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24: One Crazy Day!! Ch. 02

"Damn, how do guys work with that in the office? I wanna jump on her back every time she come up the aisle, shit man. Seriously, I don't know how she can even walk through there without tearing those fucking cheap ass partitions up with them big ass hips."

"Seriously, that shit got me fiending something serious. I never wanted to kiss an ass so bad in my life. Damn man, I'd like to run two fingers up the crack of that ass."


"Bra? You'd hit that wouldn't you bra? Gerald really wanted to know. Brad had leaned forward in his seat to hear my answer.

"Bra? I seen you staring at that donk man. You'd hit it serious huh?" I struggled to find an answer for Gerald, trying to find a plausible way to deny his sneaky accusation. My coworkers would heckle me out of a job if I'd admitted my fetish.


I hadn't realized that Debbie was standing in the room just out of eyesight. There was no telling how long she had been standing there listening to our little jam session about her butt.


I got fired today... it was a temp agency job, but it would have far reaching consequences.

-I was also fired and my real boss Yanira Diaz had apparently blacklisted me among the other TEMP Agencies.

-I had a wife and kids to feed.

...I was screwed.

"The Temp"

Chapter 1: Gerald Robertson

It was one in morning and I'd spent the last couple of hours emptying out my recorded shows on the D.V.R. I really didn't get much time with the television normally due to my wife's status as the alpha primate in the house. I have to be honest; she wears the pants in the family. The kids were spending the night at their cousin's house and I'd figured we could get some "alone time" if you know what I mean?

Shaila just wasn't having it apparently still mad that I'd lost my job at the temp agency and that she was fronting all the bills. I'd been out in the hot sun walking all over the valley shopping my resume around to some of the local temp agencies and come home in the afternoon in order to surprise Shaila for some afternoon sex. She was in the kitchen cooking and I snuck right up and pinched her big monster booty only to be slapped silly with a wooden spoon.

"Gerald?!! What the fuck are you doing home?!! You supposed to be out finding a job nukka!! (She hated saying the "N" word, so she had made up her own word.)

I explained my morning activities and modestly embellishing the scope of my job searching activities. (In reality half of that time had been spent in a corner liquor store playing some old school arcade games.) I tried to be the romantic slipping my hand into her ill-fitting yoga pants palming her dimpled butt.

She straight slapped me so hard; spit actually flew out of my mouth.

She followed this up with a vicious verbal dress down basically calling me a shiftless bum and telling me that my "pussy privileges" were cut off until I became a contributing member of the household again. In short, I wasn't getting laid until found a job.

To add salt to the wound, she informed me that she would be having a ladies night out and that all bets were off as far as fidelity goes.

"Now ain't that about a bitch?!!"

She'd left me some fuckin Hamburger Helper on the fuckin stove and I sat watching while this bitch got dressed to go clubbing. Now even I admit that Shaila is one hot biatch. She's what some would call a redbone, in other words she's a light skinned black woman with a sort of peanut butter tan. She's about five, five and a little on the chubby side.

"Who am I kidding? The bitch is fat." But most of the fat is concentrated in her hips and big ole ass, and yeah I gotta admit that I wish she had a little more in the chest department. Shaila's kind of a small C-cup or more like a large B and to top it off she has these huge areola and nipples that make her tits look like some big ass chocolate chips. Yeah, the top of the titty is almost exclusively areola.

I guess I sound kind of biased because I was a little jaded at that point sitting in our apartment watching her get dressed in some slinky black dress and doing her make-up. I have to admit, that watching her squeeze that humongous ass into that flimsy dress had me as hard as a rock. Shaila sometimes seemed to be what I like to call "All Ass" meaning that her shape made her torso look especially small compared to her catoonishly wide hips that were the precursor to a backside that you could definitely use as a shelf.

When we'd first gotten together I'd do anything to get Shaila doggystyle just to watch the motion ripples across that fat tan ass as I pounded away on that donk trying to drive her through the head board. I'd been so enamored with it that I'd pitch a fit if she didn't let me pull her panties down myself.

"Earth to Gerald!!" I hadn't even realized she'd been talking to me.

"Yeah baby?"

"Don't wait up nukka!!" She said slamming the door as she left. I found myself alone in the apartment with a raging boner and a luke warm bowl of hamburger helper. It didn't take long for me to get pissed as I looked out the window from our second floor apartment window and watched her hop into a cab with two of her friends.

I decided that I'd get some sort of nut and opened the household laptop computer to surf some butt-centric porn and jerk off a couple of times. What could be the harm in a little manual manipulation right?


Shaila had put the parental blocks on the computer and I would spend the next couple of hours trying to back door my way into the laptop simply to watch some porn and fail miserably. To say I was pissed would definitely be an understatement. You see I'm not the type to just well go raw. I need a little visual stimulation if you know what I mean and the old lady had thrown away all of my dirty magazines when she'd moved in some years ago.

What the fuck is wrong with some women? I understand the dynamics of a relationship and the change that comes with it, but some broads seem like they want to lock a brother up and throw away the key. Like they have the magic pussy or some shit like that. When Shaila had found a few of my old issues of JUGGS Magazine she'd taken it as a personal attack and withheld sex for two months. I told her that the books were simply nostalgia items from my teen years, but she wouldn't have it going into a diatribe about how I probably secretly preferred "Big Titty Cows" and some shit about me creep peeping on her cousin Deana.

I denied the whole thing, even though honestly I wisely failed to admit to knowing her cousin before we'd dated. Fuck, Deana had only given me two handjobs and let me dry hump and hotdog (Clothes on of course.) her medium sized butt. I didn't think Shaila would appreciate candid honesty if she was tripping out on some old dirty books. Deana did have some big motherfuckin' titties though and I'd sucked on them many times before nearly getting a tit fuck before her mom almost caught us. She's married to this nerd named Howard now and I heard she's gained quite a bit of weight.


There was somebody knocking at my door and I figured it was Shaila probably coming back to work things out. She never liked to go to bed with an argument between us.

I was eager to talk this time not because I wanted to make up, but because I was angry at the way she treated me because I was unemployed. She had been a total bitch forgetting the fact that I'd supported her fat ass when she was going through nursing school. Secretly I was grateful that she hadn't learned the reason for my termination from the Temp Agency I'd been working at for the last two years.


I quickly unlocked the door and threw it wide open to find..."Yanira? What the fuck are you doing here?" It was my old supervisor from the temp agency. The same supervisor who'd fired my ass after I'd gotten in trouble on assignment to a law firm. She was this hot ass puertorican chick that was co-owner of the agency along with her douchebag husband, some white dick that owned a contracting business.

"I know this seems, you know like fuckin crazy and shit... But you have to come back to the firm."

"O-kay." She was completely drunk off her ass. I just took a moment to drink it all in as she leaned against my door frame. Yanira had a cute heart shaped baby face which was framed by long, blond highlighted locks and she was all curves. I had never really seen her full body as she usually gave me my assignments and checks from a dispatch window. I'd seen her once during ironically enough some employees training on sexual harassment. Ironic I say because I'd been fired from my assignment for that exact reason. She'd been loading a DVD into her computer for a presentation when I'd walked into the nearly empty break room behind her.

Dat Ass, yup I said it boys and girls. Yanira had one thick, chunky ass. That shit was in a zip code all by itself resting at the bottom of what appeared to be a wasp-style waist and did I forget to mention the big Double D boobs that this little five foot four borican hottie like to flaunt? She was definitely a fan of plunging necklines showing off creamy butter pecan tinted cleavage that almost resembled a smaller bubblicious booty in and of itself.

I don't know how long I'd been standing there with the memory before Yanira interrupted again.

"YOU GONE LET ME IN OR WHAT GERALD?!!" Yup, she was definitely in full Rosie Perez mode and I was personally jolted as she pushed past me into the living room. This chick was definitely three sheets to the win drunk and well, it gave me ideas.

"You fucking fired me and now you show up at my house at one in the morning talking gibberish? You lucky my old lady ain't home Yanira!"

"I ain't that fucking drunk and like I said, I'm here to give you your job back. So's how's about a little gratitude alright?!!" She was wearing this full length black leather coat with a strange feathery collar that accentuated her slightly tinted porcelain doll features as she took in my rather cluttered living room hardwood floor and all.

"Wow, this place is a dump." Was her single observation and I would have been mad but curiosity was getting the better of me.

"So sue me, what's the deal with you wanting to give me my job back?"

"You ain't gonna offer a girl a drink or nothing?"

"There's a liquor store on the corner bitch." I was quick to retort and she responded just as quick with a punch to my shoulder.

"Fuck you Gerald!"

"You know where the door is trick. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya hoe."

She stared at me in complete shock mouth agape and everything. Then confirming my theory about her apparent alcoholism, Yanira reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a silver flask taking a deep drink of only God knows what.

"Yeah, okay asshole. You want your old job back or what?" I didn't answer right away trying to figure out how to leverage the developing situation in my favor.

"Look one of our big, REALLY BIG clients asked for you and if we don't produce you it's kind of like a deal breaker. So despite the well, unfortunate circumstances of your termination I'm willing to reinstate you with full pay and benefits." She took another big swig from her flask.

"Is that all?" I was surprised at how she just laid all her cards on the table.

"Well, yeah...So you in or what Gerald?" She seemed to rocking back and forth on her heels.

"How about an apology."

"What?" She stammered almost choking on the words as I began to realize how things could go in my favor.

"An apology for wrongful termination might be nice, oh and a reasonable raise as well." I folded my arms and tried to smile without it looking like a smirk.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING?!! Gerald, you were fired for sexual harassment or did you forget that and the fact that you lost our firm one of its big money clients!"

"So fucking what? It was all a misunderstanding Yani and you fired my ass anyway. Way I see it, you need me just as much as I need you baby." She rolled her eyes looking around my apartment as a smirk read across her features.

"How's the wife feel about being married to a pervert?" The color drained out of my face telling Yanira wordlessly that I hadn't disclosed the reason for my termination to the good ole' wife. She walked over to my rather flea-bitten couch and undid the sash on her coat. She was facing away from me and I slipped my hand into my pocket and flipped out my phone as the coat slid from her shoulders revealing her incredibly cartoonish figure clad in a billowy sleeveless blouse that was tapered in by a large corset-like leather belt, form fitting jeans and knee high boots.

I was instantly rock hard thanking the baggy jeans that I wore for concealing my erection as I snapped a few photos. I knew where thought she was going with this shit and I was ready to counteract that shit before it even got out of the gate.

"You didn't tell her did you?" She half laughed as she laid her coat on my couch and sat on it. I guess my poor old couch wasn't good enough for her huge butt.

"What does your husband think about you being over here right now bitch?"

"He thinks I'm out having a ladies night with the girls, but why are you asking me about that shit?"

"No reason really, but I think that's fucked up how you lie to him. Everybody knows he gave you the Temp Agency and this is how you repay him." My sarcastic tone hit her like a ton of bricks as she gasped aloud.

"Why are you bringing him up Gerald?"

"No reason baby, I just wonder what he would think if he saw you sitting here in my living room at one in the morning." I grabbed my remote and flicked on my television as Yanira suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Gerald!!" I yanked my arm from her grasp grinning wildly.

"Last summer I was at that barbecue at your house and I kicked it with your husband Chad for a minute. He's a pretty cool guy and we even hooked up on the PlayStation network to play a few games of Madden. We exchanged numbers. Did you know he's even in my fantasy football league?"

I flipped out my phone and showed her a picture of herself taking her coat off.

"You are fucking asshole." One of her hands instinctively went up to her breast cupping it in shock and making my cock throb in my pants.

"I only have to push one button to send this picture to Chad bitch."

"Name your terms Gerald." Her head hung low as she silently admitted defeat.


"Are you serious? You were caught talking shit about our biggest client and not only were you talking shit, you were totally perving on her." She had me there and I felt the slightest bit of shame as I again held up the phone with her picture on it. She tried to snatch the phone, but I held it away from her. I enjoyed the view of her bouncing cleavage.

"Alright asshole, I-apologize."

"Now that wasn't so hard was it Yani?" I was definitely milking the situation recalling her haughty tone as she terminated me the minute I returned from that assignment. How did I to know that bitch Debbie Manchellini was hiding in that break room listening to every word I said? For I know that cunt could have been getting off on everything I said. It's a damn waste for a white woman to have that much ass, a damn crime of nature.

"If you show my husband that picture, you will be exposed too." She tried to be sly and reason with me.

"Look around, who has more to lose, me or your trophy wife ass? How's the hubby gonna feel about your late night trip for a little chocolate magic stick?" I could see her visibly chafe at my words considering each one.

"Alright you win Gerald, you can have whatever you want...HEY WHAT THE FUCK?!!"

I'd unzipped and flipped my fully erect cock out before her startled brown eyes. I was holding it at the wide base right under the balls. My cock was so hard the veins were showing along its seven and a half inches of length. What I didn't have in length, I made up with in girth.

"Why do you have your dick out?" She actually scooted back on the couch staring at me with frightened eyes.

"I want a real apology Yanira." I stroked my cock a little to keep it hard as I nearly laughed in her face. She hadn't realized it yet, but during her struggle trying to snatch my phone one of her perfect water-balloon looking tits had escaped the plunging neckline of her designer blouse. She had no idea that I could see her large cinnamon tinted areolas with a very hard nipple poking out right before my eyes.

"So I'm just supposed to get on my knees and suck your fuckin dick?"

"I don't care how you do it, just top me off bitch." She rolled her eyes again clutching her hands to her chest and suddenly realizing that her tit was exposed. She mumbled to herself as she roughly stuffed the errant boob back in her blouse neckline.

"You don't have to put that away on my account. I was enjoying the view." She flipped me the bird as she stood grabbing her coat. She tucked the large leather coat under her chubby arm instead of putting it on and slowly walked towards the door giving me a real good view of her wide hips and the way her big butt cheeks jiggled as she walked.

In truth I guess you could say my personality is one of the "Salt the Earth" variety. I can't stand someone having anything on me or holding something over my head trying to control me. In the years since I'd begun a relationship with Shaila, I'd always felt that I'd gotten a little soft. The truth of the matter was there visually as I now had a pronounced midsection and didn't always go to the barber. Some of my friends had even told me that I resembled that actor Craig Robinson from that movie "This is the End".

I guess deep down I kind of resented Shaila for "making me weak" and I was more than a little pissed now because of the way I'd been treated the last couple of weeks. She didn't know what really happened but she was treating me like shit because I wasn't bringing money into the house.

"Okay motherfucker! OKAY!!" Yanira tossed her coat on the hardwood of my living room and stormed towards me in a threatening manner that made me jump in my seat slightly.

Before I could react, the curvy puertorican had slumped down on her knees between my legs and was slapping my hands away from my junk. Yanira had stubby looking little fingers that were adorned with small rings on each finger that gave away in a subtle manner her east coast origins. She had wrapped her digits completely around the base of my cock and simultaneously massaging my cock meat and pulling back my considerable foreskin. She brought her cute little button nose down to my cock and sniffed.

"You wash this thing?" she wagged it a bit for effect.

"You tell me, Boss." Her pretty little brow furrowed and she turned her attention to my cock with a sneer that momentarily had me frightened that my prick would get bitten off. Instead the short, shapely Latina suddenly stuffed the entire seven inches into her mouth in one huge gulp.

"OOOH SHIT!!" Her tongue was lapping the underside of my shaft and my balls as her head made short rough jerking motions over my cock. After a few moments getting acquainted with "my taste" (I hadn't showered that day.) Yanira drew her head back revealed my saliva covered penis slowly and making a loud slurping sound as she went. As soon as her lips reached the rather fat head of my cock, she tickled my urethra with her tongue seemingly trying to push into the tiny pee hole of my cock and making me squirm.

"You like that you nasty motherfucker?" She panted before shoving her head back down the length of my cock and repeating the jerking motion from earlier.
"FUUUCK YEAH!!SUCK THAT BIG DICK!!" She looked up at me with her mouth stuffed and an angry look while she scrapped her teeth along the length of my penis.

"HEEEY!! Watch the teeth!!" I showed her the open screen of the phone for emphasis with her photo plainly displayed and felt the soothing swirling motion of her tongue as she started pumping her head on my cock again. I decided I didn't trust her and grabbed a handful of her hair balling my fist around it and creating a tightly drawn back ponytail. Her porcelain doll features were on full display as I struggled to pull her head off my cock.

"WHAT -THE-FUCK YOU-AAAARRRCCKK!!?" I had shoved my prick back into her mouth and began to fuck her throat in earnest. I'd pulled her head back far enough to arch my back off the couch and really drive my junk into her throat.

"GAAK!! GAAAK!! GAAAACK!!" Copious amounts of saliva ran from her enclosed lips into her deep cleavage as she dug her nails into my thighs causing enough pain for me to let her go. She fell back on her luscious bottom hacking up more spit and pre-cum, wiping her mouth with her forearm.

"You CRAZY FUCK!! You (panting) trying to choke me to death with that thing?!!" She sounded as though she would start crying any minute.

"Oh, you can't handle a brother?" I taunted her with the intent of bruising her considerable ego and she took the bait hook, line and sinker shoving her face back into my crotch with a noticeable ferocity. She worked my pants down to my ankles and pushed my legs farther apart than I would have liked as she shoved her torso towards me taking me deep again.

Yanira fucked my cock with her face for another five minutes before I had to tap out pushing her back on her haunches.

"Who can't TAKE IT now bitch?!!" She surprisingly half laughed while couching up more of our mixed fluids.

"You got me there baby." I admitted as I reached down into her soaked blouse cupping both of her very buoyant tits (They felt like implants.). Yanira slapped my hands away tugging at the plunging neckline of her frock pulling it apart and popping out her impressive boobs and confirming their status as implants.

"How much did hubby pay for those?"

"Fuck you." She didn't miss a beat as she wrapped her high priced breasts around my cock and started bouncing up and down on her haunches giving me a half decent titjob. I wondered how good she was when she was completely sober. Her phony tits felt really good on my cock lubricated with all her spit and my precum.

"Get the fuck up, I'm getting tired of doing all the fuckin' work." She complained tossing my dick aside as she stood and slipped the wet, flimsy garment over her head onto the floor. I now got a chance to look at her naked torso which looked small because of her large spongy breasts. She must have been a small C-Cup before going up a size or two because her tits had that bolted on look ever so slightly. I palmed her tits while she sighed out loud trying to look uninterested. They felt real like the perky tits of a teen.

"Stop pawing my fuckin' tits!" She slapped my hands away and lay on her back on my couch. I noticed her tits kept their form pointing straight up at the ceiling; I must have been drooling at the mouth because Yanira grinned and cupped her boobs together in an open invitation.

"Fuck yeah!" I slid my cock in-between her phony tits and started pumping her wet cleavage. Saliva and pre-cum were webbed across between her breasts and it made for an enticing visual as Yanira opened her mouth accepting the head of my cock and sucking especially hard when my penis head pierced her plump lips. The sensation was so euphoric that I leaned back to get more leverage as I rage fucked her big tits. I raised one of my fists in the air waving it about as if I was riding a bucking bronco as the fingers of my other hand found their way into the crotch of her jeans. I could feel the heat coming from her most holiest of holy's as I rhythmically rubbed her to distraction.

Yanira's legs bucked and I felt them trap my hand in a death grip. As she squirmed around on my couch. I took the opportunity to lean forward and shove my cock further into her mouth and she responded by violently pushing me back nearly causing me to fall on the floor.

I suppressed a smile as I watched her lean over and cough up what appeared to be her dinner on my floor.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME DICKWAD?!!" She screamed between coughs. I just waved my cock in her face, bouncing it with one finger.

"Too much for you bitch? You ready to tap out hoe?!!" I watched as she clenched her teeth and made some sort of angry noise behind her porcelain veneers.

"Okay, okay motherfucker. I got you this time pussy." She looked like hell with smeared mascara and lipstick slicked across her cheek, but her Latin ego seemed to be getting the better of her as I watched her struggle to her feet and unsnap the huge belt around her waist. I was shocked as she unsnapped her jeans and began to roll the skin-tight garment down her ample thighs.

"Oh, fuck me." I was treated to a magnificent view of Yanira's expansive butter-pecan tinted rear that had to be seen to be believed. It was slightly wider than her waist, but stuck out substantially from her body like a shelf.

I caught a bit of a smirk on Yanira's cupie doll face as she got on her knees on my couch facing the window. She was actually putting her back porch on display for me and I didn't waste any time palming that ass I'd seen many times covered by tightly stretched material of the many mid-thigh and miniskirt. Her huge ass made my hands look almost child small as I kneaded and spread her cheeks.

Yanira's ass had a kind of familiar sponginess to it and I dug my nails into one of her cheeks getting a familiar feeling and barely a reaction from the woman it belonged to.

"Fuck, is anything on you real?" She had ass implants, my former bitch of a boss and latina bombshell...was fake in the ass as well. I slapped the outside of her big fake butt cheeks with both of my hands really hard as she shrieked and looked over her should at me.

"¡Vete a la mierda! Tu estúpido hijo de puta!! Un beso mi gran culo falso y morir perra!!" I guess I'd pissed her off so much, that she started speaking in her native language.

"OOOOHHH!! FUUUCCK MEEEE!!" I'd drove my cock home, deep into the only thing that seemed real at the time, her actually very tight snatch.

"¡ Mierda!! Me está arrancando mi puta madre aparte coño!! Im sólo a dejar el coño, no es tuyo cabrón!!" Yanira continued to curse me as she found herself unable to escape my grasp as I pounded away at her extremely wet and tight vagina. I can't tell you how good it felt to be sticking it to my boss.

"Yeah (I grunted) your fuckin' job trick. Do ya FUCKIN' JOB HOE!! How you like (Grunting) doing business with BIG BLACK COCK bitch?!!" She had initially been squirming in what I assumed was a bid to get away from my offending member, but that changed five minutes into my doggie routine when Yanira started slamming herself back into my pelvis with authority.

"No puedes manejar a este gran negro puto! Vas a estar soñando conmigo cuando eres un cerdo de una esposa!!"

I didn't know what she said, but it sounded like some kind of racial insult and I don't play that shit. I leaned over her until I was almost on her back and covered her hands with my own bringing both of my legs up onto the couch behind her.

"TALK SHIT NOW TRICK!!" I began rocking my pelvis back and forth into her body with a wrecking ball motion that had her screaming bloody murder.

"NOW DO YA FUCKIN' JOB AND MAKE ME CUM HOE!!" My pelvis slapping into her big, fake bubblicious ass was making that wet meat sound as I fucked my hot puertorican boss into submission. I had been fucking her so hard that she leaned forward resting her head on the tops of her hands sobbing.

"Oh por favor tranquilos sobre mí papá!! Está acariciando mi coño tan bien! Me está haciendo sentir como un virgen otra vez gran papi!! Oh mierda verga grande papá!!"

I still didn't know what she was saying, but it sounded a little more contrite as I looked over at my phone and saw the display lighting up. I snatched up my phone while fucking Yanira and got a few more pics for prosperity making sure to include her face in the photos.

My heart almost leapt out of my throat when I read the message on the phone's display.

"I'm on my way home unfortunately Gerald. You'd better not be doing anything you don't have any business doing jerk. BTW, I found all your little porn sites on the family computer and blocked them. Have fun jerking off without porn asshole." The message was from my wife and it was dated twenty minutes prior to my viewing of it.

This was bad.

Shaila would be home any minute and here I was with my cock shoved way up inside my bosses snatch.

This was bad.

Divorced and losing all my money, kids and peace of mind bad. If Shaila walked in on me right now there's no telling what she would do. On many occasions I'd watched her brawl with family members until they were both bloody. I didn't fancy ending up on the Steve Wilkos show.

"GAMES OVER BITCH!!" I snatched my still very hard and erect cock out of Yanira eliciting a look of surprise from my subdued boss.

"W-What the fuck's going on Gerald?"

"IT'S TIME TO GO HOE!! MOVE BITCH MOVE!! (I had snatched up her clothing and tossed it at her.) COME ON YANI!! DATE PRISA PUTA!!" She reeled back looking shocked as her large messy looking blouse was tossed into her face.


I didn't have to tell Yanira twice as she hopped off the couch fumbling with her clothing and looking for her coat until I tossed that in her face as well. She had put the blouse on inside out and was struggling to get her arm into her coat when I opened my door and shoved her out of my apartment.

"WHAT ABOUT MY OFFER GERALD?!!" She yelled through the front door.

"ALRIGHT BIATCH, I'M BACK ON THE PAYROLE!!" I answered back with my own yell.

"THE LOCATION'S DIFFERENT, I'LL TEXT YOU OKAY?!!" She continued as I fought the urge to open the door and pull some O.J. Simpson-type shit.


I scrambled into the kitchen like a man on fire and snatched up a mop running back to the living room and cleaning up some of Yanira's mess. I heard someone entering the building making a lot of noise as they were coming up the stairs.

"Shit, I'm completely fucked." The house was reeking of sex and a few opened windows weren't going to cut it.

I had to think fast.

I remembered Boomer ...the family dog was on the back porch and bolted to the kitchen and opened the back door to our patio. Boomer was drinking from his water dish and was startled when I ran at him with the mop waving it like a madman. I'm sorry to say, scoundrel that I am, that I ran Boomer all through the living room making him yelp in fear.

I could hear the key turning in the door and suddenly realized that I was wearing pants. I barely got them on before the door was tossed wide open giving Boomer the opportunity to run out the front door followed by me past my wife and one of her girlfriends, some fugly chick named Muffy.

It didn't take me long to round up my frightened pet. I felt bad about using Boomer to cover my cheating and promised the poor mutt an extra-large bowl of kibble.


Boomer had made quite the mess as he barreled through the house, but the mission had been accomplished. Shaila was none the wiser regarding my cheating and I received a verbal dress down about being a shiftless, lazy fuck-up for the next hour from my stone drunk wife. Shaila actually followed me around the house yelling at me as I cleaned up after Boomer and my affair. She really laid into me and I had to concentrate not to laugh in her face given the circumstances. Shaila had done everything in her power to keep me from getting off and I'd still ended up getting laid ... although I didn't get to cum.

Fuck...I guess she succeeded after all.

"I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I KEEP YOU AROUND GERALD!! YOU'RE JUST TAKING UP SPACE!!" That was a bit much and it hurt my ego a bit as I looked deeply into my wife's bloodshot eyes. I knew she was drunk, but still felt like she meant it.

"I got my job back."

This declaration stopped her rant dead in its tracks as she leaned against the kitchen door staring at me in momentary silence.

"Don't give me that bullshit." Her speech was slurred.

"I'm serious; Yanira called me up and told me it was all a big mistake. She's reinstating me with full pay for time lost baby."

It took a moment for it to dawn on her as she fumbled with the helm of her too small for her size dress. She looked like she was having hot flashes as she started to lean more on the door frame pulling her party dress up and revealing the flesh toned spanx that struggled mightily to contain the wife's street famous thighs and monster sized butt. The elastic garment went up her lower torso just an inch or two above her navel.

"You serious Gerald?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't fuck with you like that baby."

"You serious Gerald?" She was repeating herself and I was starting to get annoyed.

"Come on Shaila, you're drunk off your ass. Let me put you to bed." I'm no small guy, but it was hard enough getting my wife to her feet as she slumped over my shoulder like a giant, chubby baby.

"Oh Gerald, you stink baby." She said as I carried her to our bedroom and laid her on the disheveled queen sized bed.

"Unnngh!! You really smell bad Gerald."

"Okay baby, I got it." She seemed to get agitated and weakly shoved into my chest.

"Baby, you got that nasty dog smell all over you! GO WASH IT OFF!!" One of her errant shoves hit my lip actually breaking the skin. I secretly chalked it up to karma and stomped off to the bathroom to shower.

As I showered I thought of the crazy events that had occurred during the evening and actually counted my blessings. Yeah it was true that I hadn't cum, I still got to fuck my boss Yanira silly. I remembered that I'd taken a number of photos of her big fake ass as I was fucking it for all she was worth and figured I could just blackmail her again later.

In short order I got rock hard again and decided to use the photos on the phone to at least jerk off before hitting the sack.

"GEEERALD!" I heard my wife drunkenly call out to me just as I'd lubed up my cock and applied the wet hand towel. I'd decided to ignore her and found a really good picture of Yanira's huge butt. Knowing she'd had work done kinda took a little steam out of the proceedings.

"GEEERALD!" She wailed again pissing me off. Even with the photos it was hard to keep my erection up with her around. In truth, I was still mad at her for treating me like crap. I resolved to find out what Shaila wanted and give it to her so that I could have my fun.

I found my wife laying on her belly already passed out before I could see what she wanted.

...her dress had ridden up and her wide butt was on display for all to see. Part of the spanx had ridden up into her deep crack leaving one huge tan cheek exposed. It formed a perfect circle. I walked over to the bed with my cock tenting my pants and took a good look.

Lying flat as she was, Shaila's ass looked even more massive than it normally was...and I'm an all and out definitive "ASS MAN". I reached down tugging up on the spanx until the other ponderous cheek was set free.

"Bitch." I whispered while I lightly traced my fingertips across the deep crack of Shaila's ass. In moments I'd discarded my towel and was straddling Shaila's bloated thighs in my birthday suit.

The consistency of her massive donk was very buoyant and she retained some noticeable stretch marks from the two kids we'd been blessed with. I pushed the material of her undergarments further until it was a lopsided corona at the top of her crack. I leaned over and grabbed some baby oil liberally applying it to my engorged penis as Shaila snored drunkenly.

I pushed her cheeks together sandwiching them around my cock and slowly began pumping back and forth. I fucked those cheeks as best I could for a good thirty minutes leaking sweat and precum everywhere. Try as I might, I just couldn't get her scathing words out of my head.

"Just taking up space am I?" I echoed her words as I retrieved the baby oil and stuck my finger into the spout lubing it up.

Shaila barely stirred when my index finger went into her anus only to be followed by two more fingers moments later. She started to make little cooing sounds as I worked my fingers slowly around in her tight shitter and I was somewhat perplexed by this. She'd only let me into her ass once right before we got married for all of five minutes. She'd gone on an epic bedroom rampage because I didn't pull out in time and now here she was moaning and lightly shaking her Jurassic rump.

"Ba-by, baby...what are you doing?" She finally moaned and I knew I'd have to be quick before she could get up.

"Nothing, just giving you a rub down Shaila." I whispered as I positioned the plump head of my cock at her brown eye and slowly pushed in as I reached forward straddling her and softly kneaded her shoulders while my cock very slowly slid into her rectum with little to no resistance.

"OOOooh that feels sooooo good." She moaned and I felt her tighten up around me ever so softly. I began lightly working my cock in and out of her looking down at the motion ripples across her massive butt cheeks and becoming even harder. I wasn't gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Yeeeah, play with my big fuckin aaaaasss ba-by." She softly begged and I obliged leaning back and cupping the huge cheeks together creating an inviting view of her bubbly butt smooshed together. She arched her back a little and began pushing back into my pelvis. This was no damn fun; I'd liked the illicit nature of sneaking into her backdoor. Here she was fucking me back and I started to pick up the pace a bit which only made her drunkenly giggle.

"Giggle?" I was fucking her ass and this big bitch was chuckling like got-damn Glen Quagmire. I was a little pissed when I probably shouldn't have been. Shaila was drunk off her ass and not responsible for her actions.

"OOOOHH SHIT!! That feels so fuuuckin good Marvin."


She'd arched her back further and was looking over her shoulder at me with this kind of lazy smile reading across her features.

"Bitch, who is fucking Marvin?"

"Yoooou are Marvin." I didn't know what this cunt had been drinking, but she was somewhere over the rainbow right now and I tightened by grip on her flabby waist rearing back until the head of my cock was near the entrance to her asshole.

"Bitch, I got your Marvin right fucking here." I rammed my Johnson into her as hard as I could with so much force that her head bumped into the headboard of our bed.

"OOOOOoouccch Marvin!! Be very, very quiet Marvin." I was already ramming the hell out of her ass with seething rage as she drunkenly giggled?!!

"Giggled?!!" What the fuck was this sorry shit!! I leaned forward rising up into a squatting position behind her fat ass and began pounding the snot out of her cheating shitter.

"Whose Marvin bitch?" I yelled while she giggled like a silly whimsical doofus. The motion ripples that ran across her huge water balloon booty became tremor vibrations while the sound of my pelvis slapping against her expansive ass filled the bedroom.

Shaila's head repeatedly bumped the headboard as I savagely tried to fuck the ass off of her.

"Marvin, Marvin Marvin, Marvin, Marvin Maaarvin!!" She laughed seemingly egging me on as I became a man possessed.

"OOOOHH not sooo HARD Marvin, my dumb ass husband might find out about us." She giggled still not coming out of her stupor.
"Oh Marvin, you love my flabby booty more than my husband (She put a finger to her lips as if speaking in secret.) but don't let anybody know. It's our little secret."

The rest of her confession was muffled as I reached up and pushed her head into the mattress and I doggie styled her until I shot a week's worth of my frustration up her apparently well used shitter.

Shaila's massive gaped ass was covered in my cum which was leaking from her gaped ass. It looked like a crime scene...and she was still giggling face down on the mattress.

"CLEAN ME UP TRICK!" I had finally cum and suffice it to say, I didn't feel any better while my sloppy, cheating bitch of a wife licked my cock clean before finally barfing all over the sheets and collapsing into it. I turned her vomit covered face to the side in respect for our kids so that she wouldn't be smothered.

I didn't know what to make of the situation as I snatched some sheets and blankets from the bed and went into the living room to sleep on the couch. Moments later, I heard a thump as my BBW wife had most likely tumbled onto the floor.

I checked my phone for a few moments looking at pics of Yanira's big fake butt and thought it was a just a bit nicer than my wife's monster sized donk. There was a message from Yanira on my phone.

It was just an address.

Not one I was familiar with, but I'd resolved to solve that little adventure another day.

"Who the fuck is Marvin?" passed from my lips in a angry barely audible whisper before sleep overtook me.


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