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This is a sequel to an earlier story (AMOST - Keri). It is not necessary to read the earlier one, just to know that our mind-controlling protagonist had met and enjoyed a girl a few days earlier, and has decided to visit her on the weekend.

Proofing thanks go to doorknob22.

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All characters and events are fictional. Many are illegal, immoral and/or impossible. Never try this in real life. You do not have mental powers.


Keri's apartment is in a quiet residential area. I can't hang around outside without looking suspicious, so instead I wait until the early evening on Friday before heading over. I just have to hope she doesn't have plans to go out early. When I arrive at the right street I spot a lone figure heading for the same building. A quick mental scan shows I'm in luck: not only is Keri home, but this woman is a friend of hers, going to her apartment for some drinks before hitting the town.

My scan also shows the woman has noticed me following her a few feet behind in a deserted residential area. I am making her nervous, something that is not helped by my taking mental control of her body. Her steps falter, then continue, now under my direction.

We arrive at the door to Keri's apartment building; the woman presses the intercom button. Here is a moment of risk - my mental control is insufficient to command people to say what I want, I can only silence them or allow them to speak. But Keri buzzes us in without checking, and we are soon inside and in the elevator, which is when I finally get a proper look at Keri's friend (whose name I determine is Renee).

Renee is a fairly tall blonde in her mid-twenties. The hair color is artificial, as evidenced by the darker roots and eyebrows, but it suits her well. Currently it is tied up at the back, but it looks like it would extend well past her shoulders if let free. Renee's face is round and soft and has an indefinable air of innocence about it. Her gray eyes dart around as she tries to regain control of her body - if she manages it she'll be the first, but there is no sign of that. Her long coat conceals her form, but a mental command from me and Renee opens her coat to reveal a shapely body clad in a tight dark green dress, stockings and black heels. I take a long, appreciative leer at her body, something which only adds to her alarm; I catch her looking at me as I look at her, and favor her with a suggestive wink.

I'm tempted to do a more hands-on inspection, but a ding from the elevator tells us we have arrived at Keri's floor. Keri's apartment door is directly opposite the elevator; she must have heard the elevator arrive because as we exit it she is opening her door to greet Renee. I have taken care to be behind Renee, so I see Keri before she sees me. I quickly assert control over her as well, and Keri silently holds the door open as Renee and I enter.

As Keri closes (and locks) the door, I look her over. She is just as I remember from a few days before: medium height, slim build, with wavy dark brown/blonde hair of the kind sometimes referred to as 'dirty blonde' (feel free to add the obvious joke here). Her face sports a slightly upturned nose above full lips, as well as an expression of profound shock at being controlled. Neither her face nor her mind register any recognition of me from our previous encounter. Which is how it should be; my ability to erase memories is a blunt but effective tool.

As I inspect Keri, I hear a voice behind me.

"Hey Renee, I - oh, hello."

I spin around to see a third girl in the hallway holding a glass of wine. My instinctive reaction is to take hold of her mind and shut her down; she immediately stands still and silent. Moment of panic averted, I wonder if there are any other surprises waiting for me. I widen my mind to inspect the local area (I can sense other minds up to around 130 feet away but it takes a conscious effort to do so). Only the four of us present, even the neighbors seem to be out. Good.

The girl who surprised me (and is now struggling vainly against my mental orders not to move) is short. That's the first thing you notice. A brief delve into her mind brings up a name and age - Tina, 23 - while a long glance up and down provides more interesting information. Tina's body has clearly benefited from sport or regular gym visits - another mental query returns memories of competitive figure skating. Her long blonde hair (real blonde this time, and much lighter in shade than Keri or Renee's) frames an elfin face with pale skin and a light dusting of freckles over a button nose. Altogether a very pleasing package.

I can see the living room behind Tina, so I make my way there. I pour myself a glass of wine from a bottle on a coffee table and take a seat on the wide couch while the girls line up in front of me for inspection. I had planned on spending a night (or longer) with just one girl, but now it seems I have my work cut out for me. I'm sure you feel sorry for me, dear reader.

Renee is still wearing her jacket, but with a silent mental command it soon hits the floor around her legs. Her dress follows. Long legs lead up to a narrow waist, a flat stomach and medium-sized breasts in a lacy red push-up bra that shows a respectable amount of cleavage. Matching red panties conceal her pussy, but as I have her turn on the spot I see the panties are in fact a thong, and I am treated to a pleasingly unobstructed view of Renee's firm ass.

Tina's dress apparently takes some effort to remove; in the end I have to have Renee help her out of it. But the result is worth the wait, as I admire the petite girl's body. Pale skin outlines a trim figure. Either her dress was underwired or she doesn't need support, as Tina's perky apple-sized breasts are unconcealed by a bra. Her chest is flushing red with embarrassment as I openly ogle her almost completely naked form (save for simple white panties and stockings).

Keri has chosen a simple little black dress for this evening, tight around her torso before flaring out at the hips. Sheer black tights show off her shapely legs, even without the benefit of heels. For the moment I leave her dressed.

I set my glass on the coffee table and address the frightened women in front of me.

"Not bad, not bad at all. You probably want to know what is happening, hmm? It's simple really. I have the power to control your bodies and minds. I am also a perpetually horny pervert. Put these two together and the rest should be clear. Any questions?"

I remove my mental gag on each woman in turn - Keri first:

"Gah! Fuck, what did you do? Who are you? Renee, who is this?"

Then Renee:

"..ah! I don't know him, I don't know what's going on! Why couldn't I talk? I-"

Then Tina:

"... Wha-oh! How do you do that? Please, let me put my clothes back on, just go, why are you he-"

I let them talk over each other, building up a babble of increasingly panicked voices. I sit and listen for half a minute or so before silently standing and walking back to the corridor and into the kitchen. The girls are not allowed to turn their heads, so the next time I am in their field of view I have returned with a pair of kitchen scissors. This does nothing to calm them; I can feel at least Tina building to a straight-out panicked scream, so I silence her with a mental order. I then silence the other two as well - no need for me to talk over them.

"Alright. Clearly this is a lot to take in. Perhaps a further demonstration would help."

I approach Keri, scissors in hand. Her eyes widen and fix on the blades; I need to reach into her mind and dial her panic down a little to stop her fainting. Standing in front of her, I run my free hand up from her waist, tracing the line of her body before reaching the neckline of her dress.

"Now then, let's see..."

I pinch my fingers around the neck of Keri's dress and pull it a little way off her body, making space for the scissors in my other hand. As the cold metal blade brushes her skin Keri feels an intense need to flinch, but my control of her is solid and right now I want her to be still. So Keri stands motionless as I cut a long slash down one side of her dress, from the neckline to her stomach, before switching hands and cutting the other side. On my command the girls on either side of Keri grab her dress and start pulling. In short order Keri's dress lies in tatters on the floor of her living room and she stands before me in a black bra, panties, tights and heels. Keri steps out of the shoes, and the rest is destroyed by snips and tears, until her body is completely exposed to me.

Sure, I could have just removed the dress in a more conventional fashion. But having Keri unable to resist as her friends equally unwillingly strip her sends a clear message about the absoluteness of my control. That, and it's fun.

I remove my own clothes so quickly I barely notice I've done it, save for the relief of freeing my penis from my increasingly tight pants. I step forward and lift my arms; with a silent mental order Renee and Tina slip under my arms, which come to rest on their shoulders (a little awkward considering the height difference but it's not for long). As the girls on either side of me start to kiss my neck, my chest and the side of my face, their hands brush lightly against my skin. Tina's nails are trimmed short, but Renee's are carefully manicured and painted, leaving faint scratch marks as they pass over my chest which fade almost immediately. It's most distracting, but I manage to keep my eyes mostly on Keri as she lowers herself to lie on her back on the carpet in front of me (a soft deep carpet this time rather than the scratchy industrial carpet I had fucked her on in her office a few days ago). Keri spreads her legs, reaches one hand down and parts her pussy lips. Her cheeks burn with embarrassment at exposing herself completely to me and her two friends. A fairly complex set of mental tweaks and Keri's pussy starts to become aroused - a purely physical reaction, Keri's mental state remains the same. A more simple order and the hand between her legs begins to move, stroking and probing her pussy as we watch her become wetter. On a whim I return Keri's voice to her, and she immediately starts vocalizing what must have been running through her head for a while now.

"No, no please no, please let me stop, no no I can't no no no no..."

And so on. Keri's pleas contrast amusingly with her vigorous masturbation, so I allow both to continue for a little while.

I remove myself from Tina and Renee's arms, and kneel in between Keri's legs as the others curl up on either side of her, heads raised on elbows so they can have a clear view of Keri's imminent violation. Normally I'd also watch the first penetration, but this time I focus on the faces of the three girls (besides, I'd already been inside Keri even if she doesn't remember). Keri stops playing with herself and goes back to holding her pussy open as the tip of my dick nestles just at her entrance. Her aroused pussy is warm against my dick, the first such touch of the evening but oh so not the last.

My mental control is not precise enough to order a person to look in a certain direction. But I don't need right now; all the girls are watching closely, transfixed in horror as my dick parts Keri's pussy lips and sinks halfway into her. Keri's litany of "no no no no" is interrupted by a sharp "ah!" as she feels me enter her. Another girl – I don't see which – exclaims "Oh God" as she sees her friend being penetrated. For now I'm done hearing their complaints, so I mentally order them to silence before speaking myself.

"Ah, that's the stuff. You see how it is, girls? I wanted to fuck Keri's pussy, and now I am. After this maybe it's Tina's turn. Maybe Renee's. And maybe after that I find some other holes to fuck. Tonight you are here for my pleasure, nothing else."

I look each girl in the face as I say this, but I can already tell from their emotional states that the girls are finally starting to acknowledge their situation. This leaves me free to focus on the task in hand. I look down to see my dick firmly embedded in Keri's warm pussy. It feels good, I'd been looking forward to feeling this cute blonde again and she does not disappoint. It feels even better when I start stroking in and out, getting a little deeper each time until finally I feel the full length of my dick filling Keri's pussy. I order Keri to move her hand away and bring her legs down, and soon Keri's legs wrap around me, fixing me in place deep inside her. I switch from long steady strokes to short jabs. Keri's breasts jiggle enticingly with every thrust, and I can't resist taking a nipple in one hand and twisting, provoking a sharp emotional spike of pain mixed with humiliation.

Abusing Keri's nipple reminds me of one thing I didn't get around to doing the last time I played with her. Well, no time like the present.

Keri's mind almost glows with relief as I pull out of her pussy before cumming. Her relief is short-lived, and soon replaced with fresh dread as she watches me scoot up her body to straddle her chest. My dick rests between her breasts, and on my command her hands move to either side of her chest. Keri presses her breasts around my dick and holds them in place as I start thrusting again, replacing Keri's pussy with a tunnel of titflesh. A different feeling but no less pleasurable, and lots of fun to watch. Keri doesn't seem to agree, judging by her expression whenever the head of my dick peeks out from her cleavage before sliding back out of sight. I decide to give Keri something else to think about.

"Nice work Keri. Keep pressing your tits around me like that and I'm sure to come soon. Would you like that, babe? You want my cum on your breasts? On your face?"


"No comment, huh. Tell you what, I won't come on your face *if* you tell me which of your friend's faces I should come on instead."

The girls on either side of Keri and I are none too happy to hear this, but they can't resist when I order them both to place their heads beside and above Keri's. I raise my dick from Keri's tits and start stroking, pointing it at each girl in turn.

"Well Keri, who is it to be? You? Tina? Renee? Better choose fast, I'm gonna blow soon."


"Ah, of course, you may speak now."

"... I..."

Indecision wracks Keri's mind. I point my throbbing dick between Keri's eyes as encouragement.

"Who's it gonna be, Keri? Tell me now or you're getting your makeup ruined."

"... Tina."

Keri's mind burns with shame as she offers her friend as my facial target instead of her. Renee is both horrified that Keri played along, and relieved not to be chosen. Tina's mind is frozen in shock. I smirk and turn my hips to point my dick at petite Tina's lightly freckled face. I remove the mental gags from the other two girls as I feel the cum finally boiling up from my balls.

"Looks like Keri wants to see you with a faceful of cum, Tina."

"No! Please, I don-mmf!"

My first cum of the night hits Tina square on the nose. The next crosses her lips and partly goes into her mouth, causing her to clamp her lips shut. I turn my dick towards Keri.

"Oh god, Tina, I'm sorry, fuck sorry, I - what? No!"

Keri is too surprised to close her mouth in time, and a spurt of my cum flies between her lips. Her eyes are open as wide as her mouth and make an easy next target.

"Aah! Fu *splutter*"

Before I run out of cum (my initial ejaculation is usually my largest, but this isn't bukakke hentai here) I turn once more and make sure Renee gets her share. Her face looks even prettier streaked with my cum, or so I think.

My orgasm subsidies. I look down and admire my work. All three girls have dollops of my white sticky cum on their faces. They want to wipe it away, or at least turn from my gaze, but my mental strictures keep their hands down and their messy faces turned up to me. I silence the girls once more so I can enjoy the moment without interruption.

"You three look beautiful. Make no mistake - I choose what happens tonight, no-one else."

"Now, Keri and Renee, why don't you two go freshen up. Tina and I are going to get to know each other some more in the bedroom."

Keri and Renee rise and walk out of the living room. I admire their asses as they leave - Keri's has more curves but Renee's ass looks firm and taught. Tina stays kneeling before me, cum drying slowly on her pretty face. I order her to rise and go to the bedroom, which turns out to be on the other side of the hall.

Keri's bedroom is small and neat, like the rest of her apartment. A double bed takes up most of the space with a chair next to it serving as a bed table. One wall is taken up by wardrobes with mirrored sliding doors. An armchair occupies one corner, a chest of drawers another. The curtains are closed on the single window.

When I sit on the end of the bed I am head height with Tina, who stands in front of me. But my attention is drawn lower, to her exposed chest. My cum did not fall below her face, so I lean forward and start fondling and kissing Tina's small perky breasts. My hands start to explore the rest of her body too, and my mind reaches into hers. Tina's innocent looks are no lie; she isn't a virgin but her sexual experiences are limited to one long-term boyfriend, who isn't into 'the kinky stuff'. This includes almost everything that isn't straight sex in two or three positions - her boyfriend makes an exception for blowjobs but not for cunnilingus, much to Tina's secret annoyance. Well, tonight will be an education for this pale petite blonde.

By the time I exit Tina's mind my hands have found their way inside her panties. One hand is between her legs, cupping her pussy and tracing the outlines of her outer lips, while the other is squeezing and groping her well-formed ass. There's definite muscle there, thanks to the ice-skating. A pity she didn't bring her costume with her. Tina is flushing bright red with embarrassment. I haven't allowed her to speak, but her breathing audibly quickens as I slip two fingers inside her pussy. I don't get far inside, so I dial up her arousal levels and soon her pussy starts to become slippery. But even with this lubrication it is difficult going to move my fingers inside this girl.

My own arousal levels have risen in the meantime, but my dick has yet to fully reawaken. Time for Tina to take a more active role in her violation. I issue a short series of mental commands, and Tina's mind responds with a spike of alarm as she kneels between my legs and takes hold of my semi-erect penis in one hand. Her other hand replaces mine inside her panties. I lean back and watch Tina as she starts to stroke my dick with one hand and her pussy with the other (she isn't getting much pleasure from her masturbation of course, given the circumstances, but she is only doing this because it's a fun visual for me).

Tina's hand on my dick pauses at the tip. She leans forward a little, opens her mouth and starts a long languid lick from the base of my penis up to the tip. I experience a strong tingle of pleasure as her soft tongue starts to work on me, and I can almost feel the blood flow to my dick as a response. Soon I am once more fully erect; Tina places her hand at the bottom of the shaft, pulling down the skin a little to expose the sensitive head as much as possible. She places her lips at the tip of my dick and moves her head down, engulfing my penis while keeping her lips tight around me. Tina bobs her mouth over the head of my dick, sending waves of pleasure through me. Shortly, she starts going further, working down my dick as her hand moves to gently fondle my balls.

This is all happening at my direction more than Tina following her own knowledge - she is relatively inexperienced at giving head. That and her small size means she gets only about a third of my dick in her warm mouth before I hit her limit (I am average sized, so that's not the issue). But her limits are not mine; with a little mental tweaking of her gag reflex and some concerted effort the head of my dick soon enters her throat, and with one smooth dip of her head Tina gets the whole of my dick inside her. It's a moment of satisfaction for me; of absolute panic for her. Tina strains to breathe through my dick, but serves only to intensify my feeling of being held tight and massaged by her spasming throat. I wait only a few seconds before allowing her to lift her head up enough to take a breath - she gasps and inhales deeply. On her second inhalation I mentally push her head back down, and my dick is sucked back down her throat.
I repeat this several times, each time spending longer fully embedded in Tina's mouth. The blonde girl's body shakes from the strain, and her mind is almost shutting down as she is repeatedly starved of oxygen, but I keep going until I sense the other girls leaving the bathroom. Keri and Renee have cleaned off my cum, fixed their makeup and done a few more intimate ablutions before joining us in the bedroom. When the girls enter the room they are greeted by the sight of their friend kneeling on the floor, naked but for panties and stockings, seemingly pleasuring herself while straining to deepthroat me. I've arranged it so that in the time it takes them to fully take in the scene, Tina finally loses consciousness. I release her from my control, and as her body falls limply to the floor I stand, face the two girls with my rock hard penis pointing at them and say:


Of course neither girl volunteers to be next, not least because I did not order either one to step forwards. So instead they both approach me, and soon I am standing with a hot naked girl on each arm. I feel soft lips start to kiss my neck and chest, while two hands snake to my hips and start fondling my dick and balls. My own hands slide down their bodies and soon I have a hand on each girl's shapely asses. I make a hands-on comparison of the two girls' - both have firm, taught asses, Keri's being quite fuller and rounder than Renee's. I feel sure I'll get a lot of entertainment out of both.

I decide I want to see more of these girl's behinds, and so I extract myself from their embrace and lie on the bed. The girls mount the bed on either side, and get on all fours facing away from me (luckily Keri has a large bed). I am presented with a close-up view of both girl's asses, while the mirrored wardrobes on the side allow me to see them in profile when I turn my head. As I do so I notice Tina has regained consciousness. On my command she picks herself shakily off the floor. I open my legs and Tina takes up station at the end of the bed between them, before lowering her head and placing her lips against my dick. Keri and Renee have front row seats to see their friend once more slide my dick between her lips and suck until her cheeks concave, before moving her head up and down in a regular rhythm while maintaining tight-lipped suction.

As Tina pleasures me, I turn my attention back to her friends. I now have up close access to their asses and pussies, a fact I take advantage of by groping the round flesh in front of me before reaching to cup between their legs. Soft hairs brush against my hand as I stroke Keri's pussy; my hand on Renee's finds it smooth and bare. Both girls are quite dry at the moment, but a few mental tweaks and they start to lubricate themselves.

Tina's slow steady blowjob is keeping my dick hard while my attention has been on the others. Now I order Tina to lift her mouth off me - time to see what the others can do. I raise myself up on my elbows to get a better view as Keri and Renee lean forward. I enjoy the look of horror mixed with disgust that is mirrored on their faces as their lips touch either side of my dick. I have them simultaneously kiss my dick from base to tip, sharing a kiss between them as their tongues swirl around the head of my dick. After a few seconds of this their lips separate and Tina moves a little forward, so that all three girls' lips are a few inches away from my penis.

"Alright girls, here's the deal. You are going to take turns blowing me. The one who makes me cum gets to blow me the rest of the night but doesn't get her pussy fucked. Sound good?"

I don't let them speak; I'm not looking for a vocal response, I can see the tendrils of hope curling around their minds, along with a lot of skepticism. I reach into their minds as I talk, encouraging their hopes to grow and take firm roots.

"Don't believe me? You shouldn't. But are you going to throw away the chance? If you do will your friends take it instead? Think about it while you suck me. Hmmm, Renee next I think."

On my mental command Renee moves her head down. Her lips part and with wide eyes she watches herself take the head of my dick between her soft lips. Her mouth is warm and wet as it engulfs my dick. She takes about half in one go, then starts sliding her mouth up and down at the same steady pace Tina had used. It's a very pleasing sight, Renee's innocent looks contrast against her lewd actions. A look in her mind confirms that I'm not the only one to feel this way; several of her past boyfriends have complimented her, and she knows she looks good giving head. To encourage a little competitiveness I vocalize my thoughts.

"Whew! Renee looks just perfect with my dick in her mouth. Feels good too. Gonna be hard to beat that. How about you, Keri, think you can do better?"

Renee lifts her lips off my dick and then it's Keri's turn. As her wet mouth envelopes me I catch a strong visualization from her mind. It involves my dick, her teeth and lots of blood - not pretty at all. If she thinks that imagining such a thing will make it happen though, she's out of luck. Instead it isn't long before her cute button nose is being tickled by my pubic hair, as she fits my entire dick in her mouth. I order Keri to keep bearing down on my dick as I bounce my hips an inch or so up and down, just to make her eyes water at the discomfort.

"Unf. Pretty impressive Keri. You've got some natural talent."

As my dick is served by the dirty blonde I watch the mental states of the girls develop. Tina is coming out of her shock at passing out earlier, and actively considering my only-blowjob offer. Keri is made of sterner stuff, but when I start inserting fingers into her pussy her resolve falls dramatically. Renee is the closest to deciding though, so I set a test. Reluctantly I order Keri to lift her lips off me. As the three girls wait for my next command I carefully return control of their upper bodies to them (a part-body control is tough, but I've had practice).

"Okay girls, now's your chance to show some initiative. Remember, first to make me come doesn't get her pussy fucked tonight. Or fucked any more in Keri's case."

The girl's expressions range from indecision to hatred, but I see the same spark of hope in each of their minds.

"No anal either. Did I mention that? I'm gonna fuck all your tight asses unle- ah, there we go."

As I expected, Renee is the first to act. Her head darts forward and we all watch her wrap her lips around me. She immediately starts pumping her head up and down, trying to make me come before she has to think too much about what she is doing.

"Whoa, girl, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I'm not a cow to be milked. You wanna keep your anal virginity, you need to show some style."

Renee pauses while only the tip of my dick is in her mouth, then, mind burning with shame, starts using her tongue to enhance to experience. My toes curl as her tongue flutters around my cockhead. For extra sensation she starts nodding her head, pushing and pulling the skin around my shaft as her tongue teases me. Keri and Tina look on in amazement as Renee tries to forget her current circumstances and pretend my cock is her boyfriend's. As long as she keeps going I don't care who she pretends I am.

As Renee works her magic on my dick I sense Tina getting anxious. Her anal experience is limited to one time by herself with a mini-cucumber, and was painfully unsuccessful. She is also the first girl to realize she can move her arms, a fact she uses to surprise everyone (myself included) by grabbing my dick and pulling it out of Renee's mouth and into her own. Tina might be otherwise inexperienced, but she's given her boyfriend enough blowjobs to know what to do. She holds my dick at the base of the shaft, pulling back the skin to fully expose the tip, places her pursed lips on top, locks eyes with me, and very slowly pushes my dick through her tightly closed lips into her warm mouth. She starts to strain as she gets more of me in her mouth but maintains eye contact, guessing (correctly) that I enjoy watching her struggle to fit my dick inside her relatively small mouth. She gets about two thirds down my shaft, much more than before and testament to what Tina can achieve with the right motivation. Unlike Renee her tongue is still going down, but then she sticks it out and just manages to touch my balls.

Tina's efforts to provide maximum visual stimulation are certainly working, she keeps her eyes open fixed on mine even as they begin to water with the effort of forcing her mouth onto my dick. Her lips stay relatively motionless but her tongue moves around, licking my shaft inside and out of her mouth. On her own initiative one hand starts to work my balls, gently pulling at them as if to coax the cum out of them. I'm tempted to give her her hard-earned reward, but it wouldn't be fair on the other girls not to give them one last chance. So with a mental order Tina draws my dick out of her mouth. Her hand moves to gently stroke my shaft while her lips and tongue attend to my balls instead.

"Whew, nice going Tina. I guess you really don't want your tight little asshole stretched out like Renee's and Keri's are going to be."

Keri hasn't done much since I restored limited freedom of movement to her, and doesn't seem inclined to. Instead it is Renee who is spurred by my words to pull Tina's hand off and practically impale her mouth on my dick. Her lips tighten around the shaft and her cheeks concave as she sucks me hard. Raising her upper body up on her forearms, she angles her head and starts sliding her mouth up and down my dick at a rapidly increasing pace. Renee's breasts swing free as she desperately blows me; I reach down and grasp one in my hand just before I feel my balls (still being attended to by Tina) tighten. As the cum rushes out of them and up my shaft I grip Renee's breast hard, causing her to shriek in pain just as the first stream of cum flies straight to the back of her mouth. She instinctively tries to pull away, but I reassert control over all three girls and keep Renee's head in place as her mouth fills with warm sticky cum - not as much the first time but enough to make her seriously concerned about choking.

Eventually I come down from my climax and allow Renee to lift her head. Her lips slide tightly up my shaft as they leave, squeezing the last drops of cum out. I'm still hard; I'm not going to cum again anytime soon, but clearly I'm enjoying this situation enough to keep me erect. The girls look much less happy. Renee has a mouthful of cum that is going nowhere until I order it, while Tina and Keri are dreading what losing the blowjob contest means will happen to them.

"Good work Renee, you get to be the blowjob queen tonight. Keri, on the other hand - disappointing. Let me show you what happens when you give a lackluster performance."

I get up and kneel at the head of the bed, then order each girl in turn. They quickly and silently rearrange themselves. Soon, Tina is lying on the bed, head between my legs; Keri is positioned on all fours on top of Tina, ass towards me and head just over the end of the bed; and Renee (still with a mouthful of cum) is standing at the end of the bed, facing me, with Keri's head just in front of her. My dick rests in the middle of Keri's upturned ass. I take hold of my dick at the base and give her a few slaps with my shaft; her ass is taught and does not jiggle when struck, but I sense the sharp spikes of alarm from her mind every time my flesh impacts hers. I move my dick again, aiming down until the tip is placed against her anus. When I'm finally pleased with the arrangement, I tell the girls what to do (not that I need to vocalize any commands, it's just fun sometimes).

"Tina, you did a really good job attending to my balls earlier. So here, get licking. Ah, yes, good girl. Renee, you deserve a reward, so spread your legs a little... yes, now Keri, tilt your head up a bit, Renee you might need to bend at the knees there so Keri can get her tongue on your pussy... good, you get the idea, work your tongue on your friend there while I get set up back here. Aaand... there! Your last hole penetrated. Oof, that feels good babe. Nice and tight. Maybe a little too tight - Tina, be a star and get your hands on Keri's ass and pull her cheeks apart will you. Ah good, now I start properly fucking your ass Keri. Watch closely Tina, because you are next."

Keri's ass looks spectacular, stretched apart by Tina's dainty hands and skewered on my dick. I'm able to move inside Keri's tight ass a few inches back and forth, but without lube anything more energetic and I'll be getting blood on me. So I reach into Keri's mind as I rock back and forth in her ass, and pull out some interesting memories. On my orders, Renee steps away from Keri's probing tongue and walks over to a wardrobe. On the top shelf she finds a pink shoebox, just as Keri's memories told me she would, containing a sizable vibrator and a tube of lube. I only need the lube for now, but I'm sure the rest will get used before the sunrise.

Renee walks over with the lube, pops the cap and squeezes a generous amount onto the spot where my dick meets Keri's asshole. I momentarily remove my dick and allow Renee to spread lube on me, before returning it to its rightful place, i.e. violating a hot blonde girl's ass. The going is much smoother now, and as Renee returns to being serviced by Keri I start to push into Keri's quivering ass in earnest. I reach down and take hold of Keri's hips, lean forwards and finally I am fully inside her.

Keri does not remember, but I've fucked her ass before. It was much more a spur of the moment rough fuck though; now instead I take my time and enjoy the smaller details as well. Details like the way the ring of muscles around Keri's asshole grips my shaft so tightly that her whole ass moves with my dick, stretching and rolling in on itself as I feed my shaft into it, then getting pulled along with my dick as I withdraw. Or the way Keri's wavy brown-blonde hair bounces each time I reach full penetration and my hips collide with her body. Or the light caress of Tina's tongue as she licks my balls (and occasionally my shaft or taint depending what is in front of her mouth at the time). Her light touches contrast nicely with the more intense sensations generated by fucking her friend's ass; perhaps when it's Tina's turn to experience the fun of anal I'll have Keri lick my balls so I can compare the experience.

Reneeching into Keri's mind, I find the expected notes of fear, pain and humiliation. But the notes are muted, blanketed by a protective numbness. Keri's mind is withdrawing into itself. Well, that just won't do.

On my silent mental orders Tina's hands move off Keri's ass and slide down until her arms are wrapped around Keri's lower legs. Renee meanwhile abruptly stands and, with an expression of total confusion, goes to fetch the armless chair, placing it in front of Keri at the foot of the bed. Renee sits, spreads her legs and scoots her butt forwards so that Keri's head is once again buried in Renee's pussy. Renee's legs wrap around Keri's head and her legs rest on Keri's back. Keri is now well secured, held in place by Renee at the front and Tina at the back while I hold her waist and steadily stroke my dick in and out of her tight ass.

I now judge Keri to be sufficiently secure that I can release her entirely from my mental control. The return of freedom of movement jolts her mind back to the present. She immediately stops licking Renee's pussy. A pity for Renee, but I imagine the vibrations produced by Keri's screaming and head shaking are some compensation. Keri's screams are effectively muffled by Renee's body, but I can hear the change in tone and intensity as I relentlessly fuck her ass. Keri starts to struggle and I tighten my grip on her hips and her movements only serve to heighten the sensations, swirling my dick around inside her ass. The pitch and intensity of her screams matches the movement of my hips. I hold her hips tight and ride Keri's ass with vigor, thrusting deep into her with each stroke as I feel myself getting close to orgasm. Finally, with one determined stroke I embed my dick fully inside Keri and start shooting cum deep into her bowels. I hold her waist tight as my dick twitches and spurts inside her, waves of pleasure radiating through me.

My orgasm is powerful enough to be distracting to me. Keri cannot escape the three people holding her down, but in her struggles she manages to use the chain of the handcuffs to pull the legs of the chair that Renee is sitting on. The chair tips over, taking Renee with it. Her upper body freed, Keri starts kicking in earnest as she tries to wriggle out; my dick slips out of her ass as she moves away. Before I have time to collect myself from my orgasmic high Keri's foot hits Tina in the face and then rams between my legs, turning my pleasure into pain.

The soreness of my dick and balls makes me pause only a few seconds, but that's enough for Keri to wriggle free and off the bed, and start a stumbling run out of the bedroom. With a silent command both Renee and Tina run after her, with me following shortly behind.

Keri really is fast - I hear the door unlocking and swing open as I turn into the corridor. However, the other girls have caught up with her, and as I approach the entrance I see Keri on the ground struggling against the grip of Renee and Tina. Keri hasn't gotten around to screaming for help, so I silence her first before regaining control of her body.

Which is when I notice a fourth body on the floor. A young woman is sitting down in a state of shock and surprise, evidently knocked down by a fleeing Keri. Good luck for me I suppose, else it might have taken longer to catch Keri. Decidedly bad luck for her though. I take control of the newcomer and march all four girls back into the apartment.

Door closed and locked, I take a look at the new arrival with both my eyes and my mind. Her name is Jenny, 26, and she is another friend of Keri's, joining later than expected due to overtime at work. A quick check of Keri's mind confirms that Jenny is the last invitee, so hopefully there will be no more such surprises.

Jenny is another blonde (seems to be a theme for the evening), with straight glossy hair parted on one side and falling to shoulder height. Her face is pretty, with a straight nose and a wide mouth that would look equally cute smiling or pouting (or so I imagine, as her face currently wears a predictably panicky expression). She is wearing a black top and tight jeans, and it's clear that her main asset is a round and prominent ass. Overall Jenny is attractive enough, not the sort of girl I'd focus exclusive attention on but as a side bonus she will do nicely.

She needs to be prepped though, and so I have Renee and Tina escort Jenny to the bathroom. I have ordered the two girls to help the new arrival out of her clothes and ensure her holes are cleaned and ready for me; as they retreat to the bathroom I release Jenny's speaking ability.

"Wha- hey, what's going on? I'm not moving myself, this isn't - hey! don't touch me! hey, no, I-mmf- no! Put that back on, I - fu-aaah!"

On my orders Keri walks to the bedroom, with me following behind. Once inside she turns to face me, and both her expression and emotions show dread at whatever comes from trying (and failing) to escape. I stare at her blankly for a moment, then break into a wide smile.

"Well done, Keri! I mean it, it's been a long time since anyone got so close to escaping me. Clearly I've been getting complacent. Oh, don't look like that, I'm not going to torture you or something, that's not my kink. Besides you've been so generous with me, providing me with three of your friends to play with as well as yourself, I should be grateful to you! I was only planning on spending the evening, but since you've shown such spirit and generosity I think I'll be spending all weekend fucking you and your friends. Does that sound like fun? No? Oh well, its fun for me and that's all that matters right now. You and your friends are going to work hard to make sure this is a very memorable weekend for all of us."
(In actual fact she and her friends will have their memories erased before I leave, but Keri doesn't need to know that.)

At this point we are joined by Jenny, naked and shivering, flanked by equally naked Tina and Renee. Now that I feel back in control and she is fully exposed, I take the time to look her properly up and down. Jenny stands maybe half a head shorter than Renee. Her skin is still slightly tanned from an earlier vacation, providing a nice matt contrast to her shiny blonde locks. Her chest is about the same size as Tina's making it small on her frame, but pleasingly shaped with almost conical breasts and prominent round nipples. Her stomach is flat, not muscular but clearly kept trim thanks to regular exercise. Jenny is clean shaven, and I can see the outer lips of her vagina peeking out between her legs. On my command she turns so that I can have a better look at what is indeed her best feature - her shapely round ass. It probably doesn't qualify as 'whooty' but it is certainly an attention-getter. It has my attention; Jenny starts blushing in shame as she sees me evaluating her naked ass. I have her bend a her legs a little while reaching down to touch her fingertips to her knees, a classic cheesecake pose that pushes her ass out towards me and makes her skin flush even more under the tan.

I ignore the other girls for the moment and approach Jenny, who straightens up and turns to face me. We embrace and her lips press against mine, followed by her body. Jenny's lips are soft and slightly slick from her glossy lipstick. Her tongue darts out and starts exploring my mouth. My hands start exploring her body, one travelling down to grasp her ass while the other moves up to her chest. I can hold one breast fully in my hand; the nipple goes between my fingers and I pinch and roll it as I fondle her breast, eliciting a sharp gasp from Jenny. My other hand on her ass is by contrast overflowing with supple girlflesh. Jenny's own hands reach down and start stroking my increasingly erect penis. The stimulation is doing wonders for getting over my earlier pain, and it isn't long before I decide to take Jenny. I break the kiss and address her while rifling through her most intimate memories.

"You have such a great ass, Jenny, have you ever... ah, no? Really? Too afraid it would hurt, I see. Well, normally I would build up to this, but in your case I think we can skip the starters and go straight to the main course. Bend over."

Jenny takes the few steps to the bed, climbs on and obediently prostrates herself, on her knees with her head against the bed and her ass in the air. Renee hands me the lube I had discovered earlier, and I squirt a generous portion onto my dick before positioning myself behind Jenny. The blonde girl's puckered asshole peeks out at me, slightly damp from her earlier thorough clean. With a series of mental orders I make sure Keri, Renee and Tina are positioned close enough to watch their friend's imminent violation. As I place the well-lubricated tip of my dick at the entrance to Jenny's asshole I release her mental gag. I do like hearing their reaction to their first penetration.

"Ah! I - no no please I can't please don-ah! Ah! No, take it - uh! AAAH! God!"

I push against her and the head of my dick slips quite easily into Jenny's ass, taking her anal virginity. I manage to get about a third of my dick inside her the first time - not bad, but there's plenty of space in this girl's ass. So I start stroking, and listen as Jenny's protests take on a rhythmic quality, increasing in pitch and desperation as I push into her, lessening when I pull out.

Entry was easy, but soon I find myself making less and less progress with each thrust. Jenny's ass grips me tightly, making it very pleasurable for the part of my dick already inside her but less easy to get more of it in. I don't let it discourage me though; I add another squirt of lube, take hold of Jenny's hips with my hands and push harder. On my command Jenny starts pushing back too, helping me violate her asshole. It takes another few minutes of determined effort before I finally bottom out (pun intended). My balls hit her pussy as I embed myself totally in Jenny's round beautiful ass; Jenny lets out a wavering, heartfelt "oh goooood" as she feels me deep inside her. I'm done with her protests, so I silence her before leaning over her back and whispering in her ear.

"See Jenny, nothing to be afraid of. I didn't get hurt at all."

Jenny doesn't seem to appreciate my humor. Her eyes fill with tears I do not allow her to shed (it would ruin her makeup). I shrug my shoulders, return to a standing position and start properly pounding the quivering girl's ass. My dick practically flies in and out of Jenny's poor abused asshole, never quite leaving and always piling all the way in, making her ass shake and her body jerk forward with the impact of each thrust. For a good while the only sounds in the room are the slap of flesh against flesh and the labored breathing of Jenny. The relative silence of the room is a contrast to the mental landscape only I can see; Jenny's mind is awash with pain and humiliation, almost shutting down from the shock, while the minds of the girls watching their friend getting roughly assfucked is a mix of horror for Jenny and trepidation for themselves.

I'm tempted to ride Jenny's ass to completion, but I have other plans in mind. So as I feel myself getting near I turn and grab Renee's head by the hair. Forcing her down to bend over Jenny's ass, I quickly remove my dick from Jenny and slide it into Renee's open mouth. Still with my hand holding her hair I roughly fuck Renee's mouth, bringing myself to climax. Renee is already coughing and spluttering at the sudden invasion of my dick into her mouth, and as I unleash streams of cum towards her throat she almost chokes. She desperately wants to pull away, but my mental control is absolute; instead her lips clamp around my shaft and she sucks hard, dragging every last drop of cum out of my throbbing dick and into her mouth. With another command I prevent her from swallowing, and as I finally come down off my orgasmic high Renee slowly slides her lips off my dick, still closed tight. Tina and Keri (still handcuffed) take up station kneeling on either side of me and start licking my dick clean as Jenny rolls onto her back. Renee approaches Jenny from the side, and I watch Jenny's eyes widen as she opens her mouth to accept a kiss. I watch the scene with satisfaction: Keri and Tina kneeling naked at my feet tenderly licking and kissing my dick while Jenny, fresh from having her ass energetically violated, shares a cum-filled kiss with Renee.

I have now cum three times, and while I am used to these marathon sessions I know I need to take a break. Besides, I'm thirsty. But that doesn't mean the girls can't have fun without me; on my command Tina and Keri go from kissing my dick to kissing each other. I allow Tina to release the handcuffs from Keri in order to embrace. Renee meanwhile breaks her kiss with Jenny and swings herself around 180 degrees. Jenny's face already wears an expression of disgust from tasting my cum second hand; as Renee's pussy lowers onto it her face shows disgust for a new reason.

While Renee and Jenny start to work on each other's pussies and Tina and Keri make out I walk to the kitchen in search of refreshment. Keri has stocked up on pre-party foods for her guests - feta salad, crusty bread and suchlike. Intended as a light meal before a night of drinking and dancing, it suits me well. Cold spring water replenishes some of the lost liquids. I start to feel ready for further entertainment, if not quite up to participate. As I eat I notice a few things in the kitchen that may come in handy, so I grab these and head back to the bedroom where I set them aside in a corner.

The girls are still locked in passionate embraces, as ordered; Renee has one of Jenny's legs between hers and is grinding her pussy against it, while one hand is between Jenny's legs, three fingers deep in Jenny's pussy. Similarly, Keri and Tina's have one hand each disappearing between the other's legs, while their lips are locked in a deep kiss. It's an inviting scene but I'm not yet in condition to participate, so I sit in the armchair in a corner of the room and watch the four naked girls pleasuring each other.

As the girls' hands wander over each other's bodies, my mind wanders through theirs' learning a little more about them. I learn an interesting fact about Tina - she once took a lap dancing class as a surprise for her boyfriend. She enjoyed the class but her boyfriend was less enthusiastic than expected - he was polite, but made it clear that only prostitutes and sluts give lap dances. Sheesh, Tina's picked a winner there. I resolve to be a more appreciative audience for Tina than her uptight boyfriend, calling her over to me.

"Hey Tina, a little bird tells me you can lap dance. How about you take your hand out of Keri's pussy and show me what you can do."

Tina obediently disengages from Keri and walks over to my chair; on my orders Keri joins Jenny and Renee to make a threesome on the bed. Tina has been put through a lot so far tonight, but she's young and fit and so as she steps between my open legs and starts winding her hips to music only she can hear there is no hint of the tiredness she feels inside. Tina slowly turns a half circle while rotating her hips and running her hands up and down her petite body, and I take the time to appreciate her pale skin, lightly dusted with freckles from the bridge of her nose, down the side of her neck and over her small pert breasts. Tina's ass is well-formed also; on a girl like Jenny it would look small, but on Tina it is just the right size. I reach out and take Tina's ass in both hands - no hands-off rule here. much to my pleasure and Tina's silent dismay. Her ass feels taught with muscle, which Tina flexes on my command. Her pussy is a small slit without much outer labia; her asshole winks at me as Tina jiggles her ass briefly.

As Tina turns back to face me I scoot forward a bit so that I am semi-reclined on the soft armchair. The short blonde places her hands on the armrests and slides her body on top of mine, her breasts travelling up from my legs, brushing over my (still only semi-erect) penis and chest before coming into contact with my face. I inhale her scent - a hint of perfume on top of the tang of sweat from her exertions, with a definite undertone of girl-juices, hers and others'. My hands reach around and once again enjoy running over her ass, then up and down her back and finally cupping her shapely breasts.

Tina's body rubs against mine, her hair falling around and spilling over my body as she moves. It's an extremely sensual display; Tina's boyfriend really is an idiot for not appreciating a girl who would do this for him.

"Wow, Tina, you really have some dancing talent you know? You could do this professionally, if your boyfriend wasn't such a prude."

My mention of her boyfriend alarms Tina - she's not quite got the idea that I can pull any fact or memory from her mind, and instead she is wondering if I've been stalking or investigating her prior to tonight.

"How would you like - ah, yes, keep your tits around my dick for a moment, that feels great - how would you like if I have one of the girls film your lap dance for him? He can watch you get me hard and fuck you the way he never does."

I allow her to answer, but all I get is a weak "noooo...."

"You think he'd like that? Send him a copy, maybe some other copies to some friends of mine who can make sure you get plenty of lucrative lap dancing gigs?"

"No! Please no, I... I'll let you do whatever, just don't film it."


"... yes. Please... just-"

"Tina, real talk here for a moment. You will let me do whatever anyway. I'm going to fuck your hot little body just as I fucked your friends Keri and Jenny."

Tina doesn't pause in her movements - she can't - but her mind shudders at the memory of her girlfriends' recent violations.

"So maybe I will film you. A new career awaits, babe!"

"Nooo! I'll, I'll make it good. Just let me and I'll... I'll make it good for you."

I'm wary of relinquishing any control over the girls after Keri's bid for freedom, but looking into Tina's mind I can see no thoughts of escape, just an increasing determination to see this through at the least cost to her normal life. In truth, I have no intention of filming her lap dancing, or if I do I have no intention of keeping it much less sending it anywhere. I'm much too cautious/paranoid to create evidence like that. But Tina's capitulation could be fun, as long as she fully understands what she's promising.

"Babe, fucking you will be good however I do it. But maybe I can let you show off your skills. You realize though, I'm going to want to be in here-"

My hand goes to her mouth.


Another hand reaches between her legs and fondles her slit.

"- and most especially here."

My hand moved from her mouth and reaches back to touch two fingers to her asshole. Tina's mind jolts as she feels my fingers on her, but she pushes down her impulse to scream "no", instead looking me in the eyes and saying:

"I know. You can do that, I'll... I'll help you do that if you want. Just no cameras, okay?"

Tina's promises are sincere, and highly arousing. I decide to give her a test run, and release her body from my control. When Tina's mind reconnects to her body she stops dancing, but immediately starts again, this time under her own initiative. I'm impressed by her resolve.

"Good girl, Tina. How about we have a little more privacy."

On my command the girls on the bed stop pleasuring each other (I feel slight regret for not paying more attention to their performance, but oh well the weekend is young). They lie side by side and immediately fall into a deep sleep, much needed after their exertions. Tina looks around and sees them, momentarily alarmed until she see sees they are still breathing. She turns back to me and says in a small voice:

"...Thank you."

"Just get to work."

Tina nods, and without further comment slides down my body until she is kneeling between my legs. My dick is not yet fully erect but it already looks big in front of Tina's small face. The pale blonde circles her thumb and forefinger just under the head of my dick, and gently pulls down, exposing the end of my dick fully. Using her fingers to direct my dick towards her mouth she purses her lips against the tip in a kiss. Pausing to look up into my eyes, she moves her head forward and my dick slides between her tightly pressed lips. Once the head of my dick is inside her mouth I feel the tantalizing flutter of her tongue as it brushes around my dick. Placing the rest of her hand on me Tina slowly jacks the shaft while the head is teased by her swishing tongue. It doesn't take much of this before I am back at full erection, and eager to sample the rest of this girl.

"Nice work, Tina. Very nice. Time to move to the next act."

As much as Tina dislikes blowing me, the thought of having me in her pussy is even less welcome. She pretends not to I have heard me and instead quickens her pace, hoping to make me cum. At the same time thoughts of biting down stir at the back of her mind.

"Let me remind you babe: I *will* be fucking you tonight, with or without your assistance. Also, I can see what you are thinking, and it won't work. The slightest hint of teeth and I take back control of your body and ride you till the sunrise. Got it? Good. Now, climb on my lap."

I'm watching her mind carefully, and see a flash of rebellion coming up, which I quash it before she is able to act on it. Instead she rises and swings her legs onto the bed until she is kneeling, her legs on either side of mine and her ass resting on my legs. My dick is in front of her, the tip of my dick is well above her navel - a good visual image of just how far into her petite body I will be able to reach.

Tina raises herself up as far as she can go, but her short legs do not allow enough clearance between my lap and her waist to place my dick correctly. So I take hold of her under her arms and lift her. Tina's arms automatically reach to steady herself against my shoulders, but a little mental prod and she reaches down to take hold of my dick, moving it to rub against her pussy until it is in the correct position. I feel the head of my dick slide into her, fixing me in place. I had taken the liberty of tweaking her arousal levels, so Tina's pussy is warm and damp and ready. My hands are still holding her, and so I use them to push her down. Tina emits a sharp gasp as my dick slides deep into her tight vagina, pushing into her body until her ass is once again resting on my legs. Her arms go back to my shoulders, but otherwise the shock of feeling me inside her freezes her up. I'm impatient though, and instead of giving her time to get used to her penetration I lift her body once more before relaxing and letting her fall back. A few repeats of this and she gets the idea, and soon Tina is moving slowly but steadily up and down. Her pussy feels wonderful, clinging onto my shaft; I can feel her flesh surrounding me on every inch of my dick, parting only reluctantly on each downstroke.

My hands are no longer needed to guide her actions, so instead I use them to explore her body once more, groping her breasts as they bounce pleasingly in front to my face before reaching down and holding her round, athletic ass. Tina is breathing heavily but otherwise silent, but I want to hear more from my latest fucktoy, so I speak up:

"You can go faster babe. Come on, put some effort into it!"

For emphasis I slap her ass hard, one, then twice, causing her to jolt and lose her rhythm.

"Ah! Ow! Fuc-stop, okay I'm going faste-ow!"

"Not fast enough, Or high enough. I'm not your boyfriend, Tina, I don't care if it hurts and we aren't gonna cuddle after. Now-"












Tina's athletic body is pushed to the max as she practically throws herself up and down on my lap. My dick pistons inside her abused pussy but she's small enough that even with this effort it never fully leaves her pussy. Looking over her shoulder I catch our reflection in the mirrored wardrobes: Tina's back muscles flex as she rides me, her blonde hair cascading around her shoulders. Her ass has distinct red hand-marks on it, and I can't resist giving her ass another hearty slap just to watch her jump and squirm and try her hardest not to lose momentum or slacken her pace. She's moving too fast for me to properly grope her, so I just hang on to her sides and feel her body move on the outside as my dick feels her body move from the inside.

Tina is fit, but no-one can keep this frantic fucking up for long. I encourage her with the occasional spank, but even that loses its spur as Tina becomes exhausted and her ass grows numb. As she nears her breaking point Tina starts to beg, whenever she had breath to do so.

"Please... uh... please I can't... keep.. *huff*.. please I have...*huuh* have to stop, please..."

"Mmm, alright babe. You can stop now."

Tina sits heavily, and slumps against me. Her head rests on my shoulder and her chest heaves deep breaths. My dick is embedded inside her but she doesn't care as long as she can stop pumping.

"I wouldn't want to come without fucking your ass after all."

Tina tenses immediately, and lifts her head up to look at me, fear in her eyes.

"No! I can't, it's too much, please!"

"You can give it up to me, or I can take it myself and share it with the world. But I am taking your ass, babe."

"No, I'll, I can do more."

Tina starts circling her hips, moving my dick around inside her.
"Or, or I can suck you off again. I can make it good, please let me."

"You'll suck me again anyway, you can be sure of that. Last chance, babe. Are you going to put me in your ass?"

Tina's head bows slightly, and she says in a small voice.

" I... I just can't."

"Alright, then. Guess I'll take the wheel."

I reassert control of Tina and on my mental order she immediately lifts herself off my lap to stand before me. My dick leaves her pussy; the room feels cool after being inside Tina's warm body.

"Since you've been such a good sport tonight, I won't film your assfucking."

"... thank you."

"Oh, but you'll still have an audience."

On cue (and on order), the other girls wake and rise. Tina can't look behind her, but she can hear the movement, and once again I feel shame wash across her mind. Jenny and Keri take up station sitting on the side of the bed, backs to the mirrored wardrobes. They spread their legs enough to slip a hand between them, and soon there is the unmistakable sound of two girls playing with increasingly damp pussies. Tina gets on her knees on the floor in between the other two, arms resting on the bed, ass presented to me as I kneel behind her. Renee fetches the lube and I have her lube up Tina's asshole in preparation. Tina gasps at the feel of Renee's fingers probing her asshole, pushing lube into and around her anal ring. I add some lube to my dick also, and position myself in front of Tina while Renee puts down the tube and gently holds Tina's ass open for me. On my order Tina raises her head to look up, letting me see her face reflected in the mirrored doors. Her eyes widen as the head of my dick presses against her asshole. I haven't removed her ability to speak, but she's terrified into silence by fear of the impending anal violation. I'd tell her she has nothing to worry about, but honestly her ass is so small that even with the lube I am not sure how much it will hurt or even how much I can fit in her. I enjoy a challenge.

I lean in and put my weight into pushing my dick slowly but steadily into Tina's anus. The lube helps my dick get past the ring of muscles at the entrance to her asshole, and from there the going is a little easier for a while. For me anyway; Tina breaks her silence with a scream as she feels her ass being penetrated. I let her scream for a short while, because hearing their friend's reaction right next to them is causing the other girls considerable distress, which to one with mental abilities such as mine is tasty indeed ("taste" is an imprecise way of describing how other people's emotions feel to me, but its the closest equivalent). After a while though I order her to silence, just in case it attracts unwanted attention. By that point I had gotten maybe half of my dick inside Tina's petite ass, and further pressure does not seem to allow more in. The pale blonde's asshole grips my shaft incredibly tightly; if I removed my dick too quickly it would probably turn her anus inside out. But anal prolapse is not my fetish, and besides I want to put more inside her, not less. I lean back for a moment and contemplate the situation. Looking down, I enjoy the sight of Tina's body beneath me. The skin of her back is flushed red and sweating, while her ass still bears some marks from my earlier abuse. Renee is still holding Tina's ass apart so I get a good view of where my hard penis enters Tina's body; the flesh around her asshole is concave, folding in to accommodate my dick. A glance at the mirror shows Tina's face, eyes tight closed and teeth clamped shut. Yep, this is definitely more fun for me than it is for her.

It would be more fun still if I all of my dick was able to experience Tina's anal delights, however. Hmm, perhaps her small size could be turned from an obstacle into an advantage. I give some precise instructions to Renee, and she lets go of Tina's ass and moves to stand beside Tina. Tina is too focused on the moment to notice this, but she pays attention when I start lifting her off her feet. With Renee's assistance I lift Tina until her back is straight and against my chest. I move my hands down to take hold of her thighs and keep her legs off the ground. I'm keeping her aloft with my arms, but as I slowly lower them Tina's entire body weight is increasingly pressing down on one point - where my dick meets her ass. I'm able to see the result from the mirror - Tina ass is slowly enveloping more of my shaft. I'm glad I had silenced her earlier because judging from the state of her mind the screams would be ear-splitting at this point. Having watched Tina's face close up during the first penetration, Jenny and Keri now get front row seats to see their friend's ass impaled onto my dick. They don't seems especially happy about it, even less so when I order them to speed up their own masturbation with one hand and start fondling their breasts with the other. Renee meanwhile has the closest view of all, as she moved to sit under my legs to apply extra lube while kissing and licking my balls.

I can tell I am fully inside Tina when I feel the gentle tickle of her pubic hairs on my balls. The pleasure of achieving this success is surpassed by the pleasure of having Tina's ass wrapped around my shaft so tightly I can feel every slight tremble of her body, every pulse of her blood. But of course, reaching this goal only brings the next one - now that I'm all the way in her ass, how do I fuck it?

The obvious answer is "very gently". If you've read this far you can probably guess that isn't an acceptable solution to me, but at least at first it is probably necessary. So, taking firm hold of Tina's quivering thighs I slowly lift her a half-inch or so. My dick moves in her ass, eliciting fresh waves of pain and alarm from Tina's mind. Another half-inch and I can feel her asshole start to close up in front of my retreating head. Before it gets the chance to relax though, I lower Tina again, slowly, and my dick pushes back into place deep in her ass. I repeat this again, and a third time, each time slightly faster than the last but still much more slowly than my aching dick would like. On the fourth pull-out I move my hips back a little, thus withdrawing further but also allowing me to thrust back faster. Tina's body is relatively light, but still I'm grateful I didn't allow my lifestyle to turn my body to flab as I lift and lower her on my dick.

I want to hear Tina's voice again, but first I have to reach into her mind and make some tweaks, dialing down the panic and lessening the pain. Not normally something I would do - I'm all for the authentic experience - but allowing her to speak now would just result in senseless screaming and that gets old fast. Once I judge her to be capable of coherent speech I allow her to speak again, much to Tina's surprise.

"..gah! Ah, fuck! AAH, no, it - fu - it hurts - take it out! Jesus, please, it's - aaugh!"

"Take it out? But we worked so hard to get it in. No no, it's not coming out of your ass until I come in your ass. And for-"

"AAAh, fuck-"

"- and for that to happen we're gonna have to pick up the-"

"Ah! Ah! Ugh, no, fucking. Pain. Ah!"

"- pick up the pace."

"Ah! What? But, I can't, no I - AAAAHFUU- AH! AH! AH! AH!"

Tina's protests degrade into repeated yelps as I start moving her body more quickly, pumping my dick in and out of her thoroughly stretched asshole. The lube (and some mental tweaks to relax the muscles) prevent any permanent damage, but it doesn't feel that way to Tina, who's mind essentially shuts down under the pressure. I have to dial the paid down again to prevent her from fainting. It's taking a lot of effort from me as well to fuck her in this way, but I am so in the moment that I can ignore the increasing tiredness in my arms and legs and focus on the waves of pleasure emanating from my dick.

As fun as this is, the picture isn't complete yet. While Tina's body is being used as my cocksleeve I order Renee out from under us, and she obediently goes to fetch the vibrator we had discovered earlier. I pause for a moment and hold Tina's legs far apart while Renee sits in front of us between us and the bed. Tina seems momentarily disoriented by the sudden stop, but as she feels the head of the vibrator pushing into her pussy she finds the will to speak again.

"What, what are you - what's that? Oh god, no, what - ah! No please, I - AH! AH! AH! FU-AH!"

The vibrator slips into Tina's pussy (no lube; I had mentally ordered her arousal levels up beforehand), and when Renee turns it on the buzzing sound is drowned out by Tina's desperate wail. Her voice stutters and breaks again as I resume pumping her ass on my dick, while Renee holds the vibrator inside Tina. The petite blonde is stretched to her absolute limits; I can clearly feel the vibrations through her body, adding an extra dimension to this already rich sensual experience.

I'm getting tired but I feel myself starting to peak, so I decide to cut loose for the last few strokes. Lifting Tina up as high as I dare without my dick leaving her ass, I brace myself before slamming her back down. Her screams stop as the breath is knocked out her body, and all she can manage is a ragged gasp as I lift her and bring her down again on my dick. The feeling is exquisite, and I can manage only a half dozen times before my orgasm hits so fast I don't even notice the cum streaming out of my dick and filling Tina's asshole for the first second or two. I lower her down so I am as deep within her as possible as my dick twitches - my whole body jerks once or twice involuntarily at the force of the orgasm, causing my dick to swirl around inside Tina and prompting new spurts of cum to coat her bowels.

Once my orgasm subsides I take a breath and heave Tina up and off my dick, causing her to gasp anew. Unfortunately my post-coital sense of balance is not too good, and she falls forward onto Renee. Neither girl is hurt though, and for the moment I don't care, so they lie on top of each other in a tangle of limbs while I sit between the (still masturbating) Jenny and Keri.

I idly run my hands down Jenny and Keri's backs as I wait for my heartbeat to slow to a more normal pace. I feel completely drained; I don't have a clock handy but I guess it is early morning. I decide I'm in need of sleep, and so move to lie in the middle of Keri's bed. On my orders the girls lay out where they are, meaning Jenny and Keri lie on either side of me while Tina and Renee get to spend the night in each other's arms on the floor. I make sure to send the girls into deep sleep before drifting off myself.

I won't bore you with the details of the following morning - waking, showering, eating breakfast and so on. Suffice to say that by a certain time I and the girls were all rested, fed, cleaned up and ready for the new day. Unusually for me I resisted the temptations around me during the morning routine; no waking the girls with my dick in their asses, no fucking in the shower, not even an under-the-table blowjob while eating breakfast. But of course I wasn't done with the girls, currently naked and kneeling around me as I sat at the breakfast table finishing my coffee. Merely planning my day.

I drained my cup and stood to face the four women.

"Had a good rest, girls?"

I release my hold on their speech. Jenny is the first to pipe up.

"Just let us go, please. You've had your fun."

"From you? I've only been in one of your holes, Jenny, there's so much more to explore."

"You can't do this!"

"Clearly I can. Sorry, you came late to the party last night so maybe it hasn't sunk in yet. Your friends know better."

(It's true: Jenny's mind is still swirling around in panic but the others are much calmer, almost resigned to my having complete control over their bodies.)

"On that note, let's take this party to the living room."

"No, please, I-"

"Hush now Jenny."

"- ..."

On my mental orders the girls start crawling to the living room, with me following behind watching their bodies sway provocatively. Once in the room I take stock of the available furniture. The long couch should suit my needs but it needs to be repositioned a little. No problem, I have four (not so) willing helpers; within minutes the couch is moved away from the wall and into the middle of the room, facing the large flat screen TV mounted on one wall. A poke around Keri's mind and some rummaging later and I have a digital camera and the appropriate cables to connect it to the television. I position the camera on a handy shelf, connect it to the TV and angle it so that the TV shows a live picture of the couch. The girls look puzzled, but my intention becomes clear when I have Tina, Jenny and Keri line up behind the couch and bend over it. I am thus treated to the sight of the three girls' asses raised and presented to me, while still being able to see their faces from the TV. The girls are all different - Tina's ass is small but muscular, Jenny's larger and curvier, Keri's round and perky. I spare a glance at Renee's cute ass too as she pops to the bedroom to fetch the lube, before getting closer to the couch so I can caress the row of proffered girlflesh.

There's a lot on offer but Jenny's words had reminded me that her pussy is unexplored territory to me. So I position myself behind her. Jenny's pussy peeks out from under the curves of her generous ass, pink and inviting. I mentally order her pussy to warm up, while I rub the head of my dick over her folds. Soon there's a slight glistening of moisture and I judge her ready - physically at least; mentally Jenny is still coming to terms with her position. I can sense her trying hard to move away from the dick she can feel touching her intimate places and getting only more alarmed when her body gives zero response. As I move forwards and Jenny's pussy lips envelop the head of my dick her desperation spikes. I need to reach in and soothe her mind to head off an imminent mental breakdown. That done, I can pull out of her mind and focus on pushing in to her body. I feel the blonde girl's heat around my shaft as I get deeper inside her. Take hold of her ass I start stroking, enjoying the view as my dick slides in and out of Jenny. Ah, the first pussy of the day is always especially sweet, isn't it?

As I pick up the pace Jenny's ass jiggles. It's a pleasing sight, and gives me an idea. My ever-attentive helper Renee trots off to the bathroom and returns shortly with a hair tie. I pause in my motions to give Renee a chance to tie Jenny's shoulder-length hair back into a pony-tail. By taking hold of the pony-tail in one hand I pull Jenny's head up to face the camera; her face shows considerable discomfort at her position, even more so when I pull her hair back further and force her to arch her back and push her body against mine. I use my other hand to steady myself by holding her waist and start pumping again, this time with more force. Jenny's flesh slaps loudly against mine; I decide to release her speaking ability and soon the sound of skin hitting skin is accompanied by her gasps and cries as I ride her tight pussy.

"Ah! No! Fuck y-ah! No! Sto-! Stop! Ah! Aurgh! Jesusfu-!"

I watch her expression on the TV screen; her cheeks are flushed red and her mouth is hanging open whenever she isn't talking. Her breasts aren't large enough to get a proper swing but they manage to bounce a little whenever I am particularly fast on my downstroke - of course after I notice this I speed up again just to get the effect, something Jenny probably doesn't appreciate as much as I do.

I fuck Jenny vigorously but am careful not to get carried away; as fun as it is to pound this girl's pussy there are at least two others waiting for my attention as well. So after a few minutes I withdraw, but before I move on I cannot resist pushing into Jenny's asshole for a few strokes. I don't get deep in due to the lack of warm-up and lube, but it's enough to feel her generous ass envelop me, and for Jenny's protests to reach a new pitch and urgency.


I have to mentally gag her again to prevent her screams being heard by the whole apartment building, which does take some of the fun out of it. So to compensate I rotate my hips a little as I fuck her, swirling my dick around inside her for that extra sensation. It isn't long before I have to exit her ass to avoid cumming too soon. After one hard thrust (which is actually a little painful for me as Jenny's previously-virgin asshole is pretty tight without lube), I pull out suddenly, giving her ass a good hard slap just to watch it bounce. As I let go of her pony-tail her head slumps down, and I consider my next plaything.

The next hour or so passes pleasantly (for me), as I alternate between the three girls' pussies and assholes. I take the time to appreciate the differences in the experience from girl to girl. Tina's pussy grips the tightest and her small stature means she has to stand on her toes to bend over the couch, so when pulling back I have to be careful not to tip her off the couch completely; the inventiveness of Keri's pleading makes me specially enjoy reaming her ass; I enjoy watching Jenny's ass move so much it is soon beet red from the slaps I administer, sometimes while fucking her and sometimes while fucking one of the girls next to her. Every so often I feel myself getting close to orgasm so I slow down or stop completely and allow the feeling to subside before resuming my morning exercise.

Throughout this Renee provides a helping hand in the violation of her friends, applying lube here, pinching nipples there, keeping my dick warm in her mouth in between girls, and so on. Mentally she is quite numb; seeing her friends being abused like this has forced her to become detached from the present. That won't do.

I am pumping deep inside Tina's pussy as she weakly protests, while Renee stands beside me helping to hold Tina in place against my thrusts. For the first time today I release my hold on Renee's speech but before she notices I address her first.

"About time you got some skin in the game, Renee. So to speak."

"Wha.. what?"

My words, and her ability to reply, bring Renee back from whatever corner of her mind she was hiding in, just in time to experience her body move to stand next to Tina facing the back of the couch. I exit Tina with a wet schlooping sound and move to stand close behind Renee, my dick resting on the small of her back.

"No.. no, you promised - you said I wouldn't have to-"

"What I said was I'd keep my dick out of everywhere but your mouth for that night. It's now... ten the following morning. New day, new rules babe."

"No! Please, I... Let me alone and I'll keep blowing you, okay? Like before?"

I ignore her attempts to bargain and place my hand on her back between her shoulders. Renee slowly lowers herself over the back of the couch until her arms are resting on the seat. Her ass rises to prominence, and I trace my fingers down her back until I am caressing her taught flesh. I part her pussy lips with my fingers and inspect the pink flesh inside; I stop when my finger rubs against something unexpectedly hard. Closer inspection reveals that Renee is pierced - a small metal stud glints from insider her folds. Hardly seems worth it for something so small and plain. Renee's pussy is not wet yet but a small mental tweak will fix that soon. With my other hand I lift my dick and rub the head slowly up and down against Renee's pussy, finding the right spot for entry.

"Now now, Renee, you didn't really think I'd leave you out of the fun your friends have been having did you? That'd just be impolite."

"No! Please, I don't. Help! Someone help!"

I'm tempted to silence her again just as I notice a spike of pure anger rise in Tina's mind. I hadn't removed her ability to speak, so in the midst of Renee's protests she starts to speak up.
"Shut up, just... SHUT UP! You fucking bitch, you don't know how it's been and you've been fucking helping him!"

"Hel-what? I.. I wasn't, I couldn't sto-"

"Shut UP! I hope he fucking tears you in half Renee. I hope he fucking kills you."

"Jesus Christ Tina, what the fu-AAH! Ah, no!"

The first couple of inches of my dick slides into Renee's pussy, interrupting Renee's train of thought.

"Ah! No, take it out! No, it hurts, ah!"

"Good! Just you wait, it's going to get a lot worse before you have any idea what it feels like for me."

Tina's vitriol is surprising, but it certainly heightens the experience for me. I was planning on building up slowly, letting Renee's pussy warm up a little. But if Tina wants to hear Renee suffer I'm happy to oblige. Reneeching into Renee's mind I make a few tweaks, heightening her sensitivity to make her feel every inch of my dick as if it were three inches, while tightening her muscles in her vagina to really get the friction going. It's not something I do often but hey, anything to oblige a pretty woman, right?

Renee's mouth opens wide as I thrust forward; for a moment she is too shocked to speak, but the moment passes and she emits a heartfelt wail of pain and shock. In truth I am probably not causing any damage but to Renee it feels like Tina is getting her wish. Tina looks on grimly; I spare the time to dive into her mind and find her earlier rage has subsided considerably - whether in sympathy to Renee's agony or sated by it, I am unable to tell. The feelings are still there though, and with a deft mental adjustment I ramp up Tina's schadenfreude until she looks on almost hungrily as Renee begins to jerk backwards and forwards in time to my hip thrusts. It takes an effort of will to pull out of Tina's mind and focus on fucking the hot blonde bent over in front of me.

My mental tightening of her muscles makes it tough to get deeper than about halfway inside Renee, so I have her relax them. Suddenly access is a lot easier and my next thrust gets me most of the way inside Renee, whose shrieking reaction quickly turns into ragged gasps and moans as I start pumping her poor abused pussy in earnest. I've been a good boy all night and kept my promise, so now it's time to claim my reward. The metal piercing rubs along the base of my dick in just the right spot that it adds a extra bit of pleasure to the experience; whatever boyfriend convinced Renee to get this done has my thanks. I spare a glance at Tina, who is still looking on; Jenny, who is almost sick with fear; and Keri, who is once again trying to distance herself mentally from the here and now. Hmm, let's see how well she can hide in her own mind.

On my mental order, Jenny hauls herself off the couch and heads off to the bedroom, wearing a look of surprise at her own actions. She returns with the vibrator hidden behind her back so Keri cannot see it. Picking up the lube and giving the vibrator a good coating (just as well it was a full tube), Jenny stands behind Keri and with one smooth action rams a good two-thirds of it right inside Keri's pussy just as I release my mental gag from Keri. Fresh screams fill the air, joining Renee's moans in a duet of pain as two girls have their pussies pounded relentlessly.

Of course I'm not going to stop at Renee's pussy. I have no intention of blowing my load in her pussy when I've been watching her ass all night. Jenny silently hands me the lube; Renee sees the action through the TV screen and quickly realizes my intentions.

"Uh! Urh! Ah! Mm-no, not -ah!- there, not in my-FUCK-not in-please! It won't f-Ah!-fit, please!"

I ignore her pleas as I lube her entrance with my fingers. On a whim, I look to Tina.

"What do you say, Tina? Should I spare Renee's ass?"

"Fuck you."

Hmm, I guess the earlier outburst was just that, a temporary explosion of emotion. Not surprising really - that old "mindbreak" trope is horseshit, take it from one who knows. I shrug, withdraw my dick from Renee's red raw pussy and push against her puckered asshole. Of course I hadn't dialed down Renee's sensitivity, so as I push my average-sized dick through the ring of muscle around her anus and enter her ass, it feels like a baseball bat to poor Renee. Her throat is raw from screaming, at this point she can only manage a guttural "ARUGHHH". I'm pleased to note that although Tina is ashamed by her earlier comments, there is still a part of her mind that revels in knowing the woman who filled Tina's small pussy with a vibrator as I reamed her even smaller asshole is getting her own ass mercilessly deflowered.

I feel myself getting to the limits of my self-control, so I don't take my time with Renee. Taking a firm hold of her hips I push as deep into her as possible before pulling out almost entirely, and ramming back in. Renee's asshole stretches to accommodate me, and it takes only a dozen or so (well-lubed) strokes before I am deep inside the quivering, squealing blonde. I take stock of the scene. Keri, my original intended plaything, is instead being violated by her curvy friend Jenny; her body is covered in a sheen of sweat as Jenny works the plastic penis in and out of her exposed pussy. Tina is bent over the couch to my side, her petite ass in the air; although she cannot move her minds jolts a little as I reach over and stroke her pale skin. Renee meanwhile, the angelic-faced bottle blonde who has been servicing me with her mouth all last night, is now no longer an anal virgin. Only a fraction of my dick is visible, the rest is buried deep in Renee's bowels, feeling the heat of her body pulsing around me. As I once more begin to move, Renee takes a series of shuddering breaths. I recognize the symptoms and quickly snap her mind awake before she passes out on me.

"Uh uh, Renee. No sleeptime for you right now. I wouldn't want you to miss this."

Pulling back, I restart my assault on her anus. Renee's ass grips me so tightly it is almost painful, but a little more lube and I am gliding in and out of her again. Every time I sink my dick into her, I feel the walls of her anal passage press against me and only reluctantly part, closing quickly behind me as I withdraw. Every downstroke feels like the first entry for me, while for Renee... well, if she had the breath you would hear her at the end of the block. But all good things end, and so with one final push I bury my dick completely inside Renee's tight ass just as my cum almost explodes out of my dick. Renee finds the energy to scream once more, but I mentally gag her before it gets too loud. Instead her mouth is wide open as I empty my balls into her tight, round ass, her hips and mine pressed together as I hold her in place.

When I pull out I relax my hold on Renee's mind, and she immediately slumps into unconsciousness. No stamina, what a pity. Physically my balls feel completely drained and my dick is swiftly softening, but mentally I'm still going strong so I know I'll be up and ready again soon. Ignoring Renee's body draped limply over the back of the couch on one end, I walk around and sit down. On my command Tina gets up and comes to sit next to me, shortly joined by Keri on the other side (but not before she extracts the vibrator from herself and buries it as deep inside Jenny's pussy as possible). Keri turns to face me and soon our lips are locked together. My hands explore Keri's body while Tina's hands and lips explore mine from the other side, stroking and kissing gently. Meanwhile I have Jenny walk over to stand in front of me, using her pussy muscles to keep the vibrator in place as she kneels between my open legs.

I break my kiss with Keri and issue her and the other two mental commands, then lean back, close my eyes and relax. A pair of soft lips encircle the head of my dick and suck my semi-hard penis into a wet, warm mouth. Other mouths kiss their way around my lower body as they wait their turn. There is a soft rustle of hair brushing against skin and my penis is temporarily exposed to the air before being engulfed again, presumably by a different girl. The girls work diligently to revive my dick; soon I sense Renee's mind rising to consciousness, and without opening my eyes I command her to join her friends.

I amuse myself by trying to guess which girl is blowing me without looking; from past experience I judge the sloppy blowjob to be the relatively inexperienced Tina, shortly followed by an impressive deepthroat action that can only be Keri. I half open one eye and find my guesses to be correct - yay me. Closing my eye again just as Keri lifts her head up, the next girl shows considerable skill. My dick is treated to a tongue that swirls around the shaft and flitters over the sensitive head, subtle movements contrasting with the more forceful suction and sliding of tight lips rhythmically up and down. I guess Renee, but as I open my eyes I see instead Jenny's face buried in my crotch, her hair still tied in a ponytail and so allowing me a clear view of her lips working my now very erect dick. Out of curiosity I dig into her mind and find an explanation - she's been working on her oral skills as a way to distract her partners from her curvy ass, thinking that a good blowjob will compensate for denying them access to her anal passage. Well, it's worked up to now. Something occurs to me which I consider worth sharing.

"Well, girls, looks like I've finally fucked all of you properly. Pussies, asses and mouths - uh, good job Jenny, keep doing that thing with your tongue. No, no, that doesn't mean we are done here. For one thing, you haven't fucked each other yet; hope you got some extra batteries for that vibrator Keri."

"Yes indeed girls, we have a whole weekend in front of us. Now get ready Jenny, time for your first facial of the day."

As Jenny releases my dick from her mouth, points it at her face and starts vigorously jacking it with her hand, I contemplate how to fit all the things I have planned into a mere two days. Hmm. Maybe the girls will have to take Monday off...


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