeared to give away on the back right side into a cavernous looking lower level. Her eyes took all this in, and Anya knew her mouth had dropped open slightly as she looked around her at the sheer size of the space that she and Mr. Hughes stepped into. She was so awestruck that she hadn't even noticed the tall, thin, Asian man who was watching their approach with curious, though irritated eyes. He wore black slacks and shiny black shoes, and his white dress shirt was slightly unbuttoned, but still tucked in to his pants. His black hair was short, cropped closer to his head on the sides than on the top, and he was handsome, very very handsome.

"Wei." Mr. Hughes brought Anya to stand in front of the man before releasing his hold on her hand.

"This is the catalyst to our problem." The man's voice was thickly accented and Anya felt her body heat up as he looked her over closely, his head tilting as he did so.

"None of what has happened was intentional on her part." Mr. Hughes was stiff beside her, Anya could tell, he seemed very nervous about how this man would react to her.

"Of course." The man bowed his head, "I am Wei."

"Anya." She told him, her voice cracking as he stepped towards her and he put one hand on the right side of her face as he moved his face close to hers and breathed in deeply.

He stiffened slowly, moving back so he could look into her eyes, his own searching, widening almost imperceptibly as he moved a hand down the front hem of the silk robe that she wore until he slipped it completely inside and Anya gasped as he cupped her pussy and pushed two fingers inside. He'd had to bend slightly to do it, and she raised her hands to clutch at his shoulders as he touched her intimately. Her pussy responded immediately and bounced and whirred and liquefied as he moved the hand inside of her for a few moments before pulling back and she watched as he licked at her juice on his fingertips for a brief moment before taking out a handkerchief from his back pocket and wiping his hand clean. He then looked over at the angel who had stayed perfectly still as she'd been probed.

"You may leave now, Mr. Hughes." Wei said slowly, his eyes never leaving her face as he spoke to Mr. Hughes.

"Why?" Mr. Hughes looked confused, and maybe the slightest bit relieved.

"I want her." Wei nodded towards Anya and she gasped.

"You will not harm her." Mr. Hughes frowned at the Asian man who was looking at the girl at his side with eyes that burned suddenly.

"I intend to fuck her, Mr. Hughes. I do believe that was the intention of your bringing her to me." Wei's voice darkened as his brown eyes held green, nervous ones.

"Wei, maybe I should remain-." Mr. Hughes knew his suggestion was not received well by the frown on the man he faced.

"She will not need an audience when I fuck her, certainly not from you." Wei's words made Anya whimper slightly, this man made her anxious, there was something about him that seemed very big, very powerful.


"You may leave now, Mr. Hughes."

"Anya, I will return for you in the early morning tomorrow." Mr. Hughes' voice made her eyes widen as she looked up at him, not quite ready to be left alone with the man who had started to look at her like it was only a matter of time before he devoured her completely.

Anya watched as Mr. Hughes breathed deeply a few times before he turned and looked down at her, his eyes trying to remind her that he would be near, that he would keep her safe, but she didn't believe it, she couldn't. The man she was going to be left alone with was going to be able to do whatever he wanted with her, and she knew Mr. Hughes would be able to do nothing to stop it.

"She will be all right, Mr. Hughes." Wei said softly, stepping toward Anya and offering her his hand.

She stared at it for a while. Long, slender fingers, a large palm facing up, and slowly, she looked at Mr. Hughes and then nodded, and slipped her hand into his strong, heated grasp. Anya was surprised at how warm the man was as she was slowly brought up to stand close to him. His eyes stayed on her as she shivered in front of him, Mr. Hughes slowly disappearing through the doorway of the large room. When it was closed, the Asian man with the dark eyes that seemed to shine and glow and smolder put his hands on either side of her face and bent down enough to move his lips over hers in a soft caress, their mouths coming together in a gentle greeting. Anya felt her breath rush from her at the taste of him, the strength she could feel as he touched her, and she shivered for a whole new reason now.

"I've been waiting a very long time for you." His softly spoken words made Anya look up at him in wonder, but he didn't elaborate. Instead, he put his arms around her and crushed her up to the front of his trim body and set his mouth over hers in a much more demanding caress.

His tongue pushed into her mouth, forcing her to accept him and Anya whimpered, desire pooling in her lower pelvis and bringing her pussy to attention as his big hands wrapped around her shoulders and her ass. He squeezed the curves of her and Anya could feel the silk robe quickly fall from her body as he worked to free her body from the cloth. He didn't stop there, however, as he stepped back to remove his own clothing, Anya watched, breathless at the sight of his muscled male body as it came into view. As he removed his own shirt, shoes, socks and slacks, her eyes feasted on the smooth skin, muscle and bone he presented her. When he stood in front of her in only silk boxer shorts, Anya let her eyes slowly take in his form.

He was tan, and not just because of his nationality, he looked like he spent a great deal of time outdoors. His chest was solid, his abdomen firm and there was no hair on his chest. On his chest, however, was a large dragon tattoo, which almost covered it, going from just below his throat to just above his groin area. It was his only tattoo, however, and it made her shiver. A dragon. She should not be surprised. She'd met a great many mythical creatures during her stay.

Without a word to her, Wei moved towards her and picked her up in his arms. Anya quickly wrapped hers around his neck and rested her head against him as he began to walk with her down towards the cavernous area. There was a set of stone stairs that had been invisible from the doorway, and she shivered slightly as he began to walk with her down into the darkness below. The way was only lit every once in a while with torches hanging off the great stone walls. Walls were a loose term eventually, the carved stone bricks quickly gave way to the natural stone of the underground. It looked almost natural, but Anya was sure that Mr. Hughes had very carefully created this space for this man.

"Anya, how old was your mother when she died?" He asked quietly and Anya bit her lip, confused at his question, it was personal.

"My mother died when I was nineteen. My father murdered her." She didn't know why she told him the truth, she usually told people that her parents died in a car crash.

"Where is your father?"

"He killed himself, it was a murder suicide."

"Do you know the circumstances of their deaths?"

Anya shook her head, shivering again, but this time it was from the coldness creeping in around them as they stepped off of the stairs onto the flattened ground of a large, wide, tunnel.

Anya shrugged, "He was always very jealous of her, he thought she was sleeping with other people."

"Was she?"


"And your mother's mother, what was she like? How old was she when she died?"

"My grandma was 88, I think? She died in an accident, a flash flood."

"Does your mother have any siblings? Did hers?" The questions were weirding her out, and Anya figured he was trying to learn the same information that Mr. Hughes had sought in the past, but she didn't know what to tell them.

"No, they only had one child each. I have more relatives on my dad's side."

"Did anyone in your family live for a long time?"

"My great grandmother, she came over from Armenia, I think. She was pregnant when she got here. I don't really know how old she was, but I saw a picture of her holding me when I was a baby and she seemed old. My mother used to say that she would say she was older than the hills. I don't know, she never talked about her past with my mother. We always thought she'd been in a war or something."

"And your great grandfather?"

Anya shook her head, "My great grandmother wasn't married. She came here pregnant. My grandmother said that her mother once said that he'd died, but nothing more."

"How did your great grandmother die? Was she sick?"

"No, she was very healthy. Which was weird, my mom always said we had good genes. We never get sick. My great grandmother was driving even, and she was hit by a semi that had crossed a median. She died instantly."

She saw him frown, he had more questions, but they both knew it was pointless for him to ask her more.

"Your husband, did he love you?" Wei knew the question slightly angered her, she frowned and looked down at his chest.

"Yes. Quite desperately." She said quietly.

"Did he seem very attached, more so maybe, than the husbands of your friends?"

Anya watched as the hallway in front of them suddenly branched out into an enormous oval room, torches lit ever fifteen feet or so on either side, and a platform of some sort was in the center of the room. She knew he was walking her over to it. It was made of stone and was thankfully cushioned partially. There was a lower rectangular stone with a cushion on top, it was about three feet off of the ground, and there was a ring that she knew was probably set into the stone beneath the cushion attached to ankle cuffs.

"There is nothing wrong with the fact that my husband was devoted to me, Wei. We had an incredibly good relationship." She spoke sternly as he moved her to kneel on the cushion, facing the slightly taller stone slab before it.

"Put your thighs against this," Wei patted the cushion that covered the perpendicular edge of the slab in front of her, and she scooted forward to rest her thighs against it. He was spreading her legs wide, locking her ankles into place and Anya whimpered as she felt him run his hand up the back of one of her thighs before squeezing one of her ass cheeks and then pushing on the small of her back to get her to bed over the top of the second slab.

It wasn't as wide, and she felt the top of the cushion round against her stomach and he took her wrists and extended her arms in from of her and down, locking them into metal cuffs that were connected to rings on the front side of the slab. Anya widened her eyes, her pussy and ass were fully opened now, and her fold was already dripping with her arousal as he secured her to the stones.

"Anya, I usually fuck the clients that are brought to me as a human first."

"Usually?" Anya gasped, he was moving behind her and she felt his hand settle over her ass.

"I only store enough semen to be fertile the first time I fuck. I usually cum in the woman's ass, but not you, Anya. You are different."

"I am?"

"Yes, you will give me what I want."

Anya bit her lip, he pushed two fingers into her ass and she shook, they slid all the way in, and she felt him start to push slowly in and out.

"What you want?"

"Yes, Anya. You will give me something that I have wanted for a very, very long time." He said gutturally before he pushed four fingers into her ass, making her cry out as he immediately fucked her ass harshly with them.

"Oh, fuck." Anya panted, his other hand moved to her pussy and without hesitation, four fingers filled her dripping pussy and she felt herself orgasm, covering his questing fingers with her hot, juicy nectar.

He removed all of his fingers from her holes and Anya groaned in distress, but his mouth was there a moment later, sucking at her pussy, drinking the cum that she had given and his tongue pushed inside her wet hole, his chin and lower teeth teasing over her aroused clit.

"You taste amazing." He said softly a moment later, his hand was back to her pussy and he was shoving into her hard, twisting against the next, stretching her pussy quickly.

Anya felt the thumb push against his palm and her mouth fell open as he worked his whole hand into her pussy. It took a while, the knuckle was wide and she was writhing with it as her pussy stretched to accommodate him, and then he slid inside and her pussy clenched in a hard, impressive orgasm as he sent his hand high up inside of her sheath. He didn't stop, he pulled back, and punched up high into her again, and again, and again, so many times that Anya let her head drop, her breath broken and her body covered in perspiration. She was so hot, so wet, and more than ready for him to fuck her with his cock. But he had told her he wouldn't be human with her, and that worried her a bit.

When he pulled all of the way out, and then began to keep his hand fisted and push hard back inside of her body, Anya knew he was stretching her for a reason, she would be taking a lot with his cock. With each push inside, it went easier, and he turned his hand and pressed against her sides over and over, getting her as ready for his eventual invasion in his non-human form as he could.

Finally, he pulled out and left her pussy open and dripping and ready. Then his hand moved to her ass and Anya screamed when she felt him push into her colon with his whole hand, slowly at first, as he had done before with her pussy. For a long time, he worked to stretch her ass gape, ignoring her cries, knowing she was overwhelmed with a passion to be fucked fully, and it was only after he could push his closed fist into and out of her ass that Wei finally stood back and looked at the two ready, wet holes he would use on the girl.

Anya could feel him walk farther away behind her and she knew something was starting to happen in the room. The air felt like it was instantly heated, and it sizzled, but she couldn't explain why it felt like it sizzled. She could hear him groan behind her, and a breeze entered the room and then a hard wind and she felt her pussy get hit with the hot, charged air as the man in the cavern with her changed shape to expose his non-human form to her. She was terrified, wide eyed and shaking as she heard heavy movements behind her, gusts of wind, and she heard a loud, incredibly loud, piercing call come from deep in his throat, followed with something she couldn't see, but could feel the incredible heat of, as he stepped slowly towards her.

His footsteps pounded the rocky cavern, which only made her more afraid, because this cavern was pure stone. Anya turned her head to the side as he walked around her side, allowing her to get her first look at him. She screamed, yanking hard at her bonds, completely unable to move herself. He was the size of, well, Jesus, he was enormous. His torso was easily the size of an elephant, his neck was at least six feet long, and the large, horned dragon head was looking directly at her, his dark eyes more orange now, as they centered on her. He had raised up to his massive legs, huge clawed feet under him as his long front legs extended in front of him. He let out another cry and Anya jerked in fear as a line of fire burst from his lips into the sky above her.

"Oh my God, please, please don't hurt me." She whimpered as he spread incredible wings to their full span.

His skin had hardened and become covered in shimmery gray, green, and orange colors and she found herself mesmerized by the sheer strength of the form in front of her. He was amazing, majestic, it was hard to look away, even his long tail was heavily muscled and the end tapered in somewhat of an arrowhead as he rested the massive appendage on the ground behind him. Her breath was rapid and her lips shook as she looked down, to the area between his legs, and she could see his shaft slowly begin to raise from a sheath that would keep him protected when he wasn't aroused. It was pink, and long, very long, she could see as he began to move back around behind her, and it was thick, thicker than the satyrs, and that made her more nervous, she'd barely been able to take them. And Wei intended to fuck her pussy with this massive meat? Oh. Anya shivered, feeling his body come up close behind her, her pussy wasn't worried, though, and was practically begging for his cock to pierce her body. Her cum dripped down between her legs and she let her head drop down as she felt the hot, hard tip of him drop to her back.

He slowly moved it down her body and she felt it slide down her ass crack and over her gaping ass before pressing forward against her pussy lips. She squeezed her eyes closed as she felt her body slowly forced open and his cock head pushed inside. The spread was intense, and she knew there was no filling both her holes with a dragon in her pussy. He pushed again and her pussy spasmed and was forced to widen to accommodate the surge of his thick monster cock. Anya knew he must have felt that he was securely inside now, the thick mushroomed tip of his cock had penetrated her pussy neck and he bucked forward with force, slamming her body into the stone slab and sending his cock to the very top of her pussy, filling her, claiming her, forcing her to accept more, so much more, than she had ever been able to take before.
Just as he had done with his hands earlier, he didn't pause, but began to fuck her hard, focusing on her pussy, his body jerking in a fast, hard rhythm that he continued for a long time. Her cum was coating him, her pussy was wrapped tightly around his thickness, glorying in the blissful feeling of having him inside, but at the same time, when his cockhead overwhelmed the end of her pussy, pushing up further into her abdomen from inside, Anya felt her body clench, her eyes watered, and she couldn't breathe from the intense pressure of the deep impalement. Then, what had seemed to be a fast, hard, rocking rhythm changed to a brutal, rapid pace that gave Anya no time to respond, to adjust to the way he filled her, the forceful slaps of his scales against her ass, and she squeezed her hands into fists as she was taken forcefully, unable to do more than just feel the exquisite fuck he was giving her pussy.

When he came, it was so hot, and he had thrust so hard inside, holding so far up she was sure he had filled even her uterus, if that was possible, that Anya screamed and shivered and collapsed, his cum searing through her pussy and womb in thick, angry waves. He stayed where he was for a great deal of time before he slowly pulled his shaft out of her pussy, causing another pained cry from her as he had to tug past her pussy neck with his thicker cockhead.

Anya panted as the dragon let out another roar, and she felt his tongue come out and lick over the moisture on her back, then lower to lick between her ass cheeks, and then finally, she felt the large, muscled wet appendage push into her ass, making her buck as he impaled the hole deeply. She knew he had had to open his triangular jaw in order to fuck her with his tongue and she knew if she could see it, it would look like he was biting her entire pelvis. She could feel the edges of his teeth as he pushed his tongue farther inside, flicking it within her, making her whimper and want to push back into him, she was hot, so very hot, and her pussy was dripping with cum.

"Please," Anya panted, unable to take much more, she wanted to feel his cock again, ached for it to slide in, "Please, my ass, I want your my ass. Wei, please."

He shuddered against her mouth and she felt the tongue shift shape and the sensation made her scream out a heavy orgasm which he swallowed, his lips closing over her entire groin area as he sucked her cum into his throat. The hot, burning feeling was intense and she quaked in it, her body hot and tight and twisting desperately against his hold until he finally pulled his tongue from her ass to shove it forcefully up in her pussy, licking the hole he'd already beaten into, her body shaking against him until he moved his face from her completely and she felt him move into position, his heavy cock moving easily to press against her gaping asshole.

Anya shook with anticipation, she knew that her pussy hadn't been able to take the length of him, but she knew he would give her all he had in her ass, and it would be her undoing. His cockhead was already pushing past the outer muscle, which spasmed against the stretch and made her cry out. The thickest part of his head pushed in and he paused, making a scream push through her lips as he forced the muscle to remain open, for countless moments before he roared and thrust forward with his body and his cock rammed inside of her ass, past her rectum, into her sigmoid, straightening her colon to handle his assault. She had no idea how high he went, but he pulled halfway out and consumed her ass again, and again, deeper each time until she felt his heavy ball sack slam against her weeping pussy.

"Oh, FUCK!" Anya groaned, she could feel him, could feel his thick, hard muscle far up inside her body, and he refused to hold still, he punched in and out rapidly, her body forced to accept each thrust, and she felt her pussy clench and had she been able to gyrate her hips against him to intensify the feeling, she probably would have.

When he came, it spurted deep into her upper colon and his cock shook and swelled with the flow before he finally pulled fully out of her. Anya knew the majority of his wad would take some time to work its way out of her body, as deep as he had sent it, and she felt the hot air of the room hit her exposed ass and pussy as he moved away from her again. She sensed him moving to her right side and turned her head to see the incredible view of him turning back into a man, a very naked, attractive man.

"I am not done fucking you, Anya. The dragon inside of me has plans for your wet fuck holes." Wei said softly as he went over to the side of the room and brought back a black box which he sat on the ground to one side of the slab that she was strapped to.

"I-I like you fucking me." Anya felt her cheeks redden, if that was even possible anymore, and she bit her lip as he smiled at her, his hand running over her ass cheek, and she realized that he was rubbing over the healed bite mark of the werewolves.

"You were claimed by a wolf?" He raised an eyebrow.

Anya nodded, "Yes."

"And you don't desire just his pack." He looked down at the mark, then slid his hand down to the gape of her ass, he would be able to slide his arm far up inside of her, but he would wait until later to start toying with her again, there was plenty of time to fuck as his seed took root.

"Mr. Hughes made them break their bond with me." She told him.

"But before, did you fuck anyone else before he broke it?"

Anya nodded as he moved up her body and ran his hand over her ear.

"Yes, I fucked Bellator before they came to Vorhees and he forced Sergei to break it."

"That's not normal, Anya. It's why the wolves aren't allowed to mark their lovers at Vorhees. She bonds to them and then desires only them. When you were bonded, you shouldn't have been able to enjoy fucking the centaur." He ran the pad of one finger over the metal jewel on her ear, "Did you enjoy getting fucked by him?"

Anya nodded, "Yes."

"You are not normal, Anya. You must realize that." Wei bent down and opened the box. Anya looked at it, but it was hard to really see what it was, the room was still very shadowed and dark. But there was a silver thing that looked somewhat like a gun, and he took it out and plugged it into an extension cord that she hadn't even seen him drag across the floor. Then he set it down on the box and picked up something else and then smoothed his hands over her back.

"What-what are you going to do to me?" Anya whimpered, he was looking at her like she was a canvas.

"Anya, you've been branded by two different non-humans. I am going to leave a brand of my own. Not a burn. More like this." He put a hand over the tattoo on his chest.

"Wei, no, I can't explain a huge tattoo on my body to my family, please, I'm a mother, I can't." She shook her head as he moved the hand that wasn't holding the black pen down to her ass gape and shoved the whole hand easily up inside of her.

Anya cried out, desperate for him to continue when he stopped.

"It will be smaller than mine, Anya, and on the small of your back instead of your chest. If you behave, I'll fuck you slower this time, but if you don't, well, you'll be sore no matter how much they work to repair you." He leaned over her, his mouth moving over her ear as he spoke, and she shivered.

She felt his hand leave her body and she let her head drop down, she'd never gotten a tattoo, and had no idea if she would be able to take the sensation. He took a while to set himself up for the task before moving to stand behind her, between her stretched legs, her pussy and ass rubbed against his belly as he moved his hands to the area that he would be working on.

"Do you usually tattoo your clients?" Anya asked, knowing that he'd paused right before he was about to start the tattoo.

"No, Anya. I have never tattooed a client. I keep this here for my sister, she is somewhat of a tattoo addict." His low chuckle made her pussy twitch, "But you are not a client, Anya. Not tonight. You are much much more than that."

Anya winced when she felt the needle of the tattoo gun hit her back and was thankful that she couldn't move her body, it was sharp, burning, intense, and he worked diligently to make the dragon design that he was putting on her perfect. Wings spread on either side, the coloring close to his own, and the tail stretching down towards her ass, stopping just above where he tattooed a small lotus flower, just above the line of her ass crack. Anya panted, thankful when he walked away for several minutes before coming back over to her with a large glass of water with a straw in it that he let her sip from.

It was easily three hours before he was finished with the tattoo, and Anya whimpered when he rubbed lotion over the whole area, which still seemed somewhat large on her body, before he put a clear bandage of some sort over the whole thing to protect it. Anya felt him move back, and then felt his face close to her pussy and his tongue licked at the wet lips.

"I think I'll fuck your pussy again. I won't be able to soon." He said as he moved away with the supplies and Anya shivered.

"Why?" She asked as she felt the air shift again as he began to change again, this time, she was able to see the process and it was amazing.

She got no answer, he couldn't speak in dragon form and instead, she watched as he pounded his feet down to come back behind her legs. His cock found and pushed into her pussy more quickly this time, sliding deep inside as her cunt happily welcomed him back inside, her moisture coating him, aiding his progress upwards. His thrusts into her were, indeed, slower, this time as he had promised if she behaved while he branded her, and Anya was half out of her mind with the need for him to fuck and fill her with his cum by the time he quickened his pace and his hot load shot up into her pussy and gushed out around the tight connection of her pussy and his throbbing, large cock.

The dragon roared, as he was prone to do the more and more he fucked her, and she felt him yank his cock out hard and then he was suddenly in her ass, fucking her deep, fierce, with so much force she was afraid he would crack her pelvic bone each time she was pushed forcefully against the cushion in front of her. She could feel him drive deep into her and the feeling only intensified with each buck of his hips. When he came, it was high, and she spasmed hard, her orgasm almost painful and she felt her body go limp as her eyes closed and she was pulled into unconsciousness.

The sun hadn't quite risen when Anya finally woke up. She was no longer in the cavern, she could tell, but she was still with Wei, the man, not the dragon. He was sitting on one of the many cushions that surrounded the fireplace and she was sitting, her back to him, in his lap. As she slowly opened her eyes, she could feel his arms tighten around her as he continued the way he was bucking his hips against her, sending his human cock high into her ass. Anya put her shaky hands over his as he held her tightly, and her eyes went to the two other Asian men, like him somewhat in appearance, and the dainty, curious looking Asian woman that were sitting on opposite sides of the fire place.

"Good morning, Anya." A very heavily accented voice said from one of the men across from her.

Anya whimpered in reply, Wei had chosen that moment to move his mouth over the skin of her throat and bite her enough to make her shiver, but not hard enough to draw blood, and his hands moved to her hips to yank her hard against his needy, throbbing thick cock. Her legs were stretched wide and over his, her knees flexed and her feet resting on the wide cushion near each of his hips. Her pussy was completely exposed to the newcomers.

"Wei, will you please finish. You've been fucking her for hours and it is getting tedious." The woman said in a soft, only slightly censuring tone.

"Can you not smell her?" The man behind her groaned, sucking hard at her throat, knowing that he would have left many marks on her skin from his mouth over the course of his night with her. She had gone in and out of sleep, but he had slept very little. Once he'd accomplished what he'd set out to the night before in his dragon form, he'd changed back and had fucked the woman hard, repeatedly, for hours as she responded to him.

"I can, but she's exhausted, and she is going to need her energy very very soon." The woman motioned towards Anya and Anya frowned.

"It's been so long, are you sure that she is-?" His brother, Zheng, asked again, there would be severe repercussions if Wei was wrong about the woman.

"I will never forget their smell, and she has it." Wei said, moving his hands around to her rounded stomach as he clenched and came in her ass.

Anya gasped, looking down as she moved her own hands to her stomach, it was huge. What the hell had he done to her?

"Am I-?" She couldn't even finish the question as she twisted to look at the man behind her, the door was opened and they all turned to watch as Mr. Hughes walked into the room, a worried look on his face as he looked around until spotting them all around the fireplace.

"Zheng, Shu, Yu, I did not realize that you would be coming to see your brother." Mr. Hughes said, stopping to stand near the fireplace as he bowed to each member of the Lotus family that had apparently come to Vorhees since he'd left Anya in the room.

"We didn't come to see Wei, we came to see her." Shu said, bowing back to the angel as he turned to see the woman she spoke of and his body stiffened.

Anya saw a look of sheer anger light on Mr. Hughes' face and she frowned, worried as Wei slowly lifted her off of him and moved them both into a standing position. The weight on her abdomen making standing a little more difficult than she expected. It was really heavy, and hot.

"She was not the one to end the gargoyles lives, how dare you do this to her." His words made her shake as she widened her eyes and put a hand on the heaviness of her abdomen, it was really, very, very hot, and the pressure was growing.

"What she will give me, I would have paid for with the lives of a thousand of those sex-crazed gothic creatures."

"She cannot survive this." Mr. Hughes saw Anya look at him in confusion and fear.

"She can. She will." Wei put a hand around the woman as she began to fall against him.

"What is happening to me?" Anya whispered, the pressure against her pussy was consuming her, she felt like she was being ripped apart from the inside out.

"Anya, you're pregnant. But a dragon's egg is not compatible with a human. There is no way for you to birth it."

"A dragon's egg?" Anya gasped, looking at the man who was obviously responsible for her condition, and the angel that looked ready to commit murder.

"She's not human." Wei shook his head.

"Arc doesn't know what she is?" Yu stood up, the woman looked incredibly uncomfortable and he moved to them and shifted her so that she was in a squatting position, her large stomach between her bent legs.

"He's blocked from it somehow. It's not surprising, given his past...but it's still kind of surprising that he cannot smell her." Wei shook his head.

"What is she?"

"Holy FUCK!" Anya cried out, screaming as she felt something give inside of her body and there was a rush of fluid out of her pussy and then the pressure of before intensified and she felt her pussy being pushed wide.

"She can't do this. It will kill her."

"She can."

"Anya is human, no one has been able to birth a dragon egg in thousands of years."

"You needn't remind us of the fact that we've been unable to breed for quite some time, Arc. We are well aware." Zheng said quietly as he watched the girl intently, if Wei was right, today would witness the first birth of a dragon egg in a very very very long time.

"Can we fucking FOCUS right now?" Anya screamed, the pressure had only moved an inch down and she knew she was nowhere close to having whatever was inside of her outside, and them arguing wasn't helping.

"A cesarean section, maybe that would work. The growth hasn't burned her, she might be able to survive..." Mr. Hughes suggested, frowning when Shu shook her head at him.

Anya felt the woman's hand push into her stressed pussy and she panted, Jesus, it was like trying to give birth to a large, thick rubber watermelon. "The egg is already working past the neck, you would rip her open trying a cesarean."

"She will rip anyway, you are killing her."

"Anya," Wei put a hand on her face and made her look up at his simmering dark eyes, "You will not die. You must trust me. You must push, you must push hard."

"You have goooooooooot, oooh, you have got to be kidding me!" Anya cried out, the pressure only intensified if she tried to help it along, and the pain was almost blinding.

"Push, the pain will go away, Anya. Please, push." Shu grabbed her hands and faced her, squatting much like Anya was.

"Oh, God." Anya whimpered, tears falling from her eyes as she looked at the men standing around her and the woman she was eye level with.

Closing her eyes, she gritted her teeth and pushed, harder and harder despite how the pain intensified, until she felt her body stretch wide, and finally, the pain dissipated as the large dragon egg squeezed out of her pussy and fell heavy into the hands of Wei, who had moved into place to catch it. She focused on getting her breathing under control as she looked at the enormous, pearl-colored egg that seemed to be completely covered in scales. The way it shimmered in the light of the fireplace made her eyes widen and she looked at Wei, who had finally looked up from the egg he held.

"Did it make it?" She asked, feeling weak as she leaned against Mr. Hughes, who had somehow came to squat at her side and put an arm around her.

Wei nodded very slowly, "Yes. The child inside grows."

"I didn't die, Mr. Hughes." She whimpered into the chest of the man she was against and felt him start to bring her to her feet when another intense pressure hit her pussy and her legs buckled under her.

"Oh, JESUS." She cried as she went back down.

Wei handed the egg to his brother, Zheng, and then got back down, his eyes on his sister as she moved to inspect the woman's pussy. She had released more fluid and seemed in the throes of a great painful contraction.

"There is another egg." Shu looked at her brother, eyes wide in amazement.

"Oh, fuck. Fuck!" Anya cried, clutching tightly to Mr. Hughes' suit jacket as she felt the egg inside her start to push down and into her pussy from her womb.

"Anya, this has never happened before. Two eggs, it's not normal. This one may not survive." Shu told her gently, watching as the girl frowned and shook her head.

"I am never having sex with a dragon again, oh, oh, holy SHIT. I can't-Oh, my, GOD."

She pushed with all of her force, needing the pressure to stop, needing to get past the pain, and finally, she was rewarded for her efforts by the outward stretch of her pussy walls and the expulsion of the second dragon egg from her overworked pussy. Anya felt herself moved to the floor as she was inspected to ensure there was not another egg inside, which thankfully, there wasn't, and the male dragons were settling the eggs into thick, warm cushions close to the fire. Anya felt her eyes widen momentarily as she saw Shu step away from them and change into her dragon form. She was slightly smaller, and her dragon scales shimmered with a more red tone than her brother, and she moved carefully over to the two eggs to gently settle over them to keep them warm.

"It will take many months for them to hatch, Anya. You have given my family a great gift." Wei told her, taking her up and into his arms as he held her close and Anya could swear that he looked ready to cry.
"I would like to see them." She whispered, and felt him move his mouth to speak softly into her ear.

Anya smiled softly, kissing him gently on the mouth, her lips lingering on his for several moments before she moved her lips to his ear and whispered softly. Then, her exhaustion was too much and she fell asleep in his arms. She didn't feel him hand her over to Mr. Hughes, nor did she see the look of irritation on the angel's face as he accepted her, asked the Lotus family to wait for his return, and then he carried her quickly out of the room.

She was supposed to be on her way to the airport in another few hours. He wasn't sure she'd even be conscious or repaired in time. The dragons had taken a great chance in impregnating her, she could very easily have died. He still did not understand what Anya was. Typically, when Wei fucked a customer, he fucked her ass first, either in his human or dragon form, and that would get rid of the semen that he held. His ejaculations after that would be sterile and cause no threat to the woman that he fucked. For some reason, Wei had chosen to get Anya pregnant, something he would have refused to allow if he had known the man's intentions. He had impregnated her with his dragon egg, endangered her life, he'd tattooed her even, which is something Mr. Hughes had seen while she was birthing the eggs but had yet to comment on, he would discuss that, and the whispered conversation with the girl later, when he had the old dragon alone. He had bred her, and the eggs had survived, which would cause a huge ripple of concern and amazement across the non-human population in the months to come. And she had borne him two eggs, not one.

As much as Mr. Hughes wanted to know what had made it possible, what the woman was, if she wasn't human, he wanted to get her home to her family more. It was time for her to go, before any other strange events could occur at Vorhees. It seemed the best thing to do, to get her home, to return things at the spa to normal, for her to return to normal. He would just need to ignore the part of his own soul that ached for her to be around, that part had no place at Vorhees. He had certain needs, and he knew that if he asked her to stay, for him, she would refuse to allow him to continue meeting his needs. He had learned a long time ago that he could not change. Not even for Anya. Whatever she was.

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