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Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 13

"So fucking me with your cock seems to be completely out of the question." Anya said softly a little while later.

Mr. Hughes had finished with her and she had come like crazy, her pussy pulsing with her hot gushing fluid as he twisted his fist and opened it and moved his fingers in crazy ways within her pussy. When he'd felt her fall down and out of position, he had pulled slowly, and with the utmost care, out of her pussy, watching the slippery pussy juice spill out onto the terry cloth. His hand was coated in her juice and her scent and he pulled enough of the cloth up to wipe as much of her off as he could before he stood and walked back into the bathroom, knowing that she wouldn't be able to move for a few minutes as her body simmered and her breathing pattern calmed.

A few minutes later he had walked back out of the bathroom, his hands and forearm washed, his suit jacket pulled back around his muscled shoulders, buttoned professionally up the front, his eyes no long a fiery, intense blue as they had been when he'd been inside her pussy.

Granted, the girl hadn't seen those eyes, she'd been blindfolded the entire time. He bent down and pulled the blindfold off and then lifted her to her feet.

"Your appointment is expecting you." He said quietly and with one hand on her collar, he led her back out of the room.

Mr. Hughes looked at her out of the side of his eyes as they walked slowly off the patio.

"For a sub, you are starting to sound rather cheeky when allowed to speak freely." He cautioned her, knowing she caught the threat when she nodded and her green eyes lowered from his face for a moment.

When she looked back up at him, he could see that they were clouded with tears, "Is it so incredibly wrong of me to want my master to fuck me? How could I not want to have you in my pussy if you have made me cum so incredibly hard manipulating me in other ways?"

"Anya, there is a reason for your frustration. You must understand that every experience, everything we do to you here at Vorhees is done with the utmost of care, with great attention to your needs as well as that of our service providers."

He heard her laugh lightly at his description of the people...and plant that had fucked her in the past few days. He wasn't going to tell her why, or tell her if he ever would fuck her. He was going to tell her nothing.

"Where are we headed?" She asked instead.

Mr. Hughes pointed right, to the back end of where the airfield was, she could barely see the building there for the woods that surrounded it. They were on a path that would lead them directly there.

"How many?" She stepped closer to him when they reached the edge of the wood, she could feel his heat coming off of him as she stayed close.


"Oh." She smiled shyly. "One."

"" He emphasized the middle word and she grinned, slipping her hand carelessly within his, thankful that all he did was wrap his palm around it and continue walking.

"Well, after yesterday, if it's just one today, it must be pretty...substantial." She heard him chuckle and he stopped walking and turned, his free hand going up and clutching her head, his hand buried in her hair. Anya gasped as his mouth moved down and covered hers.

His kiss was deep, his tongue already thrusting within her mouth as his other hand left hers to surround her small body and bring it hard up against his. She moaned, or he did, maybe both, and Anya shuddered as he sought and licked and thrust and pressed and sucked at her mouth, her whole body responding with an immense amount of heat and desire shooting down to tumble and sizzle in her pussy. The kiss went on for only seconds, but Anya felt her ankles and knees shake as he slowly pulled back from her. He held her still for a few moments so that she could regain her ability to hold her position, before he turned again, took her hand back in his, and began walking her towards a large, enormously so, tan building.

They were so close, and it was so tall, that she could barely see the thick, glass-looking ceiling that it had at its top. When they were at a door at the closest corner to them, Anya waited silently as Mr. Hughes pulled out a ring of keys. The heavy metal door was locked in four places.

"Why is it locked in? Is it dangerous? Is it going to hurt me?" Anya asked him quietly after he had found the first key and slid it into the lock.

"It is unlike many of the other non-humans in that it cannot change its appearance to mask itself in your human world. The locks do not hold him in, for he is strong enough to bust through if he desired. The locks are to keep curious passers by out." He told her, turning the first lock open.

Anya's eyes widened. He had said 'your human world.' Mr. Hughes was not placing himself in that particular definition, meaning he wasn't human, and he had not yet told her what he was. But he had felt remarkably human when he'd held her. A key went into the second lock.

"He is not dangerous, Anya. Not to you. You have nothing to fear from him, but a great deal of remarkable fucking. I don't expect to see you free of him until tomorrow morning." Mr. Hughes was on the third lock now.

"Have you ever fucked any of the people that have been guests here?" She asked softly.

"No." He answered just as quietly.

"Have you ever kissed any of the other guests?" She treaded carefully, seeing his shoulder muscles tense as he slid the final key in the lock.

"No." He said and tugged hard to release the metal door from its stays and she watched as the door pulled open only with a great deal of force.


"I'm done answering your questions, Anya. I won't oblige you by answering any more that concern me or my work here at the spa." He said with finality and took hold of one of her wrists and pulled her into the building.

The first thing that Anya was hit with when entering was the diminished light inside, despite the fact that the ceiling let in full sun. Trees almost as tall as the building soared up from the ground almost everywhere she looked. Dirt paths marked crooked ways through the foliage that filled the air, foliage that was not indigenous to Canada, she was sure as she felt the heat, the humid sticky air around her. She was, for once, glad to be completely naked. Mr. Hughes had not stopped moving so that she could continue her perusal, but had taken her farther into the building towards the right and then had pointed to a wide, low lying rock that was about four feet long, but narrow, just wide enough to settle a human foot on.

There were two heavy metal rings bolted into the rock on either side. Anya stepped up on to it, knowing that was what Mr. Hughes expected of her. He then moved in and turned her to face the large expanse of the building before her. Her legs were separated a little and she watched him reach into a wooden container that had been closed at their entry beside the rock. He'd opened it and had come out with leather ankle bracelets which he quickly put around her ankles and belted closed. Then he stood, two wrist bracelets in his hand that matched the ones on her feet.

"Give me your wrists, Anya." He said, his voice thick as he waited.

Anya immediately put her wrists in front of her and watched him as he belted the bracelets onto her small wrists and then he moved out of site for a moment. She stayed where she was, afraid to move off of the rock she was standing on, and even more afraid that the beast in this building would come to her while he was gone.

"There is an arm position in bdsm that is referred to as the soar position. You straighten your arms to either side, and then lift them," He grinned lopsided, "It sort of looks like Christ on the cross, if you're familiar."

"Not personally, but yes, I know what you're talking about."

"Show me." His voice deepened as his eyes met hers and she did as he had said, her hands stretched straight up and to the sides.

Anya held them there as he looked at her for a moment, and then he moved to a tree to her left and grabbed a chain that she hadn't even realized was there. He brought it over and connected the bracelet on her right wrist to the chain. Then he did the same with a chain on her left wrist bracelet. Once she was chained, he took a plastic remote of some sort out of his jacket pocket and pushed a button, and the chains moved simultaneously, and slowly, to make the binds tighten just enough on her wrists to force them to stay in the position that he had made her move them to. Then he pushed another button, and she watched as two more chains dropped from the trees somewhere above her, and she stayed still, shivering only slightly, as Mr. Hughes strapped a canvas strap around each of her upper arms. When he moved back, Anya watched him push another button and the chains above her raised up and she was hoisted off of her feet. He had moved her up several feet in the air, and it made her shake and gasp as she no longer controlled how any part of her body was positioned.

She watched as he bent down and connected her ankle bracelets to much shorter chains, forcing her legs to spread farther apart until her pussy was scissored wide open. She groaned when she felt him slip a finger from her perineum to her clit, the feeling made her cunt weep and she opened her mouth and let her head droop forward in surrender when he took a step back and looked at what he had done to her.

"Your consent must be given now, Anya."

Anya frowned, this seemed to be a trend, "You say that before I see who I'm supposed to fuck every time Mr. Hughes, it hardly seems fair."

He smiled at her and bent and put the remote in the wooden box and closed it. "Bellator can be testy, Anya, non-humans often are. If he wants to fuck you, he may take offense to your parlay."

"He won't hurt me?" She asked.

"No, he won't. Have I lied to you so far, Anya?" Mr. Hughes asked and Anya thought about the time when she'd been bitten on the ass by a werewolf, but no, that didn't count, it had only made her want to fuck the damned beast harder.

"Not yet."

"Then do you consent?" He asked.


"I will see you tomorrow, Anya."

"No more tying me up later tonight?"

He chuckled as he turned and walked back towards the door he had come from, "No, Anya, not tonight."

She could hear the metal door being forcefully closed a moment later, and she tensed with every turn of the lock shutting her in this building with the still unseen non-human. Her breath was coming fast and she was finding the way she was hanging to send a repeated thrill of desire through her exposed pussy, and she knew she was slowly leaking her juices down the inside of her thighs. Ten minutes went by before she heard the slightest movement, a brush of a leaf, somewhere, she couldn't tell, the trees were pretty dense in this area.

Another ten minutes went by and Anya felt a twig snap on the ground close behind her. Her breath caught for a moment, and then she was shaking, whatever was behind her was big, very very big, because he wasn't suspended in the air and she knew from the way his breath hit the top of her head that he still towered over her. She felt a movement on her sides and looked down to see large human hands reach around and clutch her breasts tightly. She whimpered and closed her eyes as he pebbled the nipples by squeezing on them hard.

Then his hands moved off of her and she felt him just standing quietly behind her, his breathing deep and steady as he seemed to be taking her in. A few minutes later, she felt his hand smooth down her ass to round it and sink into her dripping pussy. She heard him make a strangely familiar sound as he felt her moisture kiss his finger as he shoved the long digit inside. She clutched his finger as tightly as she could, panting now, so ready to be fucked, so ready to know what this experience was going to do to her body, to her senses. She was so stirred up that when he pulled his finger from her, she whimpered in despair at the loss.

"I am Bellator." He said suddenly. She wouldn't have been surprised if he had said, 'I am Tone-Loc' because his voice was so very similar to the other.

"I'm Anya." She whispered, wishing he would touch her again.

"Anya." His voice rolled like dripping honey off her body and she shifted uncomfortably in her hanging position, she knew her pussy juices were dripping straight down to the ground now.

"You smell good, Anya. A good smell." He murmured and she felt one of his hands smooth down her back.

"I can't smell you, at least...I just smell the trees." Anya looked at the forest around them.

She felt him shift behind her and looked down when she felt something hard and loud settle onto the rock beneath where her feet were separated. She saw what looked like the two front limbs of a horse standing on the rock at the same time she felt a human chest press tightly up against her back. His arms reached back around her, one spread over her stomach to hold her ass against muscles that felt immensely powerful, and the other one covered one breast and cupped tightly to the other.

"Smell now?" He asked as he moved his head in to the side of her neck and his mouth covered the skin of her throat and he suckled gently.

"Yes." Anya gasped and let her head fall back against his shoulder, he shook behind her and his hand left her breast to cup her face and he moved his mouth up to her, kissing her deeply and nipping at her lips before pushing his tongue inside, once again, it was longer than a human tongue and pushed deep into her throat several times before he finally moved his face back from hers enough for her to turn her head up at his and see what his face looked like.

He looked human, though he was slightly larger than a regular man would be. He had dark brown hair that hung long down his back, and his ears were tipped up at the back, ending a little higher than a human's ears, and at more of a point. His skin was olive and hard, the muscles of his shoulders told her that if she could see his chest, he would look as chiseled as a statue of Hercules.

She thought he might say something more, but he didn't, instead he shifted back down off of the rock and she felt something hard begin to push against her asshole. Her eyes widened as the pucker widened and whatever it was he pushed in her slowly made its way into her rectum. It was long, ten inches at least, but only about three inches wide and not pulsing, it was a plug of some sort, she realized when her asshole closed a little around the peg at the bottom. She felt his hand move off of it and he smoothed down what felt like quite a bit of soft, flowing hair.

"Made of my mane." He said as he petted the tail he had pushed into the girl, his cock slipping a little more from its sheath as he looked down at the girl who had been brought to him, seeing her with a tail made him all the more hard, the desire to fuck her growing slowing to a boil as he watched her whimper and shake, barely able to move her body from her tied position.

"Oh God." He heard her groan and he put a hand between her legs to feel that her pussy had coated its outer lips with a hard climax. He brought the fingers to his mouth and licked her taste, making a neighing sound as he felt his four hooves beat loudly into the ground behind her.

"We mate." He said, bending down and quickly unbuckling the ankles of the girl, then the wrists before he unstrapped her arms and she would have fallen had he not grabbed her with his arms and moved his body in such a way as to put her across his animal back and she straddled him, her wet pussy rubbing on the short horsehair of his back, her ass pressed harder with the plug and the centaur beneath her shivered, another few inches of his cock drawing out of its sheath.

He started walking through the trees, moving leaves and Anya tucked herself close behind the human part of him as the strong horse part of him took them farther into his home. When they reached what she figured was the middle of the building, or just past that, he stopped and bent down to work on something for a moment before turning and lifting her down from his back to stand to the side of the strange table he had just been manipulating.

"Anya walk, turn. Want to see your tail." His words made her shiver, and her eyes were glued to his form.

She knew her mouth had dropped open when she had turned and faced him to see him for the first time. He was half man, indeed, his olive shin didn't give away to horse hair until just above where his male groin would have been. Then the skin darkened and a smooth coat of dark brown horse hair covered his body, except where it shifted to white on his forelocks. The hair on his lower legs was longer, and looking closer, she realized that the hair on his mane had a streak of white in it, as well. His tail was dark brown, almost black, and he had a few spots of white on the side of his rump that she could see.

When she looked between his hind limbs, she found herself just blatantly staring as a pink, long, cock was slowly pushing forward out of the black, satin looking sheath between legs that seemed to sense her appreciation and he high stepped just a little.

"Turn," He ordered more firmly, making her attention jerk back to his face, "tail."

"Oh, yes." Anya turned her body around for him and showed him the thick lock of horse hair that ran down her lower ass and almost to her ankles.

"Bend." She bent, giving him a better view, making the tail perk up a little more, and she couldn't resist shaking it a little as he bent down and clasped it close to her asshole, pulling it out a few inches before shoving it back in, doing this over and over until Anya was panting hard, pushing back forcefully to meet every movement forward.

When he stopped, she shook, feeling his arms wrap around her waist and lift her, walking with her over to the odd looking contraption that was about four feet off the ground. It had a short, soft looking pad in the middle, and it V'd out closest to where he placed her. She felt him move her legs into position at the V, and she was strapped down, face down. Then he clicked something and the part her legs were strapped to swung out and lifted just slightly so her ass was a little higher in the air. Anya was surprised how comfortable she was lying in the pad and didn't stop him from moving her hands to a pole with a knob on top of it. He had her wrap her fingers around it, and then he took rope that had been hanging over the side of the table and tied her hands in place. This stretched her a bit and she knew that when he fucked her, wherever he fucked her, as she was rammed forward against the cloth, he arms would be a counter balance, making her body accept the invasion. She almost orgasmed again just thinking about how this was going to feel.

He started playing with her tail again, breaking out the orgasm that she had felt building.

"Better with tail." He said to her and she wasn't quite sure what he meant. Was she better with a tail, or was the proper fuck she knew she was going to get from him going to be better with the tail? She didn't really care, she was so turned on now. He pulled the tail halfway out again and slapped it back into her ass. Fuck, fuck, fuck, Anya whimpered and wished she could wiggle her hips at him, but she was so well tied, there was nowhere for her to go.

She saw him move around the table and watched as he shifted parts of the table that she wasn't strapped to so that two platforms, both padded, with edges around each were raised to about a foot above and a few feet from each of her outstretched arms.

"Oh, oh." Anya whimpered when she heard him move back behind her, his hands spread up her body as he positioned himself, and then he reared and with his front legs high in the air, he moved himself forward a step at a time up and over her body, his human half turning and lowering so he could move her new tail out of the way and reach his long, fully extended cock and line it up to her wet pussy.
Once he felt the tip touch her pussy lips, he moved his human body back up so he could watch as he put his front hooves carefully in each of the platforms he had placed over her. It was very tricky fucking human girls, but so very very worth it for their tight pussies and the way they responded to his very large, very long horse cock. He moved his back legs forward a little and felt his cock push in a full four inches before he felt the lid of his cock head push through her outer pussy and he felt more sure that he would be successful on the first mount.

Anya's mouth was open and she had turned it to rest on the pad in between her stretched arms.

"More." He said from somewhere above her.

"Fuck, yes! More." Anya swore, her pussy was doing a happy dance of submission and wanted more than just the albeit thick four inches he had given her already.

"Slow. Tight." He said above her, as if chastising her for wanting him to rush.

Anya heard his hooves clip the ground behind her again and felt his cock surge in again, glorying in the stretch, the way it thickened quickly and her pussy bit down on it like it planned on devouring him, which if she had her way, was fully what she intended to do. Her body shook and her breath quickened again as he moved another step forward. The stretch was incredible, but not painful, she'd been well prepared, and she knew her holes still had the gooey lining that Mr. Hughes always covered her in, she knew it allowed her body to take a bigger, longer cock, and she loved it, she loved knowing that this cock was climbing higher and higher into her body.

His final step made her squeal and push against the pole in her hands and she knew he was in as far as her pussy would currently allow, and he seemed to recognize that and pull back, far back, until he had almost pulled out of her and she felt her pussy throb and try desperately to get him back.

"We mate." He said again, his voice dark and fierce, his passion almost paralyzing as she clenched her pussy, needing his return.

"We mate." She cried out at his words, shaking violently with her intense orgasm as he bucked suddenly and shoved his thick cock back inside and up to the end of her.

Oh Jesus, yes, yes, we fucking mate now! Anya clenched and ground as best she was able and was unable to stop and hold him in as he bucked again and again, his forceful thrusts wild and hard and the feeling of his cock rubbing her tissues inside, more forceful because she had an ass plug high up inside as well. She came again, and again, and she knew he was hot, and getting close himself because he was making sounds she couldn't decipher from somewhere over her, and his cock pounded heavy up into her swollen, welcoming pussy.

When he rose up on his hind legs, the feeling was intense and Anya cried out in chirpy, breathless bursts as he bucked in closer, holding himself in the air as he began to cum, the hot spray hitting the top of her pussy hard, making her clench him fiercely as she came herself, she felt his cock twitch and release, pulsing as he stayed up for over a minute, his load so substantial that he froze in the grip of it until he punched his hooves down into the platforms with force, making the entire contraption shake for a moment as they both closed their eyes and let the sensation of what just happened take them. His cock shrank a little and her pussy kissed him goodbye sadly, not happy to see him go, but knew she had no way of keeping him inside of her tied as she was.

Anya was once again alone on the table and she lifted her head to see him standing at the start of one of the twisty paths in his personal forest of tropical trees. He was breathing hard, covered in a fine sheet of sweat, his horse body also glimmering wet in the sunlight.

He saw her green eyes meet his brown ones and he smiled softly at her.

"Tail better." He said before his back legs went low and then kicked out behind him, sending him into the forest out of site quickly.

Anya whimpered seeing him leave her and then closed her eyes when he was gone. She was exhausted, and she knew his cum and her own juices were slowly making their way out of her pussy, which seemed to have decided a little break from being constantly aroused was the best thing for now. She was glad, the constant arousal between her legs was frustrating. It was probably a good thing that they never had her in clothes, because she would have soaked a hundred pair of panties by now. She heard a sound in the forest near her right side this time and her pussy jumped awake. Fuck!

"Food, for Anya." Bellator reappeared with a banana and some sort of bread.

She decided right then that she would pretty much fuck anything with a cock of it came bearing gifts of food. Her stomach cheered and gave her pussy a fatal punch.

Instead of untying her, he fed her slowly, always moving one hand up and down her back as he did, sometimes running them under to touch her breasts and then down to her ass, but leaving the plug where it was when he did.

"Can you explain 'better with tail?'" She asked him when he had shifted to sit on his stomach, his four horse legs down so that his face was more on a level with hers.

"No more centaur women. Least...not that I know." He told her, "Hunted a long time ago."

"None? That's terrible." Anya meant it. It seemed cruel to be the only gender left of the species.

"Human girl decent substitute. Better with tail. Forget about being alone." He said to her as he fed her a piece of the bread that had proved to be rather sweet in flavor.

"What you did, it felt really good." She told him, her cheeks flushing as a big smile spread across his lips.

"Deeper in ass, feel better." He told her and she widened her eyes at him.

He stood and showed her his cock, seeing that it was full staff again, and easily 18 inches long, if not a little longer. He'd probably had another 4inches or more to push inside. He'd be able to get it in her ass, she knew it had a longer tube to fill if it needed. Her pussy twitched and if she'd been able to lift her tail to expose her ass as a normal horse would, she totally would have.

"Anya like?" He asked as he bent his human half over her, his chest rubbing against her back as his hands surrounded her and played with her breasts.

"Anya like." She cooed as he pinched her nipples and tugged at them for a few minutes before spreading one hand over her stomach.

"Wish could fill this here." He said with a warmth that felt like sadness behind her ear.

"You can't, can you?" She asked him.

"No. Cum isn't compatible." He told her and she bit her lip. The knowledge surprised her.

"Mate with horse, several colts. No fillies." He told her and she widened her eyes.

"You have a family here?"

"Yes, young. Not allowed in Anya. Could kill." He patted the platforms that had held his hooves and she needed, her body shivering as she realized that it must take a great deal of skill for him to fuck her without actually hurting her.

"So you have a horse mate?" She whispered as he began to kiss her shoulders and the nape of her neck with his hot, firm mouth, Jesus, this beast was arousing.

"No, horse die every time." He told her, his mouth opening to lick down along her spine.

"What? You mean, from, from childbirth?" Anya gasped.

She could feel him nod behind her as his mouth rounded the curve of her ass and tilted to the side so he could lick and kiss around where the tail was hooked to her ass. The feel of his tongue made her shiver and forget for a moment what they had been discussing.

"Not strong enough to birth. Bad energy. Only do it three times. Three colts." He put a finger in her pussy and she sucked in her breath, it was followed by two more with very little preamble.

"That must be painful to see, Bellator. The poor mares." She whispered as she felt his fingers fuck her full pussy.

"Anya very kind. We mate." He said as he wrapped a hand around her tail and pulled it halfway out before shoving it back inside.

She closed her eyes, shaking as he played with her ass for several long minutes, his free hand still driving away at her pussy until she had come, and then the tail was removed. She though he would put in on the ground, but instead, he shoved it in one solid motion all the way up to the hilt in her pussy. Her cry of arousal sounded as the centaur made another loud sound before he lined himself up behind her again and she waited to feel the head of his cock at her back hole. This was going to be fucking amazing, she thought.

When he lined the cock up, he turned and stepped forward at the same time, a big step that sent his cock halfway into her ass in one hard movement and she screamed, thanking God that the goo cancelled out any pain she would have felt, because instead she felt an intense, riveting pleasure as the hooves moved closer and her colon shifted to take his remaining length well up into her large intestine.

"See. Better." He growled above her as he started to fuck her forcefully, his rump muscles clenching and pushing forward over and over, his large cock stretching her ass in all directions as he felt the girl under his stomach shake with the force of her orgasm. He knew her pussy would be weeping and he would sit behind her later and lick her clean. He would fuck her again, too, in both her holes, he had all the time he would need with her until the night was over. Bellator would take it, and fuck his little horse girl with wild abandon.

Anya closed her eyes again, letting her body blend with his, concentrating on where his cock pounded inside, feeling his head, the strength of him, knowing that as hard as he was fucking her, punching into her ass with each thrust of his equine hips, he was holding back to ensure that it was only pleasure she felt, only intense, far-reaching pleasure that broiled and gripped and drank from her body orgasm after blissful blissful orgasm.

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