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Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 11

Anya whimpered when Yakov shifted away from her, far enough that his cock came fully out of her mouth and she was sprayed in the face with his remaining come. She opened her sore mouth to take him back in but stopped, everything in her tightening as something hard and heavy hit the back of her and a cock the goddamned size of Detroit shoved all the way into her rolling pussy. As it exploded with her pussy juices, Anya felt him thrust hard, really hard, almost too hard now, and he was digging his paws not into Yakov's shoulders, but into her ass. Poor Yakov was basically there for physical support as his alpha fucked their prey, prey that he had marked despite the long standing regulation made with Vorhees that he would never mark another girl. Doing so caused too many problems.

Not so much for the girl, but for him in his pack. They didn't like being kept from a wet and willing pussy until he'd had his fill and his cum had born fruit, but he hadn't been able to stop with this one. She'd been a little older, more sure of herself than some of the other subs that had been brought to their northern reserve. He'd bit her before he'd even realized that he'd done it. Now, he didn't care about the consequences. He knew what they would do to her when she returned, and he didn't care. He had the last time, he'd cared a great deal and the pain of what had happened had eaten at him for years, and he'd refused to take a sub from Vorhees, which had made two of his former pack members to pull away and find a new home.

His knot was swollen know and he growled as he bucked wildly to get it inside, which he finally did. When he was connected to her, Sergei tugged Anya out of Yakov's hold and moved her so that her breasts were pressed to the ground below her and he was able to lay atop her again as he filled her with his hot cum. He licked her face, tasting his brother, and cleaned her off as he settled in for a slow completion.

Anya prayed that she was done getting fucked by these wolves when he finally pulled from her, and she rolled onto her back so that she could breathe easier as Sergei loomed large over her and the other three wolves moved closer. The big snout of the alpha moved over her pussy and licked at the moisture there, and sniffed heavily. The other three wolves did the same, rumblings in their chest as the took in her scent and looked towards their alpha in expectant anticipation.

Anya watched as Sergei knelt and licked and sniffed at her pussy again before looking back at his pack and inclining his head very slowly.

Yegor let out a yelp, but it was Grigory that was closest to her, and he had moved down to cover her body with her still on her back on the ground. She felt his thick cock place itself at her pussy and he slowly shoved upwards while the other two wolves growled and nipped at the rust colored fur on his back. Now she knew how Sergei had gotten his scars. They weren't afraid to use their claws, they'd used them on her and then licked them after to cause them to heal up into thin red lines. She spread her legs, allowing him to go farther into her weeping hole and as his knot came close, Anya heard the wolf howl, happy, apparently, to finally have access to her pussy and it's hot slippery juice. She didn't know what had made Sergei agree to it, but she suddenly didn't care. Grigory wasn't bucking as hard as he had before, and when he pushed the knot into her pussy, he settled in and immediately started cumming, his body vibrating with his joy to couple with her this way. Anya had to admit, she was emotionally more connected when they were tight in her pussy, the sensation was much stronger, more intimate than when they were shoved high up her ass, but oh, she liked that feeling, as well.

She moved her weakened legs so that she could work them up his chest so that they pressed between her upper body and his chest to stretch herself in half, pushing her pussy up and out so that he could sink further and his whole body hummed in appreciation. Jesus, this felt really fucking intimate, and insanely satisfying and Anya laid her head back and closed her eyes, letting the squirt of his cum into her pussy be her focus. She fucking loved this. She wanted more, and she'd already had way too much.

Grigory pulled from her pussy just as slowly and left her on the ground, leaking his cum onto the ground as he backed away, going to sit behind his alpha as Yegor and Yakov glared at each other. Yakov finally snorted and growled and jerked his head up and down and towards her before sitting down. Yegor howled shortly and then moved over to her. Licking her pussy, he sent his tongue into her delicious juice filled cavern, and then moved his snout beneath each of her knees to lift them to scissor up and out. She tried to push herself up so her pussy aligned better with his cock when he moved forward and fucked hard into her, but she was so weak, the second he filled her, she dropped her ass and let him ride her pussy in long, full thrusts until he got his knot in like they had all done every time they'd ridden her delicious holes, and then he hunkered down over her and filled her with his cum.

She could see Yakov out of the corner of her eye, knew he was impatient now and was pacing close beside them. Anya realized that it wasn't as dark as it had been. They were in the early morning hours now, she'd been fucked so many times, she wouldn't have been surprised if half a day had passed, but the sun hadn't risen yet over the horizon. Yakov seemed more and more anxious and he began to growl angrily at his youngest brother and Yegor shook his hips slightly over her to try to speed up his ejaculation into her.

Anya could see the hard desire in Yakov's strained eyes and looking over at the alpha, she could see that even he was growling low, telling Yegor to hurry up and get out of her pussy. She had another cock to fuck deep. Why were they hurrying?

"Yegor, out!" She cried and felt him stiffen and yank at his cock, howling when the knot didn't budge and Anya felt her body roughly pulled under him as he moved back a few steps. She was impaled on a fucking dick that wouldn't let go. Whimpering, she looked at Yakov, and pushed at the furry chest of the wolf inside of her.

He bucked hard now, squirting his jizz and finally, with his knot only half down, he was able to squeeze out of her stretched pussy as Anya groaned against him. "I'm sorry Yegor, boy, I'm sorry I rushed you." She told him as he howled and sat and licked at his cock, pulling from her had been more painful for him than for her, apparently, and licking it was all he could do to help with the throbbing.

Anya looked to Yakov and didn't have time to prepare herself for the way his snout shoved under the small of her back and she was tossed harshly onto her stomach. Then he was behind her and over her, his front paws wrapping around her body as his back arched down around her, his cock searching out and finding her stretched, wet pussy and with one, urgent thrust of his hips, he was in her to the knot, then he began to thrust over and over, stopping just before the knot actually passed her pussy lips. She was crying out in need for so long she thought he was going to cum in her without connecting, which would make her miserable, she wanted this connection with Yakov, she felt like she knew the other three wolves completely, and she needed to know him, she needed, fuck! He howled and his cock tore deeper, the knot anchoring her to his cock and he continued thrusting as he began to come. The heat of it, the way she felt fueled by him and fused to him made Anya's whole body shake with a completion that wasn't just for him, but for the four of them, a culmination of everything that had occurred to her on this forest floor over night.

When he slowly pulled from her pussy later and laid her down on the ground on her back, Annie had a truly sated smile softly spreading across her full, bruised lips and she turned her head to open her eyes and look towards the horizon that was in view through the trees a bit. She could see the first rays of the sun kiss the edge of the sky and she bit her lip. It was a beautiful sight and a wonderful thing to see after this amazing night of fucking these four gorgeous wolves. She'd never thought she'd like being hunted by someone, and now she felt her pussy clench as she remembered just how much she'd loved it.

Turning her head, she looked up at Yakov, not seeing the big gray wolf that had just fucked her, but the man that she'd seen the night before. He was squatting over her, between her legs, and he had a warm, pleased smile on his face.

"That's why you were so upset." Anya explained with a tired chuckle and giggled as the man stood straight and he stepped back as Sergei stepped forward and picked her up in his arms and held her still for a moment so she could wrap her arms around her neck.

"He didn't want to go through the change in the middle of it. We're usually a lot...quicker." Sergei said darkly against her ear and Anya shivered, moving closer.

"I'm glad you weren't quicker." Anya said, knowing she flushed, wondering how she could suddenly feel shy around these men. She felt like she'd known them her whole life.

Sergei had been in pain for many years, she could feel that when he was inside of her, immense pain, both physical and mental. And he was old, centuries, probably, and he had lived a great many places around the world. Yegor, she looked over at the face of the man she'd seen skip into the house the night before, was the newest of their group, as well as the youngest. He was cocky and good natured and was still learning to appropriately react to his alpha's moodiness.

Grigory was the quiet one, but he was also the one who loved his pack brothers the truest. He'd been with Sergei for years. As she met his blue eyes, he smiled at her softly and tilted his head a little, he was the type of man you could lose yourself in for years. He was the type of man you would move mountains for if he needed it. Her body was heated as she considered each of the men, and she felt Sergei start to walk with her in his hands still, back toward the small cabin. She looked back over his shoulder shyly at the largest man of their group and found herself smiling at Yakov. His eyes, they were a mix of brown and green, she was pretty sure, were centered on her face as his alpha moved them along.

Yakov was actually older than Sergei, though he didn't really look it, and he'd been one of the men who had given their alpha some of the scars he bore. Something had happened at some point in the pack and it had very nearly broken them, but she didn't know what it was, she only read bits and pieces, things they didn't lock between closed doors. He was honest, loyal, he knew the alpha wanted to keep her, and knew it could get them in trouble, and he was conflicted about his own feelings for her. None of them had expected the hunt to be so passionate, so fulfilling.

"Do you all actually live in that tiny cabin?" She asked when it came into view.

Sergei's chest rumbled, "No. We own this land and come up here when we're on a hunt for Vorhees. They require a secure location. We live elsewhere."

She knew that was all he would tell her. She somehow knew that none of the men she fucked would be allowed to divulge any truly personal information.

"What are you going to do to me?" She asked a moment later when she was moved to a standing position in the bathroom, Sergei had stepped back and Yakov had entered the small room with her.

"You're dirty, Anya. Yakov is going to bathe you." Sergei stared at her with his gray eyes.

"Oh." Anya looked down at herself. She was dirty, terribly so. She was covered in tried cum, smeared mud and bits of leaves and other stuff. She didn't look at herself very long, though, afraid she would see something alive on her body.

Yakov smiled and turned on the shower. Sergei closed the door leaving them alone together and the large man put his hands on her waist to put her into the shower, stepping in himself, none of them were wearing clothes during the walk back, but she was the only one that had gotten this dirty. She closed her eyes as the hot water hit her back and she closed her eyes and leaned into the man with her. He shivered against her and moved his arms around her for a moment before putting his hands on her face to move her head to get her hair wet.

Anya watched his facial movements as he washed her, and when he smiled suddenly as if something amused him, she put a hand on his wide chest. "What?"

"You called him 'Rover' you're lucky he didn't drag you by your hair for a mile." His dark words made her shiver and grin.

"He did bite me." She muttered as he spread shampoo in her hair and he paused and looked at her a moment before sighing.

"Yeah, he did." He muttered, putting her back under the water before she could ask more about the bite. She'd, unfortunately, bare that particular mark for the rest of her life. Their saliva had healing properties but it didn't prevent scarring. And Sergei had bit her deeply.

Yakov reached for a wash cloth and smeared a large glob of soap onto it and then slowly began to rub her body, start at her face and going south from there. She enjoyed the feeling of his fingers surrounding and kneading her breasts, knowing he was intentionally caressing them roughly, she could see and feel his chest move deeper as he became aroused by her. He cleaned her to the spot just about her clit before turning her around and spreading the cloth over her neck and behind her ears. He made his way down from there, as well and washed and rubbed and squeezed her ass cheeks and then squatted behind her and washed down the back of her legs before reaching around her front and doing the same there.

Gently, he lifted her feet, one at a time while she leaned against the tiled wall with her hands, and he washed her feet. When he was done with the second foot, he made sure to put it down so that her feel were spread about a foot and a half apart. The cloth reached up and rubbed more roughly along the tip of her clit and back, spreading over her pussy and then cleaning around her asshole and the thin like of her crack. When he had gotten her soaped up, he stayed squatting and then moved her more towards the water and watched as the water slid down her slim, tight body and she was rinsed and clean against him in the shower. He could clearly see the many claw marks on her. Most of them were shallow enough that it would take only a few licks and they would heal, and fade into nothing, but there were a few, clustered around her hip bones and on the fronts of her shoulders that he worried would be a little more visible, but just marginally so.

Scooting her towards him, he rose enough to reach the ones on her shoulder, licking them several times as she shivered against him. Then he moved back down, squatting low so he could like the rest of the scratches as he went before turning her ass back into view so he could once again lick the bite mark on her ass. There was just no way to make that one fade. She'd gotten bitten by an impassioned werewolf and it would show. Moving slightly back, he sniffed at her, his body tingling at her lovely female scent. She smelled like his pack, and to another werewolf pack, the scent would be more than clear who she belonged to. Yet this woman did not belong to them. It had been a long time since a pack kept their prey. Female werewolves had long ago fought to change their male partners proclivities of collecting female humans to mate with during the moon.

Anya bit her lip when she felt his nose press into the cleft of her ass crack and his tongue sought out and found her puckered asshole, sliding in as he groaned, his arms smoothing up her body to squeeze her tits. Her hands went back to his shoulders as she pushed into him. His tongue never stopped moving, and she felt one hand slowly lower back down and two fingers shoved inside of her wet pussy. She was still stretched, but her body was still able to clench him and he growled at the juice she soaked his fingers with.

Turning her around, he sent her a look of need before he pulled her thighs over his shoulders, her back against the tile now, as his mouth closed over her clit and sucked it tightly into his hot mouth. She cried out and buried her hands in his hair. His mouth finally opened and he ate at her pussy, sucking in her juice, biting, licking, his teeth closing down on her labia, but not hard enough to make a wound, and she stretched against him, her orgasm quick and hard, squeezing his head with her thighs as he sucked in her juice.

Once he drank all he had to offer, Yakov stood straight again and re-wet the washcloth and rubbed it in between her legs. Stepping out of the shower, he grabbed a towel for her and turned off the water. Pulling her out of the shower, he wrapped the warm, thick fabric around her and smiled as the size of it seemed to completely consume her small body. She was probably starving. Grabbing the jar of goo that he would need to use on her, he opened the bathroom door and walked out with her at his side.

Anya looked up and saw that the three other men were sitting at the table in the cabin, glaring at each other, Grigory had apparently just been growling at his alpha when she'd appeared and he stopped. They all stared at her as she came out into the room. The tension was palpable and she worried that she had caused a problem for the pack, and it all seemed to center on the fact that she had been bitten by Sergei. The alpha stood as she stared at him. None of them had put clothes back on, but she saw Yegor reach for his jeans.

"We must feed you. You have to be on the road in less than an hour." Yakov said, waving to the stove, watching Grigory rise to go fix her some food.

"Wait." Anya frowned, every man in the room stopped moving.

"What? You must make the plane, Anya. You don't have a choice in that, you know that." Sergei said, his voice was tight.

"I can't-I can't leave you like this." She told them.

"Like what?" Yakov asked at her side as he opened the lid of the jar and Anya got a whiff of the contents, it was the skin tightening solution from Chrysanthulus.

She stepped back from it. "Wait. Just, I can't leave you like this. There's something starting to separate the f-four of you and I don't want to be the cause of it. Whatever it is, it's got to stop. I want you," Anya searched her head for what to do, "I want you, Yakov, go sit on the bed, all the way back so that you knees touch the edge."

Yakov put the jar down and gave her a hard look of confusion, as if to say that she was the sub, not them. Well, damnit, right now they needed to do what she said. They'd find out soon enough that what she was going to have them do was going to put her in an incredibly submissive position.

"Do it." She frowned, pointing to the bed.

Yakov looked at his alpha and saw the man nod. He immediately moved away from the girl and sat on the firm mattress, with the backs of his knees pressed against the edge of it, as she had requested.

When he was there, she walked over, her body shaking and her nipples tight. "Sergei, please," She closed her eyes as she moved herself up to sit on top of the man who was emitting sounds that sounded way more animal than human, "Please come sit on your knees to either side, facing me."

She watched as he did and frowned, it wasn't a good angle. Looking up at his gray eyes she signed heavily, "Maybe instead you could stand on the bed, facing me, your feet under his shoulders, lay back, Yakov." She ordered and watched as they both complied. Holy, shit, she was really going to do this. But she knew she could, they weren't as big now as they were in wolf form, and they needed her to.
Her eyes locked onto Sergei's and she took a hold on Yakov's stiff cock and as he groaned and moved to stop her, Sergei growled at him and Anya lifted herself enough to shove the head of it into her pussy and then slowly lowered herself until he was firmly planted to his balls inside of her. She thanked God silently that their knot didn't swell when they were human. Yakov didn't sound like a human right now, he seemed to be fighting his wolf side quite desperately at this unexpected pleasure of having her pussy eat him again.

"Grigory, there's a footstool over there, by that chair under the window. Bring it here and get on your knees between Yakov's legs." Anya whimpered when Yakov put his hands on her hips and bucked up hard. "Yakov, wait!"

He stilled, not from her voice, but from the growling voice of his alpha, and Anya watched as the dusky haired man reached down and put his hand on the face of his brother, immediately Yakov went still beneath her. She could almost feel the bond reassert itself, pulling them back together, and she hadn't even gotten everyone where she wanted them yet.

"I'm here, Anya." Grigory whispered hoarsely behind her, and she felt him lean forward, putting his hairy chest on her back.

"I think you can guess where I want your cock, Grigory." She whispered, watching as Grigory grabbed Yakov's legs and pulling him forward off the mattress enough for him to be able to kneel on the footstool he was on and shove his hard, thick cock up into her ass, which gladly accepted the passage.

Anya panted at the penetration of both of them inside at the same time and if it wasn't for the young man watching them, his own ache to be a part of it practically paralyzing him, she would have told the two within her body to fuck her silly.

"Yegor, come here here." She almost laughed at the speed with which he was brought to her.

"Put your feet on either side of Yakov, face me, yes, like that." Anya looked up at the alpha and saw him smile, he had figured it out. "I want you and your brother both in my ass. I can take it, I took your cock when you were a wolf, I can take both now." She wouldn't have been able to if Yakov had used that jar in the bathroom.

"Anya, it will be awkward." Grigory had his hands in the back of her calves, she felt the concern coursing through him.

"It's really all right, Grigory. I'll take it. I want it. I want the four of you to do this together, as a family." She said and felt Yegor move into a position that gave him room that he could maintain and be inside of her ass. She knew Grigory had put his hands on his brother to hold him more securely and she raised her eyes back up to their alpha brother as she felt the head of Yegor push against the stretched asshole and press against the cock that had already filled it. She was right, it pushed inside, sliding deep, joining its brother and stopping at his base. Anya shook. She had three cocks inside her. She wished she could fit Sergei in her pussy with Yakov, but Yakov was a bit larger than his other two brothers, but only just. And she had no idea how to make it happen. Instead, she looked up at the man standing over her, his whole body was shaking as he stared down at her.

"Sergei. Anya, Sergei isn't inside of you. There's nowhere he will fit down here." Yegor moaned, the feeling of being with her, with his brothers, it was the most intense thing he had ever experienced, he wanted to come now, before they had even started.

"I have a hole that's empty that I want Sergei to fill very much, Yegor." She soothed the young wolf and watched as Sergei smiled wide and moved forward, grabbing her head with force and pulling her onto his cock, hitting the back of her throat instantly, and she felt her pussy clench around Yakov, which caused him to howl and pull out slightly and thrust back up, which made Grigory buck forward and Yegor shoved hard in and out as well.

Her pussy juice coated Yakov completely and her eyes closed as stars floated around her from the overwhelming sensation of being fucked by four beautiful cocks at one time. The men behind her knew they had to move in and out by only a few inches, otherwise, they were having to shove their cocks back in her asshole, which they did intentionally every once in a while just to feel the added pressure. Yakov had stopped moving, know the two cocks in her as created more than enough friction within her to send him into eventual orgasm. Instead, he put his large hands around her slim waist and held her down tightly on his throbbing cock.

Anya kept her eyes glued to the gray ones that belonged to the cock in her mouth. She opened her mouth more, allowing him to surge farther into her throat. She tilted her neck at an angle that allowed more of him inside and felt him growl against her and he thrust his hips forward quickly, taking complete control of how his cock filled her mouth and throat. Little by little, the men felt their orgasm build deep in their bodies and they knew that when they came in this delicious bit of female, it would be powerful, and their bond would be just as tight, if not tighter, to each other. She'd made sure the pack would make it through the mating that Sergei had inadvertently forced. Sergei would get through it this time, he wouldn't break like he did with the last girl.

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