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8 Days: Day 8+ - FTDS

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

My unsolicited sequel to DamonX's story 8 Days.

Happily ever after? The conclusion.

There are too damn many intriguing stories that are never completed. If I find a story that's been left hanging for too long, I'll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don't write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

For information on how I decide which stories to continue, please check my profile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Damon," the voice was insistent, shaking me.

"Not going in today," I groaned, rolling over.

"Lacey said you wanted to be up by 9:00."

Lacey said? I turned my head, cracking one eye open. I grinned. "Morning, beautiful," I croaked, reaching toward her.

She laughed, slapping my hand away. "Behave, Damon."

With a lurch, I got my hand on her shorts, and tugged her nearer. "Best of all, you know that?"

With tiny steps she was dragged to the bed, not fighting it all that much. I turned and used both hands, pulling her down to the mattress.

"Damon! Lacey's right down the hall."

I drew her close, hugging her. "The only one, you know."

"You're not making any sense. The only one what?" She was keeping her hands between us, chuckling at me.

"The only one that didn't betray me, Stacy. The only one who fought for us, instead of against us. Even Jenna betrayed me. Even my Jenna."

She stopped fighting, and let me hug her. "What are you talking about?"

"Ask Lacey. They were all against us. Everyone but you. I...I'll always remember that. Always. You're the best."

She let me rest my head against her chest, rubbing my hair. "I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. Lacey's happy this morning. What's got her in such a good mood?"

"We had a good talk. We cleared up a lot of stuff. No more secrets."

"None?" she asked softly.

"At least not from me. I think none from her."

She pulled away a little, quiet. I wasn't ready for the slap that almost took my head off. "That's for the poison ivy stunt." My hand was too slow to block the second one that was almost as hard, leaving my ear ringing. "And that one was for whatever you put in the lube."

I was about to blow up when her lips settled over mine, and stayed there, until any thoughts beyond what we were doing fled my mind. "And that one was for getting everything out in the open, finally." She gave me a genuine smile. "You're a piece of work, aren't you? Now get up before she comes looking for us."

Stacy bounced out of the bed before I could react. "Sounds like I need to have a serious talk with Lacey." She looked back at me. "Brush your teeth if you expect another kiss anytime soon."

I took her advice, put on a pair of boxers for decency's sake, and headed out. Lacey was putting food on the table. Blueberry pancakes, with sausage. I caught her once she was empty-handed, and pulled her close. "Pretty brave girl, sending Stacy in after me."

She pressed her lips against mine. "Last day, baby. Get it while you can."

I reached down and pulled up the back of her night-shirt, and grabbed two handfuls of her sweet butt cheeks.

"Damon!" she hissed, looking over her shoulder. "No more fantasies. We've got a guest."

"You're a walking fantasy. If you don't want me to exploit it, wear panties, naughty girl." I pressed the hardness that Stacy had initiated, into Lacey's belly.

"After, Ok? Not here, in front of her."

I was about to make a comment about how there'd been no problem with Stacy being around for Lacey's blowjob training the last few days. I bit my tongue, and she looked up at me hopefully. "Please. You know I won't say no if you insist, but it's difficult for me, being around them, and thinking about what you guys did."

"You're not my slave, baby. I'm not going to make you do anything. I have no right to tell you what to do, or what not to do. Not anymore."

She looked sadder as she nodded. "Unless you want to. You know that, right?"

Stacy walked in and smacked my ass as she put the drinks on the table and took a seat. "Get a room, you two." She piled a couple of pancakes on her plate, as I gave Lacey a short peck, and released her, taking my seat.

"Milk, Damon? How old are you?" Stacy teased.

"Pancakes, Oreos, and Raisin Bran. Nothing goes better." Although pancakes for breakfast wasn't doing wonders for my diet plans. I wasn't about to fault Lacey for it. She was bending over backwards to make my meals.

Over breakfast, I found out why Stacy was over. Apparently they were still cleaning up loose ends from calling off the wedding. I confessed that I had plans of my own, but should be back early afternoon. For the first time in the last four days, I didn't do anything with Lacey. I thought back to how much sex I'd been getting the last week. Going from 2-3 times a week, before that damned deal, to that many times a day. I wasn't complaining about the frequency or the quality, both of which had improved significantly.

~ * ~ * ~

Once I escaped the house, I started with a call to Cale. Something Donna had said stuck with me, and I needed resolution.

"What's up, Damon?" he asked.

"The stripper. Do we know where he lives?"

"No. At least I don't. You trying to get hold of him?"

"I think so. If I do, I may want to pay him a visit. Any chance of getting some backup?"

Cale worked from home, and had flexible hours. "I have an important 3:00 conference call. As long as we're done by 2:00 or so, I can be there. I'll check around. Eric may be available, at long as it's not too early."

"Too early? It's already after 10:00."

"That's around his wake-up time. I'll check. How do you plan on tracking him down?"

"Don't know yet, but I'll see what I can do."

My first thought was Jenna. She knew about the guy it seemed. If she didn't know where he lived outright, it was possible she knew someone who would.

Nikki answered the door, and let me in. "She's not here."


She pulled me in and closed the door behind me. "She's really broken up, Damon. You know she never meant to hurt you."

I nodded, heading in and taking a seat. "It was still wrong."

Nikki sat next to me, very close. "She knows. We had a long talk. I'm not very happy with her either."

I put my arm around her, pulling her close. "Still working the late shift?"

She worked as a waitress in a fine dining restaurant, evenings while she took classes during the day. Made pretty good money at it, as I understood. Steady, with good tips. Jenna was the opposite, feast or famine, with big, high-paying gigs, between down times.

"3:00 to 11:00," she confirmed. She cuddled in, her hand running down my thigh. "Anything I can do to help?"

"I was trying to find out something about that stripper. I want to talk to him."

Her hand stopped its movement. "You're not going to do anything stupid, are you?"

"No, as long as he's willing to talk and be honest."

Her hand started moving again, higher, until I felt it brush against my balls. "You want to talk to Brenda. She went out with him a few times. That's how we know what an asshole he is."

I knew of a Brenda, but didn't really know her. "Are you friendly with her? Could you find out?"

She sighed. "Sure. For you Damon. I'll give her a call."

I listened to her on the phone, and it was pretty obvious she was talking to a machine. She left a call-back message. She turned to me. "Is he out of the hospital? You might be able to talk to him there."

"I heard he'd be getting out by the end of the week," I explained.

Nikki picked up the phone, and after a couple of minutes was talking to admissions at St. Albans. "Checked out yesterday. Sorry."

"How much did you know, Nikki?"

"Nothing really. Not 'til last night, when you left. I got the full story then. I was completely in the dark." She settled back onto the couch, and wiggled underneath my arm.

"So the first time, uh, you and me..."

"No idea. I swear. Not until I heard them talking it over at the gym, and Lacey was bragging about all the things she'd done with that asshole, and where she was going to find her next conquest, with even a bigger dick."

I didn't like the sound of that. It didn't mesh well with the story I was getting from Lacey. "Can you give me any more details about the conversation?"

Her hand was being naughty. "Wouldn't you prefer to have this conversation in my bedroom, while we wait for Brenda's call?"

In her room, she undressed me, and gave me a bit of a show, stripping slowly, blushing. When she was naked, we got under the sheets, cuddling and kissing. She pulled away, rubbing my cock with her hand.

"I was on the treadmill behind them. They were all on the bikes, lined up four in a row. Stacy, Lacey, Donna and Vicky. I was behind Lacey." She snuggled in close, her leg over mine, rubbing my shaft slowly. "They were teasing her about walking funny. She was bragging big time. How gorgeous he was, how big his cock was, how he filled her up. She sucked him, took him in all three holes. She said it was fantastic, he gave her the biggest orgasms of her life. God, I hated to hear that smug bitch putting you down."

I don't understand guys who get excited about their women cheating. Remembering the sight of her with that bastard was doing the opposite for me.

She left my cock alone, as it wilted, and rubbed my chest. "I'm sorry. I wish it was otherwise. There was almost nobody around us, and they didn't seem to care who listened. They were asking her questions, and she was telling all. About him calling her names, using her, doing 69, taking him into her throat for the first time, the way he forced her head down, making her excited. She talked about how filthy it was to suck him after he'd been inside of her. How she fingered her own ass, after he told her he was going to fuck it. How she teased him, begged him to fuck her virgin ass. I wanted to climb down there and beat the shit out of her."

She moved down the bed, back between my legs, kissing me, playing with my shaft. "Forget her, Damon. She's a faithless slut. She was proud to be a slut for him, and was looking for her next man to slut it up with."

"The stuff about nobody else being allowed to date me?"

Nikki nodded, then licked my shaft. "She was asking them if they had spread the word. You were off limits. The other girls confirmed it. There was no doubt. That's when I couldn't take it any longer."

"And you told them."

"Damn straight I did. I laughed at her, when she said you probably got a lap-dance, and were sleeping off your drunk. I told her that you fucked Jenna every which way but up. Had her screaming half the night. I...I might have exaggerated a bit, but I wanted her to know she wasn't the only one having a good time out of it." She sucked me into her warm mouth, then pulled off. "I'm sorry if it got you into trouble. I never meant for that to happen."

I laughed, and pressed her head back down between my legs. "Then you and I would never have gotten together, would be, Sexy?"

She sucked me, gazing up at me with her big eyes.

I believed Nikki. More than pretty much anyone else at that time. She had no reason not to tell me the truth. I didn't like hearing all the details, but it helped me. There were still too many discrepancies, Lacey telling me it had nothing to do with the size of his dick, but she was bragging about it, looking for even bigger. Stacy telling me the business about keeping women away from me was just a joke, but it sure as hell didn't sound like it. It was all too confusing, and I realized I didn't want to think about it. Not with a naked Nikki between my legs.

I brushed her hair back, watching my stiffening cock fill her mouth. "Thanks for being honest about everything. Let's forget about that for now, and see if we can't have a redo of our first night."

Nikki looked up at me and smiled. She sucked until I was about as hard as it gets, then pulled away. "Be right back," she said. She ran out of the room naked, and returned a few minutes with her hands full. She dumped a pile of things on the bed. I recognized the lube, butt-plug, some handcuffs, dildos, blindfold, and there was plenty more.

"I'm yours, Damon. Whatever you want. Use me. The other night was the greatest sex of my life, by far. I bet you can do even better." She dug through the pile, handed me the lube and a medium sized butt-plug, and got on her knees. "Warm me up with that. Open me so I can take you later."

Damn, she looked good. Her pussy was glistening, obviously soaked. I licked her, making her moan at the first touch. I moved upward, teasing her rear pucker, tonguing it, listening to the exciting sound of her moans.

I put a little lube on my finger, and pushed at her spongy opening, teasing, pushing around the perimeter until my finger slowly slid inside. "Fuck, that's wild."

I fingered her, adding a little more lube, watching her tremble as I added a second finger. "Grab your ass, sexy girl. Spread your cheeks for me."

Her hands reached back, her head and shoulders resting on the bed, as her fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her. I pulled my fingers out and lubed up the plug. She moaned loudly as it made its first contact. I pushed, turning it, easing it inside her. Her legs were shaking. "You have no idea what you're doing to me," she gasped.

"You like me playing with your ass?" I teased.

"Jesus, Damon! I love it. It's yours. Nobody else's ever. The anticipation, feeling you prepare me for you, knowing what you'll be doing there later, it's incredible. I want you to have it, to claim it, to tell me nobody else will ever get what's yours. Own my ass, Damon."

I'd been teasing her, stopping before full penetration, as we got to the widest point. "This ass is mine, Nikki. Only mine. I'm going to fuck your sweet ass. Fuck it hard, claim it."

She trembled, and gasped loudly, a little squeak escaping her lips, as the widest part of the plug was holding her open, stretching her lewdly. With one last push, the worst was past, and it slipped into her, her tight little asshole shutting down around the rear of her plug.

I tugged it back out slowly, adding a little more lube, watching her open, stretching, the silicon toy slowly exposed. As it reached its widest, Nikki whimpered softly, her cute butt cheeks shaking as she expunged the anal invader. Not completely, of course. I held it inside her, and worked it back in. A couple of times.

I was hard as steel by now, and pushed it all the way in, seating it firmly. I slipped my cock into her soaked pussy, and drove it home hard, making her gasp. God, I loved how responsive this girl was.

"Fuck me, Damon. Use me. I'm yours," she pleaded.

That was not a problem for me. I was happy to use her. The first time with her had been incredible but distracting with the constant feedback from Jenna. The second had been playful and fun, easygoing.

This time was different. I don't know what it was, but I knew that Nikki would deny me nothing. She was a red hot ember, and the slightest encouragement on my part would set her aflame.

Pumping her on her hands and knees, I leaned over her body, grabbing her delicious big tits, and tugging on them like handles, pulled her back onto my cock. I squeezed them tightly, very tightly, and was rewarded with my first sweet orgasm from her. Nobody, nobody, had ever been half as responsive as Nikki was, including Donna who was a hell of a fuck.

I pushed her over roughly, putting her on her back, spread her legs apart, and hammered her pussy. I rested my upper body on her, my hands drifting back to her amazing tits. I gripped them firmly, milking them in time to my strokes, pinching her hard nipples.

"Yours, Damon. I'm yours," she panted, kissing my shoulder, clutching me to her.

"My pussy, Nikki. My tits, my ass," I growled, pummeling my possession. She trembled, and I felt her coming for me. Damn, I'd never get tired of that. I pressed my lips to her, and slowed down to a nice steady fucking. "You're mine, Nikki."

I buried my cock in her tight little pussy, made more so by the device in her ass. I corkscrewed my hips, playing inside of her, stretching her out. My face was over hers, looking into her molten eyes. The look of adoration was almost too much to take. Nobody deserved to be gazed on that way, certainly not me. I smiled for her, developing a rocking motion, shoving hard enough at the end of each stroke to make her body shake. My lips caressed her, softly, and she returned the favor, kissing my lower lip, running her pointed little tongue across it.

"Come for me, beautiful. I love when you come."

"Lay on me. Let me feel your weight," she pleaded.

I moved my hands, stretching out on top of her, and let her hug me, taking all my weight. She gasped, and I felt her fingers digging into my skin. Her eyes closed, and her chin dropped, soft moans escaping her lips. I kept the motion nice and steady, feeling her respond. I was getting close myself, and hoped I could get her off again.

"Fuck me," she groaned.

I took that as a hint, and my hips went into overdrive, pounding her, making her shiver. "Gonna come," I groaned.

She whimpered, her arms holding me tight, her pussy driving back against my insistent thrusts. I couldn't hold it back any longer, driving deep, and staying there, pumping her full.

She cried out, her legs kicking spastically, as she joined me.

I lifted up off her a little, just enough to let her breathe easily. Her arms were determined to keep me in place. My mouth settled over hers, kissing her deeply. I lost track of all else, our mouths merging, tongues tangling, playing, teasing. We slowed, exploring each other, her hands gliding over my body, touching me reverently.

I kissed her face all over, brushing her hair back, returning to her lips regularly, before moving on to her nose, her eyelids, her ears, her neck. I was gently licking her lips, when I felt her pussy pulsing around my cock. I raised my eyebrows, looking at her quizzically, and she grinned. I felt it again, tighter.

"You're trouble, aren't you?" I teased.

She grinned, and I sighed, as a series of pulses flowed around my cock. "Who, me?"

I stroked her slowly, and found my cock was firm, if not the hardest it had ever been. After a minute or so of playing inside her, I was back at full strength.

"Take my ass, Damon," she whispered. "It's for you. Only for you. Claim it again."

I climbed off of her, and she quickly rolled onto her knees, lifting her ass up high, her shoulders staying on the bed. The toy in her ass looked so erotic. I played with it, twisting, tugging, listening to her sweet little moans.

"Whose ass is this?" I teased.

"Yours Damon. Only yours," she answered eagerly.

"I'm gonna fuck it now. Fuck this sweet little butthole."

She reached back and spread her cheeks for me, as I tugged the plug free. I watched in fascination as she gaped, slowly closing up.

I lubed up my cock, and rubbed the head up and down her crack. "You're a dirty girl, aren't you, Nikki?"

"For you I will be. I...I never was."

I pressed the crown against her puckered starfish. "Knock, knock," I laughed.

"Come in," she sang sweetly.

I gave a little push, feeling the pressure around the head, and Nikki gasped, and then chuckled. "I never thought I'd like this," she said.

"You like it?" I eased a little more into her, tiny little strokes opening her up.

"I love it. I love doing it for you. Giving my all to you."

My strokes slowed, pulling all the way out, and penetrating her all over again. The way her hole spread, tight around my shaft was mesmerizing. "I don't deserve this," I told her. "Don't deserve you."
"I think you do, that's all that matters. Now stop playing around and own my ass!"

I laughed, pushing steadily, watching all but a couple of inches of my length disappear inside of her. A simple steady stroking eased the passage, slowly relaxing her, delving deeper. Tiny groans and grunts escaped her lips, as I buried my cock in her tight ass, each stroke pushing a little further, a little firmer, until my balls were wetly slapping against her pussy.

My hand cracked against her ass, leaving a pretty pink hand-print. My eyes were glued to the sight of my cock piercing her, penetrating, disappearing into her body. I pulled out and stopped moving. She whimpered, and with a grunt pushed herself back onto my cock.

"Get it, babe," I told her, smacking her ass again. The wave of her flesh shaking away from my hand was so pretty I did it again.

She fucked herself on my cock, adjusting her knees, wiggling her butt, until she had a nice little motion going, giving a sexy little groan each time her butt-cheeks met my hips.

I leaned over her, my chest pressed against her back, and slammed my cock up her ass, forcing her forward, down onto the bed, her legs sliding out from under her. I maneuvered one hand under her chest, reaching across her and capturing her big tit in my hand. My legs pinned her to the bed, my feet hooked inside her calves, spreading her open. She whimpered sweetly as I slid my other arm under her neck, grabbing her opposite shoulder. I held her tightly, my full weight driving her into the mattress, and started methodically pumping her rear.

Her hand clutched my arm, hanging on, as I used her hard. Each thrust forced an exhale from her, the sexy grunts endless, rhythmic, hypnotic.

My lips brushed her ear. "I love your ass, baby girl."

"(unh) Yours (unh) Daddy. (unh)"

I nibbled her earlobe, pumping her deep. "Nobody else, right, baby girl?"

"(unh) Never. (unh)"

It was a most inopportune time for the phone to ring. She groaned a long "fuuuuuck" and I released her, sitting upright. I reached across the bed and picked up her phone, handing it to her.

Nikki glanced at the screen, then picked up. "Hey Brenda," she said, trying to sound normal.

I chuckled, spreading her cheeks and slowly stroked my cock into her ass.

"Yeah, I hope you can help me," she said, suddenly gasping, as I shoved my cock in hard. "I need to get hold of Brett...Yeah, that Brett."

She glared back at me, and I smacked her bottom teasingly, but eased up, enjoying the sensation of fucking her butt.

"I know, but it's important...Uh, huh, the ones across from the mall...first building, second floor, furthest door back on your left...yeah I got it. Thanks...No, not much going on here either," she said.

That deserved a couple of nice hard strokes, making her grunt. "Yeah, that's it, I'm just getting my ass fucked off...What do you think?...Seriously...I am serious (unh)...Uh, huh...G-g-gotta go, love ya."

She looked back at me. "She didn't believe me." Her hand reached back, passing me her phone. "Take a pic."

She pulled her butt cheeks apart, walking her fingers in until they were only an inch or so from where my cock was penetrating her. I pulled out to the very edge, snapped a shot, then buried myself in her ass, and took another one. I lifted her hand off her butt and put the phone in it.

"Easy for a bit?" she asked, checking out the picture, and then playing with her phone.

She giggled and put the phone aside. "Take it, Daddy. Fuck your baby girl's ass hard."

I did as she asked, getting her going again. She was making her sweet music, egging me on, with her grunts and groans. The phone rang and she reached out, tapped it twice. "Believe (unh) me (unh) now?"

"You're seriously having sex right now?" the voice echoed loudly over the speaker.

"Butt sex."

"Damn, Nikki? Who's the lucky bastard?"

"My (unh) secret, (unh) right, Daddy?"

"That's right, baby girl," I chuckled."

"Spill, Nikki!"

"(unh) FUCK!" Nikki cried out, as I spread her cheeks and started hammering her backdoor.

I leaned over and grabbed the phone. "Say goodbye, Brenda. She's not going to be able to talk now."


"Goodbye." I ended the call. "Too distracting. I need to fuck you for real, Nikki, baby."

No more talk. I put the phone to the side, laid back on top of her, and fucked her ass as deep and hard as I could, watching her take it all in stride. It was only a couple of more minutes, when she gasped, "I'm coming!"

Her words were several strokes premature, then she was struggling underneath me, squealing beautifully, before screaming. That was something new for me. An anal orgasm. I was stunned. Feeling her so excited, wiggling, fighting, almost bucking me off, had me so turned on, it wasn't another dozen strokes before I was erupting inside her ass.

I rolled off of her, pleasantly exhausted. She was quiet for a bit, completely still. Then I watched her climb off the bed. I lost her in the bathroom for a couple of minutes, before she returned, washcloth in hand. She wiped me down, then kissed my cock lovingly, before climbing up and lying on top of me.

"I'm not too heavy, am I?" she whispered.

"Never, Nikki," I said, holding her.

"Jeez, that was intense," she sighed, hugging me tight.

"Dirty girl," I chuckled.

"As dirty as you want, Daddy."

She was a delight to hold, and she repeated the directions to the stripper's house. "It's where he lived three months ago. He probably hasn't moved. I did good, huh?"

"You did great, Nikki darling."

~ * ~ * ~

Cale stood to one side of the door, Eric on the other. I knocked loudly. I could hear movement inside, but no response for a long time. I knocked again, and heard the peeved, "I'm coming!"

I thought I'd have to bluff my way in, but the door opened without a question. I saw the bastard looking at me confused.

"Hi Brett," I said smiling. I was enjoying the sight of his black eyes, swollen nose, and bruises.

He returned the smile automatically, until I kicked the door as hard as I could. He tumbled backward, and I saw it was kind of unfair. He was on crutches, and had a cast from his foot, halfway up his left thigh.

The asshole must have had the wind knocked out of him. How fortuitous. Cale and Eric followed me in, closing the door behind them. I grabbed his shirt and dragged him into the room.

He was gasping, trying to get his breath, fear in his eyes.

"Relax. I'm probably not going to hurt you much," I told him.

Eric's a mean son-of-a-bitch. He leaned over and triggered his taser against dickwad, making him squirm. "That was just to make sure we had your attention, and to let you know that we are serious."

We waited for a few seconds, while I squatted down next to him. "You and I are going to have a nice quiet conversation. You yell out, I'm going to re-break your leg, and kick your balls up into your chest. Nod if you understand."

He looked at the three of us, and nodded.


"Who...who are you?" he asked.

"Really, Brett? You should make it a point to find out who you're cuckolding before you fuck a slut."

"Which?" he whined.

"Lacey. The bride-to-be. Remember her?"

He nodded.

"Here's how it goes. I know 90% of what happened. I want to know all of it. You're going to tell me every little detail, everything. If you miss anything, we work you over for a while."

The asshole was obviously nervous, rightfully so, looking at each of us in turn.

"Cale? The acid?"

Cale passed me a clear bottle. I held it up in front of the jerk-off's eyes.

"Third strike, and nobody's ever going to want to see your scarred up face again, Brett. On a fourth one, we get to see what happens when you stick a dick in fuming sulfuric acid. Are we clear?"

He talked. Man, did he talk. Verbal diarrhea. We had to keep slowing him down, and getting him to repeat details. He confirmed Jenna's role, and the multiple bribes, Lacey's licking whipped cream off his cock. Turned out all of the fearsome foursome did, with Vicky and Stacy both taking a turn sucking him.

Asshole readily admitted to dosing Lacey with X and GHB the first night. He figured she'd need the encouragement after her slow start at the bachelorette party. I sat through his description of their first time, which seemed pretty accurate. I got to hear how he used her again, after I had left, all three holes, and how she promised him a week of whatever he wanted, all of it ending 7 days later.

"The second time?" I asked.

She had called him. He went over the problems, and for the first time started to fudge details when it came to his taking her ass for the second time. I delivered a hammer-fist to his gut. "Strike one."

He gasped, his eyes giving away his terror. He became honest, describing her issues, and the bathroom scene. He jumped ahead to her asking for it without a condom. The hammer-fist landed on his crotch, and he curled up, groaning. "Strike two, asshole. Cale, get the acid ready."

Eric tased the bastard again. "Sorry," he smirked. "I was just feeling kind of left out."

I believe he was honest with the rest of it. It matched what I'd seen, and Cale nodded to me, when he was describing his beating.

He was practically crying. "She wanted it, man. I didn't do nothing wrong."

I rose up enough to drop a knee on his stomach, and holding it there. "You fucked another man's woman, asshole. You got off on fucking her in my bed. You told her you were going to keep fucking her, after she was married."

"She wanted it! She said she had a deal!" he whined.


Cale opened the bottle, and dickface started covering his face. "She did! She told me it was Ok! They both did, I swear!"

"Here's the new deal, asswipe. You ever speak to her, ever touch her, hell if you ever even see her again, I will make you regret the day you were born. Right now, me and my two buddies, we're all at a barbecue with four of our closest friends. We were never here. Do you understand?"

He nodded.

I stood. "You fucked up asshole. Screwed with the wrong guy's woman. It's a dangerous business, messing with what's not yours. You better hope we never need to have this discussion again."

"We won't. I swear," he whined.

I got up to leave, and was a little surprised when Cale turned and kicked the guy in the nuts about as hard as he could. Asshole curled up in a ball, moaning.

"That's for the way you treated her the second time," Cale growled, then dumped his bottle all over the bastard.

It was only bleach, but it would surely stain his shirt something awful.

~ * ~ * ~

I hurried home, ready for my discussion with Lacey. I entered the house, and could smell that she'd been painting. I remembered her statement that she was going to paint the bedroom, and headed that way.

There was painting going on, but I was stunned by the painters.

Jenna saw me first, dropped her brush, and hurried over. "Heya, handsome. Put on some work duds and get with it." She gave me a big wet kiss, and a wink, like nothing had ever happened.

I was absolutely floored. Last thing I ever expected to see was those two, working side by side. Lacey gave me a big grin, strolled over and collected a big kiss. "Didn't expect to see you for a while, big guy," she said, unbuttoning my shirt. "No afternoon play-date?"

"What's going on?" I asked, still unable to comprehend the scene before me.

It was bad enough they were there, working together. On top of that, both of them were wearing my t-shirts, and not much else, besides a painter cap, with their hair tucked up out of the way.

"I told you, I was going to paint this room. I owed you that much."

I glanced over at Jenna who was back to painting the trim. Lacey grinned. "We talked. Really talked. We should have done it long ago."

She peeled my shirt off, leaving me in my undershirt. Then she was opening my pants. "Lacey..."

"Cool your jets, Damon. We don't want to mess up your good clothing." The words made sense, but her paint covered hands threatened to do exactly what she was said she wanted to prevent. I didn't stop her, and stepped out of my pants when she had them down around my ankles. She seemed disappointed to see that I didn't have an erection. She opened the fly and peeked in. "Hey buddy," she teased. "I know you're in there."

Her breath in my shorts, and her rubbing started getting results. She gave me a squeeze, then stood up. "Good. I was beginning to think you didn't like me anymore." I got another kiss. "Grab a brush. This is taking forever."

I was in a daze, completely confused. I started painting, and after a few moments wished I was anywhere but there. They were telling each other everything about me. Jenna was in rare form. It probably would have been funny, if it was about anyone but me.

"It was hilarious," she was prattling. "His first blowjob, and he's sitting on my bed, telling me every single detail. I don't think he even realized how hard his dick was, sticking up like it was. I was soaking my panties, so fucking jealous, and the fucker didn't have a clue!"

Lacey was laughing. "He tells you everything, doesn't he?"

"Every single thing. The first time he got a glimpse of your tits, it was like he hit the jackpot. Fucking insensitive creep. Describing those perfect tits, not even noticing my little mosquito bites were trying to poke a hole through my t-shirt."

"Jenna..." I said, trying to interrupt and change the subject.

"Shut up and paint, clueless. This is girl talk. Just be happy we even let you in the room. You're sooo not worthy," Jenna said. This was typical of her. Half the time we had a fight, if she was to blame, she'd start acting like nothing had ever happened, playing the best friend bit up to the hilt.

Lacey looked over her shoulder at me, winked, and lifted the bottom of her shirt, exposing her bare bottom. She was killing me.

Jenna was no better, and made a big deal of bending over at the waist to dip her brush every few seconds. Equally bare bottomed. She caught me looking. "Behave. This isn't some teenage fantasy. You're not getting a threesome."

They both laughed, and I blushed. I needed to talk to Lacey, but I was damned if I could figure out how.

I was finishing around the window, when Lacey came over and gave me a hug and a kiss. "I'm gonna start dinner. Behave yourself."

She left Jenna and me, but not before giving my aching cock a squeeze. "I'll be in the kitchen if you need me."

As soon as she was gone, I started in. "What's going on, Jenna?"

She put her brush down, turned and walked over to me. She pushed me down on the plastic covered bed, and straddled me. "Whatever could you mean, Damon?"

My answer was cut off with a kiss. When she let me breathe again, I continued. "You and Lacey? Chatting and painting together?"

Jenna grinned. "We needed to talk. I had to find out the truth. And I needed to confess my part."

"The truth?"

"About what she did, and why she did it. I had to know."


"Because I hated her, but I love you. I want you to be happy."

"You're not making any sense."

She kissed me again. "Just talk to her. I'm not going to say anything tonight. You want to talk to me about it tomorrow, that's great. But I want you to talk to her."

"God, that's all we do. We talk everything to death. It's not going anywhere."

Jenna looked serious. "Promise me. Promise me, Damon, that you'll talk to her and listen carefully. Be honest with her about everything, Ok? She fucked up big time, but I think you two need to clear up any issues you haven't resolved, and then figure out what you want."

She climbed off my lap, and before I knew it, she had fished my cock out of my boxers and was sucking it. After only a few seconds, she pulled away. "There's a hurt girl in your kitchen. Go see if you can figure out some way to put that thing to good use, while I finish up the wall-plates and start putting things away."

I found Lacey in the kitchen, and the rotten girl had tied her t-shirt up just under her breasts, leaving her naked from the tits down. Once again I was reminded of what a stunning body she had.

She grinned at me, turning to put a casserole in the oven. "An hour and 20 minutes," she said. She wiggled her ass at me. "Any ideas for what we could do in the meantime?"

She was bent over the table, my cock buried inside her pussy, happily pumping away. "I had a talk with your boyfriend."

She tensed up. "Please don't call him that. He was my mistake, not my boyfriend."

I fucked her casually, in-out, stroking that sexy body. "He drugged you the first night."

Lacey, lifted her body up, turning to look at me. "He did what?"

"Ecstasy and GHB. To loosen you up."

She pushed me away. "Can we stop a second?" She sat down, looking upset. "Fuck. No wonder I barely remember it. I thought I was just drunk."

"You guys only drank half-a-bottle of wine."

I could see her getting angrier by the second. "That son-of-a-bitch! Did Jenna put him up to it?"

"No. Your girlfriends did it the night of the party. He did it on his own, thinking he'd loosen you up."

She nodded. "I...I still probably would have done most of it, you know. That's what was going on in my head. I'm not going to lie to you, Damon."

I sat down opposite her, and took her hands in mine. "I know. He didn't give you anything the second day."

She rolled her eyes. "No shit. I remember everything about that time. Does this change anything?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. I'm going to need some time. I still have issues with a lot of things. The whole idea that you wanted the deal in the first place. Choosing to do it in my bed. Your reaction the second day. The things you said to me. There's just so much."

She nodded. "I understand. I love you, Damon. I'm sorry that I screwed up, but if you'll give me another chance, I swear you'll never regret it."

"I can't. Not yet. I still need some time to work things out."

So we talked. Sat in the living room, all but naked, and talked. She told me about her conversation with Jenna. About Jenna's actions and apologies, while she explained what she had and hadn't done. Where we'd screwed up, as if we hadn't gone over it a dozen times already. We joked about our fantasies, and why it had taken us a year to discuss them. We cuddled, and talked, like we should have all along. I got hard for her, and she settled into my lap, facing me, riding me gently.

Jenna made an appearance, and sat down next to me. I pulled her close. "I'm sorry, Damon. I shouldn't have interfered."

"You did what you thought was best," I told her, while Lacey rocked in my lap.

"No. I was jealous. She made you happy, and I couldn't see it. I hope someday you can forgive me. It's the worst thing I've ever done, and I did it to my best friend."

"The worst thing? Does Tina Evans ring a bell? Mrs. Gilchrist? How about the Glee Club?"

She blushed. "Alright. It was a really bad thing."

I hugged her, and kissed the top of her head. "It was. I forgive you."

Jenna looked up at me, then over at Lacey. "Can you forgive her?"

I saw the nervousness, the glistening in Lacey's eyes, the hopefulness. Could I forgive her? So many damn things. I closed my eyes, and thought about what I wanted for my future. How I planned to proceed with my life. What I could live with, and how I could live with myself.

When I opened them, the tears were rolling down Lacey's eyes. I pulled her close, and kissed her lips softly. "I forgive you, Lacey. For everything. I hope you can forgive me."

She threw her arms around me, sobbing, until the kitchen timer went off.

We ate dinner together, and I fantasized about fucking both of them, while they leaned over the sink, doing the dishes together. I think I might even have gotten away with it, since officially the deal was still on. Instead, I cuddled up behind each in turn, giving them a hug and a kiss. Maybe a naughty little grope or two.
An hour later, Jenna was gone, and Lacey was on her hands and knees. Damn, there was no two ways about it. She had the perfect ass. All I could do was sit there, caressing it, fondling, kissing. I nibbled her cheeks, took them in my hands, squeezing, feeling the firm resistance.

Bad thoughts flitted through my mind, momentarily. Why all the drama for such a simple, loving act? Instead of trying to make a deal, trading her ass for a week of freedom, why couldn't she have been honest? Come to me, told me her fears, her issues. We were still single, if she wanted to try someone new, one last time, we could have talked it out, maybe come to an agreement.

I shook my head, banishing the distracting, and focused on those twin perfect globes. I could sense she was upset, I'm sure many of the same thoughts were bouncing through her mind. What if we had done this, the night of her bachelorette party, instead of playing stupid games.

"Shhh," I soothed her, running my hands across her pristine flesh. "I love you Lacey."

She was shaking, and I could see she was on the verge of losing it. "It should have been yours, Damon. You should have been first. I'm sorry."

Lacey was in no shape to continue, as badly as I wanted to. I gave one last peek at her glistening pucker, where she'd prepared herself for me. I pulled her down to her side, cuddling, spooning. I dragged the covers over us, and showered her neck and shoulders with little kisses.

"What happens now, Damon?" she whispered.

"Me move forward. Rebuild our friendship, take a step back from all the drama. We see what we can do about our friends. We take it a day at a time for a while. Life goes on, Lacey. I don't want it to be without you in my life."

~ * ~ * ~

I woke with a hardon, the smell of Lacey filling my head. Her rear was pressed against me, my hand on her perfect breast. The dawn light was streaming in the window, when I reached down and started rubbing my cock between her legs. She purred sweetly, lifting a leg, and I eased the head into her warm pussy. We both adjusted a little, until we had the fit all worked out, and I pumped her easily.

"G'morning," she sighed.

"Morning, beautiful."

She sighed, pushing back against me, and I closed my eyes, enjoyed being inside of her. I was half out of it, when she reached between her legs, pulled me out of her pussy, and directed the head of my cock backward just a little. I didn't say anything, accepting her gift. It took a couple of tries, but I felt myself entering her ass, slowly, feeling a lot of resistance. She moaned softly, as I entered her a fraction at a time. Lacey curled her legs forward, tightening around my cock. I leaned away from her, holding her hip, and kept the forward momentum going, pushing a bit firmer, feeling her opening up, stroking into her, until my hips met her firm ass cheeks.

It wasn't smooth going, and I felt her skin catch a couple of times, and she'd jerk away from me a bit, before forcing herself to relax, and press back against me.

I didn't want it to be uncomfortable for her. I drew back out, kissing her hip, then climbed over her to get the lube. I lathered up my cock, kneeling behind her, loving the lines of her body, her hips laying sideways, her shoulders turned slightly downward, her legs bent, the top one slightly over the bottom. I eased my lubed up fingers into her, stretching her out a bit, playfully teasing her backdoor. My cock was achingly hard, and I pressed the head against her opening, sighing as it slid in easily.

"Mmm. Much better," she assured me, grunting softly as I drove myself into her deeper and deeper. I pulled her bottom leg down, straddled it, and started fucking her. Long, slow, deep thrusts, my hands on her hip, holding her, controlling her. I saw her hand reach between her legs, and felt her fingertips brush against my shaft. I concentrated on the moment, the feeling, fighting against any distractions, any thoughts about what had happened the week before. I stared down at her breathtaking beauty, completely mine for the moment.

I was surprised at how excited I was becoming. My motion quickened, my thrusts firmer. She was moaning throatily, completely relaxed, letting me use her to my heart's content.

"Soon," I groaned, long-stroking her, filling her completely, over and over again.

"Come for me, lover. Fill my ass," she urged me.

My fingers dug into her flesh, as I slammed my cock home, exploding inside of her, feeling it throughout my body, from the base of my neck, down my spine, and through my spasming cock. Completely buried, it didn't stop me from trying to reach ever deeper, pushing forward with each new spurt, striving to connect just a hair more, before I was done, spent, satisfied. I leaned over her, twitching in the aftershocks, wrapping her up in my arms, kissing her shoulders, her neck.

I would have loved to have stayed inside her forever, but the flesh was weak, and I popped out of her. I drew her into my body, hugging her, quiet. Neither of us spoke, while I held her, letting my breath slow, my hands moving slightly, content to caress her irresistible flesh.

It should have been like this all along. If not for that stupid deal.

~ * ~ * ~

We had finished dinner and dancing, and I was chasing her into our cabin, listening to her delightful laughter, proud to be with her. Our steward had already turned down the bed, the nightly chocolate on the pillow. Her teddy had been taken from the closet and was displayed on the end of the bed. We both chuckled. It was obvious which outfit John, our cabin steward preferred. It was the third time he'd laid that one out.

Turning back to the bed, I saw her ass lifted in invitation, her dress pulled up around her waist, her hips swaying, beckoning. The inside of her thighs were wet, a combination of my teasing all night, and her choice to go out sans panties.

"Fuck me, Daddy. Punish your naughty girl," she pleaded.

I laughed, opening my pants enough to fish out my erection. "Someone's been a bad, baby girl," I teased, and thrust my cock into her hot pussy, slamming it home, making her squeal. "Bad girl. Teasing everyone, shaking those big tits, wiggling that sexy ass. Where's your panties, baby girl?"

"No panties. I have to be available to my man."

"Am I your man, Nikki?"

"As long as you'll have me, Damon. Now stop teasing me, and fuck me."

Hell, the honeymoon cruise had been paid for. I'd be a fool not to use it right? The choice was obvious.

It came down to a matter of trust. And when it was all said and done, I didn't trust any of them. Nobody except Nikki. She had been honest, on my side from the start, totally open to me, and the way she wanted me was frightening in its intensity. I knew without a doubt, she was mine, and mine alone.

Was she as beautiful as Lacey? No, to be honest she wasn't as pretty as any of them. Lacey and her crowd were all gorgeous. They were also tricky, conniving, self-centered, and used sex as a weapon. Yes, I'd forgiven Lacey, but I couldn't forget, as much as I tried.

No, Nikki wasn't in their league, beauty wise. To use Stacy's analogy, where Lacey was a 10, physically, and a 6 as a person, Nikki's body was a 7, maybe an 8, housing a 10 personality.

And in bed? Off the charts.

The week long Caribbean cruise was our chance to see how we connected outside of the bed. I'd always liked her, and the more time I spent with her, the more amazed I was. She was still a year away from finishing her degree, but she had goals, dreams, ambitions. Unlike Lacey, whose primary ambition seemed to be find the right man to settle down with and enjoy life.

Did I love Nikki? It was too soon to tell. I loved being with her, and the sex was absolutely mind-blowing. I don't know if I loved her, but I was damned sure willing to give it a try.

I know everyone else was surprised when I took her with me on the cruise. That included Jenna, who had started hinting it would be shame to waste it, since it was paid for. I'm certain I would have had a great time with Jenna. Equally certain it would have been incredible to take Lacey with me and explore some more fantasies. Neither of which was going to happen. Too much, too soon, after the disaster of the week before.

I fucked Nikki in a frenzy, pounding a quick one into her. She came for me quickly, as she always seemed to. I kissed her bottom, and tugged her dress into place. "They're going to be looking for us."

She giggled, wiggling her dress into place, and checking her hair in the mirror. "Happier now?"


"Mmm. That was just an appetizer. We don't have to meet them, you know."

"An hour. Free champagne and caviar? Don't you want to give it a try?"

"As long as you're with me, I'll give anything a try. Even stinky fish eggs."

"Keep the teasing to a minimum. You had those men tenting their pants every time they came back off the dance floor."

"Like those women weren't all over you? 'Oh, Damon!' she purred, rubbing against me, like our new friends had.


"Always. I know it's just for fun. And I get to reap the rewards, you nasty horndog."

I pulled her into my arms, kissing her deeply. "Sexiest girl on the ship," I told her.

She blushed. "I'm glad you think so. I love you, Damon."

I imagined she was eagerly waiting a statement in kind. It was too early yet. I loved being with her, and loved the sex. In time, I believed it was likely I'd feel comfortable, echoing her sentiments. But for now, it was time to explore our compatibility. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was currently running around 11. I felt good about our chances.

I was moving on.


I was laying in bed, exhausted. Completely and utterly wiped out. I kissed the top of Nikki's head where it rested on my chest. "One week to go. I hope you don't have any special 'deals' you plan to spring on me," I teased.

The hand slapping my chest landed with a sharp crack. "Don't be an asshole, fuckwad. You know you never had it so good."

"Leave him alone, Jenna," Nikki giggled. "As a matter of fact I do have a deal for him."

"No fucking way, Nikki!" my BFF snapped. "Don't even start!"

I hugged Jenna close, my hand settling over her naked ass, giving it a squeeze. "Hush, trouble." I turned to Nikki. "What kind of deal?"

"I know I said this would be our last time playing with Jenna. We've talked about fidelity, and what it means to us. You know I'd never cheat on you, don't you?"

"As surely as I know anything."

"You would never cheat on me, right?"

"Of course not. Why would I? I love you, Nikki. Everything about you. Not to mention, making love to you is the best there ever was."

She giggled. "I know. I never, ever expected it to be like it is with you." She kissed my chest, her hand gliding down my body. "I want us to keep Jenna."

"We talked about this," I reminded her.

"I know. But she's different. Nobody else, ever. Just Jenna." She crawled up and kissed me. "We both love her to death. Best friend to both of us. She's been with us from the very first."

Jenna had gotten quiet. "No, Nikki. We had our fun. It's incredible, and I love being with you guys, but now you're going to be married. It's time for me to bow out. We'll always be best friends. Just no more fuck-buddies."

Nikki pouted. "I know we're all trying to do what's right. But I think it's silly. We love being together. All three of us. Damon and I both know how you feel about us. You'd never steal him from me, or me from him. I don't want you to live with us, or make any kind of weird poly household. But anytime we feel like extending an evening of fun into the bedroom, I don't want to feel weird about it. Let's not count it out. That's all."

I hugged Jenna closer. It had taken several months before she and I were back to ourselves, the rift between us healed. She was still my Jenna, my best friend, outside of Nikki. We spent more time than ever together, and at least one night a week, she'd spend the night. I noticed that her dating had curtailed off a lot in the last year.

"What do you think, honestly, Jenna-bear? In your heart, what do you want?"

She was quiet. "I don't want to mess things up for you," she whispered. "I love you both too much."

"What part of best-friends forever don't you understand?" I teased. I pulled her close, and laughed at her squealing, as I rolled with her, placing her between Nikki and I. "She's yours, Nikki. As long as you want to include her. Nobody else, you understand?"

She giggled. "Of course not, silly." She had her arms wrapped around Jenna, hugging her, kissing her. "There would be no us, if not for her, remember?"

I kissed my fiancée, our mouths only inches away from our best-friend's. It became a three way kiss, and I felt Nikki's hand next to mine, between Jenna's legs.

"Remember Valentine's day?" Nikki whispered. I felt Jenna tremble, and a little whimper escaped her lips, as Nikki's finger joined mine inside of our friend. "I want to do it again."

"Get the handcuffs." I guess I wasn't as exhausted as I thought.

~ * ~ * ~

It was her wedding day. She'd struggled to lose the 20 lbs to fit into her dress. We'd worked outt together, and I was feeling better about myself as well, having lost two belt notches of my own.

I saw her walking down the aisle. It was her day, and she was gorgeous. The prettiest girl in the building, with a lot of competition. I looked across the way, and saw Jenna, Nikki's maid of honor, smiling at me. She gave me a wink. Lacey was standing just beyond her, as gorgeous as ever, even in that ridiculous bridesmaid dress.

I smiled as my eyes swept over my ex-fiancée's swollen belly. Cale had been relentless, going after her once given the chance. When she'd found out his response to the asshole stripper's treatment of her, she'd given him an opportunity, and within the year, I was at the altar with him, watching Lacey walk down the aisle, standing one position over from where I'd thought I'd have been, when she made that walk.

The ninth day of our deal, had been the last time I'd been with her. Our wedding day. I still cared for her, maybe even loved her a little. We'd had our chance, and muffed it. I wasn't complaining. I landed on both feet.

Nikki's father escorted her the last few feet, lifted her veil, and kissed her on the cheek. Nikki and I locked eyes, and I smiled. It had been slow getting here, I'd been nervous, cautious, burnt once. But there's something about the love of a good woman.

It had been 8 days of heaven and hell. Eight days that destroyed a relationship, and brought my soul-mate into my life. The only person I'd ever felt as close to as my friend Jenna, someone I could trust with my life. The woman I loved with all my heart, and would gladly spend the rest of my life with. The girl that made me deliriously happy.

I wouldn't recommend my path to happiness to anyone else, but it worked for me. And I guess it worked for Lacey, although at the time she seemed like she'd never get over it. It's a strange thing, we're all friends now, Lacey and Jenna nearly as close as Jenna and Nikki. Almost, but she doesn't get to play with us, and I don't regret it. Not for a moment. I have great memories, and that's enough for me.

"I do," Nikki said, gazing lovingly into my eyes. That look she reserved only for me.

"And do you..." I didn't hear the words. All I was aware of was the promise in her eyes. A promise of a lifetime of happiness. She gave my hand a squeeze, and mouthed 'I do'.

"I do!" I said, realizing they were waiting for me.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride."

I pulled my love into my arms, and kissed her deeply, ignoring the clapping and whistles. I hugged her. "I'm not wearing panties," she whispered in my ear.

Any question why I love this girl?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I couldn't do it. I wanted to burn Lacey, when I first read the story, but I just couldn't do it, once the characters played themselves out. I went with the 'everyone lives happily ever after'. Sue me.

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