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A Bad Boy's Punishment

This is Part 2 of my fantasy on what happens when an angel meets a stranger aka the sequel to Naughty Theatrics. Thank you for your sweet comment and feedback on my first story. I never expected more than 1500 views in the first five days. I hope you enjoy this one as much if not more, angel. Any comments and feedback are definitely looked forward to and appreciated. Thanks!


Fear. It is the most primal of instincts that humans can experience. Fear of the unknown. It's terrifically terrifying.

I understood that as I woke up, my eyes barely adjusting to the morning's light in the room. It wasn't the light that scares me. It was the sound and the trapping of my freedom. As I tried to move my right arm, I realized I was bound by my wrist to the bed's posts. I looked on my other side and sure enough, my left wrist was chained too.

Realization of that drove the grogginess out of my eyes and I was looking all across the room. This bed wasn't mine but it was still soft and comfortable. The room wasn't mine either, but beautifully maintained. I tried to scoot up and sit and I felt it once more. I was completely chained to the bed's posts. Each of the corners was holding the restraints that were cuffed at my wrists and my ankles. They didn't hurt but were satiny soft and looked delicate and gorgeous. Hats off to my captor for her style quotient.

I was splayed out right at the middle of this soft bed with my wrists and ankles cuffed up and on my back. Oh, I was completely naked. My cock was pointing up, oblivious to the world. It was hard and throbbing. I had to admit it. This was a complete turn on for me at that moment. I could blame it on morning wood. But I didn't. It was exciting, I admitted to myself as I lay there naked, waiting for my captor. Like a gift, but wrapped with four shackles.

It was also because I knew where I was. I had spent a night with an angel and now I was in her domain. I just sighed and rested on her bed thinking about her. Thinking about you. Thinking about a dream that I had of getting a sloppy, wet blowjob from your gorgeous lips this morning.

Naturally, I was also thinking about last night's theatrics in the old theater where we fucked each other without caring about anything else but the need to please each other and ourselves. The pure ecstasy I felt when I pushed inside your tight little pussy and when you splashed your juicy cum all over my cock. The pleasure I felt when you smiled and accepted my offer to trust me again after you wobbled out of the theater.

That's how I ended up here, in your bed. Rushing to your home, I was inside you again just barely after we made our way through the door of your house. Grabbing your beautiful dark hair as I fucked you to another round of ecstatic orgasms...mmm...

My blissful reverie was broken when I caught the hint of a shadow and then in peeked a naughty, seductive angel with a smile on her face. I just watched as I saw you walk in, naked while sipping on a glass filled with juice. My cock was throbbing again, completely hard and thick with desire. My desire to feel your warmth, your heat, your and your touch all over me.

I know you were watching my throbbing cock. It was fascinating, watching you watch my cock. The glint of lust that made your big blue eyes shine brighter. It gave me a sense of power even when I was clearly powerless before you right now. I moved my hips just a tad slightly and my cock was throbbing harder and that broke your focus and you giggled at me, looking at my face again. You had your hand on your right hand on your hips while you sipped the juice and asked me, "Thirsty?"

I was thirsty. Thirsty for you. I tried to speak and felt a tiny hitch in my throat. My throat was parched and I realized I could definitely use a sip of that juice on your hand. I nodded slightly and you came across with a big smile on your lips.

As you walked near me, all of my attention was completely on your beautiful body. The light in the room was glorifying your naked body and its delights. I watched in pure awe as your tits swayed and bounced ever so softly. They were big and round and just so perfect, with your breasts swaying in an invisible rhythm to the one of your hips. Curvy hips, seductively swaying as you walked across and it was all I could do to just breathe. It was breathtaking.

"Do you know why you are chained up?" I heard you whisper into my ears with a nibble on my earlobe. I couldn't help but moan and whisper, "No". You giggled at my moan and with that seductive voice, you whispered back "It's because you are a bad, bad boy."

Without waiting for my answer, you nibbled my ears again, gently kissing it as you spoke, "I woke up and your cock was throbbing and I'm a good little girl, and I couldn't have your cock throbbing alone with no relief, so I just slid down and grabbed your cock while you slept and stroked it up and down slowly."

I just gulped, imagining it in my mind as you continued with your seductive voice. "I moved my hand up and down and then slid my tongue all over your cock. I even licked and sucked both of your balls." and then you leaned your head back as you looked at me with a slight pout built on your lips, "My bad stranger, didn't budge from his sleep. You are such a deep sleeper", you said while shaking your head with that pout.

I couldn't help feel bad at that. I regretted being knocked out from the world and not waking up to the sexiest blowjob, even if it was from being tired out after a night of the best sex ever. But, I won't deny it. I was mesmerized by that sexy little pout on your face. The way your lips and all the features on your face changed into this mixture of cuteness and sexiness. I just gulped softly and gave you my best impression of puppy eyes filled with guilt as I realized the dream earlier was actually happening to me. "I'm so sorry. I want to make up for that. Please."

You just smiled and brought your hand over my hair and ruffled it, softly caressing my hair up and down. "Do you know, bad boys need to be punished for that. Are you willing to be punished?" You giggled as I just looked into your bright blue eyes and nodded softly, as you continued, "Don't worry. I will teach you to be a good boy made for a good girl like me".

The way you were being so gentle, smiling sweetly and just playing with my hair as you said that, it was just amazing. But, I am not a fool. Just one look into your eyes and I could see the smoldering features burning in your eyes.

Like a huntress, reassuring her prey that it's going to be all right before going for the final kill, you were preparing me for your punishment. But, I knew this punishment would be the best punishment anyone can ever get. I was a bad boy and I deserved to be punished. It was making me completely hard and horny, watching you naked with your round tits swaying as subtly as you breathed, with your gentle touch on my hair, your seductive voice ringing in my hair. I was looking forward to being punished.

I watched as you leaned in and gave me a chaste kiss on my lips. I tried to open my mouth to invite you. But, you just stepped back. The punishment had begun already. You turned around and walked away from me. I watched as your sweet firm ass danced gently in the rhythm to match the movement of your curvaceous hips and I was licking my lips, watching that. Etching those set of images into my brain for eternity. You walked up to your table, setting the glass of juice on the table top and bent over and I breathed into a moan as I saw you. Your ass propped up high, your tight little pussy on display as you looked over your shoulders, moving your hair flowing down, away. You smiled naughtily as you asked, "Are you thirsty?"

I couldn't answer. I was dazzled by you. Watching you bent over, looking at me, teasing me. I tried to move against my restraints but it was a tight fit and I couldn't break free. I wanted to get up and fuck you right then. To be inside your tight little hole and fuck you while you were bent over and make you moan while you were wrapped all over me as I used you for my pleasure. You fully understood your own power as you just popped your ass back slowly, shaking your hips seductively while you went through a drawer and picked out a vibrator and just giggled as I moaned watching you get up and turn around.

You walked towards my chained form. "If you want some juice, you will have to make me cum first", saying that, you climbed on top of my chest, and I just watched and enjoyed the feel of your skin on mine. I was trying to peek below as I felt the hint of wetness on my chest and you rose up and sat down again on my chest. I groaned inwardly, wishing you were rising up and down on my hard cock that's been pointing upward, throbbing on and on for you.

Giggling, you sat up again on my chest and looked at my eyes and I knew you could see it, my need to have you on my cock, written all over my face. You slid the vibrator from your hand, trailing invisible lines from your lips, to your chin, your neck, taking it down over to your nipples. Just running it softly over them and moaning softly and then taking it down to your navel. Circling your vibrator, around your navel as I watched the show in front of me, unable to join in. Trapped as a spectator, a pout on my lips as I sat through your punishment.

My throat, parched from before was dry now. My mouth just lay open as I watched you bring the vibrator down to your clit and ran slow, teasing circles over it. Watched the pleasure on your face as you closed your eyes and gave in to the sensations running over your clit as you rubbed the vibrator on it.

Your hand slid down and you were holding your vibrator right at the entrance of your tight little pussy which was shining with the wetness of your sweet juices. You stared into my eyes with a hunger that I know, was reflecting back at your eyes through mine. And then you pushed it in. Hard!

Your back arched up so seductively, so suddenly as you held onto the vibrator and bucked against it. Your hips were moving with the motion of the vibrator buzzing inside your pussy. Our eyes were locked away at each other. You were watching my dark eyes as I lay back watching your big blue eyes. I kept trying to move my arms even if I knew it was no fucking use.

It amused you so much, I could tell. Knowing that, you were being such a good cocktease. I was completely at your mercy and it was just making you wetter. I felt your sweet juices drip onto my chest as your moans just kept getting louder. You were close to cumming right on my chest. I lay there helpless as I kept feeling your wetness drip onto my skin, watching in excitement as your sexy body moved on its own accord, your big boobs bouncing along, your hips grinding to the motion of the vibrator. Your hand was trying to push it in as you kept trying to increase the pleasure.

I couldn't help but moan loudly as you leaned forward. I knew you were about to cum now. I coaxed you, encouraged you. I wanted you to cum. I wanted your cum on my skin. I wanted to feel it all over me, angel! "Give me your cum!" I shouted as you looked into my eyes and you just sprung down with your tits hitting me across my face as you moaned out loud and you were cumming as you held onto the back of my ear with your free hand for support. I could feel your nails digging onto my skin as you gripped me tight and just kept moaning. I opened my eyes to watch you humping right on top of my chest, the vibrator buzzing you to a good orgasm as you rode the wave of your orgasm leaning atop my chest.

I remember moaning, "Fuck yeah!" as your body started giving out sexy little shivers, and you moved the hair out of your as you rose up and smiled. You asked me, "Was that as good for you as it was for me?" and giggled softly as you teased me. I groaned slightly and just begged you, "Free me now, please? I'm thirstier now, and its not for that glass of juice. I fucking want you!"

You leaned forward and planted a kiss on my forehead and got up. I moved my arms to make my point across my shackled chains and you just smiled as you walked back with your sexy ass teasing me further. You grabbed the glass of juice and ran the glass across your cute lips. Pouring it all in your mouth, I saw you swallow a bit as you walked to me again. Climbing again on my chest, with both of your legs spread open across my chest as I just stared at your tight little pussy as it made contact with my chest. I couldn't look anywhere else.

That's when, I felt both of your hands run across my hair and you yanked it hard and pushed it back. My head instantly was pointing up and you leaned down with your tits swaying near my face. Your lips came close to mine and we kissed. I opened my mouth and I felt my thirst being quenched. I was moaning and then felt the rush of sweet fluids inside my mouth as we shared a sweet juicy kiss. Your fingers kept yanking my hair as we kissed. Our tongues slipping into a wet, sweet riddled duel. Kissing and moaning as we both felt the sensations of drinking juice in a completely new way. I kept trying to move my head up to kiss you deeper, and you always yanked my hair and pushed me down again.

My cock was completely rock hard. I moaned louder as I lapped up on your tongue and you sat upright again. You looked back onto my cock and you couldn't help giggle at my condition. You turned around on my chest and bent down. I could see your round firm ass popping backwards near my face. I couldn't take my eyes off it as I started feeling your teasing tongue exploring its way down my body. I felt your lips on my navel, teasing at the outline and then kissing it once and then sliding your tongue downwards.

You kept licking and kissing my skin, till you reached the base of my cock. I was waiting so eagerly to feel your tongue on my cock. I felt your tiny hand wrap around my cock tightly as you squeezed it and I moaned loudly. You were watching in fascination as a big glob of my precum was forming at the tip of my cock, ready to break into a trickle and flow down my cock. And then, I was rewarded. I felt your tongue lick up around the slit of my cock's head as I felt your lips wrap around my hard cock and I sighed loudly, "Oh, yes!" I felt your tongue lapping at my precum forming around the head and I was just beginning to enjoy it. I heard your giggle and I groaned.

I was being punished again. My cock was left throbbing with just a teasing touch of your sweet lips now. You planted an innocent kiss on the tip of my cock, the precum sticking along your closed lips, forming a thin line which connecting us at that moment physically to each other. I couldn't help but laugh at how good of a tease you were. You turned around with a soft grip on the base of my cock and just looked at me with a naughty grin that showed you were the one controlling this battle.

You slid with your pussy right on my skin slowly, traveling your way from my chest to my neck and then my chin. Then you lifted your pussy as I felt the wetness of your pussy on my chin and then just as sexily, you trailed back to rest your pussy on my chest. "If you can lick my pussy, I will give you another taste of my tongue on your cock. You still haven't proved to me that you are a good boy! Are you a good boy?"

I nodded eagerly. I desperately needed to taste your sweet pussy!

You flicked yourself back near me in an erotically graceful movement that had your sweet tits right in front of my face again. I watched them as I licked my lips, completely aware of your breathing as I watched them rise and fall in front of my face. Oh dear lord, I wanted to taste them so badly.

I moaned as I felt you wrap your hand around the back of my neck and you were slowly riding my chest, grinding your hips on me, your taut stomach rolling with it in every movement. Your other hand came over to your tits, near my face and you started caressing your tits, right in the middle.

Your delicious breasts moved right in front of face, inches from my mouth as my mouth just dropped open on its own. And then, you swung away, your left hand resting on my forehead. You held my head firmly down as you moved your breasts invitingly over my mouth.

Your body swayed to a tune inside your head as you lifted your hand from the back of my neck and caressed your hard nipples with it, moaning ever so softly. With that, you brought your nipple closer to me and then swung back, taking it away from my reach. You repeated this again, putting me through agony and desire at once. Again, you did it to torture me.

My tongue always darted forward to taste your nipple. I longed to wrap my tongue around it and suck on it and lick it. But, every time, I tried, every time I moved within an inch close to your nipples, you would swing back, denying me the sweet essence of you and your hard aroused nipples. I was just out of reach, every single time and it was pure torture.

I groaned involuntarily and this just made you bring your nipple closer again. My tongue stretched out again, as far as I could let it venture out of the cave of my lips and I strained as you brought your nipple closer to feed me, closer and closer and I was sure, that I would taste a piece of heaven on my tongue. I was so sure, I would be able to lick your nipple.

You released my head, and I immediately moved my head forward, but before I could wrap my lips around your nipple and suck it, you had moved away, standing up, as you swayed your hips softly and looked down on me with your eyes gleaming with the satisfaction of a tease.

You dropped into a crouch again and your tits shook delightfully to tease me ever so much. I sighed as you teased me with your nipples, bringing them close to my mouth again. I tried to resist you. But, I couldn't help it. My tongue immediately darted forward as if it was alive and wanted to taste you badly.

You moved away out of reach. I groaned. Again.

I shivered as you leaned down and caressed my neck with your probing tongue. You were tracing invisible lines along my neck, traveling higher and higher as you reached my ear and sucked it into your mouth. I closed my eyes as I let the giddy sensation of that wash me over. My entire body was feeling the intensity of these sensations that you were manipulating me under.

My eyes opened as you released my ear from your mouth and you started playing with your right nipple. You were pinching it, right close to my mouth. Squeezing it and then twisting it slightly, your teeth biting down on your lower lips as you looked at me in the sexiest way.

"Fuck", that was all I could say as I looked at you complete with my desire for you. Looking at me, I saw a finger trailing down over your wet pussy and then going in lower as I saw you lift your body up just a bit. You were running your fingers right between the cheeks of your ass till your finger found your tiny little asshole. I saw in complete fascination as you teased your sexy, tight asshole in front of me now. Moaning on and on as you slipped a finger inside and started fucking yourself right in front of me, completely lost in your own pleasure and oblivious to my presence. That was my punishment for being a bad boy. I moaned as I saw your asshole clench to take your finger. It looked like such a tight little fit and I could see the pleasure on your face as we both moaned.

I whispered a single word in a voice completely lost in lust, "Please". Smiling then as you inched yourself closer. Bent over, right in front of me as you presented me with the best view that was possible for me to enjoy this sight. A close up of your beautiful little pussy and ass.

But, you are a tease and you slipped your finger out of your little asshole as I groaned my disapproval quite loudly. My groan of disapproval turned into a gasp as you took me by surprise and inched yourself just so close to my face as you had a hand back on my forehead. I could hear my heartbeat thumping in my chest as my eyes were glued to your beautiful wet pussy right in front of my eyes. I could see tiny little goosebumps over your waxed pussy lips. It was just so smolderingly sexy.
I swallowed involuntarily as you moved your pussy back near my face and swung your hips in a circular way. You had my head pressed down and you told me, "Lick me, lick my pussy now."

I pushed my tongue up to lick your pussy, but you moved it away from my reach again. I pushed again as you brought it back down but you pressed my head down further and I missed by less than an inch.

This was driving me crazy now. I was on the verge of going insane. As you brought your tempting little wet pussy near my face again, I just knew that if I didn't taste you now, I would go completely bonkers. So, I grabbed my palms around my shackles with every ounce of strength, I could muster and forced my head upwards against the opposing force of your hands keeping it down.

As you brought your inviting pussy, close to an inch near my mouth, I opened my mouth wide, wanting nothing else but to taste you. I growled and leaned forward, gripping my shackles and my head still being held by your hand but I was stronger and I took advantage of it and took you by surprise.

The ambush on your pussy worked and the tip of my tongue touched your pussy and instantly slid between your lips. I tasted your scent, I tasted your wetness and how aroused you were. I had won and I was claiming my prize but moving my tongue instantly up to taste the delicious little clit that maximizes your pleasure and I dragged my tongue all over it, firmly. Drawing my tongue, I tasted it. I tasted you! Mmmmm

I opened my eyes and I saw the pleasure on your face. I watched your big blue eyes staring at the sight with a gasp on your mouth. My mouth planted on your clit and pussy, sucking and licking hungrily as your hand moved up to my forehead again, and then from there, your hands traveled to my dark hair, and you grabbed it in your tiny fingers and yanked it down and pushed me down.

Nothing would stop me now, and you knew it. You planted my head down firmly with your grip on my hair and started bouncing your little pussy on my mouth! I hungrily accepted it as you fucked my mouth. Crushing my lips with your pussy as you slammed it down on my tongue. My tongue curling up to taste your sweet juices coursing down onto my tongue, lapping it all up and swallowing it as I moaned, enjoying your sweet juices.

Nothing, could be sweeter than you, angel. God, I kept lapping up hungrily, letting my tongue taste you again and again as you kept grinding your hips on my face. Running your pussy up and down on my mouth. Lifting your pussy up, so my tongue would have to let go of your delicious pussy and then slamming it back down as I sighed happily, being able to taste your pussy again. Pulling your pussy up again, you bring it down now, leaning just a tiny bit forward as my tongue comes in contact with the soft skin between your pussy and your asshole.

I lick hungrily as you grind forward again and offer me your tiny little asshole. Mmmm, I let my tongue rim your sexy little ass as you moan louder, moving your hips in tandem with my tongue's movement. Looking down at my eyes as you stop your movement as my tongue is now probing right at the surface of your little asshole, trying to invade it with my tongue. Your eyes are glazed over as are mine and you drop down softly, letting my tongue slide inside your ass!

Oh god! Wow! I give in to you completely and hungrily fuck your ass with my tongue as you hump my face. Your fingers, yanking my hair completely harder as you fuck my tongue with the tightest of all your little fuckholes. Your beautiful little asshole taking my tongue, inch by inch till you can feel it wiggling and lapping and licking inside your ass.

I mumble with muffled moans, as you let me ravage your ass with my tongue, "mmmmf, cummmmm for meeee!Now mmmmm!" I don't even know if you can understand me but I sense your eyes staring back at me as you completely drop down on my face now. My mouth is stretched open and I could be drooling a huge pool for all I care. All of that didn't matter. The only thing that mattered now was to make you cum! I kept lashing my tongue inside your ass as you forcibly fucked my mouth with every ounce of strength that your small body could come up with. I loved every bit of feeling your round soft ass cheeks around my cheeks, pinning me down as I tongue-fucked your asshole! Mmmm

I flicked my tongue up and down inside your ass, slamming my tongue against the walls inside hard. Dragging my tongue hard and fast inside you as I kept feeling your pussy dripping your sweet fuck juices all over the tip of my nose and my cheeks, the beautiful scent of your pussy invading my senses and it just spurred me to fuck your ass harder!

That pushed you over the edge. You were bucking and writhing as my tongue went into overdrive inside your ass and kept lashing inside like a mini-whip and fucked your ass! Moving my tip in circles inside your tongue and then slamming the sides of your asshole! Your moans were already high pitched and now, they were screams of ecstatic delight.

And then you were cumming hard! Your fingers tightened completely over my hair and you yanked it so hard that it pained. But, this was a sweet pain. You were completely lost in the throes of orgasm as you rode the wave of your orgasm and still fucked my tongue with your tight ass! We both kept on moaning as your screams turned into soft pitched moans and the soft pitched moans started turning into cute raspy mewls.

My tongue was sore. But, I couldn't care less about it as I watched your face, glowing anew with the satisfaction of an intense orgasm and your ever so sexy giggle, lightly playing as it gets replaced by a moan again as I move my tongue inside your ass slowly. You look at me and you know, that you have punished me way too much by now.

You lift yourself off my tongue with a soft mewl and you lay on top of me softly. The back of your head is laying on my right thigh as your legs are spread open around my head, your pussy resting on my chin as your juices drip down on my chin and slowly flow down onto my lips. I can feel your juices run like sweet tears of pleasure running in a reverse way close to my eyes. I smack my lips loudly as I taste your pussy on my lips.

My cock, which was completely ignored all this time was still throbbing along. The poor thing, just wanted to feel you so badly. I watched as you turned your head around slowly. I moaned as I felt your warm breath on the skin of my cock. I tried to watch as you breathed another waft of air from your mouth right onto my balls. Oh, dear lord.

"Please," I begged softly as I tried to watch but your legs around my head and your pussy grinding slowly on my chin had effectively trapped me into a sweet submissive lock. You turned around softly to position your head around the side of my cock and you let your tongue run over the right side of my cock, licking along the underside and slowly enveloping your tongue on my balls and licking it across, playing with both of my balls and my cock as my moans just kept getting louder.

And then you stopped your ministrations on my cock. I groaned again. You grinded your pussy on my chin, pushing forward so my chin was now stretching open your pussy lips, moaning as you whispered to me, "Did my bad boy, enjoy his wicked little taste?"

I answered with my eyes closed, "Yes!"

"Did you enjoy thrusting your tongue into my wet little pussy and my asshole?" As you said it, I felt you nuzzle your nose against my cock, breathing into it. I sensed my balls tighten. I really needed you on my cock. I couldn't answer you. I didn't need to answer you. You already knew the answer, the moment you felt my cock become harder as you asked me.

"You want to cum now, don't you?"

"Oh, god, yes!!!" I gasped as soon as I heard you ask me and I moaned loudly as I felt your tongue run along the underside of my cock. Still continuing your sweet torture of my senses, you whispered, "You want to touch me, don't you? To take me, grab me, fuck me!"

I was going to explode soon. My breath was sharp and ragged. My heart was beating crazily. My mind was in overdrive as you worked your torture right into every part of me as you lay on top of me. I felt your tongue leave my cock and I opened my eyes, ready to beg you to suck on my cock again.

You got up and swayed across to my face and you offered me your nipple with no resistance. I instantly wrapped my tongue around it and sucked on it as if my entire life depended on it. Everything else was lost on me now. The only thing that I could feel was the taste of your nipples, your aroma on my tongue and the skin of my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked on your nipples. I tried to open my mouth wider to engulf as much of your breasts along with your nipples into my little mouth.

I never noticed it, until I heard you ask again. "Do you want to touch me? You want to take me, grab me, fuck your angel, don't you?!" And you moved your nipples from my mouth and worked your way on all fours to my thighs, holding onto it, as you released the shackles on my ankles and smiled as you looked over your shoulders. My hands were free too. I was so caught up in sucking your nipples and tit, I never felt my hands being freed. I was so happy! I shouted a long awaited growl and answered, "Yes! I am going to fuck you so hard now, angel!" Rising up on my knees, I pushed you off of me and pulled you back with both of my hands on your ass, as you lay on all fours.


My right hand instantly found your right ass cheek as you gasped and looked at me.


Another gasp ran across your mouth as you felt the smack of my hand turning your left ass cheek a soft shade of pink. We both heard a soft whimper from your pouting lips.


You were now moaning out loudly with my third spank on your soft sweet ass. I yanked your hair with my hand and pulled you back firmly, and kissed your neck, letting my tongue kiss your left cheek and then your lips. Both of our tongues lapped over each other, hungry for that long awaited kiss completely glorious in its passion and lust bridled together.

Yanking your hair harder, as we kissed, I raised my other free hand and spanked your ass again, on the left cheek! You were moaning onto my mouth as we kept kissing.

Holding your hair, I pushed you down so that your head is now resting on the bed. Your back instinctively arched up and your ass thrust up so seductively. I just leaned forward and kissed all over your back as I positioned my tortured cock, and ran it up and down your wet pussy and your tight little asshole.

I let my cock head run along your wet pussy lips and slowly invaded you by stretching your juicy pussy lips and pushing inside all the way! It took all of my resolve and willpower to not completely explode inside your pussy with my first thrust! We both moaned at the feeling of filling up your tight pussy with my thick cock!

I slammed hard inside and I slowly pull my cock outside, and I hear you whimper, wanting to be filled again. I yank your hair softly and just push your head down further and let my cock run once again over your pussy lips and you moan in anticipation. I let my cock head smear my precum all over your pussy lips along with your pussy juices coated along my cock now. I slide my cock upwards, between your pussy and asshole, and hear you softly moan. Sliding my cock upwards further, I grind it against your asshole.

Without waiting for any kind of approval, I grab my cock and push it inside your ass! Holding onto your hair for my support, I slide my cock inside your asshole harder! Your ass is just so tight, it's unbelievable! I pull back just an inch and I slam hard inside your ass! My whole cock disappearing inside the tightness of your ass and we are both screaming loudly! Its so intense!

I know that I can't take this intensity after all that punishment that you put me through before. I grab your hair and close my eyes as I feel the cum race instantly through my shaft and its exploding inside your tight ass! I feel your fingers race down to finger your pussy as I shoot spurt after spurt of my thick white cum inside your ass! We are both moaning as we feel the heat, the tightness of our union take it to unbelievable heights.

But, I am nowhere near done fucking your ass, angel! My cock is spurting the last bits of the cum inside your ass and I can see you trying to look back at me as I move my cock again inside you! Your ass is just so tight and my cock is still semi-hard and I know that it will be completely hard inside your tight sexy ass within minutes, if not a few seconds.

I can hear you moan and I let my hand close in on your hand that is rubbing over your pussy. I lean down and whisper into your ears, "I'm not done fucking you. You want it bad, don't you?" You nod with those blue eyes looking at me, gleaming with hunger for a good fuck. We both start rubbing your pussy now, my hand over your hand. 10 fingers teasing and probing your tiny little pussy lips over and over as your asshole is clenching onto my semi-hard cock. I move my cock in and out as you moan.

Both of us can feel my cum splashing and coating your tiny little asshole and my cock together as your pussy keeps dripping sweet juices on our fingers. I bite into your shoulders as I feel your asshole clench harder on my cock, trying to suck my cock in deeper. "Fuck!", I moan and start slamming my cock right where you want it. Deeper inside your ass!

"Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass harder, please!"

Hearing you say that, I just groan out loudly, barely saying, "Yes" and start to ravage your tight little ass! You are fucking your pussy hard with two of your fingers, slamming your fingers in deep inside as I pound your ass with my cock, completely hard and throbbing inside your ass!

Its just so fucking tight! Mmmm! I move my fingers from your stretched pussy lips and trail it over your navel and then upwards till I can feel the underside of your breasts pressed against the bed. I thrust my cock forward, completely burying myself inside your ass till the base of my cock is slapping against your tiny little asshole, my balls slapping on your pussy!

You scream out loud in pleasure at the abuse of your little asshole and your back arches up, lifting your body off the bed and I instantly grab your tits and squeeze them so hard! Pinching your nipples as I ram my cock further up your ass and fuck you even harder! I am drilling my cock faster and faster inside your asshole as I can feel your fingers and my cock, hitting against the wall that separates your sweet little fuckholes.

I pinch your nipples one by one and squeeze it hard in my hand. Letting go of my hold on your hair, I use my right hand to slap over your tits, smacking it just enough to make you shiver with pleasure while my left hand squeezes the other tit hard! Using my cock, I push my entire shaft in and then slide halfway, slamming it in deep again, trying to push my fucking cock deeper inside your ass as the base of my cock slaps against your stretched up little asshole! My balls are swinging and slapping over and over your pussy, being stretched by your fingers.

I pin you down again on the bed, your head laying on the bed with your ass propped up higher, your fingers a blur now inside your pussy as I fuck your ass without stopping for a single breath! Completely slamming my cock inside your tight little sore asshole over and over! I want you to wobble and walk funny for days for punishing me like that! I love being your bad boy!

Pumping my cock completely inside your ass, I squeeze and maul your tits so much now, my grip hard on it and your moans and whimpers getting so loud that I know you are enjoying every second of this. Every second of this rebound of your punishment on me. I know this is exactly what you wanted from your loud screams of pure ecstasy!

Slapping your round right breast for one last time and then squeezing it longingly, I grab your hair again and hoarsely groan into you so you can hear me, "You wanted me to touch you, didn't you? To take you, grab you, fuck you?" I hear you scream into my ears, "Oh god, yes!!"

Grabbing your hair again as I fill your ass completely with my cock, "I want you to cum, I want your cum and I am going to cum again, inside my angel's ass again! Is that what you want?"

"Yes! Yes! Pretty please!"

I can't help but smile as you say pretty please. I yank your hair as I lean forward and whisper into your ears, "Slap your pussy for me, cum for me angel! I want to see your cum drenched fingers and I want to see you suck on it! "Instantly, you move your other hand and start to slap your pussy over your clit! Writhing with pleasure at every little slap on your pussy, the sound of your screams, your moans, lost in your throat as I impale my cock right inside your tight little ass and fuck you like you never have been before and I'm so close to cumming. Your ass is just so tight, its astounding how I was able to hold my second time inside for this long.

Your slaps on your pussy are such a turn on for me! I grab your hair and kiss you as your mouth is just hanging open with the pleasure of having both of your fuckholes being completely filled up and fucked together! You barely manage to close your lips around mine and we start to kiss passionately, tongue fucking each other's mouths, each of the three holes of yours filled now and its too much for you and me!

I can feel you cumming as you scream so loudly right into my mouth! And that does it! Fuck! I slam my cock in deep and my back arches up and my eyes close as I feel myself exploding inside you again! A thick long load of my white cum splashing straight inside your ass and I keep fucking you as I ride out my orgasm, slamming inside your ass, weaker than the last thrust as I can't help but give in to the pleasure of it and I can feel you cum all over your fingers and I hear your weak little giggle as my lips just involuntarily leave your lips.

Wow! Our whole bodies are shaking now, but I could still hear your faint giggle. I can't help but laugh softly at that and we collapse down on your bed, laughing as we lay covered in a sheen of sweat and completely wrapped up in each other, still with my cock inside your ass and I just wrap my arms around you and grind my hips softly inside your ass as you moan again softly and then another giggle rises from your lips which continues into a small laughter from us.

Without saying a word, we both scoot over to the side softly, so that I'm spooning you from behind, my cock still inside as I nuzzle against you while letting my hand rub against your right tit, softly massaging it to ease any soreness from the little slaps, small moans and giggles escaping from you as I let my fingers trail down and rub against your wet little pussy and lapping up your sweet cum on my fingers and pulling it up.

I taste your sweet cum and offer it to you so you can enjoy the sweet taste and smell the fragrant intoxication that you make. I completely enjoy how you suck on my fingers slowly while I suck on the nape of your neck. softly rubbing my free hand on your round soft ass. My cock finally slips out of your tight ass and we both give a moan and I can't help but grind into you and you respond back.

Soon enough, we are drifting off to sleep, completely tired from the punishment you meted out to me. I nuzzle back into you and just slip my cock between the soft folds of your pussy lips and just push inside as you giggle softly and you close your eyes.

As I watch you sleep, I am already plotting my revenge for you for punishing me today. I smile as I close my eyes now and sigh into your hair as I let sleep drift me off into dreams of punishing you in my bed.

And I hear you giggle one last time before we both fall asleep again.

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