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24 hours, 5 years, 10 months Ch. 06

"It has gotten better for us in the last couple of weeks Genevieve. These counseling sessions have made a big difference. As you know, we've been doing the homework you assigned. Both Jim and I have calmed down quite a bit and it's feeling so much better."

"That's right. Marie's been wonderful. I think that she's finally feeling that I'm here for real. And that I'm starting to see her other side too. She's starting to feel free to be who she is again. Me too. Pulling back and having us start courting again instead of trying to pick up where we left off before was a great thing to do. We both weren't ready."

"What have you two been dealing with this week? Who wants to go first? Is it your turn Jim?"

The counseling session continued for the next 35 minutes. Reconnecting after 5 years apart after a horrendous break up was not going to be easy. But we were trying.

That first time she initiated making love, it wasn't working on her side and we needed to stop. She later offered to take care of me, but by that time, that was no longer important.

After we stopped, we talked later that afternoon and I found out that she's had a problem in bed for years. She had a difficult time enjoying sex with her partners and definitely with her husband. She hoped that making love with me after I came back would 'put all that to bed', but it didn't.

Months after she married, she said that she was starting to have trouble being aroused by him. She spent tremendous energy pretending in order to make sure that that he was satisfied. Her goal was to make the marriage last, no matter what the cost. She couldn't handle another failure. Part of her wanting and not wanting to get back together, was to see if this was going to be a continuing problem. That first time in the shower with me after the canoe trip, she imploded from fear.

The next morning she gave it the ol' college try, and it still didn't work.

This session flew by quickly and Genevieve started to wrap up. "When we started, we talked about working on things outside of these sessions. I think that you've both said that it's been a good thing. The last couple of assignments concentrated on slowing both of you down, taking a step back, giving each other room to get comfortable." We both nodded. We didn't try to make love again, but we did progress to a more natural holding of one another. I never realized how much non-sexual touch means to a relationship.

Genevieve continued, "This week's assignment will be quite a bit harder. For each of you, figure out what you personally feel are missing now. I'm not talking about making love, but the emotional things that aren't there or not quite right. And as I've said before, take it easy on yourselves and go slow. You both have lots of things to work out and it all won't be done in a day."

After our counseling sessions, Marie and I would head for a quiet place to talk about what the session was about. The time we were together 5 years ago, we couldn't see that we were going to be having trouble. We actually were pretty shitty communicators. She expected me to read her mind. I thought that when she did something that really pissed me off, I'd withdraw till she 'got it'. As I said, we have less of a problem with being pretty shitty communicators, just less.

In our individual counseling sessions in the past 5 years, both of us touched on this problem one way or another. And now that we were trying to start again, we both knew we had work to do. Communication was even more important now with the emotions of your partner involved. We also learned to cut each other some slack.

We walked outside and saw the rain clouds and felt the individual drops of an oncoming rain. We had planned to sit at a neighborhood bar that had outdoor seating. "Jim?" I turned around to look at her, "I've got an idea. I've been to your place a couple of times. How about you going to mine? We could sit out of this approaching rain and we'd have quiet. My one loud neighbor is on vacation this week. It's been 4 months and you still haven't seen my apartment."

"Sounds good to me, I'll give you a 5 minute head start to let you clean the place up before I arrive." I immediately started chuckling. There was only one time I saw her have a mess, and that was that day over 5 years ago. I put that out of my mind and quickly added, "I'll be right behind you, let's go."

It took us over 10 minutes to get to our cars and get there. It's a 1920's vintage building, very well maintained in a neighborhood that is on the verge of getting trendy. That means that I'll have some trouble finding parking on the street. She had a parking space in back.

I wasn't without luck and there was a spot about 4 doors down and I only got a little soaked in the downpour. I got to the lobby door and she buzzed me in. She was dry as anything, but an umbrella was drying on the wet shoe mat.

"Jim, I know you keep an umbrella in the car, why didn't you use it?"

I looked at her. Some things she'll never understand. So I decided to be patient and completely explain it to her in great detail. "I'm a guy." I headed toward the bathroom to towel dry my hair and comb it.

She called back, "Are all guys like this?"

I was finished and walked into her tiny living room. "No, some care even less." She just shook her head. I'm sure she thought something about the book Mars and Venus. "What can I get you to drink Jim?"

"Do you have any sipping whiskey?"

"I'm my father's daughter and he does visit occasionally, except when he's spending the night at your place."

"Would you join me in some?"

She nodded and asked "Neat?"

"Yes please." She knew that I didn't take ice. Can't taste the flavor of things when they're very cold. "This is a very nice small place you have here."

"The rents been OK and I don't have any visitors, so I don't have to worry about entertaining. I usually end up going out to Terry's house or we hit the spots for music and a beer. By the way, will you be there Sunday? They were going to grill. It was only going to be the four of us."

"I wasn't sure, but if you're there, then I'll be there for sure."

At this point she became quiet and was a bit pensive as she was pouring the drinks. She was a little generous to us both. The look on her face was deliberate and I knew what that look meant. She passed me my drink and I took a sip. She put hers down. "I was thinking about the homework that we have this week. I know my answer now."

"That's funny Marie, so do I. Who wants to go first?" She nodded to me to begin. I started with another sip of whiskey. I thought about it for a second then I nodded to her, "No, can you go first?"

"Jim, I've been struggling with this for a long time." She hung her head in sorrow. "I fucked up royally 5 years ago. I've owned what I did, I've tried to become the best person I could. I still walk around like I have a big red letter A on me, like in the book. You know that book on about the adulteress in the colonial era." I knew what she was talking about, the Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne. High school required reading. I've always wondered why high school students had to read that book. Now I know.

"I can't shake it. No matter how I try, it won't go away." She was quiet and she took a big sip of her drink. Then she took another. For the size of her frame, it was a good thing she wasn't driving tonight.

"Wait a minute Marie. You have to grow from that. We were 20 years old then. We were pretty immature. Since then you've done so much, become so much. You can't let this stop you. You survived your marriage. Even the first time I met again, you said you did the right things for your marriage, but it didn't work out. You can't do this to you. You're very important, you're so much better than that to beat yourself down."

I suddenly stopped talking. I heard a click. It didn't come from outside of me. It was from the inside. I understood what she was missing in a flash of understanding. It was not her, it was me. I finally realized my part of what was wrong and I stated to run toward the end of the dock. The water was going to immediately feel cold, but we were going to be clean and refreshed after the shock.

"Your problem isn't with you." I moved closer to her and held her hand. "Once again, you've done everything right. You've apologized to me, multiple times. This idiot never told you that he accepted your apology. Has he?" She shook her head no, and the tears were starting to roll down her cheeks.

"I've never said that I forgave you. I've tried to show it, but I never said it, have I?" I reached over to hug, and she joined with me. So many missing pieces, this was one of the biggest. Showing things are sometimes not enough, saying them with all your heart to your love is so much better.

"I seen all the goodness of Gail Marie these past months. Indeed, it is you Gail Marie that I never told that you have fully made amends in life. I have not been man enough to tell you that I accepted your apology, that I forgave you for what happened so long ago, and I appreciate you for the person you are.

"I'll admit that it's been difficult for me to forgive. It keeps on popping up at the wrong times. I fight it and most of the time I win.

"But you, you have done so much better that I ever could. You've raised yourself way above me, you're my shining angel of courage. The woman who puts me to shame for her total humanity. I am in awe of what you have become, who you are now.

She looked at me in disbelief. I guess that there was a bunch more things that I've never told her.

"I've tried real hard, honest I have. But I know that this is where I've been at. Part of me, deep down is still hurt. It keeps popping up at the worst times and I don't know what else I can do about it. I've been trying to give it time, and it's getting better, much better. The more time we spend with one another and the more we work things out is helping so much.

"I knew what happened so long ago will no longer matter real soon. Now I see that it has been stopping you from healing. It has been stopping me from healing. We're getting closer together every day."

Tears were running down our cheeks. Then she pulled back and smiled. Not a happy smile, but a bittersweet one. "I know that, I've known you've forgiven me. Now that I hear it, it is so sweet."

She took a sip of her whiskey, then waited, then immediately downed the rest. I was sitting very near the bottle and she shook her glass to ask for a refill. That was not like her at all. I poured her some more, then added two fingers to mine. I'll worry about driving home later, even if it means a call to Bill for a lift, and I need to get him out of bed. That's what friends are for. Terry should understand, I hope.

"But this is where I'm stuck Jim. I can't forgive myself." The tears really started pouring out of her. I reached over and hugged her and held her while she let it out.

We sat there holding each other for what seemed like hours. I felt her body mold against mine, I felt the love in her heart, the sorrow in her being. I was the one that broke the silence. It was back to the sauna and the lake. Do what you need to do, just do it.

I stood up in front of her and commanded her attentions with my eyes. In a loud voice I said, "Gail Marie." She winced at her name and my loudness. "Over 5 years ago you said that cheating was only sex, it didn't mean anything. We parted in a tornado.

"Please accept my apology for not telling you that I have totally accepted your apology, your remorse, your desire to be the best person that you can be.

"Your journey was so much more difficult than mine. You are one amazing woman. Please forgive me for not telling you what I really feel. I believe in you." I grabbed my sipping whiskey and downed it immediately. "We need to move beyond this. We have a future together, you are my partner in life. I love you with all my soul."

I held her head in my hands while I looked into her eyes. I think that I may have finally done something right. She leaned over and kissed my lips. I pulled her up, standing up, holding on to me. We clasped each other and swayed back and forth. Part of that was the drink, part of it was holding on to one another. I think that we felt completeness. Her crying stopped, one of her hands caressed my face. A tension left our bodies.

Then my hands reached lower and I cupped both of her cheeks, pressing her body against mine. It was not really sexual, it was us two physically melding into one. I felt her warmth. We were now joined at the hip, in an ever tightening pull. She also pressed into me. We kissed.

It may have started as a chase kiss, but it quickly moved to a hungry kiss for both of us. The whiskey may have helped, but it only liberated what we both wanted.

She started to pull away, but I held her. "No Jim, it's not going to work. It's going to end badly again. I can't..."

"If it doesn't work, we've only lost the night and we will keep trying another day until it's good for us. We've been in love with each other for a long time Gail Marie. We honestly trust one another. It's time we showed it to each other in all ways." I paused and looked into her eyes. Her eyes softened and she nodded to me, then kissed me deeply, there was little hesitation for either of us. "Whatever happens, whatever we feel, be real with it and own it and we both will respect the other's boundaries."

I then playfully slapped the side of her ass, "Or lack thereof". I pulled her mouth to mine and she wacked my hip even harder. I could feel her chuckling in the kiss, and her grinding into my cock. Then her hands caressed my back, getting under my shirt and feeling my sides, holding my sides. Sharing our kiss, my hands roamed over her hips, pulling her ass into me, melding us into one.

In a flash, she tickled me and I jumped a foot off the floor. She giggled and darted toward the bedroom. The sound of that giggle, it was Gail Marie's carefree giggle, her happy giggle, her free giggle, her silly giggle. A giggle that couldn't be faked. Nothing heavy, all fun, a joy to hear because it told me we were home again, together.

I walked to her bedroom and waited at the door. She was smiling at me as I watched her unbutton her blouse. No tenseness, no worry, no concern in her face, I was in heaven. Even if the evening didn't end right, we got to a different place, a freer place.

I moved to her and she held her arms out to receive me, or so I thought. It was actually to begin unbuttoning my shirt. I got the message and my hands started peeling her blouse off her shoulders. Our lips never stopped touching.

My hands went behind her and unclasped her bra while her hands unbuckled my belt. Her mouth was on fire as it left mine and travelled to my neck.

My hands went from outside of her skirt to under her skirt. I was gripping her cheeks. She giggled again and I knew all was right. Then I slipped my hands into her panties and grabbed her cheeks directly, massaging them, gripping them, feeling them, kneading them. Needing them too. She giggled again. This is so Gail Marie, no longer Marie, no longer Gail. She started to grind into me. The lake water was fine now.

I shed my undershirt quickly and knelt down in front of her. I took off each of her sandals as my hands travelled further up inside her skirt. I was breathing in her scent as I hooked my fingers in the band of her panties.

She was stroking my hair as my face was buried on the outside of her skirt. Inhaling her scent, I slowly started pulling her panties down while I looked up at her face. Her eyes were closed and there was a smile on her face. Not like before, no, not like before.

I moved her panties down over her ass, and I let my hands roam on her cheeks and I traced her landing strip. She smiled more, and then I heard a gasp as I slid a finger along her slit. She was wet this time, and answered me with a "Ohhh yessss'.

I pulled her panties to the floor and then gently pushed her to sit on the bed, spreading her legs. I dove under her skirt. Her scent was enticing, her hands pulled the skirt away so she could see me and stroke my hair. My mouth started kissing and licking the inside of her thighs. That's when I started hearing her talk to me and moan.

"Oh have I missed this, I have so missed your mouth on me. And for tonight, that will have to be the only thing in me. Jim, I'm not on the pill."

Without moving my face away from her, or my tongue from her lower lips, I reached around and pulled out my wallet from my front pocket. I passed it to her. She opened it and laughed at the two trojans I had.

"You really been prepared for me, haven't..." and that's when I slipped a finger up her pussy while my thumb attacked her clit as I continued pleasuring her with my mouth. "OOOOO yessssss don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop". Her body started racking and her legs imprisoned by head and hand. She was coming, my love was coming for me, for her, for us. Not a sexual conquest, but a milestone for us.

I stopped and waited for her to recover, and I had to wait long. She finally released me. I moved up on the bed and I collapsed at her side. I held her shoulder, stroked her forehead and cheek, and smiled at what we did together.

She finally caught her breath and looked at me. There were tears in her eyes, not sad, but happy ones. "I feel like I got out of jail Jim, you've released me."

She rolled on her side to face me directly. "There is something that I haven't told you. I've been afraid to say it. I love you too Jim, with all my heart." At that she reached over and kissed me and held me.

"I knew what you did Jim. You were here to be with me, to try again. Once we refound each other, we couldn't or wouldn't get away. I've been so afraid that you'd disappear again. I know that you won't now. It is so wonderful for me to say to you out loud, I love you."

"And to hear it from you Gail Marie, even though I knew it, heavenly. Your love that I don't doubt."

"There's something I need to do right now. I've been dreaming of it for 4 months and wishing for it for 5 years." She got on her knees and began to open my pants and pull them off. Slipping her hands under my briefs, she yanked then down and stroked my cock.

"I warn you now that it's been a long time and I'm not going to last." She looked up at me with compassion and lust in her eyes.

"Jim, it's been nearly 2 years since somebody besides my own hand made me come. And you did it for me tonight. I want to be your first right now. I know that I wasn't that much into sucking you before, but this first one is mine. I hope you can recover soon, because those trojans need to give us our second one for the night."

She was right, it was a not common for Gail to get oral with me. I loved getting and giving oral sex, she was not into giving it so much. That's the thing about oral, it's completely raw sex. An old cab driver told me once, the reason that he loved oral sex was that you couldn't knock anybody up with spit. I'm not a father, yet. I want that to happen on my terms, not my dick thinking for me.

Gail Marie took off her bra, the rest of her clothing and helped me with mine. She got between my legs and put her face so near my cock that I felt her breath on it. Looking into my eyes, she held my cock in one of her hands and licked it like a popsicle. Stroking it with her other hand at the same time, she slowly lowered her mouth on my helmet. Slowly using her tongue to caress the sensitive underside, I was in heaven.

"Oh my god, I'm going to cum right away if you keep this up for another minute. I've dreamed of this and being in a loving bed with you. Grab some tissues, I'm going to need some."

She pulled her mouth off of me but kept jacking me with her hand. "Lover, do you think that I need anything to catch you with? Especially after you ate me? We're here together Jim. I'm going to suck you dry and swallow you. Right now." She smiled at me and then added, "Just don't get used to me swallowing it though." And she chuckled, then I did too. She put her mouth back on my cock and her other hand moved past my balls toward my ass. That's all it took and I erupted into her mouth, my lover's mouth.
She swallowed me with tremendous love and lust in her eyes. Her eyes never left mine. At each shot of cum, she would swallow, sometimes with a look of surprise. I was forceful. If I would have been lying on my back, I'd probably hit my forehead. As I slowed down, she started to clean me up. As I relaxed, she came to my face and kissed me. We shared both of our tastes. We were going to be equals in our relationship, I wanted that.

After kissing me she laid her head upon my chest and held me tight. "Was that good Jim?" I grunted a yes. "How long till you recover? I want to ride you, I want you to take me from behind, I want to be fucked on my back, I want..."

"Gail Marie, I want those things too. But not all tonight." I paused, "I want to make wonderful slow love to you next. OK?"

A beaming smile radiated from her face, "That would be wonderful." Her fingers started playfully trace circles on my chest, drawing up to my mouth and back. Not rushed but being with one another. Her hand circled my cock, played with my balls, she sucked my nipples. All trying to raise the dead. I felt a stirring of life down there. She moved her head down to my cock and started to lick it slowly.

I flipped around into a 69 and dove between her legs. "You remembered Jim, you remembered." This was something we rarely did before our 'second-go-arounds', but we did do it. She loved getting oral as much as she loved to get fucked, and this was a way to get both.

I love to have her clit in my lips, her juices dripping down my chin, feeling her whole body from her sex. And then to feel her mouth on my cock? I could do this for hours. I've missed this, few of my other partners liked doing this so much, and when Charlene and I were trying to work things out, it all declined. It was so ...


Shocked, I drove my tongue into Gail Marie, and my fingers followed caressing her rosebud that was slick from her. I felt an 'Oohhhhhh yesssss' on my hardening cock. Be here, be now. YESSSSS.

I felt a finger trace my balls and head a little lower when I realized that it was time. I pulled my mouth and fingers out of her. I looked down at her and her mouth was still on me. Sucking a cock with a smile on her face, those bright blue eyes shining. I pulled her up to me and we kissed. We used to have a little bit of issue with sharing our own fluids, but no more I think. Something about maturity.

She reached over and picked up one of the trojans and started to hand it to me. "No Gail Marie, I want to see you do it." Looking at me with a sexy smile on her face, she ripped the package open and pulled it out. She grabbed my cock and rolled it down. This would have been so unbelievable months ago, and now it's so natural.

She rested on her back and spread her legs, caressing her pussy for me to see, to tease me. She enjoyed that, and enjoyed me seeing her pleasure herself. Now she has a mischievous smile on her face.

Her fingers started spreading her lips and she began to ohhh and ahhhh as she stroked herself. She's performing for me. We both like it.

"Like what you see? Do you like to see your lover pleasure herself for you? Like to see me get so hot that I'm going to cum as soon as you put your cock into me?"

I took that as a yes and I pulled her hands away, gently slapping them. Rolling her to the middle of the bed, I knelt between her legs and leaned over her. Once our eyes met, there was no more playing. The smile on her face was one of serenity, of love regained.

I leaned over her and gently kissed her lips and she gently pulled me down on her. Her hand found my cock and she gently led it to her pussy. I entered her and her legs wrapped around me.

It was slow, unhurried, an honest love making. A much delayed rejoining of two souls that found each other again. Trying to do it right this time.

"Jim, could you get my phone? I'm still drying off and Terry was going to give me a call if there was something they were going to need. I'll finish drying off in a minute."

"No problem." I walked into the living room and picked up Gail Marie's phone, looking at the caller name. "Hi Terry, Gail's in the shower, what should we pick up?"

"Jim? It's 7:00 in the morning. What are you..."

"I already had my shower and I'm washing the breakfast dishes. You didn't think I would be the one cooking? You know me better than that. So, what do we need to pick up?"

By this time, Gail Marie had walked into her living room wrapped in a towel and I passed her the phone. "Hi Terry, what should we pick up?" They started talking and I headed back to her kitchen to finish the dishes. I've always smiled when I did dishes for any of my partners. Doing dishes, vacuuming, laundry, dusting, grocery shopping and food shopping or any of the other things that a household needs, is all important. It's more, it's actually foreplay. I didn't think that way, they do, so I do. Now I do a good share of dishes, vacuuming, laundry, dusting and whatever. Lots of guys never figured it out.

Gail Marie came back into the kitchen about 15 minutes later. I was reading the Sunday paper she has delivered and was working on another cup of coffee. "Did she need us to buy out the store? You were on the phone a long time."

"No silly, I haven't spoken to her this week. You answering my phone at this hour called for heavy duty talking. Face it Jim, it's been a great week for us." At that she leaned down to me and kissed me sensuously. Then she dropped her towel by 'accident'. I got the hint.

"We shouldn't let an opportunity like this go to waste, should we Jim?" I placed my arm around her waist and pulled her to sit on my lap. Her face met mine and we kissed again.

"If I remember correctly young lady, last Wednesday you gave me a list of things that you wanted to do and...What do we have outstanding? Or do we just need some more practice?" My hand was caressing her left breast while her hands were taking the robe off my shoulders.

"I don't think I have a list anymore. It was just a long time for me. And you too if I remember correctly." With that I parted her legs with my hand. That's when she giggled. I so love to hear her giggle while making love. I slipped my hand between her lips and found her already wet.

"So what were you two talking about on the phone?"

"Oh, I had to tell her about us opening up to one another after the counseling session. Then she started asking about what happened after that, and one thing led to another and..."

"Sounds like you both were getting hot about what we've been doing? Did you give her a blow-by-blow?"

"Oh, yes, and a suck-by-suck, a lick by lick, a rub-by-rub and a fuck-by-fuck too." She was giggling like mad now. She had turned around and straddled my lap like a lap dancer, opening my robe. "Jim, you have no idea what this week as been like for me. It was so long that I felt empty and not wanted. And unlovable.

"Then this week, everything. You, me, love and sex again. Love making again with lots of sex whenever I ask for it." She moved her face closer to mine while making sure that her pussy was gliding along my cock. Then she sat upright and she nestled her tits in my face. She held my head to them while I sucked her left nipple and my hand mauled the other one.

I kept hearing a bit of ooo and ahhhing when she repositioned herself. She reached down and slid me into her, and I immediately picked her up to take me out. "You've only been on the pill for two days. Let's not push our luck." She responded with a little pout, but I had a better answer.

I stood up and continued lifting her in my arms and turned her around to the kitchen table. Then I bent her over the table, leaving her beautiful naked ass pointed directly at me. I put my hand between her legs. I slowly caressed her from her landing strip to her rosebud. There I stopped. This was one of the things that we hadn't done yet this week.

"Are you ready to complete the list? This one was on mine." She was a little confused, and when she realized where I was going, a little worried. "I'll go slow and you can stop things at any time." She still had a worried look on her face.

"I..I..I've done this when I was married. It hurt. I know that it hurt because he wasn't slow." She looked back at me and grabbed my hand. "I know that you won't hurt me, will you?"

I reached around her and gave her a warm hug. "Not only will I go slow and not hurt you, by the time we're finished, you're going to be humping me back for more. And I'm going to finger fuck you too. You won't have any time to be hurting." She relaxed slightly while I circled her rosebud with my dirty hand.

The butter was still on the table and I sliced cut off a couple of pats. "Bet you never thought that your ass would be good enough to eat? Did you?" I got a well-deserved groan out of her for that one. I warmed a pat of butter in my hand and slid it onto her rosebud. I used her own heat to soften it as I slowly massaged it back and forth with my right hand. My left hand was going to be the clean one. No mixing allowed. Nobody should get an infection from making love. That happened once with me by mistake. Never again.

I was in no hurry as I nibbled her neck and massaged her left tit with my clean hand. It only took a minute for her to relax to the point where she started swishing her ass back and forth. Learning the non-verbal communication from your partner is wonderful.

"So this is starting to feel a little bit better is it?" That's when I barely slipped the tip of my finger in her, and back out again quickly. She was startled at first, but the fifth time, she met my thrust. "You know I love your ass, I want to do wonderful things to your ass."

I withdrew and picked up another pat of butter and returned to her rosebud. My clean hand reached further around and played with her other tit, then my clean finger went in her mouth as my dirty one went into then further into her ass.

What a feeling for me, both of my fingers were in her, at different ends. Feeling her warmth, her softness. The feel of her tongue, the tightness of her ass. That's when I heard and felt some moaning from her. I pistoned both fingers in her in unison. I could hear her breathing now.

Her eyes were closed and she was feeling all I was doing for her, to her, with her. She started to try to reach out for me, but I told her to relax and get lost in our experience.

I brought a second finger to her ass, slowly entering her. She tensed, and I waited until she told me to go ahead. My clean hand flicked her clit and I sucked on her earlobe while we waited.

Now with two fingers in her ass, I began to slowly piston in her. I knew it was good when she started to make noises for me. Then I heard, "Oh yes, this is so much better, yes so much better...keep playing with my pussy. oh yessssss. This is the best ass fucking I've ever had lover, the best."

"And my cock isn't in you yet. I see some toys in our future. I'll love fucking your pussy with a vibrator up your ass. You get to feel it and I get to feel it." I slowly pumped my fingers into her and felt her ring loosen up.

"You're ready for my cock now? Ready for my nice and hard cock?" Both my hands were pumping her, she was humping them both, getting a different hand on each back and forth. Her breathing got harder. She was ready and I moved between her legs.

Grabbing another pat of butter, I greased my cock. Then I put my cock at her rosebud. I slowly pulled my fingers out and touched her ass with my greased rod. "I'm going to go slow. You back into me at your pace. I'll wait." Giving control to your partner makes this so much better for them. They also can't blame you if it hurts too much.

Gail Marie kept her eyes closed and backed into my cock. I had loosened her up, but the first time with a partner is always unknown. She was arching her back, shoving her ass into my cock. I felt the pressure and her ring slowly expand again. In a minute, I felt me slide in, and I waited. She was holding her breath, and my clean hand was starting to work on her clit again. She relaxed a little, but stayed still.

She exhaled a few times, but remained motionless. "Do you want me to pull out? I don't want to..."

"NO. Just wait. This is the best it ever has been and I'm getting used to it. Just wait, the low pain has moved to discomfort." She exhaled and in the smallest way, stated rocking on me. "This is one of the few times I wished I had a smaller dicked lover," and she laughed.

Then I exhaled as her rocking became noticeable. "Ohhh yesss, this is feeling better." She grabbed my clean hand and put it back in her pussy. "Are you forgetting something buddy?"

I chuckled. It was good that she was into it now. I went back to work. This is work I could do all day. "Wanted to make sure my lover was comfortable first." I started to slowly pump my cock in her ass. Going nice and slow in her tight ass was heaven. We never did this before, but I have fucked the asses of all by partners and some of my dates. "How does my cock feel in you? I hear you moan, I hear you pant. You like my cock in your ass Gail Marie? My nice cock in you?"

"Oh you make me feel so full and slutty. This is the best it's ever been. Now start pumping me a little harder, start pumping this ass harder." She flexed her back like a cat.

"Do you like fucking my ass? Do you like putting your nice cock into my ass? ummm lover?'

"I love your tight little ass, I love the way you meet my thrusts, I love getting you off." Fucking my love at her kitchen table, I was going to go for broke.

"You love it, you love being taken, tossed on the table, and rammed with my cock." I grabbed her hand with my clean one and shoved it to her pussy. "Now finger yourself while I fuck you. Tell me what you feel."

She was a bit shocked, but she did as she was told. "I have my fingers on my clit, giving me pleasure while you fuck my ass." She stopped and turned around slightly to look at me. "You love watching me play with myself, don't you." She groaned as I reached and grabbed a hanging tit with my clean hand. "Or do you just love telling me what to do for your own pleasure? To get your own kicks?"

"Which one do you like better while I fuck your ass? Doing what you are told or putting on a show for me?"

She was on the verge, and our pillow talk made her hotter. "Your cock feels so good pumping in me, my fingers feel so good. You know how to make me hotter. You know I like to perform for you, to be your whore, to be your play thing. I see it in your eyes and the hardness of your cock."

"You're not my whore, you're not my play thing Gail Marie. You're my precious lover that I make love to." I pounded her harder. "You are what I love, not some cheap whore. You're my partner, the only woman I need, the sexiest woman there is. That's who I'm fucking." I stated panting, it was getting closer.

I slapped her ass slightly, only giving her a little bit of a sting. It shocked her. "This ass is mine, all mine. Same for your cunt. It's there for me." I put my clean finger in her mouth, "Suck this lover, suck this and finger your cunt while I fuck your ass." That's when she exploded and I pulled my hand away from her mouth. Then I exploded into her. I was pushing my cock into her as far as I could, then pull back and pump her ass to shoot again into her, again and again.

All we could do was groan as we jerked from our coming, the aftershocks from coming. She collapsed on the kitchen table, and I slid to my elbows, trying not to crush her. We were both panting.

It took over 5 minutes to get up. My cock went soft and slid out. I pulled a paper napkin from the table and covered it. Would have been a good reason to wear a condom.

She leaned over and we kissed. I led her back to the bathroom and turned on the water. We needed to clean up and go to the store before the grilling at Terry and Bill's. I was going to enjoy washing every inch of her body. And feel her do the same to me.


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