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50 Shades Of Pale Pink Sissy Ch. 03

Fiction with adult themes. All characters are over 18.


A splitting headache greeted me as I awoke. The soft surface I was lying upon seemed to be moving beneath me, rolling from side to side with occasional pitches from front and rear. In my confused state I wondered if the feeling was related to the headache and the vague memory of being drugged. The room in which I lay was so dimly lit that I could hardly make out any features apart from a round window through which a little light seeped. I did a quick inventory of my condition. Naked and uncovered I seemed to be lying unrestrained on a mattress. My throat was dry and raw and I felt hungry. Throbbing aches tormented my bottom which briefly brought a vision of master as he thrashed me before some lovely sex. Inside my bottom felt terribly sore as if I had been dry raped. I suddenly had a vision of many hands fondling me as my bottom and throat were assaulted. Was that a dream? Or was it real?

Slowly it dawned upon me that I must be on a ship. Sitting up, I swung my feet over the side of the bunk until they rested on a carpeted floor. Once I felt steady I stood and shuffled across to the dimly lighted window which I discovered was covered with a curtain. Pulling the cloth aside allowed a little more light into the cabin from the moonlit night. I could now see that I was in a small cabin with a single bunk, some storage space and a bathroom through a doorway. After finding a light switch I was soon sitting on the toilet. After I finished I noticed a little blood in the bowl. My bottom was quite sore. I felt violated. Finding a glass I was able to relieve my dry throat with water.

Having explored the wardrobe and drawers in the cabin and finding my clothes, I dressed in my thong, pink skirt, white blouse and shoes. I didn't bother with the corset and stockings. Trying the door found it locked so I sat on the bunk and waited. My life had been looking so good. I was well looked after, master was demanding but exciting and my future looked rosy. Why was I here? Who had me and what was my future? Great rasping sobs escaped my throat as I sat and cried. My questions would be answered soon as I heard the cabin door being unlocked.

A huge man entered the room seeming to fill the doorway as he entered. Well over six feet tall with broad shoulders, narrow waist and massive thighs all visible as he wore only a pair of tight shorts. His skin was as black as pitch and seemed to shine as if he was oiled. His shaved head topped a handsome but cruel looking face. He stared at me for a moment before reaching me in a single stride and slapping me hard across my face. Screaming, I curled up on the bed to protect myself.

"You were not given permission to dress. Remove your clothes immediately or I will slap you even harder. You may keep the shoes on."

When I curled up tighter he grabbed my hair, pulled me upright and punched me in the stomach. He let me go as I doubled over in pain with the air driven from me.

"You are a slow learner slave. Get those clothes off now before I really hurt you" he snarled. As quickly as possible in my distressed state I removed my skirt and blouse but not my thong.

Reaching out, the giant grabbed my flimsy thong and ripped it from me and threw me to the floor. I curled up in a protective ball again. I was allowed to lay there for a few minutes while I regained my breath.

"Get on your knees and crawl over to me."

Fearing another blow I rolled onto my front and raised myself to my knees. My now naked tormentor was seated on the bunk. His discarded shorts were on the floor. Between his spread legs his semi erect uncircumcised penis dangled, dribbling a little juice. Terrified, I crawled until my head was between his mighty thighs.

"Do what you think would please me." He said as he took my hair in his hand.

Fearing more punishment, crawling forward I took the still sheathed tip into my mouth and proceeded to suck. As it hardened I tasted his precum and sweat as his foreskin gradually retracted to expose the bulbous head. I felt his hands on the back of my head pulling me further on to his manhood. Soon he was buried deep in my throat, holding it there until I thought I would suffocate. Slowly I was pushed away enough to grab a breath before he invaded my throat once more. The bastard thrust in and out, barely allowing me a breath until he stopped and with a gasp exploded into my mouth and then onto my face. I felt horrible. It was like I was back at school with those three bullies. Nobody was going to save me this time. Oh Master where are you.

Pushing me away, he slid back into his shorts.

"You are a slave. You are not a boy, a girl, not even a sissy. You are an object, a possession a commodity to be used. We own you until we reach our destination where you will be sold to the highest bidder. Get used to it. There are six officers on the ship who will need your services most days. Some of us will use you more often. You will always be naked apart from the shoes. Make sure that you are clean both inside and out and your hair and slutty makeup is perfect at all times. You will be fed well and given hormones to retain and develop your shape for sale. If you are lucky a wealthy man will purchase you for his personal use. Of course you would be valuable to a brothel for a while until your looks faded. Then it would be downhill until you were working the glory holes for pennies." He walked out and locked the door behind him.

I threw myself on the bed and cried. Oh, how I missed my master. Now I was just a thing to be used and abused. I considered suicide but could see no way to do it. Eventually I calmed enough to explore my prison. In the bathroom were supplies of soap, shampoo, depilatory cream, wax strips, towels and an enema kit. There was a wardrobe and drawers in the main cabin. In one drawer I found cosmetics and hair grooming products. Apart from the clothes I arrived in there was nothing else to wear. Sobbing, I must have slept until sunlight flooding the room through the port hole woke me. I heard the door lock click and backed against a wall, fearing that I would be attacked again.

Into the cabin minced a young effeminate man with light make up and long hair, carrying a tray of food. He was dressed in a pink singlet that hugged his skinny torso, white Capri pants that were so tight they could have been sprayed on and high wedge sandals. His little penis was clearly outlined through the thin material of his pants.

"So! You are the little faggot who's stolen my boys. They all used to share me but now they only have eyes and dicks for you. And, bitch' I'm expected to bring your food. Well, inspect your meals well because I can guarantee there will be some form of my bodily fluids included in every dish." Placing the tray on the bunk he left the room laughing.

Starved as I was I quickly inspected the salad on the tray and found gobs of semen hidden in the lettuce which I pushed aside. The rest looked ok so I hungrily gobbled it down. The orange juice tasted a little odd but still went down well. I enjoyed a black coffee as I figured he couldn't do much to that. I used the bathroom to prepare myself for whatever may happen. Soon I was sitting on the bunk, bored stupid, clean in and out, lubricated and made up like a whore. The fairy steward wandered in to retrieve the tray.

"I see you didn't like the lettuce but enjoyed the orange juice" he giggled as he left the room. I wondered what he had added to the juice.

The door opened again to admit another enormous man, wearing only shorts which he quickly removed exposing his large penis. He was pale skinned with long blond hair.

"Make me hard bitch" he said as he sat himself on the bunk. I dropped to my knees and soon had him stiff. Lifting me easily the giant placed me on my knees on the bed, moved behind me and brutally forced his member in to my bottom. I squealed with shock and a little pain as he stretched me wide. He soon worked into a rapid rhythm, thrusting into my lubricated bottom like a piston. I steeled myself against the assault, thinking that my master would hate me if he saw how I was being used. Closing my eyes' I tried to imagine that it was master pushing into me. A strange feeling overtook me as my bottom betrayed me and my little penis became hard. I was pushing back to meet the brute's thrust and enjoying it despite my disgust. My inner slut had taken control so that all I could think of was the huge monster stretching my bottom. Soon the brute climaxed inside me with my little clit spurting in response. I hated myself. The bastard pulled out of me, turned me around and forced me to clean him off.

"Lick up your mess and clean yourself out. Make sure you are looking your best as I'm sure you will have another customer before you know it" he said as he slipped his shorts back on and locked me in as he left. I cried as I licked my semen from the bare mattress. I was sure that master would never want me again if I was lucky enough to see him again. Why would he want a slut like me? This thought haunted me as I flushed myself and relubricated my bottom. I fixed my makeup and waited on the stained mattress. It was not long before the door opened to admit another brute whose only aim was to violate my body.

The days were all the same. Each morning I was given an injection in my bottom and I was fed three times a day. I mated with six of them nearly every day. They were of mixed races, toned, muscled and strong. They all had large pricks. Occasionally one might not bother with me for a day while others often visited more than once. My bottom was now stretched and used to the continual assaults which meant that I was no longer in pain. It was my brain that was in pain and turmoil. I hated the way my body betrayed me by responding to the anal stimulus and spraying my seed upon the steadily more stained mattress. Each time I thought of master, I cried. My chances of ever seeing him again seemed slimmer as each day of my slavery passed. Even if I saw him again I was sure he wouldn't want me after all these men had been inside me. After all I was an anal virgin when he first entered me. My body was changing from the injections. I was putting on a layer of fat and my breasts were growing. I just wanted the horror to stop. Couldn't I just die? After some weeks, I had lost track of time, the movement of the ship changed. Looking out of the porthole I could see that we were entering a harbour. Was this where I would be sold into perpetual slavery? Would I be one man's plaything or just a slut serving a never ending line of men? I cried again.

Eventually, after much manoeuvring the ship was still. I could hear bare feet slapping on decks and water lapping against the side of the ship. Gazing out of the porthole I could see nothing to indicate where I had been taken. With a click the door opened to admit two of my captors. While one of them held me by my shoulders the other forced a ball gag into my mouth and secured it with leather straps. They then helped me into a black burqa which covered me completely. Taking off my shoes they gave me a pair of flat sandals to wear. I was fitted with leather ankle shackles with a short chain linking them together. Being able to only take very short steps I would be incapable of running away. Taking me by an elbow one of the brutes dragged me out of the room and through various passageways and eventually off the ship and into a waiting car. Forced to sit in the middle of the back seat I had a burly guard on either side of me. Traveling through slum areas with few cars but many motor cycles and bicycles, I guessed by the dress of the crowds on the street that I was in the Middle East somewhere.

The car meandered through the city, passing shopping districts and some upmarket residential areas. After about an hour we left the city, traversed a small area of agricultural land before entering the desert where the car picked up speed on a wide straight bitumen road. Another hour passed before we turned onto a side road which soon led us to a building which reminded me of a fort. Two enormous steel gates opened as we approached to allow us to enter a courtyard. A spectacular mansion stood in the centre of the compound. Bypassing this building the car was driven around behind the house and stopped at a rear entrance. Quickly I was bundled out of the car into searing heat. Although I came from a warm country where summer could be very hot, I was almost knocked over by this blast furnace climate. My guards hurried me through the door and down some stone stairs to where the temperature was more bearable. Meeting us was a uniformed woman. Dark skinned and muscular as she was, I knew that I would be no match for her. My guards left me with her.

"Follow me slave" she ordered gruffly.

Shuffling along I struggled to keep up. Through a door we entered a hall with cages on either side. The cages were six by six feet square and five feet high. In each was a naked person. There were some men but mostly young women. The only ones who could stand upright were the youngest of them. Each cage had a thin mattress, two metal bowls and a bucket. The stench was terrible. The only sound was weeping. The woman stopped outside an empty cage.

"Remove your clothing and sandals."

Struggling, I managed to get out of the sack and kicked off the sandals. My gag was removed and my wrists were cuffed behind me before she roughly pushed me into the cage. As my ankles were still cuffed and chained, I tripped and fell heavily onto the concrete floor.

"Do not speak. If you do I will hurt you." She walked away.

I flopped onto the filthy stinking mattress and burst into tears. I slept and awoke feeling very thirsty. Crawling across the cage to the bowls I discovered that one contained dirty tepid water. Because my hands were restrained behind me, I had to lap the water up like a dog. My body told me that I needed to use the toilet. The bucket appeared to be the only option available so I squatted with great difficulty over it. Of course there was no paper and even if there had been, how could I use it with hands restrained behind me. Back on the mattress I lay there feeling like an animal. I felt degraded back on the ship but that was nothing compared with the deep depression I now fell into. Had there been the means I think I would have killed myself. I knew that even if I somehow escaped, master would hate me. What did life hold for me?

There was no sensation of day or night as the dim lights were kept burning at all times. I was soon totally disorientated. From time to time the water bowl was filled from a hose dragged along by a naked man. Some kind of foul tasting gruel was ladled into the other bowl which had to be lapped up like the water. The bucket was replaced with an empty one occasionally. A guard would order me to push my bottom against the front of the cage so that I could receive my hormone shot. This was my only indication of days passing. I steadily felt dirtier and less human as the days passed.

Groups of men would tour the prison inspecting us and writing down the cage numbers of some. The lights were turned up for these visits and we were expected to stoop in our cages and turn as instructed so that all sides could be inspected.

In the cage next to me was a pretty young woman who spent much of her day sobbing as she lay upon her mattress. One day the female guard unlocked her cage and called her out.

"Get your arse out here slave, you have been bought by a brothel."

"No. Please leave me alone. I don't want to go."

"You have no choice. At least you will be clean, clothed and well fed."

"NO! Please don't take me."

The guard stooped to enter the cage. She was carrying a cattle prod which she repeatedly zapped the hapless girl with until she finally left her cage.

Another inspection took place a couple of injections later. I guessed that I had been here for at least a month. My breasts were now quite well developed and I was growing quite a bottom. Soon after the inspection the same guard arrived outside my cell herding a few women with her cattle prod. Opening my caged, she ordered me to join them. Fearing the prod, I quickly joined them. For her own enjoyment she gave me a short burst of sparks from the prod which elicited a scream from me as I rushed to join the other selected slaves.

We were herded into a large communal shower room where we were ordered to wash and shave ourselves thoroughly after our bonds were removed. The water was warm and I luxuriated in the pleasure of getting myself clean. After the shower we were allowed to brush our hair and teeth before I was separated from the group. Another guard took me to a separate room where I was given several enemas. I felt that this was a very ominous development. Once I was clean I joined the others in yet another room where we were told to put on makeup at a series of benches in front of mirrors. It was made very clear that the makeup should be extra slutty and that we should colour our nipples. I was given cheap loop earrings and a necklace. Any girls with extra piercings were given garish jewellery to replace any studs that may have still been there after their captivity. We were led along a hallway where each of us was placed in a cell which was at least full height and had a chair to sit upon. There was a proper toilet with a seat and paper in one corner. I found my shoes waiting for me so I slipped my feet into them and sat to wait. Physically I felt quite good, relishing being clean. I was very depressed, as I had no future that could be seen as in any way pleasant.


Several men were let into the cell during the next few hours and I was carefully inspected. My teeth were looked at by most of them; I heard one mutter quietly to his companion that I would be much better off without them. They all fondled my little sack and penis, most were amused at how small they were. Several suggested that those bits would be best removed. A couple probed my bottom wearing rubber gloves to see how many fingers they could fit inside me. My nipples were pulled and my bottom slapped by all and sundry. Finally I was left alone, feeling that I truly was just an object. After a long wait during which I took the opportunity to relieve myself, the door opened, a guard placed a collar round my neck and led me out, along a corridor and onto a platform where I was tethered to a pole with a chain attached to my collar. In front of me were many men seated comfortably.

A man who I soon discovered was the auctioneer climbed onto the platform. He slapped my bottom with the crop he carried which made me dance around and squeal.

"Here we have a sissy boy. It has a well-used bottom and can deep throat. Hormones are working quite well at developing it's female looks but he may develop faster with an orchiectomy as it is fully functioning and proven potent. It was found to be very submissive and responded sexually to pain stimuli by the owner she was liberated from. What am I bid for this pretty little sissy that would make a lovely addition to a brothel looking for the exotic or for a dominant needing a pain slut? Gentlemen, how much fun could you have removing its teeth or testicles with minimal or no sedation?"

I gasped.

Bidding quickly commenced in a language and currency that I didn't understand. With each bid I was cropped on my ample bottom, which kept me hopping around the stage. Finally someone owned me. After three more slaps I was led off stage to a holding cell where several women sat despondently staring at the floor.


Although of differing physical builds all were blond, blue eyed with very pale skin. One more joined us before we were chained together between our collars and led along a corridor and into a small bus with heavily tinted windows. Our joining chains were removed so that we could take our seats. The bus left the fort and headed further into the desert. We travelled for several hours until the girls started to complain about their bladders. Our guards took pity on us, allowing us to climb out and squat in the sand. One girl stupidly decided to run off into the desert. The guards herded the rest of us back onto the bus, closed the door and drove off. The girl, realizing her stupidity started to chase after us along the road. The driver tormented her by allowing her to keep us in sight. Eventually she tired and collapsed on the road. The bus was reversed to her and the guards dragged her into the bus.
"Your owner will punish you for that stupidity" the guard snarled at the quivering girl.

The bus drove on for a few more hours. We were given food and water and the bus was well cooled. Finally we arrived at another desert fort where we were quickly transferred into a passage that led under the main building. We found ourselves in a cool dimly lit dungeon with many cells. We were all held in a large cell with rough wooden benches around the walls. There was an open toilet and shower in one corner and a table with jugs of cool water and plates of salad. The escapee was dragged away to another cell out of our sight. A group of older women with many marks across their backs were led past us in the direction of the bus. One of them looked at us and cackled madly from her toothless mouth.

"Those hags are the women who you are here to replace for your owner's pleasure. They will be used in as comfort women for the rebels who support your master. Expect to look like that in a couple of years." We were told. All we could do was sob.

As best we could we stretched out on the benches and tried to sleep after eating and drinking. After some hours we were woken as a guard delivered more food.

"Eat and clean yourselves. You will then each be taken to be inspected by the prince. Make sure that your bottoms are well flushed as master may want to inspect you there. Cosmetics and hair brushes are in this box so make sure that you look your best." The guard told us.

We quickly ate and took turns with the enema kits, the toilet and the shower. Within an hour we were ready to go. Clean, fragrant, shaved and bejewelled we waited to be called. Our only clothing was our high heels.

"The sissy gets to go first" said the guard when she returned.

I was led away by the guard. Along a corridor with cells on either side, through a large room with ominous machines of torture and restraint that made master's play room look vanilla and into a clean room that had the look of a doctor or dentists examination clinic. The guard quickly restrained me on an examination chair. My wrists were cuffed to the chair arms, my head to a rest and my ankles into some stirrups which could be positioned in many uncomfortable positions. The guard stepped back and bowed as two heavy set, swarthy men in white coveralls entered.

One man, he seemed to be the boss, approached me carrying a huge rubber dildo which he tried to force into my mouth. As much as I tried, there was no way that it would fit between my teeth.

"Nice try but not good enough" he said. Turning to his companion he said " We will remove its teeth after the other procedures."

The stirrups upon which my ankles rested moved up and back towards me, lifting my bottom from the seat and leaving all my private parts exposed. The boss tried to force the dildo into my bottom which proved to be impossible. He smiled. "Oh good! I was worried that you may have been stretched too much by those sailors. I am going to enjoy popping your cherry." Turning to his companion he said "we will castrate it first and then we will brand it. You may proceed to spay the little bitch. Give it a little bit of local as we don't want it to go into shock. I want it awake for all the other fun and games we have planned for it."

Using a large syringe the surgeon proceeded to deaden the area around my scrotum. Soon he tested with a pin to ascertain if I was numb. Thankfully I felt nothing as he tested. Putting aside the syringe he approached me carrying a scalpel. Strangely I wasn't afraid of losing them. I hoped they healed quickly but really wanted master to do it to me.

"Do you want any sack left sire?"

"No make it as tidy as possible."


Both men looked up as a commotion started outside the room. My head was back to the doorway so I couldn't see what caused my tormentors to raise their hands and back up to the wall. Two men in full body armour strode past me carrying wicked looking guns (I don't know much about weapons) and smashed the wooden ends of the guns into men's faces. I was terrified. Are these warlords? A little pee escaped my tiny penis. Head in the sand I clamped my eyes shut. The two dropped like they had been drugged. Someone gently undid my wrist and forehead and tummy restraints. When I felt my ankles being carefully released I opened my eyes and gasped. Master, wearing armour was releasing me. I burst into tears. He slid one arm under my knees and another under my back just below my shoulders and easily lifted me and carried me out of the room.

"Bring those pricks" he called over his shoulder.

"The girls?" I pleaded.

Smiling he said "all safe."

Smiling back, I placed on arm around his neck and tried to kiss him. He turned aside. This was a worrying development which I shouldn't have ignored.

We raced down the halls and corridors, past our holding cell; now storing several naked guards, and out into the fort's huge courtyard. The girls, now dressed in white paper overalls huddled in a group while several armed men formed a perimeter, facing out to protect us. Master unloaded me, helped me into some overalls and the put me with the girls. Why did he leave me? I just wanted him to hold me. My tormentors were dragged out onto the dark courtyard, still out to it but now manacled. Master spoke into a walkie-talkie thingy. Soon we could hear a helicopter approaching.

An enormous chopper with two rotors landed. I don't know anything about helicopters but one soldier called it a chook. Master herded us onto the machine. The prince and his surgeon were roughly thrown onto the floor and we took off. We sat in webbing seats on either side of the machine. As we flew along the prince woke up. He gradually seemed to make sense of what had happened.

Courageously he spoke "You do realize that I'm a crown prince in his land. Release me immediately and I will spare your lives."

Master stepped over to him and kicked him hard between his legs. A huge breath escaped his lungs and then he vomited.

When the prince was able to understand his surroundings again, master spoke.

"By the time my friend Rebecca is finished; you'll be a crown princess sucking cocks for pennies. As you won't need these any longer I may as well kick you again." He said, as he viciously lashed out again.

Around the craft there were many quizzical looks. Only I understood master's words having seen Mistress Rebecca's handiwork on my maid tormentor.

"He'll be castrated, feminized, have his teeth removed and sold to a brothel somewhere as a glory hole gurl. If he's unlucky he won't get sick too quickly and have a long and tasty life." I whispered to a nearby girl. The word spread quickly and soon there were gapped tooth smiles amongst all the girls.

Within half an hour we landed in the dark. After removing our shoes as ordered, Master led us on a short walk to an inflatable boat lying in warm water lapping against a beach. After a fast but crowded blast across the water we arrived at a sleek motor yacht waited. We climbed a gang way into absolute luxury. We were welcomed aboard by the crew who led us to our quarters after a quick check by the ships physician. The girls shared sumptuous cabins while I had my own. Master gave us an hour to tidy up, (typical control behaviour). I found a lovely pale pink sheath dress that barely fitted over my new plumper body, a pair of stay up stockings, thong and killer heels which I slipped into after a complete clean-up. I applied light girly make up, subdued jewellery and put my hair in pig tails.

As I entered the main salon I was handed a glass of bubbles. Stewards circulated with trays of finger foods. Apart from the gaps in our mouths we appeared a happy group of beautiful young women. Master circulated amongst his guests reassuring them that they would be reunited with their families very soon. I was sure he was ignoring me and I was very jealous. When I tried to get close to him he gave me a look that scared me. Soon I could take it no longer and wandered a little tipsy back to my cabin. Not bothering to even remove my shoes I flopped on the huge bunk I cried myself to sleep.


With no idea of how much time had passed I was awakened by a huge slap across my bottom inflicted by master using a leather paddle. I squealed with the pain as my eyes jerked open. Expecting to see master smiling lasciviously at me, I was surprised to see something approaching contempt in his eyes.

"I suppose you want to know how I found you?" he said without smiling.

I nodded, fearing that I would just choke up if I tried to speak.

"Employing an investigation company we eventually worked out through CCTV footage that you were on a ship. Unfortunately the ship had departed as I hadn't realized you were missing for a couple of days and the trail had gone cold. All we knew was that the ship was eventually headed to the Middle East but not by which exact route. We lost track of you for some weeks until I got lucky. Through one of my Dom friends I heard of a slave auction to be held in the general area that the ship had been heading for. Managing to get a copy of the catalogue I was happy to find you described in the prospectus, although I was disturbed by how you were described. Unfortunately I was too late to rescue at the auction house but was able to trace you to the Princes fort. You know what happened then."

I nodded.

"I gather that you have had quite a lot of sex since you were taken? He asked.

"I was raped over and over again by the ships officers" I managed to choke out. "It was horrible."

"Liar" he snarled as he slapped my face. "When we seized the ship and had the crew arrested I recovered this disk." He threw a blue ray disk and a glossy booklet on the bed. "Look at those you little slut and we will talk again." He stormed out, slamming the door behind him while I just lay blubbering on the bed. He had never slapped my face before. Any spankings had been sexually related.

Eventually I dried my eyes and looked through the brochure. I found a picture of myself looking my best in one of master's outfits. It must have been snapped while we were out together at some time. Another photo showed me naked apart from my shoes, probably taken on the ship. Next there was a picture of me, on my knees sucking a huge black penis. Finally there was one of me being taken from behind by yet another huge Negro. I was smiling, my eyes were shut and my little penis could be seen to be very stiff.

I was described as a well-trained, submissive pain slut who loved to deep throat and enjoys rough anal sex. I was happiest when restrained and whipped before sex. It would be perfect for any admirer of fine pale lady boys. Has been well dosed with hormones but will surely respond well if gelded. It would be suitable as a harem maid with some mild surgery, in an exotic brothel or BDSM dungeon. No wonder master was unhappy with me. By the time I had watched the disk I knew that our relationship was lost. There were hours of video showing me thrusting back against the assaults of the officers and spurting on the mattress as I came. The bliss on my face was obvious as my bottom betrayed me each time I was ravaged. Master was right. I was a little slut. I sobbed myself to sleep again.

I guess I slept through the night. The door flying open awakened me. Master stood over me looking almost satanic. Grabbing my hair he jerked me upright and slapped me hard again across each check several times. I was thrown, sobbing back onto the bed.

"Well, what have you to say?" He sat on the bed and waited.

Eventually I could speak. "Master, forgive me. I love you. My bottom betrays me. I can't help it. Once it's filled I just respond. I only got through it by pretending it was you inside me. I wish I was dead."

"You are of no use to me as a sub or a lover. You are soiled goods." He shouted. "What shall I do with you?"

"Please master, make me your maid. I'll do anything. I could work in the kitchen. Just keep me near you."

Slapping me hard again, "you tramp. I wouldn't even keep you as a toilet." He spat out. "You will be locked in here until we reach home port, by that time I will have worked out what to do with you. We will be dropping the girls off soon and then rendezvousing with a freighter to take the prince and his companion. I don't want them on board when we get home." He locked me in.

Before I could search for something to kill myself with, two stewards entered and removed any sharps and all the clothes, bedding and towels. I was left with a small hand towel. Apart from trying to shred the mattress I could think of nothing to hang myself with or slash my wrists with.

Three times each day I was fed. After breakfast a steward would enter to inject my daily hormone shot and bring a towel for my shower, which was taken away after I finished. This was my only human contact for the following week until we sailed into our familiar home harbour. I did have a selection of movies to watch. Otherwise I would have died of boredom.

As we sailed up the harbour, master entered the room. He wasn't smiling. Fearing his wrath, I curled into a ball and covered my head with my arms. Nothing happened. Eventually I peeked and saw him sitting on a chair just staring at me. Oh god; he was so beautiful. My heart was pounding and I had that familiar warm feeling in my belly.


Still frowning he spoke "I won't have you back. Although I blame myself for what happened, you are no longer the person that I thought could be my life partner." Screaming and thrashing about on the bed I became hysterical. I hadn't even thought that could have been possible.

He waited patiently until I had recovered to just a blubbering mess. "I will provide for you. I have signed over that unit we talked about you moving into. It is now yours. I have registered a nice little car for you and I will pay you a generous allowance. You will be comfortable and I hope you find a new life for yourself. In return, you must sign this agreement. It is a non-disclosure document. I want my privacy protected. You will have nothing further to do with me. I am moving my whole operation overseas so that the chances of us bumping in to each other will be minimal. Do you agree?"

At first I felt like spitting in his face. None of this was my fault, yet I was being punished. Then it dawned upon me that I had nothing. A rented flat, if I hadn't been evicted, no job and only a few thousand dollars left from what the bastard had given me after our last split. I decided to take the offer.

"Ok, I'll sign you arsehole."

"Good." He handed me the paper which I read. He called in a steward to witness my signature.

"All your possessions are in storage as your landlord had thrown them into the street. They will be delivered by the time you get home. I will leave details of an excellent shrink and a surgeon with experience with transgender people. Use them if you wish, they will not charge you." He stated in his usual controlling manner and then walked out of my life.

I was still crying when the steward returned with a towel and left me alone. I showered and found a selection of clothes laid out on the bed. As the weather looked warm outside' I chose a short summer dress in pink, matching thong and white mid heeled sandals. I didn't bother with a bra. After brushing my hair and applying some light make up I was ready to go. I found a passport, cash, credit card and my driver's licence which I placed in a small handbag. The yacht docked eventually and after a cursory customs check I was able to leave. There was no sign of Mr Arsehole Black as I climbed into a waiting limousine. Pulling up in front of my new address the driver opened my door and passed me a bundle of keys as I alighted. He left as I let myself through the security entrance. The directory had me listed as miss a Hazel with a number next to it. At least I could find my flat.

In the elevator I noticed that there was a basement car park. One of the keys in my bunch was for a car so I decided to see what he had given me. The lights in the basement car park came on automatically as I left the elevator. I pressed the remote and saw the flash of some indicators on a bright red European compact sedan with heavily tinted glass. I was very impressed until I saw the number plates which contained just two letters which spelled HO. Somehow I managed to control my tears and get to my unit which was on the top floor of the building.

I couldn't fault the unit. There were three bedrooms. The main had an ensuite bathroom while there was a main bathroom for the guests. There was a beautifully equipped kitchen, a separate laundry and an open plan living and dining area. Large windows provided a view over a pretty park. I wondered if the bastard had any more nasty surprises hidden waiting to upset me like the car had. A pile of boxes with my possessions from the other flat waited for my attention. The refrigerator was stocked with plenty of fresh food and wine. Cracking a bottle of bubbly I poured a glass and settled down on a leather couch to relax before exploring the other rooms. Soon, feeling much more relaxed I decided to explore the other rooms. The main bedroom had a walk in dressing room. In the wardrobe I discovered several dresses hanging and lots of heels on racks. The dresses and shoes were all bright red and looked a size too small. A quick look at the labels indicated that they were of the lowest quality that one might buy in a market. There was a table covered with cheap cosmetics and hair products.

I opened a drawer to discover cheap lingerie. Another drawer was full of night gowns and teddies. Every item was lurid red too small and cheap rubbish. I was glad that I had my own clothes in the boxes. The bastard was certainly sending the cheap message to me. I laughed, as he would have to do better than that to upset me. There were no other surprises until I opened a drawer in one bedside table. It was full of black dildos and vibrators of different sizes and styles. Surprisingly that did upset me. Sobbing I returned to my spot on the couch, and drained the bottle of Champaign without bothering with a glass. He was such a prick. The bubbles worked. On an empty stomach the alcohol soon had me snoozing through the middle of the day.

I awoke, surprisingly feeling OK. Hunger drew me to the refrigerator. I soon settled down to a nice salad and some water. I needed to trim down a little. As much as I liked my womanly shape, I definitely needed a better diet and a gym membership. There was a red brief case sitting on a coffee table which I had not previously noticed. Flicking the catches and lifting the lid I discovered a lot of paper work. All pretty boring stuff related to my ownership of the apartment, bank accounts, car ownership etc. Three business cards were for the medical people that he had mentioned. There was a note from him. "The girl I thought you were was suited to pink. Fat tramps, like you are now, wear cheap red rubbish and spread their legs for black cock" was all it said. It was so infantile that I just laughed. I hadn't realized he was a racist as well as an arsehole.

Within a couple of hours all my possessions were put away. Amongst my clothes was a lot of the stuff he had supplied. Corsets, thongs and stockings and shoes all in pink were soon hanging where the red rubbish had been. They were of such high quality that I couldn't face throwing them out. One could never know when they might be needed to seduce some well hung stud. I laughed again. I really needed to lose a little weight. My first jobs tomorrow would be to buy some temporary clothes that fitted and join a gym.

Once I had fired up my laptop, he had thoughtfully provided internet access; I looked up the three health professionals. I suspected some kind of infantile embarrassing stunt. They all checked out as fine practitioners. I would contact the dentist and the surgeon in the morning. I made myself some more salad, limited myself to a couple of glasses of wine and watched a silly chick flick. My sleep was bliss until the door intercom woke me up with its incessant buzzing. At least it was daylight.
Dragging myself out of bed I pressed the button.


"Tony?" I heard a girl sob.

"Who are you?" I was brusque.

"I'm Toy. Please let me in." she sounded frantic so I buzzed her in.

She looked terrible as I let her through the door, towing a small wheeled case. Throwing her arms around my neck she clung to me. I could feel her tummy bump pushing against me. She smelled terrible. Eventually I was able to extricate myself and lead her to one of the couches and sit her down.

"Just sit there and calm down. You are safe here. I need to pee so don't move."

I bolted to the loo and gratefully drained last night's wine from my bladder. It was then that I realized that I was naked. I didn't care and laughed. Let's face it, Toy and I had some history and by the feel of her tummy we probably shared a child.

She was still crying when I returned. There was definitely a bump showing. I'd lost track of time during my ordeal but I guessed she might be maybe two or three months gone. After pouring us each a glass of juice, which I placed on the coffee table, I sat down and gave her a big cuddle, doing my best to ignore her stench.

"Tell me!" I demanded firmly. After all I was the father of her child. I nearly broke up again with that thought.

"Mistress has been arrested."

"Is this a long story?" I asked.

"It will take a little while."

"You stink. I can't stand the smell. Come with me. Shower and then we will talk."

Tearfully she sobbed "It's not my fault. Mistress sometimes likes me to be her dirty little cat."

"I don't care whose fault it is. Just shower please." She followed me dragging her little suite case into the main bathroom.

Still naked, I made myself a coffee and planned my day. I was a list person so I soon had several numbers to ring written down, clothes, hairdresser, doctor, gym and Toy. Oh! What to do about Toy.

Half an hour passed before she reappeared, looking and smelling a lot better wearing a cute little white baby doll and matching panties.

"Sit here Toy and tell me the story. How did you find me?" I said, patting the leather cushion next to me.

"The lawyer gave me the address. Please call me Sandra. That's my real name. Toy was just one name she used when she played her sick games. This week I was pussy and had to roll play being a dirty stray cat."

I felt like throwing up. So that was what a full on Ds scene was like.

"OK" I said. "Tell me the story."

"Last night I got a call from Mistress's lawyer. She told me that mistress had been arrested trying to meet up with some girl that she had been apparently grooming over the net. It was a sting by the child protection squad. I was told where to find some important personal paperwork and a little cash. The lawyer told me to pack a bag and get away before the cops turned up. May I stay here for a while until I sort out something else?"

"Of course you can. We need to look after the baby. What is the paperwork?"

"My birth certificate and adoption paperwork from when that bitch got hold of me."

"How old are you?"

"I'm eighteen and a half?"

"That's good. You look much younger. As long as we can show that the baby is safely in the hands of a pair of adults the authorities won't try to take it." She was smiling now that she felt safe. I was in control; this was a whole new feeling for me.

"I wish I wasn't having it. I'm too young but I guess I'm stuck with it. I'm so glad you are looking after me. Mistress has always owned me. I don't think I could cope without some direction."

"Are you looking to me for a new mistress?"

"I think so. Or maybe a master."

"I have a lot to do today so I'll consider that while I'm out. Come with me if you wish or stay here."

"I might rest if that's alright. When do you meet up with master Black next?"

"I won't be doing that again with him. He's a prick. I'll tell you about it sometime when you have a few hours to kill. You go and rest while I shower and organize my day."

After making a couple of calls I had dental, hairdressing and medical appointments set up. The medical ones recognized my name and fitted me in. I had no problems getting a hair appointment back at my old work place.

After my shower I dressed. None of my bras fitted but at least my thongs were very stretchy. I found a white sheath with just enough stretch for me to squeeze into. It was just long enough to cover the lacy tops of my nude stay-ups. Brush hair, light makeup, subdued jewellery and killer heels and I was ready to go. My mirror told me that I looked hot. My braless state was obvious through the dress's thin fabric. We fat tramps need to show off after all. I had difficulty stopping giggling as I grabbed my bag, checked on my guest who was sound asleep and left the unit.

In the elevator I noticed a button for gymnasium. That could solve my exercise issues. Checking that out will wait for later.

Next was my hair. David did it himself. I wanted more red in my naturally auburn colouring. Red might become my new pink. Ha Ha! Very happy with the result I headed off to find the doctor.

The taxi dropped me off in the middle of the city. I soon found the rooms. Shit this bloke was a surgeon. What's this is all about? Oh well; let's find out.


As soon as I mentioned my name I became a VIP. It helps to know a rich arsehole I guess. Sipping a well-crafted coffee I flicked through a lovely fashion magazine. A gasp brought my head up. Looking up I saw a familiar face. My saviour and first boyfriend stood looking down at me. He looked incredibly hot in a dark suit. It was my turn to gasp as I felt a familiar tingle in my belly.

"Follow me Tony" he whispered. "You are beautiful."

Shit! I couldn't remember his name. We had never had proper sex. The new fat, red slut imagined him inside me. I was dribbling as he led me in to a huge office. Behind an enormous uncluttered desk sat a pretty middle aged woman. Standing she walked shook my hand and gestured that I should sit.

"I'm Professor Blake. I specialise in sex reassignment surgery. John here is my pupil. What can we do for you?" speaking kindly.

"As you can see, I'm transgendered. I'm not sure how far to go in transforming myself, as I don't have a current partner to give me any input. Orchiectomy and breast augmentation tempt me but I don't think I want to lose my little clit just yet." I saw a little smile cross John's face.

"Getting rid of those annoying little bits may actually negate the need for breast enhancement, once you testosterone is suppressed. You seem to be doing quite a good job growing them without surgery."

I grinned as I saw a little nod from my first lover. At least I knew his name now.

"I want you to talk to a colleague who will assess whether this is the right path for you. If that's OK I'll get you an appointment tomorrow? If the psychological assessment is ok we will move on from there."

"Yes please" was my reply.

"John. Show Antoinette out. I'm sure that we will be seeing her again soon."

My inner, fat red slut wanted John a lot sooner than that. The temptation of those big dildos next to my bed was playing on my mind. If I wasn't able to get the real thing soon I could see me debasing myself getting off on a piece of rubber. Maybe I did need to talk to a shrink.

Placing his lips near to my ear, John whispered "coffee? I'm single too."

"Have dinner at my place tonight. Here is my number." Quickly I wrote on a scrap of paper torn from the receptionists pad. I left.

My heart was fluttering as I rode the elevator down when my phone rang.

"Time and address?" he asked shyly.

I set the time and gave him the address. I was on a mission. I would own this handsome doctor before midnight.

Shopping was in order. I needed a better dress and something for Sandra to wear. I had a plan for her too. I rang a caterer.

Dress, bras, corset and Sandra's costume bought I headed home. I was tingling all over.

Quietly I let myself into my unit. The door to Toy's (She would always be Toy to me) room was open. Glancing in I could see her rubbing one of the black vibrators from my room over her naked clit which was slick with her juices. She was panting with pleasure.

Incensed that she had snooped in my room, I tip toed into the room, grabbed her by the front of her baby doll which ripped away from her breasts, and pulled her over my knees. The plastic toy flew across the floor. My spanks were hard but not extreme and after a few slaps, to my surprise she shattered into a massive orgasm.

As I pushed her to the floor I felt an empowerment over take me. I knew that I had found my perfect servant, slave or maid and surrogate mother for the children I could never have.

"Bring me a drink, maid" I demanded, walking back to the leather lounge that provided the best view of the harbour from the unit.

Crawling from her room, Toy went to the kitchen and poured me a glass of Chardonnay. Delivering the drink, somehow still crawling, she then curled up on the floor at my feet.

"I am now your mistress, you little bitch. You will be my slave, servant and maid. I will treat you fairly but harshly. There will be none of that gross stuff that Jane put you through. OK?"

Her answer was to slip off my shoes and kiss my feet.

"I have a man coming to dinner. We need to prepare. Help me get ready and then you can dress yourself. I have caterers bringing the meal which you will serve. I will specify what wine we will drink."

Preparation took the next two hours. Fifi (my new name for her) helped me wash both inside and out. She was surprised at how much trouble I took with the enemas until I explained about how I had sex and that I liked to clean my man off after he had finished. Fifi laced me into my black under bust corset and attached the garters to my noir lace topped stockings before I sent her away to shower and dress in her maid's outfit. After slipping on a tight thong to keep my naughty little bits tucked out of sight, I settled down to apply my makeup. Instead of my usual subdued innocent look I went for a more dramatic effect; not full blown slut style but definitely promoting myself as a woman rather than a girl. Elegant silver hoops, matching bracelet and necklace, a splash of my best perfume and I was ready to slip into the dress.

"Fifi are you ready?" I called.

"Yes mistress I'm coming."

Her heels tapped on the timber floor as she joined me. The long red dress clung to my every curve. Strapless, it showed off my shoulders and hugged my breasts showing my nipples standing erect either side of my cleavage. A split on the left side just exposed the top of that stocking. Red pumps with deadly looking chrome heels completed the outfit. One look in the mirror told me that one young doctor was going to be stunned.

And stunned he was. Fifi buzzed him in and then greeted him at the door with a curtsey. He seemed vaguely amused as she led him into my living room. Sinuously I stood and presented my cheek for him to kiss. Once he had regained his composure, he appeared to be in shock, I received a chaste peck on my cheek. Taking a hand I led him to and sat him on the lounge.

Wanting to sit on his knee, I had to make do with sitting close to him as I asked "what can we get you to drink?"

"Just something soft please. I'm on duty at ten."

Hiding my disappointment I directed the maid to get a soft drink and a wine for me.

"So tell me about yourself since you went overseas." I asked.

He seemed uncomfortable as he quickly filled me in about his studies and eventual return to take up a place as the professor's student. There was an undercurrent that I didn't quite understand. Why did he seem so uncomfortable?

The caterers delivered the food which Fifi served.

As we ate I gave him an edited version of my life since we parted all those years ago. I left out many of the really juicy parts, but felt he was still shocked by many of my escapades. Although the food was delicious I couldn't enjoy it. I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable with John. He seemed distant when I had expected him to be all over me. Even my Chardonnay tasted tart.


As we were finishing coffee John checked his watch and announced "I must be going or I'll be late for my shift." He stood.

Doing my best to hide my disappointment while I walked him to the door I whispered "when will I see you next?"

"I'll set up an appointment with the professor as soon as we get a psych report from your appointment tomorrow. You are booked for 10 o'clock for as long as it takes. You will need to be more open with her than you have with me tonight."

"But what about us?" I was almost crying.

"I'll see you with the professor and then we'll see about us." A quick brush of his lips across my brow and he was gone.

Without even closing the door I raced to my room, through myself on the bed and buried my crying eyes in a pillow. I wanted to die.

Sandra was patting my back and saying "there, there mistress, it will all work out somehow."

"No it won't. He hates me," blubbering. "Can you hold me?"

Lying next to me, soon we were snuggled together. Oh hell! My little clit was hardening between my legs and soon I was passionately kissing Sandra. What was I? A total slut, dress as a whore in red and black, kissing a girl when I should have been entwined with a man. As my maid was responding to me advances, lust took over from misery.

"Help me out of my dress and get yourself naked" I ordered harshly. My dress was on the floor and Sandra was naked with her little pot belly poking out within seconds. My lingerie and shoes stayed on. After finding the right sized black dildo, some lube and a little vibrator in the bed side drawer I stripped off my thong and flopped on my back across the bed.

"Serve me wench" I ordered as I passed the black toys to her. "You may excite yourself with the vibrator as you pump my bottom with the dildo and suck my clit."

Eyes closed with my knees against my chest I revelled in the feeling as the big black dong slid easily into my arse. I imagined that it was John inside me. Sandra worked her pursed lips on my tiny cock, sucking hard. I tried to push away the image of master sucking me. What is happening to me? Am I really turning into that slut that Master called me. I could hear the vibrator humming at Sandra's pussy. The dildo was massaging my prostate and my tiny clit dribbled continuously into the girl's hungry mouth. Finally the dam burst and I squirted onto her tongue. Meanwhile, although the vibrator hummed, her pussy dribbled juice and she panted, climax seemed to elude her.

"Please spank me, Mistress. I can't cum without it." Pleading!

Once the dong was out of me and I had calmed down, I sat up and dropped my still stocking covered legs over the bed side until my stilettos hit the floor. Sandra flopped over my knees, holding the vibrator against her dripping cunt lips. Only a couple of hard slaps had her screaming out her orgasm. This didn't stop me from continuing the spanking until my hand was sore and she was begging for mercy. Inflicting the pain on the poor girl washed away some of my pain. Pushing her onto the floor I felt like kicking her, as if that would rip away all my pain. Such sick thoughts revolted me. I almost bolted to the bathroom to throw up. Instead I just burst into tears.

"What have I done? How did I drive him away?" a rhetorical question that Sandra answered any way as she sat next to me with an arm around my shoulder.

"I think you scared him with the up market escort look. He was expecting the innocent girl he knew and loved all those years ago. From my point of view it looked like all you wanted was his cock in your bottom as quick as possible. You may not have lost him completely. Perhaps the shrink can help you tomorrow."


She was right. Thinking back over the last few hours I could see a change in my mindset. Even my language had changed. Dong, arse, cunt and cock weren't normal words for me. They were slut words. I really had to get my act together. Sandra was right, hopefully the psych could help me get myself back together.

"Well, aren't you a cute little boy?" she said as I walked into the office. I was wearing a white short flared skirt over nude stockings, matching bra, thong and garter belt. My shoes were sensible three inch heeled sandals and my makeup, hair and jewellery was conservative.

Bursting into tears I blubbered "I don't know what I am but I've never been a boy." I just stood there shaking.

Standing the bitch approached me with a tissue and led me to a couch saying "There, there, dear have a seat and we will talk. I think we will accept that you should be a girl and by your look I think you are almost there." I calmed down slowly.

"I will recommend that you receive whatever surgery you please to achieve what you want. Now we need to get on to some other matters. I want you to tell me truthfully of your life since John left for Europe all those years ago."

"Have you been talking to him? Why do you want to know this? Some of it is hard for me to tell. It was horrible."

"John is worried about you. I think letting go will help you."

So with lots of sobs and tissues I told her the whole story. It took ages but I did feel better to let it out.

"You feel like a slut because your master called you that. Just because you like sex doesn't make you a slut. I can help you with this but it might take time. First step is to dress like you have today. Sexy but understated. I'm sure you feel better with that look anyway."

She was right. I did prefer this style.

We talked for ages and I felt better and better. Finally I was told that I had another appointment for the following day with the professor at ten AM. With a much improved perspective of the whole situation I left the office.

Back at the unit I found Sandra still in her baby doll watching rubbish on the television. The spanking that I gave her only lasted until she appeared to be about to cum. I stopped and sent her off to shower and dress to go shopping. She sulked as she wandered off to the bathroom while I wrote a grocery list for her to fill.


When she returned she was wearing a light yellow dress which almost hid her condition and some mid heeled sandals. I handed her the note, cash and told her that the little supermarket was only a block away. She seemed confused and just stood there.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"I've never shopped." She whispered.

Grabbing my purse I took her hand and led her out of the unit. "Time you learned. It's one of the things maids do." My planned gym session would have to wait.

Food shopping done, with it to be delivered in two hours and a maid who now understood how it worked we ambled home only pausing at an upmarket lingerie shop to treat ourselves to a new baby doll for Sandra and a sexy teddy for myself.

"Can you cook?" said as I locked the door.

"No Mistress" shuffling her feet and looking down.


"No Mistress."

"I'll teach you. And will let you cum when you do it well. Fail to learn and I'll put you on orgasm denial until you do. Go and turn into Fifi." This was a fun game. I wasn't really planning to be cruel. She was carrying my child after all. I had better find a doctor for her as soon as possible. The professor should be able to suggest someone.

Soon she was back looking like a maid. "Dust all the furniture and shelves and then vacuum the floors. I'll check your work when I have been to the gym." After showing her where the equipment was kept, I quickly changed into tiny shorts, singlet and trainers and headed to the gym floor where I really gave myself a work out.

On my hot and sweaty return I found Fifi hard at it with the vacuum cleaner. She seemed to have the hang of it so I poured a tall glass of iced water and perched on a stool tingling all over from the workout to watch. Just as I was contemplating having a bath she finished. I checked for dust and was so happy with her work that I directed her to put the cleaner away but to keep the feather duster. Taking the duster I had her remove her frilly panties and bend over a kitchen bench.
"You may play with yourself for a little while before I dust up your naughty little bottom."

She was wet and panting very quickly and begging for the duster with its whippy cane handle. Obligingly I gave her a mild thrashing which had her screaming with release with only ten moderate cracks of the cane. Being a sub myself I understood how this worked. Promising myself to get some proper equipment rather than improvising, I gave her a couple of gratuitous swipes. Thanking me she was smiling and crying at the same time as she pulled up her panties.

"I will call you shortly to bathe me. " I headed for the bathroom.

After cleansing the inner woman I was ready for my bath.

"Fifi! Get that pretty little arse in here and wash me. Bring wine."

The wine was delicious as I sat naked and watched the maid draw a bath for me. Soon I was luxuriating in the warm water, sipping away while the girl sponged me down. This was true decadence. Bath over I rinsed off under the shower and had the girl dry me with a huge fluffy towel before I sent her away for more wine while I slipped into a short skirt and tank top in my favourite pale pink.

"Ok, let's put a feed together."

Starting simply I taught her how to boil noodles and create a Bolognaise to go with them. I made it clear to Fifi that she must remember each dish she learned, as I would punish her if she didn't get it right. I suggested that she create a recipe book for herself. Of course punishment was going to be orgasm denial by my refusal to spank or cane her. After dinner she cleaned up the kitchen while I lounged around watching a couple of music DVDs.

Feeling exhausted, I finally dragged myself off to bed warning the maid to be up bright and early to help me prepare for my interview and learn how to scramble eggs and toast.


My heels clacked along the footpath as I made my way to the doctor. My dress was white and light weight, hugging my body tightly and just covering my skin toned stocking tops. My makeup and hair was very girly. I hoped John would be there and didn't want to scare him again. Fifi was under orders to read some cookery books and come up with a dinner plan.

Ushered into the consulting room, I was greeted by the professor with a hand shake.

"Welcome young lady. Please sit." She kindly said. "I have reviewed the interview with the psych and I'm sure that you are a suitable SRS candidate. I will need to examine you, so if you will slip through that door and undress I will be with you shortly. Just call out when you are ready."

In the exam room was a chair and an exam table. I stripped, leaving my clothes carefully folded on the chair. I slipped into a light robe and called out that I was ready.

The doctor entered and asked me to lie on the table and to spread the robe. After examining my breasts she moved on to my little bits.

"You are quite tiny aren't you? May I call john in for an opinion?" After I nodded, she opened the door and let him in. "What do you think John?"

"Orchiectomy but that's all. There isn't enough to make a viable vagina from. All there could be would be a tiny opening that couldn't be used except to urinate out of. That combined with loss of sensual release, would lead me to recommend leaving the penis alone."

"I understand. Let's do it soon" I jumped in quickly. This was pretty much what I wanted; I just wanted to get dressed. They left the room.

Dressed I entered the consult room. They were each seated and consulting over another case. I sat.

"We can fit you in next week but it's up to you." She said.

"Schedule it and let me know."

We talked about details and recovery times before John showed me out. It was just 11.30.

"Lunch in the park in half an hour? I'll bring a picnic. We need to talk" John whispered as he showed me out. I nodded and headed to the elevator.

From my spot on a bench I could see him striding across the grass. He really was a handsome man. I tingled down deep with pleasure, watching him spread a rug on the grass and beckon me over. He was opening a couple of salads packed in plastic containers as I sat. Pop was the noise as he uncorked some bubbles and poured a plastic glass each.

"Cheers" he saluted. "Eat and then tell me the story. The whole story this time."

By the time I finished I was sobbing, but managed to get through it. Would he dump me? Where was all this going?

Taking both my hands in his he spoke "thank you. Now I understand."

"Why did you run the other night?" I asked.

"You scared me. I like this pale innocent look you are in today. The other night you looked like a predator. That slut look doesn't suit you at all. I want the little girl I saved from the bullies at school. What is the plan with the girl and the baby?"

"I don't think she will want to keep it. If not I'll just have to be mother and father to it. Sandra will look for a strong dominant man to look after her. I understand how she feels as I need the same thing." I answered.

"Come away with me for a couple of days. I want you to meet some people. Dress to impress or I might have to spank you. I'll pick you up at 9.00 in the morning" he grinned lasciviously and gently kissed my forehead.

My whole body tingled as I wandered in a daze back to the unit. I needed to make sure that Sandra would be able to cope for the two days without me.


Out of bed early I was clean, groomed, dressed and packed for my little break. I had sorted everything out for Sandra. The time dragged until the door buzzed at 9.00 which had me rushing to the elevator towing my little bag. I wanted to throw myself at him but restrained myself. After a brush of his lips I was led outside to his waiting car. He opened the door for me and after closing it threw my bag in the back and we were off.

He looked across at me as we waited at some lights and smiled. "I like that dress. White suits you. Always wear white or pale pink unless I request otherwise" he smirked.

I was wearing a short flouncy sundress with spaghetti straps in white. It was figure hugging to the waist with a skirt that flared and floated while I walked. Sitting it showed a hint of my nude stocking tops but not my garters. My sheer bra allowed a little hint of nipple while my matching thong hid my little secrets. Of course I wore three inch stiletto sandals.

"Will you punish me if I don't dress the way you like?" I asked coquettishly.

"Certainly, but I'm sure you will find easier ways to invite a spanking than by really getting me mad."

I'm tingling from head to foot. Where is he taking me? Will he bed me? I hope so. I have everything I need to make him happy in my little bag. After some freeway driving we were soon traveling along a quiet country road.

"Where are we going today?"

"Secret place. Don't worry that pretty little head. All will be revealed soon."

He swung the car carefully through a wide gateway in a stone wall. The drive meandered for a mile or so through fields and woods until I sighted a large white Victorian mansion. John tooted the horn and, by the time we reached the building a middle aged couple waited to greet us.

Turning to him for an explanation I saw his mischievous grin. "My parents wanted to meet you. Actually mum would have liked to meet you way back when we were at school. Dad has been a little slower to accept my sexual preferences, but he's all good with it now."

I was blushing but happy as he helped me out of the car and introduced me to them. I felt very welcome as we sat and chatted over a lovely lunch. While the parents relaxed we walked hand in hand through the lovely garden.

"You know how much I like you in white." He asked. "I wonder how you would look in a wedding dress."

Gasping, heart beating; I was stunned as he said "Marry me."

In answer I threw myself into his embrace. Our kiss was long and delicious. The ring he offered was stunning.


"Oh mum will want a huge affair so not for a few months. We need to fix those little problems that you are carrying around first. I guess I could be dad for that little baby if the mum doesn't want it."

Taking my hand he led one deliriously happy little sissy back to break the news to mum and dad.

"I hope you aren't going to expect abstinence before we get married" I teased as we meandered back to the house.

"Have no fear of that. We'll share a bed tonight, so expect to be ravished. I've lusted after that bottom of yours for a long time."

Licking my lips, I put on my best lewd face.


My excuse for heading to bed early was that I felt like a bath before retiring. I'd whispered to John that he should give me at least an hour to be ready for him. He was sitting on a veranda enjoying a cigar and port with his dad while his mum watched an old movie on the television.

The hour was spent making sure I was squeaky clean, shaved with perfect makeup and hair. My outfit was such that I may as well have been naked. A micro thong barely contained my little boy bits. It was see through chiffon as was my pink peignoir. With nothing to hide from john so I decided to show it off. Pretty pink sandals complemented the outfit, shaping my legs and slimming my developing voluptuous look.

When my lover walked in I was lounging on the bed flicking through a fashion magazine. Soon it would be wedding books. The look on his face was priceless, a mixture of shock and lust.

"Get off the bed and stand in the corner facing the wall" he ordered. Oh this is different I thought as I slipped off the bed and went to the corner.

"You have been naughty, so I'll have to punish you. Do you know what this is for?" he spoke sternly.

"No sir" I answered meekly. My little thing was leaking juice with anticipation and I had to force myself to breath.

"Come here you little minx!" still speaking sternly.

Turning, I found him sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Across my knee, girl" he said.

Eagerly I positioned myself over his knees.

"This is for wearing that slutty outfit. How many do you think you deserve for that?"

"Six sir?" I whispered.

He laughed. "I think twelve would be more like it." Oh goody I thought.

Flipping the back of my peignoir up he started with a gentle slap on my virtually naked bottom. Each spank was harder than the one before. By six I was crying and by twelve I was begging for mercy, but so turned on that I almost spurted on his legs.

Easing me off his knees I ended up kneeling on the floor in front of him.

"Compose yourself, dry your eyes and fix that make up. You may then undress me" still in a stern voice.

He was still sitting when I returned from the bathroom. My body was tingling from head to bottom. On my knees in front of him I untied his shoes and slipped them off followed by his socks. Reaching up I undid his shirt buttons and slipped it off him. Being so close I could smell his masculinity oozing from him. I undid his belt and slid down his zipper before he stood to allow me to slide his trousers and boxers down his muscular legs. Picking up all his clothes I folded them neatly and placed them on a chair. As I crawled back to him I saw his beautiful penis partly erect. It was larger than I remembered from our school days. My mouth watered in anticipation. Leaning forward between his legs I pushed my lips towards the smooth head and took him into my hungry mouth. Slowly I sucked and ran my tongue over the opening lusting for the taste of his juice. He grew and hardened from my efforts. I slid myself over his now erect cock and took him deep into my throat. Bobbing my head back and forth I wondered if he would cum in my mouth or save it for my needy tingling bottom.

Grunting, he pushed me off him and soon had me on my back on the bed. My shredded thong flew across the room, he was impatient. My ankles were on his shoulders as pressure built against my little rose bud. Relax those muscles and push out, I thought. Pop and the bulbous head was inside me. He paused before starting the relentless drive into my welcoming hole. Oh! That felt so good. I was buzzing with pleasure as he slid back and forth in my core. Changing rhythm he would pull back until the bulb was almost out then use short strokes for a moment, tormenting my little pleasure spot. I was dribbling onto my tummy as he did this before driving deep again for a few strokes. Alternating this way was driving me over the edge. I wanted both the deep thrust of his possession and the gentle massage of my little boy spot. Just as I was ready to release I felt him pull back and with a gasp he emptied his seed into me. Pushed over the cliff I came with him, with a moan of pleasure.


My life was perfect. I have a new master and lover, about to be my husband. My wedding dress is perfect, as I look at my image in the mirror. The limo will be here soon to take me to my future, when my phone rings.

"So you are going for second best are you?" My old master chuckled.

Shocked, I hung up and turned off the phone. Why was my tummy tingling?

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