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24: One Crazy Day!! Ch. 03

Debbie Manchellini

Gerald had tossed and turned all night his sleep disturbed by the fact that he had discovered his wife's infidelity. He had emerged from his home at five in the morning and stalked off across town to his favorite diner for an early morning breakfast.

He just didn't want to face his wife not trusting himself to remain civil. Hell, not trusting himself to refrain from putting a foot in her fat, wobbly ass. So he decided that he would deal with Shaila when he got home that evening. He just wanted to bury himself in his work.

He had completely forgotten his own infidelity earlier in the evening with his boss from the Temp Agency-Yanira.

He'd consulted his phone's map feature to find out just where he was working and was surprised to find that it was nowhere near the downtown business district where he was usually assigned. He'd have to take the BART (metro train) to the end of the line and then wait forty-five minutes for a community bus. The area where he was being sent was an elite gated community for the rich and the mega-rich citizens in the bay area.

Gerald would have to walk several blocks to the gated area's guard shack just to gain entrance to the community.

"Name?" Gerald was already sweating by the time he'd reached the guard's station and was nearly exhausted. The two guards chuckled as they checked his name and identification and began laughing aloud as he was directed through the gate.


There was a buzzer on the front of the massive gate that sat in front of the mansion I'd discovered at the end of my morning quest.

I was sweaty as fuck and in no mood for bullshit as I stood outside these massive gates feeling like an asshole. I'd figured that Yanira was in a drunken craze when she had sent me into this uber' rich neighborhood, but I really had nothing to do and I definitely didn't wanna go home and face the wife. Finding out that she had apparently been cheating on me for some time had blown my mind.

Yeah, I'd fucked my boss from the TEMP-Agency, but only after my old lady had told me she was going out on a monogamous -optional date. I hadn't gone out looking for a side piece of ass; it'd just worked out that way. Fuck, I didn't even get to cum on Yanira's big, fake butt. I'd really regretted not raining spunk all over that big rounded tan donk and making that bitch clean my cock proper.

"May I help you sir." I'd drifted off again waxing nostalgic as a voice addressed me from the intercom.

"The Agency sent me?" I was still a little disoriented at my surroundings having just completed a min-hike up a hillside that could have doubled for a small mountain. I wasn't comfortable in this ritzy neighborhood and I'd even noticed some "melanin-challenged" people staring out of their windows at me as I walked up the street. I'd expected to be accosted by security any moment and they didn't disappoint driving up slowly and cautiously even as the massive gate opened before me.

I considered flipping the two rent-a-cops the bird, but decided against it because I'd have to go back the way I came eventually.

"Fuck you." One of the security guards, a particularly evil looking redheaded guy mouthed in my direction while his Hispanic partner pointed at me with his fingers making a gun gesture. I just smiled back at those two cunts knowing they wouldn't be doing that shit if they weren't packing heat.

Even though I'd walked a ways up the hill, I was still faced with another five minute walk before I reached the front door of the mansion. I found an odd-looking Pilipino woman standing in the doorway waiting for me. Said her name was Ophelia and she looked about thirty-nine, was well under five feet and appeared to have some bubbly curves well hidden under a tan business suit. She led me through the expansive and immaculate home to an outdoor area with a pool that rivaled some high school gymnasiums.

I was led to an elevated area off to one side of the pool which was obscured from views by some really large hedges that enclosed this patio type area in a rectangular pattern. I was led to a set of glass tables covered by a large umbrella and where a set of folders and papers were there along with a laptop computer. Ophelia had me fill out a completely new application which she placed off to the side.

"Wait here ...sir." Her tone was unmistakable and the condescending, smug glances she gave me as she left the patio had me fuming. Just who the fuck did this trick think she was? I felt like a complete asshole sitting there in the hot sun with sweat stains covering my back and permeating my armpits. I'd wisely left my suit jacket on to hide my shame.

I could hear Ophelia speaking with someone down by the pool. It sounded like another female voice; it was someone aggressive and harsh. My curiosity got the better of me as I jumped to my feet and peered over the hedge haphazardly. I had to balance on my toes to get just a slight view of the pool.

Ophelia was obscuring the person she was speaking with because this woman was sunning herself by the pool. The way the arrogant little Philippine woman was standing with her arms folded demurely in front of her let me know that this was probably the person that hired me. I was amused at the submissive posture of Ophelia with her head slightly bowed and her chubby body hunched over. I watched Ophelia pour her mistress a glass of water and slowly back away.

I was not prepared for the sight before my eyes.

There she was in all her glory lying on a lounge chair adjacent to the Olympic sized pool in a very small white two-piece bikini. She faced away from me as she emptied the small glass of water, her facial features obscured by a majestic mane of curly blonde hair that fell just below her shoulders. I couldn't really see her tits, but her sun bronzed back was toned and slender leading to what I'd like to call cartoonishly wide hips that perfectly encapsulated one of the BIGGEST BUTTS, I'd ever seen. Her thighs complemented her perfect ass invitingly plump and toned with the hint of muscle in her substantial calves. I was rock hard in an instant and my cock threatened to burst from my slacks taking me with it into a feverish lust that caused me to visibly tremble. I knew this woman.


Debbie Manchellini, my former boss at the law firm. Affectionately known around that office as "Wide Load" and "Bell Bottom" this woman was so cold hearted that you have to turn up the thermostat whenever she was around.

This was bitch that had fired me weeks earlier after I'd been caught making what I thought were flattering comments about her infamous backside. I cursed her so many times over the last few weeks as my wife took my termination as a license to run rough shod all over my fucking manhood.

I ain't gonna lie, the first time I'd seen Debbie walking around the office, I'd nearly lost my shit when she walked past my cubicle. I remember my co-worker Brad asking me if I was okay because I was trembling. He had no idea that my cock was so hard it was touching the underside of my desk. In fact I hadn't been so hard since high school.

Fuck, that's a lie because I really hadn't been so hard since I'd first seen the expansive back porch of my at the time girlfriend Shaila. We'd been dating for about a month and she hadn't so much as let me cop a feel when she'd invited me over to her place one Friday night. Supposedly I was invited over to watch a movie (It was some Indy piece of shit she'd heard about called Daughters of the Dust.) when things got a little out of hand. Light pecks on the cheek and lips in short order had turned into full-on ass grabbing and crotch kneading. I chaffed at the memory as Shaila kept saying she usually didn't do this sort of thing and that she wasn't no "HOE."

"Yeah sure you weren't biatch." I remembered plying one of her slightly saggy boobs from the plain bra under her t-shirt and rolling the nipple as she slipped her fingers into my fly and started jerking me through my boxers. I'd tried to return the favor but had been stopped cold as Shaila dug her nails into my hands when I tried to breach her orange granny panties.

"We're just playing, chill the fuck out Gerald." She'd warned pissing me off so much that I immediately stopped my groping. It was really cold in that little single for the next thirty minutes as Shaila nervously tried to make small talk to ease the tension in the room when she realized how angry I was.

"I'm going to the kitchen, you want anything?" She asked getting only a disinterested grunt in response. I was laser focused on the dull movie playing on her television. I was trying to decide if I should just walk the fuck out and stop dealing with an obvious tease. Shaila made my decision for me as she stood and took a step over in front of me facing the television as she leaned forward sliding her beige cargo pants down to the bottom of her prodigious cheeks exposing herself to me in full glory.

Shaila would reach behind her and spread my thighs squatting into my lap and nearly making my blow my load right there. I would spend the next three hours playing with her wide juicy ass, kneading and rolling her cheeks slapping my cock into her crack. I shuddered at the memory of her luscious tan cheeks pressed hard around my dick as I spewed copious amount of cum all over her massive bubble.

"You still mad at me?" She'd teased afterwards as I responded by playfully kissing her forehead. I'd been hooked after that fateful night and things had progressively gone downhill from there.

"Mr. Robertson!" I was suddenly jolted back to the present realizing that I was still facing the pool and Debbie Manchellini. I hadn't noticed Ophelia in the patio area and I didn't initially realize that my pants were tented.

"Mrs. Manchellini will see you now."

"Uh, right now? At the pool?" I was flustered and a little disoriented from my lascivious thoughts and I was pretty sure the short Pilipino woman could tell.

"Yes Mr. Robertson and perhaps you should adjust yourself accordingly." She nodded at my erection and I nervously laughed and turned away to adjust myself as best I could. I'm pretty sure Debbie's assistant was more than likely disgusted by me at this point as her cautious demeanor suggested. I was led to the entrance of the pool area which was gated off with a small foot high fence. Ophelia unlatched the gate and led me over to the pool where I was treated to a full view of Debbie's gratuitous backside and bronzed sun kissed skin. She was still lying face down on the lounge chair. I noticed she was wearing a very expensive pair of jewel encrusted sunglasses that were partially obscured by her healthy shock of blonde hair. Debbie appeared to be sleeping.

"Thank you Ophelia and let my staff know that no one is come out to this area until I call for them or they will be terminated." I was shocked the moment she spoke because I was pretty sure she was out like a light.

"Yes Mrs. Manchellini, I will take care of everything." Ophelia quietly left me alone with Debbie who remained face down and motionless. I watched her calmly walk back up the detailed stairwell and into the mansion.

I was left alone with Debbie Manchellini, a half nude bikini clad fantasy right out of some high class porno. Well that was my assessment of the situation at the moment and I was genuinely perplexed at the state of affairs this sunny morning.

"Enjoying the view?" She broke the silence directing my attention back at her and automatically my gaze traveled down her back to her impressive cheeks cut into three perfect potions by the fabric of her white bikini bottoms. My cock jumped around in my pants and precum was running from the fat head of my penis.

"Your assistant tell you I was watching?"

"No, I just know you were Gerald. Don't you remember why I fired you?" There was no emotion in her voice, nothing I could read and that made me nervous.

"So is that it? You wanna gloat or something?" She didn't answer and I was starting to feel anger welling up inside as the prospect of being played by another woman in less than twenty-four hours started to piss me off.

"Do me a favor Gerald."


She turned towards me and I noticed her slightly prominent nose and a lazy smile.

"Could you do my back Gerald?" she motioned with a nod of her head and I followed her gaze to a thin tube of suntan lotion on a small glass table next to her lounge chair. I picked up the tube and alternately stared at it and her gauging the request.

"This isn't rocket science Gerald." I didn't have to be told twice and popped the cap on the tube squirting a liberal amount on Debbie's back. I started gingerly rubbing it into her shoulders watching as more of the fluid slowly ran down the contours of her spine and pooled in the small of her back.

I mostly confined my efforts to her shoulders for the first few minutes as she moaned and relaxed under the pressure of my fingers. I was horny as hell, but not so caught up that I would throw caution to the wind.

"Come on Gerald, don't be shy." Debbie cooed moving slightly and settling on her stomach. She rolled her hips from side to side for emphasis. I wasn't gonna be told twice and I squirted a liberal amount of the lotion on her wide derriere. My palms rested in the center of each of her huge ass cheeks as I began rubbing the oil into her skin in circular motions marveling at how small my hands looked in comparison to her huge butt.

"Am I living up to your fantasy Gerald?" She asked breezily after a few moments as I happily kneaded her cheeks. I didn't hear her right away as I pushed her big muscular butt together and jiggled her ass.


"Are you enjoying yourself?" She asked again as I pulled the fabric of her bikini upwards into the considerable crack of her ass. She let out a slight giggle while sweat ran profusely down my brow.

"Fuck yeah." Any pretense of civility had left my mind as the Id of lust took up residence infusing me with a single minded fixation on Debbie Manchellini's HUGE ASS.

"Pull em down Gerald."

"Excuse me?" I couldn't believe I had heard her correctly. Debbie was moving her ass in a horizontal motion and I noticed slight motion ripples on the surface of her big butt.

"Pull my bikini bottoms off." It sounded like a command judging from her stern tone and I didn't hesitate hooking my thumbs into the top of the white material that seemed too small for her ass and slowly drew them down revealing the object of my lust.

"Holy shit, fuck me stupid." Just like that, Debbie's magnificent ass was finally in front of me in all its awesome glory. I just couldn't get over how small her actual waist was in comparison to her wide hips. Debbie Manchellini's big butt was a perfect storm of two huge oval cheeks without a sign of cellulite anywhere. I even noticed the small triangle of alabaster skin denoting the spot covered up by her bikini bottoms.

"So I guess you like what you see huh?" She sounded pleased with herself and I answered her by leaning forward and running my tongue over that one tan line reveling in the salty taste of her sweat.

In short I lost control completely breaking down and kissing and rubbing my face all over her big juicy butt getting suntan lotion all over my face. I don't know what came over me as I licked the crack of her ass in long measured strokes as Debbie moaned and squirmed slightly under my touch. I grabbed the outsides of her round hips gently pulling her up to her knees while her torso remained flat on the lounge chair.

"OOOOOOH fuck." Debbie moaned as I stuck my face deep into the crevice between her ass cheeks and started licking for all I was worth. I ran my tongue against the puffy lips of her pussy with a kind of frenzied hunger that was borderline animalistic. She spread her legs apart allowing my tongue to enter her and I eagerly lapped up the juices leaking from her aroused cunt. In short order I grabbed her luscious hips and pressed her cunt and ass into my soaked face.

"Oh fuck Gerald you're so gawd-damn good at this!!" She breathily moaned wiggling and bumping herself against my face.

"Who-Whoever said that black guys don't like to eat pussy didn't know what the fuck they were talking about!! F-FUUUCK!!" She screamed as she squirted into my face and mouth and flopped down on her stomach breathing heavily.

"Shut the fuck up trick!!" I heard myself growl in a monstrous tone.

"Excuse me Gerald?" Debbie was jolted out of her orgasmic stupor while I literally ripped my cock out of my pants and shoved it into her dripping snatch eliciting a loud gasp from my boss.

I don't know what got into me as I just started ramming my dick in and out of Debbie's pussy as hard as I could. I really couldn't help myself as I fucked the dog shit out of Debbie while she moaned and screamed under my body as her cheeks rippled from my thrusts. And that's how it went for nearly thirty minutes before my lust took things a step further when I mashed Debbie's wide hips down onto the lounge chair parted her cheeks and squirted more of the sun-tan lotion onto the slightly darkened ring of her asshole.

"OOH SHIT!! YOU'RE SO FUCKING HARD GERALD!!" My cock sunk suprisingly easy into her anus and I just continued ramming down into her until I felt the familiar fire of a huge impending orgasm. After that I couldn't tell you what she was saying as I put both of my legs up on the lounge chair and pounded Debbie out until I finally came screaming and filling her asshole to capacity with my cum. I was in a stupor and stood up over her jerking out the rest of my cum onto her big monster sized ass cheeks.

After I was done, I just remained standing there like a fucking zombie looking blankly at what I had done as Debbie turned over on her elbow took her glasses off and surveyed the wide expanse of her butt and the mess I had made. She actually reached back scooping some of my ejaculate up and licked her fingers clean.

I suddenly lost it again grabbing her hips, flipping her onto her back and making a meal of her well used snatch. It took her less than a minute to cum again as I sucked hard on her clit. I felt her fingers in my hair rubbing me lovingly as I cleaned her up. I was suddenly afraid and looked up into her green eyes. I was out of breath and breathing heavily as well. I was seriously out of shape and had been for some time now. It was a miracle that I didn't have a heart attack while I was fucking her stupid.

"Uh, you can call the cops now Debbie."

"W-What the fuck are you talking about?"

"You called me up here today to gloat and well, I clearly lost control." I figured she had planned to tease me to distraction and kick me out. I'd lost my shit when I saw that big butt and basically attacked her. I was ready to take my punishment and I knew my cheating bitch of a wife wouldn't be in my corner.

"You are a real fucking idiot, you know that Gerald? I didn't get you up here for some bullshit revenge. I-I wanted to thank you." Her hard features softened considerably.

"Thank me? For what Debbie?"

"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know who I really am Gerald." She answered sitting up and motioning for me to sit beside her.

"I've hated myself for so long I didn't remember why and I gave everyone I met a reason to hate me so easily. I sucked as a human being and took my frustrations out on my employees. As you can see, I really don't get out much. My husband Frank likes me to stay close to this rather large cage." I didn't grasp why she was pouring her guts out to me.

"When I caught you talking about my ass like a crazed maniac, it sent me over the edge. My husband you see HATES my fat butt and he has been screwing around on me for quite some time now."

"So I'm just your revenge?"

"No, not at all Gerald. After my uh breakdown, I ended up fucking one of your friends in the break room and it kind of opened my eyes that a lot of people are into my look. I'm not hideous."
"You're fucking hot Debbie Manchellini." I was honest and I saw her weakly smile betraying even more emotion that up until that time was completely uncharacteristic of whom I knew her to be. She also had a really nice set of tits as well.

"Thank you Gerald." She punctuated her words with a soft kiss to my lips and stood removing her bikini top. She stood before me completely nude and allowed my eyes to drink in the beauty of her perfect hourglass figure.

"I'm not all that different from you Gerald. I'm originally from Oklahoma and I was a majorette, volleyball player and runner up in the Ms. Cornhusker pageant. I get my figure from my distant Nordic heritage. I'm basically just a farm girl who was plucked from obscurity by a rich asshole with mafia ties."

"Mafia ties?" I was seriously worried while Debbie laughed at my reaction.

"Gerald you need to learn how to relax." With that she jumped into the pool and started doing a few laps. I just watched until I was allowed the privilege of wrapping a towel around her awesome figure. I was still watching as she walked up to the mansion swaying her hips back and forth for my benefit.

"Damn." I'd settled back into my chair forgetting that I was basically pants-less after ravishing my boss Debbie Manchellini. I dozed off in the afternoon sunlight.

"Mr. Robertson? Mr. Robertson please wake up." I was awakened by Ophelia and immediately realized I was half nude in front of her cupping my hands over my package.

"You fuck her?" Ophelia asked with a slight sense of urgency.

"Uh, what do you think?"

"May I Mr. Robertson?" I found her small hands moving my hands away exposing my slightly hard cock.

"I would like to clean your cock sir. You wouldn't mind would you Mr. Robertson?"

"What?" I was surprised as I felt her fingers enclose around my erect cock.

"I'm gay Mr. Robertson. I've been coveting Debbie for years and I'd do anything to taste her. Even suck her off of your dick." With that Ophelia buried the length of me deep inside her throat and basically sucked on my cock like a Popsicle until she had cleaned all of Debbie's juices from my dick. To show her appreciation, Ophelia cupped my balls and roughly jerked me off until I sprayed my load all over the patio concrete floor.

She wiped me clean with some wipes she'd brought down from the house and sent me on my way with an employee packet.

I noticed Debbie's cell number on the corner of one of the forms and knew that we'd probably hook up again at some point. The minute I was back on the metro on my way home, thoughts of Shaila began to run through my mind. It didn't seem all that bad considering my day, but I didn't want to let her off the hook.

My son Jamie was waiting for me in the doorway as I arrived home later than usual.

"Daddy, mommy's mad at you." He warned me as I stepped on the front porch of my building. I loved him; my eight year old was one of the few joys in my life.

"I want you to go ask your mother a question for me Jamie."

"What's that daddy?"

"Ask your mommy who is Marvin?" My son ran off yelling the question to my wife. The sound of plates dropping and shattering on the kitchen floor followed shortly after.

"Who the fuck is Marvin?!!" I laughed.

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