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90% True Ch. 11

Chapter 11 -- The watcher

- - -

Author's note -

Greetings to anyone joining me for the first time. I suggest going back to chapter one to get the full effect of this story. But if you'd like to read from here out to start, here's what you need to know;

This story is mostly a true life accounting of some of the crazy sex I'd had in my youth. All the names have been changed (which is one part of the 10% of not true material) but the situations I presented are all mostly accurate. I have of course taken poetic license, including the complete absence of condoms... because come on... they're no fun in a fantasy story in my opinion.

The story format starts in the present day, with me telling a story of my youth to my current wife, Ann. It then flashes back more than a decade to the mid '90s as I recount sexual escapades of my youth for my voyeuristic wife.

Please feel free to leave any comments or constructive criticism. I love getting feedback and 5 star ratings. But if you've a problem and want to just kvetch, take it elsewhere please, constructive criticism is one thing, but please don't complain that you don't like an aspect of my story. I can't go back and change the past after all.


- - -

When my wife Ann came to bed, her hair was wet, and in a towel. She slid under the covers and reached for her own book, to join me as I read before sleep. We hadn't had sex in two days, so I was a little surprised. My wife had a very strong sexual appetite, and while we no longer fucked multiple times a day, she usually only went more than a day when she had her monthly visitor. I had half expected her to demand another story out of me, but was just as happy to keep reading my book.

After a while she turned off the light on her side of the bed and rolled over onto her side facing away from me. I decided I'd finish the chapter I was on, then go to sleep too. But she wasn't going to wait apparently, "Turn off your light and spoon me?" The question was one part request, one part demand, and I knew it would just be best to comply.

I snuggled up against her, my knees tucking behind her and one arm going around her waist. She took my hand and moved it up from her stomach to cup one of her breasts. Then she wiggled her butt against me and I knew I wasn't going to have a sex free night after all.

"So... you and Jen and Nina and Heather had just had a fun sex game...." She trailed off expecting me to pick up the story where I'd last left off.

I sighed, knowing there was no arguing. I buried my face in her hair and kissed the back of her head and said, "I'll skip ahead actually. The rest of that weekend was kind of tame compared to what I've told you already. Sex with Jen in the car, sex with Nina while Jen and Heather had sex next to us, pseudo taking Heather's virginity, and then a sex game with all four of them. After that it was kind of anti climactic. The next day there was more sex of course, and I was generally passed around between the girls as the others either watched or joined in. But honestly... most of the time it was the three girls talking about boring stuff. Things like girls in their class or what assignments they had. Things like that. I was actually pretty bored by Sunday morning and was glad we had to leave early."

Ann wiggled her butt against me again, "I don't know.... I think I'd like to hear more about this group sex, I feel cheated if you're cutting past it."

I squeezed her breast softly, "You're a real voyeur, you know that?"

She hummed and said, "You love it."

"Actually," I replied, that does remind me of something that happened within the next month after that...."

- - -

"I don't know Keri," I told my pseudo, school girlfriend in a frustrated voice. It was a complicated situation. I'd been dating Jen for almost two years now, and I thought that I loved her and she loved me. But lately things had gotten very complicated. First Jen and I had 'acquired' a girlfriend between us. Our friend Nina was technically the girlfriend of our good buddy Rich. But Rich had gone overseas on his 'boat' for about six months. Rich was a Marine and he knew he couldn't keep his sex crazed girlfriend Nina happy while he was gone. So in order to keep her from cheating on him, he made us promise to 'take care of her' emotionally, socially, and sexually. So now my girlfriend Jen and I had a threesome relationship with Nina.

Then, a friend of mine from the school I went too, Keri finally admitted to me that she'd had strong feelings for me for a long time. She'd never acted on them, unwilling to try to break up me and Jen. But she saw the situation with Nina as a crack in our relationship and now she wanted to take over Jen's place as my girlfriend. So one night when Jen was hanging out with friends, later I found out she was having a lesbian orgy actually, Keri invited me to her house. That night she seduced me and I unknowingly took her virginity.

As far as Keri was concerned, we were now boyfriend and girlfriend. Since Jen and Nina went to an all girls school on the other side of town, Keri began spreading the rumor around school that Jen and I had broken up and that Keri and I were exclusive. She also spread the rumor that I had a massive cock and was some kind of sex demon in bed. No matter how much I denied those rumors, it only seemed to grow bigger, pun intended. I was of course, at 18, fairly inexperienced sexually... though I admit I was learning fast. As for my cock, it was a decent size, under eight inches long and about two inches across when I was fully erect. But the only cocks I had to compare it with were Rich's who was around the same size as me if just a bit smaller, and the ones I saw in porn, which of course were much bigger than me usually.

"But Pete, Why not?!" Keri said stamping her foot.

"Because I took off work two weekends ago," I said referring to the weekend that Jen, Nina, Heather and I had spent up at Heather's cottage in the woods. "And my boss has a big tournament coming up in a few weeks and I'm the lead programmer. He's got me working extra hours and won't let me take the data home to work on it. He's afraid it will get out ahead of time otherwise."

I don't know if it matters, but I guess I could explain that as well. See, it was early in 1996 and I worked at a local computer store. Though to just call it a computer store would be wrong. Parkside Computing was a full service place. They were one part internet cafe (one of the first I knew of in the city), one part computer sales store, one part IT tech support, and one part computer repair shop. I'd gotten the job based partially on my merits, and partially because I was willing to work an IT type job for what was minimum wage. The flip side was that my boss was quite flexible with my hours, as long as I never mouthed off to the head IT guy.

My boss had the idea that he would hold a tournament for prizes. The first person shooter of the day was still Doom II. But as a hobby I had taken up creating levels and custom content for the game. So my boss had given me a task that was taking most of my time. Create three individual, unique, competition style maps for the tournament to take place on. They had to have secret passages, hidden power ups, hard to get weapons, multiple killing zones, and plenty of re-spawn points that couldn't be 'camped.' To make it more challenging, he only wanted me working on these levels on one single computer that was in the shop in the back room. He even wanted it so that other than me, the main IT guy, and himself, no one saw what I was working on.

Since I couldn't take the data files home to work on them at my leisure, that meant a lot of hours logged in at work, stuck in a tiny office that I think was meant to be a closet at one point, working with the door closed. It wasn't a lot of fun, but it did give me a healthy boost to my paycheck, and it also assured that if I needed some more time off, I could get it once the tournament was done.

"But it's not fair," Keri said pressing against me as my back slid against my high school locker. "Jen got you two weekends ago and I haven't seen you since."

"You've seen me literally every week day here at school Keri," I retorted.

"You know what I mean," she said pouting. She looked around and decided that no one was close enough to hear and whispered, "I haven't gotten a chance to get laid since. I'm... safe now, and I want to show you how much I want to be your girlfriend, your only girlfriend."

"Well," I hesitated, "Maybe I can get a week night off. He shuts up the shop by eight on slow week nights." The whole internet cafe thing wasn't taking off that well yet. We were busy on Fridays and on the weekends, but usually no more than one or two customers a night during the week.

"Next Thursday?" She asked hopefully.

"Maybe why?" I asked wondering why she'd picked Thursday specifically.

"I'll be able to slip out after eight. I want you to take me somewhere." She smiled, "Make sure you have pillows and blankets in your car."

With that she stood on her tip toes and kissed me. She was shorter than me but her kissing was very good. It was one of the few things we'd been able to do at school. I watched her walk away, eager to see if I could get thursday night off. Or at the very least if I could leave by seven so I could go home, shower, change, and then go see Keri.

If I had been paying attention I would have seen Staci, one of the prettiest girls in school and a cheerleader, walking down the hall from the other direction with a group of other cheerleaders. But I didn't look away from the retreating Keri until I heard one of the girls call out, "Hey Peter, is that a banana in your pocket or you just happy to see us?" Followed by a bunch of girlish laughter. I looked down and realized my cock was hard, and pointing down one of the pants legs of one of my jeans. I quickly moved my bookbag to cover it, which made the girls laugh even harder as they walked by me.

I think I saw Staci blush a little and smile at me, but it could have been my imagination.

I sighed and turned back to my locker, eager to leave school for the day.

Later as I spoke with my boss about getting some time off, he said if I really needed it, I could take it. But that he really wanted me working on the tournament maps as much as possible till they were done. It was one of those situations where he wasn't telling me no, but I knew he was saying no. I'm sure if I had pushed him, I could have taken days when I wanted them. It was one of the tradeoffs to such low pay. But I didn't feel like it was worth risking my job over. It didn't pay much money, but my mother only charged me $20 a month rent to rent out the upstairs apartment in her house. Other than that, I really had no expenses. I had a car that I'd bought with cash and was paid off. I rode to school every morning with my father, so I didn't even spend a lot on gas money. I even walked to work, as it was only a few blocks from my house. But I wasn't willing to give up my income, I used it for things like weekend trips with Jen, gas money, and going out. I was also trying to put away as much as I could for when I went to college. So it was with a nod that I accepted my bosses words and tried to make the best of it. At least I'd be building a good nest egg with all the extra hours he was giving me.

He did however say it would be no problem for me to cut out a little early the following Thursday.

The next week absolutely dragged for me. School became a strange routine. The excitement of the holidays was now long gone and we had settled into the slow grind towards the end of the school year. Most of the seniors in my class had already made plans for next year, myself included. I was going to be going to a state school in Buffalo. I hadn't yet decided if I was going to commute or live on campus though, but I had time to make up my mind on that. For most students who had already been accepted, that meant that the rest of the senior year meant very little. As long as you maintained a decent grade, nothing mattered much. My own grades slipped from low A, high B range down into mid and low Bs. I didn't really care.

Things with Keri seemed to get a little bit better, and the day after we spoke about making plans, we made out in a teachers bathroom. She ended up going down on me and sucking my cock, but I was too nervous about being caught to really enjoy it. In the end I had to take my dick in my own hand and jerk it off as she knelt in front of me. I came all over her breasts and then told her to lick it all up. She hesitated at first, but I was insistent, and she did, scooping it into her mouth with her fingers. This girl was not as sexually aggressive or adventurous but I didn't doubt that she was eager and willing to follow directions. I think my promise of taking her out on thursday helped her mood quite a bit.

I spoke with Jen on the phone every other night as well. Though some of our conversations were quite short. The one thing she kept asking me was if I'd found any guys to participate in the orgy she wanted to throw. I hadn't even asked a single one yet. I explained how I wanted to 'feel things out' first. She made me promise over and over that I'd try, and I said I would.

Nina stopped into the internet cafe where I worked one Saturday night at close to midnight. We closed up around then and I was surprised to see her. I was doubly surprised because I had been in the back working when one of the other employees had knocked on the door and said "Pete, your girlfriend is here to see you."

I shut down what I was working on, saved everything, and put away the data disks that held my work, locking it in a little lockbox my boss had given me. He didn't even want the other employees at the cafe / shop to see the files till the day of the tournament. The thought occurred to me as I went down the stairs into the main cafe part of the shop that the simple term "girlfriend" didn't really tell me who it was that was downstairs waiting for me.

"Hey Pete!" Nina said cheerfully from the front counter where she was waiting. I smiled and waved back. I suppose I wasn't too surprised to see Nina. She lived about two miles from where I worked, though it was more like a mile and a half if you walked through the park instead of sticking to the streets and sidewalks. Judging by the snow on her boots and halfway up her jeans, she'd done exactly that.

Jen lived way out in a rural suburb of Buffalo, and Keri lived in one of the richer suburbs, but Nina and I both lived in the city. I came down and gave her a hug, but she turned as I did so and her lips met mine. I kissed her and one of my co-workers yelled "Get a room you two!"

There were still quite a few customers in the cafe, including a group of guys playing a videogame over the network. I knew my boss would likely keep the place open as long as he had paying customers, so I called across the cafe to where he was, "Ok for me to take off?"

He nodded and waved without even looking at me and I turned to Nina, "Want to walk to my house and I can drive you home?"

She nodded, "Oh yes, I was bored and thought I'd come see you. About halfway across Deleware park, I finally realized how cold it was but by then I figured that turning back would be a waste."

I laughed, "Ok ok, well, did you want to go get a bite to eat or something before I take you home? I can't let you be bored after all."

She shook her head and we went out to make the short walk back to my house. I was glad I had my keys with me, I wouldn't have to go into the house and deal with my family. They'd met Nina a few times, but they only knew her as 'Rich's Girlfriend.' I didn't feel like explaining why she and I were hanging out without Jen or Rich. "Actually, I was thinking you might like to come over to my house and watch a movie or something? My sister is at work, and you know on Saturday nights they don't close till four in the morning. My mom got called in to work a third shift so she'll be there till eight. House is going to be empty till morning." She grinned at me and I knew what she was thinking.

"Sounds good," I said smiling. My parents were fairly involved in my life, but they weren't overly nosy either. Ever since I'd moved into the attic apartment, they'd been very stand off in my life. The fact that I was 18 and technically an adult didn't matter to them, but me being responsible and reliable did. They knew that if I didn't come home on a given night, I wouldn't be drinking and driving, and if they really needed me, they could always page me on my beeper. Should we hit Blockbuster and get a movie then?" I asked.

She shook her head, "Nope, I've got a movie I want to watch." I noticed as I looked at her that she had a slight grin on her face, one I tried to ignore. The night was cold, but we made it back to my house quickly, and hopped in my SUV. I let it run a bit before throwing it into drive and heading to Nina's house.

She kept her house warm. I supposed that with three women living in the house, Nina, her sister, and her mother, they didn't have some man yelling at them to turn the thermostat down all the time like my father constantly did. The upshot was however that after the cold walk and cold drive over, the house felt balmy and wonderful.

I stripped down to my jeans and t-shirt, throwing my jacket, boots, and flannel shirts into a pile right inside the door. Nina likewise gladly took off her outerwear, and gestured at her jeans which were caked with snow from her walk through the park, "I'm going to go change into something dry." I nodded and she pointed at the couch, "Have a seat I'll be right back."

I waited till she'd headed back further into her house, where her bedroom lay, then hopped up to look at the movies scattered on top of the TV. Seen it, seen it, don't want to see it, ugh... chick flick. I hoped that the movie she wanted wasn't one of these.

She came back out from the bedroom wearing a huge fluffy terrycloth robe. It was a deep red, crimson, and looked about three sizes too big on her. Nina was a bit over her ideal body weight, but I don't think anyone would call her 'fat' in any way. She was 'curvy' and soft. Her belly had just the tiniest bit of a curve, and she had wonderful full breasts. I wondered why she had such a large robe, and thought it must be her boyfriend Rich's. Well, her other boyfriend I guess, since Jen and I had adopted her as our girlfriend while Rich was away.

I was sitting on the couch when she came back out and I pointed at the TV. With a look of dismay on my face I exclaimed, "I am not watching Fried Green Tomatoes! So I hope that wasn't what you wanted to watch tonight. I don't do sappy chick flicks." I actually didn't know for sure that movie was a chick flick. I'd only seen ads for it, but it sure looked like one.

She pulled a video tape out of the pocket of her big robe and shook her head, "Nope, this is the one I wanted to watch." She slid the tape into the VCR but I didn't get a chance to see what it was. She turned on the TV and then flopped onto the couch next to me. She snuggled up next to me as the tape ran through the beginning blank section.

My first clue as to what we were about to watch was only moments later when a naked woman appeared on the screen and advertised for a 1-900 number. "Nina, is this a porn?"

She giggled and nodded her head. I smiled and put an arm around her, "You know you don't have to put on porn to get me in the mood, right sexy?"

She giggled again and said, "Yeah but I want it to put me in the mood for something."

Cryptic response, I thought, till the title of the movie came on. "Ben Dover's Banned in Britain?!" I laughed out loud, "You're kidding me with that title."

She slapped my arm and said, "Shhh, after the way Jen talked about it the other night I can't stop thinking about it. I want some anal tonight. You wouldn't mind stopping if it hurts too much right?"
I hugged her to me, "No, of course not Nina. It's your call, whatever you want."

"Good," she said sticking her tongue out at me, "So let me watch this for a bit and then we can make out some, ok?" I nodded and she said, "I'll bet you'll have your hands all over me within a single scene."

"I can hold out," I said with a bit of anger in my voice, "I may be a sex crazed horny teenager, but I'm a stubborn sex crazed horny teenager."

The action on the screen started and Nina said, "Ok Pete, prove it, no touching me or yourself till after a full scene has gone by."

I agreed and she opened her robe to show that she was completely nude beneath. My eyes traveled up and down her body. They got to the V shape she'd shaved into her pubic hair, the point just cresting above her slit. She'd recently shaved I could tell and there wasn't a single hair on her body other then the V on her mons. "Is that...." I trailed off as my eyes traveled down between her thighs.

She stood up and smirked at me evilly, "Remember, you said you could go a full scene without touching me or yourself." Then she turned around facing away from me. She slid the robe away from her body so I could see her butt right at my eye level, then spreading her legs a bit she bent over slightly. There, between her round cheeks was the latex rectangle of what I knew was a butt plug seated firmly in her ass. More then that I could see that her pussy was quite literally dripping with clear thick fluid. She was highly aroused and there was even a shiny slickness on her thighs.

"Oh come ON!" I cried, "that's not fair!"

She sat back down on the couch and put her back against my arm. She threw one leg up over the back of the couch and began rubbing herself lightly between her thighs. "No," she said, "What isn't fair is that I thought it might be fun to put the butt plug in before I left the house to come to your work. It's been driving me absolutely god damn crazy for almost an hour now!"

My dick was so hard it hurt, and I wanted nothing more than to free it from the denim and cotton prison that my jeans and boxers had it in. But I also wanted to prove that I could hold out. So as Nina slowly and leisurely masturbated I sat there, gritting my teeth, my eyes bouncing between the hardcore anal action on the TV and the sight of Nina masturbating next to me.

I don't know how long that scene on the TV lasted, but it felt like an eternity. I literally sighed with relief when it ended. "So," I asked, "How do you want to do this?"

She sat up and ran her fingers across my lips. Her copious juices covered them and I immediately licked them clean, sucking on the digits and tasting the wonderful honey. She smiled and said, "Let me go clean up and make sure I'm ready, then I'll come back out and tell you what I want." She pat my cock through my jeans with one hand and said, "Make sure he's nice and ready for me when I get back."

I groaned and knew that between the anticipation and the movie still playing on the TV that there was no chance of that being an issue. She again went back into the back part of the house and I heard water running. I unzipped my pants and freed my turgid and almost painfully hard erection. I breathed a sigh of releif, and then quickly fumbled for a blanket as I heard the front door opening not ten feet away from where I sat.

Nina's sister Katie walked in the door. She looked fucking great, curvy like Nina, but even shorter, she made up for it with thick soled heels and outfits that emphasized her assets. She worked as a bartender down town and wasn't afraid to flaunt it for tips. She came in and dropped her jacket, showing that she was wearing a top that looked like a corset, and pushed her tits up into a generous mountain of cleavage and curves. Unfortunately the corset was covered in what was unmistakably some drunk guy's puke.

She looked at me, at the TV screen, at the way I was holding a pillow over my lap, and the way my jeans were down around my ankles and just sighed. "I'm going down to the basement to wash this up. Don't tell Nina I'm home and I'll try to sneak out without her knowing. There's no reason both of our nights should be ruined."

"Thanks Katie," I murmured as she went around the couch to the door leading to the basement. The door was behind the couch and I heard her close it. She was light on her feet, probably because she was so short, and I didn't hear her even walking down the stairs to the basement after that. Of course the cheesy porn music and moaning could have just covered it up, I wasn't sure.

Nina came back out a few minutes later. I could tell she'd washed up between her thighs, and I suspected she'd removed the plug to clean up there as well. She wasn't wearing the robe this time, and only strode over to me with a sultry walk, one hand holding a bottle of lube. "I went to the adult video store today," she said with a smirk. "I hope you don't mind?"

I smiled and shook my head no. I removed the pillow to expose my throbbing erection and she practically pounced on it. She took it into her mouth and hummed with delight as she tasted the copious precum. She took me almost all the way into her throat on only the second bob of her head, but she pulled back, choking slightly and drooling all over my dick. She looked up at me, "I know you and Jen used her own... lube... when you and she did it for the first time, but I'd rather be safe and use this?" She held out the bottle of water based lube and I nodded. She stood up and motioned, "Too much is better than not enough." she said.

I drizzled the cold lube onto my erect cock. The cool goop slid down my shaft and I shuddered at how cold it felt on my hot prick. She reached down and gave it a slimy stroke or two with her hand before turning around and bending over slightly. She exposed her ass to me, the black latex plug still embedded in there. "Go easy, but not too slow. I want to do this before I lose my nerve." she said to me.

I reached out with both hands. My left reached between her thighs to tease her very wet labia. She shuddered slightly and with my right I gripped the end of the butt plug. I teased it out of her slowly, pulling it out, then letting it slide back in. Each time I pulled it a little more. Finally it got past the 'flare' of the plug and then it was more work to push back in. I was literally fucking her ass with the thick black latex plug.

"Ok ok ok!" she gasped, "I can't take it anymore, put your knees together."

I sat as she requested, my cock pointing upwards and my knees together. She backed up to me and slowly began lowering herself towards me. She reached back and pulled out the butt plug in one motion, tossing it unceremoniously to the floor. Then she gripped my shaft with one hand and quickly sank back towards it. My head penetrated the ring of her ass immediately, before it had a chance to close up from the recently departed plug. She moaned hard and loud, and I repressed the urge to grab her hips and pull her down onto me.

Nina began slowly moving her hips lower and lower on me, one hand holding the back of the couch, the other on my knee as she straddled my lap. Both of us facing the TV were able to watch the action on the screen, though I admit, I was much more interested in watching Nina's tight asshole engulf my lubricated cock.

I don't know if I heard a slight noise or what, but on a whim I turned and looked behind me. There, on the landing to the basement, stood Katie. She had the door open only an inch or two, but I could see her. She stood on the landing, clad only in a bra and panties, watching us. Her eyes met mine and grew wide. She brought a finger to her lips and made the universal 'shhhh' motion. I nodded my head slightly. I wasn't in any mood to let Nina know anyways. There was no way I wanted her to stop, so I wasn't going to do anything to ruin the mood.

I looked back and watched as Nina raised and lowered her hips. My thick cock stretching and invading her ass, a stiff rod for pleasure. Her hands now gripped my knees as she rode me, making me the passive one here. I held her hips loosely as she bucked up and down, gaining speed.

"Hnnnngg," she grunted as she slid all the way down onto me and stopped for a moment. "This actually does feel a lot better than I remember." She admitted turning slightly to bring her face around towards mine. I leaned forwards to kiss her and was silently glad that she'd turned her head to the left, for if she'd turned it to the right she might have seen her sister spying on us.

My body thrilled at the fact that not a dozen feet away there was a silent watcher, a quiet voyeur witnessing this intimate act. My shaft swelled inside Nina's tight hole as I thought about it and she moaned, "Oh, your little guy isn't happy I stopped is he?" She said reaching down and caressing my balls.

"You can do anything you want Nina," I said, "This is your show, I'm just here to pleasure you." Then with that I let my hands roam upwards from her hips to wrap around her and cup her breasts. I squeezed the luscious orbs and pinched at her nipples.

She moaned and her hands went down to her soaking wet pussy. I felt her toying with her clit as she masturbated, my dick deep in her ass. "It's a little too difficult to keep going that way," she said as she toyed with herself. "Do you want to switch and bend me over the couch? It's just too much strain on my thighs to hold that position and keep going."

Nina was watching the TV screen again and I quickly glanced at the door behind me. Katie must have heard what Nina said, her eyes were wide and she knew that if we turned around, Nina would be facing the door. Katie closed the door to a crack and I couldn't see her any longer. "No," I said answering Nina's question. "Throw some pillows on the ground and get on your hands and knees. That way you can keep watching the video."

The door to the basement cracked open a little bit as I said that and I could see Katie's face, smiling at me. She held up a thumb, telling me that I'd just covered well. Nina, oblivious to her sister's presence still, rubbed herself faster, "Ok, just a minute... oh god... ohhhhhhh god...."

Then with my hard tool buried deep inside her ass, she came explosively, masturbating herself to a strong shaking orgasm. I felt fluids trickling down my balls as a mixture of the water based lube and her own natural fluids flooded down. She shook and twitched and one hand flew back to grip the back of my head. She pulled me towards her, my face burying into the nape of her neck as she shuddered and cried out soft moans of pleasure.

Then in a flash she was pushing herself up off my lap. She was down on the carpet and throwing a pillow or two under her body as she made herself comfortable. Instead of her hands and knees she knelt on the floor with her face and breasts pressed to the pillows on the ground. With both hands she reached back and spread her cheeks, exposing her rosy pink hole and sodden slit. "Quickly before I get used to you not being there," she said.

I grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted another blast right on her pink bulls-eye and then pressed the head of my cock forwards. I slid in easily, as there was so much lubrication now. I was hilted into her in a moment and she groaned, "Don't hold back, I don't think I'll cum again, and I want to feel you shooting in me."

Who was I to argue? Forgetting for now about her sister watching us, I gripped her hips and began fucking her ass with a ruthless abandon. I may have been a bit too rough as some of her groans were pleasure and some were discomfort. But she never asked me to slow down or stop.

The sounds of the fucking and porno music on the TV were a counterpoint to our own gasps and moans. If Katie was making any noise, I didn't hear it. But her asshole was so lubed up that I had trouble building to my own orgasm. I wondered if I should stop and I started to slow down when Nina yelled from the pillows, "Oh my god, Peter don't stop! Go faster!"

I did so, driving my cock head into her as my balls slapped against her cunny, which was now literally dripping wet. Over and over I slammed into her and then she shuddered and screamed. She literally screamed as another orgasm ripped through her body. I felt a wash of fluids spray against my balls and I knew she'd squirted. But I couldn't examine it as her orgasm caused her asshole to clench tightly and rhythmically around my dick.

It was just the sensation I needed and within a few more desperate pumps, I was releasing. I buried myself to the hilt in her ass and allowed my spunk to fire deep inside her. I groaned and felt myself firing load after load into the curvy blonde. A slight noise made me look behind me and I saw Katie's face. I knew without a doubt that she was pleasuring herself and she was biting her lower lip to keep from crying out and giving away her position.

I rolled down to the floor, turning Nina so that her face was away from the basement stairs and then I moved up against her, spooning her. We lay like that for a while till I began to grow soft. Then she said, "I'm going to the bathroom to clean up. Give me five minutes then you can come join me in the shower, ok?"

I nodded, unable to speak still trying to gain my breath. Nina pulled away from me slowly and I could tell she was clenching, trying to hold her ass cheeks shut tightly. She probably didn't want to spill any of my spunk on the carpet. I managed, just barely, not to laugh as she walked with a strange awkward gait to the bathroom in the back of the house.

I heard the door to the bathroom shut and the shower turn on. Then as I lay on the living room floor, the door to the basement opened. Katie came out and smiled. She was wearing some nice looking clothing, a long sleeve shirt with a low cut neck that showed off her cleavage. It wasn't as outrageous as the corset she'd been wearing before, but I doubted anyone would complain. I made to cover myself up but she just laughed, "No need for modesty now Pete. Just remember, I wasn't here ok?"

I nodded and when she walked past me she stopped. She knelt down next to me and offered her fingers to my lips. I licked them, tasting the tangy saltiness of her own sex on her fingers. She's obviously been fingering herself while watching us. After letting me taste her fingers she patted me on the cheek and said, "Good boy. I appreciate a man who can keep quiet when he needs too."

She went to the door and got dressed in her coat and boots and threw me one last wink. "You should come down and see me at the bar sometime. I'll make sure you don't get carded." Then with that, she was gone, out the front door.

I lay there for a while longer, till the scene on the video tape changed again, then I stood and shut off the TV and made my way to the shower where Nina was waiting.

- - -

"Did you ever tell Nina?" Ann asked me, her eyes wide. "Did you ever tell her that her sister watched you fuck her in the ass?"

I laughed at my wife's wide eyed energy and shook my head. "No, but I think Katie did reference it later. I think they'd been fighting or something and she let it slip. I don't really remember, it was sort of after Nina and I were done.

"You know...." My wife grinned at me slyly. "We used to have a lot of fun fooling around on the web cam while people watched us."

"You know..." I said tapping my chin, "I think I know where that web cam is too..."

To be continued . . .

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