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10 Days With T

My wife (T) and I have written several stories on Literotica. We get a lot of responses to our stories with questions or comments. The questions usually center on, "how is it possible that your sex life is as good as you describe?"

The few comments that don't mention how much they want to fuck her or eat her are usually something along the line of, "you're the luckiest fucker in the world if half of this is true" or "T has to be the horniest married woman I've ever heard of."

If this is our first story that you've read, please do yourself a favor and read at least a couple of the others before reading this. Briefly, I'll turn 50 this year and she's 45 and looks 35. We've been together for almost 18 years and our sex life is hotter today that it was 18 years ago.

This story describes 10 days with the horny woman I'm married to and while you won't enjoy reading it as much as I did living it, you'll see why our marriage is so hot and why I truly am the luckiest fucker in the world!

Before I start, please let me say that this story is for your enjoyment and of course mine as I relive the events. I really could care less about comments regarding sentence structure or how threesomes will destroy our marriage, so please don't waste your time. However, if this makes your cock hard or your pussy wet, please let us know.

The story starts as we arrived in Cincinnati for our annual trip to see Jimmy Buffett in concert. We'd arrived at our hotel room on a Thursday afternoon with plenty of time to have a nice slow fuck before going to the concert.

Being the loving thoughtful husband I am, I'd bought her a Hawaiian type halter top that she looked sizzling in and she had picked out a pair of tight denim shorts to wear with it. The top was perfect for a Jimmy Buffett concert and her tits were perfect for the top.

By the way, there's a picture of my baby loaded on our profile but for some reason you guys and gals can't see it when you look at our profile so if you want to see one of the pictures made during this 10 days, write Literotica to complain!!

My baby is ALWAYS horny and knowing how good she looked in this outfit just made her wetter. Within 10 minutes of walking into the hotel room, she had her mouth wrapped around my cock.

Again, being the loving thoughtful husband I am, I'd brought our digital camera to take some hot pictures of my baby. As she sucked each of my balls one at a time slowly into her mouth, I snapped away.

My cock was so hard it hurt and she played for the camera squeezing it and slowly licking the pre-cum as she smiled into the camera. She slowly licked her index finger and I moaned as I took the picture because I knew that finger was going to slide into my asshole.

She stroked my cock as she sucked my balls and finger fucked my ass. I took one picture and dropped the camera onto the bed as my hands reached for the back of her head. In our younger days, if she wanted to, she could suck me off in less than a minute, she's that good! Oh and by the way, she's swallowed every drop of cum I've ever pumped into her greedy mouth.!!

Even at 50, I knew I wasn't going to last long as this rate and I wanted to taste that pussy so I gently reminded her that if she wanted her swollen wet pussy fucked, she'd better stop.

VERY reluctantly she stopped and crawled up toward me. She took the time to slowly rub her tits and nipples over my balls and cock before she moved she moved on up to let her tits dangle over my chest lights brushing me with her nipples.

IF they get the picture on our profile fixed, you can see what I'm talking about. She has an ass to die for and a tight shaved pussy and tits that would be the envy of most 45 year old women.

She kissed me and I could taste my pre-cum on her tongue. I rolled her over onto her belly and grabbed the camera again to take some close ups of my favorite thing on earth, her tight little ass.

As you know if you've read our other stories, not only does my baby love cock in her pussy, she also loves having her tight ass fucked. I worship that little asshole and I snapped several pictures as she reached to spread her pussy for me, who needs a director when you have such a natural model!!

After taking several pictures, I couldn't stand it any more and again dropped the camera to bury my tongue into her asshole. I pulled at her ass cheeks with my hands so I could work my tongue deeper into her.

She squirmed and moaned as my tongue fucked her ass. I rolled her onto her side and slid my finger into her asshole as my tongue gave her pussy the attention it deserved. As I've noted in other stories, as much as I love her asshole, if my cock finds its way into her pussy before her asshole, it almost never leaves before filling that hot pussy with cum. GOD she is such a hot fuck!!

That's what happened this time as she rolled over onto her back and pulled me up and my cock naturally slid into her hot swollen pussy. We moaned together as my balls slapped against her asshole with my first thrust into her.

Between hot kisses she whispered to bite her nipples and I arched my body up over her to reach her tits. She screamed as I bit down on one of her nipples. I quickly sucked her tit deep into my mouth as she grabbed the back of my head.

My cock was pounding into her and even at 50 and having fucked her countless times, I still have to be careful not to cum too soon so I knew I had to slow down. I slowly pulled my cock almost all the way out of her dripping wet pussy.

She moaned and screamed, "FUCK ME BABY, pound my pussy." I grinned down at her and whispered, "Does my baby need some cock?" She grabbed my ass with both her hands and wrapped her legs around my waist to pull my back into her.

I didn't resist her and rammed my cock deep back into her. She cried, "Oh fuuuucckk" as she started to cum. I needed to cum just as bad as she did and couldn't hold back any more and as the letter k of fuck left her lips, my cock exploded deep in her.

My cock pulsed and throbbed as it delivered its' hot load of cum into her waiting pussy. As my cock throbbed, I could feel her pussy squeezing and milking the cum from my cock.

We gently kissed and she whispered, "Damn I needed that sweetheart." I laughed and said, "Well I was happy to give it to you and by the way, I LOVE fucking you!!"

That's a running joke between us because after all these years we want to fuck each other just as much if not more than we did when we first met. If you read our other stories you see real life examples of that.

By this time, the afternoon had passed and we started getting ready for the concert. My wife is fairly typical of women I've met in that she has streak of insecurity about her looks. You know, the old, "Does this make me look fat?" or "I feel fat today". The funny thing, as I noted earlier, is that most 45 year old women would kill to look as good as T. She has a killer body as you can see if they ever fix the picture on our profile.

She had on a short pair of denim shorts, no panties and the Hawaiian halter top I'd ordered for her. She looked sizzling hot and I kept playing with her tits that were barely covered by the top.

By the way, I'm a typical 50ish former jock. I have a full head of hair that is heading toward all gray faster each day and probably a 6-7 at best on most women's scale. I'm 6'1" and probably weigh 40 pounds more than college. Bottom line, I AM one lucky son of a bitch because this wet dream loves me and wants to fuck only me.

Back to the story, Jimmy has a restaurant chain called Cheeseburgers in Paradise and there was one within walking distance of our hotel. We stopped and had a wonderful dinner on the way to the concert and I got to see first hand the effect her little outfit was having on the patrons.

We had enough time when we got to the concert to "observe" some of our fellow Parrotheads and wow, what a kaleidoscope of humanity. If you even mildly like Jimmy Buffett, then you should try to make it to at least one of his concerts.

In the midst of all these women in their coconut bras and grass skirts, my hot little baby stood out. She was getting stares from guys and girls as we walked around the venue prior to the concert. During the course of the evening, I must have left her by herself 2 or 3 times to go get drinks etc. and each time I would come back, she would have a new story about guys hitting on her.

I KNEW how hot she looked and enjoyed seeing her react to the non solicited affirmation of what I always tell her. I could tell that learning that a parade of strangers wanted to fuck her was getting her hotter and hotter.

As the concert wore on she was getting more and more blatant it playing with my cock and rubbing her tits all over me. Needless to say, my cock stayed hard and at one point, she was in front of me rubbing her ass into my cock and I had my arms around her and both hands cupping her tits under her halter.

I could have pulled her shorts down right there and fucked her from behind and she would have let me. The guys expressing their desire for her and what they wanted to do to her had cranked up her normal horniness and she wanted to fuck.

We sometimes talk about fantasies of me watching her be fucked by another guys or guys and in retrospect; this was a night when she would have fucked 10 guys if I'd suggested it.

The year before we'd had a totally unexpected threesome with a girl after the concert. You can read about that in another of our stories. As we walked out of the concert we had our hands all over each other and she had my cock in her mouth within seconds of reaching our SUV.

As we drove slowly out of the parking lot, she was kneeling sideways on her seat so she could deep throat my cock. With her position, I was able to reach around and finger her pussy. Between what we were doing to each other and the steamed up windows, how I got out of that parking lot without having a wreck it still a mystery.

Thank GOD for my earlier orgasm because she WANTED my cum and was determined to get it. She slid a finger into my asshole and between long licks up and down my cock, she would push her finger hard into my asshole and tell me how much she wanted to taste my cum.

As much as I wanted to let her have as much cum as she could swallow, I still had a little bit of sanity floating at the back of my mind and I wanted to give her a good fucking in her pussy or her ass. I knew that after the long day, the concert, drinking during the concert and being almost 50 and already having had sex just a few hours earlier that if I wanted to fuck her, I probably needed to wait to cum.

My poor baby, as she's documented in several of the stories she's written, has a very difficult time concentrating on another person's cock or pussy if she's really enjoying what they're doing to her so I knew I had to distract her.

Her shorts had been pulled down within seconds of reaching our SUV and her ass was up in the air facing her door and knelt sideways on her seat sucking me. I'd been fingering her pussy but now I licked my thumb and slowly slid it into her asshole as I buried 3 fingers into her pussy.

I leaned over toward her door so I could maneuver and started to pound her asshole and pussy. I immediately noticed her attention slipping from my cock. She still had it in her hand and squeezed as she started to push back against my fingers.

She had forgotten my cum and focused on what I was doing to her and she started to pant like a dog in heat and between moans she said, "Fuck it, fuck my tight ass." I smiled to myself knowing that I'd escaped and my cum was going into her pussy or asshole when we got to the hotel.

It was about a 10 minute drive back to the hotel and by the time we arrived back, she'd had a couple of orgasms. My baby loves to cum and I'm always hugely disappointed when we fuck and for whatever reason she doesn't get to cum. Yes ladies, we do fuck sometimes when she doesn't cum.

She makes me audio tapes sometimes while she plays with herself and we've also made some video tapes of ourselves. I watched one recently that we'd made about a year ago and it started with her playing with herself and progressed to me finally blowing my cum into her ass and I counted over 10 orgasms that she had in less than 2 hours.

When we got into our room, we tore off our remaining clothes and without even a kiss she straddled me and slowly slid her pussy down onto my cock. It felt soooo fucking good to be buried back into her.

By this time it was approaching midnight and as I noted earlier, her normal horniness level had maxed out. Me playing with her and the strange guys blatantly wanting to fuck her had my baby ready to fuck.

Our favorite position is with her on top of me which of course allows so many fun things. As she leaned over so I could suck her tits I whispered, "Did those guys wanting to fuck you make you wet baby?" She moaned and replied, "YES!"

I bit down on one of her nipples and said, "You love cock don't you baby, my little whore loves to be fucked!" She moaned, "God yes I love to fuck!" As she said that she sat straight up on my cock and started to cum.

My baby is normally loud but that night she just didn't give a fuck who heard her and there was no way the people in the adjoining rooms didn't hear her. She was screaming, "FUCK ME" over and over.

I just held onto her hips as she bucked on my cock and she pinched and squeezed her tits. When her orgasm finally slowed she looked down at me and cocked her head down so she could suck on one of her nipples.

She knows how much I love to watch her do that and she ground her pussy against me and said, "I love being your whore!" I moaned in reply and said, "You were thinking about all those other cocks while you were cumming weren't you baby?" "Were you thinking about all their hot cum?"

She leaned forward again so I could suck her tits and replied, "You know I was. I was thinking about you watching while they all fucked me and then jacked off their cum all over me."

I moaned and lifted my ass off the bed pushing my cock deeper up into her. She grinned and whispered, "You'd like to watch that wouldn't you baby, your little whore being covered with hot cum?"

We'd had threesomes before with other women and even a foursome this year with her sister and our brother-in-law (from our other stories) but just watching and listening to her be fucked by other guys was a fantasy that we occasionally talked about.

The reality and possible repercussions of that always stopped that fantasy in it's tracks but hell, it's still fun to think and talk about, especially when my cock is buried in her pussy.

I replied, "I'd just like to listen to my baby cum over and over as each guy took his turn with you." She moaned loudly and started to rock back and forth, slowly pulling her pussy almost off my cock and then slowly burying it back into her.

As she quickened her pace, I started to squeeze and suck her tits more urgently. I whispered, "You'd love to have a cock in your mouth and one in your ass or pussy while you had your tits sucked wouldn't you baby?"

"Oh God I would, I'm such a whore!!" she moaned. I lifted my ass to push up deeper into her and said, "Thank God you're my whore baby!"

She started screaming, "FUCK ME, GIVE ME YOUR CUM!!" "FUCK MY CUNT WITH THAT BIG COCK" "POUND YOUR WHORE." "FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MMMEEEEE!!!" All the random thoughts that my brain could conjure weren't going to stop my cum this time and my balls contracted as I started to shoot spurt after spurt of cum deep into her pussy.

Her "FUUUCCCCKKKK MMMEEEEE!!" became on long LOUD scream and an orgasm exploded through her body. Her pussy was convulsing around my cock and her body froze above me as my cock throbbed deep in her pussy. I fleetingly thought to myself that the people next door were getting a audio porn show with their hotel room rate.

When we finally collapsed together on the bed with our bodies wrapped around each other, I teased her that I didn't know if she would actually be able to survive several cocks fucking her at the same time. Just before we drifted off to sleep she whispered, "It'd be a hell of a way to die...being fucked to death." I smiled to myself and hugged her closer.

All this was on a Thursday and we returned home on Friday. Our preteen son was going to spend the next week on vacation with my parents and his aunt. Saturday night we were quietly fucking (10 year old asleep down the hall) and I told her than in my excitement before the concert, I'd forgot to take any pictures of her in her halter and wanted some for my collection.

I told her that since we would have the next week to ourselves, one afternoon after I got home from work that I wanted her to have the halter top on along with a denim mini-skirt that she has and I wanted to take some more pictures. Being the loving wife she is and knowing that this would lead to her little pussy or asshole being pounded, she quickly agreed to my little plan.

On our home PC, I've got what I call "play" files. Files of stories I've downloaded from Literotica, files of porn movie downloads, files of all kinds of pictures of pussy, tits and cum and of course files of pictures of my baby.

T has written some of the hottest lesbian stories on this sight and she loves pussy and tits as well as cock. Whoops, did I forget to mention that earlier. She's a nurse who works at night and since we are both often horny and not with each other, we both play a lot with the assistance of the computer.

Hearing her pound her pussy or asshole on a tape she's made for me while looking at pictures or movies or reading Literotica certainly makes my cock hard. She loves to call me during the day and describe to me in great detail what she's doing.

I do the same thing for her sometimes on the nights she works. As I wrote in one of our early stories, I suck the dried juice from her panties almost every day. When I call her at night, I describe what I'm doing or want to do to her and then shoot my cum all over the crotch of her freshly sucked panties.

I mention all this because adding to my collection of pictures of her sweet ass or other assets was one reason we bought the digital camera to begin with. That Sunday night she was working and I had down loaded the pictures from the Jimmy Buffett concert onto the PC and they were so fucking hot that I had cum all over her panties before I was able to call her.

I love telling and showing her how hot she makes me so I always put her sucked clean and then cummed on panties where she'll find them the next morning. Bottom line, every ounce of cum my body produces leaves my cock searching for her. I never have fantasies about other women because I don't need to.

With our work schedules that week, Wednesday afternoon was going to be the best time for our little portrait/fuck session. I do some of my work from home but that afternoon she met me at the garage door and any remaining work was quickly forgotten.

I always rush when I'm taking pictures of her and was determined to take my time and get close-ups of her ass from behind and some side profiles with her ass waiting to be fucked while her beautiful tits hung down in their glory...the picture on our profile if Literotica will fix it.

I obviously love seeing her in panties and positioned her on our living room carpet on her knees. She was "barely" wearing the short denim mini-skirt and I was getting wonderful pictures of her gorgeous white panty covered ass proudly positioned for an ass fucking.

Then I pulled her panty down and took several pictures of her tight little ass from behind. My cock was throbbing and finally I couldn't stand it and started licking her pussy and asshole from behind.

I finally stopped licking her pussy and asshole to move to the couch. My clothes had been ripped off at some point and she soon had her mouth sucking on my balls as she slowly jacked my cock with long slow strokes squeezing out pre-cum that she licked off.
She was still wearing the mini-skirt pulled up around her waist and the halter top. As she sucked and licked my cock and balls, I leaned back and started taking more pictures. She paused to knell in front of me and shed the halter top as she took my cock and started rubbing my pre-cum on one of her tits.

I swear the head of my cock was purple and it was standing up throbbing with each pulse of blood. She was putting on a show for the camera as she cocked her head and started sucking the pre-cum off her tit.

I was mesmerized as I watched her bite her own nipples as she alternated between her tits. Then she wrapped her tits around my cock and started to fuck my cock with her tits. It was all I could do to keep from cumming right then and there and I warned her that if she wanted my cum in her pussy or asshole, she'd better stop.

She lay back on the carpet and spread her legs and started to finger her pussy. I leaned over her with the camera getting close-ups as she slowly pulled her labia apart for more pictures. The camera clicked away as she started fucking herself with three fingers.

Once again the camera was forgotten as I moved between her legs and buried my tongue into her pussy. As I started to gently suck her clit into my mouth she started screaming, "Eat my pussy baby" and then "OH GOD, OH GOD, Suck it" as she started to cum.

Watching and listening to T cum must be like crack cocaine to me because I can't get enough of it. I continued to suck her clit but I had also slid one of my fingers into her asshole and I fingered her to the same rhythm of sucks on her clit and she had a super orgasm.

She was screaming incoherently and had both hands wrapped around the back of my head pulling me into her pussy. Her thighs were squeezing hard on each side of my head and I was in heaven, making this woman that I lust after constantly cum like this was almost as good as fucking her.

Finally her orgasm ebbed and she weakly whispered, "I feel like a wet noodle, thank you baby." I laughed and said, "Thank you for the pictures sweetheart but I still have this rock hard cock that needs to cum."

Since she was still recovering I swung around over her with my cock and balls dangling over her face and started to gently lick up and down between her swollen lips. I was extra gentle because I knew how tender her clit still was.

As I licked and sucked up her sweet pussy juice, I felt her warm mouth slide over my cock and then suddenly a wet finger rammed into my asshole. She pushed her finger in as far as it would go and held it there as her mouth moved to my balls. Damn that felt good and I wanted to cum so fucking bad but I also wanted to fuck her tight little asshole so I pulled away from her and shifted back around.

She raised her knees and spread her legs and my cock slid straight into her hot wet pussy. She wrapped both legs around my waist and I just lay there on her with my cock fully buried in her pussy. I looked down into her eyes and said, "God I love fucking you!"

She giggled and replied, "Then fuck me with that hard cock baby." I said, "I'm going to fuck your pussy but where to do want my hot cum?" She moaned a sultry, "Oh fuck I want it in my asshole."

As you can read in several of our other stories and especially the ones T has written, she LOVES to be fucked in the ass. She takes great offense with some of the stupid comments she reads on Literotica that are obviously written by people who either haven't had anal sex or are just too stupid to figure out that it can be very pleasurable for both people. Anyway, it's a large part of our sex life and who would turn down a woman asking for it!

I started to pound into her and my balls were slapping against that tight asshole with every thrust. She was moaning, "Fuck me" over and over and then she started to cum again. I had to be VERY careful here because at almost 50 my recovery time is obviously longer than it used to be and I didn't want to wait to fuck that ass.

Her ass almost lifted off the carpet and I pushed hard into her and stopped moving. Her legs were clamped around me like a vise and I just rode my little slut as she bucked under me while the orgasm ran through her. I didn't want to move my cock at all because I was just at the threshold of blowing cum into her.

I lay there on her kissing and sucking her tits as her orgasm faded. I thought she would want to wait a little but as soon as her orgasm died she was pushing against me saying, "Let me up, I want that cock in my asshole!"

I didn't need to be told twice and in seconds she was bent over the arm of our couch pulling her ass cheeks apart for me. I ran upstairs and grabbed a jar of Vasoline and in seconds started to get my baby's asshole ready for her assfucking.

Here is where I think most couples fail to make this an enjoyable experience for both. The guy rushes and tries to stick his cock into a tight unprepared asshole and for the vast majority of women, this HURTS.

Ladies, you can read it directly from my wife in her stories but she begs for anal sex and I somehow I don't think she would beg if it wasn't something she enjoyed. My wife loves me but not enough to beg for something just to please me.

I always take the time to lick her tongue fuck her asshole. Then I'll slide a Vasoline coated finger into it as I lick her pussy. My wife says she's feeling nothing but pleasure at this point.

I'll eventually have 2 or 3 fingers with more Vaoline in her asshole as I finger her pussy with my other hand. By this time she'll be "begging" for my cock. DON'T rush this, the more time you take the better it'll be for both of you.

I'll take the Vasoline and coat the head of my cock liberally and then wipe the stuff off my hands. Now we're both ready and I'll SLOWLY push my cock into her asshole. I follow her lead at this point, stopping if she tells me to so she can relax.

Does it hurt? Sometimes a little, according to T but well worth what happens after the initial small amount of burning. I can't begin to describe the sensations for me when my cock is fully buried into her ass nor the sounds she's making.

Picking up the story as my cock buried into her asshole, she started panting and moaning, "Fuck it, fuck my ass" over and over. "GOD baby it feels so GOOOOD." I was slowly pulling it out to the point that just the head was still clamped inside her anal ring and then firing it back into her.

Maybe my wife is unusual but when I'm fucking her ass, she's even more orgasmic than normal. It seems like she's constantly screaming. She often scares me because I think I'm hurting her but that's never been the case and she always replies to my concern with a guttural, "FUCK MEEEE!!"

The camera was within reaching distance on the couch and I bent forward to pick it up. As I did I took one long lick up the center of her back and then leaned over to tongue her ear. This motion obviously pushed my cock deep into her and she started to cum again.

I picked up the camera and leaned back and started snapping pictures as she pushed her ass back against me bucking as the orgasm flooded her body. The pictures of my cock sliding in and out of her ass are better than any porn picture because it's MY cock in MY baby's asshole.

The only problem I have with anal sex is that I just can' make it last that long. I've fucked T's pussy until we were both exhausted, switching positions through several orgasms and still had control of when I was going to cum.

With anal sex, the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her gorgeous asshole, the sensations created by her tight anal ring squeezing on my cock and her reactions; screaming for me to fuck her harder and pushing her ass back against me to bury my cock further into her all combine to drive me NUTS!

As I fucked her, my balls were slapping against her pussy. In the porno's, when a woman is getting fucked in her ass, she's almost always playing with her pussy. I don't know if that's supposed to be for her benefit or ours the viewer but T never plays with her pussy, she doesn't need to. Her arms are either supporting herself or outstretched with her hands grabbing whatever is available.

By this time she'd cum again (in less than 5 minutes) and her anal ring had relaxed so that I could pull my cock all the way out and then just ram it back into her without any problem. Unfortunately, I was quickly nearing the end of my self control and I dropped the camera to do give my baby what she wanted.

She could feel my balls draw up as I got ready to cum and started screaming, "FUCK THAT TIGHT ASSHOLE, GIVE YOUR WHORE SOME HOT CUM!!" Is she a sweetheart or what? No one on the planet who knows my wife would think of her being slutty in any way but damn, she sure makes up for it in the bedroom.

Those words of hers, the view in front of me and the feelings coming through my cock and into my brain were too much and my cock exploded launching spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her ass.

As she started to feel my cock swell, she'd pushed back against me and started yelling, "FUUUUUCCCCKKKK" at the top of her lungs. She'd started to cum again with me and continued, "Oh yeah, give me that cum, fill my asshole." She had full handfuls of the couch fabric and it looked like the couch was in danger of having holes torn in it as she kept screaming.

I finally collapsed onto her with both of us leaning over the arm of the couch. I started kissing and licking her back as my cock shrank but her anal ring was squeezing back to normal and the sensation was keeping my cock partially hard and I continued to gently slide it in and out of her. Finally she whispered, "NOOO" as I pulled my cock out with a little pop.

The whole thing hadn't lasted 10 minutes but damn it was a hot 10 minutes. I picked the camera up and took a couple more pictures of my cum dribbling out of her asshole and kissed her ass as I stood and said, "Sweetheart, you have the best ass in the world and I LOVE to fuck it!"

She weakly giggled back and said, "It loves for you to fuck it and you've got the best cock in the world." I pulled her up and we went downstairs to load the pictures onto our PC for review.

I work partially from home and she sat naked on my lap in my leather chair while we reviewed the pictures from that afternoon and from the Jimmy Buffett concert. As she rubbed her ass into my cock and I played with her tits, the pictures soon inspired us both and after carefully washing my cock, I was fucking her again.

She worked the next night and I called her at work while I looked at the pictures again and shot my cum all over her panties from the day before. The crotch of her panties from that night was covered with dried juice the next day. Friday night she was off but was we were both tired from a long week and our son had come home from his short vacation with his grandparents.

She had to work Saturday night and Sunday was father's day. As she left for work she told me to save her some cum because she was going to give me my father's day present when she got home the next morning.

I didn't play Saturday night so she'd have all the cum she wanted the next morning. As I think I've mentioned, she's a Labor & Delivery Nurse and works 12 hour shifts. I didn't wake up the next morning until she was sliding into bed at about 7:30.

It was early enough that there was no way our son was going to wake up for a couple of more hours (unless he heard Mommy screaming). As I woke up I vaguely noticed that she was still dressed but it wasn't until she had my cock in her mouth that I realized that she had on a Catholic School girl's outfit that she'd ordered off the internet.

A tight little white blouse totally unbuttoned and tied into a knot below her tits, a short little checkered skirt and white thigh high stockings and she had put dark red lipstick on and those lips were wrapped around my cock deep throating it. I LIKED my father's day present so far!!

She gave me the full treatment, sucking each of my balls and rimming my asshole with her tongue as she jacked my cock. She looked up at me over my balls and said, "Don't even think about cumming yet daddy!" Her actions had rubbed dark red lipstick all over my cock and balls and her face. She looked so wanton as she squeezed hard making my cock swell even more.

As she squeezed and very slowly licked pre-cum off the tip of my cock, she winked and said, "How do you like your father's day present so far baby?" I moaned, "Daddy LOVES it" as she pulled my cock up and sucked one of my balls fully into her mouth.

She crawled up and slowly straddled me and slid my cock into her pussy. She cupped her tits through the thin white blouse and said, "How does Daddy like his little girl's tits?" She pulled one out of the blouse and started sucking on the nipple as I moaned.

She leaned forward slowly pulling almost all the way off my cock and then quickly sat fully back which buried my cock as far into as it would go. I moaned as she said, "How does Daddy like his tight wet pussy?" I could barely get out, "Daddy loves it." My cock felt like it was going to explode it was so hard.

She reached back around her and cupped my balls and said, "Daddy, don't even think about cumming yet!!" She sat there on me slowly squeezing my cock with her pussy but making sure my cock wasn't moving. I think I could have cum even without any movement at that point but she suddenly moved off me and said, "I think I'll lick that nasty pussy juice off your cock Daddy."

She spun around above me with her pussy just out of tongue reach above my face. As she licked up and down my cock she mumbled, "Is my pussy swollen enough for you Daddy?" She paused in licking my cock and said, "This nasty pussy juice tastes so good, do you want to lick some off my pussy Daddy?"

I grabbed both sides of her ass and pulled her pussy down to my mouth and replied, "Daddy loves his little girl's pussy juice!" Just as I was licking up and down her pussy for the 3rd or 4th time, she sat up and said, "What about your little girl's tight asshole, don't you want to lick it Daddy?"

All I could do was moan as I swirled my tongue over and around her little asshole. She knew better than to touch my cock at this point and it just stood there throbbing. She lightly blew her warm breath on it and said, "I think Daddy's cock needs to cum."

She turned around and straddled my stomach as she slowly undid the knot in her blouse. She pulled it off and reached back to squeeze my cock as she said, "How would Daddy like to shoot his hot cum on his little girl's tits?"

My mind instantly thought "camera?" but there was no getting off the bed and FUCK I needed to cum so bad. As I said earlier, watching and listening to my baby cum makes me so fucking hot. I usually don't even let her suck me off unless I'm going to be able to return the favor. This was her present, getting me so hot that I would (in my mind anyway) be wasting the cum by not putting it into her in some fashion that also achieved an orgasm for her.

Knowing this was a present and the little fact that she had me so fucking hot by now made me answer, "Daddy would LOVE to shoot his hot cum on your beautiful tits."

She rolled off me and moved up beside me on the bed. I moved to straddle her but before I did, I sucked each of her tits deep into my mouth and bit hard on each nipple. She couldn't help herself and moaned, "Yeah Daddy, bite them Daddy, bite them hard."

I moved to kiss her and whispered, "I think Daddy need to get his cock wet don't you?" I quickly rammed my cock into her as she moaned, "Don't cum Daddy."

I pulled out and moved back up and started to slide my cock back and forth between her tits. She pushed them together squeezing them around my cock and her pussy juice formed a natural lubrication.

It felt soooo fucking good as she looked up at me and said, "Cum on me baby, your little girl wants your hot cum." I thought, "Damn this is a great Father's Day present" as I grabbed my cock and began stroking it.

As I started to stroke my cock she wrapped one arm around her tits pulling them together and with the other reached and started gently squeezing my balls. She whispered, "OH DADDY, your balls are so full of hot cum."

That did it! Spurt after spurt of hot white cum erupted from my cock landing in ropes stretching from her hair down across her face onto her tits. She opened her mouth wide and tried to catch as much of it as she could but there was just too much and in seconds her face and tits were covered with ropes of cum

Obviously I don't see how much I cum when I'm fucking her and the cum I shoot when I'm jacking off hasn't been boiled in my nut sack by my little slut's activities. For what I would consider an average, this was a fucking impressive display of my reaction to my Father's Day present.

I finally collapsed beside her and watched as she slowly took her hands and rubbed some of the cum into her face and tits and licked the rest off her fingers. She looked over at me as she let a long strand dribble off her fingers into her waiting mouth and said, "Daddy your little girl loves your cum."

I nuzzled against her side and whispered, "I'm glad because Daddy's little girl is the only one who gets my cum." I kissed her and tasted the cum on her lips and tongue. It wasn't as good as her pussy juice but I guess I'm a little prejudiced.

We lay there kissing and finally dozed off in each other's arms. Latter in the day I thought to myself, "What a Father's Day?" but then I started remembering the past week or so and realized, "What a fucking hot 10 days this has been?"

I'm not going to try to blow smoke up your asses, we have some incredible sessions of sex but just like most married couples, they're usually surrounded by very normal periods. Obviously most of our stories are about the incredible, who wants to read about normal?

I think the point I'm trying to make, to answer those HOW questions we get, is that we love each other and are so attracted to each other that it's easy to freely give to the other and the more pleasure we give, the more we receive.

That and the fact that I'm a lucky son of a bitch married to the hottest horniest woman I've ever met!!!!

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