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Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 09

Anya wanted to scream at him in frustration. Her pussy was wet and clenched, and she stood naked in front of this man on the patio, and he was telling her that she wasn't getting a good fucking again today. Was he mad? Why would they give her this much time to herself. Anya desperately wanted to fuck. She felt tears come to her eyes and watched his face change to concern and he stepped towards her, waving at someone who was standing in the doorway as he put a hand on her cheek.

"This isn't like me, Mr. Hughes. I don't fuck, I make love, I was happy with my husband and now I am here and all I want to do is fuck and feel my pussy stretch open. What is happening to me? What did Mr. Bricker do that has caused me to lust after a cock so badly?" She felt him wrap his other arm around her and she was pulled close to his warm chest.

She wrapped her arms around him and breathed in his scent, it was cologne and peppermint and he smelled intoxicating, and it only made her cry harder as she realized that yet again, she wasn't going to get a hold of his cock. It was starting to be her sole purpose in life. When Anya might have backed away, she felt something gooey shoved into her asshole and she jerked her hips forward and gasped.

"I said you weren't getting fucked by anyone else today, Anya, but I never said your ass and pussy were going to be empty. Now I know I'm not your master out here, but I need you to allow us to get you ready." Mr. Hughes stepped back, leaving Anya standing, her hands crossed over her chest as Deandra pushed the large ass plug that they'd had inside of her ass earlier back into it until her shaking ass muscle closed over the peg and the flat outer flap settled nicely against her ass cheeks. He would never get used to seeing this small woman with a beast of a plug shoved up her sexy ass, he knew she weighed only 118 pounds now, just over a hundred pounds had been taken by Chrysanthulus.

"Get me ready." It wasn't really a question as Anya watched Shi approach her, a welcoming smile on the woman's face, and a huge cinnamon colored cock in her hands that she immediately pointed at Anya's pussy lips.

"This isn't so much to make your pussy juices flow, Anya, as it is to keep you stretched for the next few hours. You are going to need to have a more flexible ass and cunt for the next time you do get fucked." Mr. Hughes picking up some sort of leather belt and tightened it around her lower hips before taking the extra stretch of smooth leather and tugging it between her legs. Tightening it, he yanked hard, ensuring that the leather pressed hard against the cock and plug she held inside and then bucked it to the back of the belt.

Anya whimpered, the pressure was intense, and she may well orgasm anyway. She moved to put her hands on Mr. Hughes' chest when he moved her to a seated position and made her sit on her achy bottom. He moved his large rough hands to the undersides of her knees and brought the fronts of her thighs up towards her chest, and then moved her arms so that she rested her hands on top of her knees.

"Stay this way, Anya." He muttered thickly near her face and Anya shivered. She loved having his warm, calloused hands on her and found herself whimpering when she saw him take out the long red satin rope and then he got on his knees in front of her and started slowly wrapping it around her body.

He started by taking a loop near the middle of the long length and putting it around her left big toe, and then he tied her ankles together. It got so complicated after that, Anya knew she'd never be able to reproduce such a thing. By the time he was done tying her up, Anya realized that she couldn't move, at all. She couldn't separate her legs or move her hips from side to side, yet the rope didn't feel overly constricting. Looking at the man who was checking the rope for mistakes, she wondered what he would do now. He couldn't free her pussy or ass if he wanted to, the rope had been used to anchor them in even more. It had probably taken a half hour or more to tie her. What would they do to her now?

"I am not going to gag you, Anya, I am going to have something brought out, and I don't want you to be afraid." Mr. Hughes looked behind her back and she shivered against him.

"Mr. Hughes." She didn't know what else to say, and she watched him stand up and bend to grab her under her ass cheek and armpit and looking to her other side, a man she'd never seen before did the same on that side.

Anya felt herself lifted straight up in the air, and then she was placed into what she saw immediately was a wooden box. Gasping, she looked up at Mr. Hughes. "Please, what are you doing? Please, what's happening?"

"I've answered all of the questions I will answer for you, Anya."

"I didn't know to ask about whether or not you were going to put me in a box!" She gasped, feeling satiny pillows being placed on all for sides, she was sitting on some sort of cushion.

"I would suggest you try to sleep for the next few hours, Anya. It's a long flight and you will need your energy when you get there." He said, and picked up the wooden top to the box, not listening as she asked him again what was happening to her.

The fitted lid was placed on the box and he heard her breathing quicken a little bit and he knew she was struggling against the ties.

"Oh, what the fuck was that, pa-parlay! Yes! Fucking parlay, Mr. Hughes!" He heard her shout from within the box and he sighed, shaking his head as he pulled the lid back off and looked down at her.

"Do you consent to having that cock in your pussy?" He asked her, seeing her eyes wide with sudden confusion and she shook her head.

"Yes, I am okay with the cock in my pussy, you ass. Why am I in this box?"

"Do you consent to the plus in your ass?" He ignored her question.

Anya glared at him, "Yes, I lam fine with my ass being fucked this way, but-."

"And you consented already to being tied up, did you not?"

"Yes, I did. Why the fuck am I in this box?"

"Are you feeling like you are being humiliated?"

Anya frowned and looked at how she was nestled in a satin cushion and actually found it quite comfortable when she wasn't worried about the lid, or being in the goddamned dark stuffed with two fucking huge rods in her holes.

"You said I am going on a flight?" She frowned up at him.

Mr. Hughes nodded, looking to the eastern side of the property, "Yes, but you will be back tomorrow late in the afternoon. Your next appointment is four hours from here in northern New Hampshire."

"New Hampshire? You're sending me back to the States?"

"You will not be harmed, Anya. Do you still wish to cancel the appointment?" He looked at her closely, and Anya suddenly knew that he would. But that didn't guarantee that he would fuck her if she stayed, or that anyone else would. And she would most likely be punished. She shivered at the thought of what he might do to her. If she went to her appointment, she would get the fucking she wanted, it just wouldn't be right this moment.

"I consent." She said softly and watched him nod and put the lid back on the box.

From within, Anya peered out the small holes that were in the sides of the box for her to breath, and she felt locks click together and she was eventually picked up and carried away from the patio and eventually, she was placed on a rolling cart of some kind. The man she'd never seen before was pushing her, but she couldn't tell where. The way she was facing, she could only see the strange man. She suddenly wondered if he wore underwear, too.

It was pitch black, and the air was cool, Anya wished she could move, even just a little, but even if she wasn't buried in a box in the seating area of a small plane, she would still be completely helpless. The way that Mr. Hughes had tied her up would not allow it. So instead, she flexed her pussy and ass muscles and focused on her stuffed lower body. Bringing about a few orgasms over the last hour, and humming a few songs to herself, she'd been able to ignore the fact that she was in a box on a plane. She'd felt it take off, could hear the hum of the engine as it gained altitude, and she knew there was a woman in a fancy flight outfit coming close to visit her every once in a while.

When they began their decent, darkness had fallen, and Anya shivered in fear of what would happen next. She could feel her pussy clench rapidly around the hard rubber cock, and when the wheels scraped the ground, she dropped her head back and let out a moan. They taxied for a few minutes down the runway and eventually pulled to a stop. She saw a flash of light as the door was opened, and her box was soon lifted and carried carefully down the stairs that had dropped from the plane. Again, she was set onto a rolling cart and waited there impatiently as two men, she couldn't tell what they looked like, spoke together in hushed tones, passing a clipboard back and forth a few times before one of them turned back to her.

She got a flash of the word "Vorhees" on his button down work shirt, and knew that she was at least in the continued care of the spa that she'd gone to. Biting her lip, she waited to see if he would open the box, but he failed to do so. Instead, she was pushed through the darkness until they stopped at a van. She heard him yank open the doors on the back, and then she was lifted into the back of the van. Anya wondered if he knew there was a woman in the box. Had there been a label? Was she listed on the manifest? One horny little dripping cunt. Anya almost snorted out loud, figuring that Mr. Hughes would write something like that on a piece of paper. It was true, her ass was soaked in her cum, and she knew when the cock pulled out, she would seize in the most intense of orgasms.

They drove away from the airport and Anya wondered about her being back in the States without having gone through customs. Her passport, all her things, were still back at Vorhees Spa. Her phone was there. That made her frown, but Mr. Hughes had told her that she would be back tomorrow afternoon.

Her head jerked gently about an hour later when the van pulled to a stop. Anya was surprised that she had slept, but she must have. Yawning, she flexed her muscles as best she could and felt the van start moving again. She could see lights coming from somewhere, and she waited patiently, hoping they were close to their destination. Ten minutes later, the doors were yanked back open, but Anya couldn't see anything. She wondered what time it was, it must be rather late outside. It was cold outside, and she shivered a little, she may be surrounded by satin pillows, but she was still naked. She felt her nipples pucker.

Anya was giddy to see around her when the lock was moved around on the lid, and soon, it was off, and she was hit by a dim light from the window of a really small cabin that she had been placed outside of after being removed from the van. It was very small, possible just one room. They all lived in it?

"You're as pretty as they said." A male voice said as he stood over her looking down. Anya looked up at him, surprised at the fact that he wore no shirt, only jeans, beaten up ones at that. His chest had been sculpted out of pure muscle, hairy at the top, covering his dusky small nipples and thinning to a line that disappeared into the low waist of his jeans.

His face was not bad to look at either, he had dark brown hair that was too long, it fell around his head and over his ears, but was in layers, so it didn't look ridiculous, it look rugged. That, along with his short beard, strong brows and the chiseled jaw made her pussy weep and thank Jesus that she had allowed herself to be cargo shipped to the Live Free or Die state. Please let this Adonis be the one to fuck her hard. He leaned in and breathed in her scent as she remained quietly looking up at him and his body seemed to shiver a little before he stood back up right and looked at a man that was standing behind her, out of her eye line.

"Pull her out." The voice behind her was dark, cold, and she felt her skin tingle at how it made her feel as the man in front of her moved to her side, and another man appeared, though she wasn't sure if it was the one who had spoken, and she was lifted carefully out of the box and set on the cold patch of grass beside it.

"She smells amazing." Another voice, a new one, said, and she felt his face bury into the side of her neck, in her hair as he breathed in deeply, "Her pussy is wet."

"Are you hungry?" This was the man with the worrisome voice, he slowly moved into view and squatted so he could look at her face to face. "Do you want us to feed you?"

Anya thought about it, she still needed more calories, according to Mr. Hughes, so she nodded slowly.

"Yegor, go inside and get her food ready." The man had dusky brown hair, and his eyes were large and light gray. He wasn't young, but he wasn't particularly old looking, either. He wasn't quite six feet tall, and his hair was just as wild looking as the first man's but his appearance was more stocky, less bulk muscle, and more sheer menacing strength. He was wearing jeans, too, but he had a dark blue flannel shirt on.

Anya watched the man who had come in close to smell her stand straighter and he skipped over to the door of the cabin and disappeared inside. She felt the intense man in front of her stand as he tilted his head to the side and looked her over.

"It'll take a minute before he's ready for you." He said, and she wasn't sure he was actually talking to her.

Anya felt her green eyes rooted to the man as he grabbed the lower hem of his shirt and tugged it over his head, she'd been right. He was slimmer, his muscles smaller, but definitely well defined beneath his skin. He wasn't as hairy on his chest as the first man, but the hair that was there was mixed with white and he had scars. Many of them that shined against the light from the cabin as he moved closer to her, pulling apart the button on his jeans as he did so. She felt her mouth unconsciously open as the zipper was lowered and he shoved the pants down. No underwear, just a huge, swollen cock that he took in hand as he grabbed a hold of the back of her head and sank to one knee as he pulled her so that she was angled towards his cock, her shoulder nestled in the upper thigh of the leg that was bent, booted foot on the ground.

"Open your mouth, myshka, I have something to give you." He said in a whisper and she shivered, was he Russian.

Anya dropped her mouth open and let her tongue slide out of her mouth a little for him to see she was more than ready for it, fuck, her pussy clenched, gag her with it already! His nationality didn't matter, she'd fucked a fucking sex demon and fucking a Russian seemed like small potatoes, but she needed to fuck. Her eye stared at him as he held his cock just out of her reach for a moment, and then he tightened his grasp on the hair at the back of her head and pulled her forward as he thrust his hips, and she felt his cock shove deep into her mouth, hitting off the back of her throat immediately, and she closed her lips against it, thanking God that he had a thick cock, it was long, too, longer than she felt a man his size should be, but she shuddered, so pleased that he had it, and that it was deep in her mouth.

His other hand joined the first on her head and he pulled her forcefully and repeatedly in against his cock and Anya moaned, feeling an orgasm shoot through her pussy again. The man didn't stop, and he soon shifted his body and her neck so he could slide past her uvula and down her throat a ways. Anya patiently waited for him to pull back to take a breath, before he slammed back inside.

He groaned and shook against her and pulled her harder into him, and Anya felt her chin push his balls back against his perineum, and her nose buried against the woodsy smelling hair of his crotch. He was in her all the way, and she closed her eyes and held there until she absolutely had to pull back and take a breath. This time, when he pushed his cock back into her, he shoved it all the way back to where he'd just been and pulled on her hair, keeping her there as his balls tenses and his cum sprayed out of his cock head and down her moist throat.

Anya swallowed, more than happy to drink his cum. He smelled amazing, like sweat and the woods and spice. Her whole body was aroused and when he pulled his cock out of her, she begged him with her big eyes to do many many more things to her with his massive tool. Instead, he stood, his hand still in her hair as he looked at the other man outside with him.

"Untie her and take that shit out of her. She'll need to eat and piss soon. It's getting late." He said before looking down at her with something in his eyes that she didn't recognize before letting her hair go and walking into the small cabin. She was now outside with man number one.

He looked at her and grinned lop sided. Her pussy jerked and she felt her juices squish against the dildo. His eyes widened and he let loose a laugh that ended in something of a howl.

"Do you realize that you look like what would happen if Eric Bana and Joe Manganiello had a kid together? It's almost not fair." She found herself saying as he approached her.

"Eric Bana?" The deep voiced man scrunched his eyes as he squatted down at her side and found where the rope had been tied last, "wait, he was in Chopper, right?"

Anya nodded, "Yeah, I guess so. And Munich."

He nodded, "I have no idea who the other guy is."

"Joe Manganiello, he was a character on True Blood?" He smirked at her when she said that and she felt the first knot give away.

"Which one?" He asked as he reached into his back pocket and took out a pocket knife. It made her jerk and he shushed her by putting a hand on the back of her neck, "It's for the rope, myshka."

"He was one of the werewolves. You look a lot like them." What she said seemed to humor him and he laughed, but it came out as more of a low rumble from his chest.

"There's a million knots in this damn thing. Hughes outdid himself this time. It'll take all night to untie you slowly," He looked up towards where the moon was in the sky, "And we don't have a lot of time."

His statement made her shiver, but she allowed him to cut her free of her bindings. When she was finally free, Anya felt her limbs go completely limp and he helped her lay down on the cold grass. He used his very warm hands and massaged both of her legs slowly, and then those same amazingly strong hands massaged her arms, helping her blood circulate through a little easier. Then he moved his hands to the leather binding at her hips and he quickly removed it and she felt the pressure of the dildo and ass plug lessen.

"Which would you like me to remove first, myshka?" He asked huskily, his eyes were on her breasts, but he didn't touch her there.

"Doesn't myshka mean m-mouse, or small mouse? I think? I am not sure, there was a mother who called her daughter that at the hosp-oooooh." Anya whimpered and arched her back as he took hold of the ass plug and pulled it enough to make her asshole have to stretch over the wide part and then it was slowly removed from her.

He growled when he realized just how big the ass plug was and she was reminded of the sound of a dog as she nervously looked up at his face. He set the large rubber toy to the side and looked back at her face, frowning a little.

He didn't say anything, or explain why he seemed angry for a moment as he turned and grabbed the base of the dildo. Anya whimpered when it slid out a little big and one of her small hands surrounded his wrist as he gradually pulled it from her, knowing that it was going to bring with it a huge pussy explosion of her juice. She squeezed her eyes shut as it happened and felt her pussy vibrate and clench and the river of cum that had been dammed up inside sprang forth and wet the ground below her, and the hand he moved to slide over her sopping cunt. She opened her eyes when he stopped touching her and watched as he moved his fingers to his mouth and licked off his fingers, his body tensing when he tasted her pussy juice. His eyes burned with passion and she watched him struggle a moment for control before he jerked his head towards the door of the cabin, and he dropped the dildo on the ground and rose to his full height.
"Little mouse." He said, his voice gritted a bit as he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to her feet.

"Why are you upset?" She asked, leaning against him as her legs weren't quite capable of holding her up yet.

"I am not upset, myshka, I often forget what you humans have to do in order to take what we require of you. Your food is ready, we will go inside." He walked toward the door, bringing her with him, and she barely realized that she was cold, naked, and these men were at least wearing jeans.

He had said 'human girls.' Which meant that he wasn't a human. She bit her lip as he opened the door and she stepped inside, terrified that they'd turn into aliens, or tentacled sea creatures or something just as scary to her, and was pleased that the three men standing in the back left corner of the larger of two rooms of the cabin were still human looking to her eyes. They stared at her when she came in, the man who had face fucked her outside was in the middle, the one in charge, the alpha, she thought suddenly, and he still only wore his jeans, though he hadn't re buttoned them. The other two were wearing jeans and one had a holey T-shirt and the other wore a flannel shirt.

"Sit." Yegor, she remembered, smiled at her, his light blue eyes friendly. He was handsome as well, virile, like the others in the room. He was tall, besides the one in charge, the others were well over six feet. His black hair was a little shorter, and his nose was more aristocratic. He had only stubble on his jaw and he had wide, firm looking lips and a very kind smile. "We made you soup. We figured you might like it." He looked at her expectantly and was fairly shivering with happiness when she sat in the chair he had pulled out for her at the small table. There were four chairs total, and one full sized mattress shoved in a corner behind it. A wood cook stove was near the door, and Anya was thankful for the heat that came from it.

"Thank you." She whispered, gratefully taking the flannel shirt that the man she hadn't seem before suddenly removed from his chest and offered her. He helped her put it on and she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply as she felt somewhat warmed.

She picked up the spoon at the table and looked down at the chunky, delicious smelling soup in the large bowl in front of her. She sent one last look at the men around her before nodding and she scooped some noodles, meat and broth into her spoon and put it in her mouth.

"I am Sergei." I am in charge, these men do as I say, she could hear him saying even though he didn't say it, his eyes told her well enough who she had to listen to around here.

"This is Yegor, and Yakov you met outside. Grigory is the man who's shirt you are wearing." Sergei told the girl and watched as she nodded, her head tipped down but her eyes up to meet his. Her submission to him was getting him hot, it is what had caused him to force her to taste his cock. He'd gotten a whiff of her scent and he'd known they would enjoy this moon. It had been a long time since they'd felt so intensely for one of their prey.

"Sergei," The man named Grigory used the side of his thumb to rub the outside edge of his left eye before he continued, "I must go."

Anya knew her eyes widened when Sergei's chest rumbled and he made a deep sound of irritation and the other man suddenly pushed out of the door of the cabin and disappeared into the darkness.

"Is he all right?" Anya asked softly.

"It is late. They brought you later than they should have. Yegor, go and join your brother. You won't be able to control yourself much longer." Sergei barked at the other man, who turned and followed his order without question.

Anya ate her soup faster, knowing she wasn't going to be given much more time. "May I use the toilet?"

"Quickly. The hour is late." He said again, and she shivered, wondering what that meant. Looking at the clock on the wall, she saw it was 11:50 pm. Was it because they were close to midnight? What was going on?

"Now, Anya." Yakov practically tossed her into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

Anya bit her lip inside the bathroom and quickly peed and washed her hands before opening the door and seeing that she was in the room now with only the leader, the alpha. She shivered and her pussy dripped juice between her legs and onto the floor. The man's gray eyes lowered and he breathed in deeply, raising his gaze almost angrily as she stood in the doorway of the bathroom in just the shirt, her arms wrapped around herself.

"What are you?" She asked, and watched as his lips tipped up slightly as he backed away from her.

"You will see soon enough. We will not hurt you, but if you decide not to mate, you must use the boards and bar yourself inside. The window, too. Otherwise, we will not be able to stop from mating you. The others can't control the change," He smirked, looking at the clock, two minutes away now, "they're not as old as I am."

He'd called it mating, he mentioned changing, what the hell were they? Anya was curious and nervous and aroused. She had no intention of barring herself inside.

"I have to leave. We run to the north edge of the property. We need to follow your scent, so you can't stay here, it will be worse for you if we catch you in such a small space. You need to go south. There is a path into the woods. Don't worry if you lose your way, run a little, if you can. It makes it better for us. The more difficult you make it, the more exercised we will be, and then it will be easier for you. I beg you, do not choose to stay at the cabin, myshka, we must hunt you. You're scent, it's, it's not what we usually smell."

Anya nodded, and watched as he moved with great speed to the door and by the time she too the two steps to reach it, he was gone in the darkness, running from her at top speed. Her pussy wooted and moistened again and Anya found herself pulling open the door and walking outside. Looking up at the moon, she realized it was a wide, full circle that shined brightly in the sky. It was a full moon. It was a fucking full fucking moon.

And that is when she realized exactly what the four men were, and what Sergei had meant when he said they were going to hunt her. Fuck.

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