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90% True Ch. 03

Chapter 03 -- A Farewell Orgy

- - -

I was doing the dishes as my wife came in from her friend's house. It was nice that we lived walking distance from her best friend, as it allowed my wife, Ann, to do some drinking and socializing without having to take her car. As she came in I recognized that gleam in her eye though. She was in the mood, she was going to want some sex.

I leaned over to kiss her as she pressed against me and asked if she had a good time at her friend's house. She nodded that she did, and asked if I was going to be ready for bed soon. I knew that was coming, and just told her I wanted to finish the dishes first.

Much later, as we both lay in the bed, sweaty and very satisfied she rolled over on one side and asked me, "So you were telling me about the time you went to Nina's house and filmed yourself having sex with her."

"Really?" I said as I ran a hand across my face, "You want me to keep telling that old story? We just had sex and you know how you get all worked up whenever I go into my stories."

She bit her lip and pouted, "But I want to know what happened. Is that when you hooked up with Katie? Did Rich and Jen ever make it over? What about Rich, did he ever get his video tape?"

I sighed, "Baby, I'm kind of tired. I'm not 18 anymore and we both have to get up in the morning."

She made a puppy dog face and batted her eyes at me, poorly. "Come on," she said, "A little more of the story then I'll go right to sleep. We don't have to have any more sex tonight."

I knew that was a lie, but it was obvious I wasn't going to hear the end of this. So I flipped an extra pillow under my head and made myself comfortable. Ann settled up into my chest and made herself comfortable as I started, "First off, that day only Nina and I had sex. The weather got a lot worse and Jen and Rich never made it to Nina's. Also other than the one look at me while Nina was blowing me, I didn't see her the rest of that day. I guess she did go to sleep, but I don't know how she slept through the racket Nina made as we had sex. I spoke with my parents that afternoon and told them I went to a friend's house. Ended up spending almost the whole weekend with Nina. We fucked like rabbits, and by Sunday around noon, the weather was finally nice enough that I had no excuse not to go home. It looked like the weather was under control and I thought I'd have school again on Monday. So I went home that ..."

Ann interrupted me, "What about Rich and your girlfriend? Didn't he stay with her? Did they end up fucking each other?"

I looked down at my wife and raised an eyebrow, "What's the rule about interrupting my story?"

She apologized and I continued, "Well, when I spoke with Jen later, she told me that she blew rich a few times, but he ended up leaving Saturday despite the driving ban that was in place. Apparently his car wasn't in too bad shape, and he had to get home to take care of his dog. Jen's parents were home that weekend too, so with her small house, it wasn't like they really had a chance to get any privacy like Nina and I had."

"So," I said, starting to settle into my story, "It's Sunday just after noon and I ski home. First thing I do is call Jen. I want to talk to my girlfriend about the fact that I just spent two and a half days fucking a friend of ours. I felt guilty like I'd gone beyond what I probably should have."

- - -

"Well," Jen said quietly over the phone, "I can't talk about this really loud, my parents are in the living room and I don't want them to hear."

I looked at the closed door to the TV room that I was standing in on the second floor of my parents house. "Yeah, no problem, My dad's out shoveling again and my mom ran to the store to get more groceries. The roads here are finally in decent shape." The blizzard had shut buffalo down for most of Friday and Saturday, but the road crews had been working tirelessly and by Sunday morning, the driving ban had been lifted and things were clearing up. "So," I finished, "I'll have to go when I hear one of them come back in from outside."

My siblings were outside also, playing in the massive mountains of snow in our front yard. I could see through the windows that my baby brother, only seven, was jumping up and down on a massive hill of snow. The mountain was part from the snow plows and part from our shoveling, and easily six feet high.

Jen spoke up as I watched out the window, "So, I guess I can't be mad. I mean, if anything I started this going, right? I helped Nina trick you into a threesome."

"Yeah, gee," I interrupted with a heavy dose of sarcasm, "God I'm so mad at you about that... ooooh how dare you make me have sex with you and another hottie."

Jen chuckled but continued, "And I did fuck Nina at school without telling you." I could not have cared less about that. Well, I kind of wish I had been there to see it or participate, but I really wasn't upset about it. "Plus, I did give you permission to fuck her on Thursday. I just guess I didn't think it was going to go all weekend. But it's ok."

I felt a sense of weight lift off my shoulders as my girlfriend absolved me of my guilt, and then she added, "I did blow Rich a few times just so you know." I didn't really care. If I was going to skate for fucking Rich's fiancee for two days straight, I could let go him getting head from my girlfriend. I let Jen know about that.

But then I got a little serious, "Jen, listen, Nina was talking to me. We need to discuss something. You know that Rich leaves this Thursday. Well the night before, Wednesday he has to check into a hotel or something. It's something that the Marines make you do before shipping you out. Spend a night alone, where they know you'll be, that way they can come get you first thing in the morning I guess?" My sentence went up at the end as I turned it into a question. The fact of the matter is I wasn't really clear on the whole thing. I just knew that on Wednesday afternoon he had to check into a hotel and that'd be the last we would see of him for months.

"Now, Nina confided in me that there's no way she can go without sex for that long. There's no way she can go celibate for six months." I took a deep breath before plunging into my next statement, unable to believe I was about to say what I was about to say, "And she asked me if you and I would be willing to serve as her 'pressure release' from time to time till Rich gets back."

There was silence on the other end and I quickly added, "Actually she said both of us. She said she really liked having sex with you too... but I got the impression that she really feels the need to get some dick in her from time to time. I told here there was no way that I woul...."

Jen cut me off, "I told Rich that you would do it."

My jaw dropped open. "What?" I asked Jen over the phone, "I'd do what?"

The line was quiet for a few moments and I got the feeling that Jen was listening to something outside of her bedroom because she whispered very quietly when she answered. "Rich asked me if I would be ok with you and I fucking Nina while he was gone. He said that if she cheats on him with anyone else, he's afraid she will just leave him for the new guy. But that if the three of us just have fun together while he's gone, then she'll stay loyal otherwise."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, "So you're ok with uh... with..."

Jen answered, "I told Rich already that we would." I was stunned. My girlfriend had just turned our relationship into a three way for the next few months. The thing was that I had imagined that this phone call might end with us breaking up. I was afraid Jen would be mad at me for fucking Nina, that she'd think it was cheating since she wasn't there. I never would have expected this. I don't know how long I stood there holding the phone but Jen finally spoke again, "is... um... is it ok that I said that?"

"Yes," I announced, far too loudly and far too quickly into the phone. My response illiceted a girlish giggle from Jen and I added quickly, "But what's the rules here? I mean, I don't mind if you and she have fun, but what about me, do you want me to only be with her when you're around or what?"

Jen was quiet for a moment and then finally said, "As long as we still see each other on the weekends, as long as I still get my sex when I want it, and as long as you still love me, then I don't care. You and she can get together alone." She paused and then added, "but you know it's more fun when it's the three of us."

I laughed and admitted she was right and then she dropped another bomb on me. "But we're going to try to get Rich his girl girl threesome before he leaves. I assume you're ok with that?" I really had no room to argue, but didn't really mind anyways. I had offered to hold the camera after all.

"But if he's going away Wednesday afternoon," I said before Jen cut me off.

"He and I talked about it. He's going to get a room at the hotel the night before. He's going to tell his family that he has to go in a day earlier than expected. Then Tuesday afternoon, you pick Nina and I up at school." It was trying sometimes being one of the group with a car. Neither Jen nor Nina had a car. "From school, we're going to meet him at the hotel, then we spend the next few hours fucking his brains out. I already told my parents that I'm going to a going away party for Rich that afternoon and they agreed to let me stay out till midnight. I tried to get longer, but it is a school night, and you know my dad."

She and I both mimicked her father and said at the same time one of his favorite sayings, "My house, my rules young lady."

She laughed and then continued, "So I figure if you don't mind, we get to hang out as late as like... 11:30 and then you take me home, then Nina, since she lives right by you anyways."

I was quiet for a few minutes as I thought I heard someone downstairs, but I hadn't heard the front door. Then again I don't know if I would have heard a bomb going off outside at this point I was so keyed up. Finally I asked her, "Jen, what does this mean for our relationship? Are we in an open relationship now that we're fucking other people? I mean, a month ago I would have never thought you would have been bisexual."

She laughed, "Neither would I!" We were quiet again for a little bit and she said something that both excited and scared me. "I guess we're both going to college in a few months, and you've been accepted to local schools as well as ones that are out of state, I wanted to see if we could survive having a strain on our relationship."

I read between the lines... she was already thinking about breaking up with me. Or at least she was thinking that if I went out of town for college, we'd be fucking other people. I was trying to think of something to say when I heard the front door slam downstairs and I said, "Ok baby, I gotta go, we will talk more later ok?"

She said, "I love you too, and don't worry about it so much Pete, we're just teenagers having fun. Don't over think things."

We said a few more things and then said goodbye and hung up the phone. My mind wandered to all of the girls at school that flirted with me. I wondered if Jen's taste in women would allow.... I shook my head dismissing the thought before it would even start. I decided that I should probably go up to my two room apartment in the attic of my parents house and get some school work done. Having that previous Friday off meant that the teachers were going to be expecting extra work to be done. I could promise that my history teacher was going to give a pop quiz on reading that we would have had to do for Friday as well as over the weekend.

I sighed and tromped up to my apartment, trying to shake the idea of an orgy, threesomes, and sex with new women out of my head. I was very unsuccessful.

The next day I could barely keep my eyes open. Go figure I'd spent most of the three day weekend having sex with a pretty blonde who I was beginning to suspect suffered from a mild case of nymphomania.

A friend leaned over and elbowed me as I started to get the head nods in my typing class. The typing class was a total joke and a complete blow off. As a senior in high school, my year was full of only a few important classes. I had taken summer classes to get ahead all three years of high school so far. That left me, in my senior year, able to take four different advanced placement level courses offered at my high school, which counted for college credit. But I had to 'fill the time' of the rest of my day with other classes. So I had two study hall periods, an art classes, and a keyboarding class in addition to my four 'real' classes. Since I'd spent hours playing touch typing games on my parents computer over the last few years, I was already a touch typist. The keyboarding class was a total joke for me. With permission from the instructor, I usually spent it listening to my discman, typing out the lyrics to my favorite songs. I think he knew that I was taking the class as a blow off course, but I think it also helped the other students to hear me banging out 50-60 words per minute.

Regardless, I had been half falling asleep while listening to my music, and apparently I had stopped typing. My friend, Keri, leaned over and elbowed me awake and I looked over at her. The only other senior in the class, she and I sat in the back and mostly kept to ourselves. Her last name was very similar to the word 'lion', so I always called her Lioness, Lions, or sometimes just 'rawwr.' That last nickname fit her especially well as she was a real animal. She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair that somehow always seemed like she always just came inside from a windy day no matter when you saw her. If she was five feet tall, she was probably wearing thick soled sneakers, but despite her short frame, it was packed and stacked in all the right places. She was skinny, but in a lean sort of energetic way. She had small B cup breasts, but she always wore a push up bra and shirts that accentuated what she had. Her legs were out of sight too, she had great legs, which was a shame that you only saw them when the weather was nice enough to wear shorts. A cute pug nose and devilish grey blue eyes, and her smile, well, her smile looked like she always knew something that she wasn't telling you.

I drew in a breath and looked at her. She nodded her head at her computer screen.

'WHATS THE MATTER PUMKIN? NOT ENOUGH SLEEP LAST NIGHT?' Was displayed on her screen right below the typing assignment she should have been working on. I was mildly annoyed with the fact that it was all in caps.

I turned to my screen and typed out to her, 'Not last night, not enough sleep all weekend long. Also, turn off caps loc, you know I hate that.'

She giggled quietly and typed out on her screen, 'Awwww poor baby, did you have to have sex with your girlfriend again all weekend long?' See, I had the strangest feeling that Lions was totally into me. She flirted with me constantly and always talked about what she would do to me if I ever broke up with Jen. But I always took it as harmless flirting. Anyways, Lions was one of the few people I talked too about my sex life. Lions was a bit loose according to most of the kids in our school. That was because she'd already had sex with a whopping three different guys. In a predominantly white, suburban high school, this was a lot for an eighteen year old girl apparently. It never bothered me personally and she liked hanging out with me because I didn't judge her on it. In fact we often swapped stories. I knew for example that guy number three went to a different high school and was a bit of a stoner, though apparently he had a big dick, and Lions was really into the way he fucked her.

Now, I hadn't told Lions about Jen and my threesome from the previous weekend on new years day. I'd seen her the previous Wednesday and Thursday, but I wasn't sure what was going on with Jen and I yet, and didn't really want to tell Lions about it. I had of course forgotten this point as I just woke up and typed out a response to her, "No, not Jen, Nina. That girl is a freak, she used me from Friday till I left her house on Sunday morning."

Lion's eyes gaped open wide and she blurted out loud, "You and Jen broke up!?" The entire room full of quiet typing suddenly got instantly silent as thirty teenagers stopped pecking away at their keys and turned to the back of the room to look at Lions and I. The teacher, who was sitting at his desk reading a magazine, looked at us annoyed.

I made the shushing noise at her and then uttered a weak apology to the class who slowly turned back forwards and began banging away on their computers. With a glare at Lions, whose mouth was still open I typed, "No, long story. Nina is" I paused there, not exactly sure what to say. What was Nina to me now? I shrugged and typed the only thing I could think of. Picking back up where I left off, I finished my thought. The green and black monitor read, "No, long story. Nina is Jen and my new girlfriend."

Lion's eyes looked like they were going to burst out of her pretty little face. Finally she started typing again, "Wait a second, are you telling me that you and Jen are still together?"

I nodded and she kept typing, "and that you're both fucking some other girl?"

I nodded and she typed, "So Jen's gay?"

I paused and shook my head, but then typed out a response, "I guess you could say she's half and half?"

Lion's made a fake 'fanning' motion in front of her face, as if to say she was hot. But then she typed out, "Like, how far did Jen and this other girl go?"

"As far as you can imagine two women going I guess." I responded with my apple II e.

"Fuck," she typed out, then after a moment licked her lips and typed, "Room for a fourth?"

Now it was my turn to draw the classes attention as I laughed out loud. The teacher gave me a stern glare and said, "Peter, I can give you another assignment if you need one." A subtle reminder that he was basically letting me do nothing in his class other then take the tests. But if I couldn't' control myself, he could always make me do the dumbed down routine assignments that the other students were working at. I apologized and looked back at Lion's screen, but she had deleted all of her comments to me and was going back to work on her assignment. Still I couldn't help but glance down the green polo shirt she was wearing, all of the buttons unbuttoned, exposing her slight cleavage. I wonder what Lions would have been like in bed. I wondered how serious she was about her comment. I wondered what Jen would do if I suggested we bring another woman into bed with us. That thought sobered me up and I turned my headphones on and started typing to try to distract myself until the class ended.

The next two days seemed to absolutely crawl by. Monday night Nina called and asked me to please not masturbate for a few days. She wanted me fully ready when Tuesday hit. She needn't have worried about that, I was still sore from our weekend even as tuesday rolled around. I had told my parents I was going straight from school to a goodbye bash for Rich, but they seemed unconcerned. Apparently they figured that now that I was eighteen, I could make my own decisions. I tried to make sure they were good ones, and as I was packing for school that morning, I went into my sex drawer.

It was empty. Oh right, I took the few toys I had along with all my condoms and lube over to Nina's house. When I had left Sunday morning, I was so exhausted I had completely forgotten to take that bag with me. Well, I wasn't going to call her house at 7am on a Tuesday morning and run the risk of her mother or siblings answering. I could only imagine how that conversation would go, "Hi Mrs. Nina's mom, could you please remind Nona to bring my sex toys to the orgy tonight? Thanks, bye!" I'd just have to hope she thought of it herself.
Time absolutely crawled along that day at school. I couldn't think of anything other than what might happen that night. But finally the last class of the day ended. I was out the door of my school quicker than I'd ever been. Certainly kids rushed out, and certainly on a Friday afternoon there was a mad dash for the student parking lot, but I was even more excited then normal as I ran flat out to my car. Giving it a cursory swipe with a snow brush, I hopped in and gunned that sucker to life and half slid, half flew out of the parking lot, trying to beat the school buses out of the lot.

It seemed like I got to Jen and Nina's private catholic high school in half the time it usually took me. I pulled up out front as close to the door as I could with traffic and waited impatiently. Finally after ten long minutes my girlfriend and Nina came out the door. My heart skipped a beat as I saw them.

You know that old cliché of the dirty naughty catholic school girl? It seemed like today these two girls were going to play that image to a tee. Both of them had rolled the hem of their skirts up so that the bottom of the skirts were a good inch above their knee. At their school, that was scandalous. I could even see the top of the leggings that Jen was wearing. They came up to her mid thigh like stockings, but were thicker, and in the deep dark green of her school uniform. They looked like a vision as they half jogged towards my car, my girlfriend dark, exotic, and athletic, and Nina, curvy, blonde, and oozing sex somehow even from this distance.

They hopped into my SUV, Jen in the front seat, and Nina in the back. Jen leaned over and gave me a deep, tongue filled, long kiss. Almost immediately I could smell pussy on her lips and I could taste that tangy deliciousness as well. I had no doubt that she and Nina had made me wait out front as they had a little fling somewhere in the school.

I pulled back from her finally and said, "Well, I guess I don't have to ask why I was waiting out here so long do I?"

Jen laughed, "Sorry baby, we wanted to pre-game."

In the back seat Nina laughed loudly. I turned and said, "Do I get a kiss from you as well?" My hopes were that I'd be able to taste Jen on her lips as well."

Nina looked slightly horrified and said, "Good god no Pete. Everyone would see us."

I turned around, a little ashamed. Of course, other than the three of us, Rich, and now Lions, I guess no one knew about our twisted little affair. I also knew that if the rumor mill at a public school could be bad, it was absolutely nothing compared to the vicious grapevine of teen judgment that happened at the all girls school they went too.

Chagrined, I put my SUV into drive and began to pull out of the parking lot. "Where are we going?" I asked the car in general.

Nina replied, "The Red Roof Inn over by the I-90." I nodded but she held out a gold colored credit card to me, "Also, you're rich, ok?"

I was confused, "Nina, I can barely pay my parents rent on the apartment..."

She smacked me in the shoulder, "No Pete, you're Rich." She shoved the credit card at me again and I took it. I saw that it was embossed with "RICH" her fiancee's name. She explained, "Rich has to work until 5:30. He said to get a room and wait for him, He'd be there by six and would bring a pizza. But there's no point in waiting around for him, he gave me his card and said that you should just check in under his name."

I nodded, understanding as I pulled onto the interstate. In less than fifteen minutes, I'd be at the hotel, and then hopefully, shortly after that, I'd have a little alone time with these two beauties. I could handle that. I think Rich realized that too, and figured that I'd not only get them warmed up for him, but then also I wouldn't feel jealous about him fucking my girlfriend right in front of me.

I was very nervous as I checked into the hotel. I was worried they'd ask for ID or something. But they didn't. They really couldn't have cared less as long as the credit card payment went through, which it did. I had my pick of almost any room since a Tuesday in early January in Buffalo wasn't exactly peak season for a red roof inn. So I reserved a room, and asked for one on the end of the building, with a queen bed. I got it as a smoking room too. I was a very light social smoker, having a few when I was drinking, especially at a bar, but never smoked otherwise. But Rich was a pack a day guy, and I thought that since this was his party, he'd appreciate not having to go outside to fire one up.

Going back out to the car I grabbed the girls and their bags. We bustled up the snowy outside stairs to the room. Jen walked ahead of me, and flipped the back of her skirt up to quickly flash her ass at me. My cock throbbed as I noticed two things in that quick flash; one, she wasn't wearing any panties, two, she had her purple butt plug stuffed between her athletic ass cheeks. I groaned softly and realized that she must have put it in before even leaving her school, and had it in that whole time. I also knew that Jen would be horny as hell. She was very anally focused, loved having her ass played with and fucked, and if she'd been wearing her butt plug for any length of time, that meant she was probably already very turned on.

I opened the door for the girls, and before I went in out of the cold, was pleased to note that some drifting snow had started to dust across the outdoor balcony that wrapped around the building allowing access to the rooms. I saw no footprints and it didn't look like any of the curtains were open in any of the rooms I could see. Since the parking lot had a whopping three cars in it other then mine, and those were parked close to the office, I figured we'd have quite a bit of privacy.

I entered the room and sighed as the warm hotel room started to banish the cold from outside. Kicking off my shoes, the girls and I hung up our coats and looked around. The room wasn't very large, it was pretty standard for one of these motels. Near the door a table and two chairs, across from that a dresser with a TV. A large queen sized bed, then two comfortable looking padded chairs. Then a tiny kitchenette type sink and counter and a door that lead to what I was sure was the bathroom.

I had just finished taking it all in when my athletic girlfriend crushed me back against the door. Her firm D cup breasts pushed into my chest through my T shirt and flannel and her school uniform. The kiss was long and intense, and I could still detect the faintest smell of pussy on her, a remnant of her dalliance with Nina before they got in my car.

Finally she pulled me back to the bed and sat down on it, holding my hands as I stood in front of her. Nina had already laid out on the other part of the bed and was flipping through the channels on the TV. Jen looked up at me from her sitting position and asked me, "Baby I need to know, to really really know that you're ok with this?"

I cocked one eyebrow, "Ok with what?"

"Uh," she said looking at me like I was an idiot, "Ok with all of this. This is the first time we've really had a chance to talk about everything since new years. I need to know that you're ok with me and Nina, that you're ok with me fucking Rich, that you're ok with filming your girlfriend fucking two other people. With all of it."

I knelt down in front of the bed and pulled her face down to me. I kissed her lips softly and smiled as I told her, "baby, I couldn't dream of anything more amazing. You and Nina are both amazingly sexy women, and I love you so much for bringing this all together."

Jen's mouth quirked to the side, "Well, I know you're ok having sex with her."

Nina added from behind Jen, "Who wouldn't be?"

Jen turned long enough to stick her tongue out at Nina before turning back to me and saying, "But before new years, I was afraid I'd get jealous or angry watching you have sex with another woman. But when I saw you fucking Nina, I didn't feel jealous, I only felt more turned on. I'm just worried that you're not going to like watching me fuck Rich."

I looked Jen dead in the eyes and said to her, "Baby, I watched you and Nina have sex, and that only turned me on. Rich is a great friend, and this is the last we're going to see of him for months. I know that you love me, and that this whole thing, this whole sex thing, it's all just for fun. I promise you this, I'll be fine, and that even if I'm not, we will talk about it later and I won't ever hold this against you. Besides, I think this is going to be really fucking hot." I grinned at her.

She kissed me again and it lingered for a while. When the kiss broke up, Nina had turned to lay on her side and watch us. She spoke first, "You're going to have to get us going before Rich gets here too Pete."

Jen nodded and said, "Nina decided she's going to give up her ass to Rich tonight too."

I was a little impressed. Nina had never let Rich, or me for that matter, fuck her in the ass before. She was always too afraid it was going to hurt. But I sensed that Jen's influence on her was starting to wear off. Jen must have convinced her how good it felt or something. Hell, there were some days where I thought that Jen must have been wired wrong, because she seemed to enjoy anal sex as much or more than vaginal sex. I asked, "This is Jen's doing isn't it?"

Nina shrugged, "Partially, but I've been thinking about it for a while now anyways." She rolled over on the bed so that she was facing away from me and lifted her skirt. I saw the red rubber rectangle between her ass cheeks of Jen's 'trainer' butt plug. She continued, "But you left your sex toys at my house on Sunday so I started playing with them. I found that I really liked the way this one felt."

I couldn't help but chuckle, "You know that was the first plug Jen and I bought right? It's a 'starter' plug, much thinner than the other two we have." Mentally my brain added 'one of which is in Jen's ass right now.'

Nina flipped her skirt back down and rolled back over to look at Jen and I. She bit the bottom of her lip and said, "Yeah, but I thought maybe the two of you could work me up and we could replace this with the black one till Rich gets here?"

The black one huh? That means that Jen must have brought some of her toys, because the black one was the second plug we bought. It was a more normal sized plug, about five inches from base to tip, an inch and a half wide at the widest point, and maybe half an inch at the narrow point between the base and the flare of the cone. The red trainer in her ass now was only three quarters of an inch wide at the widest point, half of the black one she wanted to step up too. The one Jen was wearing was about the same shape as the black one, but was purple so therefore much prettier in her eyes, and also had a small removable vibrating egg.

"I'm..." I hesitated, "I'm not really sure how to start this." I said after a few moments of awkward silence. "Last time I was pretty drunk and you gals did all the work."

Jen nodded and then slid away from me to stand up and start removing her school outfit. Nina followed suit a few moments later, and Jen took the lead saying, "Why don't you get undressed and lay on the bed baby. Nina and I will get started, you can jump in whenever you want." Her school uniform quickly fell to the floor and she rolled her leggings down, stripping down nude.

As the two girls undressed, I quickly yanked the comforter and blanket off the bed. I couldn't help but think of a story I'd heard about how the blankets rarely got washed at motels, and I figured the sheets would be clean enough. Throwing the blanket and comforter in the corner padded chair, I turned to see my now nude girlfriend pulling some stuff out of her bag. On the bedside table she set out two bottles of lube, one was a 'warming kind', the black butt plug, her favorite vibrator, and a non vibrating dildo. Then she quickly pulled out a strip of condoms almost as an afterthought. She and I didn't use condoms during sex, but we had found that they were fantastic for easy cleanup, and often used them just for hygienic purposes, especially if she wanted to use any of her toys other than her plugs in her ass.

I yanked off my clothes as I watched the two women get on the bed and lay side by side. They began making out and touching each other passionately. I lay next to them, my cock quickly rising to fullness as I watched them. I felt almost like I shouldn't intrude they were so obviously into their sapphic encounter. Nina paused and rolled over towards me. She grabbed my neck and tongue kissed me deeply. I felt her mouth explore mine and I groaned as my cock twitched eagerly. Finally she broke the kiss and turning back to Jen said to me, "There's your hello kiss, hope you didn't mind waiting for it."

She began making out with Jen again and I looked at her back, with the rectangle of red rubber slightly exposed between her cheeks, and knew that I certainly didn't mind waiting one bit. I reached over and turned off the TV as I didn't want any distractions from what these two were about.

Jen had begun to roll over on top of Nina and the two were really going at it. I mean their hands were mostly on each other's breasts, back, neck, and head, but man... they were making out like two ... well... like two horny teenagers, which I guess they were. I lightly played with my cock as I watched them, not wanting to interrupt this scene. Then suddenly it occurred to me and I said, "Oh no, we don't have the camcorder!"

Nina broke the kiss and looked at me, "Rich came and picked it up from my house monday. That's when he gave me his card. He's bringing it with him when he comes." Then she turned back to Jen and asked, "69 now please?"

Jen laughed and nodded, then pushing herself away from the curvy blonde, she rotated around. Her knees came down on either side of Nina's head and the blonde woman likewise spread her legs for Jen's eager mouth. My girlfriend wasted no time lowering her face down to Nina's thick delicious slit. I heard the two of them both begin licking and sucking at each other right away and I simply lay next to them for awhile watching and enjoying the sounds they made. Gasps and moans and other small mewls of pleasure told me that they weren't doing this for my benefit, but they were really enjoying themselves.

After a while Nina began gasping and panting and moaning faster and faster. Jen redoubled her efforts and made Nina cum beneath her. Nina didn't squirt this time, but I'd learned that she only did that every so often. But still her orgasms were always quite wet and I could smell the fresh burst of her arousal in the air as she came. Jen lightly lapped at Nina's juicy slit as the blonde beneath her moaned and twisted pleasurably. Then Jen lifted her head, and her face, wet from nose to chin with Nina's juices split into a great smile. She said to me, "Baby, I want you to do something. Put on a condom and fuck my ass while Nina licks me."

Well, who was I to argue with that? I hopped off the bed and went around to the night stand. Rolling an unlubricated condom onto my rock hard shaft, I watched as the two women squirmed slightly to make room for me at the head of the bed. I drizzled a copious amount of the water based lube on my condom sheathed cock and moved to kneel on the bed, my legs outside of Jen's which were surrounding Nina's head. I could hear Nina resume her oral attentions on Jen's bald pussy as I positioned myself the best. I gripped the purple base of the butt plug in Jen's ass and slowly started teasing her with it. I began pulling it out, stretching her ass ring, then letting it go to fill her back up fully. I did this about three or four times before she finally moaned at me, "Oh for the love of fuck Pete, would you just take it out and fuck my ass already?"

I laughed and I felt a tender lick at the bottom of my ball sack as Nina must have been adding her encouragement in a non verbal way. I pulled the butt plug out of Jen's ass and very quickly lined the head of my cock up with her spread nether hole. Before I even had a chance to prepare to push into her, she shoved her hips backwards into me. The tip of my cock speared into her open ass. It never felt as good when I was wearing a condom, but I was in no place to complain as she rocked back into me, taking a fraction of an inch more with each rock. Finally with a delightful burst, the full head of my cock popped into her ass, drawing another pleasurable moan from Jen. I could feel my balls brushing against Nina's face, but I had large balls, there was really nothing I could do about it.

"Now fuck me please," Jen requested. I was only too happy to comply. I began stroking my lubed cock in and out of her ass while below I felt Nina resume licking her pussy with gusto. I wasn't even a dozen strokes into it when Jen came loudly and violently. Her orgasm must have been intense because she literally screamed out with pleasure, wordlessly and genuine. Her ass clenched down on my dick so hard I couldn't stroke in and out any more till her orgasm began to fade.

She held me like that for a moment then pulled away from me. She crawled down Nina's body and I gripped my cock as it came free from her ass. I thought it might be rude to let it smack down into Nina's face as the blonde lay below me. Jen crawled to the edge of the bed and then lay there, across it, looking at us. Nina raised her head, slightly sweaty and covered in Jen's girl jizz to look at the chocolate haired woman as she trembled and shook. Jen took a moment and then said, "well? What are you waiting for? Take off the condom and fuck her already."

I looked down at Nina and she looked back up at me, "Oh yes please?" She said with a laugh. Then scooting out from beneath me, she quickly got up on all fours in the doggystyle position. I could see the red rubber of the trainer butt plug still embedded in her cheeks. I pulled off the condom and tossed it into the trash before lining the fat head of my cock up to Nina's slippery wet cunny. I smiled at Jen as I pushed into Nina's tight wet sheath. The pleasure was heavenly and I could almost feel my copious precum mixing inside her with her own luscious juices and my girlfriend's saliva.

I began fucking Nina with slow but deep strokes. My balls slapped against her clit every time I buried myself in her. She moaned and groaned, and I think had a small orgasm almost right away. But I kept fucking, I needed my release after all.

"Nina," Jen asked the blonde as she watched us fucking, "I have a thought."

Nina simply moaned in pleasure as I fucked her deeply. So I responded, "What is it baby?"

Jen looked at me and said, "Nina loves tasting cum. I was thinking maybe you cum in me and she can get it from me instead of you?" Jen's smile was deviant and devilish and the thought of what she'd just said made my cock throb with desire, drawing another moan from Nina.

I smiled, "Ok but first, hand me the black plug." Jen hustled to sit up and reach for the night stand while I banged Nina harder and faster. Jen drizzled lube on the medium sized butt plug and handed it to me. Then I reached down to Nina's ass and said, "Ok Nina, just relax"

Nina cried out between moans, "Just go for it, I don't care, just don't stop fucking meeeeeeeeeeeee!" That last word turned into a cry of pleasure as her pussy began clenching my cock violently as she reached her peak. I wasn't sure about the first one, wasn't quite sure if she came when I first started fucking her, but there was no doubt about this one. Her cunny flooded with wetness and I could feel it soaking my shaft and balls as she slammed her hips back into me and rode the wave of her pleasure.

I kept fucking her through this, and when she seemed to come down from her orgasm, I gripped the red rubber between her ass cheeks and started teasing it out. She started crying out again as the anal stimulation along with the fucking revived her flagging orgasm back to full power. This time I did feel a hot gush of fluids hitting my balls and I knew she was squirting. The smell of her girl jizz was now overpowering in the room. But unwilling to quit my task, I eased the trainer butt plug out of her ass. I had a moment where her asshole gaped at me, clenching and releasing as she enjoyed her orgasm, but then I quickly replaced it with the rounded tip of the black butt plug. I worked it in and out of her, deeper with each thrust, until finally with a pop, it sank into her, leaving only a rectangle of black rubber between her cheeks.
I could feel myself getting close, and said so. Jen had been watching from the padded chair and idly toying with her pussy. "In me, in me!" she cried and I withdrew from Nina, drawing a slight moan of disappointment from the blonde. I moved over to my girlfriend and grabbed her by the knees. Not even bothering to let her get out of the comfortable chair, I shoved her knees up towards her chest. She fell back in the half circle chair, and she brought her hands up to squeeze her nipples. In one slick motion I buried my cock halfway into her wet cunny. It only took me a dozen or so thrusts before I groaned and slammed myself fully to the hilt in her wet pussy. Then I released. It felt like a torrent of my essence released into her as I cried out wordlessly. I kept pumping as I came, unloading more and more of my hot white cream into Jen.

Then finally I was done, spent, and exhausted. I fell away from her to sit on the floor, my back against the bed. Nina wasted no time though and quickly knelt in front of the chair. The blonde quickly began eating Jen's pussy. Her tongue brought Jen to orgasm and the brunette cried out as Nina licked as much of my cum out of her as possible.

Finally Nina finished her licking and then sat back. She, like me, sat on the floor leaning against the bed. All three of us were panting and gasping for breath, fully satiated. I looked at the clock and said, "Huh, we still have a good thirty minutes or so until Rich gets here, at the least. You girls wanna take a shower and clean up?"

The two girls looked at each other and grinned mischievously. Jen said to Nina, "I don't know Nina, it might be weird being in the shower with a guy there this time."

Nina laughed and shrugged, "I'm sure we can make it fun even with him intruding."

- - -

"No!" Ann cried, fingering her pussy and pinching her nipple. "You can't start a story now about shower sex. You know how I love shower sex."

I smiled at my wife and shrugged. She rolled over and began attacking me and it was quite a little while later that I was in the shower, rinsing sweat and sex off my body that I recalled that when I'd started this part of the story, Ann had said that we wouldn't have to have sex again.

My wife was so ridiculous sometimes.

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