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This can be read as a standalone story, but you will get more enjoyment if you read the "Weekend Working" three part story previously posted. ***** It had been several months since 'that' Saturday, wh

shopping   around  

Neil and Brenden ambled through the department store. "Look at the sofas! This would look great under the window in our living room." Neil chimed. Brenden came behind him and wrapped his arms above hi

20th   surprise   anniversary  

I'm lying in bed waiting. Waiting for my wife to come home from fucking another man - with my consent. I'm impatient and restless and incredibly horny. My mind is filled with wondering about where she

night   girl's  

Fisher climbed the stairs slowly, wary of the quiet that hung over the upstairs. As he hit the landing a soft moan emanated from the bedroom and his heart raced as he entered the doorway. There, frame


As always, thanks to drbob80 for his fine editing job. Also thanks to my brother, leftyloo for all of his support. This story has quite a bit of buildup before we get to the good part. Please be patie

ashlyn's   revenge  

I have not let this out to anyone: My marriage is on fire. For two weeks now, Brice and I have not made love. I am starting to lose patience. Why is he tormenting me like this? I miss those nights whe

"oh"   brother   son   submission   &  

Summary: Submissive mother submits sexually to daughter and son. Note 1: This story is a short sexually charged chapter that finishes off part one's cliff hanger and will set up the future chapters of

the   life   love  

Carol Jane waited patiently at the door to room 2520 of the Excelsior hotel. For no reason she could tell, she smiled to herself recalling the last time she had actually been called Carol Jane. She ha

her   disposal  

As the new slave and his new owner were removing their masks in the exit corridor, the slave's nose was alerted by the smell of leather. He turned to see Madam Harriet and Fiona Brown smile at his Mis

wild   (take)   walk   the   side  

Following her outrageous behavior on Saturday night at the Magpie Club my wife remained in a very good; sexy mood for the rest of the week; but sadly I couldn't keep up with her libido; so by Thursday

camille   mistress  

Karina's car broke. Jae knows how to take care of her. I looked down at each of the women sat at the table, the women were all past captains of the school sports team I had coached for what seemed an


I woke in the morning, a bit confused as to where I was. It came back to me as I felt the knot between my ass cheeks. There was no pain, as such, but a burning sensation persisted. Remembering what To

day   valentine's   mixup  

I walked up to the house and knocked hard on the door. It was Valentine's Day, and I had gone to my parent's house to get dressed for my date on my way home from work. I was running late as it was and

ella's   house   the   way   forward  

Gray was dressed and was allowed the luxury of a pad to kneel on, lest he should soil the white outfit chosen for him by his Mistress that morning. It was already to be an eventful day for him; he wou

ftds   day  

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ My unsolicited sequel to DamonX's story 8 Days. So far, the deal between Damon and his fiancée Lacey, to act single for a week, has blown up in both of their faces. He's piss

popping   husband's   cherry  

I love my husband. We married over 20 years ago and we are still best friends and exclusive lovers. Our life together has been difficult or at least challenging at times, but it has always been a good

the   bigger   better  

Kim graduated high school a virgin, she dreamed of sex and would often play with herself. Her parents often warned her of the issues with having sex too soon. Pregnancy, STD'S, and having her heart br

then   mil   and   wife  

NOTE: This is the concluded part of this story. I thank for the comments posted by the readers. Definitely yours comments will boost me to improve my writing. Somebody asked me to find some editors. I

goes   anya   vorhees  

Anya stared after Mr. Hughes' receding back with her mouth dropped open as she felt something surround her other ankle. Something that was solid, slippery and strong. She was unable to move her legs a

story   katie's  

All characters are over 18. Author note: You need to read the other chapters in the series before reading this one. My apologies for not numbering the others. The order is: Katie Explores Her Sexualit

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AN: Just a quick story (that had to be extended due to the 750 word minimum) that I decided to write on a whim. Just a warning that this is more of a teaser to a larger story I am going to write. ****

errant   arrows   eros'  

Cupid looked at his cards again and grimaced. His tell said he might be bluffing, but he could not meet the last raise. It looked like I would win the hand unopposed. Cupid pulled a golden arrow out o

her   disposal  

The hanged male squirmed in the confines of the coffin, waking to find himself sweating in an oppressive warmth. His eyes flicked through the lattice, seeking some viewpoint through a porthole, and se

girls   maplewood   mean  

Note: All characters in this story are of legal age. All of the characters are well over eighteen years of age. I neither judge nor condone any of the heinous actions detailed in this chapter of MEAN

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The sun was coming up on Saturday, the big day. After almost twenty years of marriage, Liz had promised that she'd try anal today. After watching me fuck our friend Lori up the butt last weekend, insi

husband's   mistake  

I reached his house and Shamss opened the door for me. He reached his hand out to me, and I took it. He pulled me to him, until my hard nipples bumped against his chest. His touch was light and carefu

secret   shared   revealed  

My ex wife Beth and I lay together in the middle of the yoga studio, my soft penis in her suckling mouth. Blindfolded, with her yoga instructor filming, I had just received the wildest camel ride of m

jenny   the   adventures  

Note: All of the characters in this story are at least 18-years-old. ***** Prologue Jenny was once a usual, rather innocent high school girl though she looked anything but. Standing at 5 foot 2 inches

twisted   games  

This story is based on an online roleplay I did many years ago and had the presence of mind to save to a text document. It went on and off for almost a month and has been a favourite read ever since.

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Listen to me fill my holes and fuck myself, pretty please? *Please vote and if you want to, drop me some feedback either here on the story or privately via my page SKk xxx** * * * * * Click Here to li