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Angel in Heat

"Just kill me now," I thought as I dragged my aching feet to the supply cart and hung up my duster. It was the end of my first week at Corporate Cleanup and I was wrecked. I had no aspirations of being a janitor, believe me, but as an actress it's tough to find good paying night jobs. I needed my days free to go on auditions. You're probably wondering why wasn't waitressing like every other actor out there. Tried it. Hated it. Got fired for dumping a plate of food on some jerk. Sorry, but I do not take crap from anybody for any reason.

Dusting windows and scrubbing toilets in downtown Los Angeles would be paying the bills for now. Urinals were disgusting, but being forced to clean up stinky pee had definitely lit a fire under my butt. I was desperate for acting jobs and would take auditions for just about anything. My agent knew that, which is why I couldn't hate her too much for sending me out on some of the suckiest jobs. I'd rather not be a spokesmodel for "ribbed for her pleasure" condoms, thank you very much. Speaking of which, the only call back I'd gotten this month had been from a pair of adult film producers. Now there's a career every little girl dreams of. Porn star! I rolled my eyes.

Not that there's anything wrong with adult films. I watched them from time to time myself. And I loved sex. I really did. I just wasn't sure I'd be comfortable doing it with strange men in front of a camera crew, not to mention allowing the entire world to watch. Although I had been pretty shocked when I walked into that studio and saw the sexy posters on the wall, I remained calm and gave a great interview.

Feeling blindsided, I had stormed into my agent's office that afternoon and screamed, "Do I have a sign on my back that says PROSTITUTE?" She had calmed me down and tried to explain that Femmerotica Studios was well respected in the industry. Some big name talents had even expressed interest in appearing in their films. Crazy, but true. Actually, the producers had been very professional as they explained what they were looking for. It's not like they asked me to strip and give them blowjobs. They were cute, though. I wouldn't have minded too much.

"Goodnight, Angel," one of the janitors crooned as he passed by me a little too closely.

Paul. He creeped me out big time, and not just because I had caught him staring at my ass a few times. I nodded at him just to be friendly. I still needed to work with the sleaze. For now, anyway.

"Hey, it's Friday night, baby! You want to go out for a drink to celebrate your first week? I'll make it worth your while." He wiggled his dark eyebrows at me.

I shuddered. Did he have some delusion about an attraction between us? Ick. "Sorry, Paul. I'm really wiped out and I have an early audition tomorrow," I lied.

He grabbed his crotch and said, "Your loss." I turned away and fought to keep down my dinner. What a pig!

I glanced up and caught the word SAUNA on the wall. The fitness center boasted other amenities too, but that was all I could see. My body tingled at the thought of lying naked in a steaming hot room while all my troubles oozed out of my pores. Being so late at night, it was probably closed, but I figured what the hell.

I hung back and watched the rest of my crew walk out of the building before trying the door. I was surprised to find it open. "Hello? Anybody in here?" I was greeted by silence. Sweet silence! I grabbed a few towels from the pile by the empty reception area and followed the signs to my destination.

I peeked inside the sauna and was relieved to find it empty. It was still hot. Wasn't it dangerous to leave this room active when there was nobody watching over the place? I would have to make sure it was turned off when I left.

Peeling off my clothes in the dry heat, I immediately felt my muscles begin to relax. This was going to be so good. I laid a towel on one of the benches then wrapped the second one around my body in case somebody did show up. The third towel I used as a pillow. It felt like heaven just to be off my feet. I closed my eyes and wiped at the beads of sweat already forming on my face.

It didn't take long before I felt throbbing between my legs, making me long for my vibrator. I stretched out like a cat and practically purred, suddenly feeling very sexy. I wondered if maybe I should give adult films a try. The pay was amazing, that's for sure. All I had to do was let strange men put their hands all over me and in me. I imagined myself lying naked at the mercy of those strange men.

I was naked and tied spread-eagle to a big round bed. "Let me go, I beg of you!" A group of men in black masks and cloaks filed into the room. They didn't listen to me, but crowded around murmuring softly and licking their lips. One of the men pulled out a riding crop and stroked it down my belly to rest between my thighs. He turned it around so the blunt end teased my opening, penetrating slightly. A masked man on either side of me leaned down to suckle on my nipples. I could only arch my body and impaled myself on the riding crop. The men laughed menacingly.

Oh, yeah, ravish me you creepy old men! I let the towel fall open as I slid my own hands down along my sensitized skin, slipping two of my small fingers inside. I pumped slowly in and out, while using my other hand to alternately pinch my nipples. The throbbing increased and I was getting hornier by the second. I arched and pumped against my own hand, searching for my orgasm. Where the hell was it?

"Oh god, somebody fuck me, please!" I moaned dramatically, trying not to giggle. After all, it would be an acting job. I'd have to give an Oscar-worthy performance, make everyone watching believe that I was in the throes of passion. That really wasn't hard to do at the moment. The heat was making me delirious. I pumped faster and harder. I was so close.

I was gasping and moaning, completely enjoying myself when I felt the air shift. I froze. Shit! Somebody else was in here with me. When did they come in? Was it a man or a woman? Had they heard me making those stupid sex noises?

I jerked my hands away from my body and pulled the towel closed as I bolted upright. I scrunched my face and peeked out one eye. I tried not to burst out laughing at the sight before me. Three men stood there gaping at me with their mouths hanging open. They all wore the same shocked expression, but each one couldn't be more different. The first was sex on a stick: athletic, handsome with short dark hair. The second was Conan the Barbarian: big muscles, square jaw, with long blonde hair. The third one looked like an accountant: fiftyish, glasses and slightly balding.

In addition to their wide eyes and mouths, each was sporting a growing bulge beneath his towel. I clutched my own towel to my chest, trying not to stare.

"Are you supposed to be in here, miss?" Sex-on-a-stick finally asked. Even his voice was panty-melting (that is if I had been wearing any). It was so refined, like British royalty or something. I tried to speak, but the words wouldn't come.

"You know what, Alec? I don't think she does belong in here. Maybe we should call Security."

The barbarian, obviously Alec's bodyguard, stepped forward and I frantically shook my head. How embarrassing would it be to be arrested for masturbating in a public place?

Alec stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. "No, Biff, I don't think that will be necessary."

Biff? How appropriate, I thought. Alec looked me over, obviously undressing me with his eyes. I gulped. "Let her stay. There's plenty of room for all of us. We can just have our meeting in the conference room."

"Thank, god," the accountant murmured. "I never wanted to come down here anyway."

"Shut up, Leonard!" Biff growled. "Saunas are good for your health, and you sure look like you could use it." He gestured toward Leonard's flabby belly.

Yep, that one was totally a Leonard. He was kind of cute for an older man, though. I smiled at him.

"Besides," Alec said. "We would've never met this golden goddess. He sat down on the bench next to me and took my hand, placing a light kiss on my knuckles, making my skin tingle. "What is your name, miss?"

"Angel," I whispered. It was so strange having a conversation with three nearly naked men, especially since they had seen me completely naked (and worse) just moments ago.

"Indeed you are." His thumb stroked my palm and the prickling traveled further down my body, making me squirm.

"How did you get in here, Angel?"

"I-I w-was on the cleaning crew. I just needed to relax, y'know? There was nobody around and the door was unlocked, so I just came in. I honestly didn't think anyone would mind. I'm so sorry for any wrongdoing." I was babbling. The heat was making my head spin and the sweat between our hands was making me long to feel other parts of our body sliding together. "I should go." I moved to get up, but Alec's grip tightened.

"Stay. I know just the thing to relax you, Angel. Interested?" Alec's eyes bored into my mine without blinking. They seemed to glow, but that was probably just the red lighting.

I nodded as if in a trance and let him slowly pull me to my feet. He opened my towel and let it fall.

"What the hell are you doing?" Leonard gasped.

Biff just laughed like the big dumb caveman he was. I didn't even care that he was watching. All I wanted was for Alec to relax me in any way he saw fit.

"Biff?" Alec gave him a look and Biff nodded, before he walked over to the door and locked it.

Then reality hit me and my heart started to pound in my ears. I was locked in and at the mercy of three large men. They could be serial killers, for all I knew! Alec put his hands on my hips, his touch gentle but firm, and pulled me closer. He slid them slowly up my back, over my shoulders, down my arms and back up again, making me tremble in a good way. His fingers were stroking me everywhere but the places I longed for.

"Guys, this is wrong," Leonard pleaded. His voice startled me. I had forgotten he was there. "Don't do something stupid."

"Stupid? She totally wants this! Look at her."

Did I want what he was obviously offering? Maybe. I was being hypnotized by Alec's touch, that's for sure. I arched my back, willing his hands to move downward.

"Is this what you want, Angel?" He slid his fingers between my thighs while he bent down and flicked his tongue over my nipple.

All I could do was pant. I thought I might come right then and there. Then one long smooth finger slowly penetrated me and I did. My body gripped him, while I trembled uncontrollably. I grabbed onto his shoulders just to stay upright. "Wow. That never happened before," I laughed shakily.

He raised an eyebrow, obviously amused. "You've never had an orgasm before?"

"Well yeah, sure, but only by myself." I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my hands through his wavy hair. "You must have magic powers or something."

"Hardly." He grasped my wrists and pinned my arms behind my back, pulling me roughly against his chest. "Most likely your previous lovers didn't have a clue how to pleasure a woman."

He was confident. And dominant. I liked that. "And how else will you pleasure me?" I smirked, daring him.

He stared at me, unsmiling. "How would you like me to fuck your pussy while you take Biff up the ass?" He let go of my hands and rubbed his over my bottom, his fingers searching and finding my puckered flesh.

I froze. "What?" That didn't sound so appealing. I had never tried anal sex before and Biff was a giant. It was more than likely his cock was too. "I-I don't know."

Alec stepped back and enjoyed the show as Biff moved in behind me. His massive body barely touched mine and I trembled in fear and excitement. I was actually getting aroused at the idea. Biff pulled his towel off slowly so it scraped between us. He let out a deep breath. Then he clasped my hips and pressed his erection hard against me. He rubbed his shaft in between the crease of my cheeks and whispered into my ear as he moved, his breath scalding my skin. "Can you take it, baby?" Then he stopped and spanked me, making me yelp in surprise. He laughed and my body clenched. Was the heat affecting my brain? I was starting to like the idea of this hulk ravishing me.

"Guys, come on. Let's just go. This isn't funny."

"Shut up, Leonard!" Biff snarled. "It's not meant to be funny." He clamped a steely arm around me, holding me still, and wriggled a calloused finger deep into my anus. I whimpered at the intrusion. It burned. Then he yanked it out quickly and smacked me again. I gasped in shock. It felt so strange. My ass was tingling on the outside and the inside.

Alec moved forward and slid his fingertips between my folds. "You are so wet. I think you like the idea." I couldn't speak. I was maybe more curious now, but Biff's cock was a lot bigger than his finger. "Let me see if I can convince you." He dropped to his knees and licked me, humming in pleasure. Or was that me? My legs shook, the heat of the sauna turning them to jelly. I leaned back against Biff's chest and sighed.

"Mm, I like the sounds you make. Let's hear some more." Biff pressed his finger into me again and tugged, stretching me. I moaned. Alec alternately probed me with his tongue and sucked my clit. I almost came again right then, but got distracted by Biff's large hand grabbing my breast and pinching my nipple painfully. "Hey, Alec, the heat's starting to get to me." I could feel the sweat of his body, his wide torso sliding against my back. It felt good, but I didn't think I could stand for much longer either.

Alec glanced up at him. "You do look a little unsteady. Both of you." He stood, leaving me frustrated. "Lay her down for me."

Biff dragged me onto the bench and sat behind me, pulling my arms over my head. He held my wrists in one of his huge hands, while the other molded to my breast again, squeezing hard. I moaned in pain, but for some reason I didn't want him to stop. His monster cock bumped the back of my head. It reached up so high I could wrap my hands around it. Biff grunted and thrust against my palms.

Alec dropped his towel and stroked himself. "Nobody can hear you down here, so you can be as loud as you want."

That sounded ominous. I didn't know if he meant I could scream for help or cry out in pleasure. What had been so sensual had suddenly become something mildly disturbing. I turned to sweet Leonard, hoping for some reassurance. He just stared at my naked body with wide eyes, his hand pumping away, obviously having given in to his baser instincts. He was on the smallish side. I could probably take him up the ass if I relaxed enough. I felt myself getting more excited at the thought, my heart racing. If I could take on these three guys, maybe I would go back and talk to those producers.

Alec interrupted my train of thought by roughly pulling my legs wide and digging his fingers into my thighs. Then his mouth was on me again, licking and sucking wildly. His fingers thrust inside, moving faster and faster until I could feel my body winding up for another release. When he bit down on my clit, my orgasm hit me hard and I screamed, panting for air.

I was dazed for a moment and Biff took the opportunity to shove his cock in my mouth. I almost gagged. My hands were free now so I had enough leverage to pull my head back. "Hey! My mouth isn't that big, Conan!"

"It'll stretch." He smirked and grabbed my hair. He rubbed himself more gently against my lips. I could feel Alec down below still petting my dripping pussy. I moaned and flicked my tongue across Biff's sensitive tip and he growled, "Oh, yeah, baby. That's nice. I always did like skinny blondes. You are one hot slut." I should've been insulted by that comment, but instead it made me feel powerful. He pushed in a little more and I sucked confidently, bobbing my head.

At that moment Alec entered me, teasing me with just the head of his cock. I tried to move down on him, but he held my hips tightly and continued his sweet torture.

Soon Biff was thrusting into my mouth, panting like an animal. Without warning he came like a geyser! I sputtered and spit at him, but still swallowed some. I had never let anyone come in my mouth before. It wasn't too bad. I licked my lips and smiled up at him. He yanked on my hair playfully.

Alec entered me deeply but slowly, as if he was trying not to come. I clenched him and he stopped. "I'm not going to last very long if you do that again." I did it again, feeling naughty. He raised his eyebrow at me, pulled all the way out then slammed into me hard, making me cry out in shock and pain.

"Yeah! Pump her hard, Alec!" Biff was stroking himself, readying for his turn, I supposed. Could I take that monster after this current punishment? I felt raw, ravaged. I was surprised to realize I liked it.

I watched the concentration on Alec's face as he rammed into me a few more times before he stopped and pulled out. He threw back his head, groaning loudly, as he shot his load all over my breasts and belly. He was breathing hard as he traded places with Biff. He ran a gentle hand over my face. I smiled up at him, but soon my attention was on the man with the largest erection I'd ever seen poised between my legs.

Biff's strong hands pulled my legs straight up against his torso, so he could suck on my toes. Tingles shot straight to my core. He rubbed the tip of his cock over my swollen sensitive folds. I was still trembling from Alec's swift assault. Then he started to nudge himself into me, pausing just inside the entrance, making my body crave his invasion. He pressed forward a bit, letting me get used to him. He was so big I hadn't been sure he would fit, but soon he was stretching me painfully and forcing himself in as far as he could go.

I let my head fall back, my eyes pleading up at Alec. He rubbed and squeezed my breasts gently while Biff pulled back out and pushed himself into me again. It felt like my body was being torn in two, but he kept filling me over and over, going faster and harder. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and cried out, "Oh, god! He's too big! He's killing me!"

"Take it easy on her, man," Alec ordered.

Biff slowed. "Sorry, baby. I didn't mean to hurt you. Too much." He snickered and fucked me at a more sedate pace, rubbing his thumb quickly over my clit. Yes! My body was lubricating him, easing his way. The fullness felt good now. My head swirled and sweat mingled with my tears. I gripped the bench and ground down, trying to stroke myself against him. I whimpered over and over, my body straining toward release. He grunted with each thrust.

"I don't think you're ever going fit in her ass, my friend."

I agreed with that statement and shook my head, widening my eyes.

"I'll do it," Leonard suddenly blurted. "I'm smaller than both of you." He walked over to me flashing his erection in my face. I surprised him by grabbing his length and turning my head to take him into my mouth. "Oh, jeez! Ah! Yes!"

I moved my mouth on him like a pro, licking and sucking and thinking about him pumping into me from behind. My body was getting greedier by the second.

Biff stopped moving. "Yeah, do it Leonard! Fuck that sweet ass!" He pulled me toward him, my mouth letting go of its prize with a slurp. Suddenly I was straddling Biff, my legs on either side of the bench. I leaned forward arching up, offering myself to both men. Biff bent his head to suck as much of my breast into his mouth as he could. I tugged on his hair and moaned, while he held me in place.

Leonard climbed onto the bench behind me and rubbed my back. "I'll go slowly, okay?" I nodded, trying to look back at him over my shoulder. I didn't know what to expect. Would it hurt very much? I started shaking when I felt the head of his erection rubbing against my anus. It was slippery from his pre-cum and my saliva. "You're really tight. Relax." He circled me with his finger and then penetrated gently, stretching me. "That's better." He removed his finger and then I felt his cock pressing into me. I let my head fall forward and squeezed my eyes shut. Oh, god.
I hissed as he breached my virgin ass. It burned a bit, but it wasn't horrible. He moved slowly. As my body opened to him he picked up his pace. The entire time he kept massaging my back, relaxing me. I moaned and reached down to rub my clit. It was so intense, the pressure. But when Biff started moving at the same time I lost my mind. I couldn't stop sobbing. Both men were pounding into me and all I could do was hold on tight.

Soon Alec came around, hard again, and I opened my mouth to him. He thrust deeply. All three men were fucking me at the same time and I was having the time of my life! I felt so powerful and wicked and happy.

My body was being stretched to the limit and I was about to burst apart. I let go of Alec's cock to throw my head back and cry out over and over at the force of my orgasm. Biff kept thrusting into me even though my body had a death grip on his cock. He suddenly stopped and shouted, "Fuck!" I felt him come inside me, the force of his ejaculation setting off aftershocks.

Leonard slammed into my ass, his groin grinding into me and pushing me against Biff's chest. He pounded into me once more then stilled and shrieked like a girl. I couldn't hold back my giggle and the other guys laughed as well. Leonard was gasping for air.

"You okay, there, buddy. You having a heart attack or something?" I was surprised by the concern in Biff's voice. I looked back over my shoulder and touched Leonard's face.

"I'm okay," he wheezed. "That was incredible." He leaned into my hand. "Thank you." He pulled out as gently as he could.

I winced. It hurt a bit, but the pain was closer to pleasure. "Thank you for making my first time so good."

The guys all stared at me. "First time? What the-!"

"I meant anal." I chuckled at their shock. "I never thought I could do something like this, but it was really fun!" I might enjoy being a porn star, if this was what I had to look forward to.

"The pleasure was all mine," Leonard replied.

"And mine."

"And mine!"

"Well, boys, you have completely worn me out. I need to go home and sleep for a week." I climbed off of Biff and picked up my clothes.

"Will you be back next Friday, perhaps?" Alec asked as he watched me dress. The hope in his eyes made my heart melt.

"I don't think so." I had a much more fulfilling job offer I wanted to explore. "But I will never forget this night as long as I live." I gave them each a kiss on the cheek before heading out.

I was going to give adult films some serious consideration. After all Christmas was next week. It would be nice to be able to send home some decent gifts for a change.

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