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"Waiting" on Fantasy Pt. 02

I looked down to his vibrating bracelet and to the tiny panel - Booth 5 it read. I turned about and moved back towards the perimeter of the club once again passing Simone on the way.

"Nice work, honey," she teased with a wink and gave me a slap on my little behind as she sauntered past.

"You saw!" I blurted, shocked at the thought.

"Just the best part and don't worry, you were hot!" she yelled back over her shoulder. I stood, mouth open, staring after her. Shit! I didn't want to upset Simone or make her jealous in any way, but by the sounds of it she didn't seem put out at all. In fact, she sounded pleased and even a little turned on. I felt a great weight had lifted off my shoulders. I shouldn't be surprised really. It was Simone who had convinced me into becoming 'Michelle' and coming to the club in the first place.

I turned and began to search for Booth 5. I passed the booth where I had seen the lovely red-haired girl in the police uniform earlier, and heard her crying out from within. I snuck another peek inside.

There she was with her hands handcuffed behind her back, sitting on top of the huge, overweight client, reverse cowgirl. One of his hands clasp the handcuffs while the other pulled back on her free flowing hair as she rose and fell in a wild, heated rhythm. Her amazing heart-shaped bottom bounced with every dip as she fell upon his shaft. She cried out in pleasure, breaking free of his hold on her hair and casting it around her head in a fiery halo. The client sat back groaning, red faced as he held on with everything he had. She was amazing!

I dragged myself away and walked past the next booth where the curtains were fully drawn. There I could see a bald man in a suit kneeling before a table, darting his tongue in and out of the shaved wet pussy of the dark-skinned girl, who was now partially wearing her pink playboy bunny outfit. She held his head between her hands tightly, her head thrown back, urging him to push in deeper. I again forced myself onwards.

Booth 4 was next and the curtain was pulled closed. After witnessing what I had in the last two booths, I felt compelled to spy at what was happening within. I pulled it slightly back and my girls instantly widened. The girl in the cheerleading costume was lying on a table with her large firm breasts exposed and her head hanging back over the edge, facing a standing man. The man, who wore a baseball cap and glasses, had his cock completely in the girl's exposed mouth. He pounded deeply into her open mouth and throat as he used both hands to squeeze her ample oiled tits like they were wet clay.

Wow. I both wanted to take the man's place and wanted to be that girl. Having her head hanging back over the table edge left her no escape from his relentless thrusts. How she didn't choke was a talent in itself but the way she was positioned allowed him to see and feel her whole curvy body.

By now I was thoroughly aroused and was actually hoping a client wanted me to suck their cock. I finally found Booth 5 and sitting inside, to my disappointment, was only the two young boys I had spoken to earlier.

My shoulders dropped and arousal fled. "Two more vodka and lemonades gentlemen?" I asked forcing a pleasant smile.

"Ah no," one of them said nervously. "We've actually decided we want you to suck our cocks like you did to that man before."

"Oh really?!" I said raising my eyebrows my interest returning. I had to stifle a chuckle. They both looked so nervous, trying so hard to appear not so. They reminded me of myself at the beginning of the night really. How far my confidence had grown and my inhibitions stripped away.

"So how old are you two, really?" I asked. These boys look less like 'Big Time Gamblers' than my twelve-year-old nephew did.

"I'm eighteen!" one said indignantly. "I'm only a few months off twenty!" the other added.

Ok then, I thought. These boys only really wanted a quick thrill and, at their age, I'm assuming 'quick' would be the right term to use too. I stood there studying them.

They were handsome really and their innocence was certainly refreshing in this club. I guess I could give them a quick working over each. They may be child geniuses, like the Rain Man or something, so it was better to be safe than sorry. I didn't want to jeopardize my wage on the chance that these boys 'tell' on me.

I walked over to them slowly, almost threateningly, pushing the table aside on my way. Changing my persona and manner, I tried to become 'Nurse Betty' once again.

"So what seems to be the matter, boys?" I said in what I hoped sounded like a Naughty Nurse voice.

The boys looked confused.

"You've come to see the School Nurse for a reason, haven't you?" I winked at them.

The boys looked at each other, understanding finally dawning on their faces before quickly being replaced with cheeky smiles. One elbowed the other before saying,

"Nurse, it's a bit embarrassing, but I have a strange tingling in between my legs."

"Yes, me too!" the other blurted out, nodding empathically.

"Oh that's no good. Let me first give you a little check-up. I'll need to have a listen." I slowly undid one of the boy's jacket and then the other, leaning forward to give them a good look down my top and at my cleavage' Then I undid their shirt buttons one at a time and ran my hands over their chests, running my fingers slowly over their nipples and enjoying their squirms. I then leaned forward and gave first one then the others nipple the attention of my warm lips, mouth and tongue. I moved my tongue in a slow circle around each of their erect nipples before strongly sucking and grinding their nipples between my teeth.

One of the boys made a grab at me when the sensitivity became too much but I smacked his hand and said, "Please don't interfere in my treatment young man, or you'll have to return to back to class." He pulled back his hand and gave me a big smile.

I then took out my stethoscope and placed it upon their chests before running it slowly it down over their stomachs. The cool sensation made them both squirm initially but then warmed as I slid it over the bulges they were sporting in their pants.

I stood up and stepped back. "I'm sorry boys, but I'm going to need you to drop your pants to take a closer look at the problem." They didn't hesitate and started to desperately fumble with their belts and pants in a frantic flurry to get their strides down before I changed my mind. Soon both their penises free. One was long and slender while the other shorter but far thicker.

I studied their erections appreciatively. "Oh I think I see the problem now, boys," I said feigning a worried look and moving forward to take each of their penis in my hands, "You have Fellatioanis rash."

"Fellatioanis! How do we cure it, nurse?" The first boy softly groaned, playing along but obviously thoroughly distracted by my slowly moving grasp.

"Well," I said dropping to my knees before them, "The only known cure is saliva. So unfortunately, I'm going to need to place your young, hard penises into my soft, warm mouth. I'm sorry but it's the only way." I looked up sadly at the boys, mocking a look of sympathy.

One of the boys said, "Well if it's the only way, then we're willing to allow you to help us."

I nodded my head feigning sorrow, "I'm afraid so, boys."

I then moved my face slowly towards the first boy's awaiting member. I stared up into the boy's wide eyes to make sure I had his full attention. His friend grabbed his shoulder and shook it with uncontrolled excitement as I slowly stuck out my tongue and circled the tip of his penis around the little hole.

I then switched my attention to the other boy and began to lick his cock from tip to balls before continuing to switch from one boy to the other using my hands and mouth. Both boys groaned and struggled to sit still with my attention. I took the first boy fully into my mouth and slowly began to move my head up and down tasting his pre-cum already. I quickly switched back and forth between the boys; using my hand on the penis I didn't have my mouth surrounding. I pushed them inside my cheeks and looked up at the boys who looked like they were already struggling to contain their building excitement.

I took both penises together and pulled them into my mouth simultaneously. I could barely fit them in. I removed them once again before spiting on each and licking the strands of saliva off while they both watched on in pleasure. I then moved to each scrotum, licking and sucking their balls before showing them my new skill of swallowing their cocks down to the root and pushing them up against the back of my throat.

"Oh shit, shit, shit. I'm coming! I'm coming! Fuck!" the first boy screamed, releasing in my mouth. He looked disappointed at coming so quickly so I said, "I'm sorry but I haven't been able to administer enough saliva on your penis for the rash to be cured yet. I'll need to keep working on you. But first, your friend needs some work."

It was only hours ago that the thought of taking a man's cock in my mouth frightened me. Now I relished the pleasure and power it gave to me.

I switched my attention to the other boy and started bringing my lips up and down his shaft, licking the back of the head of his penis and then changing pace working up and down the shaft quickly.

I felt him suddenly stiffen and his cum joined his friend's down the back of my throat. While I had been working on the second boy. I had felt the first penis gradually rise again in my other hand. "Oh, it looks like someone's ready to resume treatment" I teased.

"No, I think I need a bit of pussy juice to fully cure my rash," he said with bravado and jumped to his feet and lifted me by my knees.

Shit! I was in trouble. The second boy jumped up to drag me up on the couch. At this time, I noticed that once again a few spectators stood back in the shadows watching.

What was I to do? If I refused them, I would lose everything I had earned tonight, but if anyone saw that I was packing I would lose even more.

I found myself on my hands and knees on the couch with the first boy hurriedly lifting my skirt and starting to fondle my exposed ass. "Fuck man! This chick's ass is hot as hell!"

I crossed my leg to try and stop the boy from seeing too much but found myself being assaulted on two fronts as the other boy went to pull my head down to his already risen cock. Adding to my problems, unbeknownst to me, I found that I was sporting a hard on that was threatening to break out from of my panties and the tiny skirt that covered me. I quickly reached down to pull my skirt lower and tucked it between my crossed legs in the front to cover myself.

The boys had run with the fantasy I had woven but were taking control of its path. I couldn't afford for the power to be shifted. I needed to regain control or the game was up for me. I was in a club filled with professional gamblers and it was time I up the stakes, no matter how scary that step would be.

"No boys. Pussy juice won't help... but anal juice will!" I purred, reaching back to pull my lacey black G-string to the side of my cheeks and exposing my virgin asshole. I then spat on my hand and reached behind me to smear my saliva on the end of his cock and my ass before guiding him towards my unbroken asshole.

I felt the tip touch the outside of my rectum and groaned at the sensitive sensation. I wondered how his penis could possibly push into my little opening. I reassured myself that only hours earlier I had both Simone's and my own fingers stretching out my ass, so taking a breath, I took hold of the penis and helped slowly guide the tip in. I felt it slowly push past the sphincter and then with a flurry I felt his cock head slide an inch in.

I gasped as he withdrew it slightly before pushing his manhood slowly further into me again. He pulled his cock completely out and then pushed it straight back in and this time there was almost no resistance. It slid in easily and I remembered that I had squirted lubricant into my ass earlier so this must be helping. In fact it, didn't hurt as I had feared but rather started to deeply arouse me as he slide in and out repeatedly building up momentum.

I rolled my eyes back in pleasure and felt the second boy guide my head back down to his awaiting penis. I started sucking his cock to match the rhythm of his friend behind me.

I heard the boy I was using my mouth on say, "Happy Birthday brother!" and then I listened the sound of the boys give each other a high five above me. The boy behind me had built up great momentum now. In and out, in and out. I loved it as he pushed deeper and deeper into me with greater speed. I reached back with one hand to my

ass and placed two spread fingers around my ass to feel his well-lubricated cock sliding through me.

I felt my cock start to pulse each time he pushed into the depths of me. The other boy held my head still with both hands and began to pump his cock up into my mouth and I let him, enjoying every second.

I was in such pleasure. I never thought having my ass taken like it was would feel so great and to have my mouth fucked at the same time was the most exhilarating feeling of my life. He thrust his cock deeply into my throat and held me there until I felt I was going to pass out unless I could take a breath.

"Swap?!" I heard the boy who was fucking my mouth say. "Yep," the other said taking his cock from my stretch anus. I gasped loudly as he let go of my hair and took his saliva-saturated rod from my throat.

I felt a strange emptiness when both rods were removed from my body and I sucked in some deep breaths as I reached back to push two fingers back into my open ass. I dipped my fingers in the empty hole and found lubricant to rub around the opening.

I was enjoying my own touch before my hand was pushed away and a welcome penis was eagerly trust inside once again.

"Fuck that feels good!" I heard the boy say as he pushed himself all the way in until his hips were pushed firmly up again my ass and held it there. I arched my back and felt his pubic hair tickling the top of my bum cheeks before he withdrew to do it again.

"Amazing ass, isn't it!" the first boy said sitting down in front of me, "but I needed

this gorgeous nurse's mouth to finish me off," and with that he grabbed the top of my head and pulled me down forcefully onto his awaiting cock. He fucked my mouth with urgency, slamming his cock into the back of my throat with each thrust.

Fuck! I thought these boys were little gentlemen. Boy was I wrong!I then began to use my hands at the base of his cock and mouth at the top to work on his cock frantically. All the while his friend slammed into my ass so that his hips slapped and spread them with each full thrust.

The boy behind me began to move even quicker, more urgently, so I upped the pace with the boy I was pleasuring with my mouth to match.

"Oh God, Oh shit, Oh fuck!!" the boy behind me said slamming into me as he came and pulling my hips hard towards his as he then held his cock as deeply as he could in my ass.

"Yes, Yes, nurse, I'm coming, I'm coming!" the other boy cried out and came again into my mouth only seconds after his friend had in my ass.

Both rolled away from me and collapsed in a heap on the sofa. I stayed in place on my knees at first take a moment before standing up on my knees to turn to them and open my mouth. I stuck out my tongue to show them my cum-filled mouth before swallowing it as they watched with wide-eyed pleasure. I then reached back to dip my fingers into ass to collect the cum leaking from it and licked that too giving them my most lustful gaze.

"Fuck, you're a hot nurse!" one said sitting sprawled and exhausted on the couch. He then turned to the other, "and we fucked her ass!!" They laughed and then gave each other at high five.

I turned around on my knees slowly and sat on the couch, discretely ensured my costume and 'body parts' were in order by re-adjusting my bra, top, panties and dress.

My shrunken cock was still dripping with pre-cum and I still felt incredibly aroused. I felt like standing up on the sofa, leaning over the boys and masturbating all over them as they lay there but reason prevailed and I calmed myself down, composing myself enough to stand.

As I began to move off one of the boys rolled to his feet and caught my wrist. "Hey where are you going?" He grabbed my bracelet and pushed his thumb on to the panel. It lit up recognizing the thumbprint. The other boy then clambered to his feet and did the same.

I turned to them confused. "Are you two gamblers?" These two looked so out of place here that there was no way they were world class 'High Rollers', were they?

"No. We're the sons of the casino owner!" he said with a wink. "Thank you for my eighteenth birthday present!"

I laughed and gave them each a kiss before turning back to leave. A crowd had formed and parted as I moved through them. I felt there lust-filled looks and heard could almost sense their arousal. I kept walking, not taking any note of the faces as I passed while still in such a sexual and emotional blur from the encounter. I walked along in autopilot towards the bar. I needed a drink and I needed to get to the toilet to clean up and compose myself.

Greg was passing over a tray of drinks to the little Asian waitress dressed in the maid costume when I approached. She smiled my way and then turned and headed off into the darkness holding the tray.

"You look like you need a drink," Greg smiled pouring a shot of tequila, which I threw down in a hurry.

"Thanks, Greg. Where are the toilets?" I asked as sweetly as I could. He gestured around to the side of the bar and I headed that way immediately. I passed through the outside toilet door and into a little dark corridor and found myself headed towards the male toilet by instinct. I quickly pulled up before I went too far and turned around shaking my head before entering the ladies. Old habits die hard I guess.

I walked in and the place appeared empty. I grabbed some soap and hand towels and ducked into a cubical to try and clean the pre-cum up off my cock, ass and legs. I then switched my attention to my stockings and anywhere else a stray blob of

seaman landed on me undetected.

"Hello. Is there anyone there?" I heard a soft voice urgently ask from the next


"Who's that?" I asked.

"It's Jenny. You know... the waitress in the police girl outfit," she said a little sheepishly.

"Oh. Ok." I giggled, "Can I help you?"

"Yes. I left my panties and G-string back in Booth Two when I ran here. Could you get them for me?" she pleaded.

"Why did you have to run?" I asked, moving to out the front of her cubical.

"The guy I was, um, serving said he wanted to keep them as a memento unless I stayed." She explained, "When I said that he couldn't because I needed them he wouldn't unlock me either."

I remembered from my spying earlier that she had her hands cuffed while she was having sex with the big man.

"Are you telling me you are still naked from the waist down in there and handcuffed!" I said surprised.

"Um. Yes. Could you please help. please?"

"Ok but you owe me one," I said moving to the mirror and checking my makeup before moving out into the club again. I walked past the bar and headed towards Booth Two. Some clients were sitting around the small dance floor watching the pretty Asian girl in the maid's outfit twirl and gyrate around the pole in the middle. She was twirling to so her skirt flew up giving them a wonderful view.

Booth Two's curtain was fully drawn when I pulled it back and stepped in. The large man lay sprawled naked on the couch sipping on a drink. "I knew you'd be back my fiery... who are you?"
"I've come for Jenny's clothes and the key," I said. He looked me up and down and licked his lips in a move that somehow reminded me of 'Jabba the Hut' at that moment.

"You're going to have to take her place if want the clothes." He was completely hairless, even his eyebrows had been removed and his great stomach hid his crutch from view completely.

"Perhaps if you just handed back the key, I may take you up on your offer," I responded, sickened by the thought.

"Oh don't be like that, honey. I wouldn't want to have to report you to that hard ass bitch you call a boss over a little misunderstanding." He smirked.

Fuck! This asshole was now blackmailing me. He was going to jeopardize everything. Why did I decide to be a knight in shining armor all of a sudden? Why didn't I just use the button on the bracelet to call Leon or better yet tell Jenny to call him so I wasn't involved at all? If I called now the fat bastard might be given a wrap over the knuckles but I'll get cast out regardless. 'The customer's always right' business mantra has always pissed me off but never more so than at this moment.

"Couldn't you just be kind and hand me the clothing and key? I would be very thankful!" I purred running a finger along his naked thigh.

He smiled predatorily, no warmth behind his eyes at all. "Sorry, but I have you here now and I've always wanted to dominate a nurse. The little redhead was very accommodating, even bringing along her own handcuffs, but the thought of you in my hands is really quite exquisite." I noticed his head of his cock appear from under his rolls as he spoke. It reminded me of a snake's head coming out from hiding to strike.

"So how can I help you?" I said with a sigh through clenched teeth.

He smiled again triumphantly and said, "Start by dropping to your knees bitch and suck the dirty juices off my cock that that the redhead slut left!"

I reluctantly slowly dropped to my knees and he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me violently to his cock. He leaned back then grabbed me forcefully under the chin with one hand and pinched my nose with the other.

I was completely taken by surprise by the force of the man and opened my mouth quickly to take a startled breath. He then rammed my head down on his cock as he thrust up immediately. He then used his hand roughly on the back of my head to keep me from pulling away while still holding my nose. I tried to widen my mouth to gasp for air but he pushed me down further onto his member until I felt it begin to chock me. I tried to relax, my throat involuntarily trying to swallow the rod. He groaned as my swallowing worked on his cock.

I tried to struggle to pull up as I felt myself begin to panic and black out but all I heard was "Yes slut, swallow that dick like the cum whore I know you are!" Just as I thought I was going to suffocate, he released me. I took in a huge breath; saliva covered my mouth and face.

Slap! The sting of it brought my attention back to him immediately. Slap again, this time it was the other cheek. "Pay attention, bitch. I'd like you to know what I have in store for you," he said with a wicked smile. To the side of him was the table. I hadn't taken notice of it earlier. A sheet had been thrown over it concealing objects

beneath. He whipped the sheet away and I took in what was hidden. Pure fear began to wash over me.

He smiled again at my expression, then 'Slap' again. "Pay attention." he said. I was ready to get to my feet and punch the shit out of this fat fuck. The only thing holding me back was the threat of losing it all.

He held up the first object. "This bitch will keep you running away like that little police girl slut did earlier." He held up a pair of handcuffs before dropping them back to the table and choosing another item.

"After you're handcuffed to me, I will introduce you to this!" He held a large wooden paddle up and caressed it while looking eagerly towards my bottom. This was too much. I wasn't going to put myself through this shit. I didn't mind helping me through their fantasies tonight because I had loved every minute of it. I was all pleasure and sex. This was going to be pain as my red cheeks already attested to.

"Next, I'll put this into your mouth to stop you screaming too much and alerting the whole club." He dangled a black buckled strap on with a red ball affixed. "And finally, I'll strap this on," picking up the last item from the table, "and fuck your dirty little ass with it while ramming my own penis into your cock-loving cunt!" He held up the huge black strap on. It was as long as my arm. He took note of my eyes widening with panic and laughed again.

"Oh this is going to be fun, bitch! At the end of it all when you're whimpering, I'll come all over your face. I always wanted to hurt a nurse until she cried," he laughed again before unexpectedly slapping me fully in the face and pushing my head down upon his cock. I heard him feeling around the table and snatch up something, which I assumed were the handcuffs.

I had to do something. I liked sucking men's penises but this was something else. He wanted to beat me up, make me hurt and relish in my pain. I had been beaten up and bullied before because of my size and how effeminate I looked as a teenager but never had the balls to stand up for myself.

I heard a click of the cuffs to my left as he assumed he cuffed his own left wrist. I was not going to be dominated by this prick. I was not! I was not a weak little girl scared of the big fat man. Fuck this! Fuck him! If it meant I lost everything, it would be worth it.

I lifted my head off his cock and saw him bending over me and reaching for my left wrist. Quickly, I used my right hand to grab his exposed scrotum and squeeze.

"Ahhhh!" he yelled, dropping the cuffs. I grabbed the dangling unlocked cuff with my right hand under his bent legs and this moved my left hand away from his balls and caught his right wrist as he bent over to rip my hand away from his balls. I slapped the slapped the cuff upon his right wrist and he cried out in shock and surprise.

I had handcuffed him behind his legs. I couldn't have executed it better. I leaped to my feet. "Let me go, you bitch," he screamed. He started to try and lift his legs over the cuffs so I leapt to my feet and jumped up to the couch he sat on and then rolled him forward. He fell face first into the floor, his ass in the air. "I'm going to fuck you up bitch when I get out of this!"

I worried that his yells might alert others so I snatched the gag ball from the table and pushed it into his mouth, pulled hard and then affixed the buckle at the back of his head. I then darted to the edge of the curtain and peeked out to see if anyone had heard. Luckily no one was in sight. The club was slowly starting to clear.

I moved back and knelt next to the bastard's head. "So you like hurting young girls do you, honey? Like to see this red and sore? Begging and crying?" He still fought to roll himself to his side but his girth and the way he was positioned made it very difficult. "I think it's time to see if you like the feeling too!" I smiled at him and

enjoyed the look of worry in his wide eyes.

I took the paddle from the table and shoved it to him. His eyes flashed wide in panic and he began to try to cry out and moved up on the couch behind him. I was going to enjoy this. I lifted the paddle high and with all my strength. Whack! His whole backside flattened out and spread away from the bow like waves of flesh. His cry was muffled as he started to struggle again.

Whack! I struck again. A lovely forehand this time - my junior tennis coach would have been proud. Whack! Whack! Whack! His ass was raw and red already. I moved down to knee next to his face once more. "Are you enjoying this, big boy?" He groaned.

I moved back to the couch and continued my work for a few more minutes.

Backhand, forehand, smash - I turned it into a tennis game. Once my arm started to hurt, I put the paddle down and picked up the strap on dildo. I moved back down to the floor again and showed the man the dildo. "You like to give it sweetie, now it's time to see if you can take it."

On the table I saw a tube of lubricant. I thought of my own thoroughly stretched ass, which, after all the attention it had seen tonight, was finally starting to feel the effects. He didn't deserve it, but I squirted a blob of lubricant on the end of the dildo and then rubbed a little around his dirty hole. He groaned in pleasure.

I strapped on the huge dildo and then pulled his cheeks apart to expose his twitching hole. I didn't bother pushing it in slowly. I steeled myself and then thrust as hard as I could. He arched his back in pain as I forced the tip in. I pulled it out and thrust in again forcefully. This time the dildo went halfway in of its considerable length. I pulled it out again and then forced it in as far as I could. I then started it ram it in and out with relish.

I noticed his cock was rock hard from the work I was doing on his prostrate and his balls sat staring at me invitingly. Slap! I slapped his balls as I keep thrusting.

"Did you like that, bitch?" I said. He groaned again. I slapped his balls again and then turned my attention to his ass, slapping with each thrust until my hand started to hurt. Disturbingly, I noticed my own cock creating a tent beneath my skirt.

I pulled the dildo from his well-stretched ass. His ass stood open and inviting. I felt my own cock was now rock hard. Fuck! Was I really contemplating this? His huge round ass checks seemed to frame his red abused hole and I slapped first one cheek then the other. He groaned and reared up from the shock.

I couldn't keep my eyes away from that open ass. I looked towards the curtain, making sure it was still drawn, before unstrapping the dildo and then releasing my penis from its confines. It sprang free in expectation. I held it in position and then, after another brief hesitation, I thrust my cock into its first ass.

He groaned as I thrust deeply into his ass as it squeezed my rock hard cock. Fuck it felt good! My hips slapped his cheeks making them flatten and bounce from the impact.

I noticed that he was still rock hard and whether it was out of habit from the night's activities or my own state of arousal, I reached down and begin to stroke his disappointing little cock. I continued to thrust in and out while simultaneously slapping his ass and roughly tugging his penis.

"You love this don't you, whore!" I sneered. "You love being my bitch. You can't get enough of this big black cock sliding in and out of your ass."

His moaning increased until I sensed he was close. I stopped slapping his ass and pulled myself out of his ass reluctantly. I found the dildo and slammed it back into his empty hole which elicited another muffled cry. I then moved next to the fat man and kept working on his cock, cupping my hand as he ejaculated unto it. I squeezed every last drop and then knelt next to his face once again.

"You said you'd finish on my face honey, but I think it would be much better if you finished on your own." With that, I poured his own cum onto his face and watch it dribble from his eye down his cheek to his chin. I then whipped the rest of it on top of his head.

"I hope you enjoyed that sweetie, because I sure did!"

I found Jenny's skirt and G-string folded up in a bag tucked behind the sofa and a small key hidden in the middle of them. I moved to the curtain and turned back before I left. The fat bastard lay panting in the same position I felt him, the massive black dildo still protruding from his red swollen ass and his face dripping with his own cum.

I moved through the curtain and then pressed the button on the side of my bracelet calling for Leon. A minute later, Leon appeared and I told him that the fat prick inside needed a hand. Leon opened the curtain slightly and looked back wide eyed. I gave him a wink and a shrug and walked back towards the toilets past the bar to find Jenny.


I walked a little way down the corridor blindly, my mind a blur. I used the light that softly spilled out through its little window at eye level to guide my way. I placed my hand on the toilet door in a daze before releasing exactly what I was doing. This wasn't the girl's toilet where Jenny was. I was about to go straight into the male toilet dressed as a woman! I had a little laugh then caught a glimpse of something through the little window through the toilet door. The image completely took my breath away.

There through the small door window I saw Simone, my Simone. She was still dressed as a schoolgirl but her top had been pulled open and her incredible breasts swung free. Her skirt was also lifted.

Simone had her arms and legs wrapped around a large, muscular Asian man with long hair and a goatee. He held her well off the ground. They stood on the side of me and I could see the large Asian's member emerging and re-emerging as he lifted and dropped her upon himself.

I felt my own cock grow heavy and start to push out the front of my lacy panties. I leaned up against the door and pulled my penis free. I started to pull myself off in time with the rise and fall of Simone onto the man's wet dick.

From behind Simone, I saw another skinner Asian man in a business suit approach. He had his penis out in his hand and spat on his hand and rubbed it on the swallow head. I saw the larger man say something to Simone, who looked over her shoulder

and then back before nodding emphatically. The large man then lifted Simone higher exposing her gorgeous ass to the new man.

The skinner Asian man placed his penis head against her little twitching starfish while the larger man held her motionless with his own cock still thrust deep inside her pussy. The man behind Simone began to push the head of his cock in her ass and she held on tightly to the large man's neck, placing her head on his shoulder. I watched enraptured, pulling on my penis with greater rhythm.

"So you like it in your ass, little nurse," I heard whispered in my ear in a thick Greek accent. I jumped in surprise pulling my legs together and putting my hand over my engorged member self-consciously. "Yes," I said.

"Good," the man said behind me and I felt him lift my skirt and drop my underpants.

I crossed my legs and pushed my ass out, hoping he wouldn't reach around me to discover my rock hard member that I had no hope of hiding in my present state of excitement.

I felt a cock push straight into my already well-stretched and lubricated ass and begin thrusting furiously. The man's hands found my breasts as he pounded my ass while I reached my free left hand around behind me a hold his bare buttock to help guide his thrusts. The feeling was once again intoxicating. The rod pushing further and further inside me as my ass embraced the intrusion. He squeezed my tits and pushed his hand inside my bra to play with the 'nipple.'

Despite all his work behind me, I found myself once again drawn to the scene being played out through the toilet door before me. Simone was now being simultaneously fucked in both holes with the skinner man pawing at her breasts. I started pulling again at my own penis as the Greek man pounded away into my stretched rectum.

God how could I ever go back to jerking myself of to Internet porn when I had a night like this!

"I have a little head start already, my beautiful nurse," he said. "I was watching when the little boys hammered your sexy little ass earlier and when I thought I saw something more in your pants than I expected, I just had to start pulling my own manhood." I stopped stroking myself and froze.

He moved his hands down to my hips and one around to where my hand held my engorged cock motionless. "Yes honey, I was praying I was right." I felt his hand clench roughly around my member and I placed my hand over his protectively. He started to move his hand up and down to match his thrusting into me. I was both petrified and incredibly aroused as his rhythm increased and the pleasure began to

mount within me.

He started to slam into me with deep, violent thrusts. "You just looked so sexy

sucking and fucking that I couldn't control myself. I knew I needed to get into your ass myself and now get your cock. Now I have and it's even better than I hoped!"

I didn't respond but wrapped my arms around his neck and arched my back so he could better thrust and masturbate me. I relished the slide of his cock up my ass and watching my girl being skewered by two cocks in unison within the toilet. Suddenly, I felt the man behind he go incredibly hard inside me and heard him cry out " Yαμώ!

Yαμώ! Fuck! Fuck!" Even after he had finished, he held himself deeply within me and continued to masturbate me as I felt his hot cum dribble back down my ass and leg.

I felt my own excitement build, all the built up sexual stimulation, all the incredible awakenings and feelings, all the emotions and pleasures. My ass and balls clenched, the come building and rising up my manhood. The man continued to move his hand faster and faster as I saw the two Asian men place Simone down on the bathroom floor through the window, as they began to furiously masturbate over her awaiting mouth.

It was too much for me and I erupted all over the door and the man's hand, as I watched them do the same in her sweet mouth and all over Simone's beautiful face.

"Thank you, όμορφος! I hope to see you and your glorious bottom again soon," he whispered in my ear then took my left wrist and placed his thumb on the panel before I sensed him leave. I couldn't have even told you what he looked like. I didn't turn to look. My attention was fully on Simone.

She looked up to the window that I watched through, perhaps sensing my presence. Her face dripped in cum but she never looked more alluring or beautiful to me. I gave her a smile and wink and she returned it before I turned and headed towards the girl's bathroom. The Greek man was nowhere to be seen.

I quickly pulled my G-string up and dress down and almost ran to the girl's bathroom where I found Jenny still hiding.

"I'm here, Jenny. I have your clothes and the key."

She let the door swing open and stepped out sheepishly. She was naked from the waist down and still handcuffed. Fuck she was hot with a perfect little body, hairless minge, toned stomach and wild auburn hair.

"Could you help me with these first?" she asked, turning to give me an amazing view of her perfect rounded little bottom. I moved up and undid her handcuffs and then passed her clothes to her.

"Thank you so much!" she cried, "I thought I would never escape."

"That's OK though that pig of a man made me earn it!"

She looked shocked and ashamed quickly trying to put on her clothes. "I'm sorry you had to go through that for me." God she was cute. "So what did you have to do for him?"

"I'll have to tell you another time. Simone, the 'schoolgirl', is my friend. Perhaps we could all go out together for drinks one night?" I asked with a smile.

"I'd like that, "she smiled, "when I feel normal again."

"Yes. It's been a crazy night," I chuckled. We both checked our makeup and chatted briefly about how we came to be invited here. Jenny said she was an exotic dancer and had been approached a few nights back. They walked out together and went to the bar and grabbed a drink.

"Almost closing time girls," Bridget stated, approaching the two of them at the bar.

She looked tired. "Leon is helping the last clients out of the club."

Both the girls were relieved. It had been a huge night. Jenny turned to Bridget and went to ask something, took another drink, and then finally forced out her question.

"Bridget. Why did you bring in girls such as ourselves tonight as 'Waitresses' when you could have brought in professional escorts?"
Bridget turned to Jenny. "When we first opened the club we did just that - bring in 'High Priced Call Girls' to service the 'High Rollers.' The clients were not interested.

The consensus was that they could pay for that sort of girl any time they wished but they wanted the fantasy, the illusion of innocents." Bridget signaled for a cocktail and took a sip.

"They wanted those girls who every guy lusted after at school, in nightclubs and in everyday life. They wanted the challenge and the hunt. You are enticed to stay and please the clients with monetary incentives but in the end the choice to stay is yours."

"But for the money on offer all the girls would have stayed, so where was the challenge?" I asked.

Bridget smiled at us and said, "Of the eight girls who began the night, two left early while one was asked to leave when she upset a client."

"YOU!" I heard bellowed across club. I turned my head to towards the angry shout and saw the fat man striding towards me. He was fully clothed now in slacks, shirt and tie. Leon moved quickly behind him, concern written all over his face. Jenny yelped and darted back the way of the toilet.

I steeled myself for what was coming. If he attacked me, I was ready to try and defend myself but what I really feared was what would come next. There was no way I would get away from tonight with a cent in hand. I had hoped, a desperate hope, that the fat prick would sulk away out of the club embarrassed but he was obviously a vengeful bastard who was keen to ruin my night.

He marched straight past Bridget and up to me. His girth pushed me up against the bar and I had my hand ready, level with his balls, to hurt him if he struck me. He grabbed me around the face, squeezing my cheeks in his rough gasp. He moved my face close to his angry gaze and I moved my hand close to his balls, ready to inflict as

much pain as possible if he hurt me.

"You hurt me, bitch!" he said menacingly but then drew close and spoke quiet enough so that only I could hear. "You're lucky that I liked it." His eyes darted to my groin before he grabbed my face

roughly and kissed me hard and full on the lips. He then grabbed my wrist and pushed his thumb against the panel. He let me go and then waddled past Bridget.

"That one was the best slut you've ever had here."

"Glad to hear you had a lovely night, David," Bridget said coolly and then turned to me raising her eyebrow. Leon helped the fat bastard, David, by the arm towards the exit. He was having trouble walking. Leon held David's bag of tricks in his other hand.

This had certainly been a night of surprises. To think I had started the night sitting on the couch watching a movie as a guy, to now be sitting here dressed as a naughty nurse, was mind blowing.

The music was turned off and the remaining girls began to trickle back. Most stopped by the bathroom first. Bridget went through the elaborate door that led towards the change room and back entrance before all the girls had returned. The girls all looked exhausted but most still laughed and giggled about their experiences.

I gave Jenny my number and she said she'd call.

The last to return was Simone. She looked absolutely spent. She slowly wandered over to me looking sheepish but I jumped out of my seat and moved up to her to wrap her up in a big hug.

"I'm so happy to see you," I said. "What a night! Are you ok?"

"Just exhausted!" she whispered and I helped her to a chair.

After five minutes, Leon returned and removed all our bracelets and took them through the door Bridget left through. Ten minutes later, Leon reappeared and asked curvy cheerleader and Asian girl dressed as a maid to come with him. They waved their goodbyes and followed the Security Guard through the door. A few minutes later, Leon asked Jenny to come with him. Jenny gave me a big hug and said goodbye to Simone before following Leon through the door as well.

Finally after five minutes more, Leon asked Simone and myself to come through. We waved goodbye to Greg and left the bar. Leon opened the change room door and gestured for us to go in. Bridget stood within smiling. I took that as a good sign.

"Girls, you did amazingly well tonight." She passed over an envelope of cash to both of us.

We both counted it out. "There should be $3500 there for you Michelle and $4000 in there for you Simone." I turned to look at Simone. She smiled back sheepishly.

"You go girl!" I said, giving her a playful shove.

"Girls before you go, I have something else to discuss with you," Bridget said looking professional once again. "This club was established to entice High Rollers to our casino but our casino is only one in a much larger chain of casinos."

Simone and I looked at each other quizzically.

"There is a large tournament held in Macao, China every year where the biggest gamblers in the world are invited for the game with the highest stakes. We have other clubs around the world similar to this one where girls are invited to attend.

The best of these girls are invited to attend this annual tournament where the rewards they earned for nights in clubs such as these are dwarfed. I would like to invite you two girls to represent our club at this tournament."

Simone looked like she was struggling to stand so I said, "I'm sorry Bridget, but I don't think we could survive another night like tonight."

"OK," Bridget said, disappointment edging her voice. "If you change your mind, let me know before the end of the week .The tournament is at the end of the month,"

Bridget said, fishing out a business card and passing it to me.We wandered over to out lockers and went to the bathroom to change. Simone went to return her costume but Bridget waved her away, "Keep it if you like. We don't reuse costumes."

Simone nodded and we collected our things moving through the door and out into the alley where we began this journey in what felt like a lifetime ago. The sun had begun to rise hidden by the city buildings around us. We began to walk off, giving

Bridget and Leon a wave.

After a few steps Simone stopped and turned, "So just how big of rewards are we talking about?"

"Give me a call and I'll tell you," Bridget smiled and slowly shut the door. We stood staying at the door for a moment before walking arm in arm towards the street to hail a cab.

"So $4000! Shit. You've got a lot of explaining to do, girlfriend," I teased.

"What about after I have a good sleep I do better than tell you what happened. What about I show you!" She gave my ass a pinch and giggled.

My life was never going to be the same after tonight...

"waiting"   fantasy  

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