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initiation   prison  

There is something particularly humiliating about being arrested covered in cum, piss, and surrounded by big black men, especially when you were once a very well-off businessman with a simple insertio

odyssey   shanti's   sexual  

Suhas was a famous businessman and had accounts in all the accounts but loved the bank where Shanti worked – she was his attraction and he had a big role in turning her into a paid whore, the Bank Man

girls   4-4-2   and   bar   guys  

"Guys and Girls at a Bar," part 2 of the "It was supposed to be about incest" arc. Copyright CopperSkink (or Copper's Kink; whatever turns you on), January One, Two Thousand Ten. All players eighteen

howlin'   moon  

Dear Readers, It is with great pleasure that I introduce the very first story authored by my wife, margarita, of masterandmargarita. We have reversed our normal roles of author and editor in order to

lustfingers   kalemnia  

The creature was small and short, hunchbacked and bent over. Its skin was stone grey and stretched across its bony fragile body, and the creature had wrapped a loose piece of brown fur around his groi

goes   anya   vorhees  

Anya felt the bed dip slightly as someone stepped onto it and she slowly opened her eyes, yawning as she let them focus on the darkly clad man that was working on the rope connected to the ceiling abo

djinn   the  

Disclaimer: This story contains sexual content between a male and futanari, shemale, etc. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. All charact

challenges   jenny   100   sex   for  

'18 Today – Her Virginity Must Go!' in Literotica's 'First Time' story section provides the background to this story. This is great-aunt Robyn's list of 'sex challenges' to Jenny and her seven sisters

tutor   the  

This is the sequel to The Tutor, Pt. I, which introduces the characters and relationships. I strongly recommend you read that first before continuing. This story contains elements of nonconsent and re

weapon   lethal  

This is part 3 and the conclusion, please read Lethal Weapon parts 1 and 2 to find where we are before reading this. My keyboard has a habit of skipping letters and doubling letters. I usually catch t


This is my third story and I would really love some feedback with your thoughts. Thank you. Enjoy! ***** It was through the next couple weeks that the pattern began to form. It was clear that I had fa

elaine   owning  

Dale left and Elaine went back to her routine at the house. The time with him had brightened her outlook on life and given her hope that there were other men out there who could make good masters for

trip   the   camping  

Sunday First off, I admit that I am a total dog. I had planned a camping trip in the new RV that I share with my father. We went halfsies on it since neither of us uses it more than about a month a ye

big   brother   the   hole  

The closing chapter, kinda long with but all the love-making that was missing in the last chapter... ***** I arrived at Stowmarket Police Station as the place was coming to life, and my concerns were


As I drove home, my asshole had stopped hurting, but burned like someone was still shoving a red hot poker in and out of it. My ass cheeks were separated by what felt like a golf ball between them. I

cove   aquata  

Chapter 56: Starting Back On As the men mumbled incoherent lyrics after God knows how long they've been singing, the water began to stir lazily around the three smaller boats. One of the men, skinny w

shanti   vixen   adulterous  

Around 10 am, the next morning – Shanti came over to the terrace and took me down ,their men had left for the day – not an inkling of what went on just a floor above – you need more such hubbies if yo

submissive   girl   takes   control  

This is the morning after the story Submissive Girl is shared. She woke up, feeling tired and sore. She'd been used hard the night before, and she was feeling the effects. While she had enjoyed hersel


Authors note: okie dokie doke, this is the second part and from His point of view *claps* Which I of course have to have in a story since I believe it adds a nice spicy depth to a it. buuuuuuut seeing


This one has a tiny bit of plot before things get started, but once it's rolling it only ramps up. If trannies getting ass-fucked in the woods doesn't turn you on, avoid this. All characters are 18+.

cum   mum  

My mother is a whore. She's a dirty slut who takes it anywhere and anyway she can get it. For pleasure and for money. And most of the men in the town have had their go with her. Of course to most ordi

with   "m"   encounters  

1) The First Time... I let a complete stranger into my house late last night. He walked in, took off his clothes, kissed me on the lips, squeezed my tits, massaged my clit with his thumb, then came on

fulfillment   complete   sexual  

Here I stand in front of a full length mirror. My eyes go straight to that 8cm band of virgin white skin between the top of my lacy, sheer black, thigh-length stay-ups and the bottom frill of my black

20th   surprise   anniversary  

I'm lying in bed waiting. Waiting for my wife to come home from fucking another man - with my consent. I'm impatient and restless and incredibly horny. My mind is filled with wondering about where she

goes   anya   vorhees  

Anya wanted to scream at him in frustration. Her pussy was wet and clenched, and she stood naked in front of this man on the patio, and he was telling her that she wasn't getting a good fucking again

office   orgy   party  

Summary: A temp secretary is willing to do it ALL for a full time job. Note 1: I wanted to write a story about 21st century women who were both intelligent and yet sexual beings. So, unlike many of my

are   away   wives   while   the  

The characters in this story are from the series Lori and Rick and Liz and me, in the Anal category. ***** Lori and Liz had gone off to New York for a few days, and I was at home, puttering around on

meg's   birthday   present  

My second submission (ha, ha) with Meg. Love hearing comments, especially from any women who have tried this (or want to!) ***** The morning after Meg took my anal virginity was surprisingly normal. S

the   theater  

About a mile from my apartment is a porno theater. It plays hardcore porn films and is as seedy as it gets. Most of the people there are black and Latin men. I'm a petite white guy who has recently st

hooking   hockey   player   the  

We've come to the end of Jake and Owen's story; however, because I am self-indulgent there will be the first chapter as re-told by Owen so that people can get a better handle on why Owen does what he