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Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 16

Her heart pounded in her chest and it startled Anya awake with a heavy gasp. Her back arched and her mouth fell open as she opened her eyes to look around her. She was in her bedroom, on her own bed, at Vorhees. Sunlight shined through her window and she smelled a hint of something woodsy, and mint from nearby. Stretching her body, toes to fingertips, she was going to roll to her side when she realized that there was a heavy weight on top of her lower body under the blankets, and the sensations in her pussy immediately assaulted her senses. Hands pushed into her hip bones and held her down as she was gripped in a groan, teeth were tenderly attacking her clit, and alternately, the tongue between would come out and push into her wet pussy. She had already orgasmed in her sleep, Anya realized, as she slowly lifted the blankets and saw the nearly hairless head of Mr. Hughes as he viciously ate her pussy in a furry of nips, bites, licks and sucks. Her whole body was attuned to him and she tried to figure out how she hadn't felt him until just now.

She gargled out an excited moan and put her hands on his head and he finally lifted it to look her in the face with his passion-filled blue eyes. Anya smiled, wrapping her legs around his shoulders as he wordlessly moved his mouth back to her pussy, burying his nose in her clit and sucking in the pussy juices with force. Her breath caught, her legs tightened and her hands worked painfully into the sheets beneath her as she shook with her raging passion. His fingers eventually joined his mouth and she moaned as she felt him invade her cunt with his long, slender fingers.

"M-master." She whimpered his name, feeling juice pour out of her and onto his hand.

"Would you like to learn a new position this morning, Anya?" He groaned against her body, biting into her labia and making her yelp.

"Yes, master." She huffed, seriously? He was going to pull this dominant/submissive shit now? Now?

"I am going to remove the blankets now." He told her as he sat up and pulled the blankets from their bodies. He was naked from the waist up and it made her pussy clench, yes! Yes! Mr. Hughes was finally going to fuck her! Her eyes were glued to his body, he was exquisite, all rippling muscle and tanned skin. His pecs were made out of rock, she could tell, and she dropped her head back and whimpered, please, now.

What she hadn't expected when she saw his body was that it was covered in black lettering, lettering that she did not recognize and that broke up his skin with the heavy tattooing of it all over his chest and arms. She figured it would be on his back, as well. She wondered how far down it went. She knew it was at least at the level of his hips, she could see the black ink disappearing into his pants. Then she remembered when he'd had his fist in her pussy, she hadn't seen writing, but then she realized she hadn't exactly seen his arm. The grin on her face was that of an excited puppy, and she was panting heavily.

"I'll say 'touch your toes' and you do this." Mr. Hughes took her legs by the calves and pulled them together and up until she tipped her ass up in the air a little and he was able to bend her in half and he pressed her feet into the mattress above her head, then moved her hands straight up above her head so that she could grab her feet and she held herself so that her pussy and ass were completely at his mercy.

"Yes, master."

"Today, I am going to tie them, you will get too tired to hold in place otherwise." He told her and moved his body up and over her legs so he could reach her ankles better. He took a two part canvas strap and velcroed one end around her ankles and the other around her wrists, effectively trapping her in the intense fold.

"I have two hours to get you stretched, Anya, and I was going to be rather brutal about it this morning, as you have not been obeying correctly. However," Mr Hughes sighed as he sent three fingers into her wet pussy and heard her moan, "I told you an unfortunate lie last night, and I want to be honest with you about what happened with Alexandru. What's the last thing you remember?"

Anya thought about it, she remembered him dumping her out of the sky, and she remembered him catching her and fucking her against the side of the mansion, but then it got foggy, he was feeding from her. She was sure she lost consciousness. But that wasn't the last of what she remembered. She remembered waking up and being on the huge bed, on her hands and knees beneath the vampire as he fucked her ass hard, and another time, she'd woken to find him sitting on her face, his cock pushing deep in her throat as his long hot tongue speared her screaming pussy. And then another, when she was on her back, her legs twisted to the side and the vampire thrusting with full force in her cunt, his growl and the way his mouth had widened and his teeth had dropped to sink into the skin around her nipple had made her gasp and collapse against him yet again. And she remembered plastic tubing. She remembered blood in it.

"He drank too much." She said, her face pressing against her knee caps as she realized what he had done.

"We had to transfuse you, Anya. You would have died otherwise."

"How many times?" She asked, biting her lip as she wondered just how close she had been to death, damn it.

"We put four liters in you, Anya. You are going to be fine."

"Four?" Anya's voice was shallow as she imagined it, almost her entire blood volume gone. It made her shiver and she tightened her eyelids closed as she felt him push four fingers up inside, sinking in as far as he could until his thumb stopped him.

"I will be as gentle as I can be, Anya, but I have to stretch you."

"Yes, master." She said after a few moments, sucking in a breath when he pushed his thumb in, turning his hand a little, slowly spreading her entry to allow his fist. She wished it was his cock.

"Your cunt is so wet, Anya, I like seeing it moist like this. I like you when you can't move away." He told her as he pushed his hand fully inside of her body.

Anya pulled tightly down on her feet, he had immediately sent his fist to the top of her cunt and she could feel him splay the fingers and twist inside of her. It was an overwhelming feeling to be fucked this way, and her pussy pushed hard against him as he slowly pulled back, pushing forward only to make the same shivers spread through her over and over again.

"Anya, I have three things here to choose from to put in your ass. Which one would you like me to use on you first, one, two, or three?" He asked without showing her what he was talking about.

"Two, master." She chose randomly and waited impatiently as he smeared goo on her asshole and pushed two fingers in, which her body readily accepted. Apparently after the vampire left she hadn't been bathed or tightened yet. She must really need stretched for today.

"This will only go in about eight inches, but it's thicker than what you will be used to with a plug, Anya." He warned her as the thin tip of the plug was pushed into her ass. It expanded almost immediately and Anya whimpered as he moved his hand out of her pussy so that he could concentrate on getting the wide plug up in her ass.

It went in with a pop that made her body spasm and she cried out in her passion, she felt overstuffed and it was amazing, her breath was coming in pants and she felt his fingers rub over her pussy. Soon, they slipped in and she felt him slide his entire fist in, pushing harder on her pussy at her front this time from the rounded curve of the plug in her ass.

"Is that good, Anya?" He said in a tight whisper.

"Yes, master." She breathed, her mind focused on the feelings he was creating within her body, and the orgasm that she felt coming slowly, building with each push and slide and stretch of her pussy.

He removed his fist again and the plug was removed from her ass. "One or three, Anya?"

"One, master." Anya shook, so anxious for him to fuck her, knowing that one of the numbers had to be his cock, he wouldn't make her wait any longer.

"For this one, I'm going to move you, Anya." He stood up from the bed and put his arms around her, setting her on her flat feet, her hands moved to wrap around her ankles and he made sure that her knees remained straight.

Anya turned her head to the side and saw what looked like a cock, but it was easily twice as long as a normal one, and thick, really thick, and he was already moving it to slowly push it into her ass. Her cry came out heavy as the rod was buried in her ass, she knew he had worked it past her rectum, it was in so deep, and once it was in, he bent and licked her seeping pussy until she came on his lips.

"It is amazing what your ass can take, Anya." He said as he moved the long rod in and out of her ass, eliciting squeals of delight from her with each twist and turn.

"Yes, master." Anya felt herself grinning, thrilled to please him.

Mr. Hughes was still frustrated with the vampire from the night before. He had never convinced the old Romanian creature to tell him what he knew about the girl. He seemed convince that she was more than just a cute, freckled, sexy, human girl. Mr. Hughes was able to pick out non-humans better than anyone else he knew, and he wasn't catching anything from the girl that was marking her as anything other than what she had presented to him as, a human girl. He couldn't drink her blood, but he had sucked her cum, and that should have outed her to him if she was non-human.

"Anya, what is your heritage? Do you know where your mother is from? Your father?" He asked as he slowly started to slide the cock out of her ass.

"My mom's from South Carolina. She moved up to Boston in college and never left. She met my father there. He grew up there." Anya thought the question was weird.

"And your grandparents, are any of them from Europe or Asia?"

She shook her head and then shrugged, "My great grandmother on my father's side was from Armenia or somewhere, I think. She was pregnant and unwed when she came over. I remember someone saying it was scandalous. I don't know, she died when I was a baby. My dad's brother always said I looked like her."

"What did she do for a living?" He asked.

Anya frowned, "Uh, I was a baby when she died. I know she crocheted, and her eyes were green like mine, but that's it."

Mr. Hughes nodded, as he figured, there was nothing about her that would hint that there had been any non-human breeding in her family's past. She would have known if any of them had been anything other than completely human.

"Three?" He asked her when her ass was empty.

"Yes, master." She muttered, cock cock cock.

"I'm going to lay you down again." He told her as he lifted her easily up in his arms and put her on her back again.

When her ass and pussy were exposed to him, she closed her eyes, her body shaking, knowing he would pull his hot cock out and finally fuck her mindless with it. As a pressure built at the opening of her ass, she whimpered, here we go! Her pussy danced and cheered, maybe he would then fuck her there, after he had plowed into her ass.

When the first few inches filled her, she whimpered, it wasn't his cock, but it was huge, whatever it was, it was fucking enormous and she felt her ass spread wide, slowly accepting the girth. It was slowly filling her rectum. Her breathing was wild and she felt him press something against her pussy lips. She felt defeated, he wasn't going to fuck her and there was nothing she could do to make him. Her pussy finally relented to the pressure and she moaned as something equally as large pushed deep inside. She felt Mr. Hughes push hard on both, intent on getting them each as high as he could, and eventually, she felt her asshole and her pussy round and inch closed as they reached the dip at the end of the two identical dildos that he'd filled her with. The cocks stretched her wide and long, and Anya felt her thighs shaking as she tried to grow accustomed to the pressure, it was intense and so fucking sexy.

Mr. Hughes moved her body so that her hands and feet were near the headboard. Reaching up, he clicked a metal bracket in place over the canvas between her ankles and wrists and then hooked her to the headboard, making it impossible for her to move, unless she went side to side which he knew wouldn't be comfortable, so she would stay on her back.

"I will see you in forty minutes, Anya." He stood straight and picked up his white dress shirt from beside the bed and pulled it on.

He knew she watched him and that she wanted to ask him a great many questions, but she wouldn't. She was a sub, and she could only stretch the rules so far before he actually would punish her for breaking them. When he left the room, he stopped Deandra from going straight in and asked the girl to make Anya a shake that would make up for the lack of nutrients that she'd been getting the past few days. Then he disappeared into his office. He had some research to do.

Anya kept her eyes closed, manually breathing, keeping her breaths deep and even before slowly letting the air out. She felt overfull, the sensations that worked up her body were like scratchy, pinching little fingers that ran from the flesh pressed by the two huge probes to every nerve shooting signals up her spine. More, more, more, her body seemed to hum, more of this. Her muscles in her arms and legs spasmed periodically as her mind and core would finally have enough and have to release against the thick invaders. It was sensual, it was dirty, it was sheer and total bliss to be filled and left like this, her window pushed open letting in the warm mid-morning sun, a breeze swept in every once in a while and the cooler kiss of it sent shivers up her spine.

Deandra was picking up the basket of cleaning products that she had used to wash Anya with when Mr. Hughes re-entered the room. His face was firm, he was in full dom mode again, and she wondered what had made him eat her pussy while she slept. She had been the first guest that he had kissed, she could only assume that his pussy eating would have been strictly prohibited. She straightened a bit and dipped her head forward, eyes on the ground as he moved toward her. Her empty pussy squeezed like a vice and she felt him run his fingertips up her back from the top of her ass to the nape of her neck. The collar had just been locked into place.

"Come, Anya. You have an appointment." His voice was dark, and she could sense the tiniest amount of frustration coming from the man as he walked slowly out of her bathroom with her, and then took her from her bedroom and they walked through the house.

Anya was fed in the submissive dining room quickly, he seemed determined to get her to her scheduled fuck session. She figured that he was more than ready for her to leave the spa, she seemed to be causing him more than a few problems. Every session she had seemed to be going not at all according to plan. Who knew what today's would bring.

When they finally stepped out onto the patio, Anya paused as he took the collar off and then she turned to face him.

"Let me at least eat your cock, Mr. Hughes." She begged, her hands going to press against his stomach.

His blue eyes sparkled a bit and he took her hands in his and raised them higher to place them on the front of his upper chest. His smile was more of a smirk and he tilted his head to the side a bit as he looked at her.

"You may well be the worst sub that has ever lived, Anya. The very worst." He chuckled as she frowned at him.

"Don't you want to fuck me?" Anya felt tears fill her eyes and she pressed her naked body against him, she was no longer even aware that she was always naked.

"Alas, I am not your appointment today, and I do not want to upset these men. They're very strong and I am not up for another fight today."

"Another fight?"

He frowned at her, she knew he was talking about the wolves, they both knew it.

"You should probably find a different wolf pack to use in the future, Mr. Hughes, not to tell you how to run your business or anything." She watched his smile widen and she could see his even white teeth as he turned them so that she was at his side and they were walking again.

"That has already been taken care of, Anya. Sergei was more than ready to break his contract. Besides," Mr. Hughes veered them to the left and they were on a new path through the woods, "Their pack is smaller than a typical wolf pack, and they keep no female wolves."

"How big is the typical pack?" Anya asked quietly, he was more likely to tell her about this non-human world if she was calm and didn't press with deeper questions.

"Anywhere from 8 to 12 wolves, usually a third of which are female." He felt her move her hand into the crook of his arm, and he placed his other hand over the top of it.

"Why so many more boys?" She asked.

He looked at her with a grin, "Wolves spontaneously ovulate, Anya, just like you do now. They can increase their numbers more efficiently."

"Then how come they're not like humans, covering the planet with their spawn?"

"There are plenty of wolves out there, Anya. You would just never know them. But they have enemies, so..." He shrugged his shoulders as he stopped talking.


"Not all non-humans get along as we do here at the spa, Anya. Werewolves are both light and dark. In their human form, they're light, good, loyal, loving. But when they turn into wolves; vicious, voracious, consumed with passion. It's not usually like that for non-humans to be both light and dark."

"Humans are, we're both good and bad."

"No, Anya. You're good. Humans are incapable of the darkness that can fill one of us." He chuckled, talking to her about these things, it sometimes felt like he was teaching a child, humans never understood it.

"The plant?"

"Light. If you can believe it, he is light."

"The centaur?"

"Light, ornery, but light."

"Alexandru is from the darkness." That was not a question, but he nodded at her anyway.

"The bat wings give him away?"

"Something like that." Anya said and looked in front of her, they had neared a clearing and in the distance, she could see somewhat of a mountain. Many more broke out and stretched behind it and she was amazed at how gorgeous the scenery was. You couldn't even see this from the patio due to the trees that surrounded the spa.

"Piltrum, the statue? I take it he's light?" She asked as they continued walking along a gravel path now, towards the first mountain.

"Of course. Most of the non-humans here at the spa are of the light. The two don't always intermix. Today's appointment is also of the light. Of your remaining appointments, however, two are of the dark."

"Now you're just being spooky." She sighed, she didn't really want to think about it, she didn't want to focus on what he had told her about this new definition of good and bad, and she certainly didn't want to think about the pack in that way.

"It will be a bit of a walk to get to your appointment, the gravel is soft? Your feet are not hurting?" He asked, looking down at her feet as she walked at his side.

Anya shook her head, the pebbles weren't crunchy under her feet, they were smooth and she almost felt as if she was getting a massage as she took step after step with him. Looking ahead, she smiled, the sun was warming her, and it felt very delicious to walk out in nature completely naked, her body open to the elements, the wind hitting her, the smells, she was happy right now. Her smile didn't leave her face as she looked up at him again.

"My appointment today is light." She repeated.

Mr. Hughes nodded, "I would usually tell the woman that I was taking to her appointment that she would not be harmed, that there was no danger for her. But you do not behave, either in the spa with me, or outside of it. You, Anya, are a bloody troublemaker."
"Mr. Hughes, how exactly is it my fault that a wolf bit my ass, or a vampire sucked me up like a juice box? I certainly didn't put your tongue in my pussy this morning. Though feel free to do that-." She gasped, he pulled her to him and his mouth ground against hers, hot, open, his lips hard and seeking, and then his tongue pushed inside and she found herself sucking on it for long, intensely pleasurable moments. She barely registered the fact that one of his arms was around her, his hand low and his fingers pressed at and slightly into her ass, and his other hand squeezed tightly to one breast.

When he finally stepped back, Anya could tell his breathing was just as ragged as hers. They stared at each other for several moments as they calmed their breathing. He was the first one to repair himself and he grabbed her arm a little roughly and started walking a little faster this time towards the mountain.

"There are six of them, Anya. They will be large, intense, and you will be fucked hard, and they won't stop even when you are exhausted. They will exhaust you, Anya." He said quietly as she finally was able to match her steps with his as he slowed down a little bit so as not to drag her.

"Six." Anya widened her eyes as she looked at the mountain.

"They will fight amongst themselves a little at the start, they always do. It's kind of their way to establish a pecking order, of who gets to fuck you first. It's always different, they all have different likes and dislikes when they mate."

"Will I get pregnant like I did with the wolves?" She asked timidly this time.

He nodded, "Yes, but your first shake each morning has been taking care of any pregnancies that have occurred."

"Pregnancies? I thought you just aborted the wolf embryos?" Anya shivered, she knew the shakes held the abortificant, she could taste the difference in flavor and hadn't minded, she wasn't keen on having a non-human baby, but she hadn't thought the centaur, or the...

"Did I get pregnant with a vampire baby?" She gasped.

"You're not pregnant now, Anya, that is what is important." He shook his head when her smile widened, full of mischief.

"That's a shame. I would have liked to have a little bitty vampire baby. If it was a boy, I would have named him...Lestat, and if it was a girl...Elizabeth." She heard him chuckle as he moved a hand to the back of her neck and squeezed a little bit.

"Very amusing, you've read way too many stories about non-humans. You would not enjoy giving birth to a child from Alexandru. I'd have to have a warehouse full of blood to keep you alive. It is very difficult." He told her and a cold shiver worked through her body.

"What are these six non-humans that are going to fight over me?"

"Nope." He chuckled and Anya gasped.

"Did my master just say 'nope' to me? Where is Mr. Hughes?" She winked at him as he frowned down at her and they walked in silence for a while.

"I will come and get you shortly after midnight. I don't allow them to take you up the mountain to where they sleep. It's too difficult an ascent." He told her as they got closer to the area where rocks began to jut out of the ground here and there.

"Which means that I'm getting taken up a mountain tonight." She muttered at him, causing him to look at her.

"Why do you say that?" He asked.

"Because I'm a bloody troublemaker, right? They're probably gonna misbehave with me." She shrugged her shoulders.

"You could be right. I'll keep an eye out later this evening, then, to make sure I can fetch you back safely."

"Yes, Mr. Hughes." Anya told him, the rocks were a little sharper here under her feet.

"Have you ever heard of a satyr?" He asked suddenly, keeping hold of one of her hands as he helped her start to climb when the ground shifted upwards.

Anya thought for a moment, "Is that the beast with the man chest and the big bull head?"

"No, that's a minotaur." Mr. Hughes shook his head, "They're not hospitable."

Anya shivered, she was glad, she didn't think she could let something with a great big bull snout fuck her the way she had come to love being fucked at the spa.

"Mr. Tumnus, from Narnia?" She widened her eyes, six of those would be very pleasant, but not all that large, and he'd said she would be taking a LOT.

Mr. Hughes chuckled and shook his head, "Anya, You are very inappropriate. Do not call them fauns."

"I don't know then, you've got me." She was standing on a boulder looking down at him as he stood on the one below her.

"Tall, about eight feet or so. The legs of a ram. Furry, hoofed, the chest and arms of a man."

"The head of a ram?" She shivered as he stayed where he was below her.

"The head of a man, just bigger, and with the horns of a ram above his ears. They're somewhat stubborn and quick to anger, Anya, so behave. Please."

Anya nodded, she didn't want to get hurt, to feel actual pain, she wasn't into that sort of thing. "Mr. Hughes," she looked at him as he stood looking up at her, his face was level with her crotch and it was making her drip. "You know, I wouldn't mind so much if you said 'come fuck me,' Mr. Hughes."

His eyes burned as a storm brewed within them for a moment as he stared at her sopping pussy and his lips thinned a little before he slowly shook his head.

"Anya, your pussy will be filled soon enough." He stepped around her and took her arm again and led her up a ways, finding somewhat of a trail in the mountain side at one point and leading her down it for several moments before they came to a gradual widening that became sort of a flat, wide lip to the mountain. The grass here was long and soft and green beneath her feet, and the view as she looked out towards the south was a gorgeous picture of the landscape leading to the mansion.

"They will want you docile, Anya. Very very docile and willing. Do not fight or argue. You fuck who they say, how they say, and when they say." His words only made her heat up and her pussy blew him kisses and clenched tight.

She walked with him to a flat round rock that was in the center of the clearing and had her stand on it, feet flat, and then he moved her back forward so that she rounded her upper half down, knees straight, as he'd had her that morning, and had her wrap her wrists around her ankles. Anya shivered against the feel of his suit jacket as he knelt and tied her arms and legs together with a thick cloth.

"You are such a dom, Mr. Hughes." Anya whimpered as he moved her carefully so that her feet were about two feet apart, opening her pussy up wider, the scent filling his nose and drifting through the air around them.

"Such a nice wet pussy." He sighed, patting one of her ass cheeks before she felt him move away.

Anya knew he was gone, she heard his footsteps grow quieter and quieter until she was sure she was alone. The wind hit her pussy lips and she closed her eyes, feeling them shiver and quake. Little drops of her juice slipped between them and slowly made a trail down her legs towards her bound hands and feet.

She heard them well before she could turn her head to see them, and the sound filled her with apprehension. Loud, crackling noises as their hooves beat their path from somewhere on the mountain. The noise came closer and closer, and her pussy throbbed harder as she waited to see the satyrs, waited to see the cocks that would be filling her today. Her breath was fast as she finally heard hooves slam onto the ground of the clearing and she watched as the magnificent large form of a satyr straighten and he looked over at her with a hard, intense gaze. His hooves were black, and thick, powerful. They were larger even than the centaur's hooves had been. They gave way to roughly haired legs that were indeed shaped like the back legs of a ram, the hair was white and not short, but not very long, and slightly wavy as it did grow longer towards his rump, and he had a short tail, his ass shapely, masculine and her pussy hammered home when he turned towards her and she saw a flaccid cock between his legs. Flaccid, but already enormous. Almost a foot long, which was actually less than she'd taken in the past, but thick, incredibly so. There was no sheath holding it, it simply hung, now slightly off of the hair on his muscled thighs, as he looked at her.

Anya's eyes widened, he was becoming erect and her breath came in little needy pants, fuck, she wanted that cock in her pussy, like...yesterday. Come here and fuck me now, she hoped her eyes told him as he stared at her from more than twenty feet away, come here right now. But he remained unmoved, so she slowly pulled her gaze from his animal lower body to the strong muscled chest of a man that filled out, making her very aware of his strength. His arms were that of a man, with large, strong looking hands. She wanted those hands on her body, needed them to touch her. His head was human, his hair white, thick, like the hair on his rump and instead of just being on his scalp, she could tell it grew thickly about halfway down his back, stopped just above his collar bones, and rounded over the side of his neck. He was bearded, and his mouth was set in a grim line as more loud crackles beat at the mountain, making it fairly rumble as she stared at the satyr that she could see.

His eyes were brown, large, intense, he wanted her. She could see that, he wanted her badly, but he didn't move towards her as the others arrived. The next was darker in appearance, even his skin was a deeper brown, his fur black. The next was a light tan furred beast, and the one who went to stand by the first had light brown fur. Anya shivered when one jumped down behind her and her skin sizzled as he rounded into her view. He was a great beast with gray fur and black hooves, and he seemed to immediately cause the others to fidget, she wondered at it, as he didn't speak as he moved slowly over to them.

They were soon joined by a satyr with red fur, his a little more curly than the others. All had brown eyes, all had enormous looking curling horns growing out the side of their heads. All looked at her standing where she was with a serious desire to fuck her. Oh, God, Anya whimpered, Mr. Hughes had been right, she would be taking a lot today, the satyrs were mostly erect as they gazed at her, and while their cocks weren't as long as she'd gotten used to, they were going to stretch her so wide. Get on with it, her pussy cried, trying to attract their attention by pushing rivers of her pussy juice out and down her legs. It seemed to only enrage the beasts further and she heard one of them make a braying sound. It was the gray one.

Another responded, and then they were all making noises at each other that Anya couldn't understand. Eventually, she watched as the white furred one who had seen her first pushed his chest against the tan one and began to walk over to her. Before he'd gotten more than a few feet, the gray satyr slammed his horns into the side of the white's head, the clash of their horns together echoed off the whole mountain and threatened to collapse it. Anya cried out as she saw the men hadn't even been grounded by it, and were now locking arms and pushing hard against one another, hitting horns and braying and growling and she could see their mouths set in anger as they obviously fought for who would get her first.

She saw the white falter and he was pushed hard against the side of the mountain. Breathing heavily, he bowed his head, letting the gray know that he had won. The gray nodded back and rubbed the man's hairy neck before turning his head to the red furred satyr who was moving quietly towards Anya.

Anya almost lost her balance when the two slammed together, the gray easily overpowering that one, and then the tan and light brown furred satyr were eventually subdued by the larger, older looking horned beast that was now standing only five feet from her shaking body.

The black was left, and he looked set for a good fight, his hooves scratched the ground and he brayed loudly, angrily at the gray, who returned the favor, and then they were together. Anya's ears rung from the way their horns hit and beat against one another, it was angry, ferocious, the way the satyrs attacked one another, and she watched as the black kicked off and slammed harder, finally getting the gray to take a step back, but only for a moment before the great beast used his amazing ass muscles to shove the black closer and closer to the mountain. Eventually, after what seemed a good twenty minutes, Anya thought, the two had decided the winner, and the gray, breathing heavily, again made his way towards where Anya was still tied.

He had placed a large hand on the top of Anya's ass and his fingerpads were running over the curve and their tips were just touching her perineum when his body was knocked sideways and the mountain came alive with the sound of the great fight that ensued between him and the red, who had apparently decided he really didn't want to wait. This fight seemed more intense, and the gray had become even more menacing in appearance. His cock was hard and pointed out and up as he pushed at the red, chasing him suddenly up and down the jagged rocks above the clearing as the two parted and came back together in a thunderclap of horns.

Anya couldn't see them all the time, but she knew the other satyrs were watching, looks on their faces as they watched the fight, and then turned their heads to where she was panting, tied together, and then back to the fight. Each weighing the possibility that they could try again to win the right to fuck her first, or to just fuck her without the others realizing that they'd skipped the line. Anya saw the tan furred one push himself off the wall and take a few steps in her direction, seeming to have made up his mind that he would just go ahead with the fucking while the other two fought, when he stopped suddenly, the bray that sounded above them was harsh, pained, and then there was a heavy thud as a large body slammed down the side of the mountain and the red furred satyr landed on his side on the ground, his body scraped and bruised.

Anya heard the gray jump down and stand near her body, his eyes daring another satyr to step forward and challenge him. No one did, even the tan moved back towards the face of the mountain. Looking at the red furred satyr as he painfully stood back on his hooves, she realized that there were about four inches missing from the lower curve of his left horn and she gasped, he had been seriously injured. When he turned to face the gray and slowly backed towards the others, she could see several puncture wounds bleeding on his chest, and his breath was coming rapidly. The nurse in her yearned to go to him, to treat him, to hold him and tell him that it would be ok, but the hot cunt in her throbbed and clapped its hands as the victor rounded her and brought his cock head immediately up to her wet pussy, wasting no time in taking his prize.

"Let's see if you fuck as good as you smell." He mumbled angrily behind her and Anya gasped, she had started to think that they couldn't talk.

His hands wrapped around her ass and lower back and he pulled her back as he bucked forward and his cock came heavy inside, filling her with just the one thrust, stilling as he waiting for her pussy walls to stop clenching so hard at his wide girth. She could hear the way he brayed in satisfaction, and then he was holding her painfully tight, shoving his cock in and out, enjoying the feeling his cock head made whenever he pulled out completely before forcing her pussy lips to take him back inside.

Anya cried out, knowing she would have fallen down at the very start if his hands hadn't held her where she was. The backs of her knees burned, but the sensation was overwhelmed by the deep pleasure she felt at being fucked by the beast's thick cock. She wanted to grind her hips and squeeze him, she wanted to have him continue slamming into her until she was exhausted, just as Mr. Hughes had said, and then she felt him increase his speed.

The intensity with which he began to ram inside of her almost scared Anya at first, but she panted and quaked and cried out as his shaft pummeled hard and deep, his balls hitting her thighs hard, his strong arms forcefully cramming her ass against his groin. She lost count of how many times she came with him inside of her body. She was so hot, so stretched, and he just kept humping into her furiously as her pussy happily took every inch of him. Then he let loose a bray that echoed his passion and his cock suddenly fucked and then held, and she felt his cum fill her vibrating pussy, the hot slide of it making her moan and clench and grind into him.

"My name is Cynric. You will fuck all the males of my flock today." He told her after he had pulled from her pussy and watched the fantastic waterfall that was their joined cum as it squirted out and fell in a fantastic wave down her thighs.

Anya nodded, not trusting her voice to actually work. What would happen now? Would the others start to fight all over again. She watched as he walked away from her and walked back over to the red, putting his large hand on the satyr's shoulder as the slightly shorter satyr moved his brown eyes up to the gray's.

"Payton, you will fuck the girl, you have earned the second." His deep voice flitted over Anya's skin and she sighed out her desire, would the red be unable to, though, he must be in pain.

She missed any responses that were made, as she had closed her eyes and was trying to calm herself, she had a long way to go. She felt more than saw the large hooves of the new satyr that positioned himself behind her at the rock. When he spread his hands over her pussy and asshole, she didn't stop herself from moaning and pushing back against him. He was aroused, desperately so, and when he put a finger in each hole from the same hand, her body rocked with an orgasm that shook her. Then when she felt a tongue push in beside the finger in her pussy, she cried out and her knees buckled.

He caught her just before her shins slammed into the rock she was on, and he picked her up in his arms and walked with her over to the mountain face. He held her in one strong arm as he bent and picked up a thick branch off of the ground before pushing it into a cleft in the side of the mountain. When it was secure, even to him, the satyr turned her so that her legs and arms were straight up in the air, and he held her in that position, his hands under her back and lifted her onto the branch sideways, so that the left side of her body rested close to the mountain and her other side was to the open air. He didn't move her flush with the mountain, though, and she could immediately tell why. When he released his hold on her, the binding on her ropes held her securely in the air.

She got a better look at the satyr as he shifted her hands and feet so that they were about a foot and a half apart, her pussy open and wet, her breasts heaving, and her green eyes sad as she took in the broken horn and wounds on his chest. He seemed completely unconcerned.

"This is not the first time for one in our flock to break a horn, girl, your pussy just smells delicious." He told her, moving his body so that he could line his cockhead up with her pussy lips, "it tastes good, too, let's see how you feel."

When his cock pushed deeply into her, Anya let her head fall back and she cried out, again, stretched to her limits, coating his whole shaft with her pleased as punch pussy juices as he immediately began a hard fuck pattern into her, his hands on her thighs to pull her forward, making it very easy for him to go deep and hard. He seemed to start pushing back on her a little harder with each exit, and Anya felt her ass sway backwards a little before he would pull her forward and his cock filled her again, the sensation insanely pleasurable. It happened again, and again, and Anya was thrilled, sucking his cock up happily with each ram he took forward, its walls pulsating with her desire to fuck him, to milk his cum out of his thick and hard cock.
The first bit of it shot into her fast, and he continued to punch his cock into her in short thrusts until he was finished, his body shaking at the powerful release. When he was done, his mouth moved into a satisfied smile and he tipped his head into a nod that denoted his pleasure at her body. When he turned, he walked only a short distance away before the white stepped into place behind her, pulling her body back so that his cock head settled over her asshole from behind.

"I am Birch. It's time we open your ass." He whispered against her ear as he felt the shiver ripple through her small form.

Anya closed her eyes as she felt his cock head slowly pry open her asshole. It was hard to take, her asshole was hesitant to let such a thick rod inside, but as he held her still, the tip was able to penetrate her ass and she breathed in gulps as he shifted his hips with measured slowness so that he inched into her a little at a time. She was thankful that Mr. Hughes had inserted that incredible goo into her ass earlier, because there was no way she would have been able to take his girth without it. She felt him hit the inner muscle of her rectum and then he pushed harder, sending several more inches up at once.

Anya heard his short bray and then he thrust hard with his hips, sending his cock through her rectum and into her sigmoid, and she screamed, her orgasm tight, his thick rod filling her, stretching her, making her body respond by clenching, pulling to keep him inside.

"This is good?" He whispered to her.

"Yes, please, don't stop. Fuck me. Fuck me in my ass." Anya shivered against him as he slid halfway out.

"My pleasure." His lips curved in satisfaction as he licked her earlobe, sliding over the metal brand at the top, as his hands wrapped tightly onto her lower thighs and he pulled her back with force each time he bucked his heavy hips, drilling into her ass rapidly, repeatedly, and she thought he was about to come, was weak and aching and begging for it when he suddenly held and brayed loudly.

Loud clapping hooves made their way over and Anya's eyes widened as she saw the tan furred beast step in front of her opened body. He sniffed audibly, taking in the scent of her weeping, empty pussy and then he grinned.

"Can you smell yourself?" He asked, two thick fingers pushing inside of her pussy, coming out wet and he put them in his mouth.

Anya nodded, she could most definitely smell the odor of her arousal and the sweat that was coming off her and the satyrs who were fucking her.

"Human girls all smell the same, it's good, but it's the same. But you are different from the other humans we've been brought. You desire." He looked confused by his own description, but didn't pause any longer to think on it.

Anya felt the cock in her ass thrust to hold high inside, and the satyr whose cock was in her bent himself so that her pussy presented an easier target to the satyr that had just spoken of her smell. Oh, God, she was going to have two of these heavy cocks inside her, Anya whimpered, it would be so much. It would feel so good.

"I'm Dwight." He told her, "Birch is my twin."

She understood why they were willing to share her, she supposed. His cock pierced her pussy and Anya let her head fall back against Birch as his brother put his hands on Birch's rump in order to pull the two of them forward as he thrust up fully into her pussy. Her screams were ignored as she orgasmed, her body buried between the two of them as Birch stayed still in her ass as his brother started to vigorously fuck her swollen pussy, fast and faster until both of them were braying and coming, their balls tightening as they sprayed her full of their hot cum. For long minutes afterward, all three of them panted and held together as their bodies calmed from the workout that they'd had in her luscious little body. Anya smiled her pleasure, whimpering slowly as she felt the cock slide from her ass, and then the other one slipped slowly out of her pussy.

"Later, we will change places in you." Dwight told her with a knowing smile on his face.

There were two satyrs left to fuck a first time and Anya watched as the black moved in, his giant arms raising to remove her from the branch. He laid her on the ground and made fast work of untying the binds that held her folded together. When they were off, he helped her lower her legs to the ground beneath her, and slowly rubbed the ache out of each wrist as his brown eyes stared at her face.

"Once we've all cum inside of you once, little one," She shivered as she'd been called that before, "we will feel an urge to breed you. When that happens, you will endure a great deal of pounding into your pussy until we smell the change in you. It can sometimes take several hours. It will be very pleasurable for us, but your pussy will be made very sore, you may beg for us to stop, we won't be able to."

Anya frowned, biting her lip as he put her wrists on his shoulders and lifted her into his arms, lining his cock up with her twitching pussy lips as he walked with her to the rock wall and he held her against it. She closed her eyes as he slid high into her, the thrust slow, lazy almost, as his thickness pushed her pussy lips open wide, very wide, and her body clenched around him.

"It is too late for you to leave, though, you would never make it down the mountain, Cynric is already feeling how close we are to the frenzy."


The black head nodded and he bent down and kissed her neck, "There is no definition for it really in your language. Maybe think of what happens when a chicken is put into a coop filled with roosters." His cock throbbed and he slid out of her almost fully, his hands on her hips holding her up as he moved.

"Isn't the chicken fucked like crazy?" She whispered, groaning when he slid back inside, she had no idea how hard it was for the satyr to go slow like this, it caused a deep ache within his body that actually became very painful after a few strokes.


"And I'm the chicken." Anya sighed, wrapping her hands around his hairy shoulders, enjoying the way his body felt hot and hard and soft against her skin.

He chuckled as he fucked up a little harder into her pussy. "You are the chicken. Please be the chicken, little one." He said slowly before he brayed, he wouldn't be able to last much longer, the pain was becoming excruciating.

"Will it hurt?" He shook his head at her question, his face was turning slightly red and Anya wondered what was causing it, but his whole body seemed to be shaking, too. "I'm the chicken."

He brayed, his hips pumping forward and back hard, and he had to lower a hand to her lower back to keep the girl from hitting the rock as he bucked. His cock filled her, stretched her open with force, and the satyr breathed in her scent, it was heady, strong, hypnotic, and Dwight had been right in his description, she smelled like desire.

He closed his eyes and let his rump muscles work into her, he could feel her orgasm, her juices slowly squeezing down his cock as he punched in and out, she was ready for them to breed, it would just be Ailen after him and it would begin. Braying, he pumped his hips three more times and then his cum filled her. Afterward, he held her tightly to him, his body still shaking in the aftermath, and he felt his cock slide out of her sheath, he knew he would fuck her again, and soon, and he wouldn't be able to stop until he'd fucked both of the holes their cocks could breech, and she'd be drinking his cum, too, even if his head would barely fit within her lovely mouth.

"My name is Colby. I will have you cry my name when I fuck you next." He whispered in her ear, making her shiver, before he let her legs slip down and her feet touched the ground.

"Anya." She said her name for the first time, and watched several of the satyrs nod at her.

Looking among the group, she saw the last of them step around Payton and his brown eyes held hers as his lithe, large body moved closer to her.

"Ailen." He put a hand on his chest before he bent down so that their faces were a few inches from each other.

She nodded and watched as he put his hands on her pussy that was still spilling the huge load of cum that she had taken from the other. She shook but remained still as he shoved a few fingers inside and then brought them to his lips, "Delicious." He said in a coarse voice before straightening and taking her rather forcefully into his arms.

Anya waited as he carried her with him on a path that she hadn't even seen before through the trees and curve of the mountainside. When they rounded a corner, she realized there was another clearing, slightly smaller than the last, and on the far end of that, was an enormous tree stump that had been cut about four feet off of the ground. It was easily five feet in diameter, and the wood on top was smooth, she found out as she was laid on her stomach on top of it. Even the bark on the side was relatively smooth where the fronts of her thighs hit it. She felt him behind her, felt his legs separate hers and his cock was instantly pushing hard into her ass, making her scream, the slide of him inside was intense, and she knew he wasn't going to go as slow as Birch had gone, in fact, he suddenly bucked with heavy force and sent his cock all the way up into her colon.

Her breath came in pants again and she felt a hand move to her wrist on each arm and move them to knobs that had been carved into the wood that she hadn't even seen at first. It helped her stay still as the satyr began to bray and pump his hips hard into her, the slap of them against her ass only causing the braying that had erupted around her to intensify. The frenzy was close, she could tell by the snorts and hoof beats on the ground around them. The satyrs were all aroused. The one in her ass was working like a goddamned battle axe, swinging his cock hard up into her ass, stretching her wide, causing her pussy to squirt over and over, covering his balls with the juice she shot out.

When his cock seemed to thicken even more and she felt the veins inside swell, and his balls tightened against her pussy, Anya knew he was going to cum just moments before his cock let loose the load he dumped up high inside of her colon, his hips still moving, still fucking her hard. His bray reverberated through the entire mountainside. She clutched the knobs tightly, knowing that although each of these beasts had already fucked her, already put their cum up high in her holes, her time here had only just begun, and the air around her felt charged with anticipation, one satyr was pulling in closer, fucking her harder as he came, and five others were inches away, ready to take over as soon as Ailen pulled out. Fuck, Anya bit her lips as she felt his cock slacken ever so slightly, she was about to get fucking pummeled and she couldn't wait!

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