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"Incest Submission": Mom, Nana & Son

Summary: Hot Nana becomes slut to daughter and grandson.

Thanks: MAB7991, Robert and goamz86 for their editing expertise.

NOTE: Although this story can stand on its own, if you are curious how the Mother (Sara) became the pet to her 18-year-old son (Simon), or how Glenda (Sara's mother and Simon's Nana) learned of her daughter's and grandson's sexual relationship please read "Incest Submission": Mom & Son. This story is about Nana coming to visit and becoming a submissive slut to her daughter and grandson.


It had been almost a week since Sara first submitted to her son sexually and became his full-time live-in slut.

It had been almost a week since Simon had seduced his mom and fucked all three of her fuck holes in one day...something he had repeated every day since.

It had been almost a week since Glenda, Sara's mom, had overheard the incestuous act on the phone when her daughter didn't hang up properly and become obsessed with fucking her grandson and maybe even performing a lesbian act with her daughter.

Now...all three would be together...both Sara and Simon unaware that Glenda (her mom and his nana) was aware of their incestuous relationship.

As Glenda sat on the plane, she pondered how she would broach the subject. She hadn't been laid in forever, over two years, and since hearing her daughter fucking her grandson, she had become obsessed with the idea of incest. She had watched supposedly authentic incest videos, read online blogs, chatted on incest chat lines and read many incest stories on a website called Literotica. Although morally incest is undoubtedly wrong, Glenda found lots of approval for incest based on the theory that it is a natural bond between flesh and blood, and what was more pure than making love to someone you loved? Of course, in eavesdropping on her daughter and grandson, they were not making love, they were fucking, and that is what Glenda be fucked...hard. She had three glasses of wine on the flight as she further relaxed her already loose inhibitions.

Meanwhile, Sara and Simon had fucked in every room of the house the past week. Simon continually told his mother while slamming into any of her three wanton holes that he planned to add Nana to his incest slut harem. Although Sara had lots of trepidation at the thought of her son seducing her mother, in the heat of passion, the idea brought her intense pleasure and often got her off. Yet, when not getting fucked by her son, which wasn't often, she couldn't fathom how she was supposed to seduce her own mother, as he had demanded she do.

So as Sara waited at the airport, cum leaking out her cunt and down her leg from a deposit by her son shortly before she left home, Simon not allowing her to wear panties anymore for quicker access to her fuck holes (his words).

Glenda got off the plane very tipsy, and giddy with the idea of the crazy weekend of sex she was sure would happen.

As Sara's mother sauntered toward her, still the diva Miss Alabama from so many years ago, Sara pondered what the odds were that her mother could end up between her legs. Her mother was still a very beautiful woman, which was good news for her, as most women ended up looking like their mothers as they aged. Sara was dressed as if going out on the town in a black skirt, red blouse and the black nylons which made Simon so happy.

"Hi, honey," Glenda said as she reached her daughter, dressed way more provocatively than usual, in a short blue skirt, a tight sweater and beige nylons. Sara's red cheeks told Glenda that she had either just gotten fucked or was very nervous about something...or both.

"Hi, Mom," Sara greeted, as her mother pulled her into a hug, their breasts crashing into each other. This wasn't uncommon, they both had very voluptuous breasts, yet this time Sara noticed it not as an awkward embrace, but rather a moment of sexual arousal.

Glenda asked, attempting to open the door to her true intentions, "Are you all dressed up for me?"

Sara blushed, but agreed, "Yes, I thought I should look presentable for you, isn't that the word you always used when I was a kid, 'presentable'?"

Glenda smiled, "The outside ensemble is almost always a true symbol of what's underneath."

Sara wanted to argue, she had always hated this theory of her mother's, even though she had lived her whole life desperately trying to get the approval of her mother, and had followed the good girl persona for most part. "So what does my outfit say about me?" Sara asked instead, trying to somehow shift the conversation to sex.

Glenda assessed, "That my daughter has finally found a man and has likely been getting regular cock."

"Mom!" Sara gasped, never hearing her mother swear, even though her assessment was true.

"What? Do you prefer dick, penis, or rod?" Glenda asked, loving seeing her daughter acting all prudish, especially since she knew she was fucking her son.

"You're drunk," Sara finally realized.

"Maybe a little tipsy," she admitted.

Sara wondered if this wouldn't potentially help the seduction she was supposed to somehow complete. "You seem more than a little."

Glenda added, "Am I wrong? Are you not getting some?"

Sara shrugged, figuring the frank conversation may help her cause, "You really do know me."

"Oh I know you very, very well," Glenda smiled, a subtle hint of what she knew.

"Um, we should go to baggage claim," Sara suggested.

"Probably," Glenda laughed, neither of them having moved since the brief hug.

They walked towards baggage claims as Glenda asked, "So who's the man that has captured my daughter's heart?"

"A very sweet guy," Sara answered, unsure how to respond.

"That's rather vague," Glenda responded, "he has definitely revved your motor."

"Mother!" Sara gasped. Even though her mother had always been frank, that hadn't ever included sex talk.

"You're an adult Sara, we should be able to have a frank sex talk," Glenda pointed out. "Especially if you're getting some and I'm not."

"Mother!" Sara repeated, shocked and uncomfortable by her mother's words

"Don't be a prude," Glenda scolded. "You have sex, I've had sex, lots and lots of sex."

"TMI," Sara quipped.

"Oh, Sara when I was young I was having sex all the time: with boys, men, judges, contestants," Glenda added, enjoying shocking her daughter, but also planting seeds of her bisexuality to her daughter.

"You had sex with girls?" Sara asked, trying to look shocked, but finally getting her wits back as she tried to get more intel on her mother.

"Still do," Glenda smiled, continuing the revelations.

"You're a lesbian?" Sara asked.

"God, no," Glenda said, "I still love a nice big dick."

"Mother!" Sara gasped again, feeling like she was the mother and her mother the child. This would have a shocked her to the core a week ago, but now that she was an incest mommy-slut, this was just fuel for the fire she planned to create. "We're in public."

Glenda laughed, "I've done that quite a few times too."

"What?" Sara asked, not following her mother's conversation.

"Public sex," Glenda smiled. "Theatres, bathrooms, cars, and, of course, I was a frequent member of the mile high club."

"Mother, what has gotten into you?" Sara questioned, shocked by her mother's sexual bluntness. Sure she was a diva, but she had never been one to talk even remotely like this.

"I'll tell you what hasn't been in me for a while," Glenda quipped.

They reached the baggage claim area as Sara pondered the craziness of the conversation since the moment her mother arrived. Was all this advantageous for Simon's plan to seduce his grandmother? Why was mom being so blunt about her sexuality, something she never was before? Was it possible that she would be willing to be an eager participant in an incestuous threesome? The thought seemed crazy, yet so did the thought that Sara would become a complete submissive cum slut for her son.

Glenda, meanwhile, revelled in the awkwardness she was putting her daughter through. She continued the full onslaught once they were in the car. "So, you never answered, who is this new man of yours?"

"Just a guy," Sara answered, oddly not prepared to lie about this.

"Does 'just a guy' have a name?" Glenda asked.

Sara quickly made one up, using Simon's middle name, "Clarke."

Glenda smiled at her daughter using her son's middle name. She asked, "Is he hung?"

"Pardon?" Sara stammered, yet again surprised by her mom's question.

"Does he have a big cock?" Glenda clarified. "Your father had a big dick and wow it could really fill me."

"Oh my God," Sara gasped, shocked by her mother's blunt behaviour.

"What?" Glenda asked, enjoying making her daughter squirm. "You did walk in on him once just after we had had sex. You've seen it before."

Sara had almost forgotten that, back when she was a teenager she accidentally walked in on them just after they had had sex. Her father's cock, still hard, was pointing directly at her. The idea of incest not even remotely in her mind back then, she had pushed the moment out of her head over the years. Yet, mentioned now, the visual came back vividly. She realized her son had inherited his big cock from her father. "I have tried to forget that for years," Sara finally replied, even though at the moment the image was as clear as the moment it occurred.

"I miss your father so much," Glenda continued.

"I do too," Sara asked.

The brief moment of remembrance was broken as Glenda added, "He knew exactly how to make me squeal."

"This just won't end," Sara sighed, shaking her head.

"Sara, I don't have any sisters, your sister lives in Canada and I have very few friends to talk with about such things," Glenda explained, playing the sympathy card.

Sara, figuring this conversation was actually benefitting her in regards to the once seemingly impossible task nodded, "Okay, Mom, you're right, we're both adults."

"So does he have a big cock?" Glenda asked again, curious if her grandson was as well-equipped as her husband was.

Sara deciding to go full in with the conversation admitted, "He has a nice, thick nine inch cock."

"Wow! Your father's cock was nine inches," Glenda revealed.

Sara quipped, smiling playfully, "Trust me, I know. It was the first dick I ever saw. And I can't deny, the rest of my lovers have always been a bit of a disappointment because of him."

"Ditto," Glenda retorted. "Once you have had Filet mignon it's tough to go to minute steak."

Sara laughed, "Well, I've finally found a very juicy Filet mignon."

"Will I meet him?" Glenda asked.

"I think so," Sara nodded, thinking that if all went well she would also meet all nine inches of Simon's meat.

"Make sure it happens," Glenda demanded, "I want to meet the man who can finally make my girl happy."

"Will do," Sara promised, almost laughing at what her mother was actually requesting.

They chatted about work and travel the rest of the way home.

Simon wasn't home when they arrived and the two women began drinking a bottle of wine Glenda had brought.

A couple hours later, both women quite inebriated, Simon return home and greeted, "Hi, Nana."

"Simon, please call me Glenda," Nana requested, standing up for a hug. "Nana makes me feel so old."

"You're still very beautiful, Nana, I mean Glenda," Simon complimented, as he hugged his very attractive nana.

"Oh, you're just saying that," Glenda responded, although she knew she was indeed very attractive for a woman her age. She was often mistaken for being much younger than her true age, and was often hit on by much younger men, but none of them compared to the dominant personality of her husband.

Simon, so much more confident since taking his mother, continued, "Trust me, Nana, you look much younger than you are."

"Thanks, Simon, you are so sweet," Glenda said, hugging him again. This time making sure to press her large breasts into his chest.

Simon's hand rested on his Nana's ass cheeks. He considered squeezing, but he wasn't that confident yet, although his hands lingered longer than was customary to Nana; likewise, Nana's breasts stayed pressed against her grandson longer than he was accustomed to as well.

Sara, oddly, felt a strange tinge of jealousy at the brief moment of innocent intimacy between her mom and son. In only a week she had fallen for her son in a way she couldn't explain. A love that transcended the traditional motherly love. She saw him as her man, her lover and the thought of him with another woman, even her mother, suddenly bothered her.

Simon, his hard dick pressing against his Nana, flinched his cock to 'accidentally' let her feel his erection.

Glenda felt the flinch and instantly wondered how to transition the obvious flirtation between the three of them into an actual threesome, the wine having only enhanced her eagerness to commit the ultimate sin. She considered just dropping to her knees and taking his cock in her mouth, she was hungry and horny, yet instead she wanted to see what he was thinking. She asked, finally moving away from him, although she did purposely and obviously glance down to her grandson's cock first, "So do you have a girlfriend, Simon?"

"I'm not sure I'd call her my girlfriend," Simon answered back.

"What would you call her?" Glenda asked, pushing deeper.

Simon shrugged, trying to act nonchalant, "I'm not sure what to label her."

Sara felt another twinge of jealousy at Simon speaking about their relationship with such triviality. The past week had been heaven on earth for her and she assumed it had been for him, too.

"A friends with benefits?" Glenda asked, playfully.

Simon laughed, "I guess that is one way to put it."

"I wish I had one of those," Glenda added, hoping to soon indeed have a grandson with benefits relationship.

"I imagine all you have to do is ask," Simon quipped, opening the door for his Nana, oblivious that she already knew about his naughty plan.

"Oh, I wish it was that simple," Glenda sighed dramatically. Although she was horny and ready to submit to her grandson unconditionally, Simon looking so much like her deceased husband, she also wanted it to be special. She wanted him to earn it.

"With your beauty, Nana, I imagine it is that simple," Simon continued.

"I haven't been with a man for two years," Glenda admitted, with a heavy sigh.

"Mother!" Sara finally spoke.

"Simon is an adult, too," Glenda pointed out. "Are you okay talking about sex with your old Nana?"

Simon answered, "As long as you stop calling yourself old."

Glenda laughed, "Okay, are you okay talking about sex with your voluptuous, sexy, long-legged Nana?"

Sara couldn't believe it. They were flirting with each other. Her jealousy couldn't be squelched. She needed to take control of this situation, although she wasn't sure how.

Simon nodded, "Yes, Glenda, I'd love to talk about sex with my hot Nana."

"And what about me?" Sara added, feeling left out.

Simon laughed and joked, "I'm okay with it if you have your mom's permission."

"Brat," Sara quipped.

Glenda said, slipping out of her heels, "My feet are killing me."

"Do you want a foot massage?" Simon asked, wanting to feel his Nana's stocking-clad feet.

"Would you be such a dear?" Glenda asked, wondering if her grandson had a stocking fetish like her husband had.

"For you, Nana? Of course," Simon smiled, as he grabbed her hand and led her to the couch.

Sara watched with excessive jealousy, wanting it to be her getting her feet massaged, her getting all his attention.

Simon sat down and Glenda sat beside him before spinning sideways to put her nylon-clad feet on her grandson's lap.

Sara noticed, as her mom's skirt rode up, that she was wearing a garter with her stockings.

Simon grabbed his Nana's silk-clad foot, the nylon being expensive sheer nylon, and began massaging it, wishing he could feel those nylons on his cock or wrapped around his body. They were softer than the ones his mother wore and he knew that Mom was going shopping very soon. Glenda's toes were perfectly manicured, painted fuck-me red, and Simon's hard cock was begging to be released from its captivity of cloth.

Glenda moaned ever-so-slightly, "That feels so good, Simon. You'll make someone a very lucky woman with those hands."

Sara added, the innuendo dripping of much more than a massage that she thought only Simon would catch, "Yes, his hands are magical."

"Agreed," Glenda nodded, catching the innuendo of her daughter's words.

After a couple of minutes of silence where Simon focused on her beautiful feet, Glenda finally broke the silence, "Can I ask you a personal question, Simon?"

"Sure, Glenda," he answered, liking calling her by her first name.

"Do you have a nylon fetish?" She asked.

"P-p-pardon?" He stammered, surprised by the question.

"Your Papa had a major nylon fetish. I have worn them every day since I met him. Even after he passed away, I have kept wearing them as it makes me feel young and sexy," Glenda revealed, which was true.

"Oh," Simon said, "apparently Papa and I were a lot alike."

"In more ways than one," Sara quipped, again implying something she didn't think her mother would catch.

Glenda, of course, did catch it and decided to continue. "Yes, Papa made me wear these garters and stockings everywhere." As she moved to show Simon the top of her sexy stockings and lace garter.

"Everywhere?" Simon mindlessly repeated, entranced by the garter and stockings he was staring at.

"God, yeah," Glenda said, leaving her skirt riding up. "At home, in the bedroom, at work, out on the town, to swinger parties."

"What?" Both Sara and Simon asked, simultaneously stunned.

Looking at Sara, Glenda continued, "Your father was a very, very kinky man. Christ, you think catching him naked after fucking me was an accident?"

"You caught them having sex?" Simon asked.

"Once," Sara admitted.

"I can't even begin to tell you what your father did the next time we had sex," Glenda continued, offering an olive branch.

"I don't want to know," Sara said, although she already had a hunch it had something to do with incest, something she wasn't ready to imagine about her father, even if she had committed it nonstop herself the past week.

Simon said, curious as hell, "You can't say something like that and just drop it," as he switched to the other foot.

"It's a little shocking," Glenda warned.

"More than the news that you and Papa used to swing?" Simon asked.

"Believe it or not, yes," Glenda nodded, before adding, really having fun with this conversation, one she would never have had if she hadn't overheard these two having sex last weekend, "although some of those swing parties were pretty wild too."

Sara, wanting to try and get involved in this seemingly two person conversation, quipped, "What, did you have sex with other women?"

"On many occasions," Glenda admitted, "although that started during my pageant days."

"Pageant girls making out is so hot," Simon added.

"Oh, we did a lot more than make out," Glenda added. "I mean for a while I thought cunt was a food group."

"Holy shit," Sara gasped, yet again.

Glenda said, "Don't pretend you didn't eat cunt in college, it's pretty much a rite of passage."

"Do you still eat cunt?" Simon bluntly asked.

"How could you ask your Nana such a question?" Glenda said all serious.

Simon, realizing he may have gone too far, apologized, "I'm so sorry, Nana."

Glenda burst out laughing, "I'm just kidding. I'd eat cunt in a heartbeat if given the opportunity."
Sara quipped, deciding the door was wide open to push things further, walked over to her mother, and straddled her face, "Good to know."

It was Glenda's turn to gasp. "Sara!"

"It's Mistress, mother, now get licking," Sara demanded, suddenly determined to control the situation, lowering her cunt an inch from her mom's face.

Glenda stammered, although more for dramatics sake than anything else, "But you're my daughter."

"And you let Daddy fuck you pretending to be me," Sara accused, assuming that was where the unfinished conversation from earlier was going.

"But role playing and fantasy are two different things," Glenda pointed out, barely able to hold back the hunger to begin tasting her daughter.

"Well, now the two merge into one," Sara finished, lowering her cunt onto her mom's lips.

Simon watched but only saw his mom's back and skirt, covering the incestuous lesbian act.

Glenda, Sara's pussy directly on top of her, and horny as hell, began licking. It had been a while, but the exotic unique taste was as heavenly as she remembered.

As Simon stood up, to watch from a better position, Sara moaned, "That's it Mommy, eat my cunt."

Glenda licked the already very wet cunt, assuming that her grandson was watching, which only enhanced her eagerness and made her cunt gush pussy juice into her panties.

Simon got out of his clothes, his cock begging for attention, as he watched the lesbian incest act he hadn't stopped fantasizing about since the idea popped into his head last week.

Sara asked, moving up a bit, her cunt just out of reach of her mother's tongue, "Do you like licking my cunt, Mother?"

Glenda, drunk with lust, the act of submission so natural to her, admitted without hesitation, "Yes, Mistress, your cunt is so yummy."

"What about your grandson?" Sara asked.

"I'll be his slut too," Glenda answered, turning to see his big cock aiming right at her a few feet away.

"You want to fuck your grandson?" Sara questioned, her tone dripping with sarcastic disapproval.

"Like mother, like daughter," Glenda responded, finally revealing her secret.

"Pardon?" Sara asked, hearing her answer, but unsure what her mother meant.

"You should make sure to hang up the phone when you're getting fucked by your son," she smiled widely.

"You heard us?" Sara gasped, looking down at her mother, whose face was glistening slightly.

"Every moan and naughty intention," Glenda added, looking over to her grandson, "I believe you wanted to make me a Nana-slut."

Simon was just as shocked as his mom, but considering Nana had flown down here and was eating her daughter's cunt, he concluded the obvious. "So you flew all the way down here to get that cunt of yours fucked?" he questioned with firm authority.

"Well, and to eat my daughter's cunt," Glenda added, loving being such a complete slut, memories of the time she fucked her husband to be and her father-in-law to be for her first ever double penetration the week before she was married.

Sara understood the words but was still baffled. "You know about Simon and me?"

"Yes, Mommy-slut," she smirked, before leaning up and resuming licking her daughter.

Simon chuckled, "Well Mommy-slut, this does make the seduction of Nana a lot easier."

Sara moaned, her mother's tongue and the revelations she just learned making her excessively horny, "I guessssss so."

Glenda eagerly licked her daughter for a couple of minutes until she could sense her daughter was getting close. Like she had so many times in the past, she moved her lips and sucked on the clit...knowing that almost always triggered an orgasm. As usual, she was right, as her daughter screamed and began coming on her face.

"Yes, Mommmmmmmmmmy," Sara screamed, as her orgasm cascaded through her.

Simon slowly stroked his cock, as he watched his mother orgasm...something that always turned him on...knowing it was about to go in his Nana's mouth.

Sara finally stood up, and sat down on a nearby chair, her legs obviously still weak from the orgasm.

Glenda looked at her grandson and asked, "So does Nana get a taste of that big cock of yours?"

Simon walked over to her, as Glenda sat up and got in a comfortable position.

"Beg for it, Nana," Simon ordered, as he tapped his cock on her lips.

"Oh, you really are just like your grandfather," Glenda smiled, "do you like fucking a slut's face too?"

"I like using all three holes of a slut," Simon replied, continuing to stay in control.

"Mmmmm, I like a man who knows what he wants," she purred, flicking her tongue on his mushroom top.

"And what do you want, Nana?" he asked.

"To be your complete Nana slut," she answered, wanting it desperately. She wanted to feel that cock in her mouth, in her cunt and in her ass.

"Like mother, like daughter," Simon smirked, as he slid his cock in his Nana.

Glenda began sucking on her grandson's cock as if it was the last cock she was ever going to suck. She savoured it. She swirled her tongue around his thick mushroom top; she slithered her tongue down his shaft; she sucked his balls into her mouth one by one; before taking his stiff rod back in her mouth and bobbing hungrily on it, attempting to take all nine inches in.

Simon couldn't believe how amazing her mouth felt on his cock. He wasn't comparing his two beautiful women, but they each did things differently. His Nana was way more deliberate and it had his balls boiling. He demanded, as his balls were about to erupt, "Don't slow down, Nana-slut, I'm about to come right in that hot mouth of yours."

She moaned on his cock, moving her right leg and beginning to rub his leg with her silk stocking-clad foot.

The extra sensation was the final straw as he erupted in her mouth, spewing a full load of his cum in her mouth.

The excessive amount of cum surprised Glenda and some dripped out of her mouth, even as she kept sucking her grandson's beautiful dick and swallowing his salty seed.

Finally, Simon pulled out, snapped his fingers and Sara quickly scurried to the floor, eager to retrieve the few drops of cum her mother had wasted.

Glenda watched her daughter lick her grandson's cum off the floor and smiled at just how big a slut her daughter was. Glenda, wanting the focus to continue on her, knowing that a young pup like Simon would be ready to go again very quickly, moved her stocking foot to his balls and began playfully teasing him with her silk toes.

Simon smiled, "Nana hasn't come yet, has she?"

"No, Master," Glenda replied, giving herself to her grandson completely.

"Does my pet want to?" he asked, looking down at her.

"God, yes," she nodded, continuing to rub his cock with her foot.

"Get undressed," he ordered, wanting to see what his Nana looked like naked.

"Yes, Master," she nodded, moving her foot away, standing up and slowly getting undressed while her daughter, still on the floor, and her grandson watched. She again reminisced to her swinger days when she was used to being the object of affection of many.

Sara got onto her knees, all the cum retrieved, turned away from her mother and took her son's cock in her mouth. There was no way she was not getting a taste of her son's cock.

Glenda watched her daughter suck cock and immediately felt another gush in her panties. Her husband had often made her role play being Sara, usually in pigtails, as he fucked her. So seeing the act of incest brought back crazy fantasies she had never anticipated seeing occur in reality. As she unclasped her bra, she asked, "Ever fucked a pair of tits, Master?"

"Noooo," he moaned, as his Nana's large breasts came into view.

"Want to?" She asked, squeezing her breasts together.

"Yessss," he nodded.

Glenda, now only in panties, garter and stockings, sat on the edge of the couch and offered, "Fuck away, Master."

"Get those panties off first, slut," he ordered, staying in charge, even though he was indeed dying to fuck her tits.

"Yes, Master," she nodded, never breaking eye contact with him as she slid her panties down her nylon clad legs.

He opened his hand, once they were off, impressed that his Nana shaved her cunt.

She handed them to him.

Simon pulled his cock out of his mom's mouth and placed the very wet panties on his mom's head. "Suck Nana's cum out of them, my Mommy-slut."

"Yes, you bad boy," Sara purred, feigning playfulness when she was actually annoyed by the task.

Simon pulled Nana close to him and kissed her.

Glenda melted into him, having forgotten how good it was to be kissed. He cupped her breasts as their tongues explored each other and her hand squeezed his ass.

Simon broke the kiss and moved down to suck on her hard nipples, going back and forth between them for a couple of minutes.

Sara, meanwhile, reluctantly sucked her mother's wetness from her panties. Although the taste was intriguing, the fabric taste tainted it and the fact that she was being ignored by Simon was incredibly frustrating.

Simon pushed Nana onto her back, straddling her chest, as she squeezed her big breasts together, and began fucking her tits.

Glenda moaned, even though getting tit-fucked didn't do much for her, as she knew it turned on most men, "That's it baby, fuck Nana's titties."

Simon loved hearing his Nana talk dirty, even though fucking tits wasn't as pleasurable as he had imagined, the act itself was a turn on. He wanted to fuck her cunt, but continued fucking her breasts for another minute.

Sara announced, "Master, I've retrieved all Mommy's pussy juice."

"Come join me," Simon offered, as he moved back and positioned his cock at his Nana's cunt.

"Oh yes, baby, fuck Nana, shove all nine inches of that big fuck stick in my box," Glenda begged, knowing talking like a dirty whore turned on most men...and herself.

Sara took the panties off her head, moved to her mother and began sucking on her tits.

"That's it baby girl, suck on Mommy's titties, just like you used to," Glenda moaned, still wanting her cunt to be filled.

Simon continued rubbing his cock up and down her pussy lips, Glenda actually moving her ass up and down trying to get his cock in her. Frustrated she begged, "Please Master, shove that big snake up my cunt, Nana hasn't had a cock in her in two years."

"Really?" Both Simon and Sara simultaneously asked.

"Yes," Glenda admitted, "now please end that dry spell by fucking the shit out of your hot, slutty, Nana biiiiiiiiitch."

Simon slammed into her, ending the dry spell by slamming into her wetness.

"Yes, Siiiiiiiimon, fuck me, fuck me, pound my cunt," Glenda screamed, now that her cunt was filled.

Simon obliged, fucking her hard and fast, loving hearing his Nana's nasty tongue.

"Oh yes, you Nana-fucker," she moaned, "such a dirty boy, fucking your Nana's cunt."

Simon countered, as he grabbed her ankles and moved her legs up so he could lean on her silky nylons, "Only a real slut would let her grandson fuck her."

"Oh yes, I'm your complete slut, baby, such a dirty fucking cock whore," Glenda responded, loving debasing herself.

Simon kept pounding her, as Glenda really got animated, "Holy fuck, so big, baby," "Fuck I love your cock, Simon," "Oh yes, drill my slut hole," and "Oh God, Simon, I'm getting close."

As Simon spread her legs wide again, still holding on to her ankles, Sara moved away from her mom's tits, and began flicking her mom's clit.

"You nasty biiiiiitch," Glenda screamed, as her daughter teased the shit out of her.

"Come, you fucking whore," Sara demanded, as she began slapping her mom's clit with her hand while Simon kept fucking her.

"Oh God, fuck, shit, Master, Mistress, shit, fuck, fuck, God, yes, yes, fucking bloody hell, fuuuuuuuuck," Glenda babbled before her orgasm erupted through her like an earthquake.

Both her grandson and her daughter continued pleasuring her as her orgasm quaked through her. "Oh God, yesssss," she continued moaning.

Simon could feel his own orgasm beginning to build, but he didn't want to come yet, so he pulled out and ordered, "Both my sluts, get on your knees with those asses up."

Sara quickly obeyed, while Glenda slowly obeyed too, her whole body still recovering from her most intense orgasm in years.

Simon went and grabbed the lube he kept under the table for ass fucking his Mom, and returned before generously coating both his sluts' asses as well as his cock.

Sara moaned, "Fill my ass, baby."

Glenda, wanting a cock in her ass too, countered, "No baby, fill Nana's ass, it's so tight you'll think you are fucking a virgin."

Sara protested, "Fuck Mommy's ass, sexy, you already fucked our new slut."

Simon was in incest heaven listening to two of the most beautiful women in the world begging for his cock. He moved behind his mother and slid into her ass.

"Yesssss," Sara moaned, thrilled he chose her over her mother.

Glenda whined, "Come on Master, sodomize your Nana, cum in my ass and make your slut mother suck out your cum."

The nasty idea turned Simon on and after a few strokes in his Mom's ass, he pulled out, moved to Nana, and slammed into her ass.

"Fuuuuuuck," Glenda screamed, always loving the crazy mixture of pleasure and pain that came from a cock filling her ass. Her husband was huge too and she was well accustomed to taking such a massive snake up her back door. "Yes, ream Nana's ass."

Simon indeed couldn't believe how tight Nana's ass was. He began fucking her ass while his mother begged for attention too. "Baby, Mommy's ass needs your cock."

Simon began going back and forth, fucking both their asses. By pulling out every minute or so, he lasted way longer as he didn't want this perfect moment to end.

Both women begged for him to fuck the shit out of them when he was fucking them, and then begged him to return to fucking them when his cock was servicing the other.

Finally, Simon couldn't last much longer and he decided to do exactly what Glenda suggested, but in the opposite ass as he pounded his mom and grunted "I'm coming, Mommy-slut."

"Yes, you Mother-fucker, fill Mommy's ass with your cum and make my slut mother suck your cum from my asshollllllllle."

Simon grunted as he deposited his load deep in his mom's ass.

Glenda, being the insatiable slut she is, quickly slid to the floor and, as soon as Simon pulled his cock out, buried her face in her daughter's asshole eagerly, trying to retrieve her grandson's cum.

Eventually, all three collapsed on the couch beside each other. Glenda asked, "So what are we going to do tomorrow?"

Sara said, "I think we need to go toy shopping."

"I brought my double-ended dildo and a strap-on," Glenda revealed.

"What kind of life did you live?" Simon asked, still surprised by how big a slut she was.

"You only live once," she shrugged.

"Well, luckily I can come a lot more than once," Simon said, his cock beginning to grow again.

Both women slid to the floor and took turns sucking his cock for a good ten minutes before Simon ordered, "Nana, get that strap-on on."

"My pleasure," she nodded.

"DP time, Mommy," Simon declared.

"Can it be your cock in my ass?" she asked.

"Of course, Mommy," he nodded, as he grabbed her head and fucked her face briefly.

"Hey," Glenda protested, "I want my face fucked, too."

Simon shook his head, "You two are going to wear me out."

"Thankfully you're a young buck," Glenda quipped, the strap-on now in place.

As she laid down and Sara straddled the plastic cock, Simon moved behind his mother and slid back into her ass as he added, "And you two are great fucks."

Sara leaned forward and kissed her Mom as she took two cocks.

Breaking the kiss, Glenda whispered, "I love you, sweetheart."

"I love you too, Mom," Sara moaned.

After a couple minutes of the DP fucking, Sara came again, the double stimulation a crazy new pleasure.

"Is it my turn?" Glenda asked.

"For what?" Simon asked, even though he knew the answer.

"To get DP'd, of course," she answered.

"Like mother, like daughter," Sara teased.

As the three rearranged themselves, Simon corrected, "No, no, like Nana-slut, like Mommy-slut."

"Yes, Master," both sluts nodded at the same time.

"Dirty," Glenda began.

"Fucking," Sara continued.


"Cum swallowing."



"Cum sluts."

"Ass sluts."

"Cunt lickers."

"Box munchers."



"Sluts," they both finished in unison.

Soon the DP situation was happening again, this time Nana taking two cocks. This fucking lasted an eternity before both Glenda and Simon came again, this time filling his Nana's ass with his cum.

Pulling out, his cum leaking out of her ass, he asked, "Is auntie Jill coming to visit anytime soon?"


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