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A Rough Night Out

It had been a really shitty week at work; she had missed the retirement party for a long-time friend because she had to work late, again, and awoke this morning to find the weather had gone to hell, so would be stuck in the house most of the day. As evening approached, she decided to go check out the new 40+ club that had opened, just to see what the place looked like and to find out if they made a decent Stoli Accomplice, something she had seen in Cosmo that looked good. Yeah, and to check out the men who might show up, knowing that they were going to be older guys there, NOT the 25-30 year old studdlies that go to the other clubs.

"Let's face it.", she said to herself "You aren't forty anymore, but you ain't dead and you still love watching men put on the shows that they do, even though THEY think we aren't paying any attention to them, and, when the opportunity presents itself, to let one of them get you naked and fuck your brains out. Oh, but you do LOVE a high, tight ass and a stiff dick."

Katie showered, put on a pair of white lace panties, a very frilly white lace bra that strained to hold up her D+ breasts, slid on black thigh-high nylons, a gorgeous new white silk blouse and her favorite black leather skirt. It hit her at mid-thigh, so she could cross her legs without feeling like she was flashing the world, and it made the men wonder just what she was wearing underneath. She dabbed a touch of Obsession behind each ear and just a smidgen between her boobs and then grabbed a couple of Trojans out of the nightstand, just in case she got lucky, but he "forgot his" and stuck them in her purse. Men are such liars. They hate to wear condoms, so they always conveniently "Forgot them.", and even though she was well beyond getting pregnant, she was NOT beyond getting an STD, no one is. No man that she wasn't in a long-term relationship with was ever going to fuck her bareback.

She decided that she would wear her four inch heels, because the six inch ones hurt her back too much. She slid into them, pulled the strap over her heel, checked her look, touched up her flaming red hair and decided that, yeah, she could lose a little weight 5'8" and 165 was a little heavy maybe, but some men like women who were "thick" as they say today. Satisfied that she was ready to go, she headed down stairs and out the door to her car.

The weather had let up just enough that she didn't get soaked on the way to her Beamer and the drive really wasn't bad. The rain waited until she got inside before it started up again, which was nice, and when she got to the club, it was busy, but not packed. She paid her door charge, who knew it was "Guys Night", and headed in to find a live Jazz band, The Chi-Town Knights, jamming pretty good.

She found a nice spot at a corner of the bar and discovered that the seats were actually very comfortable. Someone has actually put some thought into the intended clientele, as the bar stools were nicely padded with footrests, the music was not too loud, there are no strobe lights flashing and the servers were the same age as the people who had come to party. No little girls looking for sugar daddies, no muscle boys hoping to find a free ride with some wealthy widow, just 40+ year old people dealing with each other. Yes, this place could be fun.

She ordered a Stoli Accomplice, which turned out to be every bit as good as it sounded in Cosmo, and went through it fairly quickly. After having a bite to eat, she had some excellent gyoza, or fired dumplings and a half-order of teriyaki chicken with a glass of water, and then ordered a second Stoli, so that she could begin observing her surroundings without the nagging hunger from not having eaten since lunchtime. Having just a little libation in her, just to take the edge off didn't hurt either she thought.

She saw several interesting women, including one who looked very out of place in her micro-mini skirt, 6 inch heels and crop top that showed far too much sun tanned stomach. She was undoubtedly a hottie when she was younger, but a 60 something should not dress like a 40 something, she thought. Dress your age, act young, but dress appropriately for your age. That is what her mother had always told her, and that advice had always served her well. Maybe if she had listened to her mother a little more, she could have saved herself a bad marriage, but that thought was quickly put out of her mind. She was here to have fun tonight, not dredge up old assholes.

Katie had been there two hours and had talked to a couple of guys, even danced with one or two, one of whom had bought her a couple of drinks, but he was way too obvious and far too pushy. He even tried to cop a feel after he paid for the second drink, but she shut him down and he got pissy and moved on to what he hoped would be easier pickings. After the grouper, two men in very nice suits asked her to join them at their booth, up in the Reserved Section. They both seemed to be quite nice, so she saw no problem with joining them, especially when they told her they had another lady friend who was supposed to join them shortly.

They immediately ordered her another drink and one of them asked her to dance, and when that dance ended, the other man stepped in. She danced with them, even though she did not feel like she was good at it. Neither of them made any attempt to hide the fact that they could not take their eyes off of her breasts as they bounced and swayed with the rhythm of the music. Her white silk blouse, which had been tucked into the waist of her black skirt when she started dancing, slowly worked its way out of the constraining waistband, and hung loosely, as she ran her hands from the swell of her hips, up her waist, brushed the sides of her bouncing breasts, causing her nipples to stick out, tousled her hair, and then raised them into the air, to let them dance above her head for several seconds before lowering them down and placing them on her hips again. All the time, she never took her eyes off of whichever of the two she was dancing with and her partner for the dance had to feel like she was going to fuck him right there on the dance floor.

Someone sent her a drink after one of her return trips from the dance floor and the server pointed him out for her. He raised his glass in a toast and she smiled, raised her glass in a return toast, took a sip and then, ever so slowly, without once breaking eye contact, ran the tip of her tongue around both lips and winked at me. He felt his heart flutter, and found himself wanting to hold her, smell the scent of her sweat mixed with her perfume on her blouse, and most of all, wanting to taste those soft, slightly plump lips and explore her mouth with his tongue as hers explored his. The two suits with her looked over at the interloper, but, because of his size and the fact that he was with three other very large men, elected not to challenge him. Instead, one of them positioned himself so that he blocked her field of vision and she leaned over, gave him one last smile, and was was soon lost in conversation with her previous admirers.

The Knights finished their set and left the stage to mingle with the ladies who flocked to them, and a DJ came on to play for a while. He had a nice mix of 70s, 80s, and early 90s stuff , The Pretenders, Madonna, Aerosmith, you know the sounds, but also some Berry White, Commodores and Lionel Richie, too. Katie liked Berry White a lot, but then, what was not to like. The Man could sing and his music definitely could get her feet moving.

During one song, one of the suits sitting with her took her hand and led her out to the floor again and they moved pretty nicely together. He spun her so that her back was to him, and pulled her close so that her ass was rubbing his crotch and she moved the thing like a pro. As she spun back out away from him, the fingers of his right hand softly brushed against the side of her left breast, which elicited a small smile, but a definite finger wave of "NO" from her as she moved back just far enough as to be out of his reach to prove her point as to exactly who was in charge.

Before she could get off the floor, suit number two was there and led her back to the middle of the dance floor and they danced to Chain Gang, by The Pretenders. Katie did her best to have a good time, but by the time the music stopped, she was drenched in sweat and her blouse was sticking to her and nearly see-thru. Her flimsy, white lace bra was now only good for holding her breasts up, as, like most white garments; it had become transparent from being so wet. They walked past a table of several men who were blatant as they stared at her swaying tits, and they got a brief glimpse of rock hard nipples sticking out as well as the scent of perfume. Katie flagged down the server, who soon arrived with a large glass of ice water, with a lemon wedge floating in it, which she downed fairly quickly, and then sipped at her cocktail some more as she tried to cool down a bit. She tugged at her collar to pull the drenched fabric away from her skin and tried to flap it to create some air movement across her skin, but all she succeeded in doing was causing it to unbutton do just below the bra, and give her two hosts a very nice view of the swell of her breasts as they strained against the lace cups holding them up and slightly against her chest.

After maybe five minutes, suit one said something to her and she downed the remainder of her drink, ordered another one from a passing server, and headed back to the dance floor. She was now obviously intoxicated, but not falling down drunk. She could handle her booze, had paced herself, and was just buzzed enough to really be having fun dancing and flirting. Some of the other men in the Club, who had not been having the best of luck with the ladies, envied the two suits, and wondered which one of them was going to take her home, or at least take her out to the parking lot, and fuck her senseless, and as it turned out, they didn't have long to wait for their answer.

When the server brought the drinks to their table, there were three water glasses and only the one drink for the Katie. Suit two took something out of his pocket and held it beneath the table as he fumbled with it. He looked around, kind of like a guy in a cheap spy movie, and then slowly moved his hand over the cocktail that sat waiting for Katie to come back and drink it. By now, two or three more songs had played and the Knights were getting ready to start up again. Suit one brought her back from the dance floor and this time, her blouse was plastered to her like she had been in a wet tee shirt contest.

She was laughing and talking with him and lightly touching his shoulder as they sat down, and the first thing she did was down her glass of water and then take a very deep drink of her drink. The men watched, fascinated, by how she moved, the way her lips formed to the rim of the glass each time she sipped from it and then how the tip of her tongue ran, gently across her upper lip after each sip, searching for any of vodka that still lingered there. The two men exchanged smiles and nodded to one another, as she got up to go to the ladies room again.

At this point, a couple men, who had actually seen the suit drop the drugs into her drink, wondered what they should do. Should they go tell her she had been ruffied? Should they keep their mouths shut and avoid a possible ass whipping? Or should they just stand back and watch to see what happened, hoping someone else might intervene, or maybe, they might follow them and give them the option of letting them join in the fun, or getting turned in? As it turned out, no one spoke up. One just went home to watch a porn movie and jerk off, another went looking for a sure thing down on Main Street, and two just sat back to watch.

When Katie came back from the restroom, she was a little glassy eyed, but seemed to be very in tune with the music. The Knights played a slow song, at the request of the suits, one of whom had dropped a fifty dollar bill in their tip can, and they both took her by a hand and led her to a fairly vacant dance floor. Suit one pulled her in close and put her hands around his neck then slid his hands down her sweaty back and onto her ass. This time, she made no move to push his hands away as they swayed to the music. Suit two came up behind her and rested his hands on her shoulders for a few moments as he ground his crotch into her plump ass, much to number one's dismay, as he was forced to move his hands to the sides of her hips or look like he was rubbing his friends cock. After a minute or so of the three of them dancing like that, Katie moaned softly and turned her head to the side and rested it on number one's chest.

When that happened, number two leaned into her back a bit, slid his hands down off her shoulders to her armpits, and pushed them gently in between the two who were face-to-face, so that he could cup Katie's breasts through her soggy blouse and bra. Again, there was no attempt to stop the actions of either man and number two massaged her tits and pinched her nipples as his partner moved just enough to let him have the access he needed to do what he wanted. Katie was moaning louder now as the two men had their way with her on the dance floor, while a crowd of men watched and hoped for some skin to be shown, but finally the song ended and Katie looked up at the man in front of her and said that she thought she should be leaving and asked him to call her a cab, as she was in no condition to drive.

As the trio separated, the crowd of men who had been watching did get a brief glimpse of D tit, as number two had managed to get her right breast free of her blouse and bra and it was exposed to all who wanted to look, and many did. There were several flashes from cell phones before a server stepped in and rearranged her clothing for her and then helped her gather her purse and head for the door. But the two men who had been paying her such attention all night were also at the door, and sense both were sober, offered to drive her home, if she liked, and safe her the thirty dollar cab ride.

Katie's mind was now very foggy as the x that had been dropped into her drink began to hit her harder, but she allowed as to how she thought it would be okay to take them up on their offer of ride home. Suit one made a call on his cell, and a few minutes late a Ford Expedition Limo pulled up at the club. The driver got out, addressed both suits as he opened the door, and number one climbed inside to help Katie in. Number two offered his assistance from outside and then he climbed in behind her as the driver shut the door and returned to his station in the cab, fired up the engine, and headed out of the parking lot.

Katie was admiring the interior of the limo, but commented that it was a little chilly. Number two suggested that it was because her blouse was so wet from her sweating, and suggested she take it off. To her drug clouded mind, that was a reasonable suggestion and she fumbled with the few remaining buttons until they were all undone and she slid the soaked silk off of her arms. This left her with just the equally wet lace bra on, and upon noticing that she had Goosebumps, number one suggested that she take it off as well. He was sure he had a tee-shirt in the cab that she could have, and it would be terrible if she ended up sick.

Again, the suggestion made perfect sense and Katie reached behind her to unhook the two clasps that held her bra closed. Because the drugs were really beginning to hit her, along with the last two drinks, which number two had ordered as doubles, she was fumbling with the hooks, so asked number two if he would help her get them undone. He smiled and said yes, not realizing that meant she would turn her back to him, giving number one a clear shot of her tits when the bra fell free of them. He unhooked the clasps and slid the straps down her damp shoulders, as number one leaned forward and hooked a finger into the space between the cups and pulled the bra away from her heavy breasts. They dropped down onto her chest and number two reconciled himself to not seeing them first, by running his hands up her stomach, cupping each heavy breast in his hands, and lifting and squeezing them. As he squeezed her tits and rolled her inch long nipples between his thumb and forefinger, Katie's head dropped back on his shoulder and she whimpered and moaned even louder than she had when they were dancing.

"Let's get you out of that wet skirt too", Suit One said to her as he dropped to his knees in front of her, undid the side zipper, and tugged it over her hips and down her thighs and calves. He had managed to hook the waistband of her panties also, and they came along with the skirt, leaving the drugged/drunk redheaded plump woman completely nude in the back of the limo with the two men who had paid for the majority of her drinks and then put the drugs into her last one.

Within minutes, both of the men were completely naked as well, each sporting a sizable erection and preparing the limo for the entertainment they had in store for themselves for the rest of the night.

The driver had circled the block, pulled back into the parking lot and found a spot at the very back, away from any street lights he had engaged the anti-sway mechanism that was installed in this custom built limo, and had the closed circuit cameras engaged, so that he could watch all the action and, when the boss allowed, step back in for a quickie. He had a great job, and he was loyal to a fault to his boss. He could see them positioning the restraints and moving the redhead into them, and she was soon positioned on her back with her head slightly raised, her hands strapped down to her sides, her hips supported by a leather sex swing and her feet in what looked like stirrups from a doctor's office. She also had a very heavy blindfold on, just in case the drugs wore off too quickly. In the position she was in, her mouth, ass, pussy and tits were fully accessible for whatever the two men in the back with her decided they wanted to do.

After a brief discussion, both decided that they would fuck what they ate, but would not eat what they fucked, so they flipped a coin to see who got to go down on her first and, being the winner, suit two, or rather, dick two, moved in between her wide spread legs, leaned down, spread her plump pussy lips and inhaled the aroma of her wet cunt. He let his tongue explore her from her ass to her clit, causing her to moan and groan with each new lick, nibble or bite, until he found her clit and began to attack it with the tip of his tongue. He lapped at it and battered it as he slid his right index finger into her, now soaking, vagina and slowly plunged that digit in and out. All the while, he kept up his assault on her growing, ever hardening clitoris.

Katie was now moaning, mewling and groaning loudly as her head thrashed from side to side and she chewed on her bottom lip. Her hips were bouncing up and down in the sling and gyrating from side to side as she tried to get the most out of what was happening to her. Dick One couldn't stand not being involved in the action, and he moved up to her head, caught it in one hand, and thrust his cock into her mouth as she opened it to groan and cry out in pleasure. He held her head with his right hand and reached down with his left to begin to maul her breasts. Her breasts had swollen up half again as large as they had been and her nipples were hard as rocks and an inch long. He pinched each nipple in turn and then twisted and pulled at them mercilessly.

All the attention to her tits, which was only the beginning of what they would endure that night, along with the oral assault on her twat, put Katie over the edge as she screamed out an orgasm around the cock in her mouth, just as it erupted in jet after jet of creamy, white sperm filled cum. Even in her drug hazed mind, she knew that she needed to swallow all the cum that was going down her throat and into her mouth, and she sucked on the now deflating cock until dick one yanked it out for fear she would drain him too much. As Dick Two emerged from between her legs with his face drenched in her pussy juices, Dick One pushed a button and asked the driver if he had gotten all of the action on the cameras in the cab. "Yes", came the reply, "all of it is good"; with that, the two men high-fived one another and changed places. Dick One wanted to taste her twat before the fucking began.
"Damn! She could drown a man with the amount of cunt juice she puts out, couldn't she?" The guy between Katie's wide-spread legs said to his friend who had just licked and fingered Katie to orgasm.

"Yeah, but what a way to go. I hope she fucks like she licks." The first guy said in response to his friend's question. "Stick your finger up her ass while you're sucking her cunt, and see what that does for her."

Dick Two lowered his face to Katie's smoldering, dripping twat and took over where his friend had left off. Dick One, who, thanks to the miracle of modern chemistry, was getting hard again, moved up to the redhead's pretty face and stuck his cock into her mouth. She made no effort to close her lips or suck on it, as she had passed out, or fallen asleep again, so he grasped her by the sides of her head and began thrusting into her mouth, trying to get friction on her tongue, but not having much luck. Dick Two licked the drunken woman's pussy from bottom to top several times before Katie responded with a long, low moan and her lips closed on the cock pumping in and out of her mouth.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She groaned and ground her hips into Dick Two's face.

"She's trying to drown me." He chuckled from between her thighs, as her pussy juice again flooded out of her vagina and ran down between her ass cheeks and dribbled onto the floor of the SUV.

"We're going to have to clean this thing tomorrow, or it's going to reek of cunt before noon." Dick Two said as he looked down where it formed a wet spot on the carpet.

"I will make a note of that, boss." The driver said through the intercom. "She's due for an oil change and lube job anyway, so I'll take her to the shop tomorrow afternoon, if that's okay."

Dick One laughed at the "Lube" reference: "After you get up tomorrow will be fine. But, we're getting good and lubed back here right now." He said, never letting up on mouth fucking Katie, who's moaning and whimpering never let up as Dick Two slurped on her pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaa." She loudly groaned as Dick Two stuck two fingers into her twat, coating them with as much of her secretions as he could.

"UUUUMMMMMMMMMMM, more, more, more." She slurred through a mouth full of cock, as Dick Two thrust his fingers into her pussy harder and faster, while matching each thrust with his tongue on her clit as her hips bucked in time and her tongue tried to do the same on the underside of the cock in her mouth.

"Oh Fuuuuccckkk!" Dick One said as, balls tightening almost to hurting, he grasped both sides of her bobbing head, shoved his cock as far back into her mouth as he could, and let the semen and sperm erupt into her slobbering mouth and shoot down the back of her throat, gagging her and leaking out the corner of her mouth.

Dick Two chose that moment to yank his fingers out of the plumper's twat, and stick one of them as far up her ass as he could get it, which caused her pussy to contract and send a spurt of fluid cascading into his mouth.

"Oh hell with this, I am going to fuck this bitch senseless." He said as he rose up on his knees and shoved his aching cock as deep into her pussy as he could. He made no attempt to stop, until his pubic hair was tangled in hers and his balls bounced off of her plump ass cheeks.

"She's already senseless, that was the point of the rufies we put in her drinks, remember." Dick One said, as he took his limp cock and wiped it all over Katie's face. "We rufied her so we could do whatever the fuck we wanted to too her, for as long as we want. She'll be out until noon, at least."

Taking hold of her hips, Dick Two started to pound her as hard as he could, grunting: "" Between thrusts. " Do...we...still...have...t-those...nip...urgh...clips..ah, fuck?"

"Yes, we do...excellent idea and you are quite correct, her tits are bouncing like jell-o in an earthquake. My God, those things are marvelous, and need to be badly abused, like all tits do." Dick One said as he stared at Katie's jiggling, bouncing mammaries, with their inch high nipples and fumbled in side compartment for the requested nipple clips, retrieved them, applied the pressure need to open them, and then let them snap shut, first on the plump woman's left nipple and then her right.

"AGGH" She yelped as each "SNAP" brought forth a gasp of pain from the woman, while the teeth of each clamp bit deeply into her super sensitive nipples.

In the short amount of time for Dick One to apply the nipple clips to Katie's, heaving, bouncing breasts, Dick Two moved ever close to his second orgasm of the night. He let go of her hips, leaned forward and took hold of the chain that connected the two clamps that tormented the nipples to which they were attached, and yanked on it, causing them to dig in deeper, starting a trickle of blood from the left nipple. He wrapped his right hand around her right tit and squeezed it as hard as he could, causing it to stick straight up and turn bright red.

"FUCK YES!" He shouted as his orgasm overtook him and he slammed his cock into her vagina, bottoming out against the entrance to her womb, and ejaculated in spasms of white hot semen that spattered against her vagina and leaked out around the cock that was buried to the balls in her.

Katie was moaning and whimpering the entire time Dick Two was pounding her twat, unable to stop the assault on her nipples and tits, her head flopped from side to side like a fish, trying to get back in the water. She grunted each time Dick Two slammed into her and, in her drugged mind, wished she could reach her clit, which she desperately wanted to rub and touch. It just wasn't fair, someone had just cum in her cunt, but she could not quite get there.

"My titties hurt." She finally said.

"They'll hurt worse before we're through. Titties like yours were made to be abused and hurt. I may even bite a nipple off. But no, that would be a waste of a nipple and make your tit no fun to hurt any more. Women like you, deserve to have your big tits hurt." Dick One said was he reached over and squeezed her left tit as hard as he could, digging his fingers into it and twisting it.

"Driver!" Dick One continued, being careful, as they always were, not to call him by his name.

"Yes, Boss?" Came the response from the front.

"Would you like to come back and use anything before I get started on round two?" Dick One asked.

"Yes, Boss, I've got a dick that hurts right now, and would love to bury it in this one, if you don't mind. Otherwise, I may have to jerk off." Driver replied to his employer.

"Well fuck, if there is no one around, come on back and relieve yourself." Dick One said.

A few seconds later, he felt the SUV shift and heard the driver's door open and close. Then, the back door opened and the driver, a young, powerfully built Black man entered, closed the door behind him, and immediately began to disrobe. In the two minutes it took him to reach complete nudity, he never took his lust-filled eyes off of the plump, redhead woman who hung, suspended from the sex swing that had been custom built for the SUV. He could see Dick Two's cum dripping out of Katie's drenched fuck hole, could see where it mingled with her own fluid on the carpet, and could see the small trickle of blood that ran down the side of her tit from where the sharpened point of the nip-clip had bitten into her nipple.

"Damn, Boss. She's got great tits. Can I remove the clips for a while and suck them?" Driver asked.

"Go for it. Suck them things purple. Why don't you indulge that passion of pinching the sides of them, too?" Dick One said, as he poured himself and Dick Two a drink from the bar.

Driver removed the nipple clips and immediately inhaled the right one as deep into his mouth as he could. He tongued it, nipped it, bit and chewed on it and then tried to inhale it to the back of his throat. As he was doing that, his hands were all over her left tit, pinching her nipple, twisting the entire breast and smashing it down into her rib-cage and then sliding over the front of her body, playing with her plump belly and, finally, stopping on her mound and pulling some of her pubic hair out, because he tugged so hard on it.

"Ohhhhhh, aaaahhhhhh. OW, OW, OW. Don't bite my nipples. Oh..finger my're pulling my hair, it hurts!" All came from Katie as Driver went at her naked, plump body.

Driver reluctantly disengaged himself from what he was doing and moved down between her wide-spread legs. His cock, which was close to three inches around and ten long, he definitely fit the "Stereotype" for Black men, was rock hard and ached from having to sit and watch/listen to Dick One and Two use this woman they had selected for their adventure this night, and he knew exactly what he wanted. He LOVED plump, women, especially White women, because he loved to fuck their asses with his massive meat pole. The sounds of their whimpering and crying, even when rufied like the last five Friday adventures had been, made him even harder as he slammed into them and buried every inch of his BBC in them. He knew from experience, that he shot a massive cum load when he ejaculated, often to the point that it leaked out around his dick and then, literally, ran out when he pulled his cock out of them. THAT was what he wanted from this one.

"Driver, I never get used to how big your dick is. I mean at seven inches, mine is big, but God damn, that tree you have must really tear up these women's pussies, not to mention their asses." Dick One, the Boss, said to the young Black man.

"Fuck, I'd hate to have that thing stuck up my ass." Dick Two chuckled.

"That's not something you have to worry about. I love to fuck asses, but ONLY female asses. I don't do men. EVER." Came the instant reply.

"Can I have the KY, Boss." Driver asked.

"Here you go." Dick One said, tossing the tube to Driver, who instantly opened it, smeared a huge blob of it on the purple-black tennis-ball sized head of his dick, and inched towards his target, as he tossed the tube back to his employer.

"You LOVE doing white women in the ass, don't you?" Dick Two said as Driver placed the head of his cock directly against the red-head's pinkish-brown asshole, flexed his hips and groaned as her sphincter gave way and the head of his pole popped into her plump ass.

"AGGGGHHHHHH!" Katie screamed as the pain of her asshole being mercilessly spread slammed through her drugged brain.

Though they couldn't tell because of the blind fold, her eyes popped wide open and her mouth formed a grimacing frown as she desperately tried to move her hips away from the searing pain that was working its way into her rectum, spreading her ever further as Driver continued to scoot towards her until his pubic hair was firmly pressed against her ass cheeks.

"AH, ah. Stop, don't move." The plump redhead slurred as Driver grasped her hips and slowly inched out his 10 inches out of her ass. Once he was completely withdrawn from her ass, he slammed it home again.

"AAAARRRRRRGGGGG!"" She screamed again, and then her mouth was stuffed with Dick One's cock.

"Damn! She keeps screaming and someone is going to call the cops. Then we'll have to let the cops fuck her too, to keep from going to jail." Dick One said.

"Watch me make her big tits bounce now." Driver said while repositioning his hands on her hips as he pulled his cock out of the plump woman's ass again and then went into a steady, rhythmic stroking, all the way out, back in until his balls slapped her plump ass.

"Look at those things move." Dick Two said as he watched, mesmerized by the D cup tits that were splayed out on her chest, bouncing, swaying, swinging. "Look at her fucking nipples! They're crinkled up like she's got an ice cube on her clit. She is diggin having her ass reamed and slammed."

"I'm diggin slammin her fat ass and watching her tits." Driver said with a huge smile as he continued to hammer away at the jiggling ass of the pleasantly plump woman suspended in the harness in front of him.

"OH" She grunted around Dick One's cock each time Driver bottomed out in her ass.

"You know, Boss, I can easily fuck this bitch for a half hour." Driver stated, rather matter-of-factly. "How 'bout if we DP her?"

"THAT! Is a fine idea, my friend." Dick One replied as he pulled his cock out of the plump redhead's mouth. "Crawl on under her."

Yanking his dick out of Katie's ass, driver exclaimed: "I would be happy to do that." As dropped down on his back slid under the suspended woman and stuck his meat pole back up into her gaping asshole.

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." She moaned as the huge, Black cock easily slid back into her asshole.

"Excellent!" Dick One nearly yelled as he moved in between the woman's widespread legs, moved directly in front of her pussy and shoved his cock in as far as he could get it.

"Uh HUH huh." She grunted as the two cocks immediately went into a synchronized pounding of her ass and cunt.

Dick Two moved up to her head and stuck his cock into her mouth as her head dropped back and flopped from side to side. The drunk/drugged woman was no "airtight", with a cock in each of her holes. Each man took hold of her body and pounded on her. Dick One was pistoning his seven inch long, two inch diameter cock in and out of her dripping vagina like a Hemi engine in overdrive. Driver had hold of her ass cheeks and was hammering away at her asshole for all he was worth and Dick Two was holding the Katie's head, with a hand on either side of her face, and was shoving his cock so far down her throat that she was gagging and gasping for air.

"UUUmmmmmmmmmm, ummm,ummmmm, ummmmmmmmmm" The woman moaned as she moved towards a body shaking orgasm. The drugs were beginning to wear off and she was aware that her clit was being rubbed mercilessly, her ass ached for Driver's cum, and she was actively sucking on Dick Two's cock.

"Um huh. Um, huh, UM HUH" She groaned as she felt it start in the depths of her vagina and then ripple outward like an explosion as she shook, moaned, whined and whimpered.

Dick Two was the first of the three men to cum, driving his cock to the back of her throat and dumping a huge load of sperm loaded semen down her throat as he shouted; "OH FUCK YES!"

Dick One was sweating and grunting as he slammed his cock into her pussy until he couldn't take anymore and then he bottomed out against her cervix and shot his load up into her uterus, swearing like a drunken sailor as he did.

Driver was the last to cum, grabbing her hips as Dick One pulled his limp cock out of her pussy, he shoved his ten inches into her asshole, flattening her ass cheeks out against his well-muscled pelvis and shooting jet after, white-hot jet of man juice deeper into Katie's ass than any man ever had before. As the three men were using her plump, sweating body as their personal cum receptacle, she was withering and scrumming on and against the two cocks buried in her cunt and ass.

"Damn, that was great!" Dick One said. "Pour some more booze down her throat with a little more "X" in it and let it take affect while we recover a bit, and then we'll switch places and and have one last go at her."

"Works for me." Dick Two said. "But I want her puss. Driver has probably stretched her asshole out so much that my "normal" six inch cock won't even make contact with the sides of her fuck tunnel." He continued with a laugh.

"Shiiiittt! That little dick of yours probably don't make contact with any bitches' ass walls, let alone her cunt. But, if Boss is good with it, I'll take her mouth." Driver replied to Dick Two, with the same laugh that the latter had in his voice.

"No problem, girls. I will be fine using her fat ass for my last cum dump of the night." Dick One said, smiling at the other two and watching as Dick Two mixed the "x" with some, very expensive, vodka from the limo's bar, and held it to Katie's dry lips.

"Umm, ummm" Katie murmured as she slurped on the glass of vodka and drugs. A mix that was going to keep her oblivious to the faces of the three men using her body for their pleasure as the night continued on to sticky, sweaty conclusion.

"How's the circulation in her arms and legs? We don't want her getting hurt from hanging in the harness." Dick One said to Driver.

"I'll check...everything looks good. Can we try out those new straps you ordered?" Driver asked after checking that Katie's plump body was not being deprived of blood flow as she hung limp and helpless in the leather harness that hung from the custom made limo.

"Fuck, I forgot about those. Yeah, let's test them out; she's definitely got the tits for them." Dick One said as Driver opened one of the cabinets in the bar and pulled out a set of half-inch wide, hot-pink leather straps.

"Stretch her tits Da...bro." Dick One said to Dick Two, nearly using his name before catching himself.

Dick Two looked at his friend and just shook his head as he took a surgical clamp, closed it on Katie's left nipple, and pulled her D cup tit as far up off her chest as he could and attached the finger holes to a hook in the ceiling of the limo.

As soon as the steel camp closed on her nipple, an animal-in-pain scream erupted from Katie as the intense pain shot from her super-sensitive nip and burrowed into her drugged brain to burst out of her lungs and startle all three men, who were, for some reason, not expecting any response from her.

"FUCK!" Dick One shouted as he lunged up to her head and clamped his hand over her mouth.

"Shit, the blindfold came off and her eyes are wide open. I hope she can't see my face." He continued as he grabbed a bar towel and draped it across her eyes in a belated effort to protect his identity.

"Dude! We spent almost two hours buying her drinks and feeling her up on the dance floor. Do you really think she isn't going to remember who we are?" Dick Two said to his friend.

"Well, we can still keep Driver anonymous. We'll just have to douche her out real good before we stick her into her car." Dick One replied to the other man.

"I appreciate that, Boss." Driver said. "Can we still strap her tits?"

"Fuck yes. I paid $50.00 for those from my favorite shop in San Fran, and we are going to try them out tonight." Dick One said, as he calmed down from his momentary panic attack.

As all the conversation was taking place amongst the three men, Katie's screams died out. That was right up until Dick Two clamped a second clamp onto her right nipple and pulled that breast up, hooking the finger loops of the clamp to the same hook that held the first clamp.

Again, a high-pitched, animal-like scream erupted from Katie, only Dick One still had his hand over her mouth to stifle it as all three men smiled and laughed at her pain as she withered and twisted on the clamps like a fish on a gaff, while her eyes rolled back in their sockets and her head jerked up and down like she was bobbing on a cock.

"Strap her up." Dick One said as her scream died out again.

"You got it, Boss." Driver said as he placed the first leather strap around the base of Katie's left tit and pulled it as snug as he could, before doing the same thing with the right one.

Reaching up and unhooking the clamps, Dick Two said, "Look at her tits turning red."

"DAMN! They sure are pretty." Driver said, staring at Katie's D cup tits as they swelled from the tightness of the leather straps at their base and the blood pumping into them.

"Watch this" Said Dick Two as he slapped the plump redhead's, now deep red left breast.

A long, low "OOOOHHHHHHH" escaped her lips and her eyelids fluttered.

"That looks like fun" Dick Two and Driver said simultaneously, and both leaned in and slapped a tit. "Look at those things shake. Ain't they pretty? GOD DAMN! I got to suck on one of them." He said to no one in particular as he leaned over and took her right, now clamp free, nipple in his mouth and inhaled it to the back of his throat.
"AAWwwwwwwww." She groaned as his lips wrapped around her super-sensitive bud and sucked on it like a hungry baby.

"Think I'll join you." Driver said as he positioned himself next to her and mimicked Dick Two's actions on her free tit.

Both men wrapped their hands around Katie's now, rock-hard tits and squeezed as hard as they could while they sucked, chewed, chomped and bit on her hardened nipples. Each man had his own style, but they alternated between licking, sucking and biting her bubs and then chewing and sucking on them.

"Time to fuck her ass." Dick One said as he slid under the hanging woman and shoved his rigid dick into her asshole, using the cum left by Driver that was leaking out of her as lubricant.

"Yeah, this is nice." He said as he established a smooth rhythm, sliding in and out of her asshole, while holding onto her ass. "One of you two sick you dick in her cunt."

Still mauling and abusing Katie's tit, Dick Two said. "Go for it Driver-man, I think I have decided to fuck her tits when we take her out of the harness."

"Don't have to tell me twice. I'll take pussy over tits any day of the fucking week." Driver said as he let go of the tit he had been abusing and moved himself into position between her legs.

"Boss, your cum is dripping out of her cunt, should make good lube."

"Yours is working great in her ass." Dick One said to his driver without missing a stroke.

Katie was whimpering and whining as she was being used and both Driver and Dick Two were in sync, trying their best to destroy the hole they had their dick in. Driver had simply placed the swollen head of his huge black cock at the entrance to her vagina and shoved it in. He could feel her vaginal walls rippling ahead of his advancing cock, like a wave moving ahead of a ship in the ocean. He closed his eyes, let his head fall back so that his long, dreadlocks reached to his waist, and imagined that his cock could see what was happening in her cunt as he pushed in until he made contact with her cervix, and then slowly withdrew until just the head of his cock was trapped by her vaginal muscles.

Katie had never had a cock that big in her cunt before, and he had her stretched to her limit. If she hadn't been drugged, she probably would have been begging him to pull his dick out of her completely, not that he would have. Dick One, while not as big as Driver, was more than adequate for reaming her asshole and the two men, having done this on several occasions, had a perfect rhythm going with Driver pulling out as Dick One pushed in. Dick Two was fixated on her huge, tits and was now pinching, twisting and pulling on both of her ravaged nipples and fantasizing about how nice her tits would feel wrapped around his cock. Finally, both men had reached the point where they wanted to cum again, having been fucking her for at least a half-hour while Dick Two further ravaged her tits.

"She's sure as hell going to be sore in the morning." Driver said.

"Fuck, she ain't going to be able to walk straight for a week, and the way our bro is going at them jugs, her tits are going to hurt for a month." Dick One said.

"Oh fuck. Shit, I am going to cum!" Dick One said as his eyes shut and his face screwed up in that "This is going to feel so fucking good." Face that guys make when they cum, and then his balls tightened up and he shot four globs of cum up Katie's ass, to join what was left of Drivers'.

"Here it comes, bitch." Driver said through clinched teeth as he shoved as much of his cock into her cunt as he could, bottoming out against her cervix and emptying his balls into her tight, plump, white pussy.

He could visualize all his cum squirting into her and shooting into the opening of her uterus, and he fantasized about one of his "Warriors" finding its way to an egg , working its way into its pliable wall, and impregnating this fat, well, this plump white bitch. He loved plump women of any color, but there was just something special about fucking plump white women.

Both men kept their cocks buried in Katie until they were completely flaccid and then pulled out of her well-used body, each trailing a long string of sticky white cum.

Obviously very excited from playing with and abusing her tits as the other two men fucked her, Dick Two said: "Let's get her down; I want to fuck her tits before we douche her out."

"Yeah, yeah. Keep your dick in your hand." Dick One said as he slid out from under Katie and the three men lowered Katie's harnessed body to the limo floor and Dick Two immediately straddled her chest, laying his aching cock between her swollen, dark-red tits and shoving them together as hard as he could before starting up a see-saw motion that almost immediately caused him to cum, spewing hot, white sperm juice all over her face and cleavage.

"Okay, I'm done." He said with a laugh, as the other two men slapped him on the back and chuckled and how fast he had orgasmed.

"Let's rest a bit, before we douche her out and stick her ass in her car." Dick One said to the other two men as they all sat up on the limo seats and took a drink of spring water that was always kept in the bar for them.

"Okay, let's clean her up, remove the evidence and get her back in her car." Dick One said after about ten minutes of silence. "I don't know about you assholes, but I am tired and want to get some sleep. We have a big night tomorrow night, and we need to get the limo cleaned up and restocked, so we can show our guests from out of town a good time."

Driver opened a panel in the floor of the limo and he and Dick Two pulled Katie's limp, unconscious body to it. Dick Two removed a drain plug as Driver inserted a small rubber tube into Katie's pussy and ass and then opened a valve. A few seconds later a steady stream of warm, soapy water started flowing out of her asshole and vagina, she also began peeing and the entire messy mix ran down into the drain that Dick Two had opened up. Dick One removed the straps from her tits, which collapsed back down onto her rib cage and slowly returned to their normal color. He also took several baby wipes and cleaned Dick Two's cum off of her face, neck and tits. Once he had completed that, the three of them took alcohol wipes and wiped her entire body down as the water continued to run into her and then leak out again.

Finally convinced that she was as clean of their body fluids as they could get her, the three men got dressed, Driver returned to his place in the cab of the limo, and drove them back to Katie's car in the parking lot of the club where they had picked her up at least six hours earlier. He was sure that he knew which car was hers, there were still seven of them in the lot at almost four in the morning, but he pushed the panic button on her key fob as he drove up to the car until its lights flashed, just to be sure.

"We're here Boss." Driver said into the intercom as he maneuvered the limo so that its back door was directly next to Katie's car's driver's door. "The lot lights are all out and there is no one visible on infrared."

"Excellent" Dick One said, as he and his companion opened the limo door, opened the back door to Katie's car, pulled her, still limp body out, and put her in the backseat of her own car.

They put her clothes under her head as a pillow, wrapped the right side rear shoulder belt around her left wrist to keep her arm from falling over her tits, and did the same thing with the left side rear shoulder belt and her left ankle and then they locked and closed the door. They took a few pictures of her with her D cup tits on full display to anyone who should walk by, and with her vagina gaping open for everyone's viewing pleasure.

After getting their pictures, they high-fived one another, climbed back into the limo, peeled their rubber gloves off and dropped them in the limo's trashcan, and Dick One told Driver;

"It's time to go home, Jerome. David and I are as tired as you probably are."

"Yes, Frederick, my ass is draggin and I could use some sleep, before our Saudi clients get in tonight." Driver replied as he eased the big limo out onto the street and headed towards the place they all called home.


Katie awoke late the next morning to the sounds of laughter and someone tapping on the glass of her car door. Several men were crowded around her car and all of them had their cell phones out and were busily snapping pictures and making comments about her plump body. It took her a few seconds to come fully awake and realize the position she was in and then another minute to untangle herself from the car belts. She was crying and trying to shield her breasts and face from the cameras as she sat up and began trying to get her blouse and skirt on. She didn't care about her bra and panties, figuring that the time it took to put those on would just give these men more opportunity to take even more photos of her naked body. Once she got enough of her clothes on for modesty as she drove home, Katie climbed over the back seat rather than risk going out into the crowd of men, some of whom were rubbing their hard cocks on her car driver's window as she started the car. Then, with tears pouring down her cheeks, she put the car in gear, forced her way through the crowd of men, and drove off towards her house. All the way there, she kept trying to remember what had happened to her last night. Why were her tits so sore? Why did her asshole hurt so badly and why was there water leaking out of her incredibly aching pussy? She'd have to figure it out...once she got home, because she knew there was no point in going to the cops.

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