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After the Shock Ch. 07


"Ron, honey, I've been thinking."

"What, Sabbie?"

"Nancy fucked my husband almost 100 times while I was married to him and we still haven't done anything about it."

"Well, Nigel did deprive her of Jim's services. He's out of commission."

"Yes, but I'm sure she's found another man by now. I want you to fuck her, Ron. Same drill as with the Smiths."

"But Sabbie, she's Nigel's ex. I can't fuck her."

"I knew you would say that."

Sabrina smiled at me and then pulled out her phone and hit a few keys.

"Listen to this, Ron." She hit play.

I heard Nigel's voice. "Hello."

"Hi Nigel, it's Sabrina calling."

"Hi Sabrina, everything's OK with you and Ron, I hope?"

"Yes, Nigel, we're still going strong."

"What can I do for you then?"

"I'm not very happy with your wife, Nigel."

"Nancy? Neither am I."

"I have a somewhat unique way of getting back at the women that fucked with my husband right under my nose."

"You do?"

"Yes Nigel, the problem is, in Nancy's case, I know it will never happen without your approval."

"What are you saying, Sabrina?"

"Nigel, you saw that one night, Ron is an amazing lover."

Nigel laughed nervously. "Sabrina, you didn't look so bad yourself."

Sabrina giggled on the recording. "Oh Nigel, you say the most wonderful things sometimes. I want Ron to fuck the living daylights out of your Nancy for one evening and then totally ignore her after that. I want your Nancy to be craving his cock. Then I want to be able to rub it in her face that Ron is mine to play with and she can never have him again."

"I see," said Nigel hesitantly.

"You don't sound convinced that this is good revenge, Nigel."

"No, I guess I can see it from your side. Nancy probably would long for Ron's company if it played out like you said."

"So, you would prefer it that Ron never fucks her, is that it?"

"Well, I must admit. I would be angry if he fucked her."

"Nigel, Ron would never fuck her without your permission. This isn't his idea. Trust me. I'm the one that is asking for your permission, not Ron."

"I'm curious, Sabrina. If he fucked Nancy, do you think he would mind if I fucked Maureen?"

"Maureen? No, I'm pretty sure Ron doesn't care who she fucks anymore. We can confirm back later if that's what you want."

"I would only fuck her the one time as well. That would be the deal."

"OK, thank you very much, Nigel. We'll be in touch. And don't worry. Ron would never fuck her without your OK."

"All Right then, Sabrina. Talk to you later."


Sabrina shut off the recording and grinned at me impishly. "Well, Ron?"

"Nigel can fuck Maureen as many times as he wants. I don't care about that, and if Nigel is OK with me fucking Nancy, then I guess I can give it a shot."

Sabrina kissed me passionately. "Oh, Ron, this is going to be awesome."

"If you say so, Sabbie."

"Do you want me to call Nigel back?"

"No, I'll call him. Just a sec."

I dialled his number.


"Hey, Nigel."

"Hey, Ron."

"Nigel buddy, you can fuck Maureen as many times as you want. I really don't care."

"Look mate, it wouldn't feel right to me to fuck her at all. But, if you're going to fuck Nancy, I'll give Maureen a go one time."

"All right, Nigel. Where's a good place for me to meet up with Nancy?"

"Oh, she goes to farmer's market religiously every Saturday morning around 11 or so. You're guaranteed to see her there. What about Maureen?"

"She gets her hair done, the first Monday of the month down at Chiffon Salon. I think her appointment is for 2 every time."

"OK, mate."

"So you and Holly are done, huh?"

"Yeah, she just likes variety too much, I guess. Don't worry about me, mate. I'm enjoying playing the field."

"Ok, catch you later, bud."

"Later, mate."


Sabrina looked at me expectantly.

"Saturday morning at the Farmer's market, Sabbie."

"Oh, perfect."

"It might not work out, Sabbie. What if she's with a guy?"

"Ron, didn't you say she tried for you before?"

"Yes, that's right."

"And we know she's a cheater. This is a slam dunk, Ron."

"I guess, Sabbie."

"What? She's not attractive enough for you?"

"Sabbie, honey, from what I remember she was hot."

"That's what I remember as well, Ron. Just enjoy yourself while you are with her."

"Oh, I will, Sabbie. Don't worry about me."


Sabrina and I entertained Annette that Friday night. I pounded her ass good. She left late that night. She had something scheduled the next morning.

Sabrina gave me my pep talk for Nancy that Saturday morning.

"Remember Ron, fuck her twice, once in the pussy and once in the ass."

"I know the drill, Sabbie."

"And make sure you give her good ones."

"Yes, dear."

"You're OK with this, aren't you, Ron?"

"Yes, Sabbie. I understand why this is important to you. Just remember, I'd rather be staying home and giving you two amazing poundings."

Sabrina grinned at me. "I expect you to be able to give me a workout when you get back, buster."

"Yes, dear."

We kissed passionately and I headed off for the market."


Nancy appeared at the market right on schedule. She wasn't really dressed to impress but she looked pretty good. She wasn't wearing a bra and her tits were wobbling slightly. I casually followed her around and then caught up to her as she was checking out the lettuce. I picked up a head and then said to her, "What's the difference? What are you checking for?"

She turned to me and smiled.

"The heavier the better. Don't I know you?"

I looked her up and down. "You're the squares lady."

She smiled. "Yes, that barbecue. I remember you. You're Ron, right?"

"Yes, that's right. Your squares were delicious." I gave her an obvious ogle.

She blushed. "If I remember right, you turned me down that day."

"Yes, I was happily married. Then I found out she was cheating on me regularly. We're separated now."

I continued to stare at her breasts obviously and her nipples firmed up nicely.

"I'm Nancy. So you wouldn't turn me down today, Ron?" She gave me a sexy look.

"No Nancy, I wouldn't turn you down. I was just about to proposition you."

She smiled at me. "Ooohhh, Ron."

We flirted with each other as we toured around the market. I picked up a couple of things, just to make it look good.

After we paid for our stuff we headed towards the exit. She gave me a big smile. "Well?"

I pulled her to me for a kiss. She melted into my arms. We kissed passionately for a minute of two.

"Nancy, honey. Do you have plans for this afternoon?"

She gave me a big smile. "My car is right over there, Ron. Why don't you follow me home? I live in an apartment building on Center Street."

I pulled her in for another kiss and kneaded her butt cheeks.

"OK, Nancy."

"C'mon Ron, let's go. I'm so hot."


Nancy looked really good with her clothes off. She had a firm tight butt. I was definitely going to enjoy my assignment.

"Ooohhh, Ron, you've got a nice big cock."

She lied back on the bed and spread her legs for me. I mounted up and pounded in forcefully.

"OOooohhhh Fuck, Ron. You don't mess around."

I slammed into her relentlessly for a couple of minutes. Sabrina had already taken my morning load earlier, so I was ready for the long haul.

"Oh My God. Fuck meeeeeee."

Nancy kept coming and coming. I slowed down the pace a little but I kept on thrusting. She eventually recovered and smiled at me weakly as I pumped into her rhythmically.

I pulled out and my rock hard cock was standing straight at attention. I tapped the inside of her knee. She gave me a big smile and got on all fours. I kneaded her firm cheeks hard for a while.

"Oh God Ron, get that hard cock inside of me."

I spread her cheeks wide and pounded my cock up into her pussy.

"Ooohhh Fuck yeah."

I slammed my index finger up her butthole with no warning at all.


I started bucking my hips into her wildly as my finger pistoned back and forth into her butt.

"Oh God. Fuck meeeeeee."

It sounded like she was coming again. I just kept slamming into her as hard as I could. I could feel my orgasm building. My cock was a blur as it pounded in and out of her pussy. I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out and sprayed my jism all over her. I collapsed on the bed beside her.

She kissed me briefly. "I need to go find a towel or something, Ron. That was quite the load. I'll be right back, honey."


She came back with a sexy grin on her face and slid up next to me on the bed.

"So, Ron, what was your wife's name again?"

"Maureen, honey."

She looked puzzled. "Maureen..."

"She's tall, blonde and busty."

"Oh, her. She's almost like an Amazon or something."

"She looks good, Nancy. That's for sure."

"All of the men at that barbecue couldn't keep their eyes off of her."

"Yeah, I thought she just liked to flirt with other men. I was wrong."

Nancy gave me a sexy smile. "I hope you weren't too disappointed with me today, Ron."

I pulled her in for a passionate kiss. "I wasn't disappointed at all, Nancy. You've got a really sexy body."

"Apparently it wasn't sexy enough for my husband, the fucker."

I gave her a look. I knew she was lying through her teeth. She was the one who strayed, not her husband. If she was thinking straight at all, she would realize that I knew she was a cheater. She came on to me when she was supposedly happily married.

"That British guy?"

"Yes, Nigel and I have split up. Fucking cheater."

She thought she was getting on my good side, but all she was actually doing was making me really angry. She was oblivious though. She started kissing my chest and moving down my body. It wasn't long before she was giving my dick a tongue lashing. She was a talented cock sucker. I was hard in no time.

She pulled away from my cock and gave me a big smile.

"Any ideas, Ron, honey?"

"How about anal, Nancy?"

She gave me a surprised look.

"Anal, already? I guess so." She stood up and headed into the bathroom for the lube. She came back. My eyes were riveted to her tight ass.

"My, my, Ron. You're so intense." She handed me the lube and got up on all fours. I lubed her up good and then gave my cock a quick pull to lube it up.

"Ready, Nancy?"

"Yes, Ron. Please start slow. It's been a while."

I almost said something. I'm sure Jim used to fuck her ass. But he'd been out of commission for a couple of months, then. I eased in my cock as gently as I could. The idea was for her to crave my cock. Sabrina would be upset with me if I gave in to my anger right away and hurt her.

"Oooohhhhh, Yessss. It feels good, Ron."

She started pushing back against me. I pushed my cock into her butt slowly but surely.

"Oooohhh God, Ron. You fill me up, lover."

I grabbed onto her hips and pulled her butt to me. I was fully embedded in her ass.

She turned back and gave me a flirty smile.

"OK Big boy, give it to me good."

"Oh, I'll give it to you, you fucking, lying, cheating, bitch," I almost said aloud.

I pounded into her mercilessly. I was a machine.

"Ohhhhhh Fuck meeeeeee. Aggghhhhhh."

Nancy really seemed to be enjoying the thrashing I was giving to her. I gave the sides of her cheeks a couple of hard smacks as I slammed into her.

"Ohhhhh my fucking God. Aaaaagggggghhhhh."

That really got her going. She was bucking into me wildly. I could barely keep up with her. The collisions between my pelvis and her back side were violent.

I smacked her ass a few more times.


We both came hard and I left my load in her bowels. I fell on the bed.

It wasn't long before Nancy came up to kiss me passionately. I wanted to stand up and leave right away, but I had to play the part a little longer. I kissed her back.

Eventually she pulled away. "That was amazing, Ron. That's the best sex I've had in many years."

I gave her a smile. "It was pretty good, wasn't it?"

She was stroking my chest lovingly. I just laid back and closed my eyes. I pretended to drift off. I was having trouble containing my anger. She was a fucking, lying bitch. I wanted to smack her around.

Nancy sighed and then stood up. She started to get dressed. I stood up as well and then dressed quickly.

She pulled me in for a passionate kiss, and then led me to the kitchen. Her stuff from the market was still sitting in the bags unpacked.

I was just about to slip out the door.

"Hold on a second, honey. Let me give you my number and my e-mail address."

I tried not to sigh and smiled at her.

She handed me the paper and then got up on her tiptoes to give me a good bye kiss.

"Don't be a stranger, Ron."

I gave her an enigmatic smile and then left.


When I returned home, Sabrina was wearing a new lingerie set I had never seen before. It showed off her luscious ass to perfection.

"Mmmmm, Sabbie. Love the new outfit."

"You do, huh?" she said throatily as she came up to kiss me. The saleslady liked it a lot as well. I was tempted to fuck her right there in the store."

"Will she be joining us sometime soon, Sabbie?"

Sabrina frowned. "I tried to recruit her, Ron, but she's a dyed in the wool lesbian. She looked at me in horror when I mentioned that you would have to have fun as well."

"Just how far did you two go, Sabbie?"

She blushed. "Ron, I was a good girl. I had to slap her hands away a couple of times, but then she behaved."

"I trust you, Sabbie."

We kissed for a while.

"So how did things go with Nancy?"

"Oh it was OK. She said it was the best sex she's had in many years."

"You fucked her ass, huh?"

"Yep, I fucked her ass and I smacked her butt pretty hard as well. She loved it, the fucking bitch."

"You sound angry, Ron."

"I am angry, Sabbie. She called Nigel a cheater, the lying slut."

Sabrina's face got redder. Now I'm getting angry as well, Ron. Somehow Nancy has spoiled the mood. I was so horny just a few seconds ago. Fucking bitch."

We both laughed. "Fucking bitch."

"Fucking bitch."

We were giggling like schoolgirls.

"Lying slut."

"Fucking whore."

We kissed passionately and I pulled down her translucent panties. I spit into her ass and then eased my way up into her butthole.

Sabrina was on her side. She had her head turned back so we could kiss passionately as I pumped my cock into her ass. It was pretty intense.

Sabrina stared into my eyes. "I love you, Ron."

"Oh, Sabrina, I love you so much."

Yes, life was still good.


The couple that had been looking at our house finally put in an offer. It wasn't insulting. They accepted our counter-offer. Sabrina and I were very happy to be getting out of the house that still had many Maureen memories in it.

We set up a meeting with our agent, Joanne, to look at the country house that we liked again. Joanne told us that she thought the seller was getting anxious. We decided to put in an offer on it that was a fair bit lower than the listed price. After some haggling we were able to hammer out a deal that worked for us. We were both quite happy.

Joanne was still hinting that she would like to hook up with Sabrina and me but we decided to keep things professional.

Sabrina and I celebrated in bed. When we were cuddling in the afterglow Sabrina said, "So Ron, this Friday we're set to hook up with Paula again. Remember her?" Sabrina was smiling at me impishly.

"Of course I remember Paula, Sabbie. Her tits are to die for and she promised I would get to fuck her ass this time. This is gonna be a good one."

Sabrina giggled. "Oh, Ron, I can't wait to watch you take her anal virginity. I get so horny when I think about it." She leaned in for a passionate kiss. Of course that led to another rambunctious session between us.


That Friday Paula and Sabrina were waiting for me when I got home, Paula had a new sexy teddy. It clung to her round ass tightly. Her humongous tits were standing up proudly and so were her nipples.

She rushed up to kiss me passionately and my hands roamed all over her body.

"Oooohhh God, Ron. I'm so fucking hot."

I stood back away from her and gave her a leer. "Yes Paula, you are smoking hot." She blushed beet red and then fell back on the bed.

"Give it to me, Ron," she said huskily.

Suffice it to say, that the three of us had an amazing time together. Paula's tits looked amazing as they flopped around while I pounded into her virgin ass.


We were enjoying breakfast Saturday morning with Paula when my daughter, Jenny, showed up for her regular weekly laundry run.

Paula's eyes lit up when she saw her and the two beautiful young friends embraced relatively chastely. Then they pulled apart and Jenny turned to me. She gave me a big smile.

"So how was her ass, Daddy?"

I turned to look over at Paula. She was red as a beet.

"You two are obviously becoming pretty good friends."

Paula nodded and then turned to Jenny. "She's such a sweetie, Ron."

It was Jenny's turn to blush.

"I realize she's a sweetie, Paula, but I wasn't expecting you to discuss our sexual plans with her."

"Hey, she already had figured out that we were intimate. I couldn't lie to her when she asked about it. Then, I was looking forward to things so much I just couldn't help talking about it with her. I'm sorry, Ron."

"No big deal, Paula. I was just surprised, that's all."

Jenny interjected, "Quit dodging the question, Daddy. How was her ass?"

"A gentleman never tells, Jenny."

"Oh Pooo." She turned to Paula. "How was it, babe?"

Paula blushed again. "Oh God, Jenny. It was amazing, but it really helped that Sabrina was right there with me. I'm not sure if it would have been the same if it was just Ron."

Jenny looked thoughtful. "You make a good point, Paula."

Jenny gave us all a big smile and then headed to the laundry room.

Sabrina asked Paula, "Any luck with the lovely Jenny, honey?"

Paula blushed. "Yes and no. We're really good friends and she has admitted to being attracted to me, but she still insists that she's only really interested in men."

Sabrina gave her a hug. "That's where I figured you would be, honey. Be patient. I'm sure you two will eventually hook up."

Paula nodded seriously. "The thing is, I really like her a lot. I would love it if we could be monogamous with each other, but she's pretty set on finding a man."

Jenny and Paula ended up leaving together. Just as they were getting into the car we could hear rhem giggling hysterically about something. They were obviously becoming very good friends.


Sabrina turned to me.

"So, Ron, did Nigel say that Nancy goes to the market every Saturday?"

"Yup, pretty much."

"That's what I thought. Let's go, Ron. We want to get there around 11, right?"

She was already headed towards the garage. I shrugged and followed her. We chatted in the car on the way to the market.

"What's the plan, Sabbie?"

"Oh, you wander around close to her but ignore her. When she rushes up to kiss you or whatever, you back away and explain that you are in a committed relationship but don't mention any names, OK?"


Then after you finally get rid of her, I will casually stride up to you and you will kiss me thoroughly right there in the market. Got it mister?"

"Yup, no problem."

"Make sure you grab my ass as well."

"If you insist," I said in mock horror.

Sabrina giggled at me. "Oh, Ron, this is going to be so much fun."


I spied Nancy right away. She was dressed casually but she still looked sexy. I pretended not to see her and wandered through the market keeping relatively close to her.

"Ron, is that you?"

Nancy rushed up to me and tried to hug me. I backed away.

"Hi, Nancy."

"You never called me, Ron, and now you don't want to hug me?"
She looked very upset.

"Sorry Nancy. I'm with someone now."

Nancy gave me a pose. She looked really hot. Her tight ass was beckoning to me.

"C'mon Ron, don't you want more of this?"

If I wasn't committed, I would have attacked her. She looked really sexy.

"Sorry, Nancy. You're off limits."

Nancy looked at me in disbelief. I pretended to get on with my shopping. Nancy was steaming but she didn't push things any further.

Sabrina was waiting for me in the next aisle.

"There you are, honey."

Sabrina rushed up to kiss me. We kissed passionately and I gave her butt cheeks a good work out with my hands.

"Oh, Ron," she said loudly. I could see Nancy watching us. She looked really angry.

Sabrina and I were joined at the hip for the rest of the time in the market. Nancy was doing a slow burn. Sabrina was giggling like a schoolgirl and pretending not to notice Nancy.


We paid for our stuff and then headed towards the exit. When we got to the car, Nancy was there waiting.

She stared at Sabrina. "I just realized who you are. You're Jim's wife aren't you?"

Sabrina scowled at her. "Yes Nancy, Jim is still my husband, but not for much longer."

Nancy turned to me and gave me a sexy pose. She looked fine, to be honest.

"Ron, honey, you fucked my ass royally last time and I know you enjoyed yourself. Sabrina, here, refuses to do anal. How could you pick her over me?"

Sabrina gave Nancy a triumphant smile and then turned to me. She pulled her pants and undies down right there in the parking lot. Then she turned to face the car and bent over. Her ass was wiggling enticingly. She turned back to me.

"C'mon Ron. Show her. Get your cock in me, honey."

I did a quick scan and didn't see anybody else looking at us. I moved up behind Sabrina so it would be less obvious to casual passers by that she was bottomless. Then I glanced over at Nancy. She was in shock.

Sabrina was getting impatient. "C'mon Ron. Don't dilly dally. Fuck my ass."

I stared at her gorgeous butt and then decided the quickest way out of this embarrassing situation was to give in and fuck her. It wouldn't be pretty if I refused her then.

I unzipped my pants and then got my cock out. I did up the button again at the top. I didn't want my pants falling down during the action. I hocked a loogie in her butthole and then pushed in.


Sabrina started bucking wildly. I tried not to pump too hard but still give it to her. I was very self conscious. I didn't want to turn this into a public spectacle. I glanced over at Nancy. She was frantically frigging herself through her slacks.

Sabrina was still bucking wildly. "Oooooohhhhh. Fuck ya. Fuck meeeeeee."

We both came hard. I reached down for Sabrina's pants and pulled them up most of the way and then pulled away and stuffed my cock in my pants. Sabrina was decent in no time. We scanned the parking lot. I didn't see any one but Nancy. I sighed with relief.

Sabrina walked up to Nancy. "Ron is mine, bitch!"

Nancy turned to me. "If you get tired of her, give me a call, honey."

The ladies scowled at each other some more. Then Nancy stomped off and drove away.

Sabrina and I smiled at each other and then kissed passionately.

"Holy fuck, Sabbie. The back yard was one thing, but a parking lot?"

Sabrina giggled. "Sorry Ron, I never planned that. Emotions got the best of me."

We kissed again for a while.


I heard a female voice from behind me.

"Wow, that was so hot. You guys are awesome. Did he really fuck your ass, honey?"

Sabrina backed away from me and I turned to look at the newcomer. She was tall, slim and gorgeous.

Sabrina gave her an obvious once over and then gave her a sexy grin.

"Yes, yes he did."

"Wow, what was up with that?"

"Oh, you must have seen that lady we were talking to?"

"Yeah, I saw her. She was pretty."

"Yes, she's a pretty one, the fucking bitch. Her name is Nancy. She was having an affair with my husband for years."

"Oh, I see. Not you sir, I take it."

"No, not me."

"No, Ron here is an honorable man. He would never cheat on me. We've been friends for years and years."

"I'm Cindy, and you are?"

"Sabrina, pleased to meet you, Cindy." The ladies gave each other a quick hug.

"So, I'm still confused. Why did you guys fuck in front of the bitch?"

"Oh, I had Ron fuck her last weekend. I was just making her jealous, that's all."

"I see...," said Cindy doubtfully.

Sabrina giggled. "Cindy, honey, Ron had to be quick and careful today. If you got to see him in action for real, you would see why Nancy is so upset now."

Cindy gave me the once over and then gave me a sexy grin.

I gave her an obvious ogle and my cock was rock hard again.

Cindy was staring right at me and she flushed prettily.

Sabrina gave me a forceful hug and then she smiled at me.

"What do you think, Ron? Could you show our new friend here a good time? You're not too worn out are you?"

I blushed and stammered and Cindy gasped.

"I thought you said he would never cheat."

Sabrina gave her a big smile and then pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Cindy was shocked for a second but eventually responded eagerly.

"Holy fuck, you two are so hot."

Sabrina backed away from Cindy. "It's not cheating, honey, if we both play with you at the same time.

Cindy glanced at me calculatingly and then turned back to Sabrina and smiled and then turned back to me again. She focused on my bulge.

"So Ron, you never answered her question. Are you too worn out?"

It was my turn to pull in Cindy for a kiss. My hands wandered to her ass and I kneaded her cheeks hard as our tongues did battle. She backed away gasping.

"Wow, you two are amazing. I don't think I've ever been this horny."

"Are you driving, Cindy?"

"No, I took the bus."

"Come with us then, sweetie."

Sabrina and Cindy were arm in arm and they headed to the car.

They got in the back seat and started necking. I drove home and struggled mightily to keep my eyes on the road.


I parked the car in the driveway and stepped out. Sabrina and Cindy had to do a quick wardrobe adjustment before they exited the car. They were both very flushed.

Sabrina attacked me with a passionate kiss and grabbed my cock and started stroking it through my pants.

"God, Ron. I'm so hot. She's so sexy. C'mon honey."

Cindy watched us for a second. Sabrina turned to her.

"C'mon inside Cindy, honey. Let's get this party started."

Cindy blushed and then hugged her again.

"Oh my God, Sabrina. I've already come twice."

We had a rambunctious session. Cindy obviously loved a cock up her ass. She was a tiger.

When we were cuddling afterwards, Sabrina gave her the timelines. We basically had a date for a month from then.

Sabrina headed out to the car to get our stuff from the market. We had totally forgotten about it in the rush to the bedroom.

Cindy never actually got inside the market so she was looking for a ride back. She saw a family photo on the way out. She gasped.

"Oh my God, you're Jenny's dad aren't you?"

"Yes, Cindy, you know Jenny?"

"We go to school together. She stays in the same dorm with me. We're good friends. I've seen her mom once or twice. She's hot. She's your ex then, huh?"

"That's right. Her name is Maureen. I caught her fucking Sabrina's hubby about 6 months ago."

Sabrina had just returned and caught the end of the conversation.

"Yeah, my hubby had a string of lovers including Maureen as well as Nancy from the parking lot. What a guy huh?"

Cindy gave Sabrina a sympathetic look.

"Sabbie, you're an amazing lover. If he couldn't stay faithful to you, he couldn't stay faithful to anyone."

Sabrina smiled at Cindy and they hugged again.

"You're not so bad yourself, sweetie."


Nigel called me one night and we set up to go dancing with him and his new girlfriend.

Sabrina was dressed in another clingy dress. Her ass looked luscious as per usual.

When Nigel showed up with his lady, I was pretty sure I had never seen her before, but she looked somewhat familiar. She was a tall slim brunette with an absolutely amazing ass. She was gorgeous.

"Hi Ron, Hi Sabrina, this is my girlfriend, Stephanie."

Stephanie gave both of us a sexy grin.

"I've heard great things about you two."

Sabrina and I looked at each other. We were both confused. Sabrina turned to Stephanie.

"You've heard about us?"

"Yes, my girlfriend, Shirl, can't wait to hook up with you two again."

The light dawned on both of us.

"Oh yeah, Shirl. We're set to meet up with her next Friday."

Stephanie giggled. "Oh, I know. Shirl talks about almost nothing else."

I glanced over at Nigel.

"Hey buddy, have you met Shirl?"

Nigel kissed Stephanie soundly and grabbed her ass. Stephanie melted in to him. They were obviously newly intimate with each other and very happy about it.

Nigel turned away from Stephanie and said with a lecherous grin, "All of Stephanie's girlfriends are hot, but Shirl is the hottest. You are a lucky dog, Ron."

I gave Stephanie an obvious ogle and then turned to back to Nigel.

"Well, Shirl is undoubtedly hot, but Stephanie looks amazing."

Nigel grinned wolfishly. "Oh, I know, mate. Shirl is hot, but she can't hold a candle to my Steph." Stephanie blushed and then they kissed again some more.

Sabrina was grinning from ear to ear as she watched Nigel and Stephanie.

"I'm glad, you found your woman, Nigel. You deserve to be happy."

Then Sabrina turned to me.

"You remember, Ron. We met Stephanie's aunt. Her name was Ellen."

"Oh, yeah, that Red Sox fan. She was his wife." I turned to Stephanie.

"Your aunt is beautiful, honey. But, somehow, you're even more gorgeous."

Stephanie blushed beet red.

"Thanks, Ron. Shirl said you were a smooth one." Then she turned to Sabrina and gave her the once over.

"Shirl can't wait to hook up with you, either, Sabrina, and I can see why. You're spectacular."

It was Sabrina's turn to blush. She was scarlet. The ladies leaned in a gave each other a friendly kiss on the lips.

I glanced over at Nigel and we grinned at each other knowingly.


We were sitting at the table and having a great time together.

"So, Ron, did you end up fucking Nancy?"

"Yes, Nigel, she was a great fuck, but she pissed me off. She called you a cheater."

Nigel's face darkened. "That fucking bitch."

Sabrina giggled. "That's just what we said, multiple times." She giggled again. "She was so angry when Ron rejected her after that. Thank you so much, Nigel."

Nigel broke into a grin.

"She was really brassed off was she?"

Sabrina giggled and then she did an imitation of Nancy at the parking lot. She stomped and turned away angrily.

Nigel let out a bellowing laugh. "Oh my God, Sabrina. I can just see her." He couldn't stop laughing.

"What about you and Maureen, Nigel?"

Stephanie looked on interestedly. Nigel turned to her.

"This was before I met you, love."

Stephanie smiled and nodded and kissed him.

Nigel turned to me and gave me a knowing grin.

"Your Maureen sure knows how to have fun in the sack, Ron."

"Oh, I know, Nigel. We did just about anything you can do together. I wonder how many of those wild things she learned from other partners."

"Anyways, we had a great time together. But you know what's funny? She made sure I was single before we did anything. She said she was done with fucking attached men. I was almost tempted to believe her."

"Well, Nigel. She had told me that she was going to change her act. She sounded sincere. It seems that she is following through with her promise."

Nigel looked thoughtful. "Well, I must say, I was tempted to date her a few more times, but I held to my promise. We only hooked up once."

"She wanted you guys to become a couple, huh?"

Nigel looked over at Stephanie and then they kissed again.

"Yes, she wanted to, but I'm very thankful that I was free to meet up with the perfect woman."

Stephanie blushed and they kissed again.


Sabrina asked, "So how did you guys meet, anyways?"

Stephanie answered. "I play cello in the orchestra. We're always looking for fill-in members. Our director was auditioning drummers. It takes a special drummer to fit into an orchestra. He can't be too rambunctious. Anyways I saw Nigel trying out. He kept staring at me. Then I heard him say something to the director. I was entranced as soon as I heard his voice."

Nigel grinned. "I 'accidentally' bumped into Stephanie as I was leaving."

Stephanie giggled. "Yes, and then I 'accidentally' asked him out to dinner."

They smiled at each other and they were at it again.

Sabrina and I grinned at each other knowingly.

"Were we ever that sickeningly sweet with each other, Ron?"

I pulled her in for a toe curling kiss. Both of us were really into it.

When we finally came up for air, Stephanie was grinning at us.

"Wow, you two are hot together."

Nigel laughed. "Oh, you have no idea, Stephie."

Stephanie turned to Nigel and gave him a questioning look.

Sabrina giggled. "Stephanie honey, Nigel has seen Ron and I up close and personal as we enjoyed each other."

Stephanie gasped. "Really?"

"Yup, Nigel was dating a busty beauty at the time. He really fucked her good. You're a lucky woman, Stephanie."

Stephanie blushed. "You're a lucky woman as well, Sabrina. Shirl has fucked a lot of men in her time. She's never gone on and on about anybody like she does about Ron."

Sabrina grinned and pulled in Stephanie for an intimate kiss.

"Yes, we've both hooked onto good ones, haven't we?"

Stephanie blushed. "Oh my God, Sabrina. I want you so bad."

Sabrina giggled.

"Hmmmm Stephanie, I want you too, babe. But, I don't think it will ever happen. I love to play with girls but only with Ron present. It's either a threesome or a no-some if you get what I mean."

Stephanie nodded. "I understand, Sabrina."

"Have you and Nigel shared a girl yet?"

Stephanie looked surprised. "No, it's been a long time since I was in a threesome. I usually only play with girls when I'm between boyfriends."

Sabrina gave her a sexy grin. "You and Nigel should party with Shirl sometime. I know you all would have a great time."

Both Nigel and Stephanie looked startled.

"But she's so hot. What if Nigel finds he likes her more than me?"

Nigel pulled in Stephanie for a passionate kiss.

"Stephanie, honey. I know we've only known each other for a short time, but I'm totally smitten with you. You don't have to worry about me straying. You don't have to worry about threesomes either, if you don't want to. I just want you, love."

They kissed again.


"You met my girlfriend Suzie that one night didn't you, Sabrina?"

Sabrina turned to Stephanie.

"If she's the one I'm thinking of, we never talked with each other. I saw her talking with Ellen and her husband. She was gorgeous. She's blonde with nice firm tits, right?"

Stephanie giggled. "Yup, that's Suzie. I'm so jealous of her tits. They're so big and firm. She really doesn't need a bra. They just stand up naturally."

Nigel grabbed Stephanie's ass and squeezed her cheeks. "You don't need to worry about Suzie, honey. Your ass is so much sexier than hers."

Stephanie blushed and they kissed again.

"Thank you, Nigel but I was just thinking. Sabrina, you and Ron hook up with girls all the time right?"

Sabrina blushed prettily. "Not all the time, honey, but yes, we do enjoy ourselves with young ladies sometimes."

"Suzie keeps going on about how wonderful her time with my aunt and uncle was. Shirl and her keep arguing. They're funny. Anyways, I was thinking you two should hook up with Suzie. That might settle things once and for all."

"Settle things?"

"Well, I always said that my uncle Don was my best lover ever. Then Nigel came along. I don't even think about Uncle Don anymore. But, Suzie can't stop talking about him and Shirl can't stop talking about Ron."

"Ahhh, I see. Don is that good a lover is he?"

Stephanie blushed.

"He was my first real lover. He didn't take my virginity but I wish he did. He's a wonderful lover. My mom and my aunt are lucky women."

Sabrina gasped. "But, I thought Ellen was his wife"

"Aunt Ellen is his official wife, but my mom is also his wife. They are a threesome. They've been together for more than 10 years."

"Wow, and I'm guessing your mom is hot, huh?"

Stephanie blushed.

"She looks a lot like Ellen. She's just a few years older."

"Wow, your uncle is a lucky man."

"Yes, he is. But he's a dear. He deserves to get lucky."

"So why couldn't you 'settle things' by having Shirl hook up with them?"

"Oh, Shirl has been dying to try out Uncle Don for years, but he's never touched her."

"Oh yeah, I remember that night, Shirl was upset because he said no again."

Stephanie giggled. "Yup, Shirl is a little spoiled. She's not used to men saying no to her."

Sabrina turned to me. "You remember Suzie, don't you Ron?"

I grinned at her. "Sure, I remember her, Sabbie. She was almost as hot as Shirl."

Sabrina turned to Stephanie again. "We would be happy to entertain Suzie sometime if she is up for it."

Stephanie's face lit up. "I'll call her tomorrow and give her the lowdown. You can call her and set up something then, huh."

Sabrina giggle happily as she added Suzie's contact information to her phone.


I got home from work one day and Sabrina was waiting for me. She gave me a big smile and a killer kiss.

"Guess what, Ron?"

"What, honey?"

"Melinda Smith showed up today. We had a very interesting conversation."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yes, she bumped into a woman downtown recently that she hadn't seen in a while."

"Yeah, so?"

"Melinda realized that I would probably love to hear about this woman's activities a few years ago."

"Let me guess, Jim was fucking her."

"Yes, exactly. Jim was fucking her."

"So who was it?"

"She won't tell me. She wants to make a deal."

"I think I know where this is going."

Sabrina giggled and pulled me in for another passionate kiss.

"Yes, you probably have figured it out."

"How do you know she just hasn't made up a story?"

"Oh, she gave some more details. She says Monica and I used to leave every Wednesday night for a while when Monica was 11 or so. Then a woman would show up just after we left. Melinda says she was wearing naughty outfits a couple of times."

"Do you remember any Wednesday night outings, Sabbie?"

"Yes, Monica was a girl scout. I was helping out with the troop."

"So, it sounds like Melinda has good information then, huh?"

"Yep, and she swears it wasn't Maureen or Nancy or her mom. It was some other woman."

"So, what do you want to do, Sabbie?"

"Oh, Ron. I'm dying of curiosity. Melinda says she knows the woman's name."

"So, what exactly does Melinda want?"

"She wants you to fuck her, Ron. Multiple times. She says I can join in as well if I want, but you must fuck her at least 3 separate times or she won't tell me any more."

"Sabbie, I've told you before. She's a beautiful young woman. I would enjoy fucking her, but only if that's what you want. I'm good either way. What about you? Does she turn you on?"

"Oh, Ron, she looked so sexy today. Her tits are amazing. I don't know what to do."

"Whatever you decide is good with me."

I pulled Sabrina to me and gave her ass cheeks a good workout.

Sabrina giggled. "You like the idea of fucking her again, huh?"

"Be quiet, Sabbie. Bend over."

Sabrina didn't say anything. She just grinned at me and then pulled down her pants. After 10 minutes of hard thrashing we continued our conversation.

"Oh, Ron, I love it when you take control like that."

I just covered her upper body with little kisses.

"Any more clues as to who the woman was, Sabbie?"

"Just that she looked to be the same age as Jim and that she was always smiling on the way in and walking funny on the way out."

"Same age, huh. It could be anyone."

"I know. You wouldn't mind fucking Melinda a few times, Ron?"

"Sabbie, you know me. I will enjoy myself. Do you want to join us as well?"

"Oh, Ron, she fucked my husband 3 times. I'm still having trouble with the idea of kissing her or anything. I hate that she has this information and that I am tempted to loan you out. I hate it."

"We could try and force it out of her some other way."

"Oh, Ron, I've thought of that too, but that doesn't feel right either."

"We could offer her money."

"I already tried that. The information is not for sale for money."

"It's your call, Sabbie."

"Ron, when you fuck her, I want it to be rough. Don't hurt her, but please no gentle sex. Fuck her hard."

"Will do, Sabbie."

"Oh, Ron"

We just cuddled and kissed each other lightly for the next hour.


We had a date with Suzie for the next Friday that we were really looking forward to, and I also had a date set for my first of the three sessions with Melinda. Sabrina wasn't happy about it but she really wanted to know the identity of the Wednesday woman.

We were cuddling in bed one evening just chilling and I heard my phone beep. I had it set so that beep would only occur when I received an email from a few select people. I extracted myself away from Sabrina and headed to the laptop to read the e-mail. It was from the private investigator and it was entitled 'Armando'. There was an audio file and also a text document.

"Hey Sabbie, come look at this with me. Maureen has been in contact with Armando again."

Sabrina jumped right up to join me.

The P.I. instructed us to view the text first so we did that.

Text from Armando – "Ciao dolcezza, how's my American amazon?"

Text from Maureen - "Hi Armie, it's been a while."

A -"yes, my dear, but I will be in DC on the 20th of Aug for a week"

M - "Hmmm, Aug 20, I should be able to see you."

A - "Ahh dolcezza, I knew I could count on you."

M - "Looking forward to it, Armie. GTG. XOXOXO Maureen."

That was it for the text file. I was seething with anger. Sabrina stroked me gently. "Calm down, Ron. There's nothing you can do about this right now."

I tried a few deep breaths. This man had fucked my wife on our honeymoon. It was also his own honeymoon, but that didn't stop him from fucking my wife. I was totally unaware that my wife was a slut and she kept up regular contact with this slimeball for years. I wanted to break his neck.

Finally I was calm again.

"Oh Ron, you're so angry, honey."

I kissed Sabrina for a minute or two. I felt much better.

"Sorry, honey. It's just so frustrating. I was so in love with Maureen. I had great memories of my honeymoon for years and now all those memories are ruined."

Sabrina gasped. "I wonder if Jim cheated on me during our honeymoon. Oh God, Ron. I understand, honey."

She looked like she was shaken up just by the possibility.

We hugged and kissed again for a while until we were both feeling better.

We played the audio file.


"Ciao dolcezza bella."

"Oh, Armie, it's good to hear your voice."

"So, my flight comes in at 3 PM DC time on August 20th. Can you meet me at the airport, bella?"

"Yes, I've already booked some time off."

"Magnifico, dolcezza, It's United flight 981."

"I'll be there, Armie."

"Ciao, bella."

He sounded so arrogant. He made my blood boil.

"Oh God, Sabbie, I want to hurt him so bad."

Sabrina pulled me in for a kiss.

"Ron, honey, you have to calm down."

Sabrina slipped off her robe and wiggled her butt at me.

"Ron, honey, fuck me hard. Let out your frustration on my ass. I can take it."

I was an animal. I wasn't really thinking straight. I plowed into Sabrina's ass and started thrashing. There was no love involved at all. I just pounded and pounded until I couldn't take it anymore.

Afterwards I just collapsed on the bed. Sabrina rested there for a few minutes and then disappeared to the bathroom.

I was thinking about Armando. They weren't pretty thoughts.

Sabrina snuggled up to me.

"So Ron, are you OK now?"

She looked worried.

I took in her expression, and then kissed her soundly. We were both giving it our all.

"Oh god, Sabbie, I love you so much, honey."

She just nodded. "I love you too, Ron. It's great to see my man back again. You scared me, honey."

We kissed again.

Yes, life was still good, but something had to be done about Armando.

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