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4-4-5 Christmas at the Bar Ch. 03

Our carriageur was nowhere in sight, but a lazy horse ride wouldn't've served us much anyhow. We made for the nearest trolley, which didn't contain our quarry departing from the party, but we hopped on it anyway, holding white-gloved hands and grinning like idiots.

When the trolley got under way, she surreptitiously rested her head on my shoulder. I reached up and ran my fingers along her hairline and under her ear. I leaned down, and whispered to her, "Have you thought about it? Us? Spending the night together?"

I felt her shift slightly in my grasp; she nodded after a moment's hesitation.

"And did you enjoy it, this vision in your mind?"

She nodded again.

"I'm jealous," I further whispered.

And then she spoke. "Why?"

"Because this person in your head, he knows how to please you. He does everything you want without you asking him to, and he makes you come like no one else can. That is why I'm jealous."

She neither spoke this time, nor nodded. She began to quiver.

"Will you tell me?"

She slowly leaned up straight, and looked me in the eye.

"Will you tell me how to be this guy in your head? Will you teach me how to please you?"

She nodded slowly, quivering almost violently now, with her little ears turning red.

"What did I do first?"

"F-first... y-you k-kissed me."


"It was the longest, most beautiful kiss in the wmmmfgh!" I cut her short, kissing her straight away, and I didn't stop until the trolley had run all the way to the Big Hotel in Up North a Ways, North Carolina. Any time anyone says "get a room," that's the place to go. Only problem was the front desk.

"Yes?" the concierge asked.

"Two of them, formal wear, got a room together, answer to the names of Crisis and Riley...?"

He nodded like everything was perfectly normal, got on the phone, and chatted back and forth for a while with me and Reo looking like idiots in our outfits.

"Top-floor suite," the man said.

"But there must be some mistake," Reo argued. "They said they were just getting a room."

"They say they're expecting you; the private elevator will take you."

We shrugged, and we went.

I'd never been that high in the hotel before. The elevator took us all the way to the top such that the doors opened up inside the room itself. And waiting for us in the hall were our marks themselves.

"Hey, guys! Glad you could make it! What made you change your mind?"

Oh, wow. First off, there were Crisis and Riley; Crisis was barefoot and Riley was without her dress (but still with her heels and stockings on), and Riley looking quite tipsy. Further in, there was a large collection of young women and a few boys grooving on their feet to some bad music in the main room. There was a mountain of snacks on room service trays and two huge bowls of liquid. In fact, the two girls were holding a glass each. Riley handed me one full of the green stuff, and Crisis had one of red for Reo.

"Umm... hi," says Reo.

Introductions time? "So, yeah," says me. "Reoren, this is my buddy I told you about, Riley. The saucy thing decorating her arm is Crisis."

"We've met," Reo says, shaking hands with both.

Wait, doing what?"

They caught my expression. "What's wrong?" the nosy Crisis asked. "We went to high school together, you know."

"If you must know, I thought that was a very dispassionate greeting."

"How so?"

"How so? I'll show you how so." Riley and I, we hadn't done this yet, and I'm gonna go ahead and assume she hadn't done much kissing, hello or otherwise. Now's as good a time as any, seeing as what they invited us over for; I leaned in, and she accepted a short kiss to her lips, but I persisted there. She felt a little awkward when I began prodding her with my tongue in all of three seconds, but she relaxed after a moment and answered with her own. I immediately backed off and smiled, then moved in for Crisis. She was much quicker on the uptake, and I got me a shiver of anticipation from kissing her.

"See? A proper greeting."

Reo was used to such things of course, so she was all for it in kissing Crisis, and Riley was ready by then, though she still didn't figure out she was supposed to use her tongue right away, so Crisis and I got to watch for a few extra seconds while our girls worked it out.

"Wanna eat something?" Riley offered. She was quite the little sprite, buzzing off like a giddy little kid. Crisis followed her, leaving the two of us to our drinks that we still hadn't tasted yet.

"Umm... Derrick?"


"Did you know...?"

"They were partying? No; they said they were just gonna get a room and spend the night together, hopefully with me. I was gonna ask them if we could share since, you know, they didn't know about you, maybe they still wanted to hang out."

Reo and I looked at each other for a few seconds, then the noise distracted our eyes to the collection of bodies just a few paces off.

"Fuck it, Merry Christmas," she said, clinking her glass on mine, and she started pulling on it. I gave mine a swig as well, but it was horrible.

"Ugh! This tastes like pure alcohol!" she bitched before I could get there.

"Bad alcohol at that," I added, but she didn't seem to know any better, so she "swallowed the pain" so to say, and drank it down with a pained expression. Me, I had a much more difficult time, being used to more quality ingredients in my beverages. I had hoped for something with a little Midori or something, but it tasted like the green in mine was nothing more than food coloring. Highschoolers.

We adjourned to the food tray, where Crisis had propped Riley up on the table to resume making out with her. How adorable were they, with Riley's heeled foot wrapping itself around her girlfriend's waist? Pretty darn adorable, I say. I interrupted them with a hand on Crisis' shoulder, Reo right next to me.

"What's up?"

"Talk in private?"

"Da. We're not in trouble, are we?"

We made a wide circle around the dancing forms to find a strangely unused room in the back of the suite. It had a bed, which the two inviting girls plopped down on. "You guys enjoying the party so far?" Crisis asked.

"It's just that I didn't know you guys were going to a party," I explained. "Not that I mind, of course. And I didn't have time to say anything about bringing Reo." Reo snuggled up to my side, elated to be remembered.

"It's totally cool," Crisis said. "We were going to get a room, but this place was booked for fuck-all, so we came up here. It's a cheerleader gig, so I can invite whomever I want. Just enjoy yourselves, alright?"

I was satisfied, but it seems Reo wasn't, not quite yet. "Umm... I'm sorry for asking, but did you still want Derrick to spend the night with you?"

The two girls shared a quick look, then Crisis answered, "Yeah, that'd be great. Why? Did you wanna join?"

Whatever Reo thought about that idea, my attention was diverted to Riley, who suddenly looked uncomfortable. Crisis caught on rather quickly, and had a private conference with her, which involved several hushed whispers and ended with a punctuated kiss on Riley's neck. I imagined Becky kissing Reo like that.

They returned to us anon, Crisis offering, "If you want to, that's totally cool, only Riley had a hard enough time thinking about three people in bed, you know? It's just an adjustment she needs a few hours to get used to. But it helps that you're a girl, really."

Reo had something of a weird look on her face, and I still wasn't sure what she expected of me. She only came this far to take the two out to dinner after all, not party with a bunch of distracting high-school girls and boys. Rats.

"Anyway, we don't have to worry about that now," Crisis said with an abundance of Christmas cheer and lifting Riley to her feet, "let's just enjoy the party for now. We'll probably be too drunk by the time everyone nods off to worry about it, right?"

Sounded like reasonable advice. Reo allowed me to lead her off by the hand back to the front room, where clothes seemed to be dropping off everyone in record time. Reo and I got to dancing, and it was most excellent to get to the down and dirty with her after "swaying with the breeze" all frikking evening long. Several people cut in just like the last party, but with some twenty square feet of room, we weren't worried about getting separated like before.

Riley managed to get Crisis' dress off, but she wasn't sure how to take it when Crisis would grab a random guy or girl out of the mess to make out with. Several such girls tried the same with me, but I'd had quite enough. I had perhaps three women on my plate tonight; I didn't want to add to the difficulty rating.

Then again, these girls were hot, hot, hot. Probably weren't even freshmen by the time I was a senior in high school. All of them seemed to be in a competition to out-slut each other, involving rubbing up against the most people, making out with the most people, or losing the most clothes in the shortest amount of time.

The first girl to lose everything up top got yanked out and off to the unknown, and that was the beginning. In pairs or threes or fours, people left the floor for the bedroom, the bathroom, or wherever else was secluded. Crisis caught Riley looking sad from the promiscuous kissing, and she started making out with her once more, landing her on the couch and starting to work on her breasts.

I looked just in time to see one of the few guys trying to pull Reo away. I interrupted, aided by Reo's resistance, and we joined the two girls on the couch. Rather than make room for us, Crisis lied Riley down properly on the bed, then yanked Reo alongside her. I mounted Reo next to Crisis, and we managed our girls with gusto. I had lost my coat and my cummerbund and my shoes and my hat, but Reo was still tip-top in her beautiful gown and Santa lid on her perfect hair.

I started unlacing her, helped by a tipsy pair of girls next to us, and we all three worked Reo's dress off her shoulders and down her waist. She was still wrapped in a tight corset, panties, and stockings, but that was a good start.

We two pairs made out pretty heartily, spurred on by those who remained in the room to keep dancing or feeding, though mostly everyone was interested in sex by then. Crisis was the one to let hands wander, sliding her hand up Riley's arm and down Reo's, and eventually right onto Reo's small breast. I joined in, feeling Crisis' ass and Riley's thighs, which inspired Riley's leg to get rather twiny with Reo's.

Reo's hand started working on my crotch. When Crisis caught sight of that, she took hold of Riley's hand and put it with Reo's. Her fingers were a little cautious at first, but Reo and Crisis petting them got her to work up the courage to grip my dick. Crisis and I then turned together to enjoy a small slice of heaven while our two girls worked to unbind me. When I ran my hands along her tight ass and her plush breasts, I was reminded of Sadie's similar hard cheerleader body.

I don't know about you, but despite all the fucking I'd recently done, I felt like I hadn't gotten any in months, and it'd take more than a few rings around the rosey to get me to relax, you know what I mean.

My cock was out of my pants, Riley had rolled to the side to rub Reo's pussy while kissing her, Crisis was fingering Riley from behind, and I was having my way with Crisis. Panties were starting to loosen up, so it looked like the main event was on its way.

"Reo, baby," Crisis asked, "do you mind if Riley takes the first turn with your man? For her first time, and all."

Riley, not surprisingly, looked incredibly nervous.

"Not at all," Reo said. "I'm looking forward to it."

With their minds made up, they got up and began refiling, but I had something to say in the matter too. "I'm out to start with Reo; but don't worry, there's plenty left for you both," I said smoothly to the two others.

"No really, it's okay, Derrick," Reo reassured me. "She shouldn't have to go seconds for her first time with a guy." Crisis was nodding firmly, and again the two went back to business as though things were decided. To me she whispered with a hiss, "You didn't tell me she was gonna get you to devirginise her!"

"Too many other details; I forgot," I hissed back, but not unkindly. "You see, Riley," I said to Riley so the other two could hear, "this is what I said about peer pressure." Poor Riley was looking scared, and now she was confused as well. "I really want to make your first time special for you, and you're very important to me, but Reo..."

I turned to look at Reo, who was gently floored by my proclamation, "I've been hoping for a long time now for this opportunity, and I was especially looking forward to making love to her tonight, and I want to take the chance while it's in front of me. Is that okay?"

She quickly assured me that it was fine with her and Reo seemed far too impassioned to put up further resistance, so it was only Crisis that stood in the way, and Riley was able to put her in check with a mere glow.

So, with Riley pulling Crisis off the couch so they could watch close-up from the floor, I pulled Reo's panties off (she just looked too damn good in her corset and stockings and heels), and Crisis helped me with my pants.

"Wait, what're you doing?" Reo asked when I started backing my body down hers.

"Starting from the very beginning."

"You ate me out once already," she whined. "I want you inside me, now."

"You tell him, girly-girl," Crisis affirmed.

Oh well; when surrounded by cheerleaders... I inched my way back up, kissing all the flesh I could find (there was a bit heart cut out right in the middle of her corset, starting at her navel and ending just at the swelling of her breasts), I lined myself up, like a person does, and thrust home.

And just like that, my loyal audience, I saw the light: My third woman that day, and I could say with unwarranted confidence that I loved all three of them. Melody, who I had never met but knew by reputation; Salamandy, who had let me within the protection of her confidences; and Reoren, who was supposed to be just another girl, yet so much was hidden in there I wanted to share of.

This new thing, this strange affection, it was a new kind of sex that made the old kind seem like gross child's play. Wheres before I would've just fucked Reo silly with a small handful of tricks, now I was enjoying the natural connection born in the differences in our bodies. While our bodies were made to interlock and shoot off signals of pleasure, our minds were made to interact as well.

Jesus, have I ever turned into a sap. Long story short, Reo was a girl I had known for a relatively short time, but she and I got on very well, and it was a great pleasure for me to be allowed to have this experience with her instead of me just using her like I do all the others, feeling used myself. I felt loved by her, and I wanted to love her for it.

It didn't take long for her to come. After she did, I figured we may as well take advantage of the purported threesome. I reached back grabbed Crisis, who joined me in a kiss. Always a pleasure fucking one girl and kissing another, for those of who that don't know. I pulled her head down to Reo's chest, and she began sucking her nipples (after pulling down her corset just a few inches, that is). Next was Riley; her head I turned to face Reo to get the two of them kissing so Reo could feel the same kind of pleasure I was getting. She came again with the two girls' help while I continued to ride her, and I backed them off in a few minutes for a big finish while they watched.

"Where do you want me to come?" I breathed hotly into her neck.

"Come wherever you want," she gasped in pleasure.

"Even inside you, pretty girl?"

"Come inside me; please, god, come inside me..."

Three for three, or should I say four for five? More like five. My cum came gushing forth with glee, though it was sadly overshadowed by the cheap thrill my sister had given me hours earlier. But Reo took it wonderfully, coming when she felt it squirting into her.

"How much for another one of those?" she asked dizzily.

I smiled and kissed her one last time, still with my cock twitching and her cunt squeezing around it. "Have you ever eaten a girl out, pretty girl?" I asked sweetly. She shook her head with a nervous smile.

I got up out of her and pulled her back by her legs so that she was sprawled properly on the couch. Crisis was easily pulled into position with the slightest touch, mounting Reo's face, looking down on her.

"Watch closely," she said to her girlfriend, who seemed uncertain in her drunken stupor as Reo's tongue came out to taste the luscious cheerleader. "Your turn now."


I pulled her back to the other end of the couch, between Reo's legs. "You see that?" I said, pointing at the bony pelvis.

"Your cum's leaking out of her," she giggled.

"It's your job to lick that up," I encouraged, and I guided her head down. True enough, she began licking up the slime that had been left over from my coupling with my landlady. Former.

While Crisis seemed to be singing in pleasure already, it was suddenly doubled. I saw her getting wild on Reo's face, looking back to see her girlfriend eating out another girl, and Reo seemed to be getting off rather quickly from the vicious attack by Riley, and her moans were going right through the vulnerable Crisis, who was thoroughly enjoying watching her girl eat my date's pussy.

I got up, satisfied, and kissed Crisis yet again. "You're pretty good at this," she purred. She was grinding her face against my date, making both their tits jiggle.

"It's a living. I want her to eat my cum out of you, too, before this night is through."

"Bold, aren't you?"

"Promise me," I said, rubbing her ass gently, letting my fingers creep closer into her crevice.

"I promise, big boy," she said, on the verge of orgasm.

I made her to rub her ass under my hand, then further encouraged her to rub her asshole, not stopping until she slipped her middle finger inside with a sigh. Then it was my turn to join the fun; I took a seat on the couch arm, resting my feet on either side of Reo's head. Crisis, always on top of things, leaned forward to take my cock into her mouth, tasting my cum along with Reo's. Then, sneaky bitch, sucked her finger for a moment, and shoved it up my ass.

We did our thing for a good many minutes, each of us enjoying ourselves, only I felt a bit sorry for Riley, who was working very hard in making Reo come (quite a bit better than I had), yet no one was looking after her. Good, though. She'd be fresh for me. Despite all the noise that was going on, I heard some soft moaning from the other side of the room, and I saw a blond and brunette cheerleader quietly entwined in lovemaking.

I told Crisis to go one more. "Can you take it?" she asked me cheekily.

"I can if you can." It was the slightest bit uncomfortable, her getting a second finger up me arse, but not so much when there's an expert cocksucker doing a fine job on me. I was more concerned with her fingering herself, which she seemed to enjoy. Then, to our surprise for sheer volume, Reo came again, harder than ever.

"Oh my god, stop," she complained, "I can't take it anymore. Jesus, where'd you learn that?"

"Guilty," I admitted.

"Hey! I helped!" Crisis insisted.

"Yeah, you laid on your back real well," I laughed. That was of course a reference to how Riley practiced her pussy-feasting abilities on an imaginably prone Crisis.

"Alright, fucker." Crisis' eyes were hungry. "Scrumptious meal, get ready to..."

"Oh, no you don't," shot Reo, who seemed to have gotten in the mood, and who had caught sight of my erect erection. "She waited long enough for that."
"Oh, right," Crisis admitted. "Bitch, into position. How do you want it?"

"Umm... like... oh god; what was your name?"

"Reoren, cutie," Reo giggled, shaking the squeamish girl's hand. "And may I say, thank you for the orgasms, and I hope you make frequent use of my phone number."

Riley replied with a rather yummy kiss. "You tasted heavenly. Anyways, I want it like you had it, please." She was looking overly nervous again.

"Dibs on the cream filling!" Reo called in laughter.

"She's my girlfriend!" Crisis insisted.

"He's not commin' in me!" Riley protested. I'd gotten on top of her by then. Damn, she was bonier than Reo. I might break something if I did her as hard.

"Ry, you've got to! It's the best; only for your first time, alright?" Crisis stopped her girlfriend from answering with kisses, and I enjoyed myself on the young girl's tender neck. I also got Reo to help out, somewhere around the chest region I think.

"You know, when a girl gets you off, it's good manners to kiss her," I reminded her. She nodded giddily and moved Crisis out of the way so she could plant one more on Riley, something a bit more involved than their second introduction. Then Crisis demanded hers, so Reo kissed her in turn. Riley still didn't seem to care for it.

I helped her along, kissing her ear and rubbing my cock against her dripping pussy. "Are you ready?" I asked her.

"Umm... I donno, Derrick..."

I nodded agreeably. "If it's alright with you, I'd like you to watch Reo with Crisis more."

"Do they have to?" she squeaked.

"Come on, baby," Crisis said. "It's not like we're fucking everybody. Let's share, even just a little. No regular thing, of course. Anything you want." I was cheating a little, running my hands along Riley's skinny legs, encased in her pretty stockings.

"Please?" Reo added. Hell, I couldn't say no to that. Riley gave the tiniest nod, making Reo squeal in delight and give her one last kiss. Crisis was also excited; she sat right next to Riley's head, and Reo dove in. Me, I continued kissing all of Riley that I could find, especially her tiny dark nipples. Finally she asked me to kiss her, and we shared a long, noisy kiss that got her really warmed up. I grabbed my cock and teased her entrance with it; at last her hips began to thrust out in response, and she was cuddling my sides with her knees.

"Look up," I whispered to her. She did, and she saw her girlfriend's face contorted in pleasure. Crisis reached down to stroke Riley's face; Reo continued to give Riley emotional support by caressing her side, seeking and grabbing hold of her hand. Their fingers intertwined, and I, feeling saucy, pulled Crisis' fingers towards Riley's mouth; Riley sucked them up without a second thought. Crisis looked down at me with a wild expression, and I raised my eyebrows at Reo between her legs. She grinned, then settled her other hand there, making Reo suck her other fingers. If only the two girls knew where they'd been.

We continued on like that, me teasing Riley with my cock and Reo using what practice she'd just gotten from Riley to do a better job on Crisis the second time around. Crisis came a little quietly, but she had a very satisfied expression her face. "Thank you," she whispered down to her girl. That was when I struck.

"Nhaaah!" Riley cried, and everyone in the room (all six of us) knew she had just lost her virginity, such as it was. I churned her up slowly with my cock, enjoying her wonderful tightness, kissing her with a great passion. She was clinging to my body, pulling me in. As it goes, it took a little longer than both of us wanted for me to get all the way inside her, but once we fit together, she cried out in pain.

"Jesus, it's big!" she shouted, no longer the introverted little girl at that moment. "Cry, why didn't you tell me it was so fuckin' big? I feel so full!"

Crisis was spurred on by her girlfriend's sudden dirty mouth, and she changed seats from in front of Reo's face to on top of Riley's. Riley held onto her ass for all she was worth while I pounded into her pussy. "Fuck off out of the way," I said to Crisis with a slap on her ass. "We're tryin' to make love over here."

"God, not so deep, Derrick; go slow."

"Go fuck yourself, college boy," Crisis sneered back.

"Well, at least turn over and let a brother give you a hand." That, she did. I dove into her pussy for the first time, and there was a certain enthusiasm for eating out a high school cheerleader that I couldn't hold back, and it made me pump into Riley even harder, making her scream out in her first climax of the night.

"Slower, slower," she insisted, and I slowed down a bit, leaving her girlfriend's pussy for a bit to share her first inter-coital climax kiss with her. "Deeper."

"Good for you?"

"Wonderful. More?"

"Anytime you ask, beautiful. A man doesn't turn down tightness like this when he's in his right mind." She giggled and squeezed down on me with her pussy, sending shivers throughout me. Here I thought we were set to have a long, arduous fuck since I'd gone however many times that day, but she was really testing me. "She tastes so good," I added, remembering the taste on my lips she was kissing off.

"I know. Thanks for all your help with her, and thanks for this."

I smiled and kissed her sweet lips again. "Stick out your tongue." She did, like I was going to attack her with a tongue depressor. I took a hold of Crisis' hips and pulled her down gently, then lifted Riley's head up so that Crisis' asshole fell perfectly onto her tongue. The cute little girl began licking wildly, again grabbing her hips to pull her face up more tightly into her girlfriend. I resumed my work on Crisis' pussy, not forgetting how yummy she is.

"Holy shit!" Crisis shouted at the duel attention. "What's she doing? Christ, what is that girl doing?" Her cries bought her the attention of the two young lovers on the other side, who finally dropped what they were doing to watch the show.

Reo came up to have a look; I snuck a hand around and slipped a few fingers into her pussy, feeling its slickness from my sperm. "It looks like... wow; is she eating out your ass?"

Crisis was beyond talking and well into moaning; she yanked Reo up by the hair and kissed her ferociously.

"How could you stand the taste?" Reo continued to babble.

"I didn't hear you complaining," Crisis giggled.

"Huh?" she blinked stupidly, and the cheerleader shoved her fingers back into her mouth. Reo sucked them lovingly yet again before catching on. She might've had something to say about it, but that was when I snuck a finger out of her pussy to tickle her asshole. "Derrick, don't!" she squealed, half playful, half unsure.

"Shh... relax, baby, just take it." Crisis herself reached around Reo to take over her ass with her wet fingers; I went back to the two in her pussy. Mmm... pussy. One in my hand, one in front of my face, and one wrapped around my cock. I resumed thrusting into Riley, who had plenty of time to recover from her orgasm. She had to moan a bit for it, but she kept her grip on her girlfriend and continued licking her ass.

"Get it in deep," I whispered into Crisis' pussy. Riley then spread her cheeks wide and jammed her tongue in harder, but Reo was the one to yelp; Crisis must've heard me and jammed her finger all the way into Reo's unused asshole.

"Fuck; this guy eats pussy like a girl," Crisis moaned. She and Reo were back into kissing at full force, and Riley and I had worked up a rhythm to where we could thrust harder into each other without sacrificing our attention on Crisis. I didn't mind; I wanted to pound away at her as hard as I had Reo, but Reo hadn't been a virgin, and I liked being able to keep Riley connected to her girlfriend, whom she was so attached to.

It was one of the biggest challenges I can ever remember, fingering Reo, eating out Crisis, and fucking Riley. But I was in the zone; nothing could stop me. In time I was pounding away with the help of Reo clutching her breasts, Reo was bucking and shaking on my fingers with Crisis poking into her ass, and Crisis was losing her usual composure with Riley doing her own thing from underneath.

The longer it went on, the more natural it came to me, the less I had to think about it, and the more I was able to enjoy the wonderful feeling. Not only was Riley disgustingly tight in her maiden voyage, Reo and Crisis bucking their hips on my hand and face were indescribable. I get plenty of pleasure from just eating or fingering a girl, but this was too much.

Just to make sure I didn't finish the race too early, I turned a special trick on Riley, using a certain upward thrust as her hips fell down to put pressure on the topside of her pussy. I did the same with Reo, only I was able to push directly on the backside of her clit, push, and send shivers through my fingers. Crisis, all I had to do was suck her huge clit. Like magic, all three of them started sounding off.

I was grunting along with them. Reo was the first to lose control; no girl was able to resist the double fish hook. Crisis' voice turned high-pitched until she was squeaking, and Riley switched keeping hold of her girlfriend's hips to grab mine, grinding them into hers as hard as possible, taking my cock deeper into her than I thought a virgin capable of.

I felt it, felt it, felt it... My hand was shaking like crazy on Reo's pussy; she was screaming in utter ecstasy; pussy juice was pouring down my chin from Crisis' climax, and I withdrew my hips to pound hard into Riley a few last times, the hard blasts onto her cervix sending her over the edge. Our joined hips kept my cock firmly locked in place, and I felt my own orgasm set loose with delicious finality, and I finished with a few short thrusts in and out to give my cock that last bit of encouragement it needed to fire off its load within the shaking little brunette. As a bonus, the two girls that had sat nearby to watch us had fingered each other to a climax to match ours.

Six at once, not bad. I collapsed onto the little girl, feeling the last of my cum squirt out inside her. "I love you, I love you, I love you," she panted into my ear, utterly spent. Crisis fell forward to hang over the couch arm; Reo simply crumpled to the floor, displacing my tired fingers.

The two got up and stretched, but Riley stayed still with me. In fact, she held me tight by the head. "D-did you hear me?" she asked, almost in tears.

"I did," I whispered quietly just to her. "And I'm flattered. Do you want me to love you too? I'll always be there for you, you know. You're a close friend, and I'm not letting you go for anything short of aliens invading."

"Say it," she demanded in her low voice.

"I love you, Riley."

"Good boy. Now give Crisis a spin, like I promised."

"Do I hear my name being taken in vain?" asked Crisis, full of her second wind.

"What... the fuck... was... that...?" Reo panted in abject distress. Crisis was able to shake off her reasonable climax in a minute, Riley was vulnerable from her first fuck and glowing brightly, but fucking Reo was still shaking.

"Double fish hook," I answered. Riley and Crisis started giggled knowingly. I hefted myself up on my shoulders to move on to the next gig, and I was overcome in squeals.

"Dibs!" one shouted.

"It's mine!" quoth the other.

"Didn't you guys already have this discussion?" I interjected.

"Umm... Derrick? What're they fighting over?"

"Lift your hips up," I said with a wink. And when she did, I let my cock slide out of her, making her sigh. "Well? Take a look."

She peered down her body and smiled at the sight of my dripping cock, then she saw it: A bit of white foam had formed at the mouth of her swollen pussy. "You came inside me?" she asked with a bit of hesitation.

"Yeah. Is that okay?"

"I guess," she sighed. She seemed to enjoy watching it leak out of her. "It was nice. Then again, I didn't give you much of a choice, did I?" I could still feel her gripping tightly to my arse while our simultaneous orgasms split us apart.

I laughed along with her giggle, then leaned over to give her a kiss.

"That's nice, you two, but it's going to waste. So if you don't mind..."

"There's plenty for all," I insisted. But quite honestly, I was lost for who should reap the reward. Riley had hers already, and if Crisis didn't get her shot right then, then she wouldn't well be able to eat it out of her own would she? But I promised Crisis' drippings to Riley... hmm...

The girls managed to work it out on their own. Crisis was the first to jump in and lick what was spewing out of her girlfriend's folds, but Reo shoved her aside, got into position, and began a feast of Riley that was a return of services previously rendered. Or maybe just getting used to pussy? Riley held her head in place, and a contraction forced out a thick glob of my cum for Reo to nibble on.

"Just so you guys know, I've never done anything like this," Reo muttered in her defense. Riley obviously wasn't holding her head tightly enough if her service-girl could talk, which she corrected in half a moment.

"You'd make a fine cheerleader, girly," Crisis commented. "How's it taste?"

"Fucking good, but don't ask me why. I still can't believe you tricked me into sucking your dirty fingers."

Crisis bawled out a laugh that I wanted to share but for fear that Reo would knock my fucking teeth out. "Recognize this?" she asked, shoving her middle finger right in her face. Reo gave it a quick sniff, and recoiled. "No one's tricking you this time, baby. Come on, show off for your audience."

For the first time, Reo seemed to notice she was being watched. For those of you that just joined us, Reoren and I were hardly acquainted but for a few weeks, in which we were little more than casual while I moved into her house as a renter, up until I got caught staring at her ass and ended up eating her out one morning. It seems like she grew very fond of me very fast, and it was against the adversity of my arch-rival Becky, my sister, that she insisted on reuniting with me after several months of "vacation" for me.

So we went to the dance together. I was gonna take her home, have some coffee, and get the fuck out of dodge before my sister came back (my sister and I moved in together; certain circumstances involving the two of us saw me leaving permanently in a very short time). I told her I wouldn't mind spending the night with Reo; hell, I wanted it very much, and so, it seems, did she. But then Riley dropped this bomb on us, and here we are.

Riley was petting Roe's hair once she was keeping her head where it belonged. Crisis caught my eye, then she glanced south, bad as I had been when she danced in that dress. "Jesus, does that thing ever go down? What are you, fifteen?"

"It's used to a rather steady diet," I boasted, and who could blame me?

"You must not feed it enough cheerleader," she countered. "We can be very exhausting."

"It's just that I can't get any fresh enough," I complained. "By the time I pick out the ones I want, their either not ripe enough, or they graduate."

Riley and Reo were looking at us flirting like we were crazy. It seemed to be enough to stop their lovemaking. The two girls behind us, who had flipped nose-to-navel, burst out into a fit of giggles.

"This here," Crisis said, flipping her tail-fin section out to me with her legs straight and bent at the waist, "is fresh, one hundred percent, grade-S, high school cheerleader pussy."

"Aged?" I asked, carefully running my hands over her rump in consideration. Indeed her skin was soft and smooth like a cheerleader's should be. Her pussy was dripping a white cream that speaks of very advanced stages of arousal. She quivered faintly at my touch, but she did not waver.

"Eighteen years, buster. This month." More than her boast, I knew she had been with plenty of high school boys. I always had a thing for girls with experience because they were both skilled and able to detach themselves emotionally. I was already tending away from that type of girl in the last year, but this one, I knew, had more or less promised herself only to me for the health of her relationship with her new girlfriend, neither of them quite willing to swear off dick to quote one or the other of them. I may have impressed the inexperienced Reo and the virgin Riley, but the true test was before me, bent double and turning her faucets on for me.

I placed my cock at her entrance, wanting nothing more than to thrust home non-stop until I came, but the banter was just turning me on too much. "Everything sounds perfect," I said, voice betraying my eagerness. "What's the catch?"

"The catch is, it's... fffuck!" Just kidding. I forced myself inside that pussy, and no mistake. She began cursing like a sailor, taking my cock in earnest. Her legs were still locked straight up with her heels spiked up in the air. Pity for her; we hadn't let Reo and Riley take their beautiful heels off yet, and they even had their stockings on as well. Did I forget to mention that?

She was bent double, like I said, holding on to Reo's... sorry, Riley's, thigh and boob (what of it there was to grab onto; she and Reo are tiny tiny) and cussing into the couch cushions. "Shove her to her knees and fuck her like a dog," Riley demanded.

"What?" Reo laughed; the two girls behind us broke into giggles once more.

Man, I like this girl. I yanked her up by the hair (rather roughly, I might add. Seemed fitting) so she was standing in front of me, and I says to her, I says, "You heard your woman. On your knees, bitch."

She hissed as I pushed her down to the floor, still by the hair. She in turn was bent over her girlfriend's body, and in her search for a new grip to brace herself against me, she filled one of her hands with Reo's perfect hair and the other with Riley's neck. I got on my knees behind her and unceremoniously pounded my way into her pussy once more, loving each moment more than the last.

"Jesus, I didn't expect it to be so big," she cursed.

"I told you!" Riley laughed, but I saw Reo munch on her box, making her moan. Reo then got her hair yanked on, making her moan. Then I smacked Crisis rather hard on the ass, and she moaned. What a day I'm having.

She want on cursing and cussing and swearing, every word criticizing me for being too much for her and being too rough with her and saying it was her girlfriend that signed up for the royal treatment, not her. But every time I hit home harder than before, she got louder than before, finally coming with complete silence. In fact, it was Reo that yelled out, having her hair pulled too hard. Riley couldn't make a sound as her girlfriend was choking her in her passion.

"You big bastard," Crisis huffed over her shoulder at me. I smirked at her, yanked her up by the hair again, kissed her.

"Sorry if I'm not quite myself," I hissed at her, "but I really haven't fed this thing enough cheerleader. It loves your tight cunt."

"I honestly thought you were gonna be different," she returned. Oh shit; yellow light. Brace for disaster.

"I was never much good with people's expectations of me," I answered, keeping my voice neutral.

"I thought little vanilla Riley had found a little vanilla barboy who'd learned a few tricks from his daddy's porno mags. I thought you were gonna be boring."

Jackpot, lights are green again. We kissed hard, my hands all over her chest, and it was time for the final cut. I reached between us to pull my cock out, which drew a raised eyebrow from her. "That was good, but I like to feed this thing a balanced diet," I hissed, forcing my cock up against her butthole.

She gasped quietly, looking me steadily in the eyes. With all the work done on her, her anus easily opened up to accept my marauding cockhead. "You promised me you were gonna come in my pussy," she whispered. "You promised."
Technically, I made her promise to let me. "And I will," I offered. "I promise."

"Not after you shove it up there, you won't," she said with a gentle kiss, just to keep things friendly. My cock still slid deeper inside her, making her lose control. Our eyes were searching, dueling. In an attempt to have my way, I kissed her, and our tongues took over the duel for us. She moaned into my mouth, and my impatient hips thrust me farther still inside her. Our lips parted, and her eyes were heavy. "Be a good boy, Derrick. Give me what I want, and I'll give you everything. Both of us will."

I knew when I was being asked nicely. Stubbornness only gets you so far, but answering a direct request gets you, well, everywhere. I slid out of her ass; I had only gone head-deep (maybe just a little bit more), and returned to her vagina, which was in no way a sour second-best. She grunted her approval and gave me one last peck on the lips before dropping back down to the couch, only this time her back was arched and she had braced her hands against the back of the couch.

For my own grip, I collected her long, curly auburn hair. A few white streaks, you know how cheerleaders can be. Reddish-brown. Anyways. I don't fuckin' know; I've got so many pieces of ass to keep track of, sometimes my notes get cross-wised. Actually, her hair wasn't too long. It curled nicely, and we all know having hair too long makes it too heavy to curl properly. It's gotta be short enough so it bounces playfully during routines without whipping everywhere obnoxiously. Aaanyways...

I gave it to her hard and fast from behind, which was very relieving to do, given what else I'd got that day. I took Sally in this position, but we were on our feet, and we were hardly moving. I pounded Melody pretty hard the night before, and Reo a few minutes (or was it hours? feels like hours ago; my cock is so bloody aching for some action) ago, but to grab a bitch by the hair and give it to her like I'm trying to tame her, that's actually a rare treat for me.

Nothing fancy happened after that. I fucked her, she was being too brutalized to curse encouraging words, and Riley, having climaxed rather calmly with Reo driving, was watching in amazement with her new lover at what her girlfriend and I were up to. And do you know what happened next? I'll bet you you do, you upright audience. Me, I blasted off in her pussy without warning, telling the nasty bitch to take all of my cum like a dog, and somewhere between my cock bruising her cervix, my cum blasting into it, me pulling her hair, or me talking to her like I would talk to my mother, she came again with one of those great, heaving monstrosities that began with loud, moaning gasps of breath, and then complete silence in which her pussy crushed my cock in her quaking explosion.

"That was awesome," Reo cheered. I'm sure Riley agreed; she was quietly running her fingers through her girlfriend's hair with a contented smile on her face.

Like earlier, it took the poor cheerleader about a minute to recover from her orgasm. "What are you waiting for, an invitation? A minute ago you were barking on with how you knew how treat your meat."

Fucking bitch, calling me out like that. I had intended that to be the last work my cock had to do for some several hours, but that just fed the horses. I pulled out of her pussy and slammed my cock straight into her ass, which made all her brave words go away. Over and over I thrust into her, quickly reaching my mark, though I knew it was painful for her.

Riley saw it, and it scared her. Badly. "Derrick, no! You're hurting her!"

"It's okay, baby," Crisis corrected, a little out of breath and being knocked repeatedly against the back of the couch. "If I'm not mistaken, there's a little something waiting for you beneath us."

"You sure, baby?"

"Positive. Just wait; soon you'll be begging for it, too."

Now there's a thought. A thought that made my cock pump up just that much sooner: That at some point before this night was through (let's be honest; it was getting pretty late), I may be taking Riley, or even Reo, up the ass. One, I don't know if either of them can get used to the idea overnight. One of the reasons I could never maintain a relationship in my humble beginnings was because of the eventual arguments over anal. I'd just as soon take girls that were already broken-in, though they never lasted because all the fun had been sapped out of them before I ever got to them.

Two (my my, I do go off on my tangents, don't I?), I honestly don't know how much more my cock can take. I had had a few drinks, which gets me horny for sure, but it also makes me sleepy. Three, and especially with those two giggling teenagers behind us, I wasn't entirely sure I'd be able to (or want to?) save my cock for such an occasion when there were plenty of one-night-only cheerleaders in the house, while there was plenty of time for Reo and Riley. Or maybe just Riley. I've got no clue what Reo will be thinking in the morning.

Reo, speaking of whom, got up in the wake of Riley and sat herself on the couch so Crisis came up between her spread legs. She held onto the whimpering cheerleader for support, also looking down across her body in fascination for the sex I was giving to her. Riley, she indeed got underneath us, and for several seconds I felt a hot tongue tonguing my cold ball nuts, and there were a plentitude of slurping sounds going on.

When she surfaced, Riley came around to the couch again, came around and kissed Reo deeply on the lips. Sure enough, when their mouths parted to show us their dancing tongues, I saw my cum swimming between their mouths. They both swallowed, then kissed a good deal more. It always helps, watching girls kissing. By all rights, I shouldn't be able to come for quite a while. But I was feeling brave, I'll tell you.

"Riley, baby?" Crisis said, almost begging. "Baby, I need you to do something for me. I need you to get back down there and eat my pussy like only you can, okay? Can you do that for me, baby?"

Riley didn't look none to certain about that idea, what with the unfamiliar sex and everything. Only for a moment, though. She got on her knees next to her girlfriend and began petting her hair with one hand, reaching under her to feel her pussy with the other. "How's it feel?" she asked with such innocent curiosity.

"Baby, it's like nothing else," Crisis said briefly. "I can't wait for him to do it to you."

And there it was, more proof that I was to be the only cock in their life. The two were kissing, and I noticed quite a hint of love in there. I wasn't too sure about Crisis; but at that moment, I suddenly felt that she had quite the soft spot for her meek little girl. She sighed contentedly and rested her head on Reo's shoulder; I helped her out a bit, scooting her back so she could get her head on her thigh instead. I also stopped short blasts against her ass in favor of holding her hips still and giving her long, soft strokes that would maximize my own stimulation rather than rock her body.

"Derrick?" Riley then turned to me, eyes shining with the unknown. She watched my cock sliding (more gently now) in and out of her girlfriend's ass, completely unsure.

"Sure, if you're up for it," I said with soft words of encouragement, running a finger through her hair. My hand fell naturally to her neck, and I pulled her in for a kiss. She accepted it and let my tongue deep into her mouth; I suddenly realized she had probably just shared the exact same kiss with Crisis, since anal sex breeds a very distinct kind of kiss, slow and deep being the operative words. "Now get down on your back here, feet up on the couch..."

I directed her into position so she could get her head under her girl to give her what she wanted. She ended up having to slide her ass under her, though there wasn't much room. Still, I felt the pressure of her tongue pressing up on Crisis' pussy. Oh, by the way, sometime throughout my kiss with Riley (it had lasted several minutes; I wanted to bore you with the details, but I can only describe a kiss so many ways. I like kissing), Crisis had started kissing Reo's thighs just above her stockings and the lands beyond, and eventually her lips got on her pussy, making my date's legs part with a sigh.

"It's about time," I commented as I watched them. "I've been waiting to see the famous cheerleader actually doing some work." The famous cheerleader then squeezed down hard on my cock, and let me tell you, it hurt. What a woman. I held her hips steady and pumped harder, and she just kept on gripping. She was coming almost constantly since Riley began eating her out, though it was a quiet series of orgasms, no real head of steam built up.

Riley, in turn, was looking how to fit where she was; I helped by reaching over, pulling her up by the legs. "Ooh, pussy," cooed Crisis.

From there, she would finger one and lick the other, pulling Reo further from the couch (necessitating me pulling Crisis farther away from it) so that if Reo started leaking, it would drip right into Riley's nethers. Crisis took a long, slimy lick from one to the other, and a thick stream of saliva connected the two delicious bits for just a few seconds.

They took it the rest of the way themselves, crushing their pussies together with Reo taking the lead of grinding down on Riley. I think it's tribadism or something; it's a stupid name, girls hardly ever get off on it, but it looks awesome.

Crisis thought so too, licking them wherever their clits met when she could (not much room with all the leg there). Reo was holding up Riley's leg for leverage, and the little minx was licking her up her thigh, stopping just at her heel where the strap of her pretty shoe still held its grip on her little foot.

I had had about enough. "I'm gonna come," I said for the too-manyeth time that night. "Where do you ladies want it?"

"Right here," Crisis said without delay, moving her head out of the way so I could aim right at the join in the two girls. I thought for a moment about getting my sperm dangerously close to their vaginas, but then my brain started working again: Too late for that, dumbass.

I slipped my cock out, intending to walk around and fire onto them from about an inch away, hopefully getting enough in Crisis' mouth so Riley and Reo could play "sixes and nines," cleaning each other's pussies for the big finish. But that was the moment Riley oddly decided to suck my balls into her mouth, and I got lost in pleasure, stroking myself off. I tried to get away, but she must've mistook me, because she only sucked harder, thinking she was supposed to help me come. And boy, did she. I opened my eyes just in time to help me aim, and by thunder, my cock still had enough life (and ammunition) to spew that clear over Crisis' back and spot-onto the joined, hairless pussies.

"Fucking hell, nice shot, Derrick," Crisis said with a whistle. She made go with her tongue, but I stopped her. "Why not?"

"Like this," I said, pulling Reo down to the couch and dumping Riley on top of her, noses to navels, just like I wanted.

"Oh, good call," Crisis admitted. The two girls' tongues came out to play, drinking my cum off each other's smooth mounds. "But where's mine?"

"Right here," I said, pointing at my dripping cock."

"Haha. Meanie."

"What's wrong?" Reo asked in confusion. "Why don't you suck him off? I'm sure there's plenty in there for you..."

"Not when it just came out of my ass, darling," Crisis explained patiently.

"He was fucking you in the ass?"

"So what?" interjected Riley. "You're the one always telling me 'wild this' and 'wild that'. You telling me you're afraid of your own booty?"

"Yeah, come to think of it," Reo added, "weren't you the one who..."

"Ladies, please," Crisis laughed, "enough is enough."

Reo and Riley were finished, so they untangled themselves and sat themselves right-side-up. "One lick," insisted Riley.

"Yeah, just one," added Reo.

Crisis stared at them both, but the two stared back with deadly girlish stares. She knew she wasn't gonna get any support from me, so she deflated, making the girls cheer. She leaned down to my cock, making it pulse with pleasure, and her tongue came out the tiniest bit to touch the throbbing veins of my cock.

"Not a chance," Riley demanded. "From balls to crown."

"With the flat of your tongue," Reo amended.

"You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" the defunct cheerleader asked with a glare, but in the next moment, her sweet tongue indeed came to caress my balls, and she wasn't above licking them thoroughly for a few moments, sucking them each in turn, before making her way along my length.

I'd gotten this kind of treatment before, but it had all been so spontaneous or forgetful. This time, my body wanted to jump for joy, to turn around and return the favor to this brave girl who was just so damn good in bed, and generous, too. Generosity breeds generosity, after all. We could use more of it in this town.

Her tongue didn't just climb up, it licked out each half inch at a time, real proper like it was ice cream she was tasting rather than her sweaty asshole. She got up to my head where I had been buried deepest in her ass, and she flicked her tongue playfully across my urethral opening, even opening it up with her fingers and pushing her tongue in with gusto, finishing by sucking the entire head into her mouth for several seconds, tongue reaching all around, before she backed off with a fussy-little-girl look on her face.

"Now who wants to kiss me?" she said with a wicked grin, closing in on both girls. They both shrieked and made to get away, but she grabbed them each by the heels of their, well, heels, and yanked them back, giving them deep, luscious, tongue-filled kisses. Riley first, then Reo.

While Reo was getting hers, I took over Riley, making for her pussy with my hand.

"Oh, no you don't," Crisis said. "Enough is enough. We need to rest, and you, sir, you need to go take a shower."

Yeah, enough for the moment. I kissed them all goodbye down the line, starting with Riley. They were kisses like when I'd be enjoying Crisis' ass: Long, deep, and full of tongue. I ran my fingers through their hair, touched their bodies briefly, and slid a finger or two inside them. I'd switch to another girl and do the same, so that when I ended with Crisis, they were all nearly hot and bothered again. I licked the culminated flavor off my fingers, waved, and went off to find a shower.


There was a bathroom not too far away down the far-end hall. Probably not the master bath, which would probably having quite a bit of party going on in there. True enough, it seemed abandoned when I let myself in unannounced. I strode naked me straight up to the shower and popped it open to find...



"Derrick? Thank god. Get in here."

"What're you doing here?"

"I've been here all the time, and I am a cheerleader, doofus."

"I'm sorry; I didn't recognize you with your clothes on."

She squinted at me. Still just a buddy's sister. "I saw what you came in with. How long'd it take you to teach her her ass from her elbow?"

I couldn't help but laugh; after all, Reo had looked ridiculously nervous when she came in. "I'm actually glad to see you, Sadie. Merry Christmas."

She looked to be getting ready for a fight, but I seemed to have disarmed her. "Merry Christmas, Derrick." We kissed the kiss, and I could taste cock on her breath as I'm sure she could smell pussy on mine.

"What're you doing in here, anyway?"

"Oh, I fucked around and came with my boyfriend." She was still keeping an eye and an ear towards the door like she wasn't too pleased with her decision. "Have you seen him?"

"Who the fuck would date you?"

She socked me one. "Guys ask me out; sorry for not waiting around for you. Thanks for coming in; if he sees me with you, he'll probably go find someone else to bug."

"Well, maybe I don't wanna." I reached for the stall door, but she reached for my cock. Guess who won that argument.

"Come on, don't tell me you don't think about last time?"

Mmm... last time. "Occasionally," I said distantly. "Anyway, I know this is more or less a cheerleader party, but I thought it was a high school cheerleader party."

"I used to be one of them, didn't I?"

I stared at her flatly.

"They needed money," she sulked. "Why? Too old for you?"

"As if. They can be fun, but I can only stand so much, 'look at me, I can did an cartflip!' You know?"

"You're no spring chicken yourself. What'd you do, get it up once, then call it a day? You're looking a little ragged." She seemed to have forgotten to let go of my unloaded weapon, but I know her. She was purposefully stroking me off, and she was very good at it.

"I lost count," I said with a raised eyebrow. "How'd you do tonight? I see there's not too much blood dancing across your cheeks." I gazed at her face for a moment, then took a quick look behind her to check out her ass to scan for fuckmarks.

She groaned. I'd hit paydirt. "One of the new sluts has been hogging all the attention, and my supposed 'boyfriend' is trying to get me in on it. No thanks. Stay with me?"

I grew tired of this. "You know what, Sadie? I'm just gonna tell you exactly how I feel about you." She defiantly dropped my cock and waited for me to slash an insult, and I'm sure she already had fifteen retorts waiting. She was disappointed, though. I held her arm, gently pushed her chin up, and planted a kiss right on her surprised lips.

Did I already mention she was surprised? I kissed her with the fury of my still-pounding heart, and it was many seconds and many passings of my lips before her body caught up and allowed her lips to respond to mine. Slowly, her lips warmed up, parting wider and wider each time until our faces turned to the side to let our kiss run deep, and our tongues express our lust for us.

I heard the faintest of moans escape her, and my hands sprung into action, cupping her large breasts, something I was unconsciously missing out on from the foursome I had just had. Did I tell you guys I just had a fucking foursome? Twas awesome.

I kneaded her breasts and kissed her with that lust I spoke of, and her hands returned to my prick. "Now," I said with a slight loss of breath, "feel free to tell me how you really feel. I can take it."

"Tell you how I feel?" she asked with (I'm guessing feigned) indigence. I was still groping her breasts, forcing her back against the stall wall, staring deep into her eyes.

"Tell me how you feel," I affirmed.

She dropped to her knees, leaned forward, licked the head of my cock into her mouth, and took the entire thing down her throat in one go. Check that, that's two things I didn't know I was missing out on with my three lovely ladies.

She forced her face against my trimmed groin, doing everything I'd ever hoped for: humming, wiggling, gulping, and licking around the base. She played with my semen-holders too, she also reached around my arse to tickle my back end. She should've ran outta breath and died, but she kept on until finally looking at me with her strained eyes and let me out of her mouth achingly slowly.

I'm always a man to claim modesty about my own size, because let's face it: complaining about it, bragging about it, and holding a ruler up to it you used in fifth grade ain't making it any bigger and it ain't helping you fuck no bitches. But kiss my ass if my dick didn't look long as hell when Sadie released it from her throat.

She smacked her lips with a satisfied "Ahh..." when it got out. "How's that for how I feel?" she asked, getting back to her feet.
"Turn and face the wall," I instructed.

"Aww; am I in trouble, officer?" she laughed. "I swear, I'm eighteen."

"You are not, you old-ass broad."

"Actually, I am. I'm not gonna turn nineteen for another three weeks." She was palms pressed against the stall wall like I'd instructed, ass out and one leg slightly bent, like I'd asked for, and she was turning back to look at me with a pout. I took hold of her face and kissed her as gently as before, slowly being overcome with passion for this woman. Christmas season, having a very emotional time with three women, getting jerked around by my sister; I donno. Even Sadie seemed like walking sensuality to me tonight.

"Whatsamatter?" she moaned into our kiss. "Does I actually turn you on, being so barely legal?" She was slipping me little bursts of her tongue, teasing me with it, withdrawing when I tried to kiss her too deeply. She was making me hunger for her. Her ass was wagging out, seeking my prick. And always with that pout whenever our lips would pout, that innocent hunger in her eyes.

"The fact that you want to turn me on is what turns me on," I said hotly, kissing her behind the ear. "The fact that you're trying to make me crazy with this body of yours." I ran my hands back up to her breasts, but then all the way down her skin, and back up again. "That there's still that girl that danced with me and my sister in there, the one who seems to know exactly how to drive me crazy."

I breathed against her lips; now it was her begging for my kiss. My erection was back, and it was poking her... (Jesus; how'd I get myself into this...) in the back. Her foot was twitching with anticipation.

"You could've at least told me you fucked a girl in the ass before you made me suck you off," she hissed. I wanted to refute her, but then she kissed me with everything she'd been holding back before. I went wild, clutching tightly to her breasts, grinding my body against hers, pushing her against the wall. My cock was searching on its own, and her ass was backing into me for it. Usually I have to cheat with my hand, but with Christmas on my side, I dipped down just right, thrust home, and buried myself inside her.

I fucked her good and hard from behind, not stopping for anything. I held fast to her by her breasts, and we were both panting and moaning loudly. She switched the shower on, and after a few seconds of freezing cold water, we were both warmed to our toes and soaking wet. She looked even better with her hair plastered down and water running down her smooth skin, filling me with desire to kiss her again.

She accepted my kiss with lust, and gasped when I kissed my way down her neck. I went around under her arm and started sucking one of her tits; she held my head tight to her breast and took over grinding her ass against me. I sensed she was close, so I reached around to frig her clit, but she was already there. I took her further, pushing her arm down and curling her fingers inside of her despite the tight fit. I reached farther down and inserted some fingers of my own, deeper than she was able to at that angle, and when I bit down on her nipple, I could feel her pussy spasm and flow with delight.

"Wow," she breathed so faintly that I could hardly hear over the spattering water. I stood again upright and pulled her hand up out of the reach of the water and set her fingers into her mouth; she sucked on them energetically.

For myself, feeling the tight fit in her vagina had brought me close; it was getting dangerous. "W-what do you want for Christmas, little girl?" I huffed, barely able to contain myself.

"I'll show you yours if you show me mine," she said in more relaxed, post-coital tones.

In her ear, I whispered, "I want to come inside my best friend's little sister." She flipped her hair around as she turned back to look at me, and she saw the sincerity in my face.

"Shit in one hand and wish in the other, and see which fills up first," she said, blowing me a raspberry. I gazed at her patiently, still pumping my cock inside of her with dangerous closeness. "...Merry Christmas, Derrick," she said, turning back to the wall, bracing herself on her palms again. Oh, lucky day. Thank you, Christmas. I ran my hands back up her body, stopping only when my fingers were at her face; she sucked gently on one of them; and down her full breasts, her trim stomach, her endless legs, and back up again to hold her firmly by the hips.

I thrust deep into her, deep and hard, wishing she and I had met under less rushed circumstances. I remembered dancing with her and my sister, which was mostly her riding my cock through her thin swimming bottoms, then her and Becky making love for me, and I know she doesn't go for girls in the first place.

Our whole bodies were moving together with each thrust, making the fake raindrops sing different notes every two seconds, and at last my countdown reached zero. My rejuvenated cock filled up Sadie's pussy with force she must've felt comparable to the shower head; indeed, her foot popped up and was rubbing my thigh; her entire body was shaking weakly. She made to drop to the floor from her surprise orgasm, but I held fast to her by the hips until the last of my cum was inside her.

Despite finishing, I still didn't let her drop; I instead turned her around and plastered her to the wall with my kiss, groping her breasts as I did so like when she first pulled me in. Then I bent a ways to suck her breasts properly, again wishing we'd had more time to explore me fucking the daylights out of her with a passionate twist. But the moment I stopped touching her, she collapsed to her knees and supported herself against my thighs.

"You... still... haven't... told me... what you... wanted..." I huffed.

She was panting too, but she gazed up at me (I was blocking the water from blasting her in the face), saying, "You, Christmas morning, under my tree while my parents are still asleep. Only you." She was serious, too.

Well, I had no other offers... "Merry Christmas," I repeated back at her. Before the words could leave my lips, she engulfed my dick again, and I was treated to what I'm sure was just a small sample of what she could offer. This time she bobbed up and down; and when that's over your entire schlong, that's quite a feeling.

"Who am I gonna taste on you then, huh?" she asked, looking up at me with curious eyes. Not accusing eyes, just interested to know.

"You never know. It's hard to choose between so many; you have any preferences?"

"I definitely like the way I taste on you, but... how about your sister? I love the way she tastes."

Damn her; my cock pulsed into her hand, making her squeal and get back to sucking me off. "I think it likes that idea. Don't let me down, okay?"

She stopped sooner than I'd like, what with the blood still boiling in my cock. It may be down and out for twenty minutes, but it was still a roaring monster, not about to drain out its stiff muscle that had served me so well that day. I helped her to her feet, and again I turned her around.

"Derrick?" she asked, puzzled. What can I say? I'm a puzzling guy. My still-ready cock (hurting a bit, but still good to go) was hot in my hand, and her twitching asshole felt magnificent when I pressed up against it still overly sensitive from my climax. I pushed hard, Sadie resisted, and I slipped inside.

"Forgive me," I said. "I'm a bit demanding this year."

"I'm taking it out of next year's presents," she sighed, and she turned her face to me to let me kiss her once more. With the aid of the shower water, our bodies were able to press together, closer, closer, my hard cock sinking deeper within her bowels... just another inch... just a half inch away...

And she pushed me back, kindly, but firmly. Shut off the water. Stepped outside and grabbed a towel. "But until then..."

"Sadie, you right b..."

"And one thing, lover," she added, "while you're here, call me Honey-Bee, okay?"

"Umm... sure, I guess."


"I'll just go wash this off..."

"No, you have to go shove that in some other girl's face like you did to me."


"See you on Christmas, lover. Remember what you need to do for me before you show up."

God, I hate that girl.


I also toweled off, and I kept the towel with me for some kind of modesty when I went perusing the rest of the suite. Not that I didn't want to get back to my girls, but I just had to see if anything else was going on first.

In a very big room, I found a very big bed occupied with only a very small girl, who was spread-eagled but for her knees in the air. She was smoking a cigarette. She had pretty big boobs, too. I didn't recognize her from the party, nor from the dance earlier that day. But like had happened with Sadie (honestly enough), I couldn't properly recognized the clothed version as the naked version amidst the sea of similar blonds and brunettes. Or do I have to think of her as Honey-Bee now, too?

"How you doin'?" I asked, approaching the bed.

"Bit tired," she answered. "You?"


"Big bed. Smoke?"

"I'll get murdered. You claiming the room for your nation or something? Where is everyone?"

"Gone, I guess. Off to enjoy more of the party." I noticed she was wearing one of the dance cards from the dance on her wrist. It was jam-packed with names, even scribbles down the sides. The ones I'd seen from popular girls like my sister only had a dozen or two names. I imagine this girl must've just been put through the ringer once the boys at this party got her clothes off.

And looking at her, it wasn't hard to imagine. Her breasts, while not being the perkiest things in the world (like Becky's), were certainly plentiful. She reminded me of Tiffany with her tiny body and huge tits, which wouldn't seem so huge if she didn't have a twenty-nine-inch chest. How do I know, you ask? That's Tiffany for you; everyone knows her numbers.

"I'd be Derrick, then," I said, offering her my hand.

"Taylor," she said, giving me hers, but I kissed it rather than shake it.

"Boy's name?"

"I'm a cheerleader, remember?" she laughed. "Taylor Made, that's me."

"Oh, I get it. As in, 'made for men to enjoy'?"

"You catch on fast."

"Working for you?"

"It's just a name. How come you're not with the rest of the party?"

"Actually, it kind of got away from me. I was off in search of it, but I got sidetracked in the shower."

"Was she pretty?"

"Absolutely gorgeous, just like all of you." I don't know why I was bothering to turn on the charm, seeing as I was too dead to do anything about it. But then, so was she. And me being too old for her, her having heard it all for the last five or eight years, you know.

"Okay, smart guy," she laughed. "Don't worry about faking nice. I've heard all the lines today, so I'm gonna have a hard time not laughing."

"Okay, no lines." I zipped my mouth shut and parked myself between her legs. "Pardon me, Tay." I dipped my tongue between her folds, and damn, was she raw. Dry, dry, raw. Whatever these boys did to her, they did a crappy job. At least she didn't taste like any of them.

"Ooh," she cooed. "That feels nice." And I gave it to her nice, too. I figured a pack of wild, unmannered, randy boys wouldn't have taken the time to make the girl feel good, not wanting to get pushed out of the way by the more impatient jerks. In fact, I had to wonder how they did it. Did they come in one at a time after one left, or were they all in at once, running the train on her?


Derrick, save me...

I shook the fake memories out of my head; all that was over and done. Becky's fine; she more than proved that tonight. I was here with this... whoever she was, and more than anything, it was an opportunity to please a girl without resorting to using my cock. While this girl had, as she said, seen her fair share of action that night, it would be me she remembered. Me, because I was tender where others were callous. Because I ran my fingers gently over her breasts rather than grope on them like a wild dog. Because I tickled her nipples rather than try to bite them off.

While she didn't do anything for several minutes other than finish her cigarette, she started to secrete a few vaginal essences. Then she started groaning and cooing, and at last her hips started reaching out to me. That was when I climbed up her body and began fingering her while suckling away at her breasts.

"You're pretty good," she said affectionately, feeling my damp hair under her fingers.

I looked at her in silence, not interrupting the playing of the tip of my tongue across the tip of her nipple. She sighed, then gasped as I gently bit down on it, followed by me plunging a finger deep inside her. "Well? Say something, would you?"

"No lines, just action."

"Then come give me some action, quiet boy," she demanded. I obliged her, kissing her on the lips, though it didn't get much farther than that.

"Sorry; my tongue's actually in quite a lot of pain," I explained.

"That's okay; mine's working just fine." And just like that, the exhausted little thing propped itself up on... no, fell back down. She didn't even seem capable of closing her knees or letting her legs stretch out on the bed. "Umm... scoot up?"

I scat up. "What, you wanna taste that girl? Maybe you'll recognize her?" No fucking way did I believe Sadie's little game was going to pay off. No way.

"I don't do girls," she disclaimed, then her lips wrapped around my cockhead. The last thing it had felt was Sadie's tight asshole closing behind it, and now this other girl's lips were sinking deeper over it. It was still as sensitive as the moment I came inside Sadie, which was a rather intense orgasm, keeping in mind everything I'd been through that day. The more times I came, the more sensations ran through my cockhead, and this girl knew by the way she tongued it carefully, responding to my every jump and wriggle. Never had I felt such stimulus, for never had I challenged my brave pepper peter popper to such limits.

"It's a bit sensitive at the moment," I tried to say, but that only made her suck it harder. In my semi-limp state, she was able to fit the entire thing in her mouth. It wasn't like Sadie, who could deep-throat me for a whisper, but it still felt nice, and added having her lick Sadie's smell clean off me.

Whoops, fuckin' cock. It twitched at that thought, and Taylor was suddenly unable to fit the thing in her mouth anymore. "Was it something I said?" she giggled.

"Could be. Could be a random thought flying through my head." I reached down to fondle her breasts once more. I'm sure she was sick of it by now, probably from guys twice as old as me at the dance grabbing lewdly on her while she wore her special cheerleading representative dress. But she warmed up to my touch.

"Tell me your thought," she said, still suckling gently on me.

"You said you don't do girls," I reminded her.

"That's right..."

"So naturally my first thought was one of these beautiful girls here at the party trapping one of your nipples between her teeth." I pinched down on her nipple to go with the fantasy. "Does that sound nice?" So I lied about what I was thinking. Or not; it counts because I had to think it to say it, doesn't it?

"I wouldn't know," she said unconcernedly.

"I would. I've been with a few girls now and then..."

"I believe it," she said, kissing my cockhead one last time before licking her way down to the rest of it, "I can smell them all over you."

"Besides tonight, I mean," I returned with artificial modesty. "And in my limited experience, no matter what I did to a woman's breast," I was still massaging her chest, now with both hands, "a woman outdid me every time. I swear, I know this girl who made another girl come, just fooling around with her nipples."

I just lied again, didn't I? Riley and Reo were two proofs that experiences makes up for not being a girl when it comes to pleasing one, though I have to work hard to keep up with the game.

"That sounds heavenly," she purred in spite of herself. She was at the base of my cock, and with just a small scoot forward, I presented her with my balls, which she willingly began to work on.

"Of course, you'd have to try a woman out to know for yourself." I leaned over (something of a stretch, but I promise it's possible. Her nipples extend several inches from her chest, and her head was stretched rather far back) and sucked on one of her nipples, imagining it was another girl doing it to her of course.

"Of course," she replied. She was sounding more and more like a girl who simply didn't think of girls that way. I'd met some before. They usually got shipped out to other colleges five minutes after they graduated high school, and this girl was scheduled to be here straight through to May. But there was no denying that the fantasy was making my cock harder, and with a feel of her pussy, it was working on her, too.

"Have you ever tried?"

"I told you, no, silly," she said, sounding slightly impatient. She resumed sucking me off, but hardly getting anywhere now that I wasn't bending anymore. To think that she was on the same squad as Sadie, yet she couldn't get much farther than my head. Sadie would probably laugh later when I told her.

"No, I know, I mean, have you tried it yourself?"

"What, girls?"

I got up and around her to lay at her side. "Sucking your own nipples genius." I took over one for myself and began to ravish it, slowly letting my base desire for it come loose.

She started clinging onto my passion, which I helped out by fitting a finger back inside her. She rubbed her breast harder than I was doing, but she seemed reluctant to take the hint. I pulled my finger out, pushed it into her mouth, then lifted her breast up to her face. Finally her lips locked around it, and she was moaning twice as hard. Hell, I even took her hand, placed it at her pussy, made her masturbate.

"How was that?" I asked some five minutes later.

"It was... different," she said, out of breath (I know; I'm running out of descriptors. You try fucking cheerleaders all night and writing about it in a way that does it half the justice it deserves).

"I've come to a decision," I said suddenly.

"What's that, smooth boy?"

"After knowing you these past twenty minutes or so, I've decided that I'm rather fond of you. If you let me, I'd like to make love to you."

"...Make love?"

She looked as though she'd never heard the term before, let alone anyone ever ask her for the privilege. "If that's alright with you. I'm on this new kick where I appreciate the women I'm with rather than leave them unsatisfied after I get my two minutes in. It's worked out pretty well today, and I think you'd enjoy it."

She thought about it for a minute. "Is it any different from regular sex?"

"Physically? There's still penises and orgasms, yeah. Only, I thought we'd do something different."

"Like, how?"

"To put it straight-forward, I think both you and I have been through too much tonight to even consider putting your poor kitty through any more trouble (This may mark the first time I've used "kitty" in a sentence that didn't involve felines or that sweet-bodied professor in pink at Laurel). If it's not too much to ask, why don't we have anal sex?"

"Sure, I guess." Jesus; that was easy. Makes me wonder why I put it up on such a plateau. "I don't really do it that much, actually."

"You like it?" I was now rubbing lower, tickling her anus.

"I've done it a few times, but it was kinda uncomfortable."


"No," she blushed at the notion of masturbating, "with guys."

"Did they get you hot?"

"Yeah, of course."
"I mean hot hot. Where even getting porked up here," I let a wet finger slip quickly up her backside, making her gasp, "feels fantastic."

"N-no," she gasped, clearly not used to her backside being touched by anything but an over-excited teenaged cock. At least, I hoped she'd never done it with older guys. Me aside, of course. I was about to show her something she'd never had.

"Not everyone knows what they're doing," I explained. "In all honesty, if I didn't think you'd enjoy it as much as I would, I wouldn't ask."

"You can't be serious."

"And what if I am?"

"No, I mean, that sounds like a pretty good one-liner."

"Tay, you've been around too many simpletons, tonight expeshally. Allow me to fix it for you."

"...Alright, Derrick. I don't know why, but I trust you."

Yes, I fucked her ass. Hard. I meant to be gentle and sensual, but she got really into it when she figured out I was telling the truth about her enjoying it. No, you don't get to hear about it. I'm tired, and I want to go to bed.



"I feel really stupid asking for this, but..."

"Go ahead, Derrick. It was great."

"Today, everyone I've been with has let me come inside, you know, for Christmas and everything."

"In my ass? I don't know about that..."

"Not your ass, actually. Your pussy. If that's alright with you, of course."

"But it's in my ass, Derrick..."

"Just the tip, that's all. I don't want to sound like I'm desperate or anything, it's just that it's been really special with everyone, and it's been special with you, too..."

"I really don't let guys do that."

"Then that's fine. I'll just..."

"I'm not on birth control or anything."

"But you're a cheerleader. Is that legal to be off your pills?"

"But I guess it's okay just this one time."

"Can I say one more thing?"


"I love you, Taylor. Even if just for tonight, just for this moment, for letting me make love with you."

" you too, Derrick."

I pulled my cock all the way out of her ass, lined it up instead with her pussy, all the time looking her in the eyes, and pushed the head in, just between her lips. She sighed at once and thrust her hips out to meet me, making me run a little deeper than I'd thought of. I stroked myself vigorously to finish off, but my hips were pushing me forward, driving me a little deeper into her depths with short strokes.

Her hips were going too, and in a split decision (I'd say it was sudden passion, but her disenchanting skepticism had been killing my mood the entire night. For that matter, my nonsense squiggly talk wasn't doing much to help, but I wanted to prove to her that acting nice and being nice to back it up sometimes happens just for kindness' sake), I let go of my cock and let our hips guide us forward, and I sank into her pussy the rest of the way.

I leaned into her and kissed her as I had done many times throughout or lovely buttfucking (poetic phrase, isn't it?), but this was, I could feel, what she really wanted out of me, to fuck her in the pussy with even a hint of sincerity. I gave her all that and more in the few strokes that it took me to get off, and my seed landed as deep inside of her as my cock could plant it in what was the second of two unique ventures for this lovely lady and her large breasts, which I hoped to get to know better at a later time.

"That was fantastic," she said with a giggle, for my orgasm had caused her one as well. See? Coming inside a girl works for them as well as it does for me. Just for the hell of it, I returned my cock to her ass, if only to relish in the difference in wetness and tightness. Then we kissed hard and long, a kiss that we both knew to mean the night was over for us, and neither of us wanted it to end. I latched my lips back onto her breasts one last time, taking both her nipples at once.

"I wanna try that," she said, so I held her breasts up for her, and my cock shook madly when she wrapped her lips over the two of them; without thinking, I quickly changed my cock from her ass to her pussy just in time to feel a few stray spurts of cum making their way out. She moaned heavily, even sucking her nipples harder when she felt my cock twitching in her pussy again

After making sure the rest of my seeds were planted where they belonged, I came to my senses and took my cock out. "Sorry; got carried away." I slipped my cock back into her ass yet again, and I was sorely tempted to do it a third time if only I thought I could get away with it.

"It's alright," she said with a sigh, giving my cock a little squeeze with her ass. "Will I ever see you again?"

Oh, how I used to hate that question. "I don't think there'll be another night like this for either of us. But I'm a firm believer that it takes lots of hard work and lots of honesty to find someone to get along with. A year ago, I'd say, 'why ruin a perfect thing?' But now I know sex isn't everything."

"You lost me. Was that a 'yes'?"

"I'd love to see you again, even if just for a bagel." It used to be that coffee was the non-committal drink of choice; I'm not sure when the bagel shop took that stigma over.

"Bit nice saying that now, with your prick in my ass," she teased, pulling me down for a spicy kiss. She worked her tongue around in my mouth, knowing mine was too sore to go on, but I still tried. She appreciated it, moaning into my mouth and squirming her hips at me.

"To be honest, I don't know from this point. But I do know that there's more to you than just your body, and I want to get to know it all."

"Even if it's just for one more night?"

"Nothing lasts forever."

"I'm beginning to think this magic dick of yours does." She kissed me harder then, wanting more action than words. My hips did their own thing while I kissed her, sliding my cock harmlessly in and out of her ass. I know we were saying goodbye, but what a hot goodbye. I couldn't take my hands off her breasts, and I had to stop kissing her now and then just to run my tongue along her nipple, and again to bite one, then both, thrusting hard inside her when I did.

Before I knew it, I forgot about kissing her and got lost in her breasts. They were light and fluffy in my hands, and her nipples had stayed erect throughout; she had already told me they liked me. I added to my oral pleasure by starting more even strokes into her ass, and she was lying flat on the bed, gripping the sheets, and taking it. After a reasonably loud grown from her, she leaned back up and started kissing me again, kissing me while I had her nipples between my teeth. I had been fantasizing about fucking her sweet pussy again, and when she did that, I looked at her kinda funny.

She looked back at me, and I knew I had to do something unless I wanted to regret it until the next time I saw her, which could be never, the way my luck went. I moved her hands to support her breasts so they stayed up by our joined mouths, and with one hand I held her head up to make sure she saw what I was doing, and with the other, and with our eyes locked, I pulled my cock out of her ass and slid it, right in front of her eyes, back into her pussy.

I let out a deep sigh of satisfaction in taking what I wanted, and mine was matched by hers. I began thrusting home into her, making her gasp as well. Her tongue poked out, and I licked it with mine, then we locked in yet another hot kiss, too far gone to care what we were doing. I kept her head held forward, making sure she sucked one of her own nipples while I sucked the other, and her moaning became constant and loud, something I hadn't had the privilege of hearing yet because I hadn't been inside her properly this long.

I thrust home hard and strong, and she threw her head back in delicious agony, moaning for anyone to hear. I made my thrusts short and hard, hitting her cervix with each strike, and I felt a familiar stiffness that I had no right feeling. Her pussy tightened around me, and I knew it was all over.

"I'm gonna come inside you again," I said to her, not asking this time, as I licked her stretched neck, and we came together a second time, me giving her a less than marvelous load of cum to add to the first, but I'm still surprised I got either of them off.

I went once more into her ass for a final comparison, but when I begged for one final kiss, she had already passed out from her final orgasm. Damn. Come to think on it, I'm getting pretty woozy too...

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